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Beye) 110) 120 

(ANSI and ISO TEST CHAR? No. 2} 







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Sie is § 




M22 Wes, Wes, 


1653 East Moin Street 
Rochester, New York 14608 

Compilation © 1993 University Publications of America. | 

All rights reserved. . 

QO, Edison. fapers 



Thomas E. Jeffrey 
Microfilm Editor 

Gregory Field Mary Ann Hellrigel 
Theresa M. Collins Paul B. Israel 
David W. Hutchings Robert A. Rosenberg 
Lisa Gitelman Karen A. Detig 
Leonard DeGraaf Gregory Jankunis 
Dennis D. Madden Douglas G. Tarr 
Reese V. Jenkins 

Director and Editor f: 

Rutgers, The State University of New J ersey 
National Park Service, Edison National Historic Site 
New Jersey Historical Commission 
Smithsonian Institution 

University Publications of America 
Bethesda, Maryland 

Edison signature used with permission of McGraw-Edison Company. 

Thomas A. Edison Papers 
Rutgers, The State University 
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National Historical Publications and Records Commission 
18 June 1981 

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systems—without written permission of Rutgers, The State University, New Brunswick, New Jersey. 
The original documents in this edition are from the archives at the Edison National Historic Site at West Orange, 
New Jersey. 

ISBN 0-89093-702-8, 



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Director and Editor 

Thomas E. Jeffrey 

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Robert A. Rosenberg 

Managing Editor, Book Edition 

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Assistant Director for Administration 

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Research Associates 
Theresa M. Collins 
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Karen A, Detig 

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Gregory Field 
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Neil Harris, University of Chicago 
Thomas Parke Hughes, University of Pennsylvania 
Asthur Link, Princeton University 
Nathan Reingold, Smithsonian Institution 
Robert E. Schofield, Iowa State University 


William C. Hittinger (Chairman), RCA Corporation 
Edward J. Bloustein, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey * 
Cees Bruynes, North American Philips Corporation 
Paul J. Christiansen, Charles Edison Fund 
Philip F. Dietz, Westinghouse Electric Corporation 
Roland W. Schmitt, General Electric Corporation 
Harold W. Sonn, Public Service Electric and Gas Company 
Morris Tanenbaum, AT&T 


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5 eee: 

A Note on the Sources 

The pages which have been 

filmed are the best copies 

available. Every technical 

effort possible has been 
| made to ensure legibility. 



Reel duplication of the whole or of 

any part of this film is prohibited. APS 
In lieu of transcripts, however, — 
enlarged photocopies of selected 

Items contained on these reels 

_may be made in order to facilitate a 


Letterbook, LB-035 

This letterbook covers the period December 1889-January 1890. Most 
of the correspondence is by Edison and Alfred O. Tate. Many of the letters 
relate to the manufacture and marketing of the phonograph and talking doll. 
There is also correspondence regarding ore milling, the purchase of mining 
properties, the mimeograph, and the phonoplex system. Several of the letters 
pertain to the use of batteries with the phonograph and phonoplex. Some of 
the documents deal with the payment of Edison’s taxes and other personal and 
financial matters. Included also are letters to the firm of Dyer & Seely about 
foreign and domestic patents. The front cover is labeled "Indexed General 
Letter Book T. A. Edison Orange N.J." The book contains 500 numbered 
pages and an index. Approximately 40 percent of the book has been filmed. 

yshisreian SR 

Devt, 9, IB3X%, 

Levts Miller, Haq», 

Akron, Oho, 

. , 

Dear Sirs~ 

With roference to your Letter of 4th instant to Mra 
Pa Mf 5 

Wdison,. a been gation Grenat battery woulta: ahaver your purpse. 
tt. wl run the phonograph for ten or twelve ‘hours am is very 

convenimt for trasspor tat jone. 

Yours truly: a ‘ 

Heviis Miller, eae, 

bk x. roo n, Ohi Oe 

My Dear Sirte 

Rewdying to your letter of 30th ultdmo, re hative 

to different mndes tor diving; the phonograph, Mre Edison saya 

that he wil, shortly he able ito send yar a mater motor, in the 

use of which yo will exper be ice none of the anmoyances ths “yor 

compltin of. 

Nece 9, 182.9, 

Je; Langeloth, Esde, Preaident, 

: The American Notal Company, 

80 Wall st., Hew York , 

Dear Sibre 

Mre: Udi son hae mturned to tho Lib oratory em several 

conminicettons have: todn subrittad to hime He desiros m to ine 

for yo that he will, Commiticate with you 2s early ag practicable, 

Yours truly, 

Major Sa Be Eaton, 

‘20 Broadvuy, 

‘Dew Girt 


In reference? to the attacked corvospondence, Mire - 
Edison desires to license tho As Be Dick Company to wanufeeture 

Mineo graphs in the Uniti Btates for export, fora nominal Yoyal- ~ 

‘ty, sey five conts on omh mec hino ,A8 one of tho considarutions 

of the granting of this right, Mrs Kdison desires it to be stipu- 

‘Gens. “ : : 

lated that ng, Companies for the oxp Loitat ion of the Mimeograph 
‘abroad gee to be Lorne, without his writt er consente Will yon 

kindly draw up a memorandam of agroement, ard fornerd it to thw 

‘Laboratorye , th 

Yours ‘very truly A? wi 




teat eee 
wa RTE Sere apne ntmmer ere 




Wo ave all vexvy busy here ani it is ine 
Yours very truly, 

Mr Edimn ims received yow letter of &th 
us to absent ourselves aven for a short times 


Baltimovo, Md, 


Hotel. xormort , 


3 . 

to go duck shooting. 
Fe Z 

practicable for 

Doce 9, 89. 


Ay By, de Frene, Beqey 

Edison Gmorul Bleoti ic. Company, 
New York Citys 

Dear Sirt- ’ 


Your lo ttor of 26th ultimd, in regazd to Women's 
Exchange Bxhibition, was submitted te Mire wai son imma at el 
upon his return to Orange Saturday Last. He says he cannot 
make an appro im wernt with you at Present to inspect the building, 

as hoa has to wait until his agat, Mire Hamner, retuwns from Paris. 

Yours truly, ro 

yt } 

“Prsdave Sooratex ye 

Dece 9, 1889, 
Mrs John Birkinb ine,- 

Philaielphia, Pa, 

Dear Birg~ 


Referring Turthor to you letter of 26¢h ultima, in 
regard to mines of the Phila, & Reading Coal & Iron Go., in Put~ 

nam Cou, Ne Ye, Mre Edison says, when you get tine come over to 

Orange and bring with you all the mapa, dota &c. in regard to 

this: ja operty, when he will digeuas the mtter with y Ue 

Yours vary truly, 


Privgto Secretar y, 

Dece 10, ° 89,0 

” . 

Je! I. Ge Clarke, HNsqe, 

, . 


: New York. 

Dear Sirt~" 

I beg to confirm the following telegran sent ya 

to-day, in reply to your letter of 8th instant:- 

"Will be glad to see you to-mrrow 

afternoone Te As Eo" 

, Yours truly, 
a a 
ai or ar i 
el Na 


a = 3 

Sf ; rs 

: » sheer gE TReT tsa Aen eomtmere. es el ieee 

Dece 10, 1880. 

D., Ze Curtiss, Raq., Editor, 

Saginaw, Michigan <- 

Roply to your esteemed favor of 26th ultimo has 

beon delayed owing to the absence. of Mr. Rdison, who upon his re- 

turn to tho Laboratory, read your sonminicat ion with meh interest. 
In reply he desires m +0 say that, the low tension current is 
used on the Edison system anys The Sprague Company uses Edison : 
dynamos, out useSthom for a moh higher tension. ‘Hy, Edign'ts 
article in the NORTH AMERICAN REVIEW was dirocted to danger to 
lite - not to fire. All telograph and telephone wires should 

havo safety fuses, the sane as are used, in comnection with tele+ 

phones in all. large cities. 

Dece, 10, 89,- 

Edison Phonogreph Toy M'f'g. Gos, 

95 Milk St+, BOSTON, Mass, . 

Dea Sirst= : : F 

The following list embodies all of Mr. Hdison's Us 


Se Patmts covering his toy phonograph inventions, ani also in- 

cludes the tw Petenta issued to Dr. Juoquesi= 


No»«200,521 © ‘ February 19th, -1878 
Noe 227,679 . : : ‘May 18th, 1880 
No. ‘382, 418 . 5 May 8th, 1888. 

Nos 382,462 May 8th, 1888 

Ho. $83, ;290° * May end, 18s& 

Noe 303,466 Nov. 27th, 1888 
Noe 393, 967 ; : Dec. 4th, 1888 — 
No. 395 966 Dec. 4th, 1888 
No, 397,280 February Sth, 1889 
No»~400;851 "a April 2, 1889 

. No. ‘400 , 648 April 2, 1889 

No, 400,647 - ; Apr #1 2, 1889. 

Noe 400,646 . April. 2, 1889 

No, 406, 576 July 9th, 1889, 

VU of Gt edkae we 
All c lads covered by the above Patent fave bem included 

in Spplicesions for Patents apa abroads It ae “ne well for 

furnish yay with a cou ete Bet of thonoy rat ate. 


Yours truly, 

A MN eee 

enemy emits Wot Ut Sistema AT mea LI EE 

Deas 10, 1889, 

George Wilton, Esq,, Socretary, 

Chamber of Comncrce, 

New York, 

Dear Sirs- 

rdge the roc olpt of Cortificate of 

oO acknowl 


I be 

‘amber of Gomucree of tho State of Now York, 

Membership in the ¢} 

for which I am very mech obliged. 

Yours vory truly, 

Docs 10, 1889, 
The Hon, Seoretaries af 

c/o Profy Sylvanus Thompson, LONDOW, Kngland. 


Dew Sirst~ 


_Frolonod please Lind form duly oxeeuted by Mire’ 

Edison,’ signifying his desire to becom a momier of THE GILBERT 
CLUB. If there. are mny dues in comection with this organi= 

zosion, kinily sond Mrs dion a memorundun of the vame, when 

the will send you a check in settlenente 


Yours vary truly, 

Dec. 10, 80, 

Mejor S. By Katon, 
120 Broadway, 
Now Yark 

My Dear Sirt~ 


With veference to you letter of 26th ultimo, in 

Ye fra to Now York City Personal Tax, I beg to answer your ques 


tions as Polors:+ 

(a) What menbers: of your family other than yourself lived 
‘habitually at the Normandic fran the said October 14th 
_ to Februmy 3rd? 


(b) If any of your Gidiaesi vere there, was it for the pur- 
pose of attending school? ; ' 

ANSWER « “Y @ Be 

(0) At wint other places did you habitually sleep from the 
said October 14th to Pebruary 8rd? 

ANSWER. Boston 

(8) pia you maintain a home at’ Monlo Park after July 1st,85, 
mdifso, for hey loms'? Were any of your children 
living at that home fon. any part: of the. year bog im irg; 
July 1, 1885% Who, ax for how long? How often did yor’ 
sleep there after July 1, 18857 

cement ttre ett 



iLy- ron 

pe o 
2 & 
> a7 
® e 
= ~E 
“4 = 
Foon | 
=. 3 
st ” 
rt oH 
Ue} ° 

Yours very trv 

wned house, 

February 24th, 1886, 
Inmediately after your marriage did you teke up you 

residence at Ovesye? 

What'was the 






Messrs. Dyer & Secly, 

Now York Gity, peice 

Dem Sirsi«+ 

With roforenca to your letter of Oth instant, in 

reyard to the invontion of Mr. Kennel ly oonalstin: in heatins the 

plates or the solution or hoth for an cloetrice liptt meter, Mrs 

Edison desires yar to take out this Fatente Mrs Kormelly assigns 

it to Mre Edison individually, The former SAY that the anal ga= 

mation of the moter plates while they are still hot, is a mtter 
of no importance, and it will not he recessary to apply for m 

additdonel patort to cover ite 

Nec, 10, 30. 

Henry Villerd, Esqe, 

Mills: Building, New York City. 

Dear Sirt- : ‘ 

Mare Edison is very nach obliged for your letter ‘of 

Mh inebant, enclosing translation of an article which appeared 

in a German paper conceming tho Gramnophonee Ho sys that this 

machine was inmveited by a man in Washington md doesn't amount to 


Pr4v.cho Secretar yo 

Namen ae? 

Decg 10, S94 

As Qs! Rogers, Usqe, President’, 
Atlantic Publi ding & Engraving Company, 

New York Olity, . 

My Dear Sirt~ 

Mh,! Edison tas real your lettor of 27th ultimo, 

and is vory nuch obliged for the offer which you make concerning 

steel plate portraite This isto signify his acceptance of the 

SENICe Tam sending y ai by this mail, under separate cover, a 

large panel photograph giro which to mike the plate. 

I rotyrn herewith proof of biographical mttor which is Oe Ke 

Pray ‘ebhe Socrotar ya 


,DCCe, 10, He 
.' b 4 = 

a) -*O 

Philip Se. Dyer',. ede, 

Antwerp, Yolgium. 

Dear Sirs~ 
i With yvefarence to your lotter of 16th ciLt imo, relative 
to Mrs Edison mking a dispay at the Rdinburgh pial thor; I beg 
to en@ose herevith copy of a Letter which I. have yanatved’ <Kom 

Myre, Inswll.oh this subjent. © I have ‘discussed tho ratter With 

Mr es -di Bon,‘and he does jiot feel inalinod to moke any exhibit at 

Edinbw gh), 

Private Secrotary. 


Nov York, Novenber 20th, 12394 

Ae Of Tato, Bsq.; 

Dear Sirs~ 

I have your thy or of the “ith, and 

netiwn you herewith My. Dyer 's lottor. 

I thin: 

it would be a big mistake for Mre Ndimih to mie any 

oxhibit whatever at Edinburgh, Ne hag mde & tremendous show at 

Paris, at a very gr 

eat expense, and all tin credit thet can be 
attached to such a thing, 

he has gotten. He could not ebtatn guy 

tia ther Yeeognition by any exhibit at Rainburigh, neither 

would 4 At 

be. of any busincas assist aneo 

$0 UB, furthermore, inasmich as 

vould be iad as compared with the Paris exe 

hibit, comparison 

8 would be made to the actual injury of re Vdi~ 

ie - “the oxhibit there 
| Sonanl his business. _— | 

I would vey 

¥ mach like you to show him this letter’ when he 
reads Mre Dyer's, 

‘Yours truly, 



Doce 10,. 18894 

Ne Ee Smith, Esq, 

New Havon, Com, 

My Dear Sirt~ 

Iam sorry thet there has bem Such a delay in 
furni ding you with msical eoderds Tor ymr mhonage cette I was 
under the inpression that the selo tions, of which you lott a 
Aist vhon lest at the diab oratory, ‘had alrondy boori forward ed #0 
yous : am sondins yar none a dozen of first class meaonde,. 
in whieh tT havo dneludod ash of the Pieces mamed on your list 
as we Ind on hand, and tiiese yor will please’ accept with ry complix 
mats. © Tio other. seloctiors which ar desire’ wil bo forwardnd 
to you at fhe caorliest possible moniont « 

Yours very wh, 

ova rennatassitnin stains caicoArmhitticanssssent 


My Dear King, - 

I havo a letter from ir, Krous i in regard to 


_your yr opo sed arrangemant fior coupling box, He ‘says ho is 

hov'ing en ocperimont mde with the Junction Boxes used in our 

underground system md upon completion of same he will conmuni-~ 

cate with me again. Inmed:iately I jear from hin will let yea 

knoe : 

very truly fa 


Mre Ohase Ge Ye Xing; 
Polier House, TORONTO, 


Je He Block, Esqe, 

y ienna » Auntria,. 


- . 

; My Dear Sirte= 
Mire! Edison jis in receipt of you esteemed favor 

under dtte 27th ultimoe fle also rec otved ‘your cablegram amoun- 

, . 

ving the\snecess of the phonograph at Gatchino, which eaused him 

- mach gratification. Ye desires m to say to you-that he will 

have prepered at once a vory hand some machine, for the Ozar of 

Russia, am will forward the sane to you at the carliost possible 

i monent for presentation to Hits Majestye 

a 3 


Very truly y 

Dre Ay Ve Shaw, 
2014 Wali Street, 

Ste Uonis, Mo. 

Dear Sirs - 


Reply to yow esteaned favor of L7th ultimo hns boen 

‘unavoidmly delayed until ‘nav, Lor tho reason that since its re- 

Goipt Mr) Edison has beon absent am only returned to Orange a , 
few days agoe He says tint he would bo very ploased ¥o male 2 
di splay of his inventions at: the Exhibition to bo held in Ste 
Louis mext year, but he is not at all suro that he could got his 
aymparatus toyethere It Jt is at all practicayle for him te nake 

the desired oxhibit he will consider the mmttor further when the 

timo comese 

With reference to the attack mado upon Mre Miison by Mrw 

Vhiyple, tho siatements nade by the latter gontleman are hardly’ 


worth contradic ings 


Youn Very tinly, 

Private Sogres ye 

~e rae 

Dece 1; 1960, 

My Doay Master Hotimnns+ 

“Your very intoroest ing lotter urde date 
24th Nov.anber hon beon duly -mcoived, and Mr. Fdicon read it with 
@ great Geul of pleasure, He was delighted to learn that you had 
nadie the ucquaintanece of the phonogreph, end the thet tint you Like 
it so vel cased him miugh Gras at ioptdons He is of the opinion 
Gs you will Limi the p: ‘henograph a very valuable adjum+t in your 
mained studies, and dowires mr to say to you ‘hae ho will have an - 
instrument specially prepared an send ‘i to: Borlin Lor precene: 
tation to yourseli, You will in notified ian it ig snore oui 
Nov. York ° 

When you next viclt tik United States you mist come out to 

Orange and sco Mr. Fdisons He will bo very ple used to shov yor 
over his workshons and t0 1 litthe mm like yow who are so dinterons 
tod in geste seek phonomones, the visit. cowla not be other than ee 
du ct ive of mach pleasure to you. | 

Wishing yGi the Compliments of tlm Season 

I leg to remicn, yours very truly, 


Mog ter Josef Yofmann. . 

ot mas Ate Mtn nt sons iemeenee nt ai 

Deoe ll, 1689. 

Thonn s Butler, Regge, Sec'ye, 
N. J. & Pormaylvania Ooncentratin; Works, 
4% Wall Ste, Now York,- 

Dear Sirs~ 

I retwn herewith Gertfifeates representing $20,000 

‘of tha Oapital Stoak of the New Jersey and Pemaylvania Concen= 

trating Yorks, duly signed by Nr. Edimn as President, the sane 

having. boon oncloved with your lotter of lOth instante 


Those Av Edison, Cort. No. 8,33 Sheres -S. Ingull,dtf. 10, l0Shares 

ou « 15,33 Ss * s 14, 1o 
Robt. Le Cutting *~ 9,55 He Me Livor™ 11,10 
» 8 0 16,20 "He Me * ® 16,10 
Chas sBatche lor ; 17,13 JeHutchinson 14, 2 
We Se Porry - 22,10 . ve # 18, 2 
We Se 8 15,10 | Ae 0, Tato: 13,-2 
ee «=e Oe Tate = 17,2 

is2 200 

Deos 11, 1639, 

George Es Holbrook, ¥aq., President, 
. New York Telegraph ‘Glub, 

Now York City. 

My Dear Sirs- 

I beg to acknowledge the receipt of my Certifi- 

cate of Nemborship in, the NEW YORK TRLEGRAPH OLUB, which Was 

_handed to m upon my return to tha Lob ovatorye 

The fact of my boing cleeted an Honorary Monber of your 
Associ ation, Ims caused i meh grat ification, and I apprecinte 
highly the compliment to nyself embodied in such act iome 

Yours very truly, 

J.B, Messoner, Comer, 
150 Seccond Avome, 

Ney York ditys 

My Deay Sirze 

Iwas very sorry not to havo keenable to comply 


wi th your rvequost ‘to testify at meRD inquest, but my engagements 

Were puch thet it was impossible for m to pet away, , I ‘suggested 

Sending my Assistant, Mre Kennolly, and roceived & tologram from 

you this Marine, invit ing 60, but winn he resehed Now 

York tho verdict had already heen dolivercd, 
I unterntand that tharo is- to bo another imuerst upon the 

body of the mn Olsnen, killed & dey or Bo ago, and if the Goro~ 

ner in clarge of this case would like Me Kemolly to appear, bo- 

, fare hin, the former ‘em go to New York at any time that he is 
notified. of. course he oxpescts no componsat ions ca 
’ if 
Yours very truly, 



die eas 
=. “ae 

Dec, 12, 29. 


va George Fy Barker, 

3909, Thoeust Street, 

Philagelphin, Pie 



I beg to econfirnt receipt of your tolegram of Uth inst, 

a fohlow ; . 

VES Sedgisy Ahi nat ae ane ot 

"Gan Dixon ami myself see you Friday about air 

braka? Ansvere Ge Fe Be* 

In reply to which I wired vou to-day us Lollows?+ 

FAni Joing. avdy and will not bo baek vatil 

fiesday texts Ts Ae ite” 


To Whom £t Hay Goncorn y= 

Tho bear a of this 

letter, MRe De Mg YEOMANS, soon wbroad in tho interest of tho 
Edison Phonograzgh Toy Manutas tur ing Compan, of Poston, Us’ Sp’ As, 
a corporstion which is engyed in the salo of speaking dolls and 
toy figures, umler liconss from myself, This dompany Ims also 
the rigit to my inventions in tho same connection daring the next 
five years. 

In landing this letter to khve Yoonnns, I Invo beon asized to 
way a word with velation to the commrdial aspeat of ‘tho Company's 
busino 85 e I cain say nore: than. tint L have full eonficance in 
its mqaeeune: The fiold which It covers isa “4ao Ou} the rarkot 
is already established; the novelties o: fared for ‘pale are pecns 

liarly attractive ~ in inet, avery comition seas to be favorable 
to the growth ofa oo bu sinosi3e 
As the subject 4s ‘ona whioh can be: reeds ty uniieretood by any 

yerson desirous of investigdting it, I wil Ps ‘ nothang further to 

Dede W245 89, 


Edison Phonograph Vovks, 

Orange, N» Je 

Dem Sirs- 

I onelose horowith copy of a lettor under dete llth 

instant, waich I rveecived this mruiny from tre Ever ott Prasar., 
containing direetions in regard to. s ipne mt. of new spectucile ate 

ta clmouts intonded for Japan oni Shanghac, formal ore for ahieh 

I sont you December ord ant wrote yeu th vollat doa thavet o same dat on 

Please cary out Myre Pragzerts instructions in rogurd to these.ami 

expedite their chipment as meh as possible. 

Very trily yvours, 

York, Dea, 11, 13800 - 

Aw Oe Tate, Hage, ae : 

Dear Sirse 

In veply to you favor of 8rd “instant. , 

To shall be obli eed if yor vill’ gang to my offiee in ono ox-marked 

EA é Cosy Yokohuna, Be Pe We #1, the 

9 new spectnele attreehe 

ments intonded for Jepan, amt in unother ori l. box marked ‘Pragar 

& Gey, Simnghac, Be Pe We #1, the threo mw apectacles Lor the: 

horse, I world ike these 25 goo as possible, Please whkso dct Paes 

me know hor soon the four sragen 

tation phonus will pe ready ani 

Iwill give you instructions in vegard to markings: same, 

T hope to ve “elva a sei of nose of parts taken out by rite 

A Chivchill wie eh you say huevo 

Now boen changed, together with the 
prices of the difforen: Farts, 


being rogwired in Japan and chin 

for veplucasent &cd. 

Your prompt attontion to the hove, as I 

am yressed by cals mail tor Same, will oveatly oblige 

Yours very truly, 

(Signed ) EVERETT FRAZAR. ,” 

Decw 12, BBG 

tio Morris ture & Ame Bx, Coe, L't'a,, 
18 & 20 Brongnay , New York Oity. 
Dear Siri + 

Your davoyv of? loth instant, notifyin: m of tho are 

rival of the ceaes addroused to mgnelL, containing murblo Basin 
dtc, bY Se Se "Zo Norrandie,* arom Havre, nin request ing io to 
send y dr invoieec ppeed fy dare enti &Ce, is duly ot inmy,’ 

I have recsived ‘ho imvotue of thin Statue, and tho only vori« 
fheut lon. am te tts value vith whieh Loan Manish you, is-tho 
origins. sérlegram, Banoure ing ti poratac, recetvak by ne Brom 
my gent in Paris, Wre We Je letter, ond wiiol I attach kreto. 

As stetod in the esylesram ra fayrog toy tle trfoe mits fav Statue 


was of shty=tive ‘hundred francs’, 

Yours véry truly, 


ee eee A) ie 

‘Does. 12, 8. 

Bonje F,. Stevons, Ende; 


New Wnglani Matysl life Inveranee’ Coe, 

BOSTON, Mags : 

Doar Sirs "Os r 

. PAS ee es Min yaa , 

Lollewing teleynan sent you this 

« ¢ : 2 vt 

4 , 

eo rhe 
I der to.confirn the 

MO XT yy f= 

“As it 18 impossible 40 Beriish Yooncus we thr. 
copies of Muropean ro tects , I owe sosest 
equipping; him with & Full set of United Staten 
patents, undar eres tay 4h rrotected am cAieh : 

ombody all. the cheins in Eutezvan yatenta, 1 

have a sve 3 Sen give hime Fiouse reply. AeQuTn® 

Yoars tmly, 


Dear Mr, Stovens,= 


t eontirm “Lnoutare & telogran. sont you this 
morimings I haye 2 ttt set ot tho penta ‘a hee toy adv ludin 
the tvo Faces patohts, All the clots contadued in these paren 

have ken anzediad h patonts ahd apy Lie atdons alirond, 212 ef whict: 

cen ke verified ot th pr oper Gs Meanwhile, Iwi armnee to 


obtain a list of these pat ents wid oly TI kave not got at present. 
Mr. Edison ig pSher pathnte in Tar ope were taken out by Cel, Gouraud, 

the is at resort in Anerion, I Loar tint durin; his ansence frem 

- London, it will be aifnlentt to obtain a coxront record, yo I ten, 

wting. to his Lendon of Rae for euch infornation on the wohj oct 

as it is possible to ote “I wid Bivo Mr. Yroens ao Latter to 

tho Mam cor of Col, Count wi" of Meo In Lonion, which amy tae 


‘the dffeet of Foot ta tiny rather, I enclose copy ofa letter 

whieh ns boon forvierded te Mie: Yoon m ard which I Shenk anodes 

your faons ‘ 

Yours vory truly, : 

Benj. Fy Sievers, Hage 

Edison Phonoyrarh Works, 

: QOrangea, Hee 

Dom Sirss- . : 


When Gol, Gouraud was here tho othe diy, he said be 
desired ten (10) phonographs, pdeked in sots of twos, %o be sip 
ped 88 early as possible. He said that. ho wuld confirm this ver~ 

bal ordor by writing me a. Lettor, which I. Lave not. yet macivedes 
When this lott rea ches nme I will send yor a form order for 

iss these machines, 

Yours very 




of sovins 



compl. a 


wo Mr, Bai on covering h 





od be 
1 Fd 
we que 



of United States Pat enty 
in scomect 

in this set the two 7 


( dam 
kh ke whch 

f th Nao 

hie bh. PE 






| ae 

Ce pov pe 
10Q, — 


RP bctre 
A) ov delle, 



Y bee aud. 

De® Sirs- 

Docy 12, 1889, 

Ag Me Brooks, Raq, ks 

Acting Suporintmdent. Foreign Mails, 

Pe 0. Dep'te, WASHINGTON, De Ov 


Mr¢ Edison has read your letter No. 88,628 Ger,, weer 

date 10th instant, ani las instructed me to say in reply that, he 

regrets very much the delay which hes occurred in furnishing the 

Postal Administration of Germany with a phonogyaph,: whieh thoy de= 

sire to acquire for.thoir Imperial Postal Muscum, and,to inform 

you that he hes to-day sent en order to his Metory (Haison Phono~ 

gvaph Wouks ), to ship at the earliest possible momnt 7) the Post 

‘ Office Department at Washington, Office of Poroign Mails, for. 

transmission to the Imperial German Post Office, Borlin, two (2) 
of the latest type of phonogilapho, convlebe, with a sap ly of the’. 
necessary renevol parts, also fifty (50) msi we cylindars ant one 
Iamnared am fifty (150) ‘blank phonoriams, all of whieh he desires 

to yresent to the Postel Aca c:tration of Germany, of whose ine 

terest iv Drieations he ifs the 

pa dunented af yor will ‘indly convey to the 

German Postal Authomtics his thanks for the eatelesue and pamphlet 

A. Me Be 

Yours very truly, 

which accompanied your communication under r@ly. 

Private Secrotary. 


Messrs. Weyhor & Richemond, 
50 Rote a'Aubervilliers, 

PANTIN (Soine), France, 

Dem Sirst~ 

I beg to acknowledge the reccipt of: your esteumed 
favor of 29th ultimo, informing ro that you, have sent to lav re, 

for shipment to Ame rica, all the working drawings for the tro 

triple expansion engines of 150 md 500 he pe, with their cons 

densors ,. yrood 

I note wnt you'say about the construction of the 

models, and shall te ob Ligad if you will hurry forvard the com~ 

pletion of this work as mich as possible. 

My lett cr to you of Nov. 21st, in ‘reply to yours of 5th Nov., 

contained the instructions invregard to siiprent of 300 horse 

power onsine and condenser, that. you ask for in your letter under 

reply. I asked y@ to wake this shipnent via Compagnie Transat 

lantique Line of Steanovs Prom Havre, addressin: it to THOMAS Ae 

EDISON, MEN YCRK, anf advise ne of the name of steamer that carrioa 

it. You have no dont reecived the conmunication re feri’ed ta, ang 

have oro this carried out my wishes therein expressed. I have 

not yet roceived adyice as to nane of stemior. Sf. 
» 1 -. é 

Sone creme omen en eyaneo8 ST 

“Hy Ward Leonard, Esq.) 

United Edigen Mauiae turing Compary , 

New York ofty, 

e Edison’ hes asked mo to ack mowked ge the rece oe 

“or wider date | 4ith anc stant, in whi @ you enclosed & chime 

cation addressed #9 yours self by Nr,” Ce Ge Warren, infonrine . 
You the ae tion taken by him and his asso ciate, ie Badt, in 
Poach eetten with o resolition recaitly passed by the Chicaro Nlec~ 
Aes ‘Olub, ti: ray 

ra to iir, Edisonts Opinions as expressed in- his 

* appaared ‘An the Nort; AMRIGAN REVIEW of a8 

ast month. 
feels very nich indedteg to your West ern revresentatives 
as the roy Seation of the resolution referred on and he 
will be under 

obliration $9 yourself af yon will kingly convoy to 

Messrs, Warren ani Badt his p most Sincere thanks for the action 
hava tshan matter, : : 

Very truly yours, 

Warr on ts 

So Lai rhe a.» Neva iN Seats aan GE Bala ict 

Dete ‘14, 18D, 

Mr. Alois ©. Ziegenfuss , 

14 Clinton Pl., New York City. 

Dear Sir: 

In reply to your lettor. of lOth instant, I yegre't to 

state that we ar unable to inform you where you could obtain sae 

of Mr. Edi son's motophoness 

The only one in existonce, of-which 

we have any Inavledge, was sont ‘to: the Paris Imposition, to% 

exhibited there with Mrs nad son's other inventilons, and it has 

not yet been returned to Americas 

Yours tmly, 

Priva to Stcrotary. 

cme cal 

Decy 14, 2% 

George {€. Lewis, Neqe, 
Se KE. Jor. Fourth & Walnut Stroects, 

‘Philalelphia, Pas 

The specimms of your ore whid you sent to Mre Edison 
were daily received at the leborstorzy and tested. Iam sending 
you by this mail, under separste novisr; semplos of the ore after 
_ heaving boen subjected to Mrs Editon!s ‘process, and vould suggest 
thet y oa have them eapayats The ied uo lored sample is iron, and 
will probably be found good 60% hafaatite, worth $5.00. The lights 
colored ore probably contains all fhe sins, with very little tows 

If the results obtained ure aonsifjcreid aetisfactory, Mr Edison 

will be glad to talk business with yar. It ‘youd? es ‘a very oone 

siderable change in our proces/; in order to woxk the orev 

Yeuurs very truly, 

Beir coud Ce Mann , Me D., F S, S., 

328 Park Pleea, ‘BROOKLYN, NM, 

Mr. Vdison has asked acknowlodga. the roeeipt 

of your estecmed Laver of recent date, asking him to sec cpt the 

title of Collaborator to tho AMUPRICAN REVIEW OF ANTHROPOLOGY. ‘Mr, 

Edison forts honored by your reqoest, but is not desiwus of ac- 

“Cepting the title. He shail be nmueh pleased, however, +o hecome a. 

Hubseviber to the Ame Revioy ot Anthropology, and I enclose here- 

with five dollarg ($5.00), covering his subscription for ono yoar, 

Yours very truty, 

j ition Sienna inva teina dian gaia di 

vials Heieadiatis 

iat ee 


Everett Frazar, Nsqe, 

124 Water Stroet, New York City. 

Dear Sir3- 

Your letter of 14th instant addressed to Mre Tate, 

has come to hung during the lattor's absence. 

The Phonograph Works advise me that the nmisical oylinders 

intonded for Japan will so forward to you this ovening. 

Yours vory truly, 


ro fina 

s8 OY 
oc, ooo 
x 2K VCS 
Sip dd og bee 
Fi $39 BPS 
gt i, 
af SUE] 
& 3 . > 7.8 
Yar egy 

‘ee IN 

Dove 16, 89. 
Dew Master Korthener, = 
Your letter of Grd instant addressed to 
My, Fdison wes duly received. - 
Your boat appoars 40 be well designed md looks a vory crodit- 

able picee of vorke There arc-mere power ful batteries tien the 
one y a are using, but they are not usually nade small enovgh for 
your boate You can, hovever, make then yourself, if you wish to 
give as much + ime. to the work as you siauity mist ‘have piven to the 
other perts of the designe You will probably have to take out 

the two cclis you have got,in order ‘to give the ne aeueee SPC Ge 
You can thon put in five or six smller glass cclls, ‘oP if you 

have any difficulty in procwing tIom of tho right size, you can 
insert wooden neeeitionss crosswise, like miniabure use en Ds 
‘about an ind apart. You shania -he very particular to Bet thom 
al water tight , Reon you can effeat hy sookire thon with asphalt 
vorndsh or mMerine iene You will nen haw five or six cells aia 
the boat itself, Then take a shoot of thin zine ard out it up with 

shear into strips wide enone) i fit in wonswiEe, one to éech 

partition Next get some carbon flat plates, whatever size you can 

thot will fit-one to oach partition, md fill in finally with 2 

water » about four .ouns es 

BOlztion of basia sulphate of mereury tn 

You will. 


Should be sufficient of salt for the #ix compartments, 

No porous coll or partition will 

then have six complete cells, 

ecesary, and tho zines will mal gamte themselves, 

bo 1m 

Yours very truly, 

.Private Socre tary, 

Master He Pyank Korthener, 




Dece 17, 1889. 

Most Rte Reve Michacl A. Corsien, 

Archbishop cf 

Nost Reverend Sirt- 


Hy. Fdison has asked mo to acknowledge with 
thanks the rec cipt of your cs tons fnvor under: dete Sth instant, 
enclosing & communication from the Reve Mrs Lambert, of Paris, 
Fronce, in which he guggents an application of the -phonograph in 

comoction with the doar and dumhe 

New uses are being ‘discovered for the phonograph every day 
md the field for its’ apy Lieation vould seem to, ke mnlimiser e 

My. Edison Ins already thoudit of using the jnstrunent des the 

purpose which Mre Lambert advocates so evrnestly, but he has not 
yot had %ime to make the exporinioits witeh wowld be neeesaury to 
enob Le him to detormine the ‘mst feasible method of aczonplishi 

tho result dosirede Mony persons in America intercsted in inebi- 
tixbions similar to the one with whieh Mr, Tw-ae—"% is connected 

a é . ° ; : 

have appro uched Mr. Eodcon on this subject; ang they are ell Jeeply 

imp osred. with the fac ibility of app lying ithe phon weph for. the 

petites of the deaf an’ cunb Mrs! Edicon himself: de ough intorce- 


ted in this branch ov toe sxbject, aid may tak it up ome time in) 

Wi eG 


future. At presont, hovevor, other important oxpnrimen teal 

work, roquiring his donstant individual attention, prevaite hix 

from foing so. 

Iwill mil to Mr. banbert on aeknowledgoawnt of his letter . 
in the couse of a Ley ys, ard will #.en put lim dn corrunication 

With tho portdes controling the vhonograph di Barope, with whom 

ke rey be aole to arvanse for facilities Lor the oxuperimeantetion 

rich he desires. 


Mest revorond Sir, 

Dees 14, 180, 

Ey Re Weeks, Hsqe, Genoral Manager, 
Mdison. Nletri¢e Ingit & Power Compeny, 

Kansas City, Moe 

Dear Sirs 

Referring io your Lotter under date November llth, Br. 
Edison doubts ifthe will bo able to arrange the phonograph dis~ 
cus Sion Vor the Conv m tion to he held at Kansas City in Banininaey 


i Yorwaried to Col. Mix the othor day, for transmission to 

yoursel 2, some data in regard to Mr, Nliaonts life, for wee in 
comection with the biographical sketches which it. i s "your inten~ 

tion to publish. 

Tan sending you by this meil, andor Separate coyer, a large 

ranel portrast of Mr. Edison, wich the Latter has tediaated to 


Yours very truly 

Georte Rear Montgomery, Rsqe,s 
Atthors! Club, #10 West 24th Street, 

New York Gitye 

Wits yeferenco to you lotter Manon Uae O 1th 
inst ant, addrecscd to Mre Edison, in which you aes a statenmt 
concerning the vhonopyayh cade by re editorial frtend of yours, to 
the effect thre thie ingkinsads emi only give a grotesque imitation 
of the smalls whtuh jave Wee akiesaed upon it, IT beg to infom 
you that the aviices of Siis statexent is laboring under a mi sanpre~ 
hensia. vacty ding the eapabs. izies of the magiiine in questions | 

ier pheopograph reproduces: yith obsolute fidelity every gound 
recorted on in. IL your ted end wnidersto oo tho pringi ple upon 
high the “honey. ph is based ‘ond 08 thoroughly fomiliay with the 
opa@rition oa tho mcline, he would not have nade the stat ement 
whish you its vlante to time The reproduetions of. ane speech 

made by the pontessurh aye perfect, svery infleation of the voice 

and peeuli arity of pyoruretat fon bodixs. pYoadtived, tnd you are ons 

tirely justified in agstuii.s that theta is a per ddet phonogrephe 

eosole eas ee 

Dov, Le, ou. 

The idea enbodied in your poem is correct, ac ientits gally, orn 
the sentiment of it impresses the writer su being vory poetic, 

If you will como out to the Lib oratory some day, Z shali. be 

very pleased to domonstrute to you, by practical tests, the truti: 

of the foregoing Statements, 

Yours truly, . 

Private Soorotar ys 
; : Me 

jpsouetn aa chi anda ota 



ca AN ascites, 

ay A 





| yh 
cuith pibee: oe 
AAW, and L 4 

ch ae duc Mee rs. 185-9 


wt Rar emir a 



wG/ bu cheuch Quen 

hw Z 
wld ous arty 


Dec, 1a, 8d— 


Mre We Se Mallory, . 
: 7 West Raniolpn Stroc, 
Chicago, Ills, 

Doar Sirte = 


Since the roeeetpt of your letter of 7th inst mt, 

enclosing four. months note for $3,500, Mre Bdison bas been 


nosont.e . He rotumed 

it goas Lorvard this morning to Mra Fe Be 
& - ng : 

Mellory, #2255 St. Poul St, » Baltimore, Md. 

meat to the note, and 

Yours truly, 

last night, however, and added his endor so~ : 

aan a sitet ted iH 

Dece 19, Sie 

E, Be Mallory, Nsqe, : 
2243 Ste Parl Streot, 
Baltimore, Mde 
Dear Sirte : ; 
. Will yox please add your. endor som mt to the cnclosed 
note for $3,500, and forward it to Mre We Se Mallory, #7 West 
Randolph St», Chicago, Illse Mre We S. Hallory is mixious to be 
placed in posses sion of this note on the 21st instante It is ir. 
portant, therefore, that yaa forwarl it to himwith as little de- 
lay as possible. , 

Yours truly, - (@ 

oS eR SEES — 
ee ape segments mr 

hy Deas Diek,= 

. . 

I have your letter of 16th instante I have bem 

ara with Me Edison for the past 10 dayon am-ve have just. re turned,,: 

In regmrd to Oro: Milling: business, Mre Edison saye tint at presmt 

he does not desire to do anything further, preferring to aratt 
day chLouments in comection with the york alroady started botore 
ee satiny on any definite plan for thé exploitation of the systom, 

With relation to. your account, piving the matter every 

atte Milone The delays have beon altogether wiay of deble, and ya 

om, rest assured that I will got it settled at the earliest pos= 

sible mone rte 

Private Se cretary. 

Ae Be Dick, Rage, ; i 
| Ohicago, Ills. 


Hr de Pepe ot 

notated pam 

Deca 19, 89, 

Messrs, Eaton & Lewis, 

120 Broadvay, New. York City. 

Desy Sirs:~ 

On ny return afta an absence of several days, I 

find your favor of lath iInstans relative to ny suit age inst 

Gilliland ani Tomlinsone I desire yar to push the taking of" 

testimony in this matter as vigorously as possible. 

go ae ee 4 

Yours tmly, f ) 



: ha oa : : ? road “* . 
ce AUN, Mel Ea ai 

At 1 AARNet ten ARO em RH Meee ee et oe 

wre on 6 Ste 

Rie sie” 

Messrs, Drexel, Morgan & Coe, 

New York Gity. 

Deay Sivste 

I vetwen herewith draft on nysel? gory 56,000 trangs, 

drawn by Mesers, Weyher & RY 

ehonond, Pantin, Fraica, which I havo 

Yours very tmly, 

coment Ar a! 7 
Fed j re 

es, x t 
red, oie th 


Dece 19, 89. 

Benje Fs Stevens, Boge, 

| “New ‘2nglend Mutual bite Ins. Cos, 

Bost on, Ifags, 


My Dew Sir:- 

I have | reacived your lotter under datd” L5th inste, 

in régard +o tthe . Second section in tho Meteo our Te contrent be= 

twoon your Company and myself of August 6th, 1889, You will 

doubt le gs rec oll-ect that when I wes requested to name a maxinun 

price for the movanents bofore we had conmenced the manufacture of 

the same ~ in fet, before wo had ordered any of ow ales Bist 

at it was with great reluctance tint I ‘named an amount. for 

the reason that at that time it was _imoss ible to mako ‘an oat imabe 

with eretys As your Company was very aperones however 5 to hsve 

me name a muimum price, I ook tho risk of doing 80, in the full 

beliee that at my ostimato shold Prove too low, a bat ististory 

adjustment could be arrived at hotrom. USs Rete 

intor ‘pretet don 

of tle Second section of the contrac + ab ove refered to is “tae ta 

tire accord with the spirit of ow agrecnent, and Z Sos a: aa 

pleased that this spirit has boon of fhoielly vecogiaet Toy “tn 

ere camunicatad to mo through 
‘your letter under veply. Iam oat taf iea tint wo unterstena each 
other thora; thiy. Zhe wark ‘of monutheture will pe Proc ceded with with 
all possible ropidity, end while we with take aiventage of every 
circunist mop which wilt pronete tho eax ly delivery of mov.enmts, 
We will at tho Sane tbe use ow very best judzmnt whe ro aconony 
is to be Sonsiderad? our desire bein; to furnish you with an -arti~ 
cle which will starg the test of oriticism by the trade ani which | 
WL1l be lasting... Wo amrecizte athe euprene importance of pote 

ting on tle norket ag Perfect on exticle as can ho ‘nade, and we 

are leavin; nothing undone to seenie this end. fhe dednys, such 

as have occurred, ave all incident to tho ‘developre nt of 2 now 

industry, but the 8e troubles wid <isippoeasr as our ormadtadtion 
becomes mre porfect;, I+ is not Prseticakle gn this Letter ‘to 
8equaing you with the amount which Sse mv erents will cost in .- 
excess of the inaximun price already sania ‘aut ‘te hope +o be able 

to give ym this information in tle course ofa fow OLY Big 

Yours very try ly, 



Dece 19, 89¢ 

Dem Me! Connery,-- 

In another letter I have explained: why your 

rocem letters have ‘not: been ansyored earlier, and havo given you 

Gol, Gouraw's address, 

In vomrd to naw Nachines, I presum there are some of than 

on the New York market, ax ve have boon nak ing shipments of then 

for a munber of wedis past to the North Ans Phonograph Oo. I 
presumo’ you could sce then at the office of the North Am, people, 
#160 Brocdyvay, *Nevw York, but" 42 ya prefer to cone sit here, we 

shall be vory glad ty show them to yon in om factory. 

Yours vory truly, 


Thomas B, Come ry, Esqe, 

Richmoml Hill, 1, Tt 

Messrs, Dyer & Seol 

44 Voll Strect 

y Now Yorke 

Dom Sirs:= 



on account of bills ronlered by you aypinst Edison Phonogreph Co. 

-Yours very truly, 



Decy 19, 389, 

ae Thomas B,: Comery, Esqe, . 
ooh . Richmond Hill, L. I. 

My Dear Sirt- : ; 4 


Replying to yor letter of 18th instant, I beg to 

say that Mr, Edison Ims beon away from Oremge nearly all ‘the tine 

for the past month, oad I nyselr have been absent for the past. 
ton days. I wired you this morning that dol. Gourmd's address 
“was #74 Madi son Avenue, Nov York Citye In repprd to letter which 
you forwarded here froin the city of Mexico to bo reposted to Cole 

Gourand, I bog to say that ‘his seme was med. led to Col, Gouramid's 

London tiles ss immodi ately 

Yours timly, 

AO Saas w'p ghee 

Private Sécretary. 


Does 29, So, 

Baison Phomorpaph Work: : 

Orange, N. Ji 

Gontimnires ny let’ 2v to vor.of Leth Instant, you 

Yorward to Gol, Gomrari, Landon, Lmiedtot oly, ten (10) 

7 ft 

of tos, axpedlite the shimmuit of 
these mechines as mich as possible, 
Also send the necesmry mtericl te In substituted for ports 

now obsolete on phonoermhs alrendy ‘shinpad on Col, gouraud's 

Recount, os follows: 60 to Reubens, Gopenhwgon, and i to Stiel- 

idco 50 to Nddson House, Norsionte sland Aye: » Lender, oe 

Saaie eh iypim, inotime.t ds e aig ah previous 

Col, Guituud is animes te Lave these oyters Milea 


Yours very 


We Je dors, Mare, ; . ; 

Edison Goncval Wlortrie Cunpiny, ; 

Hew York O!Sye 


With, ve thyence to your lotter of 16th instant, ‘Mr. 


cho wud Like yor to send over to the Laboratory tivo (2) of 

the Van Choate lanps, for the marmae of testing. 

Yours tmly, 


 Deoe 20, 80, 
oe ‘y : 8 

‘The Motyis Imropean & Ame EX, Cos, Lita, 

18 & 20 Brosdway, Ven York Olty, 

Dear Sirsi= 


Roply to your Lotter of ith instant tas ean - 

delnye@ on agcount of my absences . Pursuant to your raquost, T 

onclose herowith cheok to you order for eight tamdred dollars 

($800), o:: acvount, for duty. Kindly have the statue passed 

thravth the Customs as quickly as’ possible, and oblige 

Yours truly, 




Mye Jolm Biv} 



Letter oF 18th in 

star, as Lfolloysy~ 

"Cone over this atternoon or to-morrot 

Te Ae Ket 

re Butnem dato. 



atres truly, 



morning an 

cau actohtaven ite 

corre fey nh 

“788i E 

~My I 

To have: vour Letter of Lith tr watant sin ree 

gard’ to ‘phohiagraph g ‘TE understand "that ¢ne dorth ve Phonog ph 

ein . . Rha ome ‘ weged 

ees which Ina entire “eontrea 2 

os eye yt 

ae. ir pormstted $00 

for ‘an axtotiadon of ‘th “t ting tering wid oh. 

import? recht es Inte Ginaini, ‘ oan 

ee eee 

they. bavecdone! ind via they meee Raine mut rade you to 

3 “ F ey 4 wpe Bie he Ba fou a 



Shel, “ad Ikive nol kao ledyried $i ee Rd: sabt.? Bioit tise 


I toll you at pte NOTA REE ater : ‘are ‘to fe ‘kak in: veyn to intikp~ 
Sagtura ol Moverion ts: Sor: ocak ing galls tn ty Darlene at, 
“Ul e srevanat, ‘and 

: , : 
such btapu ce 

ploaoure a Dorward ay voit, curler ai hag ‘on | 

of Nre Hut-conts:y photdayaphe AG Fe quostod.s 

pepe Bae ee 
aghe cements bas ts 

‘T hope yan wikl be ‘able to Mn A ara us: next tinw you 

Bre dow tists 

2 Phonogriph Wai, 

“sOrangpa, Ny dy 


Dear Sirss~ 

- Referrim: to. the Attes jonas Co Tene pO Neon cer Ay, Megerd 

to. or Lbdt foniot t OUD Me sreph Lic Oren L415, Poks gh Apete.weme 

othe oie £3 POM con widen: tha meetstno jie Me boethe axhabdg jo ga Masia oh 
ave poLlorrag to oy othe Hostis. Ager dai Phonogss Sila Goumpeny; - pat I 

ant mare tivh ot gore Oleh, ontert almaents. ¢ MeV bas heen 

lone d sion the Tov oratory, fhe hast one wid me = magileet SER 

dn woraated merit a Rote held diy the begs athe Motheadiat 


Cmuych, in witier Mvs. Hey We was interes the oda Maas, J ooeliove 

that Nyse Beton jerogels oie, tt Gin au, the. oceanion 


in question, Buty ef onrse, witht. oi sot PEP part, or on 

OurR, thet at vomld used cay epson jyitow Lermang.g.y iAldtt. $he..wo vie 

of the Now Jersey Company, 

eee igi ne: 28 ree Serge ie igi Ait te ne cceetnidiniatin inne 
eta oie suo ean 


5 coat 


3 ca Daag’ 20, 1599, 

Major Se Be Eatox, | 

420 Brondyay, Mew “‘Yorss 


Door sii tT 


. we wht 

With yotovmec tap: ttnehed Lotto ‘groni lity Ios a 

Wil yar hindly sais wor his. quont fohe = The ‘anal on oa Cony: 

x Le Li moye 

Undian & @6lontal ‘O06 asvoonsst 3 S41 pried Ly eheb ie you “to” “Gee 
» ‘ 5 a Lotions a 
fonniue wi hebhoy Toth tnneshuy ’ “Bet “ath ‘A feen Republic, is sontiwlied 

uM Seoeee Yee a ern seat 
es 2 %, 

by 4ho Australoséan Gonrany, wideh inter is the suce encor to aie 

Indio & Coloit 2d Coe 

Dogs 20, ‘89. 
« _. iy : 

‘ ° 

Williom Be Hib 19; Rade, 

MM yews, Flcvida,. 


_ Dear Sirs- 

Referring to your mcong lebter in ropord -to Mra 

Q1114 lard 'si proposed viet to Je Myora," I Presume me. ayo BC 

, qa inted math tho, faa that Mire ‘Pat con rae Hire a2 time: spre, no 

/ longer ag co Cf ated, AG ae Bee Rad son to aang the latter for, the 


eae y of cert ain. Honeys « iif Hye gid tant slob Toad out hs 

: _Antontion ¢ enti BOOB hs Fte Myers, Mre Wa aan Ww titiwn you not to pers 


mit him or any of i party to onter the Laboratory or to fo 

aout the promises holorisines to Mre Hai On, Holither nust any of 
Mre Bdi son's property be Gna uy thai for any purpose whet mevor. 
It is umecossary for ne to go inta details of instrmtion in this 
Cormnections | You wh urlorstant. fron vint I ew raid oxma tly 
whet Mre Ndi son's wishes ANG 

Thenkins you for your letter, I am 

fecrase anit ith 

to ; 

ood 4dea for us 


snidttor,- so as to adapt 


plox ty 

World s+ not. 
may, phon 



than to the new hat tory.? 

rewind the maznets of sur 

M re 

Messrsq Borguonn & Coe, 

202 Avenuo Bey Now York Citys 


Dear. Sires - 

I eneloss ‘peroxith: oopy” of a Letter sah dh T“have 
recoived from our ire Komolly, rolativo: to our new phono 
cost, Will you y kindly carry out Ne Réel ys euggeot tons in 

this gaiinesiony: and mz oh obhas. 

° som 

Orange, Lith Noq,, 19Ko, 

Aw 0« Tate, LS 0, 

Doar Sirte 

The aeoompanyiiy, phonioplex goil 
apponrs to ba Sth dag tnty an OVePyY vesyeat exe cpt provision for 
insulation, vie qh is un impo vtent ono, aa tha ‘monon tosy Co Me -L, 
obtainsd Lom the coil ié ahant 200: voltee I would myggest thet 
tho wi ves. londine bowen : 

the base to the temingls bo din all eagseo 

inealsted by thin raphe: t tubtigs 

wi th the hettom of the sominels 

“Gover ed h hy a thin dayex of shedla or yaratfine NOME algo that a 

thin dayer of shellac bo snrond in the form of vaen ish over a3 

outer layer: hefo:e cous in: bas braid to ievovent the PosRible ib~ 

sorption af noisture a : 


(Sized) Aa Be Kemetiy. 

. « 4 . 

Mith vefermeo to you lebser of lth inthe, 

My Doar Ny, Douglas ~~, : c 

we have beam wmvoidably delayed in getting out tho talking ws, 

and it is doubedut 4fP there will te any of them nenay for Christ. 
Mage It it-is possible, in in ony way vhatover, fo get you one bow 

Lore Chri stones, Twill do 60. I think there is not the least 

foubt but that I can sequre a doll for you. before tho new yor. 

Yours very 

fe Ma Bengdany Rage 

penance RENE 

Q» Brigte, Koqe, 
c/o Temple Clib, 33 West Sts, 

_ Boston, Massg 

I beg to confirm tho following tologran sont you last, 

night, in reply to vow Lotter of loth insants- 

"Specifienations mailod Stovong to-night from 

Dyer and Beely'a officos As Os To® 

none eerie nt ee re es 

So epee 

om the : 
t tive, ings poliey 


“Edison Phonog:aph Yorks, 

ive 42 your ottentian. 



Ormge, Ne J. 

at eee: 

pirat io 
e Pongo? 


0 Ox 


Dear Sixsse 


8 property 

On the th of November Mr, Edi mn 




a aon sas 
; Ordered 2 Phonograph prepared for presontation 

to Fe Ay KRUPP. ‘Noy 



on cortain of” Mires Rai gon? 

82 notice that wo haw recoivod fy 

TOGr eS nt? 

» Coe, 


Yours ty: vs 


Mre Ja He Wood, 
OT Liberty Ste, Now York. 

Private See'ty, 

Mutual. Life 


-Deoe'21, 1836, 

Raioon Phonograph Works, 

Ore ng.o ee Je 

re Udison desires you to prepare at once latest 

phonogrephs (water motor) iby pr exontat ion as, followsi~ 

Ons (1) for JOSEY NOMIANN 7 ith plate os folJowat 

"This. phonograph is presented to Jose’ Hofmamby its 

’ Inventor, Edicon (insert date) 1680." 

Ona (1) for. the Ozar of Ruasia, with plato as fontera: 
"This phonograh in presented to His Impoer jal’ MajoBty; ->: 
ALEXANDER 111, Emperor of Russia, by Lite eee Saison 
(£120 in ‘Ayto }. 1880e8 


Tro. (2 } Lor thet Postal’ Adminis tration ‘of Goimmy,” with plate 
as follays? "This phonograph is presented to the Imperial 
Poaol Museum, Berlin,’ Gemony, by its anvor bar SEAL een) (In~ 
sert ater 1880." Plate on oosh machines’ ee 


With the Gormun Postal Administration sag Hdtiow the Ral on Re 
‘vanta yor to gonad’ 50 Lirst class maiaal oylinders, “dni 150 bist 
phonoge ans j a1 80: a ‘Supply, of ‘tho mesomenry, reneyal PEtB. he 

With tho mochinon. for. young. ‘Hofman - ‘iid: tho Ozar of Russie 

you sond with osch: two: dozon' ‘first: class maLonl phonog 
ma: 50 hiankes 

‘ease intr ug, 

y shipping inst mations, 


you. tho noceaga;: 

When those mo hines aro 

aad we will send 

Mosupa, Dyer & Secly, 

Now York Qity. 

Dor Sirvas~ 

; In ow suits for the Sustaining. of Us Se Patent 
“H48,424, Covering the conb ination of tho inverted lanp and the 
reflector, 1¢ is alloged that the correspomling Italian patent 
‘Na ‘oxpived by dimitat don of torme Have yara copy of the 
Italim patem ref rrod to? If.80 pl cue send it ont to the 

Laboratory ot your carliess conveniences, with euch infornmt ion 

os you may have regarding the fuebs-in the case. 

Yours § ruly, 

overeat Mi 9a SH 


Thomas R, Lombard, Esqe, Vieo-Prea't., 
North Aim riean Phonograph, Company , 
160 Broadmny, Now York, 

Doer Sirs. 


Your Lotter of 12th instant addrossed to the Edi mn 
Phonogy @ph Works, in remrd to a catalogue of misieal: pho: 
lus boon referred: to us for Bae 
+ Rr. Walter Miller will call on you Mondey next ond will bring 
Wi th him a dist of the muient phonograns which we now hay in 

ot ack. You ven then G° over vinta Lint, and mark such sclogtions 

as you ‘desire to bo drelud ed ‘In the catalogue, We will gee. that 

a number oF the soleetionn ent elocnieg “are alyays dept on hand, from 

‘which to £411 pense 
Yourn vary truly, 

Zdipon Babar at ony 

2 Soerotury, 


. Doce 21, 188% 

Bonje Fe Stovons, Usde,s 

Boston, Hasse 

My Dew Sirt~ 
, I urdorstand that Mre Yoonons sailed on ‘weanendiy 
last for Yuropo. I have written a letter to Hr. wad son's agent 

- in London, Cole Goorge Ke Gouraud, dian House "B," Nortinmber= 

land Avenue, We Co, informing him tint Mrs Moomn will call upon 

lim for information in re oe to patonts on the pa am. 

have asked hin to yuive Mra Yoore. 7a ovary. fac itey for obtaining 

what ho wontSe “As I do not jnow Mre ‘Yeomans ! add ross -in Londo ny, 

44 mi git be woll for you to inforn him of this arvan peine rites 

cman asnontieedne sine 

Mesaree Hargis & Bastin, 

Bull Block, Louisville, 

Doar Sira- 

Iinwe reecivel yeur letter of lth instant, and if 

vou wild Bend me a list of the anestiorm which sa deudre to have 
ansvered, I slall be vory glud- to aomplye 

Tho pressure cf 500 volts anploya:t on the trolley wire 
head eLeatric rod kay systen, is not dangerous to Lives aut 

other wires to wietoh yor wodor carry duigerous presaurese 3 sy 
; Bia O 
With resaré to the Tire visks 2 clacivic Light ing gf telephone 
. 7 i : ; a P : 
wires whieh enter hudl dings shonin vo iurniahed with safety. Rucos, 
© fe CF 3 
Yourtt wat y Sruly, 
lotelin 2 geod 
| “he yA 

3 AAR ge 

Je Me Ooballos, Keqe, 
80 Wold Strect, 

New York City. 

My Doar Sirg~ 


Upon hy Yotirn art: zn absonee often days. I find: 

your letter of lsth instant, askimgy for information in regard to 

Ge Me Gouyard, This mn is a first eluso meckonie ~ in Met, tho. 
finest wor }zam in Ure EG son's employ, and with a Lit410 training: 
on the phonograph; he vonld prove to he on excellent Ohict fo r- 
your Moclunical Departmnt. Mre Bdimn does not think thet be | 

has the exeentive ability necessary for the work which you particu- 

larly refer to = that is tha onsnisation of your servien in Moxi- 

Coe This isa petter thit a aga with less techaniocal knowledge 

anda greater whouns of aval nods émaliviention, could handle to / 

bottor advanta yes 

2 fe, 
ne ae ee 
Private Seoretar ye 


Degg 21, 80% 

MesorvGe Je Ne Ceballos & Coe, 

80 Wall Street, Now York City. 

Dea Sirss- 
I beg +0 acknowledge roccipt of your letter of 19th 
instmt, in regard to the formation of a corporat ion. to which it 

is. intended to trans ae the Mexican rights to the phonogrank, The 

nano which yar hav pe Tease ey. waneLy EDISON' § SPANISH-AMERICAN 
PHOMOGRAPH COMPANY). seems to me to ve somewhat too .comprch ma ives 

I think that a. oN Compeny should ho called the EDISON MEXICAN 
deta. onl ; 
PHONOGRAPH COMPANY, % would identify it clearly with the territory 

thet it will controle 

Yours bathe truly 


a Ape ou he Like 

ee eee 

aol SEE 

Qole Gooey RB, Gouren, | ; 
VW Madteon Avenius,’ 
Now york, 


os = 

Dear Sirs- . 

Won yer were ct the Lubevatory the obler day, i 
sped Ke 

MONFOERSS sort the phonosrarha whioh haw won awkod Lor by 
the Goruen deveinenik Me iw rovotved te Lotter rom Dre 
Wersier Slovem, toawhteh te ste teu tint the Gavovinont dis very 
eutons to obtnin these ‘net ines for the public sdhools in Pruss | 


$a, omd Meg But an be tin t ib vould ‘lie vory uvectrable to 

vr nse nt then with vat ‘thoy requires He is Willing to bear ait 

eles of carrying this iden into alteat if you will sear . 
Kinabe let us ‘hear rent you at onerg 

Youre very tly; 

Le Povora, Nee, 

"loc tirical Indiotrd og," The Rookery, 

“Ohtengo, Is, 

Dear Sirsa, 

- .. I have roceived your lotter of inetant, tozethor 

with copy of your Journsl, "Electrical Industries," which I find 
to bo a nost interes tin; worke . T ani especially pleased with tho . 
drestory of menuiaeturors and doolerr in clovtrical sappliies and, 

app Liances. Ioshell bo glad-to have vou emer my ‘name on your. | 

dist of subsordiberse 


Yours, truly, ee 

ere vee ait teat te a 


ie Oot. 
"ace a tg 
Ae Bluo, Roqi,.Séevetary,” 

es 4 


Ontprio Nining’ dormission, . 

Dop'te, of Aiptoultnre, TORONTO», Canadas 


Deer Sirt- 


Meg Edd gon hau vocoived your letter of lth instant, 
in regard to his Ore Milling process, end. avka mp to Anfoxm you. 
that ve hav anddl in Ponnaylvania whioh lias..been ruming for 
several nomhee The soneentrates are sold to Jocal fumocs, 
which uso 294 of these. fins cone strates which ‘am groom to 10 
mesh, with 75% of rogulay laree ore. Mr Bdison's latest ma= 
caine, partiqiers dn ropnrd to whieh to is ee quite aroeved 
40 yublish, ia designed specially for Iinely eryetolized ort. 

Yours truly, 

Dece 21, 80 

Cole Geoe Ee Gourand; 
Rdison Houao "By" Northumberland AvCe, 
London, We Ge, Englond. 

Deg Sire 

Nre De Me Yeomms , sailed on Wodnesd ay Inst for vurope 
to atterd to aatte business on beialf of the Hai son Phonograph Toy 
Moma foc tu ring Coe, and he will call at your of fice, at my suggen» 
tion, é6 obtain information in regara to patents on the whoheaeenhs 

which have bee token ous by you durim; the past few yearg, Zz 

will io indebtod if you wilt hindly sive Mr. Yeomns every facility 

fox obtaining such informatdan as he tmiiy requires 


Dre Werner Sianeirs, 
04 Markgrate-Bir sao, 

Borlin Se We, Goricur, 

“Dear Siri 
Mr, H@ison tas reesivei your ostesaed dhvor of ra 
asked me to thank you Por Unite He is arranging: 


for tho phonogranhes required by the German Government, gal will 

communica te with vou in yvelation t6 sang ab the cavlisst moment 


Mrq@ Heiooin tac also a ye to thank you Zor tho description 
of your process of treating copper ore, which he received in due 
course of maile 

Yours very % 

Ben: af 
men BT 

Private Seoretarye = 

Strowt, Noy Yorke 

a Oe Nepordth eepy af letter dater Decy 18, 3, 
3 avd bo Mire Be son, info reins him. that the 
9 antl Tice wie Symiieoto has extended until April 1, 1690, 
heldiny securities mh} cot to its order, 

Yours truly y: if i 
‘ f, r 


Privat 6 Score tary.s 

‘New York Dee, 18, 

Thomas Ae Edison, Hoqe, 

Orange, Ne Je 

. Dear. Sirs~ 

Referring to my Lotter. of.Mey 23rd of thia.year, 

calling for the payment af your partici pat jon in the Hdieoon Ger'l. 

Electr ic Syndicate, ant stating to you that you are ‘expested to 

hold the Boeuna ern then roccived subjoct to ae order of tho 


synaivete until Jam muinry ly 120) I ber to” inform you: that’, in ‘the 

rere of oll vayvties concerned, the syndicate has oxtended until 


April dy 1890; ce timo of so ee the said: securitios sib ject 

to its ‘ordor,. 

. Youra truly, 

Dede 2%, 1800. 

LtAbbd Le Me. Lanbert, 
No, 60 ruc des Reoles, 

Paris , Frmece, 

“Dear Sirte 
Me Hdison is indebted to His Grace, the Archbishop of 
New York, for refering to him yow letter without dat a, in hich 

you suggest an application of the phonograph in connestion with thr 

deaf and dumb. Mire Rdison receives: a great many letters from all 

‘parts of tho world, containing suggestions in regar’ to the phono~ 
graph, ond ie appreciates highly the imterest whieh the public te 
tok ing in iis sielie bolts He. las already ehecene of using the 
phonograph for the pubpode which you mention, but never has had 

time to give the subject sufficient thovght to enable him to de~ 

tomine as to its practicahilitye  Sinee his retiwn from Europe, 

he Its started out on a wow line of oxperinont, which. demands ‘his 

attention night and day, and 44. is unfos sible Lor him $6 nnder tak o 

any edditional work at presents Mrs Edison regrets that ho cin- 

not imicate a line of cxporiment for you to follow in this Gone 

nection, but suggests that you conmmiicate with Jolt, goon ay He 

. o* ve 


Goureud, Little Menlo, Upper Ylesroug, Surrey, } 1, who eontrols 
tho phonograph in Europe, and who may be able to nfford you fae , 

cilities for the experimentation, which ron ¢ 

<p epenecnacan ee meee 

. Soereterys 

} 2 
biearréatiec atthe 

Mrse Fe haclennan, 
Linwood, Antigonish do, 

Nova Scotine 

Dear Madaine, « 

Mr, Kdison ims roecived your letter under date 26th 

November, and has asked me to reply to seme 
I regret very neh ‘that we have no cial here concer nti. 

the phonograph that I could send with this letters I think, ‘ows 

cvor, that you dant obtain ponmitets 4 kee explanatory of the instm. ¢- 

mont 5: trom the perusal of which you can fom a very aot lea on 
fo its cupabilitiess ny app lyin; to the ’ North jyner ican Phonograph 
Gonpany, Ho 160 Broadwoy, New York oper: which controls the ‘Phong, 
graph in Hove Scotia. ‘The ‘Wnashine is not very - ‘large, occupying, ; 
with gabinet stand, ‘only about as nuch syarea es would be 4oken Ny 
by a seving nacline » It 4s vory wel} xndapted fo y the TepPoMnss 
tion of minis, om is. beim extensively ‘used for that ware? HO, 
The Rare American Company . does not goll the in stranints, pitt Pent, 
then to their custoriens, charging, : peliove, $40 pet year for 

each machine. ‘YWhetho or not the m sical repromic’tions ot “the 

phonograph would ans wor for church purposes: depends Lan goly PA), 

Mevse Be Me 

the size of the edifiee in which the ins trument vould bea 1H DE» 

With the oid of-a fumdl, to magnify the sow, the miai¢ go pyo- 

duced is. perLestly audible throw hav o Lavy sized hall, 

-An article on the phonograph written by Mr. Hdison, appeared 
in the NORTH AMPRIOAN REVIE (pub lising in New York Oity) during 
the easly part of Last year, and you cold obtain from this ali 
the info rnaticn you ‘desire in reemrd 40 the aapabilities of the 

methine «. 

Yours vaspeatfilly, 

Private Socrotaorys 

Lee PO A 


Deas 23, 80. 

William Me. Hoes, Naq., 
‘69 Wall Ste, Now York Oltye. 

Dear Sirge 


‘With reference to your ciraular lotter of 14th inst., 

Mre Edison ins meh pleasure in‘snbscribing for a ticket to the 

Path Ammual Dimer of the Holland Socicty, and I enclose here- 

with ten dollars to covor cost of sante Mv, Rdison cannot state 

at this time whether or not he will be able to be present at the 

Dimmer , but if it is at all possible, he will be there. 

Yours very truly, 

Nec « 28, 9. 

Tne Morris Fure & Ame Express Boe,- 

18 & 20 Broadway, New York 

Dem Siyrsi~- 

I enclose horewith reo cipt for 8,500 francs, amount 

peid by my agent for statue about which we have been in correspon~ 


dence .s Kindly retin this roccipt to nde. I also enclose bill 
. cnataatmta ns 5 on enna eneeeiiineedamnathedibamaadh 

of lading, ‘and watld ask yar to expedite the pausage of the statuc 


throagh the Customse 

Yours very truly, 

(eT we 
i ee Eee 
o aA eee ee _~ 

nena Nan aaa 
1 eae en mama rem a8 pater ae 

er cesnawee ones eee semennnrnenmens 

“ Dace 25, 8% 

. Col. Goovge Be. Gouratd, 
Little Monlo, Upmer Norviog ad, Survey, 

: England. ° 

Neer Siri- 

86 I tog to confirm the following oablegrams roo ely ea 


from you arg sont by met~ 


NOSID BH, Ne Yo an, Lowion, Decs 17, 18896 
: "Solario’n Colonel," 

NOSIDE, .NeYe | London, Doc. 17, 1889. - 

“8glurring new phonoyiwph»® 

NOSIDK, LONDOM. - - How York, Doce 20, 185% 

*“Goloml hore; new phonographe Par. dayte™ 

Yours very truly, 

Docs 23, 18896 


Hemry Vill wed, ESde, 

Mille Bull ding, New York City. 

Door Sirs- 

T bey to anlnovledge the receipt of your Lettor of 

4 the Edison General Electric Syndi- 

sth inetant, infornding m tha 

the time of holding se- 

aabo has extended until April 1, 1890, 

eurities subject to its ordre 

Yours truly, 

1 ote em name tn 


Messrs. Dear & Seely, . 
. 40 YWoll Ste, New Karke 

Doar Sirst- 
I have yveeeived from you weeeipt for the thire amnuity 
on Bir, Edisonts fermen patent No,» 44,591 on cut outs for iacendes= 

erat electric lamps, the seme having boon enclosed with your" note. 
or 25d instant, . 

Yours truly,’ 

Deg. 24, 89. 

‘He Me Divor, Eurey 

~ 19 Dey St... Nev “York « 
‘Dear Sirt- ; . 7 
* DT enelose horowith translutions ol cnoveral commni- 
eabions srhieh we buve ‘veg eivad Lron iHessrg. -Moyher .é ‘Riohonond , 
Pantin, Branca. : 

Youve truly, 

#PuLeut 0 Scamtary. 

hy i . 

Translation, . 
Pantin, Oth Decenver, 1880, 
“Thomas A, Hai son, 
Doar Siri- 
We teko great pleasure in oxpro, eine 
to you the groat Please that your beautiful nearest: with its 
‘amir lo dedication, has eased why and wo t rank. you vory dora ally 

for this gift, which will be for us. qreaious souvenir of tha 

‘honor wo have had in entering into personal relationa with You, 

Oompi ce working. drawings of the mchine s have jgone by tho 

packet boat "La Bourgogne,” and we hope that you will have tha, 

vory shortly, 

Tho models of the 150 Me Pe RENO havo boon sent last woop, 4 

4th Dee Saber; they wild 0 hy the first hoot. 

Accopt, Sir, the exprre saion of our sont iments, vory Mistine 

gui sien and sey Orod e 

(Signed ) Ae WEYHER 

ecintiupS eoteve heb 

: We ropret very mich not beinz sblo to change the ui 
“roetion of the movenent of the engine, ts you wish, thig meu 
the reasons The direction is such that the oblique preosnire of 
the crank pressos the heal of the pi non upon the bottom of the 
sLLQe, In the other direstien, on tho contraty, this ieee srould 
neeassarily rub upon the aiden of the elide where the rubbing sure 
fuce is miwh tore slender. Ags to the augmentation ‘of speod, we 
do not dare to state that it could teke place without inconvenience 
but you will ba fio" to try it yourself If you fudge it desirable, 

The direction of tie ov ernor lends itseli very readily oblther in 

augment drys the forea of the springs or diminishing the weight of 

the masses, 

EEE Eee OO eS ie ee eee ee 
Translations of Gablegrams. aa | : ae 
Doce 16, 1LH89, . ae 
“Models 150 horse power left upon Guscogne,. - . mi | ke 
: AY The af i ; ; Ree. 
. Docemher. 24,. 1889. | , 


left by iHormandic.. 

Ae HooGruthor, Moye, 
Butson Phonograph Works, 

Oranso, Ne Je 

De ox sirt- 

My. inmilits office, Ney Yorn, telephoned me this 
aftemioon toe the cite ct thot 39,720.82, represantia; the proceeds 
of tvo Phonogya@h Works notas disocaited ov My Suspuan, have .be at 

dsponited to your mmeiit in the Third Mat foncgl Bate I made mm 


efibrt to convey this irvercition te yeu by tel nphone inueticdtely 

mh there sac no versporsue to "Gontraltn® persise 

ane EERE aT 

ocean ener rintee ete 

Doce 24, 89 

‘George Me Hopkina, Hedes 
/ $01 Broadway, New York Citye 

Dear Sire . ; 

With reference to your letter: of 2Qlat inst ont to re 

ovks that ‘they are sending 

ees net serena sek er - - 

Hai son, I am advised by the Phonograph W 

oeday G cach diaphragms ard rulber My 
to tho Leb oratory, we shall 

ings for the phonograph 

you *% 

‘the manuteript music + 

If you will ser 
be vory pleased 40 prepare for you tho cylimiers whidh yar desires 

wish the nusic ploy od one Piano 

: Please state yheb instewmoem you 

yoxlad be not convenimt Lor We 

ox clay ionot 

Yours truly » ; 



Da ated. 
Private Sesretarye 

_ toh 

Det. 26, B%° . 

Ae By Dick, Esqe, 

152 Lake Street, CHICAGO, 



I beg to confirm the following tologram sent you this 

mo rnings~ 

"Now License will prohibit formation foreign 

Companies witout my written consent. If 

such nov contemplated you mst submit details 

for ny approvals rf no Company eontomplibed 

ton mano, which is misleading. Te Me Jie" 


Yours truly, 
PN ye C 
a New . . , A ' p Le 
= Ba Ahi a DRL he 
C : : ane I teal can, 

4 wom sgh 
Sep pgnen ts SOE ERE Ie Fa Vise. aot 

PP A.S wera eT at cl rman 


Najor Se B, Haton, 

#120 Broadway, New York Citys 

Dear Sirte. 

‘Referring further to ‘your lett er of 1%th instant, in 

meer £0 oar suits for sustaining Us Se Patant H2AB, 4:4,. I have 

no records hore ‘to show ence: a cour os pond nz Ttalian patent 

has expired or note The records of tho ap a CO mh ib. show 
165. and if ay is possible for you to wait wr iL 1 can ‘get into 
town to examine these rovords, I skall be very piad we do so and 
‘odvise yor of the result of my searohs. Porhaps ya could find out 

the facts in the ‘onge more gvickly ‘by ecb ling abr oud. 

Yours truly, 


Private Secretary. 


Dogs hg My 

Me Misenlord, Bsye, 


tas asked m to acknowledge the reeaipt - 

“i ’ 

of vem Letter wer dste llth instent, | Your inquiry as to how 

lig came to be’ an operator, is answered in the following extract 
tyam a .vecent sdorraphy of Mere Edicon, which Is mesit of 

being o& rictly aacynte s- 


"soe 6 oe ¢ Ho now turned his ettention to telogcraphy, ad in 
“the Lollowing nemeser e | Stand ry ay doy’ on the plot form of 
YMowne Clemons Station, bo say the son of the Station Master, 
“a ohald of thease years, dn darntsr ov being Yun down, by an 
“approaching traine Springing to his SUES OUAUCE Edison suce 
“eoedod in sottaine the boy off the track a Lew seconds before 
"he would heave boat ezvshed beneath the wheels of the loco-: 
Motive ¢ The childts inther out of geebitude, offerea to. 
"tedelh Udison telesraphy, and hore his enreer as on operator 
"“comionecde He rapidly acawiréd tie art and as rapidly 
thinned it to pro litebto eta . the telegraph of fideo way 
*g0me distance from the tome. Maison strunz a wire from the 
"'Stotion to « Drug store ; ‘oqmippod St, with dist ruments , placed 
Yan assistmt at the other end, and reo evived ten cents for : 
"coach message which he repeated over his private line, which 
‘Uvas, However, in a Low months ‘sacrificed to corporation groed, 
tas the Nestem Union Pelesraph Dompaiy noting the profitable 
“pusinossy which Rdison was building up,. v8 ir own 
Wires to the tome" 

. : ee 

Yours very ttuly’, 

a eae 141 

3 8 2 i 
a * 5 & 4 E q 
a 5 Ba d ee 
8 o° 2 i: “A 
: ‘a i ae ee " 
e &y : i F 
i g 8 a : 
a ey a 3 3 iy 
, nr ee. a : 
‘ 7 B oO aa, £ : \ 
: é £ a pare ae . : aa 
4 7 ni v7 a 
ae HO ad [10 
# ¢ a ne 1 
» i z- ee. 
ea ra) * > = | 
_ Rg ee g, > 4 j 
a s 8 € @ | 
: eR. aH ts : : 
3 3 be - ae ae 
‘a fet ad 2 Ke. 4 . a 
otk ° ° a se A: - : : 
a- 8 a aaa 
9 5 be . = f : 
-2 3 o 2 m * if eae 
. pss] a + : 
= oa oa - if 
x 4 ‘ 
< a S g t 
sg x ” 2. : “al ay 
x w 3) sS ae F | a 
a ort 3 a. 
: : : { 
3 = ss 
bh - n 5 
f. ne 
3 ee c8 re 
3 pad to = £ 
"4 orf + at ot 
& wa es : 
wate » al i 
kt y : 
2 ° = ’ 
2 g 
& Ss af. : | 

pop y Esq e, 



Ny Dexur 

Your courteous letter mider date 23rd 
of November, reached me in due ‘course of mul 1. 

IT regret oxecedinsly not to Ive Ind the pleasure of meeting 

you while in Gormany. My vinit to the latter country, thoush af 

trief duration, was renciored so vary pleasant by the many king 

friends hom 1 met there, as to mke me desirous of repeating it, 

and when I do SO, rest agsured that I shall tit only too glad to 

svali myself of the invitation So kindly omtendod to mo in your. 

lg ttor tuxier reply, 

Yor phonostaph is not quite fintehed yet, 

ytd dy tow rds éampletion, andl I hopo to TWe #44 pleasure of 

TortramMing ys to rar at an early day 

Baltows ne, yous vory 


2 bit 18 pécressing 


See te 

Deo. 26, 89. 

St. James GC Lub, 

12 Mast 20th St., New York. 

Dem Sirsi- 


‘J have only to-day logrnad tht ue awit 18 in 

debted to the Ste Janes Glub he 7°" 2.08) anounting, LT wxter- 

spond , to $10,00 , oe Naison was under the inntession, and I 

rene ae utiovad that several months ago his resienation was pro- 
3 5 wu a 

tonted to your Seeretary. “1 enclose herewith ten dollare to cover 
the emount of his indebtedness, ond would ask vou to lay before 

your Secretary this conrmnication, dn whieh I indicato Mrs Rai-- 

got dtuire to disconsimie his mombership in. the St. James Chth. 



Rdism Fleetrie Ilbiminut ing Coe,- 

Mount Carmel’, Pa 

New. Sirss- 


$96, in payment of Dividend Nos 1. 

Yours truly, 


i 2 ri 
° MALE : 

L beg to acknowledge ro coipt of your check 

ote ane tee gee Oe 

td eet 

Mre Je We Gladstone, 
Ndtscov. M'fts, Gompary, 
Orange, Ne Je 

Dom Sirs= 

I onclose horowith copy ofa letter received hy re 
tinis mn try from Mr, Jomea F. Kelly, dn which ho acvises me of 
eartain complaints mole to hha by the North Amorican. Phonograph 
Compaty, in rom to ow tdttery imsinesse It is vory himorbant 
that yar semi 2 bill of lading vith every inyeico furiished’ these 
people, ond ym will please. seo that thoir wishes in this connse= 
tion mo cmried ot in tuture. Also please see that your’ bill 
book is made up daily am sent to the Li oratory in tine for ae, 

to meke ott Ayvoives mid wail them on date of shipments, or at 

farthest the next dnye| 

Yours truly, 

vw, York » Decenther elth, 1889, 
Ac. Oe Tate, Lege, 

Oranne, We Je 


Tam advised by tho North Mie Phonosrah Co, that- thoy 
vary oltton receive an divoiee for voods without a bill of ladty Ge 
they vo doive a recokpt thd ch wal) not toko the plwe of the bill. 
of dadings Kindy seoto it that the Ndi san BLT Cop sands o 

ball with onely ot: dpmetnt » 

Another comp laint they, mako ds, that th ey do not sn ete pili 
for goods shirped til) sevors ays al ter Shipment, All the other 
conesmes they dml with send them bill the dny “ot shipment, oye nS 
the farthout the next Gaye : ‘ 

. They nnke x meat arother rointy thet hen they sive shippdny 
dir otfons thione shipptie ¢ diy cetions shold be enreted ont to a 
Letter. “Yor instonce, ona recent chipment they instructed you 
to mer): the voods vin "nde Dispatch, Chicaso, Minne & Ste Pil, * 
the youls sane mark a ‘arta Dispatch, cithout any wention of 
Chic co Minne & Ste ‘Pant, the soft vas that the sooda’ did not 
get to tho ir dest ination as quickly as they word: oth Eula: 

Lan hii noked to call your attention to tho price of “parat=— 

fine of] eo2a in eomngorsen: with our new battory s This ofl vas 

-bilked to the He As Py i. at 15 cents ror bott ree Thoy consider 

this at. attrmoly high price ant $hink, ts slim 1a bo wane ate 

Lakes Se 

dy Qa, a aoe 

Another potit ta, tint porutxins ofl ts nob divluded in the parts 
of the Lattery, vhereny they have alyays wil erstood: hewetatiere that 
the raraffing gil wan 80 included, They claim aleo that you havo . 
incrensed the cost of several parts of tho battery while you claim 
to have reduced them. For instance, you now aharge for the rubber 
lug 10 sont, wheres you original ly clurged for the lug 21/2 fe 
they hopo that yor will lock into the costs of ieee Qnd so yee 
arrange than ae ta nomit ag gott in in the prico of the paraftine 
ofl aa one af the gorts, seh still he uke the cost of the bate 

tery core $tan free dollarse Kindly let om know at vow curliest 

corvand aids who yor think of their elainis, and oblige 

Yours tyrudy, 

Goieral Sle: Ajente 

Ne Ev Smith, Hsqwy Ge Be Dey 
Ne Ye; Ne ue. & He The Re oe, 

: New Haven, Com, 

Dow Sirt- 

our Suerte cone pas read tint wants of your letter 
of 278h insta having’ roferenge to the trouble‘ oxp ert enced iy 
you with cor battery in eormaction with the Hlionoraen, an anys 

that dn nll yrobability the battery fpfled to work the phonograph 

very well Tor the reason was not short cireuitod quite 

longs enoupghe The Iattery will run the phonograph vor 100 hours, 
tné@ in using it for the first time Lt shoula be shovt-o irenited 
for about ten minctese Wo will noe that the. oxide plates in the 
cells whieh we ore nov sording. ¥ou. are reduced suffieiently at 

Surface « 

MO a Sat wa tn 

SN een as tre 


momel Inavll, Esae, 

At Wall Ste, New York, 

Year Sirs~ 

Replyin; to your letter of Oth instant, 1 ere lose 

herewith cosy of a conmnication from Messrse Eaton & Lowls, in 

regard to i. Hdisonts agreement with tho Australasian Gompanys 



Hav York, Dossier’ 26th, 10 

Thorens be Ediimh, Beye, | 

Demy Sirt~ ee : 

oa Ya Blea tr de tia tht Petortia, fer 
Jokannosbury sm the South “Ar plén™ op yb Lit: “Replying to Mg 
Tate's letter ge? Ese Both. dnstant, yakgne whet! Dae. the above ah 
tory telongs 4a we Australasian’ Dompery wom Oo says 

(1) We ee ascertiin fon 2 aerbointy whothen, any, patents 
whrticver Ara eae a in tlie Savth Atrioan Repub Liere. Moither Carp- 
“mae nor -Atbet+, dn the ir: ear y aplery nontion ai ehta Foun ty. 
eh promarytion. is that thangs nye no vatornts ; Henied , ee fovth 

ve ‘ ze 3 

(2 ) Xu. cave ‘there cb ETC) rm tente’ : doee the aereaaent or : 

Wemh 1, 1900, botween Me Bdfaan, the Maroy da of Tnaed tale ani 

others,’ ¢ ovmy ec ay The laniage of tho cantragt ist "Prddh~: 

lepes, rightas Anvéteatery® rh de ALP aut. to say just wind 

ds sovered hy tinea words, nt probaly rie toald he: head Lay gover 

goad with nhl ° 

(3) Is the goth Attias Rey soni ti odretnd bY tho seid agree 
went of Moreh 2, LAMN$ TRAE de to cay, dine I belong to the 
Aust raleadan Company? Thevo: are un siden to this questione at 

may be thet the sald arysatent wag meantete dete baly the: Brulioh as 

colonios, but this is not -elearly oxyrers od, . Yen veck tale: 
ngrentiont apeel tically rention tho Englit gh daloniea, brut tho ecrhe~ 
mom ltsolf speaks of South’ Africa without any restriction tg Bvob- 
wiy all of South Afvicn, including what is now ‘the ‘South 
frie: Nepublie (no mittee what tt wis- know as in 1888) 42 oo- 
“—Theac by the Agr oer t, al belongs: aa kine Australasian Companys 

4.) Apeut ns tint there is no‘ lus: for Patents inthe Sonitis 
Africa, Republic; ‘und Pomombering tint Ane alestion te dn dottra 
phether, as stated gbove,” the said hex doment covers tig Bouth 
African Republir, nut Yai tembe ring aldo &nit ood vill ¥s ae 
“glgo not covered by Zhe wiid agreeht, walt Yat sitoly efit 
plan for Johamebhuryy - Who best. nier to ko given $6 if 
qMention, wAKh Bao 26ri ted intorn Son rot tetore way. dn 
_ Butt, fo. go! wt yor perdde TH is Anpors ible $0 give a yee 
imswer to thts Yes er ig: of gs pers newt Un 
$4 sharld tar Alt tink yc baa Bo moat ie he 

wowda pbb ly Tete wo brill byt ¥. + profits shen ‘aot hiftie: itor» 
Wether vim ont £0 % bike. Shit Veenges 19 8 yeah ieee tad noms 
muostion for yaa Re aposte.. 

ve. toh “hit A Yat doyh nd fhe nada pr engeett ai Marci: ty 

1a, al fh ie Ay Sates 

purevnatenns nian La 

t$orys “we youa in 









Leos, SO, 1290. 
Philip Se Dyer, Ray., 

Antwerp, Belgium 

Dear Sirt~ 

Your letter wnder date 18th. instant to hr, 

You moan by re derring 


bom reeelvede We do not imiderstand what 
to Dalande's Secondary latter. In our letter to you, asking you 
to obtain ‘from Lalamle anthority for Mre di sn to use the babkow 
for which le has a dren dy contracted, Lor e Lighting purposes, 
‘3 ; 
no reference whatever to Lalande Secondary Babtery, and 
\ camo see in vlint “way you eoula have misinterpreted on gonmuni-~- 
eaetons What Mre Vidi son wants the vight to use the priuary 
bathory for electric Lighting purpoies, up to say 25 ligits., In 

Mrs Edi sonts contract with Lalmide, exception is mde to electric 

“lig htinge Mre Edi mn.does not desire to use Telendets. Secondary 

C\ Storage Battery at all. 

‘ . 

‘In. regard to analysis of the two samples of ore forwarded you, 

‘y % . oo 4 
it would doubtless bo ‘mira satisfactory to your correspondent if 

a a ; : rea] 
you were toy ave the analysis made over thores ao 


Mvy Baaicl G. Burn, 

De Dreaga to ver letter of 25d instant, gddross od 

to-Mey. Kdi son, I enclose herewith cheek to your ordm: for om £ 

Qred und fifty dollars (150), mceint of which plewsd, dehknowledge, 

Pursuant to your reqest, check for G52.80 was sont soveral 

deys ago to Messrs. Ooo & Williams, Dersai, Colzrada, td. cover 

preminn on your life policy, receipt’ Tor whien, if received py ty 

shall’ba Lervarded to yourssif, 

Youn various letiors ind samples of ore have ell been reetay, 

aid are heaving etteanbion in our Ore Milling Departcit. 

The cas of N.C. homwy which yar mention have Not. yet oon 

recolwed ot the Lab oratory, nor at Mrg Rai eonG) residenes, 


fervs truly, 

sre pee e aan 

Sage cera tee 8 LRN CREE REED 


Jariery 2; TOC 

Cole George Ee Gonzeaui, 

| 1h Yad i api _Avonue, 

; New ‘york Ghty, 
Dear. Sirs- 
The following .caidLegvam from London adap soed $o 
yourself ¢/o hi, Edison, was telephoned to us this af femonn 

by the Orme office of the Western Union Pele Ddosi- 

wyali cive Bifsy pounds cash for present 

mochine, Wire ARCHIBATD ¢" 

Yours truly, 

Mie Ha Me Jivor, 

19 Dey Ste, New York, 

My dea Sir,~ 

I enclose herevith trandletion of a letter addressed 

to Mre Hairon by Messrs. Woyher & Richmond, Partin, France, rinier 

date 20th December, 1889, 

Tron Slution, 

Pontin, 20th December, WS, 

Thomas A, Edison, 

Dear Sirs- 

Wo have the “enor to en close drawing 
showing how an ongine of 400 horse power mey we ingtalled, with 
its condenser, thinking tmt this design might ba usétal to Yate 
While at this -point we yeconme ni to you very strongly ona you. 
put the muchine in place to well ins truct the worknen upan the 
meanoy, of caring for the metallic stuffing-hoxes of the Teri, oF 
this mechines Tho stuffing, boxes should always pe very slighty 
‘ravn up by tym ony e fhey ahowld rever bo peeniod when tee 7" 

ongine ig working, but only whem it is stoppetl. wring she first 
aa four or five daye of operation there may he some esc pes of steam, 
tie f wich if shonl& not be the obje ot to cut off suddenly. They will 
theneel¥do disnypear at tho ent of a little whide. All tre fare 
nishings of the pisson v ods of your mayhine era yew, andl ths Least 
‘oxcess of pressure will put them out of rezvige in en inaemt. It 
would predac a noating thot world mit the metal whoa the prose 
sure vould be too stronge © Tho app oirtmerta are wxcellont, bub -ox 
the condition of being thormghly well wotelwds Ib 18 essential 

also thet the oiling with mineral yalyolind Srordd gover he wars ing 
in the cylinderse . Bee. We : 

The principal parts of your machine have de fs out works ons 
te-day, ond we hope that they will ke put on perrd. the, trans atldar~ 
tiyue steamahiy next Saturday, of whic we will sent yor tie mane. 
by eile as soon 85 We shall he sit isfied of the ir departure, 

(Simmnod) A. W EY HE Re 


Massre. Dyor & Soclr; 

40 Well Strect, 
: New York City. 

Der Sirst. | rs Pe 


‘I enclose herewith copy of & Lotter tne dete 16% 


Decentber, 1889, .reeetved by Mre: Edi son from tht Ole. Cont iventals 

Edison, Paris, and world ask yar to ‘kindly eongLly with, Me ty re 

quest « 

Purse, loti: Dece. ys 

Thong Ae Yidisdsn, 

Dem Birte 

We'pro in receipt of you wires 

"Goriedion patents decided fuvor Rdison, Dyer yP 
MiLL you be kind enough to request at ence: Messrs. Dyer and 
Seely to sond us a aopy of this very inportant decision, Thanking 

for trouble. 

Yours truly, 

Conjugnie Contimniale Kdison 

(Siem) by. LOUIS RAU. 

We congratvlte yon-sined rely to this rev sue crs. 

Conyugnie: Continentale Rdiso n, 

8 Ruo daumartin, Par ia ,: 


Dour Sirsi~ 

Mr, Hdison has Foal your oS teamed dbvor under 
date 16th December, 1889, request ing him to instruct Measrss Dior 
and Seely eh forvard you 4 cupy of tho decision rendered recently 
by the Canadian Courts in inv of the Hdi son Patents , anit aye 

to-day written Messrs. Dyer & Scely, asking thom to inmedi oboly 

sonply with your requust. 

124 Water Streob, 

Mow York Citys 

I oad ‘very moh not potty abla to furnish the, 

information whi’ aa yor desire relat ive: to cost.of wieienseo parts 

I, UO E04 am entirely ian ovaant upon ‘the Hdison Phonograph Vox ks 

for this ‘dato, and the ir fai ure to supp Ly ne with i eee red ine 

uneble to gomply with your: request. ‘they have Areutees to pub. me 

in possesfion © the necessmy infor mot ion som 4. de this weolt 

without tail, they themselves not. having yot ‘completed their list 
of costs, and as sean Bs they do will meke ont D det al Led 

the mice of the aiffcrant ptronogr aph parts, ar 

list, show ing 
forward is to you w ifhout delay. bd . : 

Reprets ty baie nv onLe1 en we the vant of the we: iors 

has eqused y ow 

ee ——= 
Se eee Sb a ee 





Mr «! Goor yp We Ketcham, - 

of/o Central Stamping Co., 

P. 06 Box 1907, Now York City. 

Dear Siry- 

Mr. Edison has received your jotta of S8ith dastaat., 

and seys that the comlitions vhich yor have atloytmnd coveting the 

Es Cota : ee. , 
installation of an eleetr ie stress railway in Neverk, are excellent 
with the «ception of yow reference to storage battemnsa Mra 

Edison dots not enderste the we of storage battories an tase een 



Private” Scere tar ys 

Jme 5, 1890. 


Ae Be Dick, Esq ey 
152 Lake Strect, 
Chicago, Ils. 

* i 

Dower ‘gir s . . 

Mr. Edison vo turned this morning, md I Janded kim 

your lotter of Ath ultie, in rerprd to "Detroit Storage Beat+ery et 

He has no information pertaining to this particular storage rat 


tery, bit his. opinion in regard to, storage patbories in genoral , 

namely, that they ure impracticable, unreliable and nonconurerc ial , 

will cover the case .in question. 

Yours vory troty, 

Jane 3, 1890. 

Ae Be Dick, Esqe, 
152 Lake Street, Chicazs, 

Ills, : 

ing telerrvan sent satu 

"Poreign license fer your Somany ready for 

sigmtures Understand you ere comes “ba 

te ‘ 

New York. Stal. I hold papers or send ‘ther 
. # a hS . 

on?H of 7 

Private Se amdbetyve 

Tine 5, 1890. 

Samiel Insull, Hsqe, 
M4 Wall Street, Nar York Cltrr. 

Doar Girt» 

~ _—-Reforing to the attceled trom Messrs « §iears & Qurtis 

relating to the ixcorporatjon of the Féiam: Moxteun Phonograeh 
Conpary, Mr. idi son Tas looked at the gertayicube and gate no om 
ment. ‘Tho mame, "Batson Mexiew: Phonosreyy: Goa ny," vas arieited 

af Mere Vdiconts enggestion, in lieu of tra "Edison Snenish American 

Phonopravh Coe," whicn was mt Tirst proposed by Mr. Ceballos and 
2S folonds, bat whieh Mrs Edison consideted a little too compre 
ona Ive . Have you ony Ining to any regard it this certiticate? a 
rae will you hirdly voturn it to Stears & Qursis, and indicate 

di cgonts approval. 

Yours very truly, .7. 

Jans 3, 1890, 

Dear Sir Janes, - 

I hevo reeeived your letter of math. We, ‘in 
regard to dmosit of magnet ie yomt ite which you Ino abort area dn 

the Northwest. The sole value of sach a deposit au this depe nis. 

eee upon its d¢ecess ibility, ‘t observe gute the depo pit jn 

‘Movtion is 80 miles fron the O¢ Pe Re Re, whieh world, of course, 
“neeos sf st tato pwilding a& brawh yvoad to reach it. As ee ‘is no 

bizar kes in Grrada for iron ore, it would law ta be shipped to Pitta. 
hargh, and % four that when you commute all tir mpc nse of mining, 
halting, transportation end cities, you will fim that pure iron 
could sidt be dolivered from such a distenes at 

cminsd Hy Adeaes are based upon ruling rates of tran spor tat ion : 
charves in tists pont rye You ny be abla to Jo hhettme in Genada, 
-Rerhaps cote fave some cs tinates prepared, Showing the cost of ter 


5 itis ore. If bak iD will he vert glad toa look at vane 

Yours very tru ly, 

Sir Janes Rant , 
150: Hai in Hs, Ottawa, 

We Ey Hitdle, 

Myers, Flae 

Dew Birs- 

Jane 3, 1890. 

s - ' 
Your letter to me der dato 26th ultimo, has been 

srbmitted to Mr Edison, aml he desires mo to say 

be very glad to confine your services to himself, 

will notify Mr. Gillflam of this errangenent. 

Wishing you the compliments of the szason, 

Iam, yours yry-truly, 
# : ° hy ag 

PP Bamaen eye” 

that he would 

I presume y az 

Private Seoretor ye 

Ime Dy 1890. 

Mre Arthur Kitson, 

West Upsal Street, 

Germonton, Philadelphia, Pas 


Mrs Edison fas received yaw letter of 27th instant, 
ond desires nm to Say that je is interested in property cach as 
vores dogerd ey and will b glad ta suc you in Ovanye ak y tame you 
Find it convania mobo run over, in you aes: ra to ge the miter 
negare him in greater Sa) | : 

FUpag an 

Seine eae 

. Jae 3; 1890, 

Lédvon Phonograph vorks, 

Orange, HJ, 

Dear Sirsje 
With refermeco to the phonogmp hs which you are. 
preparing for presentation to the Germm Postal Administration ; 

maasreesiicde, Mr. Edison is very anxious to have’ delivery made of 

these machines, and I would Ask you to. name -a day when they will 

be ready for shipment. 

very truly, 

deen ae 

Private Seaotary. 

Jonuary %, 

Editow Bhoiussyvmh Toy Mfte. Go, 

#05 MIL: Sb., Boston, Naas ¢ 

I tivte pleasure tn pea Po rnin yor that we kore com- 

heneed matings deléivories te your “repr enontat ive dn Nov York, ow 

ontput to-day anoumting to Pitty compl cte: speakimg dolls, zhich 

~ represent th e@ initial saraees per diem of our Assemblins Roon, 
By the beginning er middle of next week we vill be able to dovblo 
this owtput, which willbe - further inereasead with all possihle de~ 


speteh in approach of the muximum mamber which we ere ant hor izcd 

by yourselves to manufacture daily 
We have a great nunber of Farts on ini, and vmpie nachinory 

capacity Sor Maintaining, a larger ovfut thanyoar at present re- 

quine, and our ohoxes now are dire tet towards. oquali: athe the cas. 


pacity of ovr hy a labor: 3 which is. coneen tiated in ou "Assembling 

Room Wiis we will Hiecplish in the corse of a fo W - weoka’, wibn . 
we Wtll be able to work up to the limit of your otdere.. 


Yours very ‘truly, 


“Jane ih, 1890. 

My Deay Insall,~ 

Avo you doin anytting abot the Ceballos mther? 

Mire Cohaljos Ins written for an interview with Mr Maison,” as yout 

knox, ond he in very mich disappotnted thet in cannot séo hits YX 
5 : t a 

have poen holding tho matter over and referring varies conom+ 


cations 40 you in case conplications ploald arise with Gourald. 

Nr« Gomery now writes @ very feeling letter, doplat ins his Loss. 
ot Yinfluonce® with tho Fdison Adainistration, ard. asking if it 

eumot be arazunged tor Mr. Cobcllos to mct Mr. Edlund’. 
f. ij} 
: the} 

J - ae é 
Yours vor brady. 
Bs tie au 


soniaal Vie, Nsqe, 

a Wal Ste, Nev York. 

He My Livor, Rss 

19 Dey Ste, Now York. 

My Dou Livor,- ; , 
' Me, Edison les veeoived you very nrofane Letser 
wnmler inosbant, in vegard to Nre Se Oe Edi con, and says ( 

thet he will take eure of tho metters Se Ov delivercd the Ogden 

parers to Me Edison about a week AEO* 



weak TOES 

avin go men 

Thon. ve sa 

SU Your 24 ead. ow) 

“Fast te 

fhralring you yar: 


Homey Huvard, Bee. 

Bio itd v 

Tuva year letter of algt Sola ort 
your. Dt ond: 
a clouwk 

Solis Plap ny 

bung be 


3 amw-?y Ay LEpo 

Meserse Bergan & O06, 
2 Ey Nav Yor: O&bye 

Savewe 1 eee BBO Wwe xs ended. fue m John Voriiy ead 

Sorby meee unglant, an of dor: its) " as ep motes of high ampsyse 
PAPOBAGW ¢ wien Te: iaitaners was add ress od to Hy, Keaneliy Mig 
Kotmei ly Porwirded pins order to vourneLvos, and aeved you ah the 
game time ts vend the m.ters to the Toaberetor to be: toasted 06 
Sows wh oy why a comphetcé. We ere this mysely iu res ett 
or 1 eset «dy sa the as foLinws¢ AQannot fix ivetors; 
sem brent tons dustantlye™ As these meters were Larger tray aren 
thidy have bean, maiko horetofore. Mre Filoon vas partiotlarly ausieas 
tae Miey ehorkd bo sent to tho Libovnutory 40 ue tested ani thé 
asta preserved. for the in tration of the Jiiigon American interoah. 
He docs not wisisretand why My. Kemelly"s request sharia hare be 

jgnored , provided, of ‘eourse, that the meters raiereed to Oe neh 

& Sens, ore the ee to while a we now have pee domlar kia favene' 
Bll no, some others tho yor have shipped men thodr orders wh Bacay 

Hy ¢ Myigeon woste Lika +9 bear fron yor on inde ron 1eah g 

Yotirs toy. trod yOrs 108 ‘ARORATERY, a 

Jie ts 1300.6 


“Chavis Batgheolos, Ese, 

Doar Sivs- . 

‘  Lenglose hrrowth statement of 

vorr accom with Mr Haisor to November 1st, 1889, showing ga 

amount duc you on tat day of $75268.87. This statonent. covers 

gil items accrine, with the oxeoption of stock of tho Toy Phono. 

Coo, ara stock of the Mdison Phonograph Verte » I ecarmot ive 
you & statement of thes tivo items until om books are made up. 

to thé em of the your, 

if Bax will kiwily approve ‘the oftaclme statement ahd vetum 

“4b tore, I wilt arrenye &@ sottlenent with Mre Ndiwon at.onac. - 

Yours very truly, 


x Privato Soureharye 
4 ; x 
Set FoF, < 
‘ : 

Mre William Barlingban, : ' 

2 “Newrport, 

* . Re q. 4 

Dew Sirt~ | F 

We write to intomm yar that after next caieel ve ehadl 

aot necd your services any. longer, as alk our drattine wouk is 

91 STS RR? gE ERTS er COTY comme 

TO eremeeeeree reagent trepanenege prperr—* 




Ad Me Froghks, Esqe, 
Acting Sup'te« Forcign Mail 8, ; 
| Pe Oo Dep'te', Waslington, D. G, 

‘Dear Sirs+ 

With reference to your letter No. 88922 Ger., ade 

dressed to. Mr, Edison, I bez to inform you that tho di son Phono~ 

graph Works inform us that they -oxpeet to be able to: mako shipment 

of the tvo phonographs ibr presentation to the Postal Administra~ 

tion los Germany, on Saturday ‘next, Lith instante + Mrs Edison will 

‘ \ 

aes Hae your suggestion relative to ‘comsing: the pecliges to be 

sp se a ly delivered to tho Postmaster: in’ New York, an will at the 

Same qime advise him by letter of the nature of the contents ma 

instmpt nim to hold same until instructed hy your Department as 
{ é 
to their Qimo Sitione ‘ 

Ijobse1ve that in your letter wmder rmly yor quote me as 

tat ine} in my former letter "two of the LARGEST type of phono- ; 
hie : 

graphs complete &cs," whereas the extract in question reads., ‘tro: 

it : 
-of the LATEST type phonographs complete &co" 

i Yours very twiy, 

. . 

arf . . , Private Secret aye aa 


Jan's G6, 1890, 

the Provisional Gonmittor for the Fl oetvo-tealnie al 
Exhibition at Frankiort on M, 1890, 

Frankfort oa Me, Germany, 

Doar Sire:~ 
~ Nig » Bada sit tan asked ne to acknailedye tho: erie 
of your cireular le ther mder date 20th November, 1889, and to 
say in reply that he vepreta very much he will bo wneh le to rake 
a dis splay of his inventions at the Hlovtromtechnicn al Exiihition, 

which it 18 proposad to hold in June next at Prankfort:. 

Atectlienitinn dee ee bannato 

Jane 6, 1890. 
Majpr Se Poo a Pago, 

- The Aaa digon & S:zn Vad tori Hleotwig Ta eat Cow, Lit ide, 

100 Vigtoria ae Aortconj 8, Mey Regan. 

' Doar Sirs. : 

Et enn Nery queh Odi: 

sea Payyen our Kind le tter under de 

; 17th ultimo, in reply %.0 nine of 2 ite, Nayow, her 3 last, ain wh ch y-au 

indy am om thet it wi afford you maasnye ie impart, to my legal 

reptosentatives| : Stein Hut.on :& Lows, eLl the info mat jon at 
your disposed in tegard “ to eo "Roe dor? “Patents 

, (Wishing 6 you the Ronit naiks of tho 2cason 

1 t 

I beg to remein, rou 

§ very tiny’, 

“ se, 


Major Se By Eaton, 

120 Brenduay, New awk . 

My Dear: Sirs 
I keg to enclose horevith for your infometion. 


copy of letter under dato ivth Doatwper, (1889, received py Mrs 

Edison from Major S¢ Ylootl Pagé, of The Yaivon & Swen United Blow 


List Co., London, Ingland, in wid he infoams Mre Bédson that 

it will afford him great pleds sure to Amp ans ‘to youree lf all the 

sh te auc fon at his drapo sal in ve eared: to the "Feo tor # pas onthe 

Yours tyuly pe 

Aarne eA ne a Ni see 

Ph Ua Neato ramidicnies La le 

Lomdon, 17¢h Dee, , 18s Oe! - 

Doar Mare Bed ion, ; 
* I bog to acknavledge the veeceint of your letter 
of Sth Nov anber, together. with another from Mayor ‘Eaton, dated 
Dee .anbor ith » : 
T mod harvily say that it wii] al tord ne very sreat*pleasws* | 
to be the means’ oz giving you ary inddragkion that we haye-at our 
disposal with wy ference to tho "Foe doy" ratent, We are however: 

only in the initial sta cP eng I think we shalt best neet yew views. 

by sending ‘a copy of Major Ueten's letter to our Solicitors, Mess, 
Ashurst,, Morris, Crisp & Coy, and ask ing. then .to supply ne with 
the ir viows. or our presont: po sition,. : 

_ Iwill write by this mail to Majoy Heton in the sane sense 
as I am now writing to yar, . : ~~ 

‘Tam very haneful that we Shall establish this patenk ant 
wove it to be of vevy considerable VOL 

As I tad le pleasure of Seely: Medgar ‘Haton several tines 
while J was in New York ard heave nd the Pleasure of meetd ny Mra 
Jowis several tines re con tly in’Paris, they do not ‘need ‘any per” 
soyol int waretion to obtain MY good officos, .. In fae you -kucw ; 
that I am aivays glad to do aonrtéhings I-e m to promate’ your intore 
ost S in this.count ry, . 

. i é ” 

| Trusting t hat 7 
Mrs. Edison ani yourself 

ya are well and-sith best Christras wishes to 

I reiain, Dew Mre Edison, | 

Yours very. truly - 

(Signet) “ §. FLOOD Pasi, 

Re silane a se 

‘ « 

My Dear: Hamilton, =’ 


‘I ‘am vary. mach obliged for yours of 20th . 

ultimo, onclosin:; vocoipt for the “Original Phonom uh" fron 

the South Ken sington his cume 

4 bi 

Yours very tmly va 

Guat ve at 
: y eg : If) 


Mr. He do CG. Hamilton, 
e/o Wdison's Phonograph Coe, 

London, England. 

Santee de 

ire William n, Hit le, 

Myers, Morida, 

My Dew Sirsa 

The enclosed copies of correspo ndende “adress el to 

‘My 6 Edison by Re S. Donglass, ot Plymouth, Mass., oxplatin them. 
Selves « Cun you five us any information in regonrd to the boun- 

dary line dividiry. 

‘the properties of Mr. Edison and Mir. Douglass , 

at Port Myers? = An early roply wi 11 oblipe 

Yours tinly, 


Plymouth, Mass. Deo, 26th » 1839, 

‘Thomas Aw Ras son, Bsqe, : - me 

Dear Sir: 

Referriiy, again to tha boun- 

aay between youw lund ‘and mine ‘at fort Myers, I cuclo se .co py of 

‘Lettor kus aan Lagtord, who las had Charge of ny ples ee 


is the only informet jon Ihave, as I have not been able to met 

word from Hi Gonzales dire ‘Goxmalen” was, I understand, ‘ial 

original ,amer of the tend now 

Dbolonsing to both you and wy soll, 

think by some agredment tem 

we and thas save’ mis sunderstandtiys ney our: 

“It is tr unimpértant, matter nor, but: 

id a us to ae on record, 

Bu ce Casora, “¢ am n widling he ao any hing: that appears fair. 

Yours vory truly, 

{Signed ) .R. S, Douglass . 

‘Deconter 12, 1934, 

Dear Sire. 

@hea talk with Captain Gongzales in regard to wediting ° 
miu the wst information I could get was that you mnted to know 
“a0 nethins abowt the boundary line on the vast sido of your lot. . 
He says he bought a small three-cornered piece of land from the. 
Allon estate, to make a square lot of his, which plece 48 ineluded - 
dn your deed an® is now partly in Naison's ene losura, From what 
he tells we, Mr. Edison las a strip of your land, about 40 feot i 

wide, nll the way from. Riverside Avowe to the river bank, 
Yours tmly, 

(Signed ) Leng ford. 

Sorrel siden tethered tgs 

Re We Raymont, Hoqe, Secty, 
Am riedn Institute of Minin; Rngineers, 
13 Peay Slip, apy Aer City, 

Dea Site 

‘With relovereo ta yom better of Oh ultinio, reply ° 


towkbich has been delayed oving to the absenco of Mra Hdd son, the 
L&tor regrets very mich that mn carmot arrange Yor an exhibition 

of the phonopopn ot. tho neit of your orpniznt ton %O bo 

held in Washington Pebruay nerte: These exhibition are, hoeovors 
Gl) urranged by the EVES fur vican Phonograph Conan y » ide 130 

Broaday New York Oity whose 1am aarien “Le “Mako the desired one 
of 3 

Rikec dt warld ie mb cousary Tov you 1 to seeure, togrthiy with the 

se ary apparatuses. Mre Mad soh proftors tht Bal aogot Lat ions of 


N « : 

tig ghafnoter ghor: tld he Conse ter direa tly vith tho: Oompany re: 

Sayred 49, part ine tarly as  ticey hava mdently Paonpiiand mous 

gona inawd mai. Abas Lo Ke that wera given here, in Ovange:, and he 

sould wns Sher not rem the, Yisk of euaecs their displea 2 
oy rie 


Wi is very nana tint he eannot. comply w¥t 

Yours , tf nly, 

Hmey Anna Leek, 
@ll Rast lth stroct, : 

New York e 

Doar: Madome, ~ 
Teh. redovense to your lo tt As of 29th ultie ’ q bes 
a) infexn yo amas Marovoris fin the United Staton are merhet od 
, ‘ ; \ 
By the Worth Ament emt Bhonograph Coe; Nos 260 Broa, away, New York 

City, Youn <n “ries can sevure an instrament. by fyplying 

In rerard to your setters: to Maye Hagen, whieh you'e hin were 
Tee answered, would my that I omysel! wrote to You, under date 
Bovenber 41th tant, in response to & tonnunication uddressba by ‘ 

76% 40 Mre Hogi, oxy ind ning ovary. wo tvere unth ie td ayn4). ourselve i 
a vf 
Of yaar were Vad sich otter <2 sing to the “hones seni tho reson hed nut 



Sint ab thet tiny we Bad nofte spransementa with variow nmsi¢ianny 
weirs fee, hee Jey rope ly tye higntist shedd ; end if yon had visitol 
tei tarmes ory during % rat portad, +h0 gon ng ey “in bar pe of our 
iit sal ty tin Cote | not herd g4yon you tho aitontion wiia 

tray Bet. Jor sleserve Hee Hagan ploads guilty to: Aymort Ye phe 

shiek “he Yv'o yeas yaa yon misigta by Adi, ah, Oi yaa ry 


Tete nee nish Plgmien: Bae 

“ho te ml you thet the du nd t 

“geen J Yawsud | 


Pea the Letihe 

‘avave WHE read ° 

$8, do Boh entet at ths Mh pepe tdaw eof leant to saek syne 

AY z 
a if ve - 
sitont = ogg re es, ML bo vey TASQoed fo Hoo Sen ab thd Liborater: 
Maes Lay Gh vadeh WO We LEEL eanvests at 20 eohe ov, heresy whoa yar 

MaPorier avery aobddie ton ford dre 


RNG HAD hy whith - 

bs Sheva Mag Rae or MEP ed pee Ls Mien 

YOSaoay Pree 

Yorropog Tt Might be wedl Loy wou to test Lay EE day or wo alee 

before gaming, 82 thot we tay vedo 

ween oh 

voscntliating whidh migia 

mer the laterest. 

Yo owialte! 

Yours yoo ¢ 

He dMpory, Usa. Le “4 

. 18 Wout 4th Beroat, 


Le ORS York 04 by “ 

Deny Sirg~- 

hae nn dt Jention to yeut wltin:, toy 

Gdiaesiysion of nis medidence to Dldweiis 

In reply to yaa otter of Soth aked m4 Hyp. Hii non 

(5 MAGARIN) x 

‘Pevky ard you oot, oie 

my far then purposy, and cine witel sits yo senvenionete 
. i a 

Pris ats Meeahed rive. 

ee cae es eed 
Lent tat nei 

ten chan! 

Mre tose Ge Hore, 

Dow Sere. LAR! 
oo In reply to yeur letter of 25th ultim, there is no 
yorition in Mre Efdinn's business to which you comli be appointed. 

¢ * 

a ew 


| Private, Seare turye 

Mor Se Had ison ,- Ja, 6, 1890 
: e ao Se 

Pursuant to tho wishes of Mf. Faigon, I. have 
Biven the writer of the attached letter persiasion to wwite up a 

doseriptiaon of yar kouse tbr DEMORNS? MAGAZINE, 

As Of Tat Le 


Ro Rovloni Ste, MAVARK, 

Ne Je 

Ai the quest oi Nre Hevy Villarc, Lohave gansented ° 7 


tor tire 

; { , ra F : 
So cteet an Now Youk tha exhibit reeoathy uscd dm Ber 
: § 


bo ngtht of: Bonoyolomt Society in whloh Mrie. Vidhea “dl 45 intores= * 

Goneral Gomaiss tones, 

Neg Ae Be de Prees, son General 

Vibro 4 via Company das genoral chor ge for Mr. Villard of this Bai- 
oe , ; 
DLtLoae In awe for cavrying one my pEoues eto the BEE OR 

{ desire +o have yor teke chavpe of the ole tric eh exhibit, ary” 
haygoments in yey nt to whi gh you will mice with Mre de Aer 

ndly cab on Myre do Free o to-morrow morning at tho/offtce 

of tho Hain Gontl, Electric Gos, No» 44 Well St., Ney York, and 

‘arrange the dotnils of the satter with hi I ondese herewith a 

: ‘: 
intter.of intioduction. 

Yours taaly, 

be hse, spe 4 fee oe See 

Fre 8, Issa. 

Mre Ad Be de Prova, Gentl. Gomtustomsy, 

Bdatoon G@movah Mectrde Comprar, 

Now You City. 

Deor Sivs- 

Tooey te dntesdngs to you Mvp We Ja Muiaey, who has 

haft gherse of ia cleetyigal ohinit a4 Parda, who will per. 

Type the sane in comection with the Ol WR aye 

ging Ler New York City. Lhave told Mr. Hanmer, that he 

sevarge the details of angug aent with v tte 
Yours truly, 
pene ee ys, 
4A (s 



- | | gga 
| a , Tan, 6, 1289. 

| f 
Moduttece Drexgi, Morgan & Coo, 

Hlow York Git ve 


aa Sirst+ 

tee. ae a . eas é 
| WiLL you vory kindly fuynisy so with e statonent of 
my af count vith yar froin Nov, L4th, 1990, on wideh dey there was 
: my erodit of $465,440.85. Please hare the statdanent wi 

Yours traly, 
\ ! : : 


\ Those Ae Ett 1 8 0 Ne . 


Pa Ee 

Woks poe ; 
we eek AL Very PR PRE One ST gg le Tynes 

wie gounmemionn t- axe daw ieig yy 

fasryead auiay tes fey owe tre Mate Redon: DBI» 

Me geata han ea aanis comty + 

oy im ja WH LO Sake newuenss af vou 

“TUG OE a weit MKD bhot ais deoyhtet, who d 

Hd ae 

cor hiee 3 Pras sated aon ‘ F 3 
SOS Mew baa vee posh. aud goorksbed her Geka tee. san 

aber’ eotuenday to Amo rlone 

Ios, somrs 

OR A mess ne Gae ae 

Privatol Sourat ayze 

sonreniean ay 

Mala Ste, Nan: Yor 

Dear Sis. 

dns Woy gn thet 

. Seer, 
“or gag, 

Geneyval. oo 


ft Beenet, Noreen @ CO'B to sy uyscdt 

gh int: 


Wee vor’ g4eiy, 

' . 

tadew . 6 ‘ 
ANT OM ine en 


Ct SA Te ee ee ea tire - 
ny soy ay 2 Der coed “9 


* Hbsters ¢ : A ytd mh me! 
at Baive ye Trike LAS She Le aoe ey 

rence tt Sine! tetedinge Joey methane: 
Orange! nee! tep toy} tide Neve So'n# aan 7 

th "re 


dann ee & Mar, ,. . 
Extrasé {yom mirattes oF meciing of th 


Rowd of Disc ctors of ‘the : 

Edioon Wleetyis Dates: | - 
Vhertyis Lisa Company: of Mare pe, Bind oe held at the 

SR ec 

ay Cath ted ye ¥ fot “ 7 
wh OFA Ay Mee "ONO Ag Ba ser a Ms Sg , 
Iki ora Hd so3 hy Overie, Now Jorsoy y. Monday, Novem- 

hor aty, ages _ oe 

tin resection as Sactotay y and * 

A dear tenge, Bis motion having 

vad, sige ge 

Dyers sUrar, ens 

49 4 4 Tyee “ote pas 


we 3 
Weer, ROIS and gowedany. Me. 

Tyeull nominated Mr. Alfrea 

i freaauver of the Commuy to. serve ame 

ae ee efed emcee ttinm g 

bot es 


se at 

aeitant AF ‘ 7 
wo DUS LS BOA v0 1 sap riuyar i 
me POSE SVPT OR Beapetepy, ond, Depemuror a eee, ; 
t. 3 4 
dahive Ley Reads), ab cay 1, aa. ad Re Ct eae a ' \ 

. {2 t 
ey roa ’ : can | 
mil iQ ANE, Lr, 3h. ee Ors oe ge « “ Pea) 

a ! 

Kite eae sik 

Betinet avon Malvade agroesews. 

hal gone 

ghe periy. of the serons ae 
the periy: Reker Wrant- 

aeonfaveLy wah Lapatdbie ¢ cant >: 
Fue tures ad woke by rin vietler 2h Sx dake 
Me tie ! ‘bog 
wo parties af the ta “gh part trer.of y 
of oe sines oA aun, ba tole x mee hy Iba Riaz vio nan 

eo sana eid} anncneenibitbi aN 

aba BL Gia cla ade 

PLE ay 












bret lair - 





ge oor faa 

1h doe 













Moet wt tan 



pad = 
bes i= 
= = 

aoe a 




Bye a 



+ fer the 





kt at. 

ap ye 






Sreanae oer R ee AEE 




Pye dh 



Te Ne. Baia, Rey ° 

nd ® 

We. § 




Bear Sivs- 



i te 



droteow ts 

oe Dyosnay 



Belginn, Se 



a Peis 
pom Denatuan 

& Mates 




**: Ds “ 



ours ocrty trendy, 






| fy a (£90 

Wl& 1 
he ky — ey, 


Deans dw. | 
: ni Miner ory kitly i the ih aed Are fie 

Phe bhros el y jarrdl cn Bleaimy ov pata aliens ep Se 
pw f hy. Ap. date: 

J hase wntliw hu Moaditine a 
Rabe dng a ae: Lhah, the RAMEY i. hu ae, Aan 
wh at thy patie, i eherk cnrcrh biloren 

ayilie A fruwe 

£i he juste aardads the hoffe bade 
Hhune Aw OTs fA onk An angard, eae ey. 4 atouk 

parhrrchs J Ay anh eww FB be ver A) ea aly, Ahaha Ann 

Sasa — aes Minvaste te nefov 
impportcak thal HOU ac eidtem ay noes ad 
jlo Conitiy Otaad Orlarks; Ah with gave ae saa 

ve “es of Batt joi thes pane 

yar ars z Meera as 
eer = oreerner es ET SENT SET OS TRE herp spenenn one OTST aes TE aa 


Zan. 9, 18p0. 
Myrq w. Ne Burrows, 

.:) Broadway, New York. 

Deo Siri« Paar ; 

T. enclose horenith dosummts received this morning 
from &, Grosos, sail which | ap car to cover the engine and con- 
doiser shipped to Mr Rat son by Mopars Weyhor & Richamond, Pantin: 
Nr, vate hes pended me your later to him unier date Sth instant, 
refering to & shiprent of 4. enske of eylindere, via "LA GASGOGHE, * 

- ght Whieh there is dae m item of $12.48 tretahte. This mtter is 
in. the hands of Messrs. Ba&dwin Brothers & Ca.’, who are having 

': Gomidorable d4fNowlty in pa msing the so ‘aylinders through the 
Oust one If yqu haw any trouble in ob taining the engine &@ on 
leseon of thia freight bill, the best way to do would be to rem 
quest Messy. AeAdwin Brose & Coe to pay it, on Mr. Edison's 0/0; 
or ig they prefer we will pay it from here. In fact, we would 
jdo this nov, but I ao not wish to interfare with oe Messra, 

Baldwin may be do inge 

does mt eee os or 

files ail Sates tina 



a oar : 


8 ewes nit ne) oh 

| My dear: Barker, « : ; 
a a An answer te your lotter of Slat ultimo tas. 
| bem: peters omnes to aay abaencee Tt ie net: posszhie for mt - 
baa ‘the! ‘Diekson mtier a sartaasly, ms r Tave not the tine to 

a | do 003 at: a ‘Diskson thinks: he eouzt ae a better prices on tie 
7 | perty with whan: to. A: ‘out to negotiate ‘by usirg my rome as:n 
‘ responsive pureinser', a rave no ae Soa tien to his doing a0. th 
veoh ny . 
Profs, ‘core ‘Pe Bovker, os ; a4 yon 
ae $902" Lopust Street, 
‘SUTI~6, Poe ~ t 

iy Denp Krovsd, = 
oy. Tt eet your letter of: Janery Thy ‘ine Dap Brisk 
of mitipo lar mohines, nok knew why tee Weiner has. dendginea 

_ =the armature, as shown in the crusing. £00 nob dhink that you vant 
:, @nybhing - brite. wo oden . bub. waht: up in ploees ef kiln tredtea ash 

nes On 08Ke ‘The armature. thi, iT wade hated, and witkch: stood se moh 

,, Neaty 16 here now snd wabows no, asene ot my hhrtnkege: or goming 
., Looe wiatover,. Repwiths tending. thw teat tint 2% was very non 
sively heated, ‘owing te th en tede SH ‘shite Anstead of in 
wirty If you like Twill sid ohts awrtdtore a8 you bo that yeu 
em ‘fudge for yourself. prévume the eruntuté dick! on tie 
‘lve pint has only ons layer ‘of mire on ddy Just tho sie os 4h 
om in the model furndahoty th that canes I it pried site sia 
yon camo? do better then budjil tip the svnttire 02 pbed tn $0- 
ein warner thes the mba 38 Yustt ape Of Meath Ghd sn te Rupe 
dt plans by Cheapest | re nesteiren wel We the tee Of 109 vost 
tea} Deild ing ‘eighe wa The yeas Of tie whey thi! Stine phetieh Wing’ 
tare ws bons oath” iy st ye held any cel It vom C6 
whe titctodly « cas deans gt WHEN 
msn os sini il vit Yore get Suit Aled 


hyo yeuld sot & typ 


* Yidh gon Madetie: Wonbind 

“Soh Krewsd, Eade) 

other stylas pf sachizg, I ym be 

mG a3 Seon Bs poapidla, 







aarinbel atte Ye 


—-_— mm <« 

Be Be » Men, Fahey ; 
17 Lamdener Aoat, Holland, Bek, 
~-LORLOD, Wee aadonde 


Demy Birte wh. = 


mn refermeg to your Ie tear nt we 20th withing to 

Mee Bat oon, x beg to tutor jor that ft won He ava e ‘ante t tite . 
Hoge S38. of your somite at Len of hie del re a | eal of vie theo 
gashdead Beoletye 

: ‘ae wot! ne 1%: wore 


OY deme Str Join = 

- an very mmo cbligen for Your deter of 24th 
pitino, cholo ang Prospemyye of Re Nw Penland Petrolowum ana iret 
| Bynddoate the The titanitrrvns! ane whieh yea have ordered Pekin 
‘$6 m rata’ ‘ew ee, fas cd Yen weriveay bea che re, 

ee a 

wale you WAL Dd Oonadaien al ile ‘edo : 


1 Semen gee RN A a _ 

vans f 2, 1800, 

Compagnia Cantimpntale EQi ain, 
Purds, 2rmaq 

Der Bite | 
aes wa to advise you: ‘that We Genion te contig ork 
ef ‘the, Italsan Patents ‘referred to an your cotqenrioas ich pate 
dite. atte teyeabsr 3880, analy, ‘Bet Uy Dysinew. WAL you 
kitdhy seo that tatever toon hes | byte oop tne wpa thle patie in 

‘Telly, ard PaLey sent ee wid peusbutes 7 re ries ort ning they it 
oxpalrdad tor this utp aes 




sen SGN AE NS 

tH wbteoti re abtond 66, tee Lah : 

wm, 9, 1890, 

Major 8. 3B. Baton, es 
120 Beek cnar, New York City. 

Deke Sint 
I beg to aeknéwledge; receint,.of your, letter of: 7th: 

instant, advising m that, on behalf of the Edjson Electric Light 
Compan y you considered it desirable te contime ‘Ttal ian patent ; 
Set 11, Dynmos,. 1 ‘have, copmundeat od your wishos to; the Cie, | : 
Continntale pnaiwons os 

ee aR 

Yours pana a A 
THE wwrson RLEOTRIC sagt, my 


a WE get? ee 

ae eee thLEK Me Se. 
iy Pb Mtr qaw Ope f oop : 
Soty, bane Ariane (Ottlaoe | : 
CM da»), eV pad AW-4- ke oe : - 
a wetk OnrreRr ; 
Mer ents Sour | 
aberrant, ad utieme , tee 
Ve 6 Aorttor Ag Awe Lv wae fi 
Ceegtir on ot ah L 
A pew he ey FD pe 
of Kt ee CaeK% ofan rn 



ss ee — 
a Bolt namie oe his sancti 
See geno lige 
ae és ioe 
eo one | 
ped laste ty _tens 


act, Mea 6 

Tans 10, 1890, 
ve Yo Me Hurrowa, 
«/o Mo Frank Wight, 
L7 William Ste, New York, 

Dery Sirse ° 


ay enolase herewith a a kd set of ths correspon 
dente relating to my purchase ofa Triple. ‘Expansion Aneen and 
Condenser from Messrs. Morne: & Richemond, of Pentineg ee 

(13 on the Loth of October last I cabled Messrs. We & Ros’ 
asking how soon the y age deliver & 300 he pe. triple expansion 
engine ob Hawre for shipment to ‘Ame rion. (2) On the amie day they 
rep Wed (orgginal copy of, their. cablegram anoloaed herewith ) ate 

PRry Chat they oould make delivery by. end of November at Havre, 

_ and tint the cont of tJ eygima would ‘be forty-five thousand francs 

oe conteneer sight thousand francs. (3), on thes 4th November I 

envied the se gent Jemen ann ert ag. their proposition ma requesting 
thei to ara it formal. order by amit. (4), On the, Sth November 

thes ears: letter bo ne aniesioe cd-gine receipt: “of. this last 

ceblearam, Sod tian ontietntt of whieh I enclose, togetier with a 

bran slap daw ak dhe ashes toh tn (mn November lat, I addressed ee 
iter to “pba were w Ri fiinona (copy enclose perertth ), 


n, formi order for the engine and condenser, ami in 

giving + ram 
strvetdona regarding the iv shipmnt-e. 

holo tranguetien between myself? and 
\ 7 : 

Yonge, Wevner & Richemend, ani T 

Whie expluins tho # 
trust will be sufficiert for 

yori pur pn E@e 

Yours very truly, 

Jan. 10, 1890 
Mo We Ho Burrows, | . | : 
o/o Wire Frank Wight, - 2-4 Pees . , 

17 William Sto, New York, a“? it a 

Dear Sirse 

I e nolo Be herewith my check No, 2529, tonday "es Wate, 

to the rdee of Ad Yorat, Agont for ‘$e00.52, to caver the ancurg. 

of freight due the Compagnie Generale Transatlantique for trange 

portat. ion from Havre of a triple expansion ‘engine and condenser, - o. 5 

in accordance with tho bills of the Ota, Generale Transatiatique, 

Yours vary truly, 

3 @ , ; ; me 
hit a Aah eR 

sae nrteee ] 


et! apenas i kata 

Jane 10, 1890. 

George Fe Kunz, Eaqe, 
402 Garden Street, 

Hoboken, Ny Je 

Dear girte 
Mire Raison asks me to say in reply te your letter 
received this jrorning that, he will be glad to see you at the 
iis benbslly Sunday efter NEXtiy 10th instante | 


Jane 10, 1890. 

iy dens Mr, Dyer, o 

X have. juzt received yow etter of Sth inst., 
in regard to Me Bravourt'a visit. to the Leboratory, and I wilt. 

acvieo Mrs Ed} xt as you wequeste 

Yours very truly, 

te he Dour, Mages 

a4 Well Stay Now York. 


haw 0" 1470 

sr PEnk 
wMbours Pornacees 
coer fi <a 
ne fAr a ee Ve eae MS ont 
AR as WY AAW leg & tw 6G 00. to. 

ie COA naar Aarcfy amauk ar 
AAX Pee & 

and guw jaw ub a bllee 

bteew DO rey Morgan “tg Gr 

7 “a 23 hy 
a the boaliairets 
2 Aarr % sass acknowtds pecefh and cai as 

Vou te 

Panas@. Chen 

In BA é } sie wothage 
" a7; 

ane Las ate chenecha coe 

pee v ih ‘ 
baad bya. hf Cy es rs ay st onys 
25% Pca ed jab fun A. De. Leva 
. Phu Kaason J aenh this Cith s0, that, wher there 
pe ay a came how Jacket hw Patehelon 4 Lamas 
ae feat and te tol me Le fool, 
om debuusefidtys aud bbteds 4 oe 

\ Toriipe 4. Ty Td hon. Ul pohe 4 Pigs aw 
and tw bth “hss Ahi, bre hare Lovo 
\ rans ant! nn. BAN Me Lamonw and hw b. A 
: Vaad yi aye ase Leh ane dnow whah AAraa, the 
| neues fe Tfundte foo have aafr 

a Law ant acta hndvinns glk , 
and con (Pye peer Ath, ane raza | F ey 

Sue ot 

ha ganda Ho Grated. ou 

Oran dan, range 

Citra Ahonen 7 

7 | Itit 136A Lhauw | 
Please cameh he abwe serkialie tinct 

anh ob 9 

jew ae ges 

dt. y - ne ” ies banturtl,, the, fott . ’ é 
4 vel ee Lhe, Clear Phmografeh, brake a . 
he. 9. a nsqs Lhgrs | 
ra or i> Fi 
” le 4 ig 
i es “fh 6%! 
aon ° 16% w 
| o lf - of. “at 5 
' i 2h 4 FA Geo “» 
i ue L5 u 49, 4oo « 
i “ af. FI, SPY ” 
| ” 2 oa 2Q. SES ” 
| a 32. 2a./Sa ‘a 
| : a, 33 + fae ISO : ” 
e396 G.7/ « 
| u 89. 4, hy, : « 
* 4/0 - 6, é “ 
fe Co oe , UA ” 
". Se 194, 70 yi 
,  * 46~ ees, Cia ee - 
4 49 ~ 20. Pas “ 
con * wo - (2. 7bun  « 
Fs ” ok eee gre ” 
” St -. bs 2 4% 
7 | ’ 5. £9. ‘eer is 
| og Ff oS. 060 ” 
| ow . 64. 16.792 4 
lw c = ‘40.290. w 
; ow Ss - IOs q 
ee ee Gah 
fon. be ZR 
4 wz - 38. 59 sf * 

oma. fire, 
‘a art 

Letterbook, LB-036 

This letterbook covers the period January 1890. Most of the 
correspondence is by Edison and Alfred O. Tate. Included are letters relating 
to the manufacture of the phonograph and talking doll and the marketing of 
phonographs in Japan and China. There is also correspondence regarding 
electric lighting, ore milling, and the purchase of mining properties. Other 
letters pertain to Edison’s receipt of the Volta Medal and to the fire that 
destroyed the first Pearl Street central station. A list of stockholders of the 
Edison Phonograph Works appears on page 47. The front cover is labeled 
"General Letter Book T. A. Edison Indexed." The book contains 501 
numbered pages and an index. Approximately 50 percent of the book has 
been filmed. 

y, 4s 

* Jens 11, 1890. 

George Fe Kunz, Faqe, | 
402 Garden Street, 

: Hoboken, ‘Ne Je 

Dear Sirge 

With reference to the ¢nclosed letter, Mre Edison 
ig not interested in the pavenint mntioned by Mre Habershame 

AlL of the Edison wires are laid in iron pipes 

Yours truly, 

Private Gaofetarys 


jp oe 7 

iy sinner 
Wears divi 

urbrch bw Ee Oni, ee lai eh odie CD 
Dsedu Luk my, ee thear aw heal wf 

a a As “ <9 the 

Jeane 13, 1890. 

Messrde Sonnenberg & Coe, 

12 White St., New York city. 

Dear Sirsi~ 

I end you by bearer one mondrel, the diameter of 

which I want sone rubber tubing that. shall have been left to cool 

en this, 80, that the inside diameter is exacts I also send youia 

sample ring, the outside dimmater of which is the exent size I 

want, so your tubing mst be 1/32 larger, 20 ‘that I can take Ure 

cut offs Please mke me up about 50 tubes of rubber for this of 

your regular 55 cent quality, so that I can conmence to turn these 

rings out imnédi ately myself, In a day o9 tw I maa furnish you ' 

with 3 or 4 more mandrels, and then I should like you tk give me 

samples of tubing of a mach cheaper. quality, sach es t talked abeus 

with your Manager on ‘Saturday morning last. TI enenls alae Like 

from you om estinte for thse rings made by the fame, process that 

you generelly rane moeues ne goods, | in lets of 5 or bss ete In 

thia case I should Like them to oome ‘out of the moald entirely 

finished, so that I wil. me nothing at all to do with theme The 

Saat that they will be. hollow vill not hurt them, but I should like 

the est inate for both solid and hollow. 

I flso Bond you mamplen of 6 1/2 thoupanathe sheet rubbers - 
both of them are of the sane thickness, but the gnailer one is 
much the more flexible of the MSs Can you give ne a price on 
this in sonsiderable quantities, ‘aay in lots of 4 or 5,000 square 
feet ab a time? . | 

Please let m Imow by bearer how soon you can furnish us with 

a fev of the first tubes nontiomd in this letters 

Yours vory truly, i 

‘Jan. 13, 1800 

Samel Insull, Eaqe, 
44 Wall St., New York Gity. . 

*: Dew Siri» 
At Yr, Edison's request I send yeu herewith a new 
" gatnple pocket, whieh is meh gimplier and ene Ley than tho model 
furmished by yourself, Mr e Baigon thinks that the insulation 
betwen the screw and the bheil might be mide a little thicker, 
Bo a8 to ren. it safer against ground cevmections. 
I also send you a sketch showing varidus designs of shells 

awinttch might be used for aitteront styles. of ofmridelier se Your : £ 

Fretch dhsiimer, however, my we ashe to inprove upon tlites 

Yours truly, fs 
v ERK Bote Ue adi ae) 
4 MUG 



Im, 18, 1890. 
 Mougrse Patrick & Carter, 
124 South era Strevt, 

Philadolphia, Pas 

pear Sirste 

Tf my memory serves mB correctly, you mnufactured 

for me in June.1878, a number of telephones, I would like to ob= 

tain from you, if you ot 422 possess it, the old modél from wh ich 

tiene were constructed, together with any data tt you can give | 
me relating to the timo of tho reception of my‘order am the do= 

livery of the instrummts to myself. Iwill be indebted for a 

carly roolye . 

Yours tmly, ca 


cee ia aca cm ett eset ininctanbie natn diane a nme 

7 Mire Samol Inmall, 
\ 44 Vaid Street, 



New York City. 

Pray §irte 

E enclose herewith certificate No, 73 of the Edison 

Phonogreph Works, for 1560 sheres of stook of tint Company ‘in 

‘te nany of Thomas Ae Edisone This represents the aggregate of 

stock issued at various t ims to Mry Fai on unier his agreomet 

with the Phonograph Works , and depitéeidaté the total mmber of 

‘phaurgs te which ho is entitled under said agreomont. Of this 

numbey, sex is to be transferred to tne Mexeant 110 Trust Companys 

SOS ESS ecient 

When.I rocefve this certifdeate back from you tf will Teve it can 

solled, and two new certifiontes, one to Mre Edi@n ami om to 

sergantile Trust Ode, issued in its. plabe, I ike te ‘trans fer 

in +a way so that the me tee oan be easily #rac'ed in -our der: 
grec . 
ti Pig abe Book, ani in oun Ledger « : : 

Your/s very Ui bys; ; . a 
pitta, , 

lear eee 


OTT ay cre rretaretche A, syne 

ge tt eg arene aI 

Jan. 135, 1890. 

As Be Dick Gov, 
482 — 154 Lake ptreot, 
: Chicago, Ths. 
Dear Sirate : . . 
| 3 encione herewith Meense agreement, in duplicate, 
nter dnte Slst day of December, 1889, between Thomas Re Edison 
eet tt A. Be Dick Company, author izing tip latter to rmamifac ture 
eit "te. Jdconse others to manvifacture within the United States fer, 
export, we and consumption in foreign éountries, apparatus for 
” Preparing autographio atenoiis for printing #6., covered by Let~ 
| Shes Paton’: Noe 224,065, for apd during the term ‘of the said 
_ bettere Patent. ‘These ‘Rereomenté eiv’ deen oxeaxted by Mr. Ediw 
sow, arti When they fave pepn ‘exeouted ty Yourselves, kinily vo tints 
‘ta one copy for dm filets | 


f : eet aoe ied 
. anti g | 
ad, AGF Cale ey 

' 1 . 
zi ck  JmMe 1B, 1890. 
Ug or Se Be Fat on, 
mab : 
‘ : 120 Broadway, Now York. 
Dew Sirt ; 
{ , : 
| Reforring to the attached lettor from Mr. Lippincott, 

hex I tolographed you-to oxtend Mr. Lippimottts note until April 

Ist,iL meant to imolude the stock option as well. Kindly make 

thislotens ion, and oblige 

ener” Re 
Yours truly, ; ; 


Ab nares Gee BMnd on 

nts pecerenecee penetra 

Jm, 13, 1800. 

Jesse I, DLippineo tt, Haq ., 
160 Broadway, Now York. 

‘Mr. Ydieon has received your letter of llth inst., 

md i emlose herentth letter to Major Heaton, instrmecting him to 

' extend prerything to April lst, which will cover the stock option 

to With yon reer, 

In ward to Olovor Club dimer, Mre Rdison has forwarded a 

letter of regret as suggested. 


Yours very ig 

Priyate Se Seok a, 


@ We Be 



Went Raidolph Street, 


_Qhieago, Ils. 


herevith chesk to your order for $465.25, covering asscssmant on 

Kindly acknowledge receipt, ani oblige 

Ve Le Co Ce stock. 


Yours truly, 

relate irae nia ci aie Se savas nated dala, 

Jen, 14, 18:90, 

Semel Insuil, Req ory 

44 Yall 8t., New York City, 

Dear Sirs 


I have a bill for expenses and services of Mr, Ce Je 
Field in connec tion with the Miegers Falls matter, amounting to 
$141.70, which ‘is turgrbie, I prosum, againet the Syndtoate, 
4. but which Mr, Edison swagested: I tent on the Edison Gen*l, 
Blectric Coe, ard nv them, collect from the Syniieate., As I & 
mot know the re lations between this Syniicate ani the Edison Gen'l. 
| Eloctric Company, I wish you would advise me if mach ection would 
be soeenels : | 

Yours truly,. 
Vi [ee gs 


“See va 3 
Private Seore tarys 

Jen, 14, 1890, 

Frioand Pit y= 

. Mr, Edien received your. letter of 8ti 
iiutent, ani hes epkdd m to trite and inform you that Miss Marion 

han almost rendverdtt five far illness. A cablegram which we rec'd, 

this mm, states that she will be able to be moved within three 

week 8». 
With kimiegt rq gardé to yoursclf ond Mrs, Edison. 

Lam, yours very truly, I, 
. £ 

; ME LP ryensr 
Eee a 


Privatd Secre tits 

Mie We Pe Edison, Fs 
Norwalk, Ohios . 

Jim. 14, 1890. 
3amel Inqll, Esq, 

44 Wall Street, 

Now York City. 

Year Sirte 

I beg to advise you that.I sent te Edison Gen'le 

oe proxy, whic sas duly signed by Mre Edison, to Mre Villord, 
in accordance with your request. 
Yours thay 4 
“Wy hye 
OY YH vi Pa Sie, — 
~~ - | 

Private Secretary, - 

Jang Mu, 2880 

Messrs, Drexel, Morgan & Co., 

New York City. 

Dear Sirsie | 
; wi1 you kindly instruct yaw oorrespondonts in 
Berlin by letter to pay Nessrs. Siemens & Haloke, the sum of 
£7500 Marks, amount advanced by these gentlomen to ny agent, Mr, 

Ae Theos Bs Valgumnn, ard charge the same to ny account. 

Yours vory ttuly, 

eae CL a ee 

Jam, 14, 1890. 

HO mar Be Sienens & Halske, 

Ber lin, Germny. 

Noe Sirst= 
, I bog to aoknowledge receipt of your letter, advising 
me that you Invo nade the following paynents to my agent, Hre As . 
Theoe Ee Wangemannt 
Ostober 18, 1880, 2,000 Marks 
December 10, 1889, 2,500 Marke, 

I havo requested Nessrs, Drexcl, Horgan & Co, to refuni 
these anounte to you throwh their agents in Berlin, Thahking 

you for yaur Aininess 


Iam, yours very ‘truly, 

Jari 14,1890, 

Tdoyd Bryco, Begs, Editor, 
*"The North American Review, 

New York Citys 

Dear Sirse : . 
I have read the enolosed copy of “Regulations for the 
protection of the publie safety and of eleetric iinos and works | 

of the Postmaster General, and of other else tric lines end vorks, 
presortved by the Board of Trade wiitor tho arousal Onn ob the Elec» 
tris Lighting Act, 1888," and fini tint they would be ontirely , 
inapplicable to electris lighting lightdve in Anerion, for the 
“Kenabn gonerstly that the y have beoh. formated in a aounkey whic h 
jo fea’ tehivd us ih tho practical devolopment of tim art; amidst 
aarrounlings which failed to furnish ths ‘axthors with om oppore 

trindty to becom thmiliny with thd réswite of pidetiee; in consee 
\eeree of which the protagtion tietlos with ert ois that thd 
aubhiotities whore duty lt ds “s vnYtitoe phdad shilon 4112 fina st 
not dhly teseabie mut, smvenndtly to wire if tine dna expoetian 

Aiselbet then. 

fur seb neikarseeie LOLA po: ageetaan AR AMG isles 

as you have reqvested, nor do Y think that duch & discussion would 
be of intertat to readers fmilier with the business of eled trio 
Aightatg in this vountry, any one of whom will at a glance detest 
the ‘weaknesses in tho Regulations of the English Board. 

A set ofrmiles fonmiated in the United States, ani based 
Won m wperiarce whieh énbraces the very highost development of 
th art would be app Wscnbie to eleatric Light ing in Englona or thy 
other susmer ae the world, but we have adivarcod Bo far ahead of 
our trientls across the water that eny effort of tipirs to furnish 

rales for us to foklow is like an attempt of the rear guard of an 

arty ‘to-direst the movement ofits scouts. 

_ Your very “traly,’ 

os a — 
re A uae Eat a 

List of Stockholders of tho Kdison Phonograph torka , 

Ohas.. Batchelor, Edi son Jab oratory, Orange, Ne Je: 58 = Shores, 
Aw Oa Tato ,. Edi son Lab oratory , Orange, Ne Je 6 ] 
; Senael Inenll, #44 Wall Ste, New York City. 5 2 

Rei be Cutting, Jrey $19 WiLiag Ste, New York City eDayee, 


Re be. Cutting, Ire, Trustee, #19 William Ste, New York s100: 


Thomas Aw Edison, Org, Now Jersey. 1, 90150 ‘ 

Mrg,. Thomas Ae. Edison, Orange, New Jer sy f 3O0 sed 

War wes se 

He- Bes Aughrinoloss, Reqs, Lewoll yar Park, Ne 34 250 » 

3,000 Sharans, 

lag winnaar huey 

Jang U4, 1890. 

8S Se Riteh ie, EBRQ e9 

Akron, Ohio, ' 

Dear Sirte 


rg Editon asks mo to advise you that he ns a amft 

‘of the proposed unlerstanding ready, ani in thinks that you nd 

better Inve Mr, Allion com onto th dboratory and work th 

matter up, so os to gt the contract in shapes 

Yours truly, - 

en a me 

a ae 1A bp Se 
‘ ra) 

. a, 

Pee asaya 

Private Secretar Ye 


Mre A. Thoog Ee Wangemann, | 
o/o Meesrs, Siencns & Hnlake, 

Berlin, Germany. 

Dear Birte= 


Mre Edison. dev ires you to return to the Leboratory 

imo diatolLys. 

_ Yours truly, - 

gb aie 

Priveto Seoretarye 

| Jere 14, 1800, 

Messre, Boll & Wigger, . 
* Barristers &0,, 
Belleville, Ontario, Camda , 

Dear Sirsi~= r) 

I haw received your letter of 10th instant in regard 

to the property at Momora known as the Consolidated Gold Mines, 

snd with respect to which ‘Mre Edison had a conversation with your 

Mra Bell in Torontos. The former desires mo to say that te would 

iike to by advised when an opportunity 4s presented to bid in the 

bondse Tho property owned by the Consolidated people is not 

lew gm etiough fo make it worth Mr. Réison's while to purchase, un- 

leas tw can also obtein all the other propertied, With the names 

| OF which Mrs Bell is familar. When we left Toronto, I beliew 

4% was unierstood that Mre Bell would enter into regotd ations with 

Mr@ Cookes Mre Edison's iden is to nw all theso onttots carried 

along togother, 0 tmt te my acquire all the propéertioa, unier 
wyiol eomiitiens only could he afford to opén the Yojinsy 

Yours very truly, 

3 ig 
2 < 

Jane 14, 1800. 

National Iron Works, 

18 Cortlandt St., New York Oity. 

. Dear Sirste 

Replying to your letter of th instant to Mre 
Batchelor, Please ship th mit. ty Pohmaylvanin Ry Re, to Nevark, 

od cur wagon will gt it at tha a huerket Ste Station, ond brig st 
to Oranges 

Rng 14, 1890, 

' Cansdian Comper Coe, 

Derr [oer 

* % | have. + owdny 70 ceived the following telegran from 

Snlibury , Ontartot= "tar matto shiped, bill of Bee: eer from 

Clev Ging haw asked thom wire you cop lami ion,” ‘It is not manee 

sary fof you to forward my explamtion, as I already wniders tand 
the matters 


we ae. 1E9G 

Cis ant L ak. on al, 1 Pure & 

Auvark of, } 
LO tinh don | | 
i bee be LAA, of erk, aaa Aenearit k, phat . 

= f 79 36. ob f 

Y Xv ty Mera ft Ae @ es te roy ere che, any 
Se ; han tea. Ki. € thaws 


By F 

geome BE eats eR cae haa Seg 

Jane. 14, 1890, 

More MacGruthar ,= 

‘Dear Sirte 

a It scons that there ims’ been 

sem up to Spencer Trask, ot Saratoga, a phonograph, which ono -of 

his Monagers has frequently told m, has mver been put in order — 

from the bogimings I haw just received from Mr.. Skehan tie en= 

‘closed Jotter, which 1s & copy of one from Bishop Doane to Mr, 

Peabody, o ihienl of Traske. I wigh mhen you are next in New 

‘York you would’ call Mr, Tdypimott 's attention to this, so ‘tint 

ithese peopls could be put in conmunis ation with som one who vould 

‘slow men how ee. work the instrument Properly. I hare to return 

iin copy of letter pent horevwi tth, and after you lave seon Mry 

‘Lippimott, kindly send it back to Ke 

- Yours truly, 

Pan, 15,, 1890. 


Ny Dear Inaul).,- 
iT dp not now tint I haw & thoruh unter 

stenting ‘of the Mexican pasdiness,. as I only sae one ‘era of ews 
the ds, tho debat tia -comery: ‘gts Therefore, if. ay dupepsptons, 

‘are’ erroneous, ‘I’ “give'"yon an’ opportimity to. correst., them by, ane 

chosing (1) letter trois 3. Mj!-Cobal low: & oe ito:- Mire: BAL Monts . unter 

date Wth instert, toe whish is attached sopy of a: cormunisat ion 
froth Te’ Be oitie’ry to 'ddté Geuremd;..(2) Letter ntrem, Mey BA ono 
To He Ceballos 8000; (3) Letter fiometry:, Radeon: $0. Bole Ggarnnde 
Ef None '2 BF do not’ aizyareta the: eews;which Airs -Waj gon shouts 
hold, yaa: cat suppress ‘ghem, If they are ali right, kindly lew 
them mailed. — a aia enrenere are onclostde: 
“You very truly, or. 

privet a saeseye 

te: he Debi bose &. A 2 Oe in we 

FLOM AE ne. sel ty y be aad By aut ae tat 

Some. inst, ‘eqs’ ae es fe 
Mt Tall Sto, for York Bove 

va, 15,. 18 90, 

Mesarae Je My Veballos & 06, 
#80 Wall Strect, New York ity. 

Desr Siras~ . 
I bog to acknowledge rood pt of you letter of 13th 
instent, endoalng sopy.of a conrmunication addreasal to Gol, ONG0: 
.Be Gourayl by Mr, Thomas ‘i, Comery, and statim-that there see. 
. eertain featuron of the Mexican businoss en whic yor desire. to 
have Tw. personal opinion. 

In order’ to explain the reason why I haw not tastenod an 
interview botwem your Hr, Coballos, Mr. Connery and myself, I 
fesire to say that I placal tho active e ontrol sng foreign bus 
ai ness in. tho hends of Col, Gourd, as ny agnt, ard as he - came : 
te Anerica thortly before you mids your first request, for an Ante r= 
view, I sonsiderad 1¢ desirable “that mtters of bual ness dotat 2 

mould be discussed with him, 4n parmence of whieh ho was duly 

afvisol of your wishes from ¢ ime to tims, to whigh-2 bolieaved .e 

vas giving attentions There 4s no lack of desire won ty part to 

sant et yon in every posstile way; but 1b is desird@lo in doy this | 

“Wem J ehoydt move in cheers with Cole dourmd; that he ahold be 

mare of WL points iter didcueMon aft be dikthian ofpbrtinity 

Jo Ne Op & Co, : 

Temag 1551806 ' 

to erpros se his opinion upon any matters thet require Basu stent 
wider. the provisions of your contract, 

I tea written Col, dou- 
yawl with respect to these matters, md will communion te with ‘you’ 
farther when I hoar from him. 

' , 

tea eg Pata ree aos 

Yours vory truly, 

o e 
nes ie wy ? 
, sie) ‘5 it 

Ba Pg ee hs Bp AEG) 8, if 
hang Pe wae: Boh cg ND gh : 
. wey ae ue neta? wh! pe pe 
[ we Mette , 
See ea apes cas Sales tie Ry se TR 
Bo Oe gee ree et 
ge pe Peoe : ‘ 
. . ao Rep yma. gh La 
: i‘ he e 
; Cnn. 


“Jane 15, 1890, 


Cole Geos Ee touraui, 

7% Maiiaon Aves, Now York Oity. 

Dear Sirs 

a ir, Ceballou det forwatdel m © copy of Mr. Oormery’s 

. letter addressed to youreert, umier do Lith instant, in which 

F the «Letter complain of year anh f tntorost in tho Nextoan Phono- 

SE en ct tn cst NB A 6 E z a F A . 
ra Te ‘ 
= testannge ede os ry fa a 

graph business. Tamm vatgh at 0 lode ao ure Connery to eonpre~ 

hond your statemom to ¢he off eat that ya te not knew at presait 

: | hew the *metter stends.’ You mve Ind ample tno 11181 6 to fa 
| milierine yourself with tho details ofthis busimes, ani as it in 
of groat. importance, no not only 26 Mrs ig caine atl his tr ond, but 
to you ani vyself; in carrying owt an anor” fai th agrronette inte 
thich we have entered, that tlic miter dhenld whelwe tumeciote — 

aa attention, I must ask you to tke steps G4 ‘wake te poh soumedels 
ina wy thet will emblo you to dead with shese Sorplereem aa tiny 

@ are entitled to te dealt with. Ido not sme to bp forced tes Fis. 
position of being a party to the neglect, sense Maa. deneb ics 

mid Mre Comicry £0 justly complains 

Yours Mealy, 

Sate 15, 1800 

Cole Woorgs be dont ad, 
14 Madi mn pres; New York Noleys 


Hy Tear Birt 
dn the antl of arch rere" ae . ha: ‘Adams, took 

| ae (eo ne = 
; over te yeu a , muiber of carbon tol qhone ae “You wi dowwtiesn 
anette t hose ola ‘ince rements, which ma to ear - piso0a, orm on 

each nine, something nimi lar to tho spokane anne wich wo ‘nor 

use in domeation with the phonegrophe coun you pe io in ue 
way of gottins, or obtain for on) your self, ors of these old teetree 
mentee Rinily: los me hear from yar as  omrly os pose ible, an” 


fe ihtae he Le a a ip A Sy cp de ae es 
Yours truly, uv od erode 
| . > an aN Laat eae ah 

eA es : Beara | wn? pyar 

sap oon Ry 

: q | for If | 
&§ C 

od A. Ps, he + eg 3 

“Com C at Ont. 4, 

C lear ta- hte "y Av of 

reneateitapirrtmaebsiel 7 

| i; aan 
Ayden tT pe beige anrnld 
Le wa Ke ~ fom An we. AA. MM 2, Ain” RA | 
a Cae ‘a te Aa: AL Ane som ion 
te ee hs & et R Ae oe 
Cernreys seca eth e LOA ae Leth, 
A» al h. Oa. a ADA | tt Cn af fda te; 
be YU “J Ke pr hate , SKA f fr" 
Oe bhee ys 90 Arethy nan fer 
aan 2 aes BD ng. ane fa rt - gla, , i 
bh at Pr Ai rk wals watreds gt 

| eet 4 LOK AG atv the Ars 


(Fogews f 

, hot Opsst> tt. AAA fA fite we 
AML fy. AM. bk. io ge ae iat 


hw An. fi fired GAA PAs. puens ff) ents 

A pA CRA. LE hen a C4 ae 
: seas aA a ah 

fog o ese es 

ad eatin 

w= Goat 

wk Carel aeeneee ee 

ae AAAL eee 

- e onan cl a 

Mowars,s Patrick & Carter, 
14 Soe 2M Strect, 
Philodelphia, Pas 

"Dom Sirate 
I am very mich obliged for you letter of Uth inst. 
What I dosire to know particularly, 4s when you made m the firat 
ghipment of toleplonos, which was doulltiens gore prior to July 10, 
1878. “XY fini from shy records iit ‘din tho Loth of Jure, I toler 
grephod you to the effect that tolopilom models wore ready, daking 
you to como over nnd got tlome Wart you kintly adviso m, a8 yoo 
protably cam, bY roferrd ng 0 yair wirk book, whon any portion of 

this order for 265 tol mphom 8 wad MYished, together vith the date 

of first shipment, 23 request oq nb OY Ge 

"Youre sry, 
mai Mas tf fear 

wl. de eee 

ye | ev a “fy 
ing crt Bee 
se (Gi 

| ae ae Ve Coa lappa fe. 
Uo: [2 Off the Crd oer. (Phaoara” LS Kay 
a Sd b Y Cha At St tie fhe fare 
of Hk i MAA 9 Le ee cla 2 Daa P AAA D f 
EE “A OLae vy) (a4 Arar. 
pe dae CR eek Wa Gee LT anti 
ACKAW ie oars Oe Kix fo ee 

Aa id ty asia 
“7 , 4 
Tt hii ae fa f An Atha on 7 (7 we Sh. ANF D 

ie feaca aA be LG ies f as dG 2p jo 4 

. ros a at Lis fiasac AA. T ; fy pan ee 
PRs oO ca Uy Parr 9 jo Ai: i Sin 
es | bie ie ag hes as 

aa a 

ge Go 

AG ye pee bn Ate LB G / eal 
: gf fe 4 ey . 
es oy He iL. : ; ; 

ayn g 

Jan. 16, 1890. 

ENS Bafon & Tos 5) 



Bs Passatuay, ijew York Citys 

Re sed ng to the enclosed Certificate of payment. of 

at, D4ork of th Bai son Phonograph Yorks, will you kindly ade 

wane vrooal dt ia rmeaoseary to toke tho acknowledgement of a me 


2 au as the frusteode We have been unable to get Mry Edison, 

“pry GWAR. uni Nr. Batcholor together, bub if a mjority is roe 

ovined, my vam can be imeted, ani I will Inve tho second page 

re-written end oxecuteds I will hold th otisr copy of tip cer= 

tivisute until I hear from you. 

Yours truly, . . 

Mere Shovan Butler, 

te Vind Street, New Yates 

Dea ne Birgs 

Resemiin to yom letter oF ot inetant In’ Rigen 0 
Ooxtnt cantragts whieh Wore formed i oe 0 you to aw the’ ‘eal or 
tho Ne de 6 Pee doinitaees ing ‘Works - attnolied, “a ‘whl,’ of: aout 
in ne QuBear y for you ‘to Appoar as “ths attest ing ‘d-tiess, au Hd ‘ore 
clea Quake -ptblew this, ‘hovover, | ean tp done’ afta “Ning Rat asia 
erknsvinigoamt is tien before’ a GoniLbsioniin, 16 Sula not “trike 
his no knaringgemait what Hires attaching ‘the’ seal ‘or ‘tiie “Some 

pace You. can mi sike ie ‘attestation at any cohveriiont. “este” ‘itor 


Yours truly. 

ee cal 

Jon, 16, 1800, 

Mess tbe ‘Dyer. & sacl, 


40/Wala street, New: York city. 

Dorm Sirsge 

yp believe tint Mre Edi on thas made app lication for ‘a8 

Akent on the dosien of the Lalande battery will ‘you ‘kindly. BS 

Give KO th date. of this opp Monti ons Lh. Presume At wilt ‘be 

yropox Lor us to g tarp th date of tal mde" 8 pat ont ‘ani the date 

of Mve Fai ants app Ie atin on tine cells? -Is theo. any Wann, 

vhy we sharld nog. Al 90. temp | upon. tom | th nanos: of both Réd-con 

coud Lel shade mi Te 7 ; LT ass ey tae . 

a” { , ? SS at, atlas. 03, o 
Ue MP ee : 
; a ee 
H , 

| Jere 1, WH, 

|. : Seba are : 
i : 8 

Profe Ayrtonst. ee ee 

oe a7: t. ‘Soore tary. thn, ings ae ot Blot fool 3 Bnginoees, z 

~ Fables: re wy nel oH 

Ft gy the, ‘senotuarts Wastninater , onion, yaglond. 

My Dear: Sirse ‘ 
wid ‘you sada Kandy send 7 all’ “Literabuie and 

Priv : 
prsow Liste “available in yegera. ‘to ‘Tolpherages, ‘boge ther wit'll the 

who nuke, ‘geld and creet ¢hem, ant oor 

ndadross. of ‘the partica 

E obléigs 

Boor ma : 
% 4 ie ater J os 
Yoa's Wty truly, . 
: : Jay dt, devo 
ra Greys epee ty 
of verar des 4. ra es 


mah Pas sore 

Dew Sirst~ 

cement sop ee ON I ss erat” 

Jang’ 16, 1890 

Natiom1 Iron Works, 

New Brunswitk, Ne J» 



t beg to confirm the followilrme telogram sent you to= 

“Where is‘omw ‘mehineg? We want it badly. ; 



Jan, 16, 1890, 

Hens We & Se Mel lory, sie ae 
” Mogt Rendplpy ate ep 
Bate baeeui 

Deer Sirtw 
Referving to your Wiley unérdats Noventer 2obh dam, 
in whieh you stnto tia, you fownded $0 lire tra Milter Btook - 
oort.t LTenven for four sharemy covortrg Mrs ‘Fidl son’ romittances 
may in. Jum ant Novanber, I tog %e intern you tit shea oor't tte 
cates haw now tion recetved in this of fice, ard that 2 Inv we 
aay written ite» ‘Miller, asking him is they aro “stilk in his honds. 

Yours truly, 

Jane 1G, 2006 

Ime. Millgr, Eaqeys 
A § ae. Ohio e 

Dear Sitrge 

On the 20th Uowawben last My We So salle nttYdanet 
& lettor to Mrs Raleon, atat ing that he sont yor shook qushitt egtdy 
for four shores of atock of the $Adqon 12th. Joneeyyret ig Comanay 
which go. were to algnani forward to Ure Rains haw nih 
recived tina carti Mdskon in tins oh Li Ge, ana wi eh you woul 
kindly >ivies. m= if tley are st {iL Sy your Iondse 

Youra Sruly, oo B 

120 Bynalway, fea 
New York 

My, Snfora you that my sdual ~ 

| daggint comanstre ayit on aD these 'patonta, 

Yours truly, 5 

; Divi» Boavth Hie 


. Jens 16, 1Rp0, - 

+ Fadi son Phionograph Works , 

ores Sane 

"Orage, Ne Jy 

Dot Sirage 

"" Undlor kp, Kaleonts AEreON ME relebing to the Lalando 
it 4a roeossary that ‘these celis should ‘tp momtered consecu= 
tively. We would, ‘therefore,’ 

cel2z e 

‘k6"t 0 know" how many you dlapos ot 
OF up tothe time “tho ual pons Wes turned ove to the Raton Mftg, 
Company, so tint We van Start snwith ene bint number, 


Yours truly, — be 

ire Se Se MaOluro, 

Tribure Building, 

New York City. 

‘Dear Sirs» 

With re formsce to your letter of. Uth instant aditressced 
to Mrs 

Raton, asking him to let you mve om or two phot ogrep he 

“i the seportor of tho Taboratary dir the purposo of illustrating 

an ayticle written by Goo gp Por bors Lathy‘oy ind Horade fownseni, 

whioh yar are aba to Hblieh, bs ig to dad she yor that saw tam 
MUED, Mre ‘¥en dotted to Iie 

rowmbiha a odtrplode 86% of letroratory 
pibtibes, which to naa “dh di nbkdon! 4s tif i ovbsow of hie that 

Dip adied 2A the WGamdpediiten iuhitinet | paw withen Me 
Povnaehsr irepeatedky gor Wit Pobuik oF thie ynsto gimp he, but ne 
Yee Lever in. ay rheese dn ida won je ob! derbhpe yad Wheraa 
induso dat bh fob Yoo. the els autes 1 qtleatoaty WS HUY 
Adina bas WaktdbUe-orde wowsa glatty Ad Grad (69 ats 
Moura tally 

trashy Deketaayyi 

Jan. 16, 1800, 
lite Ay MaoGruthar, 

Pdi son Phonograph Works, 
( Orange, Ne J. 

Dear Sirte 

In compli gree with your telephone ere of today, 
i Bivo you bolow a list of tis persons to whom Mre Edison anadros 
you to sem Water Motor Phonog wha « For tho {mori ptions on 
each of these mee hines, and the cupplies which are to ae company 
| them, I beg to rodbr you to lr, Rdtwon's lotter of November 7th 
‘im last addrossed to Mre Inglish, with respoet to the Krupp niashino, 
| am to Mre Tate's Je thor of flst Deoomber last addressel to tin 
Edison Phonograph Works, in »mrd to tho ues We aro pers 
tioularly anxious that the two nog hines for’ the German Postal Ade 
ene eaten bo expedd ted as much ax pouaibie: 
| | One a uhoneeanay for: ‘Jonet Hofman. 
< -One (1) plonograph for the -Gzar of Russia. 
\ Two (2) phonographs for the Gennan Postal Adn ind strat dan. 
\ One (1) phonograph for Fe Ao Xrapp e : 

Yours truly, 

Jette: 17,1800, 

My Dear Mr, Copelio,« 
. 7 I have cated yen let ter of 28th ultimo, 
anglo cing a Semmvrsation to Mr, Raison, which ho has read, and he 
has asked me to write and oxpinin to i ied oe poneeed en of affairs 
in respect to the phonograph. Col, douraua is at tm present ; 
she in Amertea, where o largo Compan y has boon fomea to Inndie 

alk tm Torolgn business, and in view of this arrangement, nem 
@otintions in comeotion with whieh wero started soveral months 
&o in London, Colonel Gournud has been actually unable to make 
any definite arrangemont as to ae BEERS altion of territory in 
Marope, which I presume is wint yar refer to in your letter, When: 
this Company is ready for active busimas, Col, Gouraud will te in 
& position to act more dofinitedy anne ne has yot been able to do; 
end al though it is unnecessary to renin him of the interest which 
” ythe take in tin ea er,: and your de sire for a closer connection — | 
tHerevith, ashe me o fa app reod shion of it now, we still will 
sotmunicate with him, and do all tlat-we oan to assist you. 

Withing you the Compliments of the Soason et 

Tam, yours vory truly, 

He dovarto » Bin. 

Pele . 

x... So F&F & 

Fons 17; 3890. 
a Thomo Butler, Secretary, 
New Joraey & Perms Conoantratirg Works, 

ate vial Ste, New toe. Citys 

Te& Sirte 


T onolose to rewith Mew Edison's check Noe 9, on. aa 
Irexel, Morgan & 000, for thirtyctinos hundred do2l as (38,300), 
sovwering amount due by him on hig holaarg ‘ee attook in ‘the ‘New vy 
Jorsey mi Pomsylvania Oonaontrab-ing Work be ‘kinily scknowedge. 

er reese! 

receipt, amd oblige 

; ; Yours truly ’ 

et : Ri Be 

fe, oo. 
te ge a ee : ian coeaaell 
ey ot ay by ey ; 
’ Singha * a 

’ Private” Sacre tar rye paneer! 

t eg 


y Notices ly 
ane 1%, 1890 . 


Semel Inculh, Bau oy - 

MMM a Sha ay 

Wall Straqt,. New. York, Citys . 


7 Det She 

Referring to the ienoloned lotter; fom Mite GOO, We 
“Sever, asking for pecuniary. aastcbanen, Mow Edioon thinks that, 
prohabay the Sati 

fon Oeneral Raetric | Compony rould Lidz - to vextend 

LIne thin dadys 

. Private -Seoretary, 

leg. Seige . 
Tota LT WH. . 
Ae ad t 

Gherle, Pranois Stone, Esq.o, | 


#15 Broad Ste, Nev York Gity. 


Dear Sirte 
gy Patwn Iprevieh Amul Roport of: the Edison Spanish 
ae teegce bight domary for 180, vhdeh tna “yoon afi gnad by try 
Baten an requested in your ‘totter unier dete lath irstant. 
ire Fad en fenizes to know tie date of, the. next.cmmal mopting 

of this Compa ty « ns 

‘pebonte fede ‘rye 




IMs. 17, 18:90, 
Soe AE tee 

Messra, Stearns & Ourtis, - 
88 Willian Ste, New York Oitys 

ey ve eo 
yeas : sey aly a his) oe 

Dear Sirsi@ 

‘I we'to oontivm the P62 lowing toLogran dont you. : 

Meg ag seat oh ae pe PVG) etek hos oa Ay Laity 

: oe vere ie np toy sigs wines Te wy panies A ed Ths noose stot 
“ “aQartifieate of incorporation sent cols Gowiitia?? & °°. 
"two. weeks ago for his approval, Conmunicate 
with him at Lawyers Chtb, Te Ae Eo* 

Soya rt. Cn Sr? 
Sanaa ‘ ae ’ 

Yours truly, 



George Fe Sanz, Nodes 

402 gamton Strect, 

tees a hos 
| “Hoboken, N, ve 
ALAM Shag Mee Leek OLty, 
’ . 
i i 
E : ' Dew Sirte 
‘ } . i vn Shs Sn wares oe 

\ a4 *: 

WEE te eve Srl gid ‘ 

‘ VO Saeetiry bbe a gy 

rit ps 
Be erry 

7 m rep ly ‘to yorir loreer dt LOH tanstanty P 

in the, afternoon of Sanday okt, rd wbltge rs 

Henge ..GOM. 

DY 100%) rn Yes 
A} Sr. TMs LY, 1800. 

ane He Toth s “lag og 

9 RSE De. ea pa amma ee Air 
Merarse Baton & Lowis, 

i 120 Broadway, New Yorks 

Pett Mines ; Boo. i page _ Fe ae 

; heee Sint 
Fux 6 Ree rire eegyh ut? eR tee a is weet 

meee ois mop to ont the foldowine telegram ent you ve 
= Sant a 

ee dub ae peng AS yas 

‘Ride boo ring dn zeply ue your Letter of ié¢th dastants- 

Bed Gtla, dye cua notiayy es Hh oooted 

us a STE ee ra 
eon Mae tae Pe ny ae t, poe 

"Nr Edism will bo glad to sco you at Laboratory 

‘to-morrov, Suturday, mornings Ay O» Te® 

mob oe ee 
‘ aS ery Leg 

Yours truly, 

fe 14! 

* mee 
or 1 

Cole voor ge Ee Seana 
Litelo: Nonlo, Upper Norwod 
Surrey s Engiand » 

ori ay era 

Derr Sirte 

I ‘bes to confirm the fodlowi ng cab legrima exchanged 

ae see i rN > 
Ceara GPE ee dig Pet ian Aree a, word ® 
re : Stee Sac nS ‘ 
botveem use yesterday i= ie? te 
Pee Tat : "hog ae * 
aoa ve F cs Sanees teats Bie! oe ly “ 
we ae i ta cote ih ee a ce oe ee oT 
ard # BRAD ND hada Bohs Hi, 


carr. Ae “Ta hye! Ot Ras 

SIDE, vee oR Jonua’y to, tH90F* 

we re, Vay A Sie ogy 
Have you aitepal now mado: ‘te You PAE ret coy 
vat sf A tan “ ee BaD ey 

non ,of steamers 

HOSTDE, LONDON. _ “" Senuery 16, 1d. 

“Grooga sevenths® ‘ 

Yours triy', 

Jan, 17, 1890. 
aa Thoms Butler, 

Mm wall aot New York maths 


Der Sire 

With refbroneo to your letter of Wth instant, notie 

fying me that yea roccived on ane Say aba es Pathe two 

checke agcreg ati: $14, 

ay st i 

: yy Ke 
Phonograph Vorke notes of 46, 000 cach, wad you “anny. send mo the 
: ee go apd tone 
Baler of the notes an quest ton, and oblige 
PRE ght oy oe: cL Ca Tr) eal} 50 
Matty bee or Coen Ee he 
Yours truly, 
ee fuscres Sa Sérgio. ta pane 

‘ ies oy oon ane “i Og he ale oe 
SAE RE eh agg gs te 
. wie “ 

SBE ew 


Jen. 17, 1890. 

Major Se Be Katon, 

120 Broadway, New York City. 

My dear Sir, 
| West inghouse 18 intro dua ing his moter with great 
repidity.e Bylleby ‘aoknovledged 4 ‘wd ght he Ten nehinenenee kk 
aertainly is » we have the broad patent. ‘My imression is that 

& cuit should be conmenoed at once. 

Yours very truly, 

ens a ae 
a hun 

Jane 18, 1890, 

George Me dopkins, Reqes 

+ 361 Broadway, New York Oity, 
Dow Sirte 
Ul : . : 
I sent you last night, by oxpreas, a Phangeayiis 
: record of tho music, manusoript of which you sent to Mry Taian. 
: ; Thio record wes mde by a piano, the latter imtrumnt boing tho 

only ono available at the laboratory upon which tho chords could 


be soundod, trusting tt it will maver you pur pose 

Lam, yours vory truly, 

Pon a 
wt ek evs 
aed Sr alan 


Private Sacre tmrye 


- 204 EGO 

few ark be 

J ae hy eneclae vas herwith, chuck proms 
the Q. 13. Duck @; 7 seas U5 : 


Aaa re A-ONAL 45 Wee ee an ee 
| Trl, 

JaM~. 20, 1890. 

¥aieon Phonograph Works, 

Oranges Ne de 

Dear Sirsi= 

Plearge prepare for ‘shipment to Sanucl Insuli.,core of 

pon House ®B,* Northunberland Ave., 

Yaiton's Phonograph Cos, Bad 
London, We O» Hngland, three (3) phonographs, latest style. 

desire these meshines to be gotten ow 4n os handsom form aB por 

gible, with cab inots containing adrmwers for holding records. ‘The 

to operate than will be storage batterios. 

paver which will be used 

125 first class, sel ected ‘musical , 

X tegire to haw sent with each, 


Yours truly, 


ara ‘ 



Jane 20, 1800. 

‘ye We He Mikble, 

Myoardsy, Floridas 

basy Siyvte 
In reply to your lotter of Lith instant, .concormirng 
boundary line, if the line in question is, a8 you state, on Nm 

Gilitiund's end of the grounds, I presume it will be unnecessary 

for Mye Edicon to have it surveyads 

é Mvy $i11iland has no interest in the wind ‘mill which is on 

the Leboratory, it being the property of Mr. Rdimn; neither haa 

he aty intercst in the water supply from that sowece. 1 

Yours tmily, 

Private Secretaryes 


ae Gr 

tone Uoorge R. Gouyad, 

*  & Maat fon Avemue » 

New York Oitys 

. Deas Siw 

LT encleac herowith express receipt, bill of Inting, 

ond, invoiee Pur: shipment of 10 new style phonogrmphs' fran. Oranges 

Tacmey 25rd, 1890, ami from New York per S, S. “Groeca,” 7th 


iwetent. Kindly send m cheek for $498.95, the amount of invoice 

nated, and obdige 

Yours truly , 

My a 

ne is ay as fay 3k ts Peel? c ie. i” 

Tee 20, 18:90. 

More Chas e. F Dilks, Sup'tes , “ 

Edison le trio Tlluminat ing Coe, 

New Brunswick, Ne Js 

Deay Sirte 

Nre Edison has repd your lettor unfer date 14th inst. 

Sle says tht he will be vory glad to do anythirg te can 4.0 ‘help 

yOUy ma ya have his pemission to refor to him in my appli- 

gation which you may make for a position such as you describe: in 

your letter. -Mre Hdison knows of no opening in the direction 

which ya indicates 

Yours truly ? 


Private Secretary. 

Meer fe 

Jen, 20, 18.90. 

Mosers> P, He Keago  & oe, 
50 Fuolid Avenue, Olevelond, 

- ‘Ohiag 

Dew Sirsin 

. Mr, Kaicon is very moh obliged for your letter of 
13th instont, and he would like you to send. him fifty dollars 
worth of samples of Aluminum, in ingot 8, sheats and wirds  ‘ift's 
Edison wants to see what yor have retain this raterial, an he cam 
probably make use of it, You will, thercfore, please sem him u 
full list of samples, and much oblige : 


- Yours truly, © “7 

Jang 2B, 4800, 

Soorge Te ewlB, Bees 

Se Be Core 4th & Walnut treo ta, 
Philadelphia, Pan 


Dear Sixge 

With roforence to yay letter of 27th vitim, oelosi ng 

eonmuniceasion from Mre John OG, Reaper, in ragard to somples of son 

eanirates of iron and ains sont yar vith ay previoys le thar, ihre 

Edi son says that perhaps it would bo just as woll, from & COmmeto- 

otal point of view, for your friend Raper not to assum “400 mash, 

as to what om and cannot be made to paye Just ist him atate 

rhat the ore will stand per ton as it domes to us. Perhaps we can 
fit the process to the mfey, irs Hileon hes mille that grind 
om thowsmd time of mise finer moterkel ttn Mre Riphs Gina ove 

twent y-fday hourss 
Yours sHutyy 

Edison Phonograph Works, 

Orange, Neo do 



Dem Sirsia 
You will please pack and ship on tho 22nd instant., 
two Kade phonographs complete, with two dozen musical am five 
dozen plain cylinders. Phonograms to wm of the best and latest. 
types Please mark goods, Frazar & Oo«, Shanghae, per Ne Yo Oo & 
We, to Presaott, ¢/o 0» Pe R'ye Have your Expresanem deliver to 
Pier 5 North River, afterwards bringing the Re Re ro@ipt to Nre 
Frazar'a office, 124 Water Ste, New York, together with a mmo ‘of 
_ the gross wo ight. ‘and mensuronens of each pockagte Besides the 
above mrksy please place on tho boxes containing om complée 
phonograph, Ne Mole, and the other We Se Hea I ensiose herewith 
A blank recoipt to be wed withthis shipmthi wid‘ch was fumnished 
us hy Mre Prazare . 

You will aloo please prepare for shipmo rt carly dn Yopruary, 
in separate tmoxes, tro photographs, orm to be merkod eat & Coes 
Sharieteve y He Bs Was ana tho otliey Frezar & Gov, Sierkme, We Mo Te, 

drsinding with same 8 box containing of d0%eh #oin ant om dozen 

auiaiank ¢ yidsders for earh plitrion Mire Peed? Wins ws that. nis 

Bai Pe We Qn ‘Jan, 20, B20, 

house specially asks thes ya. sond with each of the above a No» 1 
hatterye Mx» Frazar promises to furnish us vith shipping dlarece 

tions for tho last two machines in due cour st, 



% Seana: 



\ oe 

Jone 20, 1890. 

it tos ' Se Se Vat on, Vaies 

420 Brondway, New Yorke - , 

Dew Sivte ; 
M - Tam the Socretary of the Rdlan Lemp dosyany, the 
By-Lavs of which provide for the amunl mot ig of stockholder s 
a a md directors on the 4th Tuesday of Jonusry in cash years It 
t | veges moossary for m to issue these notices on Saturday inst, 
$ . ma I sent thom out to the stockholders ‘of rocard and to tho 

dsree tors at presont in office. In ry official capacity I kno 
nothing of the resont deal with the General Compamry, which I be= 
Liew has acquired the stock of the Lanp Companys I presume my 

setion han been correct, but would like yoru Adve Oe. 

Yours truly, . 

Jie 20, 1890. 

William Fe Wharton, Rage, Adsistth, Sgoretary, 

Dopartment of State, Washington, De Os 

Dag Sirt- ; 
: I beg to adltioiledge ‘eooipt of yur letter of 1sth 
intwan,, informing: wo thit your Ddpertmoys bas recofved, through | 
your Legation at Rom, a conmundenition from the representatives 
of the Civic Adunistration of Como, the birth-plase of Volta, 
aiireesed to m, transmitting a silver meal, aml stating that 
you will forwerd these tom by any mthod I my desires, I beg 
to request you to be kinl enoigh to forward thes to m at tho 

above addzeae, by express. ‘Thanking you for you courtesy 

Cran, yob's very truly; 

a a fae 
CeO ee by Gh 
: fo 

SS ee 2 


heed nthe 

111 800 seamen 

Edison Phonograph Works, 

Orange, Ne Je 

Dee Sirste 

Upon investigating the mnufeeture of toy phonograph ’ 
movena@its, which las been oarrded on at the Faiexn Phonograph Works 
fav several months past, I fini tint upto. tie present tine there - 

has been invested in t hide. comection about sixty-seven thousand 

ali ers ($67,000). 

perfecting certain processes of manuinoture, we have not yet been 
able to deliver any movements to the Toy Phonograph Compary, and 

are, MSE SHORE not entitled re ou contract with them to demna 

pecuniary asad st ance’ 

with instructions to obtain, if possible, from the Toy Company, an 
advance of twenty thousand foliurs against deliveries, and under 
‘authority: from myself he assur od the Executive Conmitt ce ee these 
vould commence not later tian one woek from to-day, and in mon 
tity not less than 100 movemaits per diem. In conjuntion with 
the North American Phonograph Company, and in compliance with a. 

request mele of us by the Toy Comnny, I have waived the #ibst 

murter's royalty daze me under my contract with the In tho, owlre | 

Jane 20, 1890, 

‘Owing to the delays which $aig occurred in 

ZI sent Mare Tata to Boston on Friday last, 

aah Yours very truly, 

ee he Mg ofzce Jane 20, 1890. 
* Gee Latlure to commence the delive:y of movements in tim to 
anable them to take advantage of the Christme trade, thus waking 

a direot personal loss of $2,500, the North American Company Losiing 
& Like amount o 

Twrite this letter to acquaint you vith the staterent Whi ch , 
y T have made in regard to comnencomont of ccliveries one week fitem 

to-day, ami the extent of tho Same, an to inform yor that nothin 

, mast, bo loft undone to bear out what I har 9° said, which was based 

won positive statements medie tone by your Superintendent after 

he had been inforned of the action which © proposed taking, 



Philip So Dyer, Usqe, 
o/o Messrs, Dyer & Socl ys 
#42 Wall Ste, New Yorke 

My deer Dyer y= 

As promised in ny etter of yesterday, I rave 
moh pleasure in enclosing herewith check to your order, on 
Messrs. Drexel, Morgan & Coe, for $1,810.94, in settlennt of 

your account. Kindly acknowledge rocelpt of sanm, and oblige 

Yours very truly, 

private Searetarye 

iV) shuts allure | 
Aglare ; Mot Tu, ee ee se 
Dekaron Wi LAO “ky Cite fil 


anteiencemarated to 

/ dei. L208 AS Ga 

eit. : oe C . : 
iy ” ’ 

oe eH Chef le 


* “¢ , i 
Ki A Cdl LA ‘ 

a. ALL (CUA. 3. ilies / 

CL fictnnr thy flag Aba. 


‘ é (. LG Olt (eg tlpe . COMM LC. at ltd eb. hs tana Revie? wa] 

: ¢ if , Age aecualay ‘alt, 
ANE lw a ACL. GPA AACN Rea eA ee Cae eer wer weed 


ae FA sof ; oy Po Pe, of ¥ 
' Cb bt Sere c€. CC Sed (Matt GMA Le LOU 
‘ t ad ’ ; 

four. ett ew, I of. Chtread LAG KY, va Co REM, tie rary A in ea VOL 
\ a é 4 @ ’ : : y i 
ee a pore wilde gf i oo se MG ALG fe Lora, 
' % , 4 iff fot et “a AN Ms COR eben tg bites 
— ei AREY OS ACME EOE Aa 0 on wl JOC, z wheLow 6 u 
me fe vi. Kee dly fi Ml fF y Pp 


Ao oy a atin, Coated Maou Kteiecinte df! © tay 

Daas eg hd fuk rtuctive th. C46 a [ay “y rae of VA 


. i s ar 
a ba Bae fae ET aot 
CM ORL ud cee edeenite etd, Abe Sedalia, a 

° : S. a rae a an 4 a ee CL PUL cas 
ved ovkly fore Ceres, Co take fen Gf 



: o ” 2 Tr nee 
eeu Ve (Oe, LAS piace gh ae tt “y 


Nog fbret cae ty 

oe : i i 
. P AA Oat MCCS. 
re yee ec tien af Up teres ROL (S&S 

ce . 
; , Poa 
an ( Neat e «wetie | 
of / 2 SE 
o LA oh ey 4 
fee at : . ms 
f oF 
“/ foe =. 
. we 


Coe U4 fk a 
a a 
hes bran BOUL eUe - 

Sercerive, Yrrreetscy, 

. bt y HLH, arr Sone Leica | 

a 8 ox Cane PU cal fee Pees ee 
ie LL Tove bee uf Ss C of OCL Vl rus C4 _d MOL Ot Bese, 
dcad . iets a ae wey 

Geel, titra fers ae VA al. Gf Cad 

MUL ia Roe LALA CY whl how pl. Cla ELA, Ve. # ty ett rid 

CP Blleg elt of bv the bee oeaes fad Ee O0 eC if 


‘ ? ’ a at 
tte Cth © Oe of calf ¢ ff Md ne, Lots lhl OOM. € C &. eA Ke, 

. f a es 
Whos tek POLL they UES Ue ey wy MHA set eat 

OOO fort sig . 

~ See a ee . - 
4 oa a : Day pee ates 
Ce eet ow Cn Lk. Care de. woke Oe @ psi Cg OU Abt pe lr ites. 
Lo Does ee Sh Die raat tke ft EMG OU Lie 
Me ine ee ae COU POOL FE EA Lg “3 on LIAM 

Pers eee non wducek fected le tet Cron 

fon Le LOG ef 
ole Ie ate 

i PAL ake VOY - ALG. bhay: Pee Creel tecey 


« hel tet whe 

ing dis is iG ALLILY LM Ceecoef ts ee 


- lpi VOL LEED Oe oo 
i a ee ? 

oA, ner OL Che sean 

ff \ ways rtd 
ig cf At ra ey Cd cce! Evg. 

Le =e : ; 
Le eke. , Seca Cae di 

Pee, tare MOV TP a a 

: = 
bi. 4 
Wou., vl Cy foe VCO” =), 


f 5 ise . . As 
; bt aehe tne Alferd ao fierdion, Hof thee ERA LLM 
Deon} : 
a etter hh ute Lorcdur, arcrcd Lo detore bo an 

\ ORGbee ar are A De ee 

‘ / af é go ; : 
A v Gureerde er , aol 1h ee, BO OY eT ug “ty LOC. 

nah pa uh feed ehacge wf CLE bby AML AEM € recy 

oe ble lira ti ue vw  EOCLERE ete MACK “Ele ebicie Lia get Ce Og 
= TA AE RA the og tiie CAE AE we . CALL eL hi half ag 

5 . me aie Gi a Ll rrr ni wt ‘ak. ° “Ele. Cli ce, 20- CLA vi ~hof Cnt 

: J Chey Ae AU. feck of fe Lorre dacd’s 

| ms ; re (eae bt eharcy ve or Ath fa. etree ov td 

i . piety OULY eee: af pant fee we Cet eece YX pan Par Ly. aug ting chee 

COLE af Cha, bt irecone. mais iiueegy 
a vacteccd 4s iclebhrk clan geet the. 


Pe cara 
Ae Os 
cake LHe AV ALE 

OLE. titer. weg AL LEY, 


CPA Ch Co 
wt ALG OU ~ ALGO CA tet ¢ AC oF SOPOT = oe 7 iperinng. 
BALE Ea AA ordre ettd we, Sa atae Laveccll, eeced Fi yfltel. 
et ALE hee &ttiecye Kitt Calg aud 23 tee 



f OE? poe lly Ahi hle.d ufitete Oley Murthocts 
whiak gor wary ANd He boa 


Afeiwrt a there Pl 
C theory —_— 


on ry fo 
iN f 
Cot one. CU Logon 

“le . Oe 
: ie Tae CATE 
vf : ’ one 4" ‘ 
: CMe t@ntate Meret. 
re or ; 
we Opel pie (7 4 C9 LT te aA. 
Lee toa 
thy Ut QUA, J btiw ! 
oe a : 
6 gf . a ’ 
J Hedi, 6 ACCT vtlete @ 
ta F ed sad gpd Chu Darel Lee welt, Wa cutoo 

AMAL, Aidit thes dette to Ye Ow forcis LL, 

ly Late bed BYE oh EL Ley ti don, acting 

Ady hey Cbtnrteted wccth the ES velrce. dengte#, aid 
eine wtlawed Wed eee oe uf cbhead Ob bees ae dele. Ladies 
AL ¢ Leer & bit tlie HOME fad UEYy | wu ftek lew proney “idee: hes 
d “, 
ve oe, rom COE he EY a MECHEL. AS nl? renee 
fot dlaeo Hef! UMKy: if 
A A Lat- ML0 

tile F eet Le eens tel ~coeg Cteaerttinte f 

CuKLL AE uy 
: tte AUCLOL-G4C. 

Witt, Hava’ th aed cbiues Ceccee ie 
ele na 

; etablert ay 
fa an Cire -eecel tL tet fa ood dy bived, oo fr een: 

“ enced ER SEONG EOL I, 
ee . gckay glees wth, cE wey Arg tr seegetia tire, 
coud J FIFTEGS, lec Lo iia ke AL af froctueeety - ofgrtid 

whey der Mielke Cee Cit me Rite ae tilinacta 

ao : aff ee oi : ie oo ; 
ee Onn Ge OL & On LC C7 ae. iv wvliiak , OCU ALS le lhe eeforrcdtion 
ao : ; . . 
wh hecg Cea ceca d » Beececat faced 6 froce. of liaeg 
wo eee. , 
i : 
ry r 
"4 % i og s *. / oy . 
VF hVH uk ft EE EO ER hase | caer Maes 2 eer, COLT CEL Cg 

“eben wtf le a tr Cid “bo : Shu, 

= Ymca AMLALY CTL ( 

Nace 2IM 16a 



a cect OTs ae eug. 


y a AO MeL He a 
: | | iy, bean Me Scouse! 


‘ : a ao” oa, 
= . : 4 Movogle Ne oo fried 
| Ee ee ae 
Mu Ay Creg ALC ALLY CO Lee coed af he Ruard 
; = a : : : 
AACA Liv ten Gee fave. Lekew cr vette Caw tale 
HAL eu, MeL ClLuece Luu 4) AECL Cucd a4 hae 
Whelan e Ati aed wllO® Cit ht CO OS oll Acek gets forwarded 

r Z ; 7 a 5 , (y . a 
Fi Or al wll C6 eer CLG MAMMA OG Cee: oc aeleen , 

ee Avier Le ‘ts Nes freer ti ee OLS Cte fitet gGiettude, 
eter,  velcet if ferded been, eed 


ceo thes : 
| a pocind cf YG A LALY. 

t ; 
¥ ue lecge CLEA Cue 4 
ye, a . : ; : : 
Mew. etl oy OG te. hated yew shy sy 

poccwd wed dbo eect. Mu Sat ul Goaete whe 

wel TRL. MECCA Ler iG LOU LY Oh heed frnorwatly 


(tty te ereeeet dt Tel Red I dive 

i alton 

: 200 

div Searnge Ellerks 
“Lou lt. Beep ltd 4 
tan Sar Gomng te : 

Piru Ane Mo 

ity ort He Xs 4 Ow + ae: free COLL d Mt 25 Ate. 
Gente tuto dire tre WLEt dia y) hed ape aha 
ff cd Aa he Cue laced. 

é , 

alte Seeder CC, yer AL CULAL cl. Mf Cara fact Pigs oe 

OU ALEC, 4.0 HLiY  darclicitirute 

u€ Otte Oaty.€ ef Kae Huey 
EOC’ Cod a Elceluce Paver: (fing , acca Corctiuvuts “his 
af hase in behalf Hf the dean, Gusrrat Ebebia 

wet ttre’ 
vi rere Chie tot weocilley fp ccehareds 

fo eer ferrtee { 
; AEs lee drteke the eh CA ALL ipl ctu uf eter up. onCanrty of 
“ee OCLC’ Kuey. Klis acd Couducke the 

then da oredr tle af ¢ 
mane Se acces frrbauug le? ey forroune ely 

fr Che. 
We ene Lee Oe the. cake WLC aca, ge ee of a 

Ab cern te fc eberrreg wedurtis wlrcet f rofeore LA h Ber bauesg 
AMAL Lady wt: wae UUM ALA bed rg : 

A thant torr Lake. 
J HO EE a t Ces AUGAL hee deyclogastah 
Of his chew aeten werd $ave WA Seer uel Lhia Millon, ay oon 


t : F . te . , . 
cli HAO kh ey CAVA lfc. Ub bo ve leacliy uf AEG Leet c Lucy 
ge WY EAL MOLES gy, f lice Oe Lier ON PO eeee te 

. Sy. 
(a chee aaa t wicp.oartared rhcaccek af Hey vhecetee Cat, 

f DA RLE ee Ge bely Ardebtid fer ag: Comrlerced rw 

$. jp 
UAL tn ltocd: le Ufteuty - 

Oh eur A, Bulg 


Dani@, Weld, Esaqe, Scatye, 
The Fdi son Phonogrmph Toy M'L"Ge Coe, 

95 Milk ‘Ste, Boston, Masse 

Dea Sirs- 
" I peg to confirm the followire tolesrams received from 

you an sont by mete 

Boston, Jan. 20, 1890, 

“One Director 111; full board yant to meet you 
again on Wednesday; if om't come Wednesday 
nemo earliest day; think we oan agreo without 
airfioulty; tring atandard modols es por cone 

Ansvor. Deniel Weld.* . 

_. Orage, Jan, 21, 1890. 
“J will bo in Boston to-morrow morning, with 
models to moot Dircetars. A, Oo Tatee" 



Yours truly, / f, His pase 

ah ME ae cog tee re 
Private Seare tar ys 

Ve De Smithy Redes ° 

Astor ‘House, New York City, 

Deu Sirte 


" yav andl ote by mete 

Reading, Pos TM. 20,90 

Jon, 21, 18904. 

“oun yor moct olectric road board tucad ay ‘next about | 

TLOU MB Please name: hour and PANGS 


“Will be gled re sco your Board to-morrow Wednesday 
aftormoon, any nour Te As aston a Peake 


orange, Me Jp Jane a1, 1890 


_ Yours, re 

a a EAI, ad ou 


vos ™ 

Nm.” ‘De ‘Smith . e* 

ac ee 
te dll 



BY me to sontirm tho £0 ond. rg tel ograms recofived from 

Inne 21, 18:90. 

Hi () 

Gu% eave Stromberg, ¥aq es 
Westin Furmso Cos, 33 Broal Ste, 

New York Cit ye 

Dew Sirt= 

Tr beg to confirm. me fo Loring telegrams yeo eived 

Tr on you ani sent by nm t+ 

, New York, Jon. 20, 1890« 
We oxpoet to seo you at nmoetim to-morr ow 2 Ye Me 
Please talegrmh.. STROMBERG» ® 

‘ Sine Ne Ja Jane 21, 1690 
myill attend af possible, but doubt my obility to do 80. = , 
Ae Op Tater® 

| GE hse Gtr abrobaul, inOfdt 
i race i AAt, A 4, Ps a jaye = ae 
| (tes ne $ (Se aall aye” w 

ee nn ace aa 

et er 

207 | 

Paw : e ; 
Jang 21, 1890 

Megsrée: Raton & Lowa, 
#120 Broadway, New York City. 

Dea Sirge 

Referring to the mbtachrd lotter from tie Edison, 

Phonogrmph Toy M'S'Be O00, Nie Lippimott, on boholf of the North 

American Phonograph Coe, and aya oits avo agroed to waive. ou . 

royalties for the first quarter,yoar conm@ sing October na: 89, 

such royal ties bolay payable 30 days atta the Ist of January, 

1890, Wi12 you Minily drav up the paper s necossary to put this 

agreemmt into effeot, and lot me have ‘WW oat yor carliest cone 


Yours tr dly ry 

Jan,’ 21, 18:90 

“uh 3. General. Flootric Company, 

4@ Wall Ste, Nov York city. 

Date Sirste ’ 
I understand tmt you mw received a portion of the 

CMivass of the Gity of Ruffalo, which is still an Frogress, 

Kindly gond aut to m™m at once such data pertaining to id matter 
43 16 avnilablo now, 

Yours tru / 
. : _ SN tn ee ons 
ae fof Aq (fd 
3 are se), way rk 

7 a 
rai Ra rs (dfn Lae Zt oR ae RO a 
par parte eacenp lane fo es 


Uvex ott Frazer, sq es 
124 Watex Ste, New York City. 


Doar Sir :- ; 

Replying to yur lotter of Wth instant, quoting 
fade oxtrast from a letter recoived from your fri ends _ Japany I 

, ee to say’ tit the e¢ nim roforred to is a trips acpaitiess ‘one= 
riiw, bub is not suitable for use in Chime ami Japane 

Yours truly, 4 ft é) 

BEG: Sat Ge tt gp : 

cae gee, vate em 

Jeng 21, 1890 

Mossra,¢ Dyer & Seely, 

40 Woll Strect, 

Now York City. 

Dow Sirst= 

WAIL you kindly reply to my letter of Leth instant, “ 

in easawe to app itcation mda by hi, Fah son for a patent on the 

design of the Lalmdo battery, The Rdison Uiftyg Cog is dwirous 

of having a die male with the mimbors of pat onts Aes with which to 

Stamp the Lolavie cells, and cannot conplote work on same ae 

thoy receive the deta asked ‘for in ny lettor evi sly ro rred A 


a tos. ig *. ay | wn 

| ” 

nine,» foleak * ag ep fs ND) fo 


nerponene mamas tite Warn sis © * 
s Y xo Aczerria diye tie. 

Jeng Bly BOO. 

Charles, Pram in Stam, sae, 
WANs Bdge, 15 Bread Ste, 
Nev York Citys 

Dem sirte 

ft horeby mthorizo you to call a meoting of tho Borg 

of Directors of the Kdieson Spmnish-olondal Light Comary, for tho 
puree of uppoint ing PN Socrrotaty to Put the office made vacant 
by tha death of re Willian O'Brien, 

Yours very truly, 


Jam~ 21, 1890, 

Wesures Eaton & Lewi 3, 

120 Broalvay, Now York, 

Dee Sirst= 

I roturn horomith trust agreomont in dupliewte tetweon 

My Edi on and the Morcantile Trust Company, both copies of witch 

heve wen oxeeuted by the former’, togothor with Certificate Noy 

75 of the Edison Phonograph Works, for 502 8/10th shares of the 

stock of that Company, tho saim roresonting the stock required to 

he placed in trust umor the provisions of tho agreement dbetwoon 

Mra Edi mn ani the dion Phonogriph Works under date 12th day ot 
Mays 188B¢ 

Yours vory truly, (, 2 
: , 
sve as af i 4s a 
“ f ° ™s 

, es. 

oy, . 
ra a 
Tae wea are” 

Private Sooretarye 


coe ee 



Tene Zhe WHO, 

Messrsq, Raton & Lowi A 
120 Broadvay, Naw York City: 

Dear Sirat~ 

: z, rotawn herewith dupli a ato Oartifl cate of Paynnrm 
of Can ttal Stook a¥ the Edi@n Phonogrmh Works, whi oh las ben 
onecuted: throughout: in proper forme Tho Oomisaiory who took 
the affidorits od try Kaan, Mire Batchelor and nyself, stated 

int it wor umneceassry for him to attach his acl, 


anne, eri st 



Sg Zihy 15D py 


Mry Thomas Butler, Secty,, 
, Ne ve & Porm, Concentr at ing Works, 
44, Wald Sto, New York » 

Dear Sirte 

z fin that wo Inve mde an erro in regard to te 
Gnol. as od ver eomen ts which wero left hore. by bre Livor, with a rom 
quent, thet they be srorn to by Mre Edison You had ntter toke 
the rattear in lani ad do wmtever is Tedessary. ‘Thy onght ‘to . 

ie ; ‘ ° . ce ce ¢ 4 my 
hrarg bom landed to yor by Mire Te CARR ty Nana “ 
eo ~kh} AA De Ac ae ee 4 ro Rie 
AY : + 

Pee OE Ws eat OR OL A OA eee 
L’ vous truly, La, 


Jang 21, 1850 

HeOssreg Dyer | & ae tye 
New York (ity, 

Dem Sirsie 


WAL. ya he kind emagh to adv dao mo whn it “2 te 

uocessary for Mr Edison to Connenqe tho mnuietur of toy Bionom 
Erch moverents in Canada, in compli moo’ with the Jaws of that 
Coum ry? - 

Yours truly, 

Privaty téeretarys 

Jmy 21,1890, 

Edd fn Phonograph Works, 
Orange, Ne J, 

Dear Siraz~ 
7 wil. yar te Kind onoszh to aondgiet @i1 sorvesppon- 
dence rolatiag to the sale of phonographs an Oh4mm unt Japan by 
Erazar & oe, thinugh this office, ‘thie territory bolongs to 
Mre Rit éon, persomlly. He is an agreanent with Fmaar & Coe, 
whoreby tiny aro appointed his agents. It is, therofaro, eee 
say ta conivet the business through ug, po tint tho detaiis of 
our arrange mow vd th Moon ra, Finzar & do. « with whi ch you are . 
not fantliee - om be corrigd out, 

dan you not give moa list of pices of the mre prondmnt 
Parts of tho phonograph, sugh as tho redecder ant ropoaider (nety 

style), mectzele arm, slopve, anda far of the dentin 

Youra truly, 





Messrs, Baton & Lowi sy 
120 Broadrmy , 
Now York , 

Dem Birsie | 

T retum horewith duplicate ext masion agreement duly 
executed by myself, whereby ny option on 6,106 shavers of stock in 
the North Americm Phonograph 00, is extended to April Bt, 18:00. 
This is in reply to yor letter of 174h instant, 

Yours truly, 


Jay 21, 1899 

Dear Mr, Adanp,~ 

Ihwe yor lotter of a7th instant. I heye 
been with le during the past few wacko ta give aw ouch attention to 
the Niagara ae ap I vould like, oving to an attack of LA GRIPPE 
which laid no up in thy hous# for eevercl days, I doubtless will 
ve pwhlo to son you toomorrow cr nibx* GAY « I wild telegraph you 
lator s . | 

Yours vofy truly, +, 

Rayvm! De nears, Yoq oy : 
Servers. Wiielar, Lahior & O6de 
Faw ter aby 


ty 22% 1§9 0 

Murnaw hatimal Pauwk ff 
Auwranks hf 

PONY errs ag, 

ee ae 

Jo He Horriok, Esqe, Vice=Pres't., 
Edison General Hlectric Company, 
44 Wall St., New Yorks 

Deor Styrse 
Referring to tho attached cora-enpomionoe, rel ing to 

four paterts isesued recently to Mr. Patten, anmies of which are 

aleo atteched, Kindly note Mry DBiiuon's wammanks wpon your let. 

ter, which are as followat~ 

"I don*t believe inthis. All can bo 800 op Li shed 
putting into an alternating ctrouit a corittimmous cure - 
rent dyramo, co that tho alternations ore provented 

’ from falling balow a goro line, a plan whioh I have 

pa tonted,* 
Yours vo zy aan) fe sista? at 
Be AE ip 


ea sat 
‘Pivate Secret a y~ 


Jems. 21, 1890, 


Isaac P, Grape, FBQ., Gon'l. Manager, 
Eastern Development dompany, L't'd,, 

05 Milk 8t,, Roston, Mass, 

Dear Sirte 
Mr. Edison has read your letter of léth inetms, in 
regard to the Goxheath Copper Depo sita, located near Sydney, tape 

Breton, Ne Se, and ‘also letter of Mr, Wiliam Harrington address ed 
to yourself, which YO onelosed for Mr, Rdi son's perusal ani whith 

I return herewith. 
Mre Kai son Tas Just compl ced a&ivengements with the Canadian 
Comer Company for the treatment, Cletrieally, of 100 tons of 
Copper matte daily, and will erect a plant for this purpose, In 
view of this, le is, therofora, not inclined to embark in any more 
00 en se homos y cet - ee Oe, oo 

Thanking you for your lettor 

| Tan, yours ver widys 

° Ne mitaaitot” 
Private Sooty, 

Jan, 21, 1900, 
He Me Livor, Haq cy) 

19 hey Street, New York aity, 

Dear Sirse ; 
"We have = leteet tvonr Mr, Jolm Birkinbine, in which he 
states tint he las hat ah duerresasr uten Mre Jones Wieter, of the 
firm of he & Re wheter % Ae dhe of the most prominent iren com 
mission hoasds an Shelhaded phitay ahd that hs. fount Mre Wister was 
Selly alive: ne to Bhe valud dt wonbentr ated ores and ready to 
hade than, Ye Songe ee opénsng up a correspondence with him | 
conve rning the LD ‘an “the fotir€ off goncentratos mde by the MN. Js 
and Pae ap 48 ym whit adjress:, te Lat er , bd 0 Mre John Birkinbine, 
#25 Ne By City Mal] Sqere, My Nuttyex Ste, Philadelphin, te will 
pat you in cornpaige don witty Teste fy Coe, OY you can write then 
direct, an you pleagey 

AQug very truly, 

My dea Vaotl,~ 

I have your pear: of 16th instant, We have jos 
about completed our omperimnte on the Stree, gar motors arn wien 
. We are ready to nake our ‘Tirst pros tioal test 4n piblia, 1 wid 
he Vory pind to haw yai com over wi tnose tho fut ure ena ies 

Us onte 

Yours Very truly, # a 

Jo Be Vabdy Roads 
. Sprague SMES aw & Hokey, Oa ge 
a9 4 Weea ei Nie votes, 

+ Jat, 21, 1890. 
D Ye We No ye yr, 

Gescllacket Uranig, BERLIN, MN» We,” 



Gormn y, 

My dew Sirte 

° Mre Edioon han received yow vory Idina letter of 
2ist December last, and as asked rd to thank you for the ‘kind 
“sentiments concemin; hinself ‘tharetn oxprosnods 

In regird to Uh pifottograph, Gole Goorge Re gonraud, who 
controle the inst rufldh¥ ibfoad, is at pragent in America, armne 
Ging for ita intialietldW tt Mirae on A Lerge sale, and when — 
his pinnd Ary vobpiieed, 4 1H provabid that thy smnutasture of. 
thy mohine wil be cnttrbuk iti fy Dey Wdener siemens’ Him in 
OBUHLIN, when the pbwo wal he dtfontet: erory facility fox vb- 
taining phonogrop be. i 

Yours very tnttys 

Jon» 21, 1800, 

Mre Oo He Wright, 

Warwiok, Ne Ye 

Dear Sirs» ’ 
. With reference to your letter of lath inetont, Mre 
Hdison desires m to inform you timt it is his intention to wan it 
the Warwick region in about a couple of months, whon to will ine 
spect all the mines in that vicinity» He will also give himseLs 
the please of onlling igo you, and go ovor the property to 

which you rofore | 


Yours very truly, (heeie 
; nid daa 

tates sitybe tad 

id oe ‘ie, 

Private Secret a ys 

Dmiol Wold, Maqe, Soc'ye, 


Dear Sirte 


Jang 21, 1800, 

Phono, Toy M'f' eg, Coe, 
05 Milk Ste, Boston, Mass. 

I beg to confirm the following telegram som you this 
nddrcssed to 95 Milk St, and also to the Temple Club:- 

*Pind it impossible to leave to-day. Pleane 
postpore neoting until Thursday. I will. go 

on toemorrow night, Ae Oo Te® 


Yours truly, a 


Jone 21, 1800. 

Lloyd Bryce, Kaqe, 
*Yorth American Review, “ 
4th Ste & Fifth Aves, New Yorke 

Dear Sirse~ “ F 
t beg to confirm the following tol ogram sont you thie 

afternoon: = 

Yr, Rdison will be very Imppy to 800 
yourself and Mre & Mrs. Astor on Thursday « 
His carrioge will mot you on your arrival 
at the Delaware Sackawanns ae he eee 


Yours ~~ é A SHE 


Private Secretar ye 

-tigue, 2 case containing in four packages all the workirg drevings 

Jane 2lst., 1800 

Los PB» Pory & Ryer, 
65 Botver Street, 

Now York Oity.. 

Dex Sirsie 
We have received your Lotter of 21st anehenty ard beg 

to givo ya tho folloning information in regard to certain me 
monts wiich have boon mde to Mr, Kdl non from Havre, by the Bootie = 
¢6 do Gonntmetion de Noghines, Pontin, Franoe, amd would oak -you- 
to kindly trace these saan and have the packages forvardod 
to Orunge: | 

On the 20th of November, 1630, wo received a letter from tho 
Bocidté dontrele~ do Const rust ton a Machines, of which the fol~ 
lowing jis an extracts "Wo mw the honor to inform you tixt. we 

send to-day from Havre, to reach you by tho Compagnie Transat lan~ 

for the to triple expanaion engines of 150 ani 300 hores ‘powor,* 
This onze cam aeross on tho "Ia Bourgogne," whioh reached New 
York on tho 18th or loth of Dacombery. unde ath Neos 17th, we 
received A pontet sani trom Wir Mobomnts papal GIAGAG mi ert gan 
tov, atating sind thoy faa eda tes nid tye kale dee A salt 

Pa & Re 

‘Ponte +o this wo fortarded to the Merolunts Dewnteh Tran sportetien 

Gov, on the 1&h Dee, lnst,, papers tint we hal reeeiver ro luting 

Sor a 180 horace power ermgsine md been forwarded to Mr, ‘Edi son on 

we will be vary nuch obliged 4f you will take the mteur up xt 

Uned, haw st straightened out, ant all tho ses farsarded to 


from Havro, via Se S. "La Bourgogm," oddrossod to Kir, Edi pn, ‘and 

request ing tint the Gonmalar involoe be sent. for same, Jy nea- 

nee. ’ th da 

to this package, Wo have heard nothin: and spon mouthing of tin 
package sineo that tino, 
On tho 1Gth Desémber lnst we roocived a sublogrens teu tho 


Societe Contrale de Constristion de Machines, statarey tint mmpicd.s 

the 3. Se "La Gasoogne,* which reached New York about tho 24rd of 
Decembrs Under dato Dec, 25rd, wo recoived postal card fran thw 
Morclants Dospatsh Tranapor tation Co., askirg for Conaular invoice 
for ahipm at via 8. 8. "La Gancogne, in response to which we fox 
warded to iom. such papers as hail reackad ue aor Ie Groses, arm, 
the. formrding agnt. We apprchond tmt the four caxos rofarred 
to in your letter of 2lnt instant, comprise tho a ipmank Carried 
by “La Goscogne.* It is possible that the shipment ywr En ‘Bour- 
sees muy ho ineluded in thésecaues, but all of this information 

you: oun obtaim from tho Morchmts Despateh Tran mor tetion Cte, and 

Orange, vie the Greenwood Laks Rrmoh of th irjo fe Re 
| ais 4 oe 

Yoars wry truay, 

Tm. 23, 1890. 

Mogsra. Baldwin Bros, & ae, 
53 Broadway, New York City, : 

Der Sirat~ 

On the 26th Decemter lnot I forwarded te you bill of 
lading for four asks of oyliniera chipped tom from Kevre vin 
Se es "ta Gancogne, * end conminication regariing same reccived 
om Compagnie Sonerale Transatlantique, wquesting you to mavo 
throm Pasued threigh the Customs ani forwarded to m at Orange, 
winoe which thre I have hoard notitirg or seen ner of the 
shipment referred to. Will yay idly inform so by reitar h mat 

what ym have dow about tiie mtte, and mch obligo 

Yours traly, 


Tee A. Lh, 

Dear Sirs= 

+ Morning se 

*Ploase vlon't call pdrectors together until x 

Danial Weld, Faq o, Soayotary, . 

Editon Phonograph Toy W'L"Ge Copy . 
Noy 95 Hilt Ste, Boston, Mass, 



beg to confirm tho following telegram aont you tiie 

wire you that ng am ready to Staite As Oe TT," ; 

Yours truly, 

Jang 22, 139, 

me Rawamt D, Adama, ¥aq., 
: Mossrs, Winslov, Lanier & Co,, 
Now York Qity. 
xt Deo Sirse 
I beg to confirm the following. tolegran sent you this. 

‘morning $0 


"Mr, Fai ion will bo glnd to aoc yo this evening 

or to=mer row ovening, vhichever suits your cone 

v@iimeos. Please notify him winn-ya will aonte® 

! Yours truly, i 

aah, “y 

Privade Seon turye 


i Jan. 2, 1890, 

: Mossru, Weyher & Richomont, 
60 Route D'Aubervilliers, 
Pantin (Seine), Freee, ; 
a  & De® Birgs~ 
, I tg to confirm the £012 owng gnablogram gant You 
a, towilny § 
- “Hove Comuler invoices sent without Mail for 
three huntred engines Thowe wore omitt od wi th 
q other shipnents, causing greet trouble.BDISON, 

Yours vory tmly, 

of 0. : 
A Mad UA ee AA 4 
vee UTE TT te er ce Maes oe eeee eee cena 

eae 0 ode penenann we Reotecs 
ba wh, 
Ay neat 




Eyoratt Frazar, Esqe, 

124 Water Styect, 

New York City. 

Dem Sirta 

With reference to your Lotter of 18th instant, ad- 
dives sed to the ¥di son Phonograph Worké, ordering phonographs and 
hatteriea for Stnnghac, will you in fiture planse address all 
orders doy phononograph material to this office, Tho Phonograph 
Works are obliged to refer ol such corrospondemce to the Labora- 
tory, Md by addressing vs diroet you will avoid th del ay. caused 


Yours truly, 

Private Scarat ay. 

23, 1820. 

Hai ton Phonograph Wor ks, 

Orange, Ny, Jae 

Deo Sirate : 

We bg to confirm our tel qhone mesage of yesterday, 
requesting ya to discontime shipmnts of phonogram blanks to Ae’ 

Te Be Wangomann, Paris, 

Yours truly, — 


Kaigon Phonogreph Works, 

Orange, Ne Je 

Dear Sirs: ~ 

. I beg to acknowledge receipt of you letter of 21st 
instant, onclo sing list of battery material sont to Silver lake 
1L%h inst mt,‘ md note thet this clears out: all ‘the battery stock 

of yours »— 

We will send the North American Phonograph dow a credit note 

for the material returma by the Wisconsin Corpa ny. 
Iam vory nuch obliged to you for tl circular letter of ‘the | 
Noxth Averfoan Phonograph Goo, enclosed with yours under ‘reply 


Yours vory truly, 

Jan, 25, 18:90, 

George Fe Xunz, Faq., 
402 Garden 8t., Hobokon, 

Ne J, 

Doer Sirs. 

I tog to confirm tho followin: 

telegram sent. you 
dast nitht, in » 

‘ply to your letter of 20th instant:~ 

YOom Friday even ings. Am én gaged Thursday. * 

Yours truly, 

Lg, ( 
s) A OV eee as 
COL wit ae isn 

° be ee ee inte 


pee 23% wT) 
AY Vorvet Gav hati ional (2 aatty 
Lan vad Lah 

fw arty A. J 

| tow dive | 

: ee re ree eye 
; he chick, es the Crise ae 

. rata ? fav “y BOON Pe OWL ; ww the 

Pl wan Te pee SS ow 
cudely ound det! _ 

Cas une Tirsrby 

Phonon Q. fd 

Lleyd Bryee, Esqe, Editor, 
*North Ame vioan Reviews" 

Now York City 

My dear ire Bryco, = 

, Ihave your letter under date 18th inatent, 
avking int to formate a sich ee rales which, in ny opinion, would | 
an eingted to the suas ieee requirements of the United States in 

comaacion with electric li phting. Of coursa I gould get up such 

2 sep of rules, but the trouble is that I am an interested party, 

and witen anytting of that kind cones from ny pen, it subjects me’ 
to attacks from all quarters, which are entirely Snepee) and bee 
fore 1 decide to B0 ahead and ‘pot the se rules One: for: yon, I wish 
“ye woud consider tnis matter. Perhaps I can talk to yar about 

it rhgu f moo} you to-morrowe 

Benn wens oe 

Jane: 25,--1890- 

Mee aie! PHeteur, President, 
“Boe {fete de Secours des Amis doa Soionces, 

70 Boulevard st-derniain, PARIS, Frarce. 

PauwrsS dr tn 
. “Mr, Hdison’ his ¢bo elved ‘your: letter of 1st of 
Dereuier Goh baking bhim-to_ becom neinbar of tho ‘Weoatete’ de 
. Sraaves “Amintties Ssbtrndase® . He’ SHEER! each: BLoRouES ain ieee 
elope wetauaeh$. a nd “ras instructed: om to’ ‘ond’ you’ the onellosed 
-eatok fou Sitvy dollara (990), the chy" adorns to your letter, 
‘nebhc de? him 40 psip'etal smofborzhip. aia ‘aoknow Ledge reo ek pt 
Hiice aa wetine nie She 

"Yours teuly, ,. 

ig wd. 

Re Priv sho ‘seeret ous 

Mare We Me Burrows, 

Welles Bagge, Nos 18 Broadway, 

New Your City. 
Det Girs= 
We are very mich obliged for your letter of 21st inst., 

returning correspondence relating to the engine purchased by Mre 
Ndieon in Paris, and also giving us a stotoment of your di sburso~ 
monte in connection wi th this mattare We have to-day written 

Messra. Weyhor & Richemend, the manufacturers, in ropora ‘to the 

omission of Conmlar invoices and the trouble which we wore caused 


Yours very truly, 

Privat ¢ Sosr'etary. 

Taney 255 °1800, 

Rabert Hediaiek, Nsqey 

. Ho3 Pine. § rIOb, 
Now York Citys 
Way etary Nr eo OEULT LG ty o 4 
I hive your letter 2is¢ instant, 1n regard 

Yo the annoyence to whieh, you have heon. subjected. ‘dn. enringet jon 
with your hesrso in Llewellyn Parks... have: boen “Ley ing ‘The. an 
apportumity to SQOrO td two. yiquang. ino od Minny who you say Inyo | 
ow indulging in this pasties, arn-1 wilh inveatigateé tho ‘natter 

at onev, and assw-e ¥O2, 30. far,as they are ‘concerned, that: the 


Mrorovenea will not bo vopouteds (a 

ed Yours very trulyyoeo. co sande ” 

é Se ? bree teen RAV tog 
ee ted 5 ARE i cae 
Ce (A. ct aad ne aa 


Ce Aw Stuart, FKaqe, 
Somer aet Olu, 

sige Wass, 

Deu Sirse 
: ) Mre Edigon Ins asked 1 me to thank. you. wOr your kind 

Letter of 20th instant, calling: his attention ‘to Ano. npetrifiea 
“raod® of the stone forest's of Arizonte are Bat eon, an this ‘sol~ 
leation, has a sranber Be very | Ea samples of. this 09a, and pas 
‘tried it in the oormoction to. whieh you: refer, but found it un= 
mritublo, as it is mot hava enaghs Up to ‘tho ‘yresont tine no= 

thing but sapphire seans to answer the ‘PUTPO Be 

Yaurs vory truly, «/; 

Peavat, 0 "searetary. 

Tore 28, 1890.- 

Jem 9, 28,' 18905. 

Mee Wine, He Wie, . 

Carleton piace, Ohthete, ; 


Dear Sirt~ 

Hite Bataan has ree ot vod, your “latter ef, ‘Both . tnsant, 

in v rege to cortnin iin Br engrt ios of whi dy you. dgaire to. tise 

ietee pe 

4090. He las invent igntied reeanthy a 2 runbor of. Properties. in ae 

Conada, more particnlarly doc ‘mad, “md ho. Find. ‘that it would ‘be 

imracticable for him ta “yout thon “me autson on crtering tho 
United stiitos, ont. up el the otite rhieh could. be onde S200 a 
this iesinoss ¢. Te thao’ anties ‘wore ythowad , Mie Raison w could 
ongago in the work of tron cortden tint sor ih Canada to a very Large 
extent, but aa mttera utma row Lt in fetraaticabte fot him to 
go into ite _ 

Youts Yory OF uly» 



« John B irk iybing, 
‘Phiedel phi a, Pa, 


My: do a Sdrt= 
I have yqvaived your lotter of 2lst imtant, tor 

gether with yamphies containing information, in rogard ty a mter 
power on pale Ste Louis River, at “tho “head ‘of ‘Yoke ‘upartors 

T wart a | povier mea rr home, | T should havo to’ ship 70% of © 

tho eonoontrates ta orange, anyway, and tho other 36% ‘might just 

ag well. come “odong pene ‘nenides ‘this, I wait’ “to have @ power at 

& point. where 2, om taka aivantage of ‘tho ‘nattes of Worth: Caiélins, 

Which fs the reason I owt rod, yon “bo Lnok up: the Belt epasit 

vbr ores 

matter « e 

VP uet ee 

yours Woby taly, 8 ys 

Jans #3, 1990, 

Robert Bragor, Baqe, Seoty. & Pyens'r., 
Tho Gontyal Ontario, Ratlaay, 
Tronton, Onte, Canada, 

My Daar Sirie 
| ‘Your Lotter 19th, tnatant to oyselt, ana sote let= 
tor 20th instmitt te, Mi. FRdinen, have been beth recafved, md we 

ove very. moh indebted for tho samc. ‘phe information whiagh you 
fornarded. to, Mite Rulson, under separate vovar, has not yet com 

to hand, but, I oxpeat it mM. teeqeyrow's nail, Upon receipt of this 

Mr « Faison will oovmuniect swith you furthor. 

atthe hoes 

Private Sitrovmrys 

Jen, 22, 2898 

Prot, Ute De Marg, 
O08 Sawser Rtroot, 
; \ 
Rhitetolehio, Poe 

Rea Sirt~ ; 

—-£ \nvo your lotter of lst Instant, in regard to 

. : . bonding the Bhilndclyhia Station. Iwill soe some of our people 
| in New York about this matter, and fini out what can bo dono, ani 

will writs you farther n little lator one 

Yours vory truly, 


Tane 23, 189) 
Henry. Villard, Ragq., ; 

Mills Bdge, New York Citys 

Doar Sirge 

Roferving to the atyached letter trom Prof, Marks, it 
seans to, mm thak if tho Philadol phin Company dea ies to issue a 
roasenshlo umount of ponds and it wo got our proportion oF tho 
Btock, we eaild well afford to let thom ‘piesa the bonds in other 
hands thin oura, The Philadelphia Station would be an excollont 

one tor us to obtain santrol of, 

Yours very truly, rp 

AP cota iee -" 
a Pop Soy eg 
me nen, 

a acess 

Philip Se Dyer, Haqe, 

Jane 3, 18900 - 
Antworp, Solgium, 

Dear Sirs= 

Wo have received your lotter under date 27th ultimo, 
cnelosing trandlation of a Lotter addranael to youraolf by Dr» de 
lalonde, with relation te on arrangement wherohy Mrs Kddson would 
be permittal to merchandise Dre de Lelande's pecondary battery. 

We fave already written you that you havo entirely migundor ~ 
stood om requirements, ent! we wihdl now inform you of oxnetly what 
it is Mr. Edison wishes to obsein from Dre Iwlande, 

Undor Mre Bai con's fires sgracment with Lalande md Chaporon, 
he has the right to use the Lalosuiy ress eell,in the Unitod 
Ssaten eR, for ala PUPPOSOS, Smee for olcetria lighting, 
ond in secondary form.  Nre Reiesm con ship these colls obraqap 
to be vaed in comection with the phonngraph. I onolose A aopy of - 
the contract roibrred to, whore you wath find ALL thoss yrovialans 
specifically mdoe We now donira tp obtain from ilende and Chape- 
ron the’ right to use thia pesomty 901), soll tor oe ldtrie Ughting pure 
tases, up to and not axe oddiral, tronty £149 {86) 1ahpes Mre paison 

digo desires +0 aequird td FAA to mig himttst tis primary aol) 

insuch Buropean countrion as havo not boon di moscd of by Lalande . 
Also the right to merohandise the snmo in Oanada 

to other part ings 
wm Mexico, upon the amo busic of royalty as now obtains, 

sic na reagon why Lal mde. phould'nt agree to this, as it nimply 
eyeay teth ole, 

fans thet it will dinorause Inia royalty aay, uP Le 

“Private e ‘Soaretary. 

Jam. 25, 1890 

Mensrs. Voyhor & Righonom, 

Pantin (Seine), France, 

Dem Sirsze . 

Wo cubled you yostorday (enble confirmed gleavhord), 
asking yor to send, without fail, Gonedlar imvoiees for tho modols 
of the 800 horse powor triplo expansion angine which are coming 
forward on the "La Champagne." ‘These {nvotces were omitted wi th 
all your other atipoents, which omisoion ras dunce ws an infinite — 
amount of trouble. enclose herewith oo extract Srom a letter 
wo have just recaived from our Shipping Agent. Wi}l you bo kind 
wYough to forward us Consular tewedeon for all your previous @hipe 
mafits, so that the Bond which Mr. Burrows Ins gitren at thd Suagen . 
inthe oon be cancelled. ee 

WIL yor also ploAso Owing us in yeqord to the artehpemgt 
 shioh was mde with the Compagnie trangutlanes que ws do unioaitins 
she 860 horus power thisind in Now Yorke They sharged ws evaNo 
roe Hed sting tho suiahdniory toon the hold of itlote vebevl whit Hite 
ting fb pon tho dook, whieh thoy aLanlt they hed ol heh soto 


under areke bill of lading, contrasts 

Yorrh hi Writs: 

Extract from letter rogoived by Mr. Editon from lire We Me Buridwa, 

Shipping Agont, New York, undor date Jonuary 210%, 1890. 

"The Compognic Transatlantiquo has mate 4 charge of $74.40 

"for hoisting the machinery from tho hola of thelr vossel and put~- 

““ting on Hook 4n New York, which they claim under their Bill of 

“Lading sontraat.e I think it ‘ould be woll to write H, Weyher or 

*M, Grosos for verification of tide agreomemt at tino of shipment. 

“By reason also of thoir having been no Gonsulor invoices (which I 

“gave signol Boni at Custom House to produce within ax montha), 

"accompanying Bill of Lading, “you have beon put to additional and 

sumeconsary exponse of 925 to prevat the General Order Storage 

“or tho huchinory, which would have amounted to “goveral hundred 

®dollars in‘all probability. Tho Gmsaecon of the Consular ine 

‘Wwoices undor such circumstances, as the case of this heavy mae 

Sghinory, was o grave oversight, whieh no: forwarder who widerstands 

shia busincas should have permitted, ma you should not bo tho 

sufferer for his nee ti cane tt is posible, hovever, thes the 

“invoice os Were made at Poris (not Herro) ond sonsalatod thore, and 

"Mire @roson may not havo racoived auens In this case the renue 

the ‘addi tional ‘expense. 
qa, that my 

eras surest ahoald be roaponsibis for 

wplonso, request tumodisato tran anf tte of tho po invola 

“Bond may be oangollud pt Guatam touse * 

(signed). We Mo BURROWSs" 

Jon, 24, 1890.. 

Hational Iron Worke, 

Now Brunswick, Ne Je 

Dear Sirsse 
Your follura to deliver to us the Rubb er Mixer . 
ordered of you, mms disappointed us very mich, ant delayed 
us seriously in our work, Wo mist now ask you to namea 
definite dato whon you oan dolivor 4+. Pleaso let us hoar 

fin you by return mail. 

ek "A 

cm Holl eat Os Wier: a 



i fy 

See | ° 

whole of our plante 

thing in Paris? . 

- My dear Vernes,© 
Tam very mish obliged for your lotter under 
date 20th dnotant, wohn regard to tho Pearl’ Strect Station, the 

work in six days, of 24 hours cache 

Yours very truly, 

a iit as 


Ae Vornos, PBaqes 
Noe 8 Rue de Cpaynart in, 

Paris, Franeds 



Jan, 24, 1890, 

aonflaprat fon ogourred on Thuraday , ‘and ‘conpletely ‘destroyed the 
‘On Sntrirany ‘oar mon og posbeasion of tha’ 
prani ses, end on the following Saturday wo , hed the whole ‘of our 
load of twenty thousand Lights muming again, accomplishing the 
Gan you do that sort of 7 
With reforence to our losses, those will not bo 
very great, inasmuch ®& our insurence will reimburso us for the 
expense of the fire, and the creation of a new Station will erable 

us to reduce our running oxpennes about thirty per cont. 

ee eg, 



= Some 3 ZY 
< = = = 

ae re na en eg ge -, 
SET REE Res es =e 
raat es Sees aoe 
et ee 


Se see pepe 

Se ees 
= a 


Dom Sirs ~ 

Janey Fe Kolly, 


10 Noy 8%., Now Yerk, 

womentior 5 conta “onohi enromta dela 30’ bentis a pound, or in. 

lots of 200. Tde6y" and over, 4s “Shs ‘gente a, feed Price’ of :one 

oeld genet ae iren jor 83.706 they ua one of the se notte +o 

a phonog ph. 

ane ae eer 

by tho Yaison Phonogeaph wore 


; ABignon) 


Roplying ta yoy sea comnunis ut ton in regard to ald 
ane baboT ey 

chromia acid aells, we tog te “s *ehnt ‘wo are prepared to sapply 

these ta we North Mite Phonograph Co, at prices the sumo ay. charged | 

QO it: 

Binow 20 conta eat aaron 10 ‘gate ‘oaght gS Jeo 20 conte’ 

neh; wattery corde 7B conte anh; puter’ tops’ 47 oonts each}: 

dae. oy, 

Yottrs truly, 


Orange, Ne. J, Jan. 16, 

Thesa prices aro as fLoltowss 

Jone Bh, 1890, 

_ Me Thomas Butler, 
44 Val Btro oct, New York City, 
Dom Sirte © 
Wild you kindy look thro gh your files ang seo if 
you have the lotter fim Jol, Yowrmwd in witdi lo orders 1,000 
phonogrephs, It 10 agdrensod +6 Mire Hdlcon, ond wos’ handed to 
“Mre Inwll, Tho lettor I think is dated some tine in ‘tke latter 
end of June or early dn July. Tho Oolonel dcemonces the letter 
with expressions of appreciation of the new machine, mé tho ordsr 
reforred to ig at tho tail aid of tho communication, tho language 
as Lar as I recolicet, being "I now cim yor a firm order fr 
a thowand mehines.® Kindly have thia mutter locked up at once, 
and ifyou fina the lottor, tome at Orange with an little 
de lay as posaible.e . > 
. Yours very tryly, if y #1 
: a a 

Private Seoretarye | 


uae de phe 
anc ts thes wnrclaecl 
Bina ae ete thah 
har aah the, Lous av Ak OE ALO 
tha Va arc net odes 
oF i 
Poo. C. Cla omn 

Jan, 23, SHON 

Oonso13 dated Railway Tolegreph Cos, 

25 Rroadway, Now York City. 

Dear Sirst~= 

| Referring to my resignation of my position as a 
Direstor in your Conmatt}, ever date horqwith, I ghowld be glad 
AP you could elect my Sittrint c Syorot my, Mre Ae 0. Tato, to sorve 
on your Board in my places 

. Yours very twuly, 

Jon. 23, 1890, 

Gonsolidated Ratlway Telograph do., 

115 Broadway, New York City. 

Dear Sirsi~ \ 

I heroby bog to resign my position as a Director in 
Your Company, the same to take offect at once, 

Yours very truly, 


| jpeg 
G Choon Merce. Mow. 
Keuden. bog, 
Wear S44 
Leokegy | ‘Gow og Che yatlor ug Mientus 
isde Lhin hay te deer Ye Elen, Ge, 

bo. Konrkar &. Glau f ta tvcte, ergo 
Cees “Expres, Way f- 
ewe "4 Merwlurire ISO Murcsad Weegrh, 
° “ . ead fey AO FP 5 
bn + fe Wnitins Mopar dhbec 
» & ; : Cnataiga 
fe Mrlis 1Mker Lote. bord, 

pier d “997 ¢0 G yy Weeght 990 Ll 
bh CUReAs Luetraed, | 

“sayxe Baldwin Brute & OO¢, 

53 Broadway, Now York City, : fay 

Tam very Magh obliged for your letter of 24th inst, 
“aa reply to mine of zen, dn regird 40 four anaka of cylinders 
shiymed to ine fren peniey vin Sp Se "la Gaucognes” TIT havo writ~ 
rom Wire Hammer, ag you Bupgost eo 

Yours very heer 


td re 
by o Ae) AE Ee et 

Jone 25, 1890, 

Mverctt Frazar, Baqe, 
124 Water Street, 

New York City. . 

Dear Sir ita . \ a 
Mre Tate has shown ni a dmft ofa sontraat pre- i] 4 
pared by Major Eaton, at the request of the former, rel eiing to - 

the sale of the phonograph 4n Jepen, and which was handed to him 

by yourself that ho might consult mo in regard to tho modification | 

of a certain ¢ lause pertaining to a ninimim guarantee of annual 
aaies, Wilch I had proviously miggestod should be 200 instrumnts 
per year. , 

I desire to invite yor attention to tho fact that I would 
only be justified in making an er contract fora term of 
years with your fim (or with any other persona 4; upon your agree 
ing to do an amount of business which in ny opinion should be ace . 
‘compli shed, your miawantes in this comection being, equivalent fo 
the oxolu sive rights antieeek upon you by nysolf. 

The mnber of mehines which I originally inserted in the 
draft of your saGieaen Gentbdet, roprosonts ‘gs small an amount of 

ising ss 8s it would bo worth either your while or ours to contem- 

Be ee Qe ‘Jan, 25,18 

Pinte in ontering into a formal sgrcoment. 
But my chief objection 4a tt such om agrecmont as has been 
drawn up, fails to give expression to tho veal spirit of the under 

8 tanding whieh oxi aka between Use 

f Mi 
Tt has nover boen my intention or wish to sell Phonogrephs to ” i 
your firm, I vant to eel, than to the publio in the aountrios 
, whero your firns operate and has you pays Performed mie) exe ele 

lent vORe in tim salo of Edi oon Fleatrig ‘Light Plants, your suce 

cess in comoction with hich | ie a imffiot at guarantee of the 

amount of energy ae can n bring to bear upon tho Coneeaeeeten of 

any now business. 


The arrangemont I have always had in vier, and in fact the 

oEranganiens whieh I Phoug ht had boon settled upon and was heing 

carried Outs. until tho rathes was opene@ up again rocent ty, was 
sinply that I was to bill ifthenthidBomen at a sovtein advance 

upon the prices paid by me to oe mar fae turers, and sel) then 

sv aieh your firns fait hina and Sopan, your compensation for hand~ 

ling the goo-d3 boing derived from an adaheeeriat advance in the 

“prices “9 the public. In ehort T have contemplated on ordinary 

sommere int Se anBe ations frea from onorous ‘exactions on either side; 

a transsotion ooking to oe Bale of phonographa, and not to tho - 

ai mosnd oF "rights; * an ay rangement ty which the instruments 

ond be mut-keted in an ordinary way ee an any artiqle of com 

moave is dealt 4h and brought within reach of the public. the 

wn Sos dan. 25, 1860, 

metgin betwoaoh the Price os the initiumenta horo and the price. 
whiah ean bo obtatned psa them 4n Ohina anda: Japan, is considered 
‘by you ta be suffiei mt to conponnate you for the oxpense of 
hendling them, and I am antisfied with the advance which I mke 
abuve the minufasturor's prices, 

If tho business does not pay,you certainly ean have no desire 
to contime it, nor ive I any desire to insist upon your do ig 
96 If is provos muceess ful, it 4s unlikely. tint either of us 
“would wish to withdrar fron a obottten ye enterprise, It, therom _ 
fore, seome ‘to mo that wo could both spend to be ttar advantage the : 
time conamed in the discussion of guarantees and oxactiona, whids 
more frequently retard than assist real EROEE SEBS in affairs of 
thig nature, | 

© “Waahla veiy deny.” 


Fetys Ry, aay 

Gol. Georg Ey Goyyaud, 

Lawyers! Clit, Yow vork dity, 

Near Sirse 

7 { beg te acknavledgs roualyt of Ya cheak perler date 
24th, instont., on Proxol, Morgan | & Coe; to my erior, for aeve,o8, 
in aynient of ay invoice meer eae senuary Lith, for 10 new etyly 
phonogr aphr shied to Tonton ad ye ae counte af veturn henovith 
the invoice rep eipted, . | 

Jan/ai.” 1880" 
: “dole “Goorgs ‘te Goa: ana,’ 
See Tr oe ea 
Now Youk Qatys, 
Pole det ee eee pt ‘ trot 
Dem. Birt |, 


“Yow Lotter wnagr “date yeh dnote anne te jue 
S. reer imate ar se 1O ct ‘ate te 

this mornings Tho nator ‘phanograni, ‘with battery, ag ‘the wer 

“tread le nocuols wora “sant™ ‘in Yo you ‘tme mori ngs : “We wore 


‘uhab le t0 ‘send a mater mater, machine, ne me hava none realy at 

presente We wild lot yon know when a will be possinie to ene 

ply yu with cre of thee machines a , 

: ‘ ' 
oughta pes ee tate 
: wotee ee OAS 

You's vory truly, Oe “s : ' 


\ TON,» ‘25, 1800, 4 


Mre Cy Fe Johnaon, 


, | : $1 Temple Court, 

Now York City. 

Dear Sirte 

1, es 

; . , Nre Kdi son han yecolvod you latter of Ban inate, — 
in remit toa device for covering tho hend to teaden te sound 
‘Ek iy of the roporter's voice. We will try thia oexpordment in the 
; ] Lb oratory and let you know when wo have any Bavieo wady that 

con bo some 

Benj» Fe Stevons, KNaqe, 

New Ynglond Mutual Life Ins. Co., 

Bouton, Mose ° 

Dear Mr» Stovons, = 

I have your letter of 23rd instant, atid will 

postpone my vigit to Boston until it is canvenicnt for you to 

attond tho meting of Board of Directors of tho Toy Compmy. 

Yours very tro aa 

< ee 

eee rn ‘Beers Emrye 

we pene eee ee een 


‘ Jan, 25, 1890 

We Jo Hanmor, Rune, 

23 Rowland Stroet, 

Vewnrk, Ne Je 

| Doar Sirte 

Bg i a Roferring to our Lotter to you under dete 2iat Deo, 
| Last, with which we onelosed certain a ovraosondence ‘from Measra, 

| Baltin Bros. & Coe, in regard to Tou Guake of oylinters ohipped 

from Paris to Mire Edison, via S» Ss "la Gausogne,® not having son 

or hoard anytidng of tids shipment, we wr te Moserne Saldwin Brot, 

' & Coo'a day or so apo, oid the folowing is an extract from a iet- ape 
] : " 

ter whieh they sent wa in roplyte 

"ire Hanmer, your representative at tho Paris | 
Expo altion (mow in Newark}, has aL2 the papers 
in this rattm: md ie informd about thom. Tho 
Customs will not allow ua to swear to entry as) 
the papers read in your namee Kindly sonminieate 
wi th Mre Hanmer, ond oblige." . 

| Wi. you kindly inform m what yer ai doirg about this mt- 
i PO iecrge gee 
tor, ex much oblige ff ite ogo 
: . & Ys AS ip 

Yours truly, ee y 

ec ceemeiteegrens 

Jane 25, 1800. 
Prof, William D, orks, 
Ediron Bleatrie Light Coe, 
009 Sensom Ste, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Dear Sirge 

With ro Soronee to the enclosm sopy of report "Con~ 
cerning tho coat of producing the Hdi son Incandessent bight frou . 
eo tual data obtained from the books of the Edison Bletrio Tight. 
GConpany, of Philadelphia, whieh you recently sont me, I beg to 
oall your attention to an orror of 81,400 in the total of tho 
figures roproront ing *gonst mt charges," which appear on the 
socond pape thoroof, 

I desire to neo the data embodied in thia report, and would 
ask you to kindly tito m bo the error reforred to will affeot 
the different ontimates in same? if 4% wilt not eee yaturn 
the sopy sent you horovith, and 7Z wit make tho necessary correc=. | 


Yours very my, . | me 
M4 P F ete. 

Jane. 25, 1890, 

Ha joe Be Soe Hon 
120 Broadway 7 
Now York City. 
ww \ 


feo wmen tara, 
—. mh, 

RN Aen eee he oa vi Ab 

/ oy 
Dose: “Bix a ro r | ore my ingOiming m0 ‘pa 

the 9 aR Bs it aa Ade 

* Ls hea ‘- ver Sree ae ri =i 
wast eos “i : Cae soe 
\ fied eens 96O,~t0ey oe you 
none an rhe S AD Naas Be y i am:} ; gt! 

. ; 


He Me Livor, Eay os 
1D Dey Ste, Wow York Osty. 

Son, 25, 1390. 

Ure Rdison received you letter of 23rd instest, in 
rogurd $0 visiting Bochtellervillo, and asks m to say in roply 

that he will let you mow as sion as he is able to go fowl theroe 

| “ Anve toad lhe iiveseakae 
J Var 0 , ha gra fre lupins 
eee A thy attrtK Cumwean. 
Pharuregerpo Gs, anrm Me firrea- Cie Chose, 
6. Leos, Corn flaming af Che 
fie he (eae, Warwtat, _ etords ferrnh dS 

ci oe pong ae ies 

sicist an iataelieiorntleaineeestes yet It abl aoewen Sere eH tt oe Cates oe ie 

ee useget 

ee i} 

‘ Seo nee ah, doptacin 
Raagpay nN srogpymemars Pee Sa thoi 

re pecrerenenets errs Se ee ne eg A NN a a jacobs ita 

MAA oibesrina veraecctesvev nia tuatdj indie sveseniseracminaeebianelonrs ii baba Aiea nsnbieSAd: 

TA a. ay af 4 uy HAD. oa aad 

Ah. wo ah “Oa 

a PS. wy, 
et Ete 

“ha? aed ghee - 

SSR a Batt atkddicia es nssinanannda yap soit bbieabmsina de tina ata oaae She NT ce aan cai esa Mie 

| Boece 

Pe DS. ee pe Ai 


ca CO EA 




Jane ‘25, 1890 

ead fon Phonograph Works, 

Orengo, No de 

Dear Sirsse 
ConfLiy ming Me Hagnire's conversation with your Mrs 

Mac Gruthar of this morning, in regard to phonographs for Shenghae, 

I beg to quote the foll oving extract froma letter reo'd, from Mre 0 Ce 

Prasar undor dete “4th instant, the sane having already bem 

perused by Mr. MacGruthars 

“PHONOGRAPHS FOR SHANGHAR. ‘Tho two to bo ‘sent by the OG. P. R 
routes were received and forwarded on the 22nd inatmnt. The other 
two for Shanghae, intended to bo sent a little later on via Suez 
Canal, I nov dosiro you to ship todmorrow, as the S. 8. "Glengylo* 
clears on Monday, the 27th instant. I encloso herein shipping 
order for 6 or less packages, inténded to cover this order. Please 
mark same in accordance with my letter to you and. see that they 
aro olongside the "Glengyle* at Pier 29 (Now Now, Ee Re) not later 
than to-nmrrow, Saturday a ftormoone Please request yow deliver= 
ing age™ to have the gross weights ond measuremmts placed on tho 
batk of the receipt, handing same to thip office as soon as do~ 
livered.* oF 

Yours truly, 

mt ar 

ae oN 

P,. So The shipping receipt referred to . es tle 

~ gn above oxtract, was handed: to Private pores as 

Mr. MacGruthar. a a 

te GY 

z ; : Se aiaaraaes YS Eo 

See teat gon Me Do 
vag bagine: = Ne commen Ogden 8 ge 
ewe. prvtiron the nese mil ; Aobaaeas 

frre the aa aa eal 
a al * cae : 

Baden east —_ 


Jen. 25, 1890 
He M. Livor, Kaqe, 

19 Dey Street, New York City. 

My doar Sirte 

| With reference to your letter of 23rd instant, I 
bog to advise you that I have informed Mre John Birk inbine of 
your intertion to communicate with the firm of le & Re Wister & Co. 
Philadelyhia, as soon us. you are inthe market with concentrates, 

vhich you expect will be in a littic over two months. 

Yours truly, we . 
| Mpg 
Ps yf 
tty, & 
ND 7 

Private Seatetary. 

Jan, 25, ‘1890, 

Mr. John Birkinbine, 
25 Ne Me City Hall Square, 
Philadelphia, Pa, 

Detr Sirse eS 

With re forenco to your letter. of recent dat e,-4n 
which you suggost the desirability of opening up-a soireapondaiie 
with tho firm of ly & Re Wister-&.Co., of your city, in regard to 
ave ourselves of thoir seivicen in the sale of COnseHb rat 685 
I bag to advise you thet we conmmicated with Mr. He Me ‘Livor, . 
General Manager oY the Ne Je &, Pas. Consent rat ing Works, in ‘regard 
%o this matter, and he. advises us tint he knovs tle firm of Wister 
& Oo. very well, ond that it was his irtention to ‘eommanioat 

tith them just Qs soon as the Oomp my ‘Ls ready to. narket.;concon- 

trates, which will probably be jn a little over tw months. 

Yours very twoly, Seg 

Private Secret ary.’ 

ISS eos aren cere oe er ¢ ee eee Breen A, Se ve giants 3 

Jan,-25, 1890. 

Ae Be Dick Haq o, : 2 
152 ~ 154 Lake Stroot,. 

‘Chicago, Ills. ° 

Dear Sirt=. 
I bog to direst you attention to the advertisement. 
of “THE EDISON MIMEOGRAPH,® in the endlosel copy of "News fromthe 
Ghurehes ond Schools." Is tho 3&W XDISON MIMEOORAPH COMPANY | 
working under aut hori ty fran yoursel£? Nover having heard of it 

before, i8 the reason for sending you this communication. 

Jan. 25, 1800 

William BF. y Wharton, Faqe, 
. Assiat mt Secret ary, 
Department of Shae e eensre ets De Oe 

Dear Sire 

In roply to your letter umior date 22nd instant; I 
beg to advise you that tho package containing a conuminicatdon 
from tho reprosontatives of tho Givie Aaministration of Como, the 
birth-place of Volta, addressod to myselts together with a Silver 
Medal, tao been duly veces ved by mee 

T shal. address a comminiontion ‘airoot to the reprosentat ives 
of the Civic Administration of Como, usknow lodging receipt of 
thelr kind message, 

Thanking you for the trouble witch you haw taken in this 
matt er 

| I beg to romin, 

YVory truly yormg, 
, ony 
; : WUbtaracth 


. “a 2 

comm pee ee tlgoe. Neb ttt matontt Reel 

' Associ abion,.I beg to inform you that Mre Kdison is simply: going 


Jen, 25, 1890. 

T. Re Taltavall, Esqe, 

The Blectricg Ago 

. New York Olitye 

Doar Sirs~ 

With reforene to your Ictter. of 2ist instant, asking 

for an advanae aopy of. tho ‘phonographia address. of. Mrs. Faison to 

be delivered at the Kansas City meeting of the Natiom): eectr 4c 

to sond to the moting in question & record of his. voice, it being 

impracticable for him to propare the paper originally contemplated. 

Yours very truly, 

Jane 27, 18904 
Mry YW. Je Jonks, 

6/o Rai son Gen'l, Elootry te Coo, 

New York ity, 

My dear Sirtw 

Mre Vai son is vory much’ obliged for your letter of 
gend dnstant, in rogard ta North Sarolina Corundan mines. "He 
sontempl ates a vi sit to. Ashoville in the course. of a feu i ease 
for the bonefit of hia. hoalth, end before leaving tint ‘vio antes 
will cold uyon your fathor, arm talk with him in rogard: to the 
property reforred toe ; 


vai aa ed 

Yours very truly, .“ 

sa, eer 

Private Score tarye 

sr ae bag bik: Ley 

aye sees 


Messra, Eaton & Lowis, 
120 Broadway, New York City. 

Dear Sirsi~= 

Jans “27, “1880 

"I bog to refer to you the enclosed letter from Jan. 

De Martin, Rooleater, Ne Ye, Loxvarded to Hr. Edison by ‘the “United 

Edi mn N'f*ge Cow “Can yor prevent the fiom of Nichols & Cos frm 

using tho ‘name "Edison in corhection with the Electro ‘Ghomical 

Fluid, reforrdd to in Mrs Mortints letter? 

Yours truly, 


privito Sourotar 

Jan. 27, 1890. 

‘Se Be Baton, Eaqe, 
120 Broadway, 

New York City. 

Dear Siri» 

I bog to confirm re coipt of the folloyirg tel egrm 

; addrossed to Mre Edi son,, received from you 24th instant i~ 

"Suit against yar on personal tax decided 

in your favore Se Be Eo® 

Pay te 
fv? Beat 
Yours truly,” gp 00/4 
fae ath ney 



Privaw Soorotmy. 

Vee) 29's 189e, 

lon cw Siatcin al Prank 
for ot ob diet, 
few oY s) 

Meav ee 
Me ee ee Pe ee Le 7! 

tack fran hive 7y 6. A er ey 

#4498, Fee = 
Ab araw plac amy Fs omy 

wrudaly am ol oth i 

Ph ora aw a, Elion 


Jen, 27, 1890 

Major Se Be Eaton, 
120 Broodway, 
Now York Citys 

boy Sirsa Ke fs, 
Reforring to you letter under date 16th instant to 

Hr, Everett Frazar, No» 124 Wator Ste, Nov York, with which you 

, ° 
melosed aopy of a proposed agroement relnting to the Bale of 

phonograph in Japan, I sent you en Saturday last, gopy of a iste 

ter: addressed by myself to lire Frazer npeumine to this samo pub 

ject, and in which I proposed gomnst ae this business in an ordi 

nary commercial way without ontoring into ony fornel agroenent 

with Mr. Frazar or his firms » I have sem Mr, Frazar singe wri- 

ting tho letter last roferred to, and he has agreed to conduct 

the business in accordance with my suggestions. It will therefore 

de ume cessary for yma to take any further steps rolebing to an 
agxoemmt between Mire Frizar's firhh ald myself. 
Yours Very Wrudy, 


: , 
sae HET oe 

a dtl 
i i 
pe i 

Iohoratory, I mde the suggestion that dota end plens in connectinn 

‘Engincering Departmmnt,. As Hr. Boggs is at presont the master 

Jans, 27, 1800. 
Ge He Herrick, Eaqe, Vico=Pros'te, 

Eainon General Electric Companys 
the Wall Ste, New Yorks . 

Dear Sirte 
In reply to your letter of 24th instant, I beg to may 

that during tho recent visit of Messrs Boggs and Krewsl to the 

with the -construticn of the new plants in Her York City, should - 
be collected and propared for tho Edison Flectric IMuminating Coe, 
by the Rngincering Doprertmant of the Gmoral Companys Mre Beggs 

refused absolutely to have anything to do with the General Go's 

‘of the situation, ani the Manager of the Eitan not ing Oompany, I 
deferred to his views and said that I wolld tise some of the engilsy- 
eos of the Engincoring Dop 't4 to pot the dita, wd did my best to, 
accomplish. results without nihy feintion, 1 #tuk th might to well 
vaforo taking ony dogided pttpe th bhis mateeyY fox ute to wait unbil 
the time comes wien tho vaibon weAhies Goo Bohtaeih the Wer York 
itdoninating Ove. Otherwise ikl rag to" sitoutshd wit oan just 

Jy. He Herr iek. fd ao Jone B7, 1800. 

ge well be avoided hy tebate tho aqurne wich XJ have siygsenteds 

Yours voyty truly, 

. ae eed tfongy 
‘ — 

UY ¢ He Me bivor, , _ l 
19 Dey Streot, 

Now York City. 

Dea Sirse 

I have thoupht the Bedhtolsville Mil2 business all 
over, ami I think tin best thing is the r take hold of the thing 
meee ascaming ‘all yosponsibilitys. This will take the worry 
of f yur mind and yor can ¢len attend entiroly to Ogden business. 
ZI want to do thia especially, os in view of the extent td whieh © 
tm yong into mining that I want te laarn the busines frown actual 
rpesinnee, So yor had better drop a wote to Galata, ani say 
you ore wo busy with Oglen, you can't give attontion to Bechtolge 
ville, and tint Bdi con will comp dowt fra tor days anil mike aste 
form} arrangenonts. Ibhall als é% Hirtzel] Aha eons to some | ) 
sexiorp lindors tenditip about ahh mine b Thints mist Yb dbanitd. 
Amsyar|as you waders ttady 

Jane 2%, 1800 

Mre Thoras Butlor, ; 

44 Wall Ste, Wow York Oity, 

Dear Sirs 

" Z pent to irs Ingold from Paris, in the carly part 
of Soptomber last, or tho lattor part of August , eopy of o letter | 
written by Mre Edison to Cole Gouraud, in regard to the latter's 
order for 1,000 phonographs e IT also gént him copy of a telegran 
which was sont, to Goaraud from Parts, quoting mximum prices on 
the difformt styles of mehines, togo ther with oopy of our letter: 
confirming the enid telogram. It is necessary that I should have 
these papers at the earliest poasibiy monont. Tf to not find then 
here and presume that hive are In Me Insull's filos somewhere in 
New York, Will you kindly obtain them for m andi sond thom out 
os quickly as possible, obliging 

Yours truly, 

Gan i] ay a 

12% Withey Va 
Mt Your. 
Asis Se is : 

J oa Mi eotefy You. 
4K. ed >, pie UV ug MU fair tporecd es Ae S 

thy vey | 
; & AAL he Looute bi “~ 
@. ‘ oe aruo One. Moker es 
, 1 B j 
s My . af Bla thea “td 72 Fingiasy Reeard, 



wea A. eA Atay au es oe Dera oben, i 
SB: A. lenght. Gu AG “Ee R. 

7) Lecekprat ate Chevy ALE ft 

Expr pan Cay eg AOAAUL 
Lf tTrcR bealy by 
YU 4, Aer Ae. 

etarel a? 

F Welle, Garp wipes | 



Me Coleen 4 7a od Races Ion r ge) 

deb tart fii ce 
few Ube 

AD cov es “ 7 

. fl Ho, Sto LAA claw 
a a CO Gia gee Cuprontarieavdy sian MENT bar" hy 

markiachs Liea, Leva acerpldl 7) Y igae hw 

Pla AALS frbicce CLAUS we 

/ ans inbeactes yooh AMAL 

my eweltt, ariel oblige 

a 25 hs 





Fs ff 1012, 

| Hone Eick, 
Bomar Z 



yor Or 

‘ G -) ‘ 
fireaan a rf) CGAY Ata “i oy 
29 2). Civerru. /). 

L9 ears nas wy! 


J be a 

Vitex: vee 

4; ALA chia V 

Une a vi a 
neti oufres (AMAIN Oa Le re g 

= ey 2. biog g 

cas Arrensnths [Qn Arve ce 

beer cept WI bye otal cideutl 

to fi 136 

c . 
om dates eh 

te Oats pp et, ces A HAAN {4 DVLA. CHE pie A LAA ol ae 



| traly 

Opies Q< 

Fhe “oy 

an aa 


yous 2%. x « 

GitiAgn Phonogn afs hy Srorha) 
Dire Ons A. J 

| 4 OD eens Lua: 

Wiis Ff . 

ws ie i Abs aad we hap Toe ie cf .fraaktle To | 

| elise: Ny ay) ye rh o ww YW 

i hice | : C eas oy) L CtAay) 

im ie le, 
aa ‘ : . . : Sa ee hy. C. 
og | ee 
SQ daly waa ahs Coen aren vy {Dries dass 4 
TG « /otts, a 

5O We ope uv dfnsnyy 

Ay ator) fa «fof. ghite One ay x20 She OLur. 

Siecle s 
guar Gish, 
De io Gey 

Jane 27, 1890. 

My dear Hr, Stovens,~ ; 

Mi, Rdison desires me to thank you for your 
kindness in osolieting hin to ohtain o copy of "Hitehcooks Geology 
of Now Narpshive." I think I shell ba able to go to Boston to-= 
morrow nitht, with models, I will tolegreph you, or rather I wilh 
tolograph Mr, Weld in amplo timds 

Yours vary truly,%, , 0 0-7" 
fess | 

ay seas g 

; Hate 

- me 

Private Sec Ke 

Benje He Stevens, Hage; 
Mer Ynglend Mutual Tifo Ins, Qos, 

Boeton, Vasis 

eet ee Sowa . 
Ge ft 

a. Jan, 28, 1890, 
i 3 

a oo 

i Messrs Dyer & Seely, ig { 

2 ys 

40 Wall St,, New York City, 

Deter Siros- 

KE anetoag heregith memorondum of an invention to 

cheapen ang simplady the Ox OOtLon of Copper pyrites from “the 
worthless Bangue with whion 44% 1s mixed = syeelally pyrite of 

tron - patent for whigh Mre Hdieon dosires yo. to mata apy Lisation, 


Yours truly, ‘ : 


it /\ 
ae a . ; % 
ei ae 
"ad y 
; : 5 w 
an ae . Jong 28, 1890, 
q 4 ~~ a _ 
: i q 3 p < A p 
a Bee Me S8Y8,, Perry 
Ae 65 Boaver Stroot, Nov York Oity, : ae 
- Sa _ 
\ L 2a) ae y 
q a. ae 
oy S Nigar sirst- 
S es < AS . 



I onclose vier ond te a gonmutie ition yecoiyed: this 

ae ‘ 

horn from Mre Ee Grosas, Forvmarding Agant, iavve, info rming “me 

eae 2 

Pret, fA 

Poa shipmont made to my soit, fo Merchants NDespateh syensportation 


je, Now York, by Mossree Voyher & Righomond, Pees France's 

fest ff 


I progume that this shipmmt consists of the modeis reforr ot 


40 in a coblegram which I rovaived from Woyher & Richeniond, 18th 

bg Hot ame.» am, of whieh the folloxing is a copy! "Models 500 horse 
ay ; : 
e* “4 leave upon Champagne »® \ 

x ang Be : 

ee ne The Se Se "La Chaupagno," understand anived in Nov York 

: a » * 

_ = te « 

« ww ‘Sgivserday e 
-o® 4 * 

<< i at E oom sas rect im try nopnpt Lol Wffl the adele hdve arrived, 

wel UO bhintdly han wWhean poo throvall the cabs ond al} Quagxly as 

Rat ata Yorvarfind to m at orange 

ad ven 


1 by expen VLA tile Ne Yp 




7 Tove aus. Se fave Broxch of the Rede Ry Ree meat Aligu’d 
a Pus . Yours qety trutyy 


- Coa _ 
Cues \ 

Jan, 28, 1890, 


Nossrs,» Perry & Ryer, a ee 

GS Beavox Street, New York Oity. 

Near Sirgi- 

ql i With reference to your letter of 24¢h instant, in 

i which ya. stata that ya are informed by the Merchants Daspa toh 

: [: 4 fransportation Co., that ths oqse per “La Bourgogne” was shipped 
4 ” : . 

hd by De Le & We Re Re on Jamiuary 6th last, I beg to inform you tat 


this shipment has not yot reached tio Ieboratory. The De Iw & We 

i me | 4 Rye po Milo inform us “tmnt they have no record of any such ship- 

ment having urrived st Orange, Undor these circwmiatmoes, 1 

think 1¢ warld bo well to have a tracer sont out iat once for these 

Goals e 

eRe hy 

Yourn very truly, 

seer ian | 



Tone 28, 1890 

Messrs, Faldwin Brose & Oo., 

55 Broadway, Now York City. 

Dear Sirage 

. Referring further to the ianthor of 4 casks of 
eylinders shipped to Mrg Faison. Irom Pafis, via Se Se *Le Gascogne, 
Sho vs which we have been in correspbrilénie, I bog toa sereee yar 
herewith ball of lading for Mme, omlorsed by Mr Edison to your 
order, and vould ask you to Kindly hevo this Shipment passed 
throagh the Customs as qiickly an possible, md send it by express 

to Ovange, via the Orange branch of tho Erie Re Re 

’ Yours very ental //j by: : 

Jens 28, 1890 

Hy My Tivor, Esqe, 

19 Dey Ste, Now York. 

Dear Sirsa 
. vous letter of 23rd instant, in regard to dimnstone 
of: dust soncentr stors, Ins been handed mo by Mire Hdicon,. Te 
first timo you come out to tho Laboratory», te kind onough bo see 
mi in regard to this matter, as if I sent you the exact dimmnsions 
of the machine as I have it here, it might not euit your plens,» 
The muehine itself proper, is complete, but the position of “the 

blower md the Leeder you might want to chmnge, 

Yours wary ae 

1 & 
i Jan. 28, 1890. 
: . ee ee ¥dison Phonograph Works, nae 
fod Orange, Ne Je si 
| Dear Sirst~ 
| | Nre Edison wishes to gsond in about ten days, threo 
ia : ry 

or fow dolls to the Emperor of Augtria. 

Yours traly, 


Private Secretary. 

9 ee ead + 

‘Jan. 28, 1890 

Messrse Siomens & Halske, ° 

Borlin, Germny. , 

Dear Sirs:« 


I beg to confirm the following cablegrans exchanged 
dotwem us -d-dayt~ 

Raison, Ormge, No Je Wien, Jon. 28,1890. 

The Mmperor of Austria ordered us to 
' | inquire after nonarrival of the pro- 
mised puppet with phonograph, Please 
sen send telegraphic answor. Siemens Halske, 
Siomons Helske, Borlins Orange, Jamiary 28th, 1890. 
“Wi1L send puppets within ten 
dayse Edison. 

Yours truly, 

ms pea esas comes seeEn ais = — =e a 



2 ANA Cg Zz G 
C- Men Ne A fh res 
Cr oe ae 

2. NA_- Dow _NM— Zt... J 
eee ee ee for ey Poe, of es TR 
PY CF hee oe sais yp Ne 
Oe aa Lees DOR. ne At 

Ua TY PO op he pepe 
“ an Gate. “go! (ele y 
Jak DL. (o--¥ 0 : 
Nes a 
(ae ere rt a 


ow We 

da sn Lei» 

ra tak 


eer ‘a 

tue id 
4 en ‘ee ve Ca AD 

ec. COAL aa La wn tare Len pede ; 1) J 

fey e terea, 
| io nen Cferan thw 7 7 a oe "% | 
" : , : SS. CU UA Pe) 7 Tale Trae aed) 4 

Cet o-o A aad 

—s | ( eae LALO & wdla nee 0 ase UV ate | 

|! ar ae: 
i Gee prot ol a ; 
Se " yb bs 
oF | . FP pater fovey, : 
. ; a , f a 



Lop, \ § 
Jer RA oy ae 
“fle AG . oe ~) 3 : 


G2 204, 

2 Wel cee wah a | - 
Get te ee 

(eaten clef 
olen aie ca) | q 
i a Pes ae a (rarnet 
Aba tw tre “oe ahaa oe 
hare fr J granted wee 

Tow Oa. vn_gh@t—r Aho hae heer 
aA tA ho Po an - 

— ? A we 7 eS : 
tacks , Z exc he oa a. | 
katy Ltn Lp ae Sare Ako f 

Awd Gat. gianni ars : what” f 

pe ie x 
qe teth tnrch— 

f scppacioonaee 

a ee Ts 

SS ee 


a ERE 


2 serene SR a I 

ee ee 
Geeta ee eae = 

SE Egat 

Leh Bute ‘7 | | 
: Oe usa Beller e~ Ontarve 5 
a he AD. ear Kho + | oa 
CON ha Mis tay elif 
bwid “Yor 

6 hog 


Jan. 28, 1890. 

iE i Helvil Deevey, Esq, 
— M a 
_ / a New York State Library, 
en, : im Albany, Ne Ye 

Dem Siri» 

, I have yoceived your letter of 24th instants 
- ~I have been trying for a long time to gather information in 
ni regard to the mineral deposits of New York State, and have had a 

mm for tyvo weeks at one time endeavoring to collect reliable 


7 data, but I have boon unable to obtain aything in the way’ of 
an | even reasonidly accurate records ‘The Geological Report of the 


State-is of no use whatever, amd about the same value attaches to 

such maps a8 have been issuod. Owing to this unfortunate state 

of affairs, I have been compe Ned to begin éperations in eonnection 

with my Ore Milling process in. the State of:Pennsylvania, whose 

oper surveys 

authorities have had sufficient foresight to have pr 
To illustrat o- the 

| emda records made pertaining to its goologye 

| wplue of data such as I abel ding dvadlable, I mey..sar theb YX an 
erdusing now in parisy latte dived Lavgd ntlis, dt 4 aout of 
\omy shiniepnds of GoM AY Shel SeiMky “od hart mg dtadedy dite’. bd 

| stibrouded tbo atk Yatyiaant rats sue HEA 2. saath CO att ® Heke ov 

Be ap 

Mo De : 3 Jan. 28, 1890 

dollars. It carmot be expected that people who aro interested in 
the dovolopment of minertl deposits shall, send surveyors through 
the eamtry to collect data and make records, which manifestly 
should be prepared by the State Authorities, md placed within 
reach of everyone. I can only repeat what I have said to yar in 
a fomer letter, namely, that the Geological Survey of the State 
of New York, is a disgrace, md stat the Authorities of the State 
will neglect the bost interests of the people whom they ceprosent 

jaunt so long as they fail to have the matter correeteds 

Yours very trmly, 

yaa a 
gyaty? yl? \e Q 
Ter gt Me Ae gf len 
C a de Dips 

° “ 4 



‘Tan, ‘28, 1890 

Profs William p, Morks, 

4 908 Sansom Streot, Philadelphia, 

iz L . P ay . 

deer Sirie 

I am meh obliged for your ‘lotter of 27¢h instant, 
returning report as to cost of producing tho Ndion incandescent 

Wehbe I have aw intention of using ‘the informa ion ‘embodied 

in this roport in any bat a confidential ways 

Yours very truly, 

JmMme 29, 1880 

My, John Birkirbine » 
Philndelphia, Pas 

Dear Sirt~= 
With re forewoe to your lettor of 24th instant, in 

re gard to Putnam Oounty pro pr opertios, as spon as I can got avay 

I will go up to the mine and survey ite Will you kindly ascertain 

for mo if T am obtait acconmodations 8 
to stay all night? 

omenhere near the mine, for 

a team and driver and tro assi stants, 

Yours “truly, 

Ye eee A, 

, G 

rr wt fd ‘ 

Ladd f, ve » 

~ ~ row 

cam Loge heme pegs TL TEE ol eS 

ce BS 

rT Sel 


er a 

| He Pe MoIntosh, Haqe, Sea'y. & Treas 'Ys, 
Tho Cunndian Oopper Company, 

Cleveland, Ohio. 

“I hava your letter of AYth inste, in reghrd to suwb- 
mitting a proposition for consideration by your Company Prior 
to its recoipt I had sont u Lotber upon this mab golds to Jue : 
Burkes I also sav Mre Ritchie som oight days agb, when I ine 
forried hith th at I liad a proposition all written ‘out, ‘md asked “him 
to send lie Lavyer on liore, to discuss the dfteroht points in- 
volved ahd havo the mtter closedy sinoe which + ine I have heard 
‘nothing fron hime Before ‘forvar ding you the propo dition, I dé= 
sira to have Mrs Allien, or some other porson, Gola’ on to ‘ovade? 
take the matter mn nord ‘and complete its I have a nuiber of rey 
oxperimenting on this work, and am amtidus to havo the matter 

ense in con= 

settlat upy so as to warrant my going to further. exp 

nootien: with ite 

Yours voiy truly, . 

; ; L 
, i 
fi " Inne -29,. 1890 | 
Hebe Inivor'y Redes » Bes ! 

10 Ney Street, Naw York Olt Ye 

Dew Sirse 
Mr, Edison is mich obliged for 
on Ninos, naar Toptons ‘Paes 

your lotter of 27th 

jnebont, in regard to the Topt and in 
just as woon iF he can, le 

rply desires mo to snform you that, 

22 sem a ron to inspect thio prope rtys jae 

Yoors trily, 




2. Be Hastings, Esqe, , 
o/o Hai ton Gon'le Klectria ffompany, 

& Wall Ste, Now Yorke 

Dear Sirt-= 

" L bog to agknowlodgo recelyb af check Nose 81205, of 

Mosarae Droxel, Morgan & Cosy for $2,885.21, bodrys proceeds of 

coupons aoliected by them on tha Powiders* shaves of tho ampagniv 

Continent alo Hadi son, held by you as Trusten, the name having been 

ondlosed with your lotter of 27th instante 


Yours vory truly, 


fa mer occa 9 WS ESE TE Sea mY 

Jon, 29, 1890 

Jon, 20, 1890 


Edison Waghino Yorle, . a 

Scho neetady, xX vw 

Dor Sirsi~ . 

At itt. Kdison's requent, 110 ame soniing you to-day, 
trie apeuking tubes, which wo would like For $6 prada one witha 
cher braid, and the other with n #i1k bind, returning thé same 

to Us Bt your oor liont sonentante with potas ea. 


YWote teuly, 

Roleoh hascwwrat 0, ye 
pos f { a ae 


7 ‘ , 

Ft oats YY. ude i 

Hp Mant dee aw anaes yt Bettas LAMAR Ebi Im, ‘29 . 1890. 

Thoman Butler, Kea, 
| a 44 Wall Strect, 

"Now York City. 

| , Dear Sirt~ 
Eg “g onglose horcvith cheeks of The Edi gon lestrie Light 
C. of Rurope, L't'de, on one Gorge ta Bank, Fou, ay %0 ‘28, ‘both 
ino lusive, mate payabilo to the ortey ‘of Thones Rwtlen, or. ourselvag, 
amounts blank, for the redeuption of Ginpans tun Byhmary -lst, t89n. 

WA12 y a2 kindly, pay these compors on pre sontation, and meh obligo ° 

Yours trfly, 

oo uate Sa ates Set lc acne 



Jan. 29, 1890 

Haison Phonograph Works, 

Orangeo, Ne de 

Dear Sirs: 

.With reference to tho attached letter under Auto. . 
16th Decanter, 1880, rocoived by. Mr. Edi eon from Carlos Monteiro 
o Souza, of Rio de Janoiro, in which he informs us tkat the ship-- 
ment of phonograph matord al via Se & “Salembria,® of which ad~ 
vise was sont hin Octohor 29th last, haa not yet reached him, I beg 
to inform you that notice of tho shipmont of these goods was: for- 
wanied to Carlos Monteiro o Soaze in accordance with inet metions 
reaoived fron yourselvose. ‘Kindly have this matter investigated, 
it infom us asto the reason why these goods were not shipped 
as stated, so thit wo may reply to Mr. Souza's letter, whi ch picase 
return then yo save canpleted your snes bi pnt tons 

Yours very truly; 

‘ ey aes 

Privat ¢ Socre try, 

oN nen eee cement en ELT Re tte 

Brel aug ee tnane 

Jan, 29, 1890 
S» dn Stuart, Msqe, 

‘Somor sot Olub, 

a oo cetren nag x Dees 
— gs eS eer = cee 

Boston, Mass. 

oo Dear Sirs 

| : 

‘ fi 
4 Mre Edison has read your letter under. date 26th inste + e 
q and has asked no to thank you for the same, He will ‘be very | : ‘ 
q imch obliged if you can direct him where to obtain a suyply ‘of i e 
q ‘oapphive, a sufficient quantity of which ‘ho fine it ¥eeult to - | 
| securee He does not want a superior stonoy : i ms 

Mie Hadi son appreciates vory mich tho intercst which ‘you are 

toking in tho mattor, and will be pleased to hear further from 


Yours vory truly, 

a cae 

A awoide 
eee Pe 

ee : 

Seti soe Sie BEST M. 

hive wore 


ene 30M Io 
Dota oiiad Haliaidl SD igist hy . 

Mica, A. 
LD vies ter 

A a Sp Cancel cae. ty oa 
cue aie: 1aWN dies Gets: o) 

ods ea) oe ine yi aod 
rae Guts yt Lhe Nive 

Maal pare 1a ce el he 

“CRC (LQ fi cl. | J (DOL AAAL £0 oy 
. at 

Cree clty care val 

5 fe 


( fos P 
Ad GIALA fp Plead 4 
“il ] ) 5 a 




(Utd — 

Wy qwae Fars (teen eo C e) ye OA AAAN acetal 

(, CO. 2an0n rey 

AcE weer 

ene sig Wis oS 

a nwa! 

cP owe eck Fins { 
ho (fs. g q CAAAR INS oe 


Joteqeephad Cann on cane iene 
Gitte. J se fh ee ae: 5 

Te ‘Wee’ os qerho aae ‘at Orreange, 
Ue fee Cee See 

gd ag Hae oe 

Hat i \ccad ‘ wd ale nye | 

Jan, 30, 90 

Daniel Weld, Mage, Sec'ye, 
Edison Phonograph Toy M'f'e Coe, 
Boston, Mass. — - 

Dear Sirte 

* I have received your telegram of to-day, repeating a 

cu legram from th. Yeomonse I enclose herowith a note addressed 
to yourself by Nre Edison. Mrs Yeomans does mot understand Mr. 
Edi son's personal. relations in Europe, and it would, therefore, 

be woll for him not to attempt to adjust then. . 

Yours vory truly, / a 
e can 

o oa 

Private Secretary» 

SSS Se ae 

Tm. 30, 1800 

Maj or Se B ] Kat ON, 

129 Broadway, New York City. 

Dex Sirt~ - 

Referring to Sol. gouraud's request that I .ahovld 
send him certain correspondence relating to his order for 1,000 
phonograyhs, au I do not know tho Colonel's address I am enclosing 
these papors to yous Attached wai will find (1), letter from Col. 
Gouraud to Nr. Edison, under dato August 26th, 1839; (2), copy of 
letter from Nr. Edison to Cole Garraud, under dato September Srd, 
1889; (3), lotter from Qole douraud to Myre Rad son, under date . 
Sopte 7th, 1890} (4)- scopy of scbtagean from Mire vids son to Cols 
Gouraud, under dato Septemher loth, 1889. Ina lott or adares sed 
to re Hai son under date Juno Bren 1839, Col. Gouraxd Ewes for- 
mal order for l, 000 phonogrephs, But ave no Inat muetione in rogard 
to thei ry shipment’. His lettor under date Septe qth, confirms his 
order for 1,000 machines, and is gecific in’ rogexd to tleix ship- 
mente I nhve hoon vneble to fird the letter of Juno 20th; which 
came an Yih, hy atieana’ iss ‘RAPD pO f {nd whiok wop iihdod to Hre 
meat b fins at o Geardh maid ak bee funds te flow an ite 
OPA Bu 48 Beat #194 Bbw pap % tata ane fasedobionds 

8S» B, Baton we Jan. 30, 1890 

T am now sending yar will be suffi viat. 

over and let neo know, 

Wil. you kindly ‘look at 

Yours very tmuly, )" ° 


n \a 

Private Secret ary 

Jem. 30, 1800 
Hain Phonograph Toy N'£*y. Ooe, 

05 Milk Ste, Botton, Masse 

Dem Sirss- 
My ossistant, Mre Wangemmm, who has been oxhibiting 
the phonograph recontly in Murope, promised, in ny behalf, to 

‘tend to the Emperor of Austria, a Speaking Doll, as a porsonal 

gift from myself. I desire to dataim your permission to fomvard - 

to tho Muporor of Austria, through my friends Messrs. Siemons ‘and 
Halske, in Berlin, half a dozen speaking dolla. Xindly sond me 

formal mthority to make this yaosont, nnd oblige 

Yours very truly, 
ra “Ta 
/, ay 
ao bo cgatye Po 

why setae win neg bacemte patimeeh geen tT 


Mie David S. thite, 

41 Brondway, New York City, 

Dew Sirie 
: bre Mii son has received yar lotter under date 27th 
dnstant, Ho has already mide arrangommts for a mpply of beryl, 
This material ie not ag goot os sapphire, au it is not an hard, 
: but Mre Hafan ins hed so moh difficulty in obtaining a supply 

of aspphire, that he han beon obligod to vse beryl, 

Youre very truly, {i . ate 

oes emt 7 Ij fon 

Hiedivat e”Sec re tary 

then under date Lath Distant, in whieh you state tint with your 

Jan, 3O, 1999 

Daniol Welds Atrer Wotye, 
Raizon Phonograph Tay MIL ge oes 
#95 WAR Ate, Bontons Hast, 

Dear Sirt- 

fousra. Dyer & Sealy have reverrad to me your letter to 

Qompany there $5 no quest sen but that Mr, Edison should boar the 
entire expense of taking aut patents on nia tnvent soma f I desire 
to point out to you that you aro entively in orrer in nelaing this 
boitef. Under Nr. Edison's contract with your Oenmpany, he hag 
agreed to give you cort ain of his inventions for a seituin period, 
tat nowhere does he apree to bear the wxpense of t0ktrny ont patonty 
on theae invontions, In fact, nover in the history of tie ba- 
ainess, were he lins agroet to give invotigny in any particular 
line, to corporations, ns he Undertaken to heh tse exzonse of 
ewking ot’ patents, All his Ctapanies take thesd pataiys out thom 
ecltven, and pay ‘Yor then, dat L¢ your Colpanf aeukrie protection 
‘of ths: nature gr watintetson with with dnvéniioks a6 Wh Ediyon 
tubhd ever to vote yc tle: Pelbow the pane uaiid, ded as 

dee tint The Rewt te poe ale inet been 9 etn wih tittetis 

. Jf * 
Ny Fee a eS I SF PEER phim 

— penser ane 

Dasial Weld Pyery Jon. 50, 1890. 

Jyer & Seoly, 45 an Simportant one, aid your Bxooutive Comittor 
‘phould loue no further tim in decidthg whether or not they will 
apply Por patents. 

Yours very truly,  ., 



: Private Soded'tary. 

eI aa 

Met mmc gt RCE 

Ton. bf, 1WOG 

Major Se Bo Katon, 

a . 
120 Broadway, as 
: S 
New York City. \ 
Dear Sirte . : 
I bog to confirm the following tolegram ont you “ty 
Yordayt = h 

“Have been ki Boston; only just received yow 

letter regarding contracts; wi1L take tho mate 

ter up inmodiatelys Ase Go Té* 


a gS 

Yours truly, 

ms Se ee = 

Private dJegit ary. 

ia saes Sg 

Messrse Dyer & Seely, 

' F 40 Wal}. Streat, 

‘ New Yorke 

Dear Sirst-~ . 

Ww ) I enclose herawith a daerintion of the Wai aon 
8 ' Lalonde cell as now madoe The aitternt done witeh have heat 
(3 made in the dotnilo of ¢onstruction, are not conajdered important 
te by Mre Edi sone with I spoke tonim about this matter, he said 
‘a that the description cartained in tho eragived application vas. 

oafficientes | , oy 

Yours very truly, aa x: oe 








Jan. 30, 1890 

liv» Thonas Butley, Scoretarys 
Ney Jeysey & Ponnsylvania Conoen tr at ing Works, 

44 Well. Ste, New Yorks 

Dea Sirt- 
I bog to acknowledge ree eipt of your Letbors SO Date! 

Hdison and nyself, umer ate 28th instants nobiiyiny wa tint yor 

have boon instructed to make.a call of $10,000 on the unpaid Stock 

‘of the Ne Je & Pae Conemtrating Works, in addition to the calls 

already mde for February gra and March Sr, tho amounts due on 

cu" holdings boing $3,300 and $200, respectively, paymble 14th 


Yours truly, t 

“' Jane 30, 1800 

DA - George Ne Holbrook, Hades ‘Pedvident, | 
: Now York Pelegraph Club, 
= ‘New York City, 
raelt ‘ Dear Sirs= 
_ | Mie Bat gon has rogoived your cirowlar letter under 

wie d we : a : aste 23: instant, in regard to the Amrual Regeption of — lub, 

| whioh is to take place 3rd proximo, a desire: to subscribe Lor 


six tickets of admission to this Reception, and I @neloge ‘herewith 
his check for $6.00, covering ‘sost of same, Kinlly acknowledge 
| . receipt and oblige - 

Youre trulyy 

Privhté Socveterté 


-Jan,.50, 1890 

My dear Nre Comary,~ 
I have your letter of 20th instant, I 

thall be very glad indeed ta moet Mre Ceballos if he st411 fa~ 
sires to have an interview with me, I, howevor, will not te able 
to aisouss with him the business arrangoments in Mexico, for tho 
reason that ail su¢éh mttors mist be doalt with by Col. Gouraud. 
Tn fact, the couse of my not having made an app ointment. to meet 
Mr« Ochallos befare this, is that I wnderstood that he desired to 
dineuss certain arrengoments which it would days: beh impossible 
for me to pass upon miess Col. Gouraud wero presente If, howe 
evor, Nre Ceballos would like to como ot and seo me, I shall bo 
very happy, indecd, tomnke an appointment with hime 

In satin’ to.the lettor which you stpgest I should write to 
Gov, i112, I would bo yery happy to do this for you, Wut I nar 
that i would handicap yous J am Not mupberdd amonfet the srionds 
of the Governor, Md Iam supe that such conimintoation instead of 
appl sting your would have just the oppasite of font. | 

In rewind to sofmanteab tora n&ayt by you ‘te Gol, Gotraud from 

Mexia, several. of whtoh pittved through tiin office, I cnn only 

Te Be Jomery. - Re Jm. 30, 1890 
say that they wore mailed to the dolonel's proper address in 
London, and if he did not reaoive thom, 4t nuust be because they 

were miglatd in his own of fico. 

Iwas laid up for several days with the Grippe, borifirted ‘to 

the house, but am happy to say that I have ontiroly vooovered 

from it. 

Yours vory sincerely, 

° ; 
: aD! 
- a ! 

Thoras Be Gomory, Ebqes 

Richmowd HAL, Le Ie ie 



kre Thomas Butler, 

Dear Sirs- 

44 Wal2 Street 2 

In the momorandum dictated by Mrs Insull before he 

New York City e 

went to FAPORS, there is ona line which réads: "Seo Mr. Edison 

about 80 elng Myre Villard " Deutehe ‘Bank. * 

to? I have spoken to Mr, Yo son about: it, but ho does not under= 

stand ite 

a letter of introduction to the Bonk from Mrs Villard. 


My recollection ‘tn, that Mr. Inswll wanted to obtain 
. \ > . 

Yourg truly, 

\ Private Seoretarys 

what does this refer 

Am I 

Jane 31, 1890 

Major Se Ba Eaton, 

i -— 120 Broadway, 
' ‘ k aa : Now Yorke 
| a Es 
a mm Daar Sirt- \ 
mm reply to your Letter of 80th instant. , | re ASME P 

' tretor tax, I enolose horawith my check, payable to the order of 

John Ge H, Meyers, Attormy, for $857.50, in payment of amount 

ag due with interest, and costs. 
, |: 
i) Yours very truly, O 
; me ae 
if LA so 

q " 
Yr pose pp sl YAS of 
A Le ford BLO OINAAMED 4 ) 

ORs eR 


Jan, 31,1890 

Wiagpeer met 

Mre De 0, Hathesen, 
813 Liberty St., Flint, ; = i. 

Mich,y, . 

Dear Sirt~= . ao S ; ; 
I Inve reaeived your letter of Ath instant. We have ; 

! adopted the Edi son-balende ‘battery for use in commection with the, exolusivoly, The cells .on this work have a life of 

Soe ie oe 

from.two 40 three months, One of oar batteries on the Pennsylvania 
Railroad ran for nearly four months without reoeciving. any atten~ 

tion, Your in formet ion in Yo gard to voltage, amperage and intemel _ 7 

yosistance, is sorradte fre voltage of the cell is «7 on heavy ; 
closed cireuit work, and on spol dirduit work ,95. On the phano- 

plex I think ve gat about i9v “Wo din tarnish the cells which ere 

used in omnéation with the phonoplex for $3.00 egch, complete, 

less 25%. 

Yours Syeuly, 

Wiectric ian. 

ve Messrs, Janos We Queen & Cor, 
0234 Chostnut Ste, Philadolphia, 
eo = 
P we 
_ Dear Sirsi= 
a Replying to your letter wider date 29th instant to 
pe Mre Bdison, I beg to inform yor that the instrament to which you 
refer is here at the Laboratory, ani Mr, Edison will be very glad 
to let yor soe it, if yo care to da 506 It was exhibited by nim 
at Paris in 1881. 
4 | bf ; 
thst | Yours truly, “Ad. 
; | ot 
so i ar 
petvake sound tary» 


Jan. 31, 1890 
Cole Geoe He Gourma, 

Little Menlo, Upper Norwood, 

Survey, England, 

Dear Sirt~ 
IL hog to confirm the following exblegram recoived 

from ya 27th instanti~= 

"Iwonty Bichremate 500 zinos 50 tarbons 50 sets 
each Oom govemor brashos belts governor springs 

sopplies now machines gable whén shipped.” a8 

Daniel Weld, Esqe, Seotye, 

Deak The Edison Phone Toy We Ove, 
95 Mil: Ste, Boston, Mana » 
Dear Sirs- 
I beg to confirm the foll ov ing telegram raceived 

from you 30th instante 

"Received this morning] Siemens' crowds dison's’ 

woret enonys., Better send Austria dolls my CAxrtes 

See letters Yoomama., Daniel Wold, Secty.* 

ee ee Pee ee 
Yours fenly, £7 » boty 
v¢ thy 
tthe Ai! 
. 4 is “y pea 

ay eae 

Private Sccrotarys 

Jane 31, 1890 

Me Ae MacGruthar, 
Edison Phonograph Works, 

: Orange; Ne Je 

Dear Sirie 

For tho last tvo months I have made constant app li- 

eation to tho Edison Phonograph Works fora list of prices on the 
essential ronewal parts of the lntest mchines, but up to tle 
preent time I have been mable to obtain this infornotion. Messe 
Frazer & Cos, who are handling ow business in China and Japan, . 
keep pressing me all the time to send them over a list of these 
prices, and all I can say to them is that I in tun app ee to the 
Phonograph Works and they failed to give me the necessary datas, 

It is impossible for Frazar & Coe to do any business. unicss they 

are supplied with info nnat ion of this kind. They require cartain 
h they kave oat now; and ‘they. 

_parts for renewing the “machines whi ¢ 
an't even got approximate prices so as to make invoices out, 

a aa eal lal ‘tT am ontiroly at a loss to under 

seas why there shoxla be 80 much delays We have manufactured. & 

sata alent number ‘of these ports up to the ‘present time to enoyia 

ua $0 got at this information, and I mst ask you to take the 

Ae MacGruthar see Jan, $1, 1800 

matter wp seriously and dispose of it within tho noxt two or 

ma theoe days, 

; Yours truly, 


ie 24 ‘A a é 
Priwgte Socretary. 

Ree 5, . 

Jane 81, 1890 

Gols Geoe Be Gouramd, 
Little Menlo, Wpper Norvwoo ay Surrey, ing iends: 

Der Sirte 

I beg to confirm tim following aablogram reoelval 

fro ya + o-dayt= 

*Dozon tarrols pianks dadens" 

Ws 7 : 

1 Hike a. 
res ro wenn 


Jans 31, 1890 

Bu Ag Krupp y Esqe, 

Rasen, Germny, 

My dear Siyg- 
"3 am very moh obliged: for the photograph of yous 
solf which you were kind onough to send me with your. lotter of 

10th instent, and you will Pleane accept ny sincerg tianks for tho 


» I regret very much tho delay which Ins ‘ocourred in furnd shing 

you with a phonograph. My factory informs. ‘me, hovever, that it 
will certainly be: shipped one day next aeiee: I wilt agvise you 
when it- goes Lorvara, md how, 

if have not a Photogr aph of myself at hho Mombrrt which I eould 
dent you, but oxpect to reacive ti, trobh sulgp ty of. etm ‘very shortly. 
fron ny Photogripher, Whon I shalt w only too pleesea to Por wird 

you: onee 

Bolieve ma 


? fy. 

Yours are 
ae + gf *y ia | 

Sd gate 

nae ace 

ot Mre We Re Hanna, 
506 Broomo Street, , 
New York City. 

) yM 
r.Coe Dear Sirt- 
{400 | Your lottor under date 27th instant to Mrs Ediwn, 
HI han beon reenived., We have written to our ihetory in regard to 

i the tramps, who you state are n constant menace to ladies passing 

along the ling of Mre Rdison's property at Silverlake, jnatruating 

themto take steps to have the nuisance abatode 

Yours vory trulys. 

2 stn, 
78S arene 

Private Soore tar ye 

Jeng $1, 1890 

fl Re Prazor, Reqe, 
a i . 
a | Ty ont on, Ont,, Canada, 
Ae | 
Dear Sirt~ ’ 
; T bog. to confirm tho following telegram oxchanged \ 
vk ; } 
betireen us to-dayse 

"Hove maps of muir vate. power resoied you vet? 

Re Fiazere® 

*ALL reveived; many thanks te Ar Raison, * ; 

OT ce ae” 

: Re ean ETT Har thle AeA ORAL W AE! BLINN TT 

a gree erent to Set a 
ae = < Ree 

Jan,» 31, 1890 

Mesars, Dyor & Seclys 

40 Wall Ste, Her York ity. 

Dem sivst= 

In roply +o your letter of 29th 4netant, in regard 

to three applications relating to Phonop].ex ‘Telegraph, 

ert Office, 

now standing 
allovea in the Pat ite. Bai eon desires you +0 booe tims 

Patents issued aot once. 


Yours very + Padyy 
& die 


gage OS PONE cee, , 

“ privude Sedretarte 

Jan. 31, 1890 

Germania Bank, 

215 Bowery, New York Citys 

Dear Sirs:- 
TZ enelose herewith cheok No. 61,105, of Drexel, 
Morgan & Coe, on the American Exchange National Bank, for $2863.21, 
mage ja yable to the order of Mre Wank S, Hastings, and endorsed — 
by the re to the ade of Tho Edison Electric Light Co. ue 

Kurope, L't'ds Please credit ow account with the same, and 


Yours truly; 



Oe a ee ee a : 

Seren vent tien sare spinon tian Jn eit Se elt a 

. yo 
. bet 
Z, beds Ploeg tps. Meo pay ce 
Cig acid 
ACE aed 
Jatekped te 
Hove prey 28h Liege ca Untee ae plang 
LK frets , frckage Contacts has following 
MEL 31- 
SO Arts HEDeas, Rrriebheg , if 
vo owt ” 
a 0 Sey COs 

1) Kev. 

Maa, d, Edemne 


Letterbook, LB-037 

This letterbook covers the period January-February 1890. Most of the 
correspondence is by Edison and Alfred O. Tate. Many of the documents 
relate to the manufacture and marketing of the phonograph and talking doll. 
Included are letters about the coin-operated phonograph, a set of directions 
for using the Edison water-motor phonograph, and a phonograph test report. 
There is also correspondence pertaining to ore milling and the purchase of 
mining properties. Other letters concern Edison’s personal and business 
finances and his trip to North Carolina. In addition, there is a 3-page letter 
containing a subject-classification list for the filing of Edison’s incoming 
correspondence. The front cover is labeled "Indexed T. A. Edison General 
Letter Book. Laboratory." The book contains 497 numbered pages and an 
index. Approximately 40 percent of the book has been filmed. 


3 Jan, 31, 1899 

: ; . 
en Spanish Colonial! Light, Go,, 

“2 Broadway, Root 83, New York City, 

Day Sirs ge. 

Heroby I beg to. resign my positions as a Diroator 
tke your Company ,: and as President of thn same, to take effect 
Unumed i ah ely, I shall be glad ir you can cleat my Private Seare~ 

tary, Ir, Altred O. Tate, 

in my place as a Director, and nake ene h 

cstloe bien 2 

or the of fice of President as you may deem desirable, 

Yours vory truly, 


St TO on Une Padi Re ee ae 


JaNe 31, 90 

Mra Ay MacGruthar, 

i : | R@ison Phonograph Work a, 

If Orang c¢, N, Je 

I desire to call your attention to the Fifth section 
of contract betwom Nr. Hai con and the Kdison Phonograph Toy MLE 
Coo, utdder date August 6¢h,1989, in regard to the manufacture of 
| movements for speaking Gots: A portion of this Section reads? 

«Within one calendar month fran the date of this inet rummt the 
=first party (Toy Phono,’ Crd.) shal, give to the seoond party its 
“ dion, exglusive of Sunday & and legal Holidays, the spi onder to 
‘scontimus in force for a periéd o¥ not ldad than thisd minths from 
"the date of tho begiminc of Mtetivery dMéseunderse 
As I underst md it, we have nbw dontatedd 48 maxe delivery 
of movmimts, am what 1 ddtiswe. Bhs tHe Hedy ty bine 4o your at~ 
tention, is the Daot that ab He dbagld ad wy Kod HroWitid tes: par dey; 
and rim thidugn tho pitica st anni waneblie ME ateRaW thae ridin 

br an inorogse loss than S00, th WA Wine turndel wih at ORE apie 

| | “firm order for the delivery of 500 toy phonograph mehanisms, per- 

1 Date gee eee 

eeateeleed Ae 

2 ig oe peed " 

ils ta rE a.) 
ft a 

Ay Mao Gruthar “Be 

Jon. 31, 1890 

of the three months between elght ond twelve or fifteon thousand 

movements. If we rm up to our full capacity, that is to the Pull 

extent of the order which has beon given to us, we can turn out in 

the same period, 40,000 movements. It is, therefore, desiraileé 

that the outmt of these movaitaite should bo izipreaged as rapidly 

48 possible until the limit of 500 per day is veached, 

Yours truly, 

J, Beg —Piessyte- _- Gard Ve 

Jan. 31, 1890 

Ae Arango, Esq., Treas'r. & Gen 'll. Mamager, ‘ 
¥dison Spanish dolonial. Light Company, . 
71 Brondway, Room 33, New york City. 


Dear Sirt- 

I have your letter of 50th instant. I was very sorry 
to have beon méble to ¢all on you on Wednesday last, On Tuesday 
night I was obliged to go to Boston very unexpectedly, and omitted 
sending you word to the offect that I would be mmblo to Bee FOR 
the next day. . 

mm regard to a Board, of Directors for the Spanish Golonial 
Company, I was about to fddress 2 commnic ation to the Board fron 

He Edi son, stating tint he did not desire to continue in office 

as a Director or as an Officor, ani requosting the Board to elect 

me to serve in his plage, ‘This cornunigat ion will go forward to- 
day, and it will, therefore, be necusmry to fini some one whose 

neme oan be inserted in place of. Mr’. Stone, Who has indicated his 

wish to retires -Nro Edison and myaolf will ‘be vary giad to seo 

you any time you cain come to the Lal oat ory « f;} ‘aby 
‘ a : 4 . f f Laren 
i bf ; Laff 
Yours Wvery truly-s- att if ; 
Mt é o, 
na ae v2 y 
Baw ivel’ 

' Pravate Seo'ye 

Pee uae 

i‘ oe 
| as 
are 3: 
|| ee 
: 4: 

Bh: | 


ES ae cae 

AMAL 7 th Ce 

KK boalt ffl. 

| wa #. LAAUK TO er Mal i 

pet Tk AAPL. * MR_DtAR—y 7 
See 6 - ri to earth: Ze ge8 | 

Ai PCM At S00. 
A Awe. <a bucpitegey 4 000, 

0 fi 
CL LO 000 

“ f’ CA. , of f BF 

Jan. 31, 1890 

dro Mast Gruthar, 

Will you kindly send ne over prices for plein 
sued nnasi gall cylinders. Messrs, Frazar & Coe are amious thrt 
I should quote them prices for these, as they want to make ship- . 

ment +0 China. 

labia bat 

cee Tee 8 a an agi TOT OTE ET APRS o 

Jane. 1, 1890 

Se cee “an, pied as 
ma Ve fe Medley y 

Oy 7 Woot Rondo ith Street, 

Caloaue, Lliss, : 

Dees Sdyge 

L have your letter of 28th instant. We are putting 
tea diego on tho magnet now, ent wild ‘le able +0 pive you the in-« 
so vration yeu desire in a very few dzys. 

dns gard bo options, ny idea is that you should secure those 

“ahy on such properties as can be worked as opan ‘cut mnd thus 

Geacady mincde Ido not think that there is any use ‘in obtaining 
eS3on8 on properties where shaft mining is required, What we 

wine amé very wide veins for open cuts. 

Yoars vory truly, 

wy ? 


Vote SOs, Watines La regard to ehipurarts, at PERL exceedingly 

ood tp 
PE Veo bu tice 

fora: an which 

SGAndog regeints with despateh when Rhipments are made, are war~ 


Luiil soo that ati yess Wishes tn ave wert to the 

Fale 1, 18 


Mak does and guy PROT deveiie eg 


Rwetees shard be Sent vou, amd in rogard to ob» 

‘oat ob td the letter in future. 


Yours vary truly, 

Private Score tary. 


Fehy iy 1890, 

Nite Ze Re Gordon, 0. Ep, 
277 Church Street, 

Toronto, Canmda. 

Neary Sirse 

Mr, Hdigon has received your letter of 2th wltclano, 
ana ix roply desires m’ to say that ho has an apparatus which will 
Jwcate certain qualitios of ore in voins. Tt, hhorever, dopenin 
upon the quality of the are. If Mr, Rdison could get an undecon~ 
posed piesa of the outcrop somewhere along the suspected vein, he 
night be able to tel. yo if he could lncate it with the apparatus 

re ferrda! $a above. Mr, Edison thinks that the sStatemont contained 

an tin ‘newepnper clipping cnolosed with your letter umlér, 

iz untyw, from his knowledge of the ranges .in the Places mentioned, 

Yours tm ly, 

weer Peoan 

Feb. 1, 1800 

Mogsrs. Dyer & Secly, . 
New York ity. 

Dear ‘Sirss» 

. Mre Fdison has recohved you letter of 3lst ultimo, 
relat ive to lication for a patemt on utilising &# continuous 
cour rent dynamo in an alternating cirouit, which onp Maton, ya 
state, was pleced in interference with anothar party snd inter fo~ 
renee deaiied aeanwh Mire di son. The latter notes that you ‘hve 
inforned the United. 0o. he hao no patent on this mattor, scans 

ho has on application pending in the Patent Office. 
Yours traly, SLE OE a 

a Bae aes Ne py 

Peby 1, 1850 
Dire dun Siykinbine , 
Philadolphia, Pas 
Deer Sivs 

Mre Edison is moh obliged for your letter of Slat 

‘Ut. Two @ hia men sro now at the mine, and I believe havo se- 

imred socemio dations e 

Yours truly, atti on 
ARS. uit 
= age ores 


He Wy 

Hinmasiincey ee 
Private Seore tarys 

Fohe 1, 1890. 

‘Lar Mate She, Now York City, 

Lene be 
In Coster referanga to your Lettor of 40d vitima, 
Peoeugsas 8 ompese ot at ot the Seaies "Glengylets® reveaict, 
ecw, riig; ane tex so Yokohama ard ono to Bhanghar, wr aio infomed 
by She Yells Farco Express people that these receipts were tur nod 
over to you by their Joracy City office, Is this so? I havo 
hooked over the bills yentored you Lor esoh shipment from hore, 
aa in raga rd to your statonent that each b1i12 should state clearly 
she norks, nunbers and contents of the packages, 1 finl tint ol.2 
this information haa heen givon to you on the bills which left the 
tatnoratpnys Yam having tiiplicate bills sant to yan Tor dotos 
January, 22nd, 25th and 27the Referring to om bild vit @anusry 2arid 
we f émt you a memoraiium of 8 sells, 300 aayerd hour bate 
tery atd 2 ta ttery poke, Wo aftetwards wont you & Hill sity 
these brooun tins to GasekOy of wi Write yor Stein tele eft etrositty 
in roid to your oder Umth yitdi, air a mi AR wyiindoty 
foe YOu)waniy abt AM Peghte to wee yeboes wf katy AN eH 

+ PLE tye 

Febe 1, 1890 
Mocoma.s Dyer & Seciy, 
‘40. Wall. Ste, 

New York -Oityce 

Dear Sirgse 
Mr, Bdison has received your lotter of 30th ult imo, 

eng io sing copy of the statoent which you mve mado to the .Patont 

Uisice in relation to his Case Nos 599. Ho says timt he will try 

the oxperiment at on early ‘a day as possidle. 

Youry very truly, 


Fobs 1, 1890 
Me We Te. Matthews, 

Saranton, Pa, 


Qear Sirte 

urs Hadaon, has received your letter of 25th ulte,. 

” He sueets = you try the Wanstrom Nachim, and if this fails, 
he thinks ho; ‘oan dosign & meshino tlat will do the tm ines. 

Yours truly, 

Henry Villara, Eaqe, : 
No. 7 East 72nd Strnot, 

New York City. 

¥rtona Villara ,. 
I hhve your note 28th ultimo. tn 

regerd to your treatment, I heave Ta\d send mn out to make 2 

survey, which they will complete "| the course of 8 aetr meee 

Yours ver) truly ’ 


fe ily 

v , 
3 LT ot FE oh tee 

me ene eam gieeivers ee 

bvotwveon us + Omd ay 3 « 

| Peb, 1, 1890 
Ommadian Copper Cos, 

Oleveland, 4 140¢ 


Dear Sirs:+ 

T beg to confirm tho d’ollowin; telegrams exchanged 

"Our Board youla like pl eliminary dopy of contract © 

to consider ot Board Mieting next Monday. Can we 

have it? Canad ian Copper Go.” 

‘Yiould much profer somo one domo on md help me 

work out the copye ‘Thin Wil) save future delay, 

I go away to Viett some fines Hort Thuraday fox 
two weeks, Ty Ay Hed orig 

Febs 1, 1890. 

Gustave Stromberg, aqe, 

Westman Furmee Go,, 33 Broad Ste, 

Now York City. 

Dear Siri = 

" I beg to confirm tho following telegrams received 

fran yous= 

Ne Ye TenUA SY. 31, 1890. 

"Important meoting in Henneer Jones’ room at.: 

i Hoffman House toaneviee apeive noon, Kindly 

attend md telegraph. Stromberg." 

Fe be 1, 1890, 

—! SQamnot got a quorum before two o'clock,” 

Will expect you then. Stromberg." 

Yours tiuly, 

‘NOTE, Mr) Tate has not scon to eesti ‘ae ‘the bove soars 
te av anys dept Grarigh heirs ibe ronwigty bg Jt 

Edison Photograph Works, 

Orange, He J. 

Dear Sirs i= 

Wild you please have pecked at once, ready fox 

Shipment, a barrel of cylinders for Yokolana, a/c of Frazar & Oo. 

Shipp ing imetructions for this barrel wild be sent you very shortly, 

Will you kindly let ma know ut enge, the wight of this tarrel. 

Mr. Frazer wants this in formation, am Lam amxious to bend it to 

Yours truly, 


Privete Store tary, 
a, 7 


* | “waa eo. apes 


. Harrison, Ne. Jo, February 1, 1890, 

Thomas) A» Ndi son, ¥sqe, 

Ovange, N, J, 

Deer Sirr. 

I beg to advise you that 

at a meeting of the stock» 
holders of this dompaiy, 

held at the Lab oratory of Mr. Thomas Ao 
Editon, on Tuesday 28th day of January, 1890, you were duly 
elected 2 Direetor to selve for tha ensuing year, Please signity 
your willingness to serve as indicated above. 


Febe. 3, 1890: : 


Soar Hartzela, 

I am satisfied the Gilbert nim business is a 

Pinca, Ichave placed the hole thing in tho hands of Mr. 
aie, have mdered the mi is shut downs - 

_ the mine. 

He will talk to you about 

; Shall not pay for any futher mining, ‘I make the 
vol towing eopo sition, which mist be accepted or deetined promptly: 

I will purehase a Diamond Priil ona prospeet the nine until it is 

proved there isa suffictent quantity of ore of proper ane to 

supply the nkj1 aera aay or there ig nots If not, we pull 

out,, If | there is and wa go on, we pay you back all the money: you 

havo expended and take the whole pr operty, 

Yours truly, 

: y ‘ ? Vad 
oS horn Eton. 


My dear Mr, Grioss ,. 

I have concluded to Shut down the Gilberg ang 
Gilbert ntines, as woll 

as the m1, ana have put ever 

ything in the 
hands of Mr, ‘Gilday, wh 

o will now tare char tro, 

Any balance due 
you for past Servibos will be paid on 

’ in Ney York. 
Yourg truly, - 

by eed 

es Coons 


fe 2 e 

Oe Poe wo ‘4 
LAO Me - HAV AA 1 

C’ Ke prranfrs, a 

ae “UG OD ae he 

Ive. oe clole. dent onsen 
ie es. today Ove . Rr K ie 
Be, vcr bh thot ose Sh pr, Ge 
he Anns 02 ~G-y has aa JO thot CJon 

Miner Af - f — La iar ige pee —f rae | 

WV ta ¢ rae phon 
Aee_- SIA prL® Jee 
fa tern — nae 

be gate 


ot pcbrte sigs 

“1 AD Persad 

end York 
hantiw Oe tanks ys, ( Ss 
g~ “hy Mylo om 

Al why Shake bee 

a LALD an. ay ore 

ha charg fo el 
Je othe - Oy et ee ae Grr, 
we PUT AAA vue Corrth any of tas 
Wty J Om. Namclirg Yor 
- by hea & Santina 
ort, , eae ans 

. a File p X50, 
X63. Balti, bon, ) | 

220 GF Wan oe ie ny. 

deur Ww Pipe 
aa ae 
tar Wn, - 

Mi fring vm 

a A Me Lh, J eke tes 
eres late ath 

e corel, Ae PL. 

oT ae 
fc Ueeeree “th, AP & Pedy 

a Y Aelig a ve on” ius e, 
ye Pay TY y C/o? ran fe 

ee forves lel 
Cellos tL gles > 
els ee Grove 

“eg “GE CLPAS ¢ 
ee. apr tank ane 
41¢ eben see iow, thcstonaue, Sh tela 7 Gop 
at three Sebak. oe Bee D pastes 7 Yorm ae 
LOUBEG Liv Ft. Miteetior, | 
Daler stefirinecl 2 ae Fees , Le oS ae 
het” tue tile vfs, le 06. 
Setisn PL... 2, Mercetoay eft Lh, Soch 

free iy ta. RBetheber. 4. 7. 

eee ck. edt 4 -€ 

+ FAL ce t4ee tg 
Pike Perna — 

DS oct 


o Pe MeIntosh » Esg,, 

The Cumesgan 

109 Supesioy 

Dear Sirs. 



© Why cannot YO com alone,: 

out rots 


Copper Jonna ny, 

49 vonitivm tig following 

Rly at my house Thursday evening, 


Feby’ 3, 1490 

Sta Olov aan, Ohig o 

telegram sent 7x tow 

We can thon work iit 

and yor 

Can return with it and pet it into fim shape .~ 

fhis wily 

which ds now 

very pressing ,: 

Yours trazy F 

allow mm to attend to ny other work, 

Ei son," 

Ae Arango, Esq,, 
Room 33, Nu. 721 Broaduay , 

Now York City. 

Dex Sirs. 

I heg to confirm the following telogan sont you this 
morring j~ 


"Hoped to have been able to gall on you tomday 

but find cannot do so; Will be in you office - 

about tiyelve to-morrow. <A, 0. Tate, * 

Yours truly, ff 

Private -Souret ary. 

Febe. 3, 1890 
Eitzon Rleetrig Tl hininating Co., 
Sunbury Ys Pa. 

Dea Sirst- 

I beg to confirm the following tel ogra sent you 
tomd ays = 

“How mish stogk do I hold in your Company as per 

your books. 7. A, Edison, # 

‘Yours truly, 

eli cre GF Moca wy ith Whe Tet g el OG: 
CRA e., Ft. fp 

neg Mtoe: Cee ticeel ees 
oe weK 


Tie Cle, aye Ay. 72, 

Tho Following ts result of test 

made on PHONOGRAPH Which was sent 

by re@quoat of Mr Bdigoni-« 

OOO Se Oe Le On Oat Oe Ot ak Aw ome Od WR BHO Ob Ow) me oe 

oO er eo me ew 

Hoight of water Speed of Phonograph Time in Mimutes Amoart of 
Tall. turning off. water. 

t lehetaheledetel lable Tiny 

OT Ok Oem Ot et nt Hee mt ip TH ed Hy pu MO aR a A OH Sah Shy a ey Oe fe nm, 

City Pressure. “125 5 Minutes 1 Gallon 

12 ft., 9 in. 80 3 8 lo. 
29 ft., 10 in. 125 58 1 

58 ft., 2 in. 125 3 5/smin,. 1 # 

se ee H 

Feb. 3, 1890 

Ae Bs Dick Company, 

152 - 154 Lake Street, 

Chicago, Ills. 

‘Dear Sirste 

I beg to acknowledge re ceipt of your letter under 

fate Slst wltimo, relating to the New Bdison Mimcograph 0o2, which 

i - 

has been advertised in Net York, arid note tmt it is unnecessary 

for mo to take any further action in tm matter. 

SS Stee 

Have you as yet executod tho agreements, doverings your li+ 

t . 

canse to mamincture Mimographs for shipment abroad, which were 


forwarded to ya several weoks ago? 

Yours very truly, 


er, / 
¥. “ 
Se oretayy a 


Feb, 3, 1890, 

Gustave Strombsrg, Esq. ’ 

Westunn Ranace Company, - 

33 Broad St., New Youde Oity. 

Dear Sirgen 

Your telopy 

m tome of Saturday, atating that a 

quorum conld mot be had before tvo o'aglock 

» cane during ay absence. 
XT wes at the Hof fam House at twelve o'elook, 

» and waited there 

until nearly om, but mo ona turning up, I thought. the mtter had 

‘been droped. 

To met Mre Horr is down town afterwards, and told him 
where I had been, 

I hope timt you were able to obtain a quorum ¢ 

without wy presence. 

Fob. 3, 1890 

Everett Srazar, Ksqe, 

Lea Voter Ste, New York City. 
Deer Sivge 

I beg to make you the following quotations for musical 

and plain cylindors$ The price for Band Records will be to you 
$1020 each, For 811 other kinds of Musical Records, the price 
will be 00 cents each. For plain cylinders the price will be 9 
CONnts vache These quotations are mt. 

In re gard to packing, we charge 75 cents per barre 1 for 
vecking plain Cylimlers, and we also make a charge for packirg 
musical eylinders, which depends upon the number of the latter 
Which ere being sent out. | 

Private Seore tary. 

Feb.s 4, 1890 

Messrs. Dyer & Seoly, 

40 Wall Stroet, New York City. 

Dear Sirg:e 

I am in receipt of a letter from the Edison Phono~ 

graph Toy Nfpe Cow, under date 3lst ultimo, of which the following 

iS an oxtraect; 

“The Executive Committee would be Pleased to mv 

Messrs« Dyer & Seely sona then specifications of 

Patents of Mre Edisont, nev inventions, end they will then 

docite as to whe they 

they wish to have foreign pat mts 
for them oy not," 

Yours truly, 


nn ae 

ge LP, 
0 Bae IS 

ede Seon 





‘Private Seer etary. 


Febe 4, 1890 

Mre Randodlphy,-« Atay 
The following is copy ofa lotter addaréused 

by me to Mre Frazar, under date Fob, 8, 1890, quoting prices for 
Musical and Plain cylindersi- 

"Dear. Sirt~ I beg to mke you the following quotations 
“for Musical and Plain cylinders: Tho price for Band re-= 
“cords will bo to you $1.20 each. For all otir kinds of 
“Musical records, the price will bb 90 cents onch. For 
"plain cylinders the price will be 9 cents each. ‘These - 
“quotations ore net. 

"In regard to packing, we charge 75 cents per barrel 
"for yackirg plain cylinders, and we also make actorge for 
"packing musical cylinders, which depends upon the number 
“of the latter which are being sent oute (Signed )Aw O» Tater® 

Yours truly, 



ia tenes 

tot fate anesasert 
Pian ey 
of het, gn ad 


an ae A 

Privab e Secoretaryy 

‘a fl 
fae ae 


, Feb, 3, 1890, 

Edison Phonograph Works, 

Orange, Ne de 

Dear Sirsi- 

I beg to call your attention to the Second Section 
af Agreement between Thomas A. Edison and tho Edison Phonos Toy 
Mfge Coe, wher date August 6th, 1880. Inthis Section it is ee 
vided tnt royalties shail be oid on the inventions or aEeye= 
ments Ghia Nee an wiat is to my, the’ ‘Hnods of the mechanism of 
the phonographie p part¢, and of the auumseordes to adapt it to the 
doll or toy figure. This Section also provides that tm Royalty 
is not to be paid on any part or parts of dolls or toy figures 
wed in connection or association with the said inventions or im~ 
provemertse It will ba seen from this that Royalties are not 
to be based upon coats of the body, eng, therefore, in keeping a 
record of those bth: it wil. be necessary that thé body and 

the phonogrephic mecinnism be. recorded separately. 

Your 8 any , 


Privat e cee, 
% meth $ 

Ft ene a te I es Se ee 
' : 

Fob. 4, 1800, 

‘Daniel Weld, Eaq., Soaty., ; 
Fdison Phonoe Toy Mfg. Company , 
#05 Milk St., Boston, Muss, 

My doa Mre Weld,- 

Tho young lady who writes this lotter, is x 

Comection of Mr. Hdison. She is living in Boston with her mother, 

and is looking for omploynent, I have thought that, perhaps, now 

or at some time in the near future, you might require such service 
us she is cmable of rendering, in your office in comection with 

the Dolise Mr, Edison will be very’ mich obliged if you are able 

to assist her in obtaining a ponitiony Kindly return her letter 

to mee 

‘Youra very truly, 

a sess 


Pr lonte sales: tarys 

X oy 

Feb,e +, 1800 

Major S. B,. Futon, _. 

220 Bradway, New York City. 

‘Dear Sirte 
Tho Wester un Electric ic, of Chie Caugoy has sent te 
Wve Edison a cheek for $o53—44, aniount of royslties whigh they 
Ssate aro dia Mre Eddgon on Peery of Eletria Pen, Brom April Lot, 
2526, to December Ist, 1869 . T cowiet understond, neither can 
Miry Vai son, vay on ia bhoudd be inde by thom in‘thib way, 
Po vroyulties were due kncer ‘ant agrocuant, it soca ‘thet they 
might to haw boon paid as the ond of meh shorter heriods than 
thiss Bofore aacortin: tn ch heek, Hrs Faison desires So ascer~ 
chia the status of his te Int ions in repiard to Eloe tric Pens . 
AL] pauneies in ceiméetion with this mtter ere turnad over to 
Hy Toritason on or about. the ist slay of duly, 1885, und so far 
ea wo aro 100 ave dn his hands at the presont ties He WEL. 
denbtleas give thai to yo Af Fou BEX MHP for. Be Samy. 

MAL party sty ; 

Feb, 4, 1890. 

Mra We My Burrows, 

18 Broadway, Row York Ofty, 

Dear Siy;. 

1 have your Lotter of lst inst ant, enolo sing a bila 
from the Compagnie Gcnorale Transat Lanti que for $219.28, for which. 
onnt Ihave forvarded them a chock to-day. 1 wrote to the mame 
facturors of ths engine in. regard to the Ocean trod ght eontract ana 
the oxceasive harges, cond also in regard to thoir Bending us Con» 

Milar invoices for all Ndprente, so that your Bend in the Oust om 
Honse may be Yelm ond, All of whi as 1 expect to receive from tinm 

in the cawue of a Wark o so,» 

Yours very truly, 


eae Noni 

wee Pa 
Coe ae ores 
$ neg ie 

My, Be Fs Gilday, 

Bechtelsville, Pa. 

Dear Siry ge 

On and after the receipt of this dotter, you 

will please not permit any person to visit the Bechtelsville ML 
unless they carry an order bearing ‘ny personal sigmture, The 

Signature of ony other Officor of t.he Company will not be valida. 

Yours truly, 

Fohe 4, 1890 
Hvera¢s Frazar, Reqe, 

124 Wator Street, New York City. 

Detr Sirte 

The Parrot of ey Hinders for Yokohama mmtioma in var 

letter of 80th ultimo, was delivered to you at your orfice #124 - 

Water Ste, New York, on Monday ‘last, in Boo ance wd th your ine 


Srugtions, ‘The weight ‘of this barrel is 87 lbs. °°. 

Yours truly, # 


Private Storet arys 

Hoke 4, 189Q. 

Daniel Weld, Fsqe, Seatya, 

‘Edison Phonograph Toy Uf, Woe, 

Boston, "Mose. 

Dear Sirs= 

I have received you letter of 27th instant, endLosing 

_ copy of a Seammnication from Mire De Me Yeornna, dated at Berlin, 

Jonuary 14th,  inawhich Mr. Yeoums states that he docs ‘not ‘desire 

to apply to Oole Gouraud for information relative to Mn» Udiaori's 

forsign patents. 

Before Mre Yeomans left 4dnerica, I oxplained ‘to ‘him ‘parsonnilty 

thet all these poteits Ind been taken out by doly Gouraud, ‘and 

that it world he necessary for him to apply ‘to the latter for ine 

formation pertudning to them, as all tho reeonds are in Cole .cou- 

rend's offies in Lonions If we had had copies here that could 

have boon herded to Mrs Yeomns, we would have given them to him 

before he wont avay. I gave him everything possible in tho way of 

evidence rolating to pateits, in the shapo of a compléte set of 

Mre Edison's American pat ents, which embody claims similar ‘to those 

covered by the foreign grants. 

I enclose herewith a'letter to Mre Je Lewis Young, Manager 

“Eft son's Phonograph Company, Nort tumberland Avenue, London. 

Fob, 4, 1890 

If Mrs, Yeonans wll. present thi 8S letter, or write to Mr, Young, 
giving the letter his addreus, he wilt obtain what dufo ration anes 
reguires, a 
Hrs. Yeomans Ins. pen misinforved in Borlin, in regard to Col. 
Gourmd's offorts to mor chad ise, the phonogrph, which Vag ywver 
hawked about Europe, as he iter, In fret, the Soar itaye mde 
against Gourme by reople ubroad, ts tint he kept it* too ove lucie 

vely to Birself, 

| Youra very truly,, §- 


Feb. a, 3690 
Je Lewis Young, Reqe, Hamger, _ 
Edi son's Phonoyrnph Co., Edison House “B,® 

Horthumerland Avo,, Londen Ww. C., Rnglend. 

Dear Sirt- 

. Mre De Me Yoonmna, «ho vill present this letter ‘to you, 
io in Europe conduating certain negot iat ions in behalf of the 
Edison Phonograph Toy Namufac turing Company of Boston, a ee 
ration in which Iam interested. Hr. Yoornns desires “to ‘obtain 
certain information in regard to pat mts which aa peen issued 
abroad on my inventions pertaining to the phonograph, ail I avsire 
to give him ficilities for doiny soe. As Cols Gourcud is xhsont 
from London, I addross this eer ry ert to you, with the requcst 
that you furnish Mr. Yeomms with every thoeility for obtaininy much 
data ao he may require, the purticnlas of which tw, himself, will’ 
explain. + 

Yours very truly, 

Vdd gon Phonogr yh Wo rhisy 

Orango, Ne ‘ 

Dear Sirsse , 

I enclouo he ver 

ith a Lotter ree ceived from Mats agar . 

Se Allan, Goneralr Mansfror, the Had son Phonograph Toy Mie Gas, cn 

Boston, unde lato Febs 3, 

‘1890, infoimi ng ure Edi gon tint the 
MODEL: DOLLS taken by him. {Allion) to: Boston on Wednesday 

last heve 

bee approved and eecepted by th 

© Board of Direatars' of ‘the | Boy Co. 
this eorefully in your fates Genre? a Je 

Please fie 

, <} a a 
Yours truly, J bee Ath ie * 

Private dovretory, 


Tob. 4, 180 

He P. MeIntash, Maye, Bytye, 

The dansdion Coypey Gorysny, 

Chaveiand, ohio. 

Doay Sirt- -~ 

Mre Witwn‘has ‘vaeoived your letter'of Bist altinio, ~ 

in which you quota an axtraat frém youn lot¢er of 37th Detonber 

lest, ashing iPtiia omperiments updo that tine woud judtity him 

in saying thyt in cold oxpoet to bd able to cary ott a certain 

PYOpO sition om the lst of April noxt, onl hd desires m to, inform 

you thot it wis hiv intention that tho period of three months whieh 

ty involved, should comience from tho tims that o formal agreement 

‘bad deen cntored sito botwdm himrelt ani your peoples At the 

Preasrd tims ho 4¢ simply doing tetdain proltmingy work previous 

, to the expenditure ofa Lit'go sw of matey whioh wawdd We required 

uftd® avd oh ogrotent Ha XK het mbrbioned vera oxoduted. 

Yoiite vary Siiaty, 


© Bla, 44-2890 
Je Jy Valahan, Faqe, . 

107 Broadray, Now York: Citye 

Dear Sir i» 

Mie Hat.oon a reooived your rooont letter, “in 
regard to tho unfortunate aco Lent thr ough which ure Walter AG 

. Morgan, lost: his lite, - ond rogrets gxscedingly that he doos not. seo 

rd de 

hig way clear to do. anyt hing with lire Musbana of Valporaiao. Wo 

havo no ropresentative in Valparaiso, mid there 5 no ono through 

vihon Mrs ¥di son oun take the mttor ‘Ope At tho request of the 

latter I onolose hort-wi th Ten Dollars, hich he will bo glad to 

have you add to the Subseription which is bein: taken up for the 

benefit of Mire Moryan's fenily. 

‘ 2 af 

A“ a 

Yours very wily, 


es ee , Private Seerctarys 

Fe lye .5, 1890 

My doar kr, Motzler, «= 

| I reseivod your letter of let instant, cand 

. | . heave shom it to Mr, ‘Edi con, who rohombera vory wal. tho kind way 

in which Mr, ‘Kareis treated lim in the golumms of the "Vienna Heu 

| Frie Preste,* Myre. Edison will write Mr, .Kareia a lottar which 
will: get at ress any feours the latter nay haw of his intont ions 

boing msumnlerstood,. 

Yours very truly, 


Ju Soeretary., 

Joseph Wetzler, Koq "1 
Hleactrical YVordld,. 

Now York Olty.. 


“um Se Wise, Esqey, 

o/c Sprague Vee tric R'ye & iotor Co., 

a ' 
1G Broad Bee, Hew York of ty. 

Deny Sirs ~ 
Iobeg te contiin the we LL owdng toleramesont you this 
minis in reply to SOU toler iia Meudey of yesterday s~ 

"Will be in Richmori ith instante Te As He" 

Yours tity ly, 

Kya th 
ME bir 1890 
; a 
 Peheii EOIN Mateoral peas who 
heen ue ore ‘A A y, 
q i" /' 
i) Geos Viuas : 
e (ce hy Cet ler & ete Romeiwulle, 
a on . ’ f ; ; F 
C wo € fe che f, beeipiot la bi tate 
re 4 pay 8 
a/ ile 9G? ae fy oy Mra muntorg She S10 83, cy 
( f 

fre dius 

ry f In | ‘ L 
(F$>6 Cea ee Vi Chel! (2 Ctaragee fo “ht ‘y 
Crre re L ty Cus wit & en of 
, : 
fo ae Sf 
pater Hef 
1 : 
/ yy [i Ba ove 

Feb. 6, 1890 

Messrs6 Winslow, Tanter & Coo, 

New York Citye 

Dear Sirst- 

I want to. get possession for a few days the insuranee 
maps of Buffhlo. Mre Adams got thom from an Insurance Company, 

and they were returned before we were completely thragh with 


Yours very truly, 

4 trencens OV CAN wrens: 

a " Co a Goal 
HG, Vets: | Cn se) ee aa a Maccseua » 


Feb. 6, 1890, 
Be Re VYecks, Esqes 

Karwas City, Mo. 

Dem Siri~ 
I beg to confirm the follaring telegram sent you this 
Morning, in reply to yours of Srd -instant, reading "What may I 

expect re gerding phonogram; sce -my Latter Jane 20th." 

"I cannot disauss the subject Lirat suggested, 

but am sonding you u -phonograne Te A. Ee" 

Yours very truly, 
r eA Be Wake ad Ae? 

i. a a Arete 
CaaS A (ar eae a Me Ee 8 tsaok! 

Fobe G, 1890. 
Se Se Luvs, Esqe, 
Centrovolis Hotel, 

Xancas Gity, Mo. 

Dear Sivy ie 
1 heg to confirm the following tolegrams cx- 

changed betwoon ws ycaterdayi~ 

®ZT om‘living at the Contropelis Hotel here. Will, 
you be my guest during tIn Electric Light Convention 
next week? Mrae Laws wants you to bring your family. 

Please unsver.s Se Se Lavae® 

"Vory mony thanks for your kind invitation, which I am 

unablo to uccept owing to ny inability to attend the 

Gonventions Te Ae Edisone* 

Yours very timly, 

Fehe G, 1890 

Messrs. Dyer & Seoly, 

40 Wel} Ste, Now Yorke 

Dear Sirs? 

. I beg to pore tedne receipt of your letter of % 
ihieahe enclosing Swedish Pataits Nos. a and 2156, granted 
‘upon Mre Edison's Oye Milling apparatus; also the roceipt for 2nd 
anmity on the Geman Ore Milling patent. | 

I havo handed the application (Case No.851) on process of 
extracting copper pyrites, which was also inaluded with your 
letter undor reply, to Mr. Edi.gon, and whon the papers are com- 
pelted, shall return them to ya. 

Yours very truly, 

Private Scare tary. 

Fobe 7, 1890, 

. ; 2 ay . 
| Mv, Loniel Weld, Secty,, 

Hdicen Phonos Toy M' i'r, Coe, 

95 Wilk fhe, fw con, Ma oe 
Poe Sivie : 
% bow tO corti inn tho folleving telowvam sont yor 
$0 ea . 
: “am roturning you to-day your roaaiyt tor 

‘ton thousand dollars advange paymat apotnst . 

ecelaverier which has been signed ny irs Edison" 

Yours truly, yo: 0") 





ReghbelLaville, Px 


f . 
eG. a 
co ar Tn ~ 

YoSyatiamond Doiit Gorpiny have & Gis wp 

Hod, YOu ven pay Lifseon hungrod sini tote it 

Us Ute De Ay Ne" 

Yours toudy, 

i ’ 

. y 
oo ‘ or 

a ‘ 

Pehy 7, 1800 
Draiel Weld, Meqe, Sca'y,, 
Edison Phonograph Toy M'Ptre, Coe, 

95 Milk St., Boston, Mass, 

Dear Sirte 
ZT beg to confirm the following telogram sont you this 
mo ming i= 
“Ropret I cannot attond to-day's meting. Hr, 
Edison and myself will approve any action the 
Board may take relutive to Hre Hutchinson's 

power of attorney. Ae Oe Tatee" 

Yours truly, 

. es ee 
a ug fee 
Cart ioe Siar, 


nt Nate 
aa oo 

Prdvitwo Sec'tys 

Fehe 7, 1800 
Mdvara D, Adgms, Esqe, 
Care Glyns, London, 

Dear Sirt- , 
I beg to confirm the follewing cablogram sent you 


®You misapprehondinickel stool Knglich invention 

ort James Riloy, Glasgow, I control output Sud- 

bury mines, Canada 4 largest world. Edison." 

ee ee 

Yours truly, 


‘Feb. 7, 1890, 

Everett Frazar, Naq., 

124 Water Stro at, 

New York City. 

Dear Siri. 

I have recoived your lotter of Slst ult imo, 

in Which 
you state, 

in reference to the sale of Phonographs in Ch 

ina ana 
“Wa understand that we simply hola from you tho ex 



"right for the introduotion and syle of sume into those Countries, * 

¥Y 25th -last appears to moe to ho vor 

this matter of exclusive rights, and I bog to can your attontion 

agraph of tho samo 

My letter of Jonuay 

¥Y clear upon 

te the second par 

» Where J ‘Specifienlly state 

tho only 

tems upon whieh 

I would bo justifica in giving exelusive 

rights to any one, 

On pag 

0 # of the sane lettor 7 oxplain to you 
of om: relations, 

my underst ending 
viz., that We aro not dealing in 

"rights," but « 

in Phonogr anhs 

+ that our arrange 

ment’ ig purely & conmoreial ona; 

or, in other words, you buy a 

Phonograph from me and soll it in 


Shina or Japan, in the See way as you might buy a halo of cotton 

or & horst 

toad of sugar in this market ad ship it for ultimate 
Sale in the mar 

kets of the above countries, 

You would not Muy 

Uveredt xracat, oq. 

fob. 7, 1890, 

Mord Biyar ev gotten than you f6.4 gaye of belug abiec te soll, 

and yrs: L told vor ty, my Lett or preagemply roLervtod to tat I 

dig nat desire to yap phonographs to your Lirms, but to 4h02 pub- 

Mo, IT neant that 1 exact no marantecs from you as to selves, but 

aM Content, with tho demands of the ultimate murkots--—thone of 

Chink and Japan. 1 beliove tint through your connection you can 

reflect the reqidroamts of these markets better tign they can be 
refleetad thrawh any othor medinm Otherwise I would not ha ye — 

chosen yat to handle the business, and so long as I an at Liberty 

to exerise my personal discretion ang contime selling phono} 
, ry 
graphs in the way we hive commenced, I have not the least donyt 

in my own mind that you cfforts will fully merit a ‘contimancs 

of the const donee whioh I now place in yourself and your firms, 

mdwhich yor are Lully entitled to by tho Yreeord you havo mde in 

the past in condneting ousinous with whieh Ihave been more or 

lass ddontified . 

Youts very truly, 

Fob. 7, 1800, 

Jo Hutehinson, Esqe, 
Messi'se Bormann ‘& Oo., 

Now York City. 

My dear Sirs. 
I havo yow letter of 4th tustant, onelo Ging. bill 

against the Laboratory for $1,842.79. 1 would be very happy, 

indeed, to send you a cheek for this amounts by retin’ mail, were 

+ not lor tho fact. that a Low dnYs ogo we sont you a pill for 
Moter Experiment » Already Accapted hy Mr, gnsull on behalf of your 
Goimpany, for $1363.87, .Xou need not song m a cheok for the dif. 

ference; we will let it run on open acoount, 

Yours vory truiy, 

Feb. 7, 1800, 

Daniel Weld, Heqe, Secretary, 
Edison Phonograph ‘toy M'i'. Qompany, 

No. 95 Milk St., Boston, Mass. 

Dow Sirs~ 

In accordarce with ny tolegram of this moming loons 
firmed elsewhere), I enclose herewith Mr. Edison's yea oipt, dated 
at Orange January 80th, 1800, for advance payment of Ten Thousand 

Dollars paid to him by your Company ugainst Dutura deliveries of 
talkin; dolls, 

Yours truly, 

nryreEIVED ef the Rdison Phonosruph Toy Manutaaturing 
Company» Ton Thousand Dollars, as payment in ecvanes for talhing 
dolls completed ond ready Lor the nurket, and according to stundard 
models submitted to said Gonpany, Jamury 26th, 1890, to be de~- 
Livered by me to said Company under say contract with said Company: 
dated Aut Oth, 1880. And in consideration of such payment T 
hereby agrco thot, in cease I have not deliverad to said Compmy on 
cy before the fires day of May, 1890, Five Thousand such dolls, 
compi ctea nasd roady for the market ond accordiry; to models ag 
uforesnid, I will on such last rentioned ‘date repay to said Com 
pany in Bonton raid sum of Ton Thousand Dollars lese only such . 
emounte as may then be due md payable to m-undor said contract 
for so many of anid dolls as have been actually delivered by me to 
aaid Company and by it accepted. 

Dated at Oram N. J. Jwwary So0th, 1800. 

(Signed ) THOMAS Ae EDISON. 


Fob. 7, 1890, 

Thomas Butlor, Fsqe; 

44 Yall. Ste, New York City. 

Dee Sirt~ 

With refaronce to your Lotter of 4th instant, in 
regard to the rogtirements of tie Phonograph Works duvding the 
next six wath: which you estimate at 597,000, I beg to advise you 
that I have in our safe here at the Laboratory, 15 Phono. Works 
notes for-$5,000 each, agyregating $65,000, which with the Live 
notes of $5,000 each already in your posses sion, will cover the 
amount stated in your letter. Those 13 notes are countersigned 
and endorsaed by Mr. Edison, md are to cover tho period of Mr. 
Bai son's absence. You can ‘eall for these as you rant them, . 

Yours truly, 

Priv at ° Socrotary. 

Fobe %, 1890 
Bh @ Ne Me Laver, 

19 Dey Ste, Now York. 

Doar Sirve 

Relarving to thea tt ached Letter Crom Mre Wie Ge Rowe, 
hire Edison does not remamber the ei éumstancos attending ne “Big 
Pisee"® dmosit, ov how it was brought to his atterbions The mat 

tov hal bettar be renevod, md vou ought to havo some samyles of 

the om sent’ on here for test. 

‘Yours truly, || 

Fobe 7, 1800 

Meesrs,e Dyoyr & Soely, 

Nev York City. 

Dear Sirst- 

| Roferring to letter of yow Mre He Wa Seely, undor 
dste Sra inatant, in regard to the doseription which L gent you 
of the new Edison-Lalamde cell, I beg to advise you that the nava- 
tice potash sticks, while boing ane with paraffine paper aro 
not now placed in the solution with the paraffine paper around 
theme It was originally contemplated that they would be plac ea in 
the golution with the paper around then so that thoy sould dis- 
golive slowly, but we find that it is potter to take the paper off 
and let then dissolve ot onee, a3 it does not broak tho 3230 
Therefore, the claim which you intended to make in the Pirtent O2- 

Sian will now be unnecessorys 

Yours truly, ° “ 



_ private Soetetarys 

Pe Be Shar, Faq eo, 
¥dison Vlect vic LLlaminating Coq, 

Suubury, Pa, 

Dear Sirse 

Wil. you kindly exanine the veaords of the Sunbury 
Company, and 2p my in whose name Stock Gorasrneat ae Noa. 38, ° 
4B,47,51 & 78, ntand, ob33 ging 

Y&iks vory truly, 

Fobe 7, 180. 

Edwin Re ‘icoks, Meqe, Goneral Mmager, 
Edison Bleatric light and Power Company, 

Kansans City, Mo. 

My dee Hr. Wooks,~ 

| When I had the pleasure of meting you at Hy 
Jaboratory in Decomber lest, IT suggested that I should send to the 
tenis City Convention, which conmonees next weck, a phonograph 
seus sion upon the subject of my five wire eyeren of distribution, 
Which you were good anough to assure me would ‘prove of interest to 
the delegates, and ever ninee tmt timo I have beon tr ying to find 
an opportunity to proyare the data. 

My failure,to do so las been through no favlt of yours, as 
your lotters have gonstently kept the matter before ne, nor has it 
been through want of inelination on ny naire that I am ob 1d god to 
substitute this oxplmat jon. 

Certain wrgont mattors of pudinead which I was unable to 
urbichlpate have 08 aupsed ngwek ented to such an extert that I 

havc oven had to neglect the important work of my experiments, 

Yaga Re Works, 

Fob. 7, 1890 

White I sould not have contributed to the success of the 
Co teonts Gn, whioh fs already aseured through its location in your 
siden do dig Gitys 1 regret that I amunanle to send something 

wasn “ould at least weveebieyg more interesting thon this PP olopy. 

Yours very truly, 

: Febe 7, 1890. 

Berett Fracor, fers, 

18d Water Street, Mao tory Oitue 

Neex Glog 



ea your Legter ai Sth inst it, and cLIL ses %Iet 

Bk your inet matters tn veyies to thiyments cf phonograph and 

Muipdles therefor, carey surrdes out to the lettor. 


i aN It Nt Soa nan Toe 


9 MIR OS i AL 


TRA i: 



-¥obe 7, U9, 

Hee HOnma Gd? Lyn 

a pant you ta Leena 40 Leave Mr, Freas 

on "ss 

thdpoznts cont te id ti 4he miaipe that he cestvea, Ykes his 

aden phanoeraydia ang Lathe ries, ve om ines “bie GANS thik cone 

tein the batecries cent a6 the Phangs Works, an forwarded tye 

reve, dune an Rinne. It een 9 idonent fron the Fora, onc thas 

mvotee for the pho copraphn 

eud thet Uattortos ean ie muds ant ay 

here In trindleate {Se Kee Paoxarts letter wuier dato. Sth dnatent , 

thigh Nagulra wiit nan te YeRtp, and try cad cot this matter Rhee 

Waiahbened ont te Beazar's sotlafaction. Min Yemosts all soem 

to BO reaponobles 

Bebe 7, 159 

Your Wins Doak ,« 

With vofevence to yom Latter af 22h rte, I 
a Dd. woacipt of a communication Leam the Raison Fionogeaph Toy 
M'S'tge Crmpany, Hoe 25 Milk Ste, Boston, Magee, ip whieh thoy 
state Sint thor will comminicate with You, end wid in ald prot. 
41d ty be able to offer you a pouition, xindly det 0 kNoW what 
thoy doe 


¥Youra very truly, —- oo 

Private Srorotiry, 

Migs Annio Ke Deal, 
02 Bemtingtim Rieder, 

Kent Soston, Mai, 

Mreg Join Bi kisw tne, 

Paitndeclpitte Pre : 

Dra Girse 

Replying toe your Letter al 4th dnetant, tn whic you 
abt Mre Vidi van hoy goun bo aust hayo your report on the Port Do- 
pordt Water porer, Te aeyva ho wants it any tic within a couple 

of wontaAite 

Yorss very trilys | 

Private Sooretiry,. 

Fhe , 1890 | 


Majer Sy, B, Raton, 

WO Broadvav, Now York oa Me 

Doar Sirte 

Aoferving to the attashed letter from ire Frank Bhippile, 

an attomoy at Port Tren, Miche, in roysrd ta a certain ayort gyre 

held by Dre Merteng, wilah tre Matson da geing to take aver, 

Mintly note Mee Eiltaon'a sonnets an the back of tho letters. WLU 

you Finaly tobe thhy nutter up oc ith bbe, Maipple und arrange ite 

‘ aes Dap oe 
Yours vory Sale 2 

é , 

hg » 

Private Soucy tery. 

Mr, David Glace, Prosidont, 
Tho City Park Transit. Gompany, 
Bpolune Polis, VWagh. 

Dear Sirte 

Roplying to your letter of Slot uli., to Nes Whiwon, 

I beg to inform you that his motor will not be completed vantsib 
next Pall, at the earliest, It is designed Lor ase tn yory harge 

eitios whore ovorhead wiros will not be remitted. 

Yours very tidy, | 

brivide ‘se oret rye 

rere ore nr en rT 

do not tako. options 

Yeh. 7, 1890 

Mrs We 8. Mallory, — 

7 West Randolph Street, 

Ohicayo, Ills, 

Doar Sirse 

. & Mre Edison says in reply to your Alotter of 3rd instant 

on any roperty that cannot be meekee a8 an 

pees cut; I wild ho able to sent you & surveyor as soon ne tho 

prow dis off,# 

Yours vory truly, 

‘Private Seorctary, 


Feb. 7, 1890 

i Profe Vime De Marka, 
| Veotpart, Hasex Ooo, Ne Yo 
| ; Dear Sinise . 
Hare Pili a aon aa reocived your dether under date Srd 
instant, and says that he will do everything he cm, He will 

Bee the New York people about the subject to which you refer. 

Yours vory truly, 

Private Score tarye 

|Friena VA Ree Bite 
_ Ma jor, Eaton has told m what you 

said. I am pretty woll broken dom with ovarecrs and a going 

down an tho North Carolina Mountains to. freshen upe 1 sorry 

thero should be any fecling betweon us regarding the mon affir, - 
- request has worrdod mo go mioh that it 1a tho Prine Phi reason 
for broaking me dow in spirits. It dioturbed all ny P nd for 

the future hy bringing in an element bf. unaortatmy | bout money 

ar T dd what you requestods The. roason ag delayod notifying yo 
wis bea use I wanted to comply with your roquext aia yet: Le anothoy 
senso didnot. You spoke of-a Pt &0} so no: man oy" was rogiuired= —" 
bo. I do not maderntend eaah ‘borsovea poid the way t raise 

money ‘Was to get Loanise.. Tonee A, . $20, 000, from aioafh Morgan 

& Go. and thoy vel jed it, suddenly when they knew ‘I. was. ry a, ana 

porate son dl tian carrying ‘tho ahopo, ond. T Ima to pay: $4,000 ta \ 

“ateo tho $20,000; heme, IT lose confidence in, tie. kam: ot “ 

hamings I have beon tmer a deapdyate | ‘abyain tor ricnoy for Re 
r ant When X soqd ou te. of the greatest pica sega 

Ruory Vistora, + yo" 

business ls somet\dni I never contonplated. b hat alae 

Yone horatafore what you asked of my, . Thad an Angpre aa “#2504909 


per yoar, from wht th I pada oagily ay Tabor atoyy PRONE LS p This 

ingome ‘by the consdii dation was reduced to 385,000, Wea 3a yom 

suffi ci ont to ri tho Laboratorye Ido pheat $20,000 worth af 

work lor the Genorall and local Compziies of much a nature bik YX 

em't charge for it, and devote shout hal ny tine to tha, sano 

work. For instanca, have been up all mde wowing out tha 
+ dLstributdny: matna = the Milwaukee Stntion. Tho fnat that I an 

 plased in swh o pees thon thet my aotive connection with the 

Lighting bualness cont} half my tare, which ao 18 hours a day and 

720,000 a year, with a income ineuffict at to pay my expenses, has 

produce abo late disaowrapemant , aid T tool timt it is sbout time 

to retire from the Might business and Savsve myself to things more 

pleasant, where the strain and worry 18 not so great. The wholo 

! Lightiyy business fa on a good bania, ond with o ttle more: 

coaching, Mr, Henderagn enn perform all that can be ankod. 

In rerard to Vest fyhouse, you may see things differently 

| fron what I do} you may 800 then @ven through a telescope, while 

' I gen the subjeot through a mcrovcone; atill the qrostion is a 

more detailed one than yu iapine and I am sure that {f yor ontor 

into tho slightest camecttoi with him, 44 will be at tho Geteral | 

aman B oxpense.s We mist &11 expoct competition; if not’ ‘from 

one person, then from anothars\but no one can over convince me 

thet a competitor (vhoso syatem, aa nhewm by tests made at the 


Me ETE rh 9 4 nme i a 1 ere reat ene 
DR en 9 oT nt mn an i 

; : : 

jHemry Villard, ~Bis Pen. 8, 1890 

Johns Hopkins Unive nd ty by ecimtdide men absolnutoly above ro 
proach, gives an averaze efficimey of only 47 por cont) can eyes 
prove a pematont competitor Lor large installations in cities | 
feainst n systen giving 79 40 80 per aent efficiency. But. if for 
other reasons 1am Ancorrect, thon it is vory aloar that my neaste1- 
noss ds ponem-~that working night and day under Beaty to advance 
the efitcta: ay from 80 to 85 amd in other ways choapen ol octria 
lighting is an absurdity. Viewing it in this light you v1 sec 
how imponsible it is for me to Spur on ry signd wider the shadow 
of Probab eo future affiltations with compeatitora, to be entered 
anto for financial reasons. I think up to date I have performed 
levery duty acked of rn» made ovory concession, and I would now 
ack you not to oppose my gradual retironmt sron the lighting bu- 
sineos, vhieh wilt eneth le mg ¢o onto: frosh and more congenial 

fiolds of work. 

Youyn truly, 
We Me Burrows ,° Feb. 8, 1800 
115 Broadway, | oe aw Yorks 
nae on? ated: A fez G20 hide 2 dadsay, for shipaebe $3 Gane Ser.d 
ord to ¢ Ae “GoBlott ty ho. Bay Sees a pivan. De : 
Mey rd 10, ae 4 vyety . t on ate 93 seine! tate Ae, Qe Ghee Senc 
fe tout i ees “i, 2 Dey Sta, aam Livers, Ay Oo Pate, 

Vien A rther ey, 

aa ws Ue : 
ker fora SS 
ener AA 

Yaar Hes ers 

pris of ¢ bke - Mead al hhun. the 

Mn KUAE Ap fr - 
” rt ECF 1b: SY gy ¢ b000, HO te jb6-19 Fe | 

by 4 ¢ I WO. é 29/90 
This pane hee AMMAACD 6 we Nt 

AMA ALAD AAS LA AAR ie Af atantar Kh OF 
SYATENMA. A ‘4 wie “Lani A RAre— 
har JOE CO, W ha the As eal 

es ae VA ew e bes ot, e. 
te souls og 

the ent ae 


| Khetp ye ha Denon Ge ht hull, 
| tw Arts ©, eee 
ofr FS 000. Fa Gh. fe: Ve 

Aso we bp after go. : ; 
a Z oe hae Hk ‘a ee Wear ae, 

AY ki th 
foe Us 

| L pee oe S pbpae ce 6: bike And ee 

1 — Tan AS ae y) JS. fils AH ALK satel Ane, 

‘ fal | lie “) ie fé 4 eA es 7 af he yo, C ere. devs 
j fe ee fies Sole 7 : i aagrten at 

pet BT te ae 
i : z + Bes oat Oe cero 

= Ze al eas Coe aa ba et er 


in ~ 
iAy e ee ie ra a 

le tet 

es ip: OY O.LLerus, for), 

¥ 0. Fe Ssatiph Be, 
U Cimeng Be ma 

S tl Sth - 2 
am tb nee he a ; 

. 3 Vikure som WA we oy Sul Srde Actes 

- yl ee A a Caw ues ro Ha d. der a nie DA — AN AZ 

Kaw date eae hae REET rhs Of AMES, 
ie \ 2 eel r oie fice oe _ 
BEF _ a ae 

\ i WAC “ole Vai te a Wy eS ‘* VD 
Ave \= e—which, QW eee VW Sta Asie ae A 

\foa sh tA Woiaalbes, « whe We wrcroudte des, lu sduradeuy 
me Wed. hs We. When, J Con Lean War Ste eult? 
UW. i Mone Um = we Co BT Castings Ore hens 
put” ie Etat 
Wd, hee ane i de an a 1A ae abn ea, | ee ie. oo ‘ wens “ 
a rene ) oa ol “bie mm. Yay aie us fn nA. tfa-.. 7 De ry J : 

eer Cele 
& * ? 

ue nia, Sault, 

. : | : 
‘ ; - ome Ot. 
| ny SOL pet Br OLY Coe “e “ye a . os 
Wan ne l 
wpe mY Te eres wi WS: 
lean G0 eee wats “ech ‘ht dey es ws 
: ANA, wn ba | : 
: pashan | ont ae tS 
’ en noi perd H Ady, i" ky ‘a nee ioe ae ee 
| er ne Qk wg Y yer : a Ney, ed : tr 4 
| px is 3 . | 1. ie Laren C: eo i 
; 4 2° ‘ \ Rls Z te ews iat al A 
: oe 
a Or RA TA on ete ee | 

' ay Ju oa ta wy Re das coe spaces aes Vea! 
; ; core 5 4 a ~ 
AY oe ae “ 

ate fed | 


4 ge See Sh 
Nahe KOR BS 

er Castile : ae z 
aes Whee oT, b acaters 


Sag eee 
"EUs “3 ied 





che 10, 1890 

Mu jox S. Be ato., 

£10 Broadus, Mew York City. 

yekto to tue over 
roapisiy ann i 

aend wits. 

srneubineiy os. 

oy require » 
{ desdye firet to whi your notte 

ter to Mre Kitson uncer cote Lith Jac, 

Sersedth). On the Sth pege of this letter, 

Paseo remarks mey apeear to you umecasnnr, Pe 
*Liot that you are canny to fiurmish motor moc 
“batterys I am prepnred to order fdr say +, 000 4 eae 
"rae lines. a once on that wnderstending and oon b.. 
Were arg H 

Following the ubove order ava certain aneries na bo iia 

witteh Cole Gourami soyst “Let me ino please hon Long os) 

Seo Be Bo ae 

Hroceine of order Lay rely oo. vere pogioning to snl. Cisse tag 

: ; 
Byour Letert Satter oy Saad ee a cet Br he magn - wars! 



Upsmo veerist ay tite dhtcematton end on che onderge. ot 

i & RQ aoG te we ta be af tos sete t demrarcd ture, £ 
OCTET ee a ott * ? 

TOO Yi st 

Yew vitae Daw the above thes oom cses . at 

: tisteceson. he ormlerg o thowcians ctabiin Be WYN, Ok 

i moe? "Re sane etter, ie indfentes Sion fe hab eegtl 2 

a eins ees Ce vegeta oft corbed e Pict the wane 
faisan ote gSotcuamys wi ore Cee Gomitci, fia 

La, (So ovivenesa by hoo uuatensnt os cage 4-2 Din dottae t. Mr. 

uste Fun Auth, Aseo (ovigined enghosca heveytth) , 

Poddows? "In gaso my provides Letter (onieh x da 



Fno. oo}, smivhleh Io aheli bo glad if you wilh gous om . agpy or) 

sas ® ache Fy m * , ;* ae 
Sdidk mot Comair in sueeinet terms an order, Tones pie cay at 

Doped te oy Moma hak 

ind machines, * (Cole Gouri ts ~uLerenge $0 

a prev iens Lutter whitch he did not euny, identifies jottey of 18th 


: (Juice as beliug tir commiuvication yelorred to, Tao Lutter aantains 

! f + . ‘ ’ 
| | & foot note ns follown: "Send me gopy of thigt it ie Jater ten 

IT thought nnd no time 40 copy.) 

ee | During the month of Juiv I was at the Hetel Mohropale in 
“ * ° a 

London, and on the 16th of samo month, Mre Insull cabled m= as 

follonsi “Goureuwl orders ons ‘thonsand phonographs; arrenge payment 

g, BE, 

May Ney York on gignt dsvdt vith davoleas and billie isding at~ 
“4taghed.® Tat onut took the wetter up with Gol. Gourad, Intom 
ding ham of tho nemer ip whhely payment wes to oe made voy a . 

thovaand nmuaghines whiena ne had orudernd, reawunotdig hiiat to arvanye 
uw credit ta New York, ond to adyico me when tho seme had bren oe 

ranged, so that Toantgit tnstimaet our peoyle in Asurdas. Color 

Gormaua Lotled ka nimianye this or dit or ta pive any aofinites: in- 

stinesions wejardiny his order of tha Mth June watil tho aah any 

of July, when I yrecived Leom nim hia Lotter of that date addressed 
tome at the Hotel Mot eopele, gontalning an order for 30 treadhe 
“Vpaehines und 20 moter machines, bcesther with certain supp lions 
The ovlpinul of this lnteok rrmlose herewith, it boing Gipned 
"Ge Ye Gouraud, per Je Levis Young," sho is Gol Gerrard ta Monaget 
in Londons Mre Young 's aithority fov signing this lotter is alse 
attached. On yage 4 at ‘this gomminisution the following ceeurs: 
"My present capcetation is to ropout tho ahove ordor at least eat 
fintowvals of thirty days, but each ovder wil stand.on {ta om 
*merite, amd successive ordars will dep ond nore thon an yt iiing else 
Supon the roLiability of the new buttery ef As the "above ordor® 
which Cole Gonvuud'reLers to ds an order for 50 nachines, it showd 
a vory eloat intant£on on hia part to ignore, if not epnool, his 
previous order of the 2Dth of June for ai thousend machinos o 

I abled ths contents of this letter of 24th July to our 

people in Anievica, and reeoived instructions fram thom to nofusa 

acceptances of the same, which I did in an interview that I had 


dacaneutndes tenors t 

“with: Cole Gouraud in his offiee, when he brovght> his letter beooes. 

Su Be Ne ohne 

in ad referre’ to hic orfer ov the doth June und to his order 
24th duly, and he stated to mo that he sau where these tvo gone 
fhgaten, cm vould take step at onge to adjust the mattoy, 
Ioonelose herevith copy of Gol. Uqmunuits letter to Mre 

Kdison at the Hotel De Rhin wneer dute Angust “eth, the original 
of w Itoh van mudled to yoursel’ on dan, Gist ult., Prom which © 
extract the followings ey shall Riso be glad Av vou can mippiy we 
eyith sone taforacd don dn resarad to the probable dote at wideh Iam 
B®likeiy to reeedive the 80 phonogmeyhs ordered some 4 aie cnet, ® 

Mee Bicon replied to this conmunication on the Grd Septembec: from 

Prov is {copy onelosed; capy of the original mado in Pacis mailed ta 

you Jane dist, 160). The following is om extract Leon Me. Nate 
son's intbers "I do not understeand your rerevanes to an orcaer for 
"50 phonogrevha. I lmow of pnly ono orca that has becn received 
BP rou vou, sdilch was for a thousand machines, and tho Edison Phono~ 

“praph Works ls expecting you from dey to day to arrange tin daw 

"taila of this order, so thit they my commence ita felt: anerrt e™ 

Tn¢ noxt letter of 0ol. Gotiraud to which I desire to invite 
your attention, ‘ls one under daté 4th Soptanbor, 1889, addrensed 
to Mr. Hidcon ab. tho Hote]. Da Rhin, Paris. ott the Sra pege of — 
vhich Gol, Gouraud refers to his ordor ror SOmachines, ane also 

makea voferonce to a conversation whieh I had with him-in regemnes 


to this order, insisting that the same had never becn canges on 


Se Be He re hee 

Thad only esih to ham that they (owr people in rere. Svanted 
tinstmwtions in regard so balonee of the thousantl machinen, * and 
on the 4th rede of some lettor hoe stators "Sines my sstiaes flo not 
Yoppear ta he aed apteda as ordors Lam quite agreeable end ine 
Umed iavoly yur give thn informition eb ove re queatad ‘and eu aies 
Nthe muxdmun manber Loin Inve ner week t gan tell vou vhether I 
Yoan take ¢he whole mune or 42 not what part oF it, aud on the 
Eu —_ xunderstanding that payrnents are nudo to you errr invoiecs ent 
*hilis of inging in Nev Yorke® 
I yresume it fn wmieessary Lor np to mais any remrks as to 
the stutanonts in these Letters att ributed to myself. .1 may SOY, 
. ; _ haovevers that thoy art not aconrate, ant that 4f you wish to Javow 

the exaet cbrewust Mees sur votinding am interviews that I had with 

Gol. Gouraud, vv his Munger, Mr, Young, I will be pleased to ine 

fom ye P ‘ 

Under dats Sapte Vth Gole Gour awl. addressed ao letter to. re 

Faison, stating that ho had junt roceivod Mire Haison's lotter of 

the 8rd. of fontember; that he is wiable to seootnt for the dclay, 
and + hat had he reecived this communication in the ordinary course 
his lettor of the ath, last referred to, would havo beon somenh 6% 
‘modified To original of this communication Was malied. to a 

‘ : 3 
sol on Jan, Sist, 1690. The following is ‘an. extract from page a Oe ee 

2: %I now therefore. beg to say that Iwilt eeecpt dclivery of 

one thousand phonographs os fol avstat tha rate of 25 perveck, tho 

4 bh 
: So Bo Ee -G~ 
i 7 . ‘ 
: first Jmmured to bo shipped hore at the cariiopt possiblo momonte® 
On the Oth September, Mre Het con ser the Lollowing tclegram 
to Col, Garrod fyvom Pardastis ovigineal ox which was mailed to you y 
Jan. Sint, 199M "Quotations tna intter Srd ebsealutely mixinum, 
“ooyigay Wb ragcived, order ace cptenr, iwi enblot Amteusie® 
I onekosy the or ghinle ov te ating lattaer frou Gabon 
Govrand, one nifey date wih September, LESS, EGG eo BAL et Ye 
| fo Ndi son ay the Hotel De Rhin, Parts, sue fhe othe Beas a aes 
\ dato, siich was rege dvad At this Labocatory detoher AS wee. 
il \ ; 
: \| In shipping machines $0 Coke Gar gu ih way Os Goneth ty Nog tae 
_ : sary for us 40 ive intrustions ¢ ase tered bots mi caer 
| such instructions “Syom nim we forvarded the followings» 
\ . 
i" : Sentember “bth, Lest SO ni.ehines 
Octo wer od, sti, sap 5O mG hines 
| Oatober 30. 1689 ot mughine a 
Decomber 23, LEe¢ : 10 omehims 



\ : ; 

\ me firet thee: shipments were paid for by MoneySo prexel, 
Morgan & CO, upon jrasntition by us of involoes ong billie jadirigs 

y Lvth we sont to Monars, Drexel, Morgan & Co, involv: 

On Januar 
enich lef Amrrioa 

and bill loding for our shipment of Dec, 28rd, 

. a Ve 
on tho Se Se "Grance” Jane ae reqesting them to romit us she ck 

icine ivan snomeatapairtarsonn  RFEEER I + 

fox the sane, Uler dste Jan, Ath, we 

abe Te MNIsiver Loom Dee 

Mowrwan & Que a communient ion returning invetes anc bikie oF 3 

and statin: that “We tole Cole Gourwuadt come time ainay 

é ~ . ‘ . + 1 * 1. 
Not wisi ta wudertake this atmd ef WastNASH 4 x 

of this eommuriest ion, 

On Jane lOnh + 

Toywarded to Gab» Gove. ist 

Avante, Hie. 4 

oe CRT OSS vec uleg, Beit of ‘ Sa 
tn shipment, whies HONEA $6 Ge IS oi ore geatine bua + 

Por thes soue, vhteh in tidtig ° : 

We are new whitest instruntdoan re: 

the sea nen, 
maghines on Goh Goneaw ts o epon! 

S&S 2ac i) 

ours very troaty, 

Febs 10, 1800 

Be Re Weeks, Boe, 

Kansas Qity, MM oo- 

Dear Siri» 


I beg to comPiim: the following telegrams exchanged 

between ws t cetigyse 

"Plense aivisa ms as to subject of Mre Riison's phono- 
ora, umian to vhen ond whan it will bo presontedes - 

Se Re Woeko.® 

*Phonoyrams cxpressed anc Letter transeript of 
sams maiied you Saturday olghthe As O5« Tatee" 

Yours truly, 

Fobe 11, .1890 

Daar Master Hofman, = 

Your cablogram rending, “Anxious news 
vhonomraph® has boen duly roccived by mo, ari I replied to it . 
‘this moming os follovsi- "Your phonograph leaves here Saturday 
nexte" I roplied to your former enb legram, but tho Telegraph 
veople returned my Reaanees saying that euler donot Hofmann aes j : 
not known in Ber line 

ii be foods OSL poser iii sbealad phe: <2 AW rei di ae, 

1 will notify you as to name of stqaner +t carries your 

phonographe © 

Yours truly, + 

we i oe 
Vie / 

aa Dee een 

Master Josef Hotvann, 
Potsdamer Strasse 64, 
‘Berlin, Gernanye 

Fobs 11, 1890 

Je Be Skchan, Ksqe, Troas'y., 

The Hdilson Electric Illuminating Co., 
Hew York Citye 
Dear Sirs= 

I bog to acknowledge rocoipt of your lctter of 7th 

instunt, informing m that the bond signed by me in favor of tho 

Mutual Life Inse Cos of New York, for $60,000, dated Nove 10th,81, 
is omoolled, the mortgage loan of $30,000 which it covered having 
boon paid and discharged of records 

Yours truly, 

“ae * 

Feb, 10, 1890 

Ac Be Disk Company, 
152 + 154 Boke Streot, 

Chicayo, Ills. 

Dear Sirsi- 

Your letter of 4th instant, in regara to the Cabinet 
you are propoving for us in which to filo our lettors, ise heen 
auly received, * The following is a lint of the abjectea into 

which our correspondence in divideds=_ 

Ge Ee GOURAUD 1 tray, containins 12 coompartments. 
Stmel Inewll 1s * mo: * 
LAMP COMPANY 1 @ . 12 : 
PHONO, TOY COMPANY 1 * " 12 : 
MACHINE . WORKS i " 12 “ 
EDISON GEN'h. 00. A « Ld 12 s 
Ae Be DIOK COMPANY 1 # . 12 ®. 


GENBHRAL trays, on Ay to K, and tho other Le to Ze 
PHONOGRAPH 0 2 8 «a8 8 8 ® Tne to Be 
PHONOPLEX Av th Ke and.tle other Ie to Ze 

ORE MILLING Ay $0 M4 Bnd the other Ie to Zs 

% MONO w 

PROPOSALS &ce " © Av tO Xu And the othe? Zs 
BATTERY " " Ay tod, whl tid other Ly to Ze 

4 Set oe 
women sel dew ss 

URra) epison MiFidy O0q ont BuRUAIN cb, 1 tray, 2 compartmonts 

Ae Bs DICK 00, ae Yoh, 10, 1890 

Ao Qe TATE i tray, wsmyged alphabetically, As to 2. 
DEAP TNBTRUMENT 2» * . * Ae to Ze 
' TABORALORY. 1.4 " ® Ae to Ze 
* REPLICATIONS i " bd 7 Ap to Z, 
q ORANKS i 4 . : Ae to Ze 
DEGAL 2 " " As to Za 
: SAPEQIAL 1 Ld ad . Ae tO Ze 
SPECIFICATIONS &c. 1 ® " « he tO Ze 
i FOREIGN LIGHT co's, 1 i Ld 7 Ae to 2 
OF EUROPH. 2 * " " Ae tO Zs 
i: | ELECTRIC LIGHT. 2” id - fe to Ze 
| The foregoing comprises a1) of the subjects unde which the 

correspondence of this office is at present Pilod. Inagmich aa, 

however, new subjects como up from tine to time that invalve con« 

siderable correspondence for tho time king, I think it would be a 

.goodt iden to include in tho cabinet any two additional draners 

| | which could te dediented to new subjects as occasion roquires. 
With roferense to the above arrangement, in tho trays whieh 

call for 12 compartments, the letters are filed according to the 

months, and should be mmbered 1 to 12; for Anatanse; with Phono. 

4 | Works letters, all that are receivod during the inmnth of January 

: ; are placod in space Noe 1, VYobruary in Space No. 2 &ce, &e. The. 

.subjects calling for two trays, ao arranged alphabet ieally, A to K 

Lto 2, az stuted. 

We reacive more “Goneral® lotters than any other, and the 

traya boaring this title mist be about trico as large as any of 

the others in order to accomodate tio correspondence coming undor 

wai ROO re Sr 

af the trays ; 

AyB,Dick 0, we 

this hogd, In the othar sub Je Sth vwiich eall for two trays, each 

Showld ye ahowt tho size of thace at Fesent in this 

office, with wht oh Zo think vour ws, A. Be. Dick is fomiliar, The 

reanaining subjegte BYe arranged alphabetically as in the ordinary 

lexicon indexes, 1 have stipulated tio conpartments for United 

Bdieoon Go. ant Bo rgmam & Cos, whose lott ore are filed under y and 
B, reopectivoly, If You lwve such a file, send dt along; if not, 
the orlinay index will aoe: 

Upon reooipt of thig letter, lease advise me when we aro 

likely to vee ative this Abinote Sond it uz soon as possible, ba~ 

eause ye will delay Tiling ow 18s0 lettre wath it B renelpty 

Yours very truly, | 

a a wg 
‘ oa fry 

Feb, 10, 90 



My deay Mr, °Fdi son,y« 



Kunz tolohoned. m to-day, caning 22 4° 

[a are 

nave ¢ elnek for thy balanee dah on the gotleatton,= $3,'000. 
} toa aim Y vould, aqnuninieate With YOUN. 7 Ito n-eheok to 
; SY aa Sh 

hig ordes or Deonel, Margan & Toe for tit auiounte If yon. down 
ASS GREY tt ain Lym onn aign the alvegk had ro turn. it to i ane, 
Lorhit geting vo cadpte : | 

The : a loudays da copy of on tol orm, ag drag sen 2 to you youter- 
day hy sis Viilardé- . . . 
Sete: yecoiveds No wuss for worry; with Long 
rest I am saxo you wi ti ivturn dn botter mpi hts) 
erarything leoks very wet! Li qglogsad contrac’ te-dy 

sor anu dpp dng eclLetrige iy 200 mileér hotue car i 
wich your systern was YOM, Ma Villorde® 

I argloru herowlth coy¥ 9f e letter roighitha ke~day Pron 
fe Fe Gildea, Supt. at Beehtoles tlio. 
Lals esdluss a ‘yotter (Woigard to sulghaet ores rod ceived 

sven Mre J¢ Ae Blifott, of Chamintto, Me Os as 

youre Vvory truly, 


Hech wlevilla, Pn Forms y Sth, lead, 

TIM Ag Edi cin, frostt,, 

Deg Bios. 

Bath vor 4 chagrea and. lotto 

' * . i - uy a 
WAM ST MS ta rake thy 

Pyawelasa of the Bisimang Dvil2d ot $isoo, 

oe Ob Bam, The Drdap wary Ro De vepdy amt!) the date av-part oP 
4 oaesy 

ee mf 


. #AM) take ne aid ot tant time to prarare wot it, 
weet ek ae UMaine ol stuan 20 and water phye eum tho 
UNM Hot gy ta 

weere we wild gay “ap tha Dwrhap .: 


_(Sterune } Pe PR. OG lVehes » Orr's, 

veeenen mending inet anton datenind ba ligan Seana enmesctitbanancng’ 

‘Fobs 12, 1860 

Mr. John He Yiood, oo 
LS & 20 Liberty Stroot, 

Naw York, 

Daur Siege | a atte e Bak 

ny i, wai 

The Hurknogs poople have completed nar sinter 


put % 

on ; TAT oP 
wriuLleyvs, and T believe that it tu nov in ovdm to 

Jntaysrfoye 1 

the Ne Y. Bomd of Myre Underwriters, and avo the systan ingnege 

tede WIL you kindly do whatever tg agcecsary dn the premisese 

fours trmiy, 



Private Semretar Y» 


ord hae 

Fobe 12, 1890 
Ae Aranyo, Hig 0, ; 9 
Edi con Spanish-dolonjad One, ; 
72 Broatuiy, Nex York Qite, 

Deer Sirs. 

Zhavg received your lertor of th instant, and hog 

to Gay Lo reply Slut citer ane conil derutian of the subjcet, Nr. 

Bdivon Wis dosided nov se vithdraw the aatgnations witch ha pro 

mated to yor Canbany sow Gays Ages’ Twill gala at ves olfLiga 

sary. t ane this MOU Le 

Yours vary truly, - 


in i SNe re 


1 ay 
2 OM fey Stats, 
WOR Nograth Poy TO Oe 
Bowtok, Mose, 
Re nye 

oi vay det 

ZT bey to ueknon Inu Be veael at 

tor oP 74). 

Instumt adgreueed to Nr. Rai en, cnelo sing 

Copy af a’ conmmnioat dan 

rogeived from Mr. dD, Me Yeomans, ‘an rolsation t6 the eale of 

Qey Phonsyy enh pu BINGE: dy Bavorey 
Bide bt e Bras ee Divoatorsy 
Yors Lotter of Ett imotant te ste 
ond G have spoken OO Uy Kas ain dno: 
Mr. Ge vdins claims, Mere Edi sory sty 
thins pout, the tov Phono dean aae Vise 

Valve al the divent/an Qial ba xegortios; 

Wren vill thig mtter be 

‘iL saa Wlso com to hand, 
Invention which 
AL Mre Gardner haa any~ 
who wake Ling oy 

‘kter the Oreepany 

Rad a appoeboumtee of Lmages > ati ny Mr, Gia’ meee apparstuas : 

seaiye vary truly > 

Devs Sirate 
tr, What 

RYE S Long 

Be ae FF 
OM bend 

y " 
ee, ie % 
saa a feu 

fe . 
Wye iot 

Edison Phonograny 

Tore iyn ‘Points, ttn 

In tranni¢ oMkag te 

ab we fe 
we fend (fait 
f.. _, 

eb. 12, 1890: 


Orange, Ny Je 

Cylinders of whites. ago Fatnd te do ot of 
ds the PRI! oO thing xs ft that tho shar 

¢ 28 asprimg 
Bad reaghkine, on @ 

Un it ber the. Malt of in= 

eo - 
e . : - 
Yenryy vorr truiv, a ae 
. s 4 ‘ 
ra oe 
+ aera Py 
. Private Secretury. 
ao ff e 3 
toy Bacal! | a 





DA» ay o 



tN tT 

Ly : ta 

a a aa T50 
To aera: tae eR I ener me eee cee Te 

Fobe IM, 00. 

Mr, Oe Pe Navel, 
B8 & 50 Bre sdwey Cieor: 21a y, 

Use Yoyts atey 

Deny. Stree » 

Your lettor of o¢; dete, hoe BRUATON Todas hin, 
fildgsonta AION » Sava tee Months owe FT qrepreey’s minet shetety’ 
Of Nve Kod son re rr 1 tihen ombeties a faa OY file telop mp hye 
rominiseanues:, but 1 Presvat to pey thot the tl st uy aL tporel 
wee dmeul fs ad at. bie) CNB ms to tneluce saxo of Bhs best sharion 
of this Sheractere I sukone tie only Pore TH ak Linea ak tag 
mutter, ides vou van use to wiettaver axtent UR VE Lorre, Unt ; 
£owill ask von 4c nly returm the game $e xe wer tah are thrarc: 

with it, 

Yours yvory tialy, 

Private Scerovtay, 

4 he Be Dek, Fay, Pu. 


Ae Be Nigx Compan , 

152. 164 Tap 

Ste, Chicas, Ma. 

Dear Sirte aie © 

Your Lege oo ymda) date Ay Inet ant wee PM hv pe aptiae 

Wee Badoonts BUEN, I Oh tery had peo-tte pee Creo GR 
Ua rie Oe we 

Frepuyred, whieh ean be Makitautgs 

Be your Canpan, ting ‘Bort Anche? Oe 

Hrs Fudge WEDD thon gece inp ond pie el pitas a y 
A Ye FE Ma Mod hen Oe Shen SR TRO VE Ane. eo iw, Ple ese 
' robin thy eenten ay BOAO nog GS yam se 

SM bey tle Niky Kas 30n 

T420NOt be tie 

ER Bae abe Oy 


Sted Oey 


ty an 

Sateen te the pape 

t stow gang She eneek 


a! ‘ 

Foha Iny vo 
Ne Thorns Birtles, 

Me Yad ory, bs ae Yow, ‘ 
. . a a 
Deur #152. 
= Revo veuy 

detees og vey §yout, ent 

sot ele oe thos 

+) ek Se 
Soy # Dts, BUT oe, bah ord & 

Ore ty” bse ek 
YOU have rosotyes RNa te We Ohegiren , 

a thick 
fox Pra eods, of 

Pte Sank oe 

. Set hag. 
Sires uote, of the Phe ho, eaeb oA tai 

eee og: Meise 

Probe th, ot 

AAMT yy $2, bao, MM adose tog | tes him, wid meatdng 
: ; ; . Sue Ba ney ig ae gee 
thet tio cagak Hag been de poathda iy She hit Ales 9, ae 
Yor Aetsay og You iets 


MAP dine ge nad 

’ muvicing | me Ling 
vou hawt seats, -¢; rary Ty wy, ‘Cha pranay @hy-at, tor $44 

Pre iy san 
PAA Of Tyan: eee 

; th tara fy 
Oh cud Her | pps Primo epi Pash Sue a » 000 


Bh eh wee Mw tee Reed 7h Sit ‘oye “Peby Oth, 

behig ; 

oteh, wm Month, be TV 


RAS Lad Wu | HS fi Ate fra, 

ted tnt ny 

Bi Sei MR ica 

YOR trey Teg 

Misor Ss, 3, Raton, 

120 Bre Site 


New York, 

Deny Sir. 

With ra Ibrene¢ $0 you tohter a; Sth WS em to ney 
Editon, in Poare to vertadn retary which the Comp acnio Cont tnone 
tele Edi nor Mas dew lend to dyon, te WiHeon 

Saya to hao the fol- 

Loring Petts in ron 

Mo, 251, TA8. 

Noe 203,140 

ren SO aaah dee er 

Noe 208,060, 
Noe 205,785, 

Roe 282,402, 

Tobe: ve vy beoly, 



Betsy diate s 

eerie am aba ae 

asso erg meter 
: shate Nas ER eee a gash to 

aa Sec 8 aca i 

een erect tnrttagen 


KK G Me My ig “be oe wi : ; 
ay COR vA Pe ae 
os poe Wore 

chy fe ny ee ie 
oY e i, A al ahs: ae || 
Om thirt diy, ee QAAMAS f~ AY de I 

Ante be - e, ar ancle- Lh Dans PAM 
“r rape i: e fibut | Gi 

ty te) a, a4 iv y 7 fhe Aba rg 
" a bale pe eare Mov AA A be Dane ALL. 

Sout BAK mr Pago CAAA Man YO AA- nls | , 


AA PAA Ya = 4a Se. iA Bn 
fran g (sf “ae ft i BE ar Oni Ls KES 
- 7 ew a Conia 
ye eee ts 
nie 7h leg F, 

# “or . 

Feb. 12, 1890 

We Me B Barrows, Rages 

28 Broadway, Nox York 

Dear Sirte 

Iobeg to confi tho followths: toldgram sent you this 

morning §~ 

"Oonsudar involee and all pupers ror La Rrotagno 

shipment «just Pena oa: du nonding than to you 
by mgnonger this mown Ae 0. Te® 

‘Yours truly, 

tec met neh ay 

BE, Loe 

Privato Soa'ty» 

aoe omy, 

-Fobe 12, 00 

We J, Hummer, Vege, 
2G Rowland Strout, Nevarvk, 


Door Birte 

T bog to confirm the follotdiiy tologvans sont you 

yeuterday and +t towduyt= PREECE ah Sk 

*Sevorul cause adaresned to mm have ary Lived 
from Hoveo por Le Bota tagne, which YX holieve 
eontain Reposition goods, If Ho, con mst go to 
Brenoh Line Pier avi alain then ‘early to-morray 

: morning, ag gaeral order expires at nine eagle ok. 
Ro farers yoata regarding tip thi piaont » Te .Ae Be” 

"Paness vertds this neimings far Ie Bretagne 
nhipaet., Goode uve net from ¥xp- sitions 
You Nowd take no Turthoy cations Ae 0. Te 

Yours trey, 

Veneer ti. 

an 1 a . . 
Peine 13, 1800 
Ep He Jolmson, Regs, 

fe Mutdone, Mlemtsde Light Gonvant ton, 

Kansas Gity, Hoe 

Dene Sirsa ¢ 

Toheg- ty eontivin the gellowing telegran wert vee 3, json 
‘ cayte; 

, a a ie oor o tony 

"United Sivton Repress atate phonogrems wore 
coddvercat Loasaye They vores addvesved to Me 

Ré Works, Bltuon Blectr4a, Light and Poner Qos, 

Keneas Gitye To bave Aerts Bea fooks Duly advised 

by dethen on tedawet le Ae We Babcef 
ap, se a . tet. 


5 HB beg od ' 
Private” 2: erovary. 
We te 
; i oo 


Se tag 

Hobe 1h, 1b00, 


Bevareg Hy Joknuan, Vibe, os 
e/a Mn tional Eloxt He uae As aie, eh et lon, ; 
limisas City, Roe il 

ay oe ; 
oo Tkieg Se either toe Jellowtas telegram ox aranysag 

botersa: ny bomdayes 


“Muoh ALu oe ot Monin’ over nonsarr! val wai ponty: 
Phonon: Relosres te Tota we of ved’ ne vo 
Rye Blasay tel “gheph on Wick by rind exprass 
mal Wear wast oxact addrezs 4+ wan shipped, | ‘t 
me to sddP eis i Ascenaly on subject Toone vow 
after: Tene: Ye We ‘Tolar ret ' ae 


r . * “¢ we 
"It Lath hera lust Sutwedoy hy Us: Se iavacn;. 
heve notified tannts Bateliclor.® 

peo le? Youn tivly, 

GQhariloanks Botohoadl are.” 

Bdwin Re Weeka, Bane, 

Bditon Bleetvie Ight & Power Cos, 

Kias2n Oity, Hoe 

Dom Sire 
Yo paeeeod tony a telogrim from Hrs Johnson, stating 

that no rveply had bom Yoacelivad te tha resagen midresued to rye 

selr ia nm ara to phonoyvams which I rors vaund ext ha Eat ong Suumiay 


lusts As this nut te fo to deapetciea v vhteh you soit te Mar, itt 

vould uppoear tnnt yan Save Tor yeenived ny vonlies., I, therefore, 

beg to call your ‘attontion to ny telagten’ to yourgcelg? of 16th tnate 
as Lolloves 

*Phonogrums expressed and letter trunuers pt 
ot ‘sao modled is Seturday on Ent tina, Ae OO» Te! 
és . : a wee 

Noxt to my telegvem of léth ingiant as iv Lists 

*Phonograms trore axpyersed to Yr on Saturday 
inate Te Ao Ee® : , 

Again to my te logran of Soedays 


*Phonograng forwarded vis ve by akyroises Have 
gent aut telsbrnylag tricir. As % T.* 

I have just this monont wile a xcety 46 hry Jolumon, infoi~ 

Mdyin, Re Vocus» er Febs 13, 1809, 

MA yye eee at wes the dnited States Mxpracs Corpuny 
thas the pronogiens oy ao ne Verne dy. Kansan Ofty this mer sebyage 
F me) . 

foe bites, Ret es bey 
They oewe vhowuse to YGkbrin Te “eae, Tilsen Kisetvie Diget ana 

i ‘ a i . a‘ 
Power Sonpany, Nenocce Clty, Moa,* Sua ab 4126 oad of theo dina 

evess§ ing hes bean dane toa ae eonadte yo thet @owid noseibiy 

have eon ghones ry 

Yours very testy, 


es ar 
Private Gnee tsi. 

Fob, Us, 1860 
DPA Ea ete ee 
Pbde depen. 
Me He Toms, Hse, : 

t . on ° 
Kansas City, Ye 


Dnar Sicte 
I wu to confirm. the fo Lionin; tele gras cae hanged 

dotyaa. us boeday ge 
é Vayu ye e 


“Sy what Qcmpany war, phonograma oxpressed? 
a oe . ‘ a : a 5 


Plasse trace anediatolyes Anowox. Xe Re We™ -.* 

*Pioitugeise Tormrdad vin Us. Se Bomess. Have» 

“ La 2 ae 

? west oot teiasaphtc bracer. Ae Oo Te® 

Prayitc’ footy, 

Fob, 13, 1800 


; Re Re Wooks Raya, 

Kanara City, Mn, 

r ron 

Dear Sirt~ 

I obom to eonfirm tho for wire telgrang cexeclanged | 


Debieen us yesterday t+ 


is tha phonogvan? Wo ara VOLE vel Se 
wot ; e rs fa ns fé aan Tee” Vee @ 

a “Le 

© Where 

ve “Phonogrins were expressed te teu om Batiuvdny 
Aiuite Te Ae Ke® 

Youre tomy, | 

fo Sette Otuphel2 Ce, 

Hoewarhy, Me de 


Cony Siw g yo 

We iva vecotved your lotter of 7th inetant, 
in rogeml to caotiivs for whieh yeu hav cheged ia ee conte 2 
Tova » and aut tt iy BAL that yeu say in remrd to night vork nae 
special flank, ve atiyy Seek tliat row ave chargius wean exorbix 
tant pretense At oy foundry in Schenecetady vo vast Lyani ton tos 
toumsy ans tor Czy, tum are, ‘therefore, wary fomilion with 4 nia 
olusa of 0 tke. TP oso Peat beat there far tho castings under dine 
qubaions ve cotls haa obtedt@an then Tor not more tinn a~ra wants 
ey peatnd’, at whit ot jvige 70 ¢ MIA elae haw got than da Brooklsiy 
but boliwing thit gar Dydeo wor he. be df leant within yeauon ‘end 
owing to yas. peekindty to the ‘Lab oragory, wa plised the owe 
wd th youtet roe « wt is not only sniist, but mast wihualne dentine 
“for you te forge we te pay ohe hoinkrt poy eant move tin the. 

hight osrvens wiece ¢taegrd hy thos Joundors Toe GON of thus 

renee ect PERRET 

ania nnintcetieeet a Seen 


The Watts Gaypardh fie “ae Pole tu, 1609 

chor etes. Tho Gerterqganeh! yhigh yo) ndotg our etesengee iv 
FARIS nut ~sthordsed, by UZ, atid At onsh® to hye appeared tayo 
aa on, mEttor auffhetontyy Lopordang bo ots quire written contiartion 
Ses ose iwes oc the ‘statraad Taken you att rvianie to ane rode 
MOTLEY & a ftodin youn intention eo adhere to the prince af whigh 


OL GPR CURT LBIN, se ahall Sack that +t 4a ingonothla to obtain 

fais trostiamt cro yor gion, at in paying your balla we vill 

wWithdren our pawnanigl« 

Yura vory truly, 

Yer, We Sey Mallory, 

7 West Rortoloh Stract, 

Chigacs, TLbes 

Dear Sivwge 

Wiat ks the vine and aYosd o gt 

imtond 40 yun the Bust Sumratore¢ 1 t? 

Fob, 13, 1890 

BNalt trom ahdeh yo 

®@ ovietual mekineg Vauieb 

. ‘ 
we huve hore she malay di G4 inghes ¢n atamter, aut tint mh ht 

be meh toa large ter yop Purpose, as the mehineg only taken about 

alx hosae feves, sat fr “bo indhoe edid ns 

large oncigh, 2 should 

ke te fate a ar Pier ing, with that ad ge mL Loy 

Yourg truly, 

4 | hehe 

a im reer ede adeeb, 

Ge edi, 

. Fede 13, 90 
Chaves He Stubbs, Me Ney 

Wekofdae | 

Deny Sirse 
With rovaer se to your letter or LOth instant to Mr. 
Mildon, there is no ope itundty 24 pregsnt of pie tie your ae 
in the Laboratory, every department iavine tte PaLd comemae 
of aaad eres ©The yor: ran enpLoyed here are noetly praduates 
or gome of the Yeohafeat Bohout ay such set Stevens Inatitute, Mass. 
Sehool of Peahnology te., und abd havo a general know Jodo or 
chsetrtonk phonwenie ho nerk corstueted at the Ta oma tory is of 
meh e sates tent t fe BUPA e8 ly neoessary for the omployeogen~ 
gaged it ther exparkh ated goparteients to hava rane knowledge of 
olsetrtoal ratters: bthorwdso thay watld be unable ia anion nny 
Snevic@e If your sen is uncble to attend i technieul mehool, tho 
nert | heat thing for kim todo ig to net inte an ostoblishuont do- 
voted £0 the mumfestura of eleatrical appamtus, where he comld 
obtain a practical ANov ade of tho nu ginegite Yar might conmuni« 
date with the Hatem Nachine nla pe Ne Yop. thoy employ 
1 be 

a large minher of peqle and 4 Hap Xybo able to make a place 

for your ome 

Yours truly, Sy i Private Seatye 


é ‘Bode wa, 
i “Henry Villard, Foe, 
:. ‘ 
iE _ Mila Bit ding, 
‘New York, 
ire Dear Sirt~ : _ 
fo sf x hog to sanfirm the rocoipt of your. Lelogzam to Mr, 
Rai son undar date Uth instant, as follows ~ 
a “Lotter revetveds no cause for worry; with lon; 
rest J ‘ta tare you will return in better spirits. 
Kvorything ‘looka very welle Qlosed aentracts to- 
i. day vor apr ipping oloctrically twa humtred miles 
we of horse car Minox; with your system was reorye 
: j He. Villard.® 
{ : ; . > 
i . Yours very tray ee LAG bee” 
if ps 
| oe ; we 
f we 
: 1. 
: _ 2 


| Bil Up 
3 Ee “1d fe 
A derrina Ctas/ Ky ak mal 73 aarcly, ‘i 

Means WChnn , i 

; J 4 Ch cl eee . te) - firewith, 
Check | aan Lhe, Gelraay Okmas or a k bof 

ie yA 15-00, 
Pl AAL [lace 1 AAALL 45 aay 
Creda dy Panel eltye 
| ] aie Thy 

y Kid 

pV Kor A Ate | Aang 
: detho | 7 - es See S _ Z 
gs Cage 
| Py ae — 
A__-Alel, ree Late . pata 
AS: i eheeta, 7 

EE ct ca Bag tPA I IES 

Pm one ne 


eh ak: Meh tag (i & Be hanes a 
ag wage Meh et Lrek ; a 

Muay alter x 
: rte ae 
i A ee edintins oe | 

WA os 

Th LA een on ee. 

My dom Mey Rak one 
; Lveoodived this afternoon yor telegram in regard 
to the "Nickeleinetho “S2lot"Phonogr aph attaghnont, twd have made 
ap Sppodutiasnt to nect Linntreote toenight, uni whI] wire you the 

remke of ny interv4en wits: hin, 

FORYIGH PHONO. MATTERS, Eaton weit fox mo youtendsy nnd'told ar 
thot Gearrond haa agreed to leave ths whole mtter of profit on tho 
thomaml machines to be ndjuatod by the Board of Dircstors of thn 

now Rompany « Gouvaud ret\wes absolutely — withdray his elaim, or 

to osnont to the oup§talization of his profits at thie tim. a 

und erat aid that Baton hee written to you uyon tits thems 


Goarend made a sama sition dn regard be naniating mmonse 
HOQOUNLE bobrvoa, you nnd hivaoly, which I believe would be most 
dangerous ror you to uctept. He prapoeed that oe of you eo 
daveunt for ell the expense insuyrad in vonnéetion with tho font 
rolun pionogr oph wesiydda, ho cacerting from hie septinsd ahertt “ehh 
‘the S290 ho bit Gestved fiom esbibiting miehttits, afte. atitdh 

‘thé to Acoounte phould be donrywred ami if Mece were a MU Ethb 

in his. Tower, veuoyoaid poy hols of it, or he would pay Woy of 

hy diftorcongs tan there micht be in yous Savor, Ho nakog. another 
Preps ition Aa on weteownative to the abave, mmoly, that vyau shall 
Pay oneewha ll of tue; @xpeane comweted with Yoreiion patents, 


The dieat puceeattion 45 fongecoe, | “In nay oyinion, for the 

rassen tliat Lo beliqo ff would be inpess£hle to trage ut th ony 
meget dt ceeurse@ey the imin2 va wiideh Yourmd has wecedved” Srom Ox~ 
hinitien uOUre ey s tou rds Manger, Young, ausured mo ebsolately 
Tuer Lovage ds Lonacn in July last, that up 10 tint tine re hed 
noc tiavertad a tingle dallar in tho rhonogyay: hobuat near, the Mo 
thin: hovdiag pedd ite om way right oo tony through Gouraudts mend 
hation nv 44. but the danger ica dit our being unable to plnas 
reliunge vpen this state of affairs bolng ree ordod in Fo) oh a 
thot oa Aumlitar eatdd Teove 4¢ by Govmad ts: noaln Haton asked’ 


“roy coAmion an te whieh of these tropoaitions vera the te 


ter, aunt I todd his that [I goustdered $$ wéuld to nueh inthe toy 
sou to GH Gere hale al the pee rt axpenses thon to umlortake 2 oom 
parisenoot serosa with Goran, | . 
; ’ ; : 
LABORATORY oT snedosc porenith feports thom ¢ Fossenion, Atwood, 
Seen: MWY, AyLorth, Diakson, ond & statanont (Yoni tho Phonoe Wkas 

Dae wax ay sldpmonits. 

Te Ae Ky 3 

OONCENTRATING WORKS, Kobmopecs You ‘wh 1a owe uxt ag Ee stiment to 

“the Coneon ty at ary Worke of $5,500, whieh 1 am going to pay out of 
the Germain Nat'l, Bonk. As the money at ny sposal + tO plaeo dn 
the German Mat "Le Bund: iu only sufitotent te 2un the Taborutory 
tering the veytiod ef yay absonee, LY412 Nok You to xe fund ‘this 
$5,400 to the Leboratary acgount in tint Bank by Siuming and one 

dorsdngy Lor depo ait one endlozey chaos on Dre: cal, 

Morjan & Qos ek 
$y 500, 


O2 yourse, the Conaanty at ating Works: avo you considernnle mona y 
fas ¢hat “Aging dite, T aay not ealled upon thom to pay this, nor 
have Yogredited you aeye-auman te on that nogount, iby the ronan 

Mist the withdrayal trop thert of so nnoh money will necassttut 
Salling ap a leeerr am sgt in tho ahipe of cucesumenta “bibeen Hess - 
alroatiy bean: arronged tie, which ommot very wail bo Dom fh you . 
aad Tnemdh chien, 

KUNZ Nye. There tsa bidaneo due Geo 

o He Kenn of G3, 000, 

whaed ha in very anxfour 40 gote -L don't know what avrangenont 

yr had with dim in rogrnid to the rayniont od’ this Aggount, bret 

told -hir T wend Gonmniniaate 4th YOU. Z asked you, by wire to-day 

sro could vend t him $1,000, which I will ray out of the ‘deraan 

Ret 'is Bane wien t Pouotve your aubherity, x onolose herey with a 
whee av brovets Havin « Qos for Be, 000 4 com-tote ‘the payne, 

Le Koning AP Yad te Werden, ty YAN Oy et” Sad Hand Aig woke Wet 

Te Ae Ee. 

paynant, you aun return the Kung gheek.t o iag unsipnod, 

LT ondloas copy of a lottor from Gildea, 4n reyurd to Dianond 

Driile I also anciose letter from the Hlliott Parniture Company, 

of Chorlottc, Me Cs - 

The rollocing ja Copy 2 @ toloRram roactved yesterday Lrom 
Mire Villardge : 

"Lotter rogolved; na canue soy worry} with long mst 

Zon sure you wi roturn in better sphittss averye 

oid S thing looks very weels ¢lonad contrast toetsy for 

-emtyrdig 0) 

Mtrianlly 200 miles horse em Lane; 

wish your systan wan rondys Ws. VIELARD.*. - 

Youry very traily, “\ 

— ‘ 
i , “4 le, is / ‘ oe 
: ny 
poe \ 
Wes uly 7 
bed is Radha Ae A : | | 
= Weep Be, . a 
SL = 
wha Ady Arte ter yee a ! 
: , i z oes Mun ¢ Ho Mi toing fu, a ea rayne we ar | 
ae : , Wevele te nis <o es, Com é Coie — 
i ‘ 
i E on Ue Lee. be Wretone Term Py ts IWC KW Weer 
~ WER Ot ee Te Gay UF Oe, 

Weve Witeee. tad MDT ed ten Win ic ea i 
ae Ww CR Mere eet iT VT Stee Wag weti on does 
. : | | eee Wahine cer. d, en ae “thet ye tei 
. Sink Weleong ees bog be Wy yen Rr 
aad % ke kK ee as be Leth 
ON bee Gres abs baie see : 

; oes fe aa. ThE. ae saan aa ta Van 
QO. <a. ae a TC es AAA. Lan Ps Maye pig ee a 

yi \ foreplay git ou M% ; Sapememmnvmnmy tel oven fon( eens 
ee ae om Se OC watt Conus meler Oy 
i he , 

Wp Pac. 7 ow GL Loe Teter Eg OV ie, f sag 
Wo 9 [Pie ee Ulett sm 1 . : 
v Wey. ed tothe eo 


en Aenanlcary UE eg te es ¢| Chatto 
“Hee dk 3 vee 1 Need ae Wee te w Keif e ESOS ces 
| q wet htey eo tas. Ve Wea Worn ul by Ory 
Os Whack We eS abe 
ria a Gaacae SEN ceo Wut rn ctw d j a, 
a een eur Iss oO UN 19s 

ey se — veo ee Vee Med. eae eee 

woe 4 
‘et ay 4", meme! ge 
te OO! ad 

5 Per 
We pene fe, 

I Bae et he ge ro 

Z ee 

RPK Tee 1 magna oly ne Qmtainda abegyen ae tay Feb, 14 ’ 1890 

a Mre Thorns Butler, . : , ? 

“1 Wall St., Now York City. 

Sree ee RIED 

| Dear Sixte ; a4 

-° I bag to acknowledge rece elpt ol canoclled conpona Non. 

183 to 100, itclusive, gosk for whitch you inform m vas sent to 

Mire Batoholers 


Yours truly, 

EO om. wove 

aca Cane, 

Soaty, & trcasy, 

Orange, Na d.-Heb., 14, wal, 
a bird 

t ‘ : TD at ee 
i i Thotas A. Fdicor, 

/ Charlotte, N. C. 

ive seen Lippincott, who says Gilliland crowd bave rade propo~ 
tyion to. North American: Company, but latter will do nothins now 
‘to oamait’ your action. ‘Gilliland's brother has appliad for patont 
n imation of phonograph with nickel slot. att achnent. “Lippine . 
out Tears if this allowed Gillilarmd's Company will control the 
wi ost, Gan you not file an application before any patmts is~ 
iat 1 tink some of the Toy people Boston could file one also. 
cs T cet them to do it? Hiekel Slot Company made Glass a 
lox which is not yet accepted. J have searched for Glasa 
since. x last night. will find hits somo time to-day and prevent 
his actaptancees : 





Thomas Ao Edison, 

Jeuse He Lippinecart, 

"e Thoms Butler, 
| as 

Dear Sirtl 

‘the Pureha ing 

Fob. ls, 1890, 

Sharlotte, Ne Gg, 

Havo appointment with Lippingott for tomnipht, Will 
‘Lay matter hofore hin und adviae you fully, Burn ‘left 
Ashovillo about Litth for south Garolina, saying could not 

Bivo now addroas ‘then, but -z have wiry 

ol him to oldg addross 
vhoro ho may have le fy, Boma instructions TO Garni ry: 

Ao % Tat oy: 

Pobruary 15, . 1890 
The Dalhounic, 40 We 50th St., 

Now York Gity. 

Loge 0m Mire Edison about which 
inportant telogran L-0m Wee cone 
pe ae lecs ni to ace yous. Gan you aed Mime oe ak 
house thia ovoning abort oight ofelook? ‘Kin y 

Ae Oo ae $6 

4s Wal) Ste, Now York, 

| Your * of* | 
| Actto} of L3th inst,, *Nealo sing 

Postal fard from 
: of the Pom, Re Re, hag been 

duly Yec'd., ang 

4 a 
¥o tridy, 



Febe 1, 14890 
Meo Thoms Butler, 1 
$4 Wall St., Now York Gity. ; ms 

Dear Sires 
T'ensloso herewith okeck of Mve Falcon fer $3,300, 


and my personal cheok for $200, both cx uhien aye in pawn, of 

Congmtrating Works abaessnent on our holding of ateak in that 


Gonponye Kindly aeknodcdge Penchid, und-oblice \ 


Yours tryvriv, 

ae . | 
Privale Seort tary, \ 
wad . 




= foe 7 “ 
~ a 
- Sa ‘ ae : 
* ie ~~ - = ns 
os Le ; we & : 
£ = es > ee | 
| 5 = . aa 8 
tft s ns R ai <j 
# - = * 
~ -g = Soin Ss 
: “<j = 2s 2 ard zt 
- ca = a 
| ’ a att = 
2 Zt = - ; } 
aie e : 
i eo tees oF ? 5 
| . 3 ) Abe 
i : : : 
| e & et Gs 
; = ost é BEEN 
| = ee 2 
3 3 ae 
oe ve 
. a a 
- QQ a 2 
. < <i 
ke 3 i? 
‘i & aod «~ ee 
~ 4 = 
oo at =4 os 
7 wt ” ios 
9 SS 

Dabs 15, u500, 

Monaye, Raton § tauiu, 

Lid) Broadway, fle York Citn, 

Deu Sirs t~ 
Tonakeu? hevewitis 2 Lotter gromn bre! Te Go Martin, 
of "thy Rhoovied ‘orld, " molosing a aomatndeat dan fron thy 
Pray ire tat, he Bivos song of hia yoatons for athasiing it's 
Edison. £ ‘wlao snahyes S Lotte von Harrigan, siressed to ire’ 
Ce Fe Latauan, te vist gh tn attuohed coyy of the Sormets mgasins, 
Iouelievs tliat Mijor Entdn to tadping traek of thts matter, in 

“hith couse, thean Hareiso inttors aay prove wusetitbe 

Yours vary. traly, 

Priveade Sey conta. 

Fobe 15, 90. 

Mre Robert Os Matlock, | 
-Contval Union Tolephon: Company, 
senates eats ‘Ths, 

Dew: Sirs~ 

- With re teronta + ie) » your hetter of Gth inatant asareoneoil 

to Mire Wison, if I wai dodat sind y 02 eas and you have these 

Coro Ct ions ‘ 

Then when yen open one rrtriory sireuit, you ‘wiah to overtone the 


{mats o act up in the vedoniary. As you BOY» tids wan te dom by 

incyeaning the atrangth olf the current in ‘one alrouit as mich as 

you fiminish it in’ the other, mak ing both elunges at ia the 

same moment. 

Youru ver 

WW hdisan 4 AQAA & 

nal sia - mort no aati, 


Fob, 15, 1890 

Me Thonaa Butloy, 
4 Woll 8t,, Mew York OLty. 

Dear Biria 

» I bog to aalnowledge x ‘cc olpt of your Letter of 22th 
instant, ondloning cory of a oonmundeation of von dato addrosseod 
by yourself to Mr, BAUR ULAR g 


Yours traily, 

Pobe 15, 1680 

Be Re Weeks, Hate, a 
Kansas Olty, Moe 

Dear Birs— 

* I bey to confim root pt of the Following telogram 
fated Lith iInstont, oddresem to Mire Rad vor nt 

*Phonogrim yea eived all rifdete? 

Yours trutyy 


pe 7 Need nes, 

Privat’ Sood tiny. 

> e 
ee TD, 

Febs 15, 1890 

3, Fe Moriarty, Esqe,. 
Inte national Graphophone Company, 

Milo Bdge, Now York Oitys 

Deay Sirs= 

‘i ' 


I regrot very inch tint 2 wag absent rhen your bother 
Called at tha feb oratory yout onlay afternoon. Z boy that the 
misienl reoords whieh he. took with bis to Kew York dees found to 

ta vatistastorys Thare «rora no speaking dolls here that would 


have done ra pwublie exhibition, Your motost in this comeec~ 

tion could not, therefor, be complied withs | 

Youra truly, 

Private Seoretarys 

ae Ucbe 15, 90 

the Be Dick Coes 

ha Ohdrayoy Liins 
Demy Sirnt- 

Io retua sererdtic ddagvoin sthowdngy ieae of Osbinet which 

' you oro prorar tng fot us, the sano va yiies bean enclosed with your 
pod intter of (eth inst. dhe anbinet an arranged dn Qe Ke, md I 
i | shall be oblimei tf yea wih formrd i with all possible dospnte hy. 
. q ; Tours truy,. : 

ae Private Secreturys cer Oe 

Van Seer 

Mr 9, Thowe Fee! Bur ler, 

: ; 44 Wali Stra tt fe 

> Now Yor City 

Dem Sir:~ ‘ee 

fe y ye? 
ive unio eed notes. of 


z onelone ba Peydth 
Phonograph Works, at fox| 

-tho Redd son 

Yor five thousand Collars eagh, 


to the ordoy of ‘ThOG « Ay 

Bart eon, Somber sd mind 

and ondoraod by 

the lat tore 

Please aah she thed op ror aint oft 

those, anil oblige” 

Yours tiniy, 

an eet, 

Fens 17, 1899 

Deay Mr, Hadi on, 
Toengloae tevewteh sopy of Report for week 

: ’ 4h, Ul 
ending Pobrunmy Sady” M90, va ceived fron Aloxs Hlliott Jr,, in 

regia to certain mining DYoperties about which he in negotiating. 

Lulsa vorda you lo ttore ras ofy 

“i fvom- Prod’, Murka and Geode 
Pe Kum, ond gopvie 

f OL Lett arg rowecdived fy Gildea and Oe J. 


Yours ¢rmudy, 

Thomas. Ae Eni con » Kaqe, 

Charlo tt cy, Ne Ue 

Roonion Na Ja Fue 22, 90. 

Te.Ae Bas sen, Nene, 

He | 

Leone av et ton common: 

ny (tie. Mee Gail 20 see ah seas andi 
BOOM. Got hore pat B 

acongant the Madsowge: Wat Ley 

Mines. Na yoodq-e nt 2 howd | Peal aa Seti bog Ab amanticy: 
rock er snlla. Vein baa 

2 CUt AD liege 

Yoaris truly, - 

(Sienert) Coo Im Rat ty 

Binigclewidie, Pa, Bubs Li, ‘kiya, 

Mrs Thowe Ae Bit 

Wg Poew hy ' 

He J. & Pas Cowensvitire f 


Doar Bivge 

Lam din weeetpt vl 

SPR tee Bias Diomornd Drill 

Coa, trLerming me that the focus 

Ss we Ngee sib Ss 
et 145K. Boy WTO eee oh eto 


or 30 dave Preah ontyte got Ape em GA omen miter lag Satermaay’ 

Veke Fil, iSO, Tan Pet Meow dea oo b8aor ef veeam cand rrobey 

pare *o vo five tle Srugise feng ks me 


Vad ton detred the Indio 

to chert, baston of clu shegt, 



Ado: an ay ha Gan al) Get 
lla. hk 
Deans , Marrs: 

y Leg, So ear cl, uy fh, td 
Lhe ch, fay yf / as 7 ies 

He ALL pola 
Cree lady ane. si a 

oliry Vier 
ft pg do: 

FF eo. oli 

CLY Aaaue. to 7 an 



(oF eet ctemmamnanen ian et matiaimsaemnine renin Lak inteperate rasan 

Fob, 1’, ‘1820. 

Bt Mee Bisa,» 

T enelose horeritiz a letter trom Herter -Brogs, 

Wo rgaved to thal 

PF biL Lor $8,515.50, who bingo welding tides 

hettian have informed mo that unless the geeount ‘bs ‘MLO Ahvoy 

nids take abepa to colinat it, Ten not fadides wea che posse - 

in gomection with the itema in this bili whieh ave in dispute, as 

Hroe Raison has conducted the matter pertonal Lye I? she desires 

md 40 tuke any aation, will you kindiy post im, mad 1 will go and 

sca Hertor Brose about ite 

Yours very tiuly, 

Taos As Raison, Bags, 

Qinrlotesy, Jac, 

Bert yg Bae 


OR oe ry 
Aa Pir, AN ora, 

: Viteg 

ak Git. ry 

“Nike Mata Ge tty 

‘ eh + 
iS Sao r Creane Fae 

MAG LaT chad at Hee Batsur's 

Lene ge 


fe GO pacts. of 

Z 1M at. 4 hy ih 1 ee we ay rn ° 

‘ “San Horse, Mery Ta conyers ga “oa Tam SEATS 
. eae “ 

aes Yb Bp TY Pag ak whe a aciia Lary oe 

Boe Soe mae 

Aa an 

hy : “i6Gte J have Leesa 
SMEG ps aa mba Ley, 

. et 


ad eet ote 

rivate Sweret Atty | 


RMT RRM eee 5 

re ener 

‘Feb, 17, 189%. 
Le Ae Jackson, Bane, 

#24 Park Row, Mor York Citye 

Decr Sippe = 
I have bem trying to obtain for YOU aN clLeg trotype 

ofa Phonograph, tbr uge in eonnoetion wi th tho Edi'son Souven 

YOU Bee preparing, but have be en unable to fCone onde  Perhups 

if yor appliod to the Verth Ann rtean Phonosyonh yo yle, Now 15u 

Brovdyway, Ner York,-yar could obtats one frost thonty 

Yours try, 

Private Sesret atye 


Nac gaetell eth 

abe tay then 
Pob 9 17 baynagm: % 

“an agg? 

Wiodyor.Mr. Edteonse 

*In order to’ ragquadnt 2 nG _supemaeniy webtate ! 

sia wid ban: 

shia Proneecy of . arty y va in connect ion’ wht me gcd adn: ‘yuu bs 2 ee 

Us atta yf 

upga oe refer tq each event ebnobau tively cas: rom hay abn 
% oe as 
a{neo,, onate departure, compnbinig wi th. the time “Hints Sanam 

tH, Meg Yank, and brow, ibis r matten.t, 

, La, Sirat. int, ove. atkel Hide bl We 

IALngine a. adudin {het ay ware pretty: sl i a th : 

PRR put. tes 

thi iat jhe tte nat, thdare FOR. WOU, edna to go. exter wy ents: tab 

Nickel-sipt bywdnees . | 43 Be, Barehoroir hrs san “ted, re Phas salsoat of 

; abe 
ho. tag ths. Ceypersnt ton, itd ioe, he, WHA exbirodyrnandea: UP Gdi 
Ai angie gemneation, with oi the exbovit.sinpeinte tuhion ofe tintaittekos 
slot’ (Cpmpany wich, mhoeyer:, Loaf acattnens: ite mentions Anis: ‘tnveretar 

8y ay. to 

988 the 

@iye #9; an, igua. of; aisas! fromo: “of t mang. wnsin 1 he, ‘bed ontd! " 
next. Anzerview, viii eh., wAD. #4 thyounseaberh Aoeded 4 
Of gthond SrABdNe se. ob: the. Antervd dur! Sue am. Tog eon "te 


refer, $Gok, nati no, if agen dy why boven; axpontdng. teint dha er Usaha tase: mash wretaibonnnont hgrae Red wTT ate ty AOD HOt, 

et PTT er a ae, = 

ay pte 

CAG a 

pied dap fat yen: x *, 
+ n ‘ ae “6 ie 
Hg telic ma that ah hig ‘inkery low with oH Ye re sree! tale kay 
F f +4 rouge! yh 
had a Nigkie-olet moh ins to onc of and gade wh! say teats dhe 

a et 
i a ey “4 

the purposs os seine ity that ne” iniformead ya 

apts “machina or a, kod your adviee with Delater 
{ : : 

Has ions Winkel he ‘iva meet antennae ‘Inte vite Gees 

mo \ ; ; ; 
aoe af hin wifhte to tho Letter, ° the oe. 

ot es yaaa a ae . ‘ : ‘ oe 
Aree acy fhedotiatas tho ragult deine: thar on oboe bith fnatant ae 

signed a vontsaet “lade Cheeverty' JomMpeny, wie Pesto bug Connafae nse id 

me u Gditany Sry rife pe inhty ‘ot: Kitigelriand ninhar oats ne Shas Leos 

web ie the’ Miited Stated ‘nD Hiey Head nut previo: via ky | aber ath 

Y Garisoinie: Companys VAL Bo dead “Sb anval Misia Vener 

: . casei: opting ee pe ia sas ae cB Lee at rae, ps 

dhi agroament! anid b hy Qh bowor ee eee Comnany gon the 
Mia ra , ¥ oe Hey 

peters. Piste cos Ht vide Pho re h) ay sean atl ad Gi 

Sth insdant, Tie Was! “tes y of tind Asti: Ling Berto ShLowgal6 

alate ta ye 

ty een ed he atts bat Bit dt Ge Neel ehaey, Soret 4 
ROIs! tus to have Wael ina? hin foi “x inde Math g wets af pelt ee monation | ier: wie" 

‘ 4 fy oo 

a Lippiieott aan & 2} Ahiniio taly, ‘Placed nga are doe wt ae thon Beth 
Lip saie'd fe, mas nero, “ope tn tment” “tow tho sepa ov icktywnd thhaendeeye 2 

Ban oie, Giese. 2 saw ‘SApitridots orto tobioua. thrtednasvbets 

7 to Ha , 4 Mee rs ee rat meg d * . a BAe a : 
‘tong fed CEE eC ea HO’ ard wade Misc ett aFvar of oo ocertabs sda 
taraat: ite the “autonatie! Fonosretin: Buh thi tions tonpeay (Ckanvert as. 
ty Fi . 

conden); ue Hee sprite 

ott) euaiid Alve thie soniccita p coian ts 

AAPPEOL saecopKRuphn CO.> 

“an tn ORLY bad td auton ity of tHe tdorth | 
ta ay 

to enter: ‘nda its ai Waattstadele tig toe dbus! iat. : «PL omorreptaivonpentes 

eye . 
¢ de! A¥ 
ett “Rather: 

tivbughou! RNA Hatred da dtly fe ete NAdebhatdecieoni. sry 

athe not are taal, eh cet Coun oe a ggg ia Pp. 
oer ivene by $11000,c00$ hin tarde weeded tte te!s: 

T.A.E. 3. 

fe ee pe, vided &s a eeeee Cheever’ 8 interes: $230, al ei nee’ 

cae ee "Pha. ‘ iS 

at a $50, 1000. , @i1112ond's interest, 8250, 000 sty, pingc ti th Mitoract t, 
| ae , at ety 

i : | $250, 000 

‘ sp Tron: Uy, $250, 000, 

1a Autom tie Phi JONngRvEph Exujbit ton 
_Pompany,, a | eony Ae Mead 

a an 

\ hippincott erie (ODS a ‘tou woes 
x are ! eal, an 59 ter Ba Hg. has . been Advised ME tc fa peer ae 
tel . im doos hot beLtove pin hig Sub-Companios Cin Uno pl henoyia plus Cor 
t v4 Sy 
iq “Wiokie-atot Purposos without having; the perehinats re Berra 
a |e ‘ fa pious Phonograph Ganpany,, 
tae \ og . ee eee ae . ea as Rea Hate iz fot 
On J fied 
iM I und erg * ) ws mn (lage Aving quote ea Chu: 
ad é une cg; 43. ‘ 
i ; _Puonogeaph Ce os * Manhattan Phonograph, Company, iat, nee 3 Engle: cis, 
: ‘4 _ Phonograph Cepany and the New Jovoey Phonon raphy Peaemny Yay, ald 
: x eS oat Bons nay on ; 
be “4 untored Anto an Ser geuien t wi th the 
4 ie ea 

RNY A it fereement you. 9 Wat wh ind , Betached. tate : fe ; 
, 4 ee ee man I todd Ulppinegt of fis, He tlon. wih ou Togs me 9 . 
4 ce said ha Wadd ees Chaavor’ 8 People ‘03 
' : want with yourns AL ye to wie, often I whred hi. ee on ee 
é se Ee 1, What hs mee 
; : Waited in tan on Taareday, and Petey, “ay vorl 
* BtATE™ Rd a ‘ 
, ‘ese but Gout not. find tm, on Fetagy Mast. I Aah Gaeqeane. 
= ‘us, tm bs ee ta the sboratory, tnd, fe nnd 3 i Ons at alae, af 
| amines I found Hee on Ane day before, no neeokved. your | sel~ : 
i i See 1 ee a Storey aaa © eae ee) : 
: ceca, Glas De ai a4 ithe rights uff nip LomPY. £0, fheever ae fon- ‘ 
at Ven che rn rev : : 3 i 
- meres ede hie, ine PS Fe AM car bee eet ate Fe , 

: Meanwhd le, Baton tleranad to, you, Jig. iE BE, SpE Be a 

ve bybey (puree ergs ; 

ane & ruben | to Bie a propos toi, trom. Sheaver to tha 

tice “agha one cat 

Shoula bg, _psven onasfifth ofthe, oupital., of Fa eee 

ones Exhibition. Compuny and the manufas toring 

Gan ae PETS 

he Bea hie 
WS ERM, Mae, 


es Daan 
f nograyih Bxhibi thon Company. 
BPEL OD Soar guise ids. ' EO tanto 
ts oe think thos ahoura be sone Limit plaged poh, tip: capital 
eu aye bate Vie Pt ag AL Na hicks ie YY OUNE goy . asthe ag faye 
‘ nob at unlers £ recaive your dis thugtions to the contrary, t wilh 
UPe@L try EAU Ean ol “Pr Ao OTe g SU epee Gu tat tet yitse va sOiaee Skee 
te {et the it shai not exceed $1,250, 000, "a 
; NA Sith; us tr sya att 3} we tos: * g “At. Rar Got wits wat 
4thi . ‘the Autoriatie Phtionvaph Eahibttion Company, berorg 
les, / “eth AMIEL ns Petr cr tgs eg Bes the epaaty ‘Le etnaied + Lyf tin 
fering“ into any santa! with yours ais" amis t obtain 

RAE 54; Bea, 

World? pie the’t, Gi1211I and shoug reting. 

from tye Bei deans ied! 

Bracing thesieg Wi thdray your op posi TON Stes ays pias id! eat Sayre 

wired your: Welent te ati aitiglyditigs « PRE, io Bal shai. ee a 
4% V gay Choa 

GM thig Morning at p- on: wtih eamg a “te Meat 
hini and his’ | People to’ net. le Ee aten wag ytnRE ong: Atrosnieet, ia. 4 
Exhindton Company hag iivotl-the A EMbaes Zavae ie Mbt pe as sp Hits ea 
diana$oris ,. aN order Posts cob Rulaiieicn PAREN et eS Oa he 
In reply: wo Hua tion, Chedver, Rtatew warts wipe, thecal Abitoe mn 
Ynow ‘tena ‘to rites LAppinaote ‘any ‘Literohs vin ans, Aivtima ss @. BP ong 
‘the pointe WEeh'Y Shar ever i 

1 nerd S94 ne hed tl Chis arate, 
are an follovs;: a (nat 

Becciny ft oge 

7) See See 





are to have 


the manufacturing rights for the 

mop La “Peal 

arr ALGKteeslot at ta 

chinendy : manus 

AGturod under patonts 

fature by a 


ey Owned OR 

Vo Us vetinit red in the f 
mreph Exhibition ( 

tt Automatic Phano« 

or a any, 

|. Bndy This Gontvagt shal. bg fn for, substantially the 
iF.S, : 
sate &s the Con tracts urior witoh ve now estar a@ titre ton the Tay He 
ee ee Oe ue cee eae ha ul 
Ph B08 raph Cetaeny and the, tio th titortoan Pian rapt Goinane 4) 
ae mas vase} "sy hh MG 3 ‘4 Oy Mat, eee ate shite ‘ys i 
; a: ao ary to ‘wedaity ane-fitth OP ‘the’ enpita poe 
(oer as ¢ te 

Bp ate oa 
Hey Bote. 

ary shecset t 

itt, © re ben. : 
or the Aut LOms tie 

foe M tho S.A, 








th ‘ 
tape. 44 


. 3 
pr ae oe ste 




‘the wort:, 



wee, PAG speph Compa 

pee ten top AMG ape 
ny Sais 

its Arh. .5, 

Nk thuvaw tig 

aae@ompan y ‘Vos, 500, a 

fy of ways 

geouny ny, tue, 

83 you may have. 

i tlgent Ley Have 
Moy ae = 
"ae Neo 
det Lib e bali iy 
act ‘ly sha olan, me 
hubenncre Ale 

applied tow, 8 


Shs, m 

 damene al ng tu 3 , Mae 








Thigh ba / ae 

(Ordon AyLO dit, 


fe ue wil be to 

thay pospeas, tha is, 

: eabsaquon tly to be agui 

‘ rewanbo that, u 

wantE vintover with 

ah a x 

Ane ri can Ph 

we data ame cones: 

Ny an Af re en 

the Automatic. Pnow 



wing these -points UIN. ta 

SO maka, witken 

Yourg + 

uu ks 

Ste vied that the. 

gt He 
Joe bd pe 


BO or LY eee 

than, fos "he 


a tes 
onojsraph Co, and ti 



Eo We 


HON f WI eae 
1E > Lorwmoy Will by Authorized 40° an 

dof ‘phon: Yevaphs in: Carer 


Thy be 

And p katy og 

PULIge WALL Leegea wre 

WAAAY. Preys, cog 


1 nuire Cheey fants 

eM ta. 

jae aus some 
TB a abob oly 

ae ip NO objoes “ ce amt ering 


eek ” 


wattage pov 

aT) Byee 2] 

he oe tye te 

HS gin 8 7 “4 ~ 

‘ a gaat oi Ag og, 


SCAION Pog thy 

“Sy Tet abe 

Me cap atke 

ae a clean} 

whe t re ie hs uve 

SE caer Geet 


SEO IPE wow & 

PoRaOn that the Good 

ae ee Tae my 

Bs AY ber 

iPfie mitipee 
an) “sh vite 


BATE INE tele 

4 aly PA ivas 

pa tents of 


Cg Oy bes 




Fy eat 

into any ayn 

We Bletiag2 Gotan. 

ALA Bel teks igabr ert, PY yay 

it te POAMu Re 



Petnle to ‘athe OX 

Will oy 


peat Le 


i arig 


a ee Hey 

sane Company wA1l be with 

~held Subfiet ta voli HBiGa02 ahr yg 

desing te dispose of, 
‘Sineg writing 

the above IT hava 

80ON Wigolacey, 
the 8ituatlon to hin fally 

on ony 
Ne “in those di 

sand wily © O-operate! wi ti yor ty 

yoursort b Mae 
also Approvos oF the courye tht chr: : ern 
act throughout in harmony wi th hime : 

AL ares pany wba 

_Vobe 17, 1890, 

Jo Fe Howola, Erqe, ' 
58 & 60 Brondvay (Room 211), 4 

Now York Gity. 

Dear Sirje a : | / 

"In reply to your letter of 15th instant, tho eketon \ 
of hy. Mai son's life that I sont you vas written from notes which — | 
I took fiom Hre Edi Son, who afterwards read and approved ite I 
have no objeation to your refering to this fact, but do not wish 
tho articlo pb ished as a contribution. from Mr, mate ate It Ins 

not yet boen published in full. , c ; 

Yours truly, ° Ze | 
“LZ | 

Private Secretary, 2 

HUWesig: We Te 

wm tl ay toiegrom of tlds EvEENG f 

wytAvA herewith My, Vdisents 


seer Eee Lhe oy Z 
vos eaye BT HEM pheana 

24, Pa hee cheers “a ‘ 
SoD Tey Pho heerek oa tine 

‘(YT Darn, 

boas tae ncincetnbas ities tinal 

bot tlie 
~ Kn hoa Ty) hratek, oy | 
. 177 Wr rp chew ag} > 
a dvercte lam onlin WW § 308. TE 
i fe Lufttrmenda, Londucto ab 
Oh ahd Huw warse @ ae Line 
a lacted 7 ao ao 
e OE ty ae 
Promice Q. Coram 
| th, 

Febe 18, 00. 

Ny dear Mellory,= 

LT have just received your -telegram of Yoh. 183. 
also letter of the 15the ‘tn re gird to magnet puttorn, L think -y:o 
had botter ship it back, aS on second thoughts I find tmt I em 

. a 
cast them just as cheap here as at Sehenootady, .and sond ya cone) 
i &. 

plicte mingnets » The complete sketch of the, machine is boing 
finished, and wo will send you the sume as‘soon as it a 80:0 
‘Tama little at a loss to know just wint I am to do for you | 
in tiis matter othor thm make the magnets and the sketch. Som- 
boay, of course, is giving you tie nosessary infor nation in Nogard 
to yor general plant, such ag horse power, current, and all those 

things, -If you have not thrse and want to know ‘anything ‘about 

‘thon, I shall be very happy to pive you ‘all tho assistance that £ | 
gan in th sathdey Dickson tells mo tat you have ad no infor 
,: nation from him in that regard, and for that reason I nvite to 
fer you any help I ean givase My ‘only wrderst anding of your " 
-order is, that we are to moke & conplete works ny - Qraving of: tho 
5 ieee Separator, wid gond it to you, so that you..can hawe it mde 

nrg tho only work that I have got toMlo fs to fwni'sh you with 

‘ahs hoa anaaty MeRets,;, complete, .e et per dvasing:s 

Whey 8 Lig Ma, . We 

Feb, 18, 1890 

Ichould Lite to know where you buy your belts, brearea T 

Wenb, two at tho sume tine, if thoyo “is Qny Vag afit in buytie dhe 

by the dot I believe Mey Sohwaves said thet he gould buy het-tex 

in ret Ing ia the vest than he could in New york, If that 1s so, 

pethans he crould Let ing Inpow whore to ipply My the two that I 

woot e, 

Yours truly, 


Myra We Be Midliory, 

| ".  -% Yout Hardnlph, Ste, Ghieago,  — 


nine Patt santa nig Sohn esta 

Fobe 18, 1890 
Mrs “Wine Je Carter, 
504 Wost 1th Str ost, 
Kensas ity, Mos 

Dear Sirs- 

Your letter 6f 1th instant has come to hand during 
the absence of Mrs td fone | Th reply vould say that it appears 
from the sk oteh om odied a y aur connmni cat ion that there is only 
one battery. If this is 50) “tito difficulty will probably’ be th 
814 cht irregular it des in tn Peper allow the current. to pursue 

the eagiest paths to tho dot rimant ale some ‘markings. Would suge 

Bost the following: ithor \ave one coll for each contact ain its 

own diroct direuit, with one ‘main return wire 

oh iepee he b Ep se 1. 
(2 0 . eles 

Preece nae 

Px mako tho clockvork glose alu the sircuits for a little while in 

regular succession, when the te cords will be a series of conscau~ , 
tive dotted lines on the yapey’,, ope such dot being made at .one 
times . 
Yours ‘+t ae 
hots ae te eet 
ie ae 

‘Rrivato Secretary. 

coment ey eng 

Sr rere 2 LN gpl BIO Sm TOE TEM OD eet rat 

Feb. 19, 1290. 

Colonel Goorge Me Gouraid, 

o/o Daniel Lord, Nsqe, 

; “New York City. 

Dear Sirs- 

I enclose herewith invoices for material shipped on 
your account in sarees sre wen the phonograph business from June 
1888 to 12th instant , and which has not been previously billed, 
Snisanbine to $5,206.18, Kimlly your cheek in settlement, 

and oblige 


Yours truly, 

er ; 5 = 
a na 7% : 'e 
wt Fay r te é 4 QA OX]. “4 5 : 
ee ral APARNA Lett 2 Ui g Nu 
hag a wee we erat 


her nied aa Weer 
 tanaainemer ad o 

OT Taha Biss ant et and ee : Ey 

Feb, 19, 1890. 

My dear Major,- 

For your information 1 eesire to inform you thet 


T have just rendered a bill against Goureid, for $3,206.18, vid ol: 
represents the Pull amount of our accounts outstanding against thin 

T have requested him to vorvard his cheek. in settlemewte 

Major Se B. Foton, 
. 120 Broadway, Naw York. 

— SO NTI me ETRE Aeneas + 

a; ———— ee 


Oorne Lins Vaneott, Fs 


Nov York Cibve 

Dear Sirs- 

We send you by eyecdal imssenger, two cases and one 

barrel, containing tivo complete Water Moter Phonogyapha, Littey 

Musical Cylinders, and one Aounired ond fistty Phonogram Blanks , 

These are for transmission to the Imperial German Post Ofvice, 

Borlitte Wo have Ahad considorable correspondsnes in regard to 

this matter with the Post O2ftee Department at Wesh ingen, which 

is acting aos an intermediary for the Gorman Postal Authorities in 

this tranmetion, and in a lotter rocoived from the Departoont 
under date Decembor Slst, 1489, we were requosted to forward the 

packages to ‘the Postimsteyr in New York, advising him of the’ nature 

of the ¢ontents and esking him to hola the samo unti 1: inst meted 

by the Past Office Department ee 40 their ai sposition., This ox- 

plains wiy the pagkages are forvardud to yourself. We have to- 

day advised -the Post Ofdioa Departmen. at Washington, by letter, 

th &t. the packages have beoh sent to the Postnaster in New York, 

Co Vancott, Esqoy Pe Mo ~~ Fok Bhi 439.9 

. 2 

. — 

with whom vo have requented the Department to communicate in ree 

gard £0 thedr disposition. 

Yours very tridy, 


The Independent Dynamite Cos,, Febe 19, 1890 

24 Park Pl., New York City. 

Deo you know Samuel Ge Burn's address? Answer puid. - 

Edison Luboratory o 

a (x wo ne Ah OUd be 

" ae a 
cts. ie ee te bie eat Nae [te Me Noe COL 

Krupby aye rw TTR ~ eh gy 
° ae 

ne race dancktiens, bee | os i va 5 EAE 

ere “My RA Sr . _waey rere OE eS eed GV YO 

My oa (ice a ee asso. WE Ley oo eS Ge chon 

OT nT mene 
Pere gees ore ry eee obit ee ae zat che Vg { ce. 


ON wee : 6 i. we y ~ : \ 1 
Vek i ee Peed aey, 2, rn £ fines ote ties 

a ow 

oo a are 
a tye ene Change Se Wrantitenny OL 
mais A tem i ~ Wb yar. Sant (oo oak, 
a ae ir Sa ee as. SER? - aa ee wy) i 

ion (ell wom 4 Pe, ieee (Ped eae eh ha 
2 re . hos “ amet 
ahh ea Haw Wes wet ye u(r Lht-s NA a ar 

Fee enenee ofl’ L. 
Wawa as OT Wee "Arte at Cnt Seale, 

a4 ie bey A, Oe Zh yen , ee ae “gee OW oy eee CI heen on a9 
Sie Oh By Wet a a Cte = Ley 

A ecsspdpaee ee Ss. < earn = 
Ain At Yrro UArsenol Gas Vimy ro Lay : Gs 
by niger macro . i . . as wt “ ed 
VW are A. Ay Bee We ee i, ne oH, ime, ea 

“4 hes me cette A ee A OO hoor qee an phe 
| Supe S~ OR Se he Kol 
ex a Onn 7 cc ead kai aden ae aon 

Cea ee ee ees oe Cre dre by Pe. & 

os Asani dete ws 
Q ‘ cere ee 
ae Cree Cate wk. bey ey Unt ach oe vf. ae “y a as ben ea ov bon 
‘ HOW erate é ‘ ; > 
vee eT Rt Lota baat ~ . fw vot Ben tae obey oe 

as to 
Ba Week Re wh om G16 . Se We 
* Se pices rae eo ae babe tha the, Vea hen fa» 
China aS 4 a “As ne aaa eked ~ Oe Sacer cS” 

1 bee 

6 dM att ‘oon ay b a 
he ohhh. ce Ui: Kunth, Ue 

: A eae Pasitiny ASKS, donb oe Ne BOTS: Aire goer caine weds 

yo he ae 2 were he Tt, Bre 
A reg (aedol Noten oro. Gannteeds, ores t tan ae ty em 
y i 

od aon. Phonopy auh Works, 

Orango, Me Ta: 

Deu Sirs. 

fhe following, is tar canfie mation of order sent yay 

PALS iworning py tel cphonea ¢ « 

Please shir to Mr, Everett. Pr: LIT y. 

nA Water Street, New York, 

tomdiy, tirae treadle Phonegraphs, compete, with latest Tinos 

ments amd. including any peduencs extra parts neesessary for one 

year'd uses mark Trazar Cor, Shangise-, #1 up. 

Also ploase pack 

in a separate how three extid pairs of phono, redordms ond ropro- 

‘dueers, mevkiss this 

Fackage Frazar & Co., Yokohama, ani deliver 

it with the ethers %o Mr 

« Brazear ot his office in Now York. 

Private Seere tary. 

Thomas Ae Mai Son, Bsq., 

Char Jp tte, Mea, 

Dex ir, Rag son, 

Your nots. Of Lit, in 
S moraine, umd y 

Wo h 

stant to Fessenion is at 

a9 delivered immedi ato} Ye 
Sve not yet been able to le 
learn of hig 

4 hend say 

cate Burn, Inmedi at ay x 
Wheveah dite, WW in aty 

Ust him to event to Charen 

Yorrs +4 muy, 

Feb, 19, 1890, 


Ne Hy Brooks, Esqa, 
Act ing Sup't. Yoroign Mail 85 

Post Office Dene, Washington, De" Ge 

Referring again to your letter No. 88922 Ger., under 
date Deaenbar Slst, 1889, I veg to inform you that, in compliance 
with request contained 4n Je tter above roferred to, I have to-day 
forwarded to the Postmaster in New York, two cases and. ore barrel, 
containing tvo compl cte Water Motor Phonographa, numbered 3947 & 
6072, reepectively; 50 Musical Cyliniers, oid ‘150 Phonogram Blanks, 
for trananission te the Gorman Postal Administration, Borling I 
Inve also sent a letter to the Pogtnaste, explaining the mture 
. of the contents of the packages, and requesting him to hold the 
same ‘until inst meted by your Department as to their dl spositians 
| | I beg to hand you herewith Directions for using the Edison 
Wator Motor Phonograph, which I would ask you “to ‘kindly transmit 
: to the Gdomm Postal Authorities when you notify them ot the do~ 
rartire of the macliines , and I would &Je0° ask you to ievea eg to 
.them ny regrot at the unewoidub Le" dolby shich has coe urred 1, the 


furnimiing of those phonopraphs i 

Yours vory trily,. 

He PN REST Mitac T te on 82 




In setting up the machine, 

the amaller or the two Flex- 
ible Rubber 

Tubes stdula bo Connected with a water supply of 
not leas than 30 feot fall, 

The larger tube will be connect ou 
; card being taken that 

a8 a drain pipe 

ite fall shall in aly 

Cases be downward, and Avoid short bends, ag tho: Slightest 

bit of obstruction in the flow of the water would caugg a back 

pressure ani atop the madhino,. and at the Same time cause the 

l . . 
water to overtilow on tho Ploor, “Wo would advise users to 

avy lead pipe instead of using 

the rubber tubing; eg thote will thon be no Possibility or 

loskage through the breaking 

of the rubber tubing. — 
After those cormections havo boon made, 

the machine ig 

then ready. for working. 

The methoa of proceeding is as fol- 

lowa:~ Open tho vaive, allowing the water to flow freely 
 anto the motor. 

A small valve which is opened or alosed by 

‘means of a sorev driver wi11 be found by the side of the 

valve which is connected with the rubber tubing; this is in- ‘ 

tended to Prevent a waate bf water by regulating the machine 

at that time of the day When the pressure is the lowest. The 

valvo thich As,operated by hand is only intended to turn 

57d off the water, 

The poney on the top of the motor is only 

used for regulating ‘the SPhad lor the machine by turning it 
inward oy outward until 

the Proper spped 18 agcured. On the 
‘OP of the base on whigs the Phanggraph sats will be found 
B Borow whi gh passes thn ough the PARtIng. 

This ip used for. 
tightening the belt whan it shal} eye ‘Reoome loose. 

Fobe 19, 1890, 

Edison Phonogr ah Works, 

Orange, M3, 

Dear Sirste 

Plouse merk the has. sontaining tho Krupp phonogr ah 
as Lollovas Pe Ae Krupp, Esason, Gormeny, The presen 
tation plate will, of Gourse road "IF, A, Kruyp," instead of FRIED 

RUPP, as yy evden oly advised, 


The Krapp Yronograph has bom -the: subject, of so mmch correse 
pektone«, tela@honinge ma verbal dineussion within tho last ‘tew 
days that i Was under tho impress sien it had lof, the factory and, 
Was Now ay its my to Goimimy, it yar can rrovatl ‘wpon your selves 

to oxzedite the cShipmont of this inst rinient, please do oe Sond” 

Yours ay 4 
| A MG 

a Ab oy 

it by expresi. 

Pbivat e ‘podeovites 

Rese Ae SR RTT Aery SSinaters 
~. a ee 

_ Fobs 19, 1890 

Mr, Thoms Butler, 
44 Wall Street, New York Oity. 


Dew Sir: _ oe ‘ 

. Toneloss herewith three notes of the Rai woh Phono= 
Braph Works to the order of Thoms Ae Faison, one unfier date 20th 
insjant, $5,000, and two umler date Ath instant, dor $5,000 and 
31, 00, resyoctively. . These have bern dasued in reoeryh of tir0 
notes, one Tor $6,000, Luling duce sth inntant, the other Tow 
$5,000 Tel Ming ade 20th inutant, noth heli by Mi. Ed-ivons I lave « 
drain the vonewal notes, “tio for $5,000 ama none for $1,000, to 
vover the total emount of $11,090, teenuse all the nowes whieh we 
have hore counterss aed and endorned, by Mr. Edison ave for $5,000 
fach, md Tuc not want to draw e now note for so Inke an anonrt 
us 6,000 te bo left open wmtil we can obbedn tis sipmtures 

Please sii theue an Acsist mt Treasurer of the Sdicon Phoyograph 

Works and return thou to mee 


* ‘i 



iy Oe 4 ‘< 4 


‘4 fa vt 

amrsng ty 


Fe by 19, 90 

My dpar Mre, Ndi zon, - 
In ys agar tro: *Rivko) -B Lot ¥ noygot ietions, 
On, Momzay wit hast I net tho folowing people at ite Oheover's 

roana in Mow Va ae Chasrery Gloss, Gilliland and Gottg- 
vhalk, the lust the-Secratyy G7/the Net mpolit m Phonograph 0o., 


and the following yolrtts wey 

aL iS aowNseds FIRST. I state thmt 

Exhibition do, was ablo to 
atbever they were to ren 
ceive Irom you, and, therefore, aad FAG o pret thet you should 
ye placed fea sindier positon in oe to the property sich 
that: Oompa.ny has enph tabi gee. sf. thot “thot mporerty is represented 

hy: such.’ iy ie which Im boon msde, », Det ante covering the 

; an. ery ert Hal, ant 1 yoquested that these should be 

cea La ied (o diwtussion, they doeided to. take. 


houtind 2 dite esa Chiba Loudy/ Points 

th? ra 

‘ " sucortine z weqadsted ther NO ontinds oth We att Hosts ty for 

entiering: ‘Yate contsact with tht various phonograph companies — 

throughout the nite Star edy EF Ht dng that Ct Undoretaod it was 

“necessary itt these Conpahien to/bo authorized Wy tho ‘North Am. 

Bhonogeaph Ooe to rts avon wontrnoted AsoGher jony diaguasion 
hook plsce, they af epnatdiy the tight: of! Mo Nosth Ante Phonds oe, 

Lake. e 

20 combyol. tind Sanpete inthis ways f tyelsted thet it week, 

es Sn tee Se pao. « 

vaste, menses oe an 5 armrmnetat 

So Ie . ww Feb, 19, 90 

natter that would have to ho: cette th at whathop or not ‘the 

‘North Ame rioan Phonograph Company gotualiy possessed this right, 
they claimed it, and it woud have to bo settled one way or the 

other before you card pr oated eny further. Finally it was de~ 
cided that Mr. Choever and nyselr should wait upon Mr, Lipp fayette 
the next day (yesterday). He met him os his office at ono o*eloek 
I rola Lippincott privately oa that had ogeuryved the ni ent before 
and he and I Rarecd that so for as the oupital of Ain Automat ic 

Company is concerned, we should insist upon a division as folluvs: 

Thomas Ay Bai son---* ilies ---2$250,000 
Jesse Me Lippincott---------- 250,000 
Treasur yieotae tens ne 250,000 

The Gupital of the dommany Gee be inerensed beyond tim sum al~ 
ready sot,-nemoly $1,250,000. | . 
. As the Atttomatic people have already contracted to give Giass 
$250,000, there will be left: only $250,000 +0 divide betwem the 

Cheevor md Gilliland Ciecear a or haif as moh as they orlsinally 
contemplated getting « | | . 
Upon consulting the contracts made by the North Am Phono, Go. — 
aid tha various ewh-companioa, we find a clause which provides that 
the stth-companies ean only use in connootion with the phonograph 

sdeh appliances aa are aut hérd zed by the North’ Ams Phono. Go. ‘We, 
ienahares hola the tramp card in dealing with the Aut omat io peopte 

Sud wd) ittsist upon om tomes 

Ue Ae By Peys iy, usp 

After this interviey with Lippincott 

» We wont into Cheovor, 

and I Asnewe ny Tequost four knowledge as to the property owned by 

the Automat ic Company 'y and Che ever aenewod his, ohjeetiona, Finally 

hoe sa 

id that if we woulg ‘60 ahead w 

ith tho negotiations and ‘settle 

il points oka Pring ‘this one, leaving it to! the last, ‘he would 

then submit alt theix-pepers . and if we 

‘were not satisfied with what 


had, we could cala oe dent off; or, ‘in puHe worts, anyt tiiag 

thay. ‘we may 

agroe to. now are be subjoct to a fina: inspection’ ‘of 

the ir 

applientiions and im éhi nes by ‘any | representative we» ‘lay TMheitor, 
We then adjourn) 

Ned +6 moot ia tonight, Lippinott, ‘Ohedver ‘anid 

Myse Lt, 

mes will keep you tty atvised of the ‘progress Of “thease 

negotiat ‘pn 


Yours very wan ff : 

LY ty, Ke Nee © o2 tall , 
CAKE acerca Ke CrLaiatty ALAR NDA tem wa? 
Gare G Aer sengity fs ntate eid Ohi: 

Eau AA ¢: yy He ty ap: pe o£ NG fora s RMAC GE) 

aha phe. 1fte eer Ky arg ‘hewn.’ AB MATS 
AAAIS haa : . 7 

‘“Thanas Ay Ndi gon, eqa 


SL. fact. a 


eet 48 & ae PAR 

“fs : $e | 

ot Loca a 

Wo Jo Hamer, Nsqe, 


23 Rowland St., 


N. Je 

Dex Sirs. 

We have reg eived the following eases from the Paris 


Expo sitions Nos. 2343 #68; 251 & 292, 

Be king enough to send us. 
immediately tho contents of these S8&808 as you know thom, 

we ¢& cheek thom off as we tako them out » 

Yours tinly, 


Feb. 19, 1890 

lverett Fravar, Esq., ; “3 

124 Water Street, Mew York City. 

Deer Sirs 

' ; -_ I have yours of 18th instant ,. ordering three treadle 
phonographs compl et with lotest improvements, ineluding any ry 
quired extra a necessary for one year's use, marked Frazar & 
Cos, Shangha.c #1 up, sent to ween care at #124 Water te, New 

York to-day; also in a semrate box & extra pairs of phono. re 

corders and repraducers, marked Frazar & Coe Yokohama, also to. 

your Cares This order poes forward to you to-hight, aid the - 

gocds should yweach you early to-mri0w mornings It was impossible 

to get them olf carlier in the day. 

Yours truly, 

: 4 Private Secrotary. 


Auty, 2o ay, 
Lur wv eo . 
I xp Maker At. 
; Awurdferr 
I hneg ks addse Yow 

Va Ae fottrnusy aha saad: Unbreak Wit 

pow dul trek night Vir: 
( bod rae: 7 Referc 
ante, bn, Genny | 5 crore 
{ date id Cutinituig 2 tangle Rleuographe 
foa #2 . a Hood HterR fr’ Ane 
d » #3 e Cnetrngr tn o- 
were lrg Sip Lr. 
var U/khe Jargo rheis orefercae, 

Mra Arg Ahh att Mazur elee, Akiahaitn 

an Yo Jadk Waker AA Aw bork AACR URAL 

Urardetd Ansar veo havghac, Uhr . 
Gs Araner glee, [+f WAKLY, SA AeliptforR 2, 

OT Mra if Ghlesrnn 

Febe 20, 1890 
Eat son: Phonogreasit: Vo miss, 
Orwnge, Ne Te yt 

Replying; to yor latter of Lith invest ty in Yegard 
V9. Cole Houermid''s “onphaiay thal the ayluders of Sone of the 

LB mngtumby -hhelh the thas reotived rum ont of tue, I beg.ta day 

mht Bis: Min 2 tre tan gf aiierings with Qel. @ournud,, as to 
| ; ; 

@horedi me,, when. L wax. tm Tondim, ame rachines which had tiie do~ 

NYetwe TH weir not. estesad by yom ¢embrss, te conse the mehkines 


‘Taid rag, Ine Toazy. enionysta to dhprmetate any of the Farthe Ft ig 
Se leinUy worth your witile to: Laut dnag ¢ txts witter’, and try and 
Charen athe. cance ott the de eta dcmopivsned of in Gouraat's Lege 

1 ste 

“Yours vot CHALY 5, 
: § 


Private Secré taryr se 
c . PA . 


Needs f, 

Veb.e 20, 1690 

Hon,. Banore Up Snyder, 
Asp ombly Chamber, | : 
| fronton, Ne Je . 

Dea Sirt-~ 
| In veply +o your letter of 19th. instant, I beg to 
in Som you that JOHN Fe RANDOLPH is the name of the yous nen 

who I desire appointed Oonmis sioner of Decds. ‘ 

Yours very truly, 


PD obelh, yg 

vhoa BV 

G Youpiers, 

ae era 

500% {re 

SP A Are 

Voces a 7 N say eye 
Vit uqeen ny id Phoresra ty 

Vane sugeest ida 

CGH Gapeges é s 4 
“eisai Movormhoo Lash 

von by dabltcy 

gd Bane Nata TES 

Deb, PL, 1090 

My Coc Mey EGnonye nee 
I enelowse hererith Reports handed to m by 
Bagk son, Ages wortln, Fessondn, Atyood sd John Ott, 
Iowlss ungiveen & Letter reaekyod ee Geo, Me Hopkins, of 
sue SCIENTIFIC AUYRIGAN, tou hich is attaclea the beginning of an 
Sg Oh tine "So seart igde Uies al tie Phonograph end aes 


veants af tie outs. Mr, Hopking wants ‘tomar if you approve of: 


tne imbvodiatocy mattare 

Loolen oueiear Latters aotiressed to yoursolf, received Irom 
Upson, Chase |te King, end M, Bergman, all rolat ing 

Mesevse Mint. Fard 

to Ore MeLibrur, mid Gory of Report roceived toe-dey from Alore 

ELliott., dite 

Toran Ae Rdivom, Mode, 

is h ww lot t ¢, Bh. Ke 


Foh, 21, 1890 

Meg %. de Einmes, Faq,,' 
25 Rovland Stress, : , ; 

Gavara, Ne Te’ 

| | em Sirte. 

DR cores caa ce, 

: ‘ The gomls from the Paria Exposition uve new coming in 
wery rupidtye - Will yar kindly cond us a conplas jist of tko 
s ’ 

euues, giving. winbers &ee, “ao that we may eheek thm of f au thoy 

Qrvivcs + This would holp us greatly und would prevent confusion, 

ENT SAE ent pe 

| . : ; 
i : : , : 

Privat. Sucretary., 


Fobe 21, 1990 

win Master Hofmann ye 

I hav ‘mgh ploasure in not Ly dng yoa that 

year phonogragh dost nly factory uh Orenge, Ne Joy tbe talpmont to 
Renee on the 20th instant, I enclose horowith ceesipt of the 
im sed States Express Ode, which received the yackayes to be trans- 

Taveed by ‘then to Baldy win's Ese peut Exyyress. ‘The inst SUI semis 


vou Is ea Water-Motor Phonograph of the latest type, which I have 

thought you world find more (conve nt ent tan: an aloe’ eriag Movoy . 

shdtg s The manger of the inctrunumt is B725.. Iwo dozen of 

IRawieal aylindess, eu 50 dilenk phone yess ard alao inoluded ‘in 


shic ehipmmt, ali ool whieh you will PAgaRe accopt with .omy ohm 
DOB. « This shipnont gonaists of two casos, and when I lagen the 

nee af the stouncs whieh carries the sane, Iwill vdvise you by 

en lee Fnelo se yor will also Lind Directions ior using the 
Wetor-Hotor type ol Phonograph. 

Yours very t mily : 
; ef 

| Herter Jovet ‘oven. 
) Pocadame v Strasse ; 
“A ; a Berlin, Gormenye 

Sere non ETS TEN AEN OME RE ies ree TRY 


Feb/ 21, 1890 
Mr. Thomas Butler, . 
44 Wall Street, New York. 
Dear Sirt- | 
| The message witch you sent over the telep hone in vogerd 
0 a letter mailed from this ofiice to Mre Ineull, md in which 
you stato tint after a conversation with lr. MacGrathar you feel | 
satisfied that the sdvenariceetoa in dost tox was not maile: fren 
- Orenge in time to eateh the steamer sailing from New York the next 
day, Saturday, Mos boen handed tO Me Just how a conversation 
with Mr Mac Gruthdr gottld have convineed you of this Lact, I am 
umeple to imagine, but it can naraly bo. a matter of surprise to 
you when J indbim you that we are quite fanilier with tho mails 
from New XYorz, and understand everything that it is necessary to 
goo at this ond in order to reach them Furthermore, I wish to 
call your aiieation te the impropricty of yor sending messages to 
my GmMpPLOYesS « If you have any fouat to find with this office 
ant anyt hing +0 criticise, IL wish you would be kind enough to boar 
in néand that Iam quite capablo of taking a11 the responsipility 
thot is jnvolved, ang wih, not nliow anyone to address my: ansi stants 
in tho manner you choge tq adopt in your mossage to Mre Maguire, 

upon mat¢tors comnocted with buainess of which I havo charges Ls 

% 25 TI SETI 

Fob, 21, 1890, 

WilL also take over tho characterization of your message given itt 

dy ny Assi Strnt, Mr. Maguire. When we neett into mation fron your 

offiee of any kind, wo will ask gor ‘it, 

and I have no doubt you 

will be very glad to ae comodateus, if it is in your power, 

Yours truly, 

Fob» 22, IBM, 

Mr, ‘Zhonas Butler, 

#44 Walk Street, New York City. 

Dear Sirt- 

With refermee to your tolaphone message of yesterday 
afternoo, addressed to myself, for which Mr. Tate administered +o 
you a well merited rebuke, I desire to make the following state 
nont $= | | , 

In aseribing the failure of a certnin letter to reach Nite 
Insuli to my unfamiliarity with the mails, you were guilty of on 
“wasn arieed Anaanpe vans and your statement. to that of foot 18 a 
“ pioce of importinence, Of the letter in question I had no know 
Tedge whatevor; it aid not pass through my bunds, and gome one 
else is resporgible for its detention. Mr. Insvll] will, T know, 
give me credit fow attending promptly to any of his matters that 

wore evor entrusted to me, or with whieh I had anything whatevey 


4o Ao, 
In regard to, your ronark: 

"You will thus £60 that I was right in surmising that, 
you tre not as Mmmdiiar with tho nedls as ‘you ought to 
hg, and that t know what I was avout when ZX cautioned 
yait to be dabeful 40, post the letter going, on to-mor- 
gev'y ateamor in plonty of b4nd doe, Say" 

Mere Thenys puter, Le Fos 22, 1800. 

gllow m: $o say that yon aba Ret bain. what You wove atigut ps alt 
am committed a vero ‘urban Also, tia if you woul utilien g 
Littles ov the time vaich you Now devatea to Yourmis lig," in the 
Acquireniens of OHRISTIAN PORTIS » it would bo much appreciated 
by those whe are forced by the oxigengicu of business to havo acer 

munication with youe-tslcphonia or others, > 

As for tho remark mage By myaelf, which you say eligityd the 

message domplained of (a yory illogipal statemont ), it contained 

no element: of “sanainoss,“%-was nat intended to be so, and none’ bub 

the mest captious gould have takon offence at ite 

ita as 


feces 0 ATR Ne TT ae poner 

Mire We ‘Se Mallory, 
Y West Randolph St., 

Beye 22, 18007 

Dear Sirs- 
. I have just received your Jettor of 2th instante mM 

the second paragraph of this letter you say "Mr. Schvarts nade fund 
b measur onants of the machine and they cover the mashine 
os it vin s rode when Mrs chia rts het the Laboretory , only con= 
gigerably stronger." Lf your drawing is made as we hed it, ‘thon ao 

I do not see how you tako cara of the 13 magnets insteu@ of Ll.» 

In reenrd to horse pover, you seem +o have an idea that a fo. 


Os cee SI oe 

2 machine will give current for all the Separators. Of course 

thin is nat 50s You had potter keep your No. 2 mohine for ligh= 

ting the place, i! it ds sufficient, and you will have to have a 

No. 10 bao Hise to run the nesnete, if you want to run all #ix mae é 

‘chines a ke same + imo. Therefore, roughly npeaking you will 

want atottt LO horse power for your mes fnnical aay noarly 40 hy Pe 

gor your Wb, 10 machine, ant about 8 horse powor for yonr No« 2 

" machine, or about 90 horas powers This I beliovo’Mre Schwartz 

uri évatands Ronen coe heeemse he had oO dong tulk with Mr. Keriol= - 

ly vefdre he wente away fron here. — Hrry Yonnoliy will send vio, 


siete : ‘Ritson fe your paieeae 

at tros Ba 2c FORE TIN My LT BS 

We 8. Mallory. _ 4k Feby 22, 1896 

Do nat order bakts for me until J know tho width thoy arg 
to bo mado. I haye tho trac iu a1) ee dy to maxo bine prints, 
ayd on Monday I shell avye somo of these blue prints, f, therce 
fora, init I had better send yar a blue print of onr mashine, a 

that if you have missed uny points, yar eon probably corregt then 

by thig, : 

Yours very truly, 

: id 
G re ed 

pe naman 7 ERT a EO Re oi OMT nee Ty a oe ea 

a pate 

oh RS i aii 

Yai, AL, IaGO 

Mra We By atwlory, 

‘y Xmer Randolph St., Chicarn, Ts.» 

Doar Sirien 

I sent you the fol Lowhays tol cgram + jis’ mornings ~ 

"Lotter to-night miving dimansions of magnet 
Batchalore* . 

Enclosed please find dimensions of nagnet ae réoptesbod. z 
‘undorstand from, your telegrem that yo. co pot need uny draving 
from us, althongh wo heve one ready. Mrs MAgkgon tells ime that he 
has given you all the points abont the 18 mAgNAt s ingtead of ll, 
the oxtra width of bolt and other changes that haye baon made vith 
+$ne machine Sai yor went avey, ana whioh wore decided on, as I 

_uriterstand, botween you and he whon yat tite hare. 2 shall make 

the magnets imei ately and fomvard them $o yous 

Yours very truly, 


ibrantennh sates tedie | 

Serre sting 

= seer TEAL UD OM oe oe 

Foby 22, 1890 

liry Hp, dle OG, Uamil ton, 
c/o Kiivan's Phonograph Co,, Hdison House “B," 
Northumbarlanl Ave., London, W. Q«, Jingland, 

Doar Girse 

Your letter to the Mdison Phono, Works, without date, 

veo Geliived 20th instant, has beon hanieda tous. Kindly addvess all 

copmmnicatieons to this office instead of to the Warkse 

In regerd to type-adjustmets, none of which wero ineluded in 

the s hipment of machines roferred to in your communicat iony they 

wea special attachnm@t ‘placed on the machine at the request of 

the North Ame Phonos Co. Gole Gonraud did not consider them satis~ 

factory and declined to have them on the machines sent to him 

We have noted all your other remarks. 

In regard to scraping, we do not think that you will find amy 

serious trouble from that case if the articulation is, as you say, 

very clears ; ‘ 

Youts truly; 


~ fe es 
priv. Secrctary « “4 

ihe : * eo Van. 

Febs 24, 90. 
P. Be Shaw, Vsgey 

Williamsport, Pa. 

Dear Sirt~ : : 

In further reference to Sumbury ‘stock, I bog to say 

that Mrs Nditon holds thirty shares, Is it abill your intention 

to set a price on the stock of tins Company with the view of sel- 


ling. it to the people referrad to in your correspondence? 

Yours truly, 

nas nas 

Private Score tarya 


Fobp 24, 1890, 



My Deir. Mr» nde, Gots} 


r euc Loye herowith contracts received trom 
the Canadian Cappey omy and nee whieh accompanied the same, 
I also onelose oopy ofa reibor yee civet from the Edison hemp Coe: 

The on.clo sed ron ort mas handed to m by Mee Dickson, 

‘ , \ Yours traly r 

Mrctavate Ae Hileon, Boqa, 

f@harlotte, Ne be. 

remnant man aed mat a4 sheared unteet sham ymesnsdtnin - 

a RE NR ERR a RITE PS ea a a i 

Marpison, Ne Je Fey 21st, 1600 

‘Sugies. Ae Edison, lsq., 

Orange, Neo Je 

Dar: Sirs. 

We are in rece ipt of a letter from Mrs Wilson Se Howell 

wito Taw exveently visited tlre piant at Rochester, Ne Ye He re 
mote thet tho life of the Municipel Zaaps in that plant ws 

averaged over 160Q: hours fo:r 12 months Past. We think you will be 

intuvested iz learning, of t1 tis fact. 

a Yours truly 



( Signed) By is Re Uptan, " 

Gen'l. Manager. 

gg | 

Febe 24, 1690. 

Meese Badison s* 

I enclose herewith tickets which wore 

reenivod at the Laboratory for the Seceond Private Goneert of the 

Orang ¢ Mendolsasoin Union...’ 

ae . q : 
a) ee Fis Or, i 


iS of Co°% BoP Loe 

bare . 
> i 

‘ os 
i sue To ane geen 

Febe 24, 1890. 
Messrs Drexol, Morgan & Coe, 
Ney York Qltye 

Dear Sirsi- 

Will you please send m a statement of my account 
‘vom Jamory Bra last, whon there was a balmee to my credit 4a 
5459,230698, according to statement last fumisheds I would be 

obliged if you will kindly send ne a statenent of my account 

every months 

Wor! Hz bes Ce 


7 : Yours tr uly , 

, _ gee] 

Feb, 24, 1890 

Westem Bileetrie Conpany, . ; \ 
327 Sovth Clinton Street, . aS A 

Chicago, Tl s, 

Tg eee 

Doar Sirss= . 

Roferring to your check for $355.44, enclosed with 
your voucher under date Jonuary 17th, in favor of Thomas A» Hasan, 
I bog ied advise you that at. the eaaeat of Mi fdison a have peen 

iuesered ing, the re lat iona existing pet wea yourselves amd him, 


with the view of asc ovtadning she thee an accounting shoud ‘have 


been wade at the end of 1889 for that year and the two yoars pro~ - 

ord ing I shall be very glad to have your explanat ion of the - 

A a 

hatter, and neanwhile Mre Edison will hold your checks 
Yours truly, 

on Bere naeee 

Private .Secre tar Ye 



cee rT TE - aemgenen sms TAP TNE HE 
etd iL aeameed 

: - . . Bete! 24, 1890. . 

izgie Wardsworth, 


561 Kuclid-Avenue, Clevelmd, 


Dear Madame, = 
| , I received eeu recent letter addrosa ett th UM. 
Hdiaon and forwerded it to him in the Souths , He has inaeenutel 4 
ee in regard to the a daca of you notes under date September 
20th, 1688, September 25th, 1.889, _ for $50 each, dram te Mr. Fdi~ 

son's order, at’ 24 monthe and two months after date, r espeatively. 

‘the pest way in which I can acquaint you with Mre Edi son's 

% *-.* wishes is to enclose she memorandum which I have roc oived from hin. 

{I take pleasure in doing this; also in enclosing Mr. Edison's 

chock for $100, to your order, for $100, together with your two © 

notes above referred $'0, which have | been duly cancelled.» 

‘ vente very truly, 

ieee p coctacepe cot TS 

Febs 24, 1890 

My deer Mrs Edison,~ 
. : The Morth Americ ai Phonograph Co. has asked 
. the Edi son Phonoyraph work i ifthe latter will give them permission © 
to employ Walter Miller. ithe Phonograph Works have referred tho 
- wetter to us, and I replied that I vould consult yous r think 
that the North aatertiongn people havo started in on masic “pusiness: 
ard have got stuck and-wartt Miller to take charge: ‘of ite Do you 
~ desire to Let him go, either permanent Ly or: temporarily? Will 

you kindly telegré@ph me @ reply; as they are in a hurrye 

Yours truly, 



q , Seteels 
‘. neler ty : 

Thoms Ae Bas ory Esqe, 

Ghar totic, Ns Ce 

Teb. 25, 1890 

My deay Mr. Fdison,- 

Z enclo se herawith, for your Siymatura, a 

lease of the premises situatiod at Nos 275 Filth Aves, 

New York, 

Which I roceived this momirig from Mr 

oJ. Hutchinson, of Borysmarm 

& Goe, with the request thyt it be forward 

od to yo Inmet abcly. 
on the plece indicated 
Caident of Bargmm & Gos, and ren 

Tloase sim the document a3 Pr 

turn it tome in the encliosed stamped envelope, when I will send 

it to Mre Hutehinson. 

Tho lattoy informs me thateyou wmaerstana 

that this lease is to be made, he) having 

explained it to you sore 

days before you left for the Soatih. 

I also enclose letter ani blu 

print revlde this morning from 

Profe Marka; aldo report handed to: ma by Mr, Kemneliy. 


* Yours Vowly r IMLAY y 

i] Pee ete ee ogi, 


Thornus As Wea zon,” Eaqe, 

" Warlotte, Ne Ce 

Fob, 25, 1890, 

Master Josef Hoffman, 
Potsdamer Strasse 64, 

Berlin, Goimany, 

Dear Mastor Hoffman, . 

“I heg to confirm the following cablegram 

sont ya. yasteniov:- . 

"Your phonograph steamship "Worrn,*® sailed 22nd instant," 

which means that yor phonograph wea sent to you via Se Se *Worra., " 

hich sailed Dyan New York for Bremen, on Suturday last, 22nd 

Yours very truly, 

BT. t KE hire. 


Nee! ere 

Feb» 25, 1890 

Rverett Frazar, Bar og 

Noe 24 Watox Strona, 

Now Yoyk City. 

Dea Sirs. : 

vith refermee to your lettor of 18th instant, onbodying 
MOpurt Coreorn ing Phonograph aie ndond reo cived bY you from Yoko» 
hema, zould sm, If the ‘Cylinders in question are land tea with 
Pobyonab Le care, they should he tend dat isfactory, 

Mra Faison, 
Rovever, 14 stir at work 

inprov ing 

the phonographie cylinders, 
‘nd he believes that in a Short tite he with bo able to supply a 
perfoot vhonogram, from which the doLeet montionia in the Yokow 

Hama report will be eliminatea, 

The ciremlar conch mie: tho: pra gr 

ons of elogtric lighting 

receLydd from Yor. fri ohnds in Tokyo, asd onélosed with yout letter 

; * i ; ‘ ; 
“under reply, will be halded to my nad Son upon hi 

S return to tho 


Yotry tory + aly ; 

og ae gr, 
Py os Laae 


vee a 
mt ete ore, 


Private See'y. 

aoc ih 

AF tay 

dec Eh 

“Mrs 3. Block, 
Mosaow, ; , me, 
Russia, ; a 

Dear Sirs~ ee ie ‘ 

I beg to confirm the fo llovwing cob Legram sont you. 

yest ewmiays~ : 

*Phonegraph for Gzar Steamship WERRA, sailed 

tyent y-second »™ 

7 Yours truly, 

: ne ete. 

Letterbook, LB-038 

This letterbook covers the period February-March 1890. Most of the 
letters are by Alfred O. Tate. There is also correspondence by Edison, Charles 
Batchelor, and John F. Randolph. Many of the letters relate to the 
manufacture and marketing of the phonograph and talking doll. Included are 
letters about the coin-operated phonograph, the operations of the Edison 
Phonograph Works and the Edison Phonograph Toy Manufacturing Co., the 
demonstration of the phonograph in Russia, and the presentation of 
phonographs to William II, Emperor of Germany, and other foreign 
dignitaries. Other letters pertain to electric lighting, the phonoplex system, 
mining, and ore milling. There are also several long letters written to Edison 
while he was inspecting mines near Charlotte, North Carolina. Beginning on 
page 330 is a four-page list of experimental accounts from January to March 
1890. The book contains 500 numbered pages and an index. Approximately 
40 percent of the book has been filmed. 

Hobe 25, Woo 

Pe Sy Hastinica, Kaqy, Saye, 

fddson Rleatyze Btsht, tomy, 

Aa Wath Bee, Hon oe K Clty, 


Dene Sins. 

L have your Lowtax of 10th instart in rerard to an 
estimate for a trencsformay aystom fay the: City of Newport, Re I, 

dison is nt Present in the South md will be absent for 

Several wins yot, He did not Isave instractions with anyone 
cenoemens this mtter., ir, Kennel ly, however, hau the pind 
printe vial ch ware furnished by your Company, ond Says that an ost4. 
mae auth as you denise could be furni med in about tro days; vet 
te on le tdi to 20 thi 8 it would he necondany for FO to mpberty, 
eS closely as pos Bible, the amen of Mentin: YO MARE o be de 

prints at papons dn Hin ponsds sion do noe 
leave this point oléar,s 

thig, ang Oblire 

Liverdd, as the pine 

Kirlly Let tte hear fron y ay in regret +9 

Yours truly, 

Fee aera SAY Cay en eee 

Feb, 29, L390, 

Mrs Troms Butinr, 

| 4h isd) Street, 

Mor York, Clay 

Dear Yirze 

I beg to acknowlolze recelpt of your lottor of 24sh 
wnsiast, Setoreing no that on that day yer receive from Mre Sharm 

man, abeck tor 39,718.78, ropresentin: the proceeds of tro 

of the Faison Pizon 

Graph Yorks, ech dnted Fob, 2lst, at four mos, , 
for 5,90 and payable te thé ordé of Thonin Ay Watson at the 

| ‘Chitee Betleuad Bank, Hew York. and that you have d Hosited said 

| ches in. the Shire Nat'ds Bor to the oret#t of the Rdison Phono. 

Hrast Vevies. 

Yours vary truly, 

Lihy. 2679p 
A * Px ih. buy. 
oi Ley 
: | en ay oe: to anne 

ie ade thcs day he you at cei 
wa Ws. Crcpreee G % 
fof Creprcec Atti pha ees 
: ere werigha jrle Crutaice 20 


4 Agth Crthasie. 2f Kerbs 
e a cys & ths 

: . « #3 a 03.Lhe Grahame | Wither Marttr Phare 

ic Grafh Yass. 
| CTRMANMA Minky . 
| A Hos be Edam 

Feb. 25, 1890 

Brimeis Re Upton, Rage, Gon'L. Manager, 

Eda tgson Lam yp Company, 

Harrison, NW, Je 


Dea Sirst- 

I beg ta aainowlect ge receipt of vour letter of 21st 
instant, onele sing drars of tina minutes of a movtin: of the Beard 
ot dad Gaui of the Bai son Larp Conmany, held at the Laboretory on 
the LOth of Decenbe lust, re luting to the liquidation of the 
Edi@ou United UL ae Cn. &e. X will have these mimites written 

up in the Lenp Cos Mimite Boo} 

Yours truly, 

Secre tarye 

tu fete 

Fob, 26, 1600 

George Me Hopkins, Ksye, 

e/o “Scientific Anvirican,™* 

361 Broadway, Now York, 

Dear Sir}; 

Gonli ming air telephone convorsntion of this morning, 

I haw revolved 2 note fron Mre Rat gon in which ho gays that your‘ 

‘rticle, "SCIMPLIPIO USKS OF THY PHONOGRAPH,* is all rigtte bre 

ison alsa anys that he thinks yor aan do c¢rtain elagsas of ox 

Yorimunting better widh un old machine, md kas instructed m to 

vamis yea with one it yo so decivee Pursuant to your wish in 

this comuction, tel orinoned m this morning, I have’ given urders 

for an old style phono|vaph to be expressed to you at your address 


i Brooklyn, £452 Infayetto Avesmee This mi¢hine w411 go forward 

to-no rove — 

| Yours very. truly, 

Febs 26, 1890 

My dom Myre Kat SOV, = 

Your severnl wemorendums cano to hand thia 
Morning, sad I an Bending you tonday vin Us Se Exprosn a box cone 
taining 100 sik dene Dire Deons Says that ho wi il forward to yo . 
the valance ol the slidos as rapidly as they are prepares. The 


micrascope stad is tueluded ain the box with the slides. 

i communicated to-day with Hopkins of tho "Sciontifie Ane rican s 

and indowsed Inu that his irticle is all right; ho atated that ho 

world like ts old machine, and Walter Miller will sand him one to- 

Mor Mm ie. 


i minlose herevith raporte of Megerse Atwood, Aylesyorth, 
Dickson end Ott; clin copy of Yoport Lor wok endim: Fehs 22a, 

re Cehved tikes meming fran Alex. Mitt, Sy, Attorney &06 

Yourn very subs, 

teede Ae Edi fon, Haqe, 

Charlotte, Ne a, 



“* ~ a, 





Bebe 27, Live, 

Alexe Elliott, Jr., Mea +, 
First Nat'l, Bunk Building, 

Paterson, Ne J, 

Doar Sir;- 
In reply to your letter of 25th instant adlvesned to 

our Mie Runiolph, I beg to infLomn you that your reports are for- 
Warded to My. Fdison immedi ately they are received in this of Li ace 

Fob. 27, 1290 


My de ar Cummings, 
1 #. 

Wil you kindly read the attached Corresyon~ 
denen, |whi eh explains itself, Do yo know anything of the Journa 
list, asson, described as an Ame ri can rice: who appears +o 
have g 

thuck the hardest kind of lnek in Binssclag If the facts 
are traob, ag uta ted, I shoulda like, in addition to 81 pring a pe~ 
tits. on, to bring the matter before the eM Vopk. Press Oliths, which 
Tsk bd able ty takes some action in the: vay of securing names 
other then Mm OM, oY perkins the attention of our Government trig! De 
eallec Yo 24, On witheh point no one ean ndvise me be ther than 

Yours very truly, {3 

Hane Anes, Je Gu 


Fdward P, Clark, Faq e, 
The Rvening Post ° 

Now York Oitye 

De& Sirsa . 
I beg to acknowledge veo oipt 

iné&tant, md enclose herewith Mie Hdison! 

further contribution to the WELCH MENORIAL FUND 

Mre Kdisonta memormidam ag requested, 

“Yours touily, 

Feb, 27, 1800. 


of your letter of 26th 
8 cheek for $50,00, as a 

I also enelose 


Pr Ivano, Seevesarre 

Oe gee 


Feb. 28, 1890 

Mejov Se By Eaton, 

120 Broadway, New York Oity. 

Ovary Site 

2 ) I enelosa. herowith .PYo posed ussignmnt of patents ay 

ga Mr Edi son A the Australabian Electrio Light, Power and , 
Storaga Company, Limited, received from Mossrs, Waterhouse, Winter- 
botiam & Harr ison, Londoh, also d letter from the latter firm undoy 
Gate Feb. ‘Sthy 1390 addressed to Mie RM non, It appears that 
Certain patmts were Recidental ly omi tied from the first assignment 
to this Company exeanted by drs Edison Bome time ago, ma they now 
@esire Mr. Edison to execute the encloned document, which kindly 
Gxamine and inform mo if it ia all right for him +o do 80, 

I clay enclors ern uopy of the reanene already exc. 

cuted by Ir. iso, to which ig’ atv ached your report on the auh- 

sect, whieh may Rig yar in your consideration of the documnt, now 

submitted. pee 


Yonrs truly, 

Fobe 27, 1600 

ire Thomas Rotini, 
Noe &: Wall Stroet, 
Now York Olty« 

Dear Sirs- 

Te BTSs 

oase Cg 
em eee nem 

WALL you ple aso send the following sablegram to lr 
InsaLl:- . 

"Shaw nogotiat ing. sale Sunbury plant; asks mm namo 

price my stack thirty shares; what figure do yo 

suggest? EDISON." 
on : 

4} 4, ae 
Yours truly, a fi hy £}) e 
c td ot 2 oF 
if ue * ; 


Peer ee 
ee yas mae! 
AP ee 4 

. Private Secre tarys 

The abeve was telephoned to you shis morting, Myr. Powers reeciving 

the mosnagds 

Feb. 27, 1890. 

Nove Ba tohelory,e 
I attach a oopy of a letter rocoived 

thin morning from tho President of tho Edison Phonograph Toy Mfy 

Ocu a - ae 
 bfe ine 

Hai son Phoringrapht toy itanfy » Oonpiny 

HoetéH Feb. ‘25th, 1890. 

Xhonas A, Edi son, Wage, 

Orange, Me Js 

Dear Sirse 
. in aécordange witha vote pa one. oy the Beard of 

Divceyors at their meeting this micming, Iwrite to you, to call 
y our Aviontion 40 the ven, “ure: BL, ond apparontly unnecessary 
delay at your foctony, in delaveriny: ua Talkiry Dolls as per 
ehandarg spbmitted fo us January potn, 1800. | 

Wo aye infowmed by ovr General Manager’ in New York, that 
part of this delay is eaused by the acts of' your Superintendent, 
Mre English, who does not: appear to be oonpetont of handling tho 
tunufecture of dolla, and we beg to ask you to have this mtter 
“vestigated and romaiads : 

oma worry tomy, 

Febe 28, 1890 
Dre Worner Siomms, 

Berlin, Germany, 

Dear Sirsa 

I beg to confirm reaoipt: of the fol owing cab legr 
from yourself dated 24th instant: - 


“His Imperial Majesty, the German Emperor, desires 

information when phonograph promised will arrive heres 
Please wire inmediatoly. SANS, © 

In reply to which I cabled ya yestemay as Pollows:~ 
“Ny agent, Wangonmann, hag just returnod with 

Specitication for German Fmparor tg phonograph. 

Will send in about ten days. Miison.* 

Yours truly ie’ 
od il vs 

Mareh 1, 1890 


chants" Despatch Trangportat ion Coe, 

Now 355 By 

ondvay, New York City, 

Dear Siyase 


I om in receipt of a Lesyor tom the Societe Centrale 

de Cont ruction de Machines, 

Pantin, Yung, Undo date 7th Wep,, 
1290, advising mo that all the Consiviny 

Invoices in CopAretion wit) 


esrisin shipments of 

Machinery sent ny that Oompany Lroz Havrp +o 
myself, have been sent to your 

Company. The Bhiyments in question 

hove all been received by m, and if tho doeumonts reforred ta ara 

ia ;mu pusses sion, 

E stad) be meh obliged 1f yar will vend them 
to me by retinn mail. Their 

aetention has caused me a preat geal 

of trouble ond intonvenience , 

Yours truly, 


ibys s get 
ne a 
ie as 

. | rate are ‘ pin 


22 ee 
pins Seta, 


Kina ae 1E 40. 

a ft Oee: mracwel oy 
, 43 See: Lard 
Gaal. Deeg te Le 


——— ae rere cag Te Tt REPEL Fee” 
= = a i Sa 

rae) Caras PAR 

es FAAUY vi the / ye faa 
bins it ; ee Cty ie one ty oe el. 

or alhuhar, arb f beg, Ys tuck ce Suit 

be accth, Ary Gaia nid: he.cfs Ly Part - 
7 i. rid Yh oe, 

Lis ALG A Toe the, ee Ct vA Ia tourol 
4 Lbsoujetles is 700. am Sine Gels ah deta 

hed a ifs feta ay Afar tackorw: ana hhiwnig obewty 

Y Cah ae waeE Tang wrtuch, dhe es 
Ye avell, Fld p> . ptarcs wt, 
: 07H Gate . J Arr, tt a, chaek, 
S. : trance ol i” AOnY, ws potinrn? 
th ts for at ener 



Riteand = 



Voref dash, 

Doyabges. Ve 

* hy 

March 3, 1890 

Mee He Nilonder, 
855 Lennox Avanue, 

New York Gitye 

Don Sirie 
, IT havo your second letter, anf aixace wrising you be~ 
soya I Lind that — want two or pice move ardlinary dracaghtsmen 6a 
sm on work comeqted with tho shop puilésag meine spoken of, 
Rf jou we in want of 2 job you had better nume put wo the Kdisga 
# Laboratory aid 300 me}; or. if I am slo, in when yo. cal?, ask for 
My eginecrs Mre thomas, wi thi hot, if 7 qm ptke jany an a,cenenit, 

ty will bo perfedtly eatisfacyory vd mes 

Youre tyiby, 

a th OO hee say 

March &, 1890 

Hessrgee Dyer & Sec hb, 

40 Wall Ste, New York City. 

Dear Sirsi~ 

Referring to the attached lettor from the Seore tary 
of the Bai fon Phonograph Toy H'£tr. Coe of Boston, in regard-to 
mamfueturing in Canada under danadien Patent dated July 11, 168s, 
WIAE say kindly ndviso mo what pacent this is, and give me any ine 

Yermsiion yoa can as to the timo we Should start manufne tures 

Yatus truly, 


Private Boore tary’s 
: eee i 


March 3, 1890, 

My @cax Mig Mad fon, ~ 

I say Lyonard in regard to tests which were 

Mags ay the Johns Ropking University, He said he could use the 

data whieh Tre Konnelly prepared, end the lather sent ih over to 

Dime Lesirnrd gala that ho would wrate yor upon the Subject. I 


Yruseme he bas done so, 

Yours vary bial, 

Thomas Ae Ndlaon, Esqe, 

Charlette, Ne Ge 

7 ve Maren, 1890 
Le f Jo 



My dear Mr. Kdison,- oh 
r le a i 
GS ae Referring to the attached Trom Mie Se Ce f 

ue age F 
Blodget, Ire, who dodires to ; end & phonograph to wr. Trask in 


St Sane 


Europo, 1 suppose this gould hot ‘be dono without the consent of 


the new Company, Shall 1 try and obtain this consent now, or do 

you. think it would be be tter to wait until the organization is 

compl ected? 



he ye \ 
Me A ; 
ane / i 
: “\s - / ye ‘ 
els / i te 
i | Kae oe Fo 
\ ae é 

Thomas Ae Edison, Eaqe, 

Charlotte, N. 0, 

Marah 5, 1800 
So Ce Blodget, Jr., Faqe, 

Speneer Trask & Q Oa, 

No. 16 Broad St., Now York City. 


Dear Sirt~ 
Mr. Batoholor has handed me yaw letter to him under 
date 26th ultimo, in which you ask if it would bo Possible to ob» 
tain a phonograph for Mr. Trask, who is in Furope. You may nave 
observed that a new Company has just been formea which will handle 
the Huropean phonograph buginess, Tho organization ms not yet 
been porfoetad, but I think the mitter can be arranged. I have 
taken steps to find owt, and will dommunicate with you further as 
Boon ag I hear from tho people to whom I have written, 

Youra truly, 

Private Secret ay. 

Row Fa 3 P a 

Thomas A. Edison, : Mareh &, 1896. 

Charlotte, Ne OG. 

YoUlowing jyom Nyse Far] thie wor ning: “fegether ab last 
Notod Cosmopolitan Mentone; ‘ painineg BT owly oF 

za hh fe 

March 8, 1890 

My doar Hi» Kdison,~ 

I have veeoived all you letters of 23th 


PFPHOWNOGRAPH Work Se Ionpte what you Bay in xe gard to 

Subseriptiopn to Lippincott's. 

Company which is being handlod by Spencer Trask, Our pay roll at 

tho Phonose Works rune betwoen g2ix and seven thousand dollars per 

weeke I haye hat a talk with Mr, Batchelor and he says thet he 

will cut this dowm at once to the lowest possible notohe We 

always hava more or less difficulty in getting money from Lipp ine 

Cott, ari never depond upon reeciving ite On Saturtizy last a pe- 

port vas sent you from the Phonograph Works of ahipnonts for that 

week up to Fuiday night. The avarage for theae Pim Hays is only 

23 instrummts per day, and all tivso are not connate Whonographs; 

many of them are bodies-——aout helf. The Phone Viovks ‘heve on 

hand practically no aederd whaterer for Rriimetess bn ‘auxount -of 

the North American Phonoe Cow 

DOL he Mire Bateholor is ee ‘po sitive ‘that. by “eh £deh instant 

the Works will bo twining out 500 his pe: Uhh. ‘Ho 


- i 

Mire, Te Ay Udi con. “he Mizeh %, 1690 th i 
: ie 25 ine 

: as 


haa given ie tho following pices at which to va]. these iyginst sik 

the Doll Company?- j 

: Moyem ents mounted in bady, COMP) NER man annm rman 84 650) oeehy 
Assembling head, legs, arms, chonise and 

WES TIN mee ct re ow ra ne ee wt ee ot eect we ng on te we OO Oot ay nt ine we oor ee 8 Certs pach 

Packin ge 

Doll Campany furnishes heads, logs, arms and chmises, de~ & 7 

livered feo at fnetory; it also fwnishea boxes, otring, paper, 
oxe cLsior, Jabels &e. in comection with paoking. Wo fur rich 

. Lbov, charging them 10% on cost for use of packing room . 

, “I bolieve thit as soon as ow no got iat ions with the Autometic 
Arusement, Coe are completed te car obtain an order for Iwo vr threo 
thousend o8 pechans more of these attachmenta. Bath mn older, 
Logether with the Ded buginess, would help us out tery materially 

&& the Phonogesph Wor kee 

ee ; 
Auvonatre Ausr!f COs I have aavriod out your wi vhos faliy in 

4 réghd to shanking an wish Lipeine ott 

nee Geale AS T tola yo! IQ Mr previous leteér, tho Automatia 
_eople at the ater intended ty Josye IX yy When hk On, and in the 

aah interview which I haa wi th them, ther Ph ted nts) Wer otiate 
if Set / , oe mvs 

Mre, Te, Ae Mdison, “he Mayeh 3, 100, 

“with yar without referenes +o Lippincott. IT told thom that the 

Horth Ame. Company elaine the + ht to dictate to their sub-gom- 
pies as to what appliansce should be used in conncotion with the 

phonograph, aid I asked shen to show the ir mi thors ty for entering 
Lrto, Gene act with these sub«companies, of courgy they had Hone, - 
end whey -geognized the no ceaRity of bringing Lippincott into thro 
Real, Thore has beon a gocay deal of nogotia ting sino they, and 
“Edpiimote and myselre huvw finally wot the matter gown in the shap:e, 
as por letter attached addressed to Charles A, Ghoover. As a 

mo Qviny which Lippincott had with those people he agreed to an ine 
crease of the capital stock, and, of course, I had to tay with 
hime The division which is nor proposad, -that is, eleven to 
Phonogeph poople, cloven to Automatic people, and three to the 

SB iinia, ia the vory best that could bo arrived at. 

Sineo ve started these negotiations, Lombard of the North Am 
Phonoe. Coe, bas brought out a "nickel-slot® machine, which is much 
moxo simple end better in omery yaspeet than the mehine of Glass — 
or Gilliland. Lonbard will turn this over to Lippimott, and it, 
in all p oMability, will ho the  statidard devices 

With rolation rat Soction dra of! Lippindott ts propos hilet oo 
Cheeve:, wherein #0 agree that ip after phe dolsvery of 48d bdo 
moshines whieh are veing mathe tulad nin by the Olirttade poeple, 
the Hdigon Phonoe Werky ars fot proparad td Wonhichdh dakiVery of 

sufficient moghines to S112 ovdors iyo Witt great 28 fire jae Tint 

Se a ee 

Dy) Edi oon ». wd March B, 1890 

in oxeess of the 500 now condoded, I vonsidacg it wee jt 2fee tly 
cafe to assent to this, for the reason that we gyre to huve © model 
es toly, fad the whole of the attachmont is punch work; all we 

would have to prepare ave the dias. 

SHOTION ~, Gillilani wanted usvto agree to buy the oabines work 
. 7 7 . 2 
fyom hig people; this I rofused to doe 


SROTION' s, When I started nogotiatiny with the niokel-ulot peaple 
the first point that IY mide aan that in mypotdatins with wou thoy 
wera abi to catimate the value of whatever toy nigh oxpec:t to 
recive from you, Wa your Gocesys &Ce, Ond that it was only just 
they you should bo placed ty similar pouition in regard to the 
property which they had ane eae that that property is rennes 
sented by sugh upp Liem dors eieaH have been mede by ‘thodr people 
fon yatonts covering the tevices whieh they contro2, ami Z requese 
ted zimt shese epplications should be submitted tO “Ba They | 
Simei ly agreed that {¢ ve would go ahead ani settle all other 
poirks exe qrtinc tiis one they would then sabmit thoiy spp Licationn 
ana eluims 2ox retmits, and if these word not sarisdaetary to ug 
wo Wola ea2b the’ dear off. Thiw ig what ie vePorrid te an tha’ 

8th sveticg of the Letior wilielt £ am Linon dt ihe y Tf. tha: ano 

40 BLE the sthor podntsy thoy wi2t gubmit woe eyyprdeae are to 

Mesyone wRold x0 may nope Bs aay tpers, hud it we aah Hot auciafivd 

ye cen opel the teas ‘. 


Mary Te Av Raison, me Marah 3, W690 

T expoot that by Cocmuieey overything will be settled, oxegn™ 
ting of course this qudstion of applications, 

. It may strike you as peculiar why Lippincott should avsira to 
Bo Shead with these people vho Lombard has a food mughine that 
Lippincott can sete I oan Bive you the following veusons why 
Lippineott desires 10 comings First, all his sub-compenies aro 
in protty bad condition; Yong few of them pay expenses; the “"niekel 
slot® business will sive thom an inmediate and quito a large revo~ 
mugr=co rt alnly more than onough to koop them floating and sintaia 
life until the comnercial side of the busincss is moro fully do~ 
veloped. The Cheever people have 500 attachments under way, 
waieh will be finished very shortly, and which oan be placed in 
seivice immediately. Lipbineost is anxious to get these Oute 
Second, Lippimiott does not know what patents may be allared these 
people ox how i'm they my soneviet with the Lombard saviewt 
Third, two or three of tho See sompens es heve already made oon 
traots with tho Automatic poopie, and while et Ld oleins that 
‘Rona of the Souci entoe can use appliances in comeotion with the 
Phonogr sph unleor tho same ae approved of by the North Atte Phono 
Cow, in enforcing this ho Wald hawo to fight som of his ntease 

Bee Yompamess  Foulth, if he pats an attachment out direat -from 

the thgtury he could Hos ‘dayitals ae dit, Affi the bluck of stock - 

which In will get in the pydaont instanst Way bo a Atgrns tiows 

Myre Edi Sote : ~Ge Harch 4, 1890 

chiefly because yar will be manufacturing for & concern other than 
the North Am. Phono, Co. Tho manufacture of the phonograph ite 
seLf gems to be a Little more tan tho North Ams people aan sap~ 
Port. This "nickol~slot* concern will at least have enough fanny 
to pay for the aitachments;, which we will make, and that sons to 
me to be the biggest ond which we have to consider. You, of 
Course, ger one-half of the stock which goes to Lippimott. z 
think that this will be worth something, but how nnch I am not 
pre yered to anys | 

In regard to Gouraud in conneetion with this "nickel-slot* 


il | I found thet he was trying to obtain a price on "nickol- 

Blot® att: Sohne rite, os about a thousand machinos, This shows what 
the Colonel intended to do Af wo had allowed him to handle his 
alleged ordar, Sihaut- til geter Aan maa 
hea G Re Oh Wits ADS wie Lee § Se i a 
EDISON GENERAL CO. The ordinary stock of the Faison General Con 
"ge gelding at 105, learn that it is being 
. bought by people in Germeany~-~Villard's frionds. not 
buying any himself, but is eeiae the prico up and his” ay iGnds 
ere mirchasings The trust stock is selling at 75, and is very 
firm at that price, with the prosreat of an almost inmediato ad 

_ vataes J have asked Porry to write you fully on this subject. 

WANGEMANN, Wyngontamn returned on the 27th ultimo, I have 

Mrs T. A. Ndi son, wel] oe 

Marh 3, 1890 

not yet reecived hid oxpense Qecounts, as théy are in-his boxes 

which he ig passing through tho Customs House, I will havo them 

ima day or two and will £90 +hough thom carefully. 

NEW JERSEY IRON PROPERTIES. I sent Reed to Paterson this afters 

noon to sce Elliott in regard to woperties which the lattor is 

' bonding. Roed telia me thot ho gay Hliiott a few days ago and 

loted ovor the List of pr dporties for which Flliott said he was 

negotiating, and tat in his judgment there wore only tvo or three 

on the list which were any goodat cll, He says that Elliott in- 

formed him thas your instructions were to negotiate Lor all the 

properties. I hawe told Reed to write you taldy after ho has mdo 

a further Somapizartan inspaction of Elliott's list, 

BATTERY. I will write yo: tully to-morrow in regard to the 

Battery and Phonoplex, I shali have to close now in order to 

"@atch B mai}. eal frecage. Call, Atta, 

Those Ae EQ son, Hage, 

Charlotte, Ne ¢ _ 

Marcol ty, 
he Stier: Machic eo BA rhy 
Pekeucetady wy, 
A€4}- Bod: : 
co Meg Cs" 
loufirus Mb fph one Mha-d a ge 
bce) URAL oe Vrs, | Gtk 
Arcetd Mb Give tg & Arcee, 
ow hhe brsuc Ahit Ke. Co falig 
KO Mahe Yon hese! chee Al 
Hew He pine Hs rice One ducaer 
Jes bx dion Aitken Lo thoeg he 
AMitexy wu ~ki, thax. BAMEM LK, 

Mhuccog ALLL Ly 

. “Ud 4 age 
Le bon ~ —~ 8 
FAG hee of ecdile vA a on 
Meckec-+ 7 Oe ae 

CE ty. Kab. iis 
Pre ae 7 

Mavoh 4, 1800 

My dear Mie, Edi SON y= 

I enclose herewith ton notes of the Faison 
Phonoureph Works, for $5,000 each, at four montha, to be countox= 
sigmed and endorsed by yoursolf, We have used all put six of 
those which you Lott sountersigned and andor sods Please ‘return 

those at oneo so our supply wont run Cte 

Yoarg very tyaly, 

Thomas Ae Radi son, Feqe, , ! 

Sharlotto, Nv sé 

Mer oh 4, 1890 

Dear Mrs, Upton,= 

I anclose herewith Mr, 2 

disontg cheek for 

in paymens of the 

hill of tho Row Yo: 
which latter 

rk Philharmonig lub, 
T oncloge herawith, 

Yourg vary truly, 

Priva, & Seeretn: ‘Ye 

baer Ad 

Mrae Freneis R, Upton, 

Orange, Ne J. 

March 4, 1600, 
My doar Shatti~ 

In Duvther + eLerenge ty the -Sanbury Stock, I do 
not sea, nor docg Me, Baa “Ny how we can rame a pr 

ico fox it 
with any degree of intelligence, 

I think that Mv. Edi son ‘should 
“et Lor his Stock the samc Mico that you obtain for YOUvSs The 
und erg ton ding Was that you and hp were to stand sopether in cone 
neetion wi th this Sunbury mwiness. Have you Peta price on ‘your 
own stock? ' 

Yours t:uly ; 

ZK a . ue . 


Private Beare tar y, 

emer oo 

PF, Be Shaw, Esqe, 

Williamsport » Pare 

Merch 4, 1890 

Dear Sir; oO : 

I beg to confirm the following oahi orem sent you tow 
a day3. 

“Your phonograph left on steamer "EMS, * 

which sailed Maywh firot, 

Edi gon,* 

I Bent you on the 238th Fo br ax'y lant shipping feteipt Tor 
the above shipment, 

which Qiso indkuted two dozen of musiokt ree 
Goris ond 200 blank phonograms, ald of which y 
cept with my Compliments. 

ou will pisafb ace 

Tho Fe enone sont Yen te 4 Water= 

es Motar Phonograph (latost type), aiid t oholotig nevanaleh air 
oe for eds ‘sho BAMO 


Yourk wary truly 

March 4, 1890 

The Bdigon Nac didine Worka, 

Schenoctady, N.Y. 

Doar Sirss. 
We have a sewats at tho Laborat ary which roquires a 

Mathine for winding eotton thread from the skein to the bobe ine I 
know that you abs:¥e) many of these mechines in your Wire Cove ring. 
Dep'te, and my impression ig that they have 50 to 100 spools on 
, each Onke I want to get a mehine that will weund about 10 spools 
ana world liko to know if you nadg th@ mehinos referred to bbove 
Yourselves o} whether you bought tiom onus made. If you mado 
then yourselves, you ban doubt te at Murnish us with the castings, 
80 that we eoila nake one with a capacity of about 10 spools, Any 
info mation you san give us oh-thia ‘Subject will be Gladly ree'd, 

| Yours very truly, 

Ea ison ba borat OL ye | 
By YE ae UB a les 7 

es od 

Mareh, fy 190 

Deniel Wold, Fsqe, Soaty,., 
Edison Phonogsaph Toy M'rty, Cos, 

05 Milk St., Boston, Mugs. 

Dear Sirte 

I beg to acknowledge, with thanks, receipt of you: 
lettor of Sra instant, onclosing copy of » conminication addressed 
tO yourself by Mire De Me Yeomans, and informing mo a8 to she action 
walhen by tho Diroetors progent at tho meeting on Monday inst, 

I am glad that they devided not to deal in State rights. — 

In regard to ‘info ming purchasers of dolls that the terri- 
‘tory in which they can be resold is .estricted by certain con~ 
tracts, How would it. do to have a notice to this effeat printed 
and attached to the box which contains the doll? it could he pasted ; 
on at.the factory and might save considerab 16 inconvenienae. * You 
might ask Myre Brown ir such a notice 4s this would ‘be -adoquatea, 

In vogard to Mr. Yeomans! loktery th dae. als along ‘heen very 
cloar tc ma that his anxiety has hos  Heoh ora ed, hy mything real, 
but that he has been fvightonea py ite eb ghosts that lunve been 

"trotted ox for hie bontfiee Th de WaRitunnte thet Wo had not a 
more thor oigh Yhdorst an ding: vf our fototen pusihes’ before ha went 


Pesach Weld, Seatye we 


Sqvesue He Left in such a tury that we found it almost impos~ 
aible to oquip hin properly fo tho upectal wok which he wag 

and evtaking 5 Bert fyvom giving him wy general in format ion, 
might Imve told Mr. Yeomans, with rete rence to the London Stereo- 
scopic Compaxy, thet that concern ae claim thy phonograph, out 

thet wo proved corclurively to them that their alain vas invaliaf 

and that they have recognized the invalidity of it by suppressing = + 

advertisementy which they inserted ‘in tho rapers throughout Fngland 

they were threatened With loyal proceedings, Mx. Yoomana 
Bays: that, “should one Whigner of match threatened law-suits got 
arond your cake would be. dougie" ‘the Storeoscopie people's 
somsdtion with the phonograph has not peen whispered abroad=--it 
has been shmited, and I don't think that there is a Pinanc ial man 
in London. of any Lmpo tance wha has takent ime to look into tho 
phonograph bisiness, as many of thom havo, who is not fully aware 2 
of the status of the Stercose onic Conpany Wth rolst ion to the . 4 a : a 
phonographe Gole Gouraud hes done busine Ht for the lant two 
years without any interferenca whatover fiom tom: bit someone 
has evidently found that Mre Yeomaris Ia untoms May. wi th the eine: 

ject, ond belinving thit he has something to #o%\ in cdnWect Leu 

with to phonograph, they dosivé to "bear® tt pr kes 
1 am very anxioun to attend any mee ting of th pitndeord at 
the. Boy Senna at which tiie question of’ ford ign pydtiedea sual 
ba sawn sal. I do not think that ahy of tiem ato Anked abe 
\ . 

‘ Seeee abecteeinent 

Daniel Welw, See'y, “ye ; Murals 4, 2500, 

favoray ly. wich the efor Lean Da atqaary i Wit |g Mis means that 

re shall have <5 vcetbemplate sy Uh ria dyes And 4 te on he ache 
Jeat of an alte mative that I XRPAK ial to PXPCOES Ay views, 
Let ro say. before Closing that A think Mr, Yoomens on #xecl~ 

lent mn, md filly boliovag that 8 diy hae deen familisr with tho 

phonogr aph business, o: had bad domoens Wheat Ayn having 3 tkoroysh 

knowledgoa of tha subjoat, te could have obtained an offer that we 

toula have boon able tu Aceon, 

Yours ve sy rudy, 7 

are oO 

bewine whims teaatne amie eH 


Merah 4, 1890 
ly dear Mr, Edisgon,* 

Roply ing to your lebyer of 28th ults, I img 
to mive ya: the foilowing information: Kolly lms just rete:-yeg 

fvom a. tet; West, whore ho Brveneed with a mimber of tho largest 

Clea. Leal supply houses to handlo our cells, Upon orders coe a, 

\ fyom him we have shippad to all tho olcetrical houses in the 

Statcs M samplegor our aetery, chieLly the emall tolepixone size 
mad the 150 ampere hour types These ave being tested and TOpo2h.s 

upon them are coming in now, Theag roporte aru ail vary Tav orciorbe, 


but so fur have beon confined to the 15 Ampore how coll, dor the 

hoasan that Gladstone, owing to the covers not boing vuady, vas 

i : «. 
: gs 20th VFotruary laste Bofore we em sell oy Lovo musber of 

lat teres, we havo got to go through a certain amount of prolimni~ 
Yew work ama obtain reports L'0m pooply who ave veooerieet in the 

tadee We met do ihs cane tn oommeotion wich wmidray work, antl 

- Tonk worktzs & few os tie test roads in order ta Roe their endorye- 

~ Ms aLtor whieh we ager pugh the business worg vigoratslya Tero 

Phsslven ia Relingy people ordered sa athiny with she sendwkis, 

Say Wa derpras Biviston, dst a few days ago’! redoived ar order 

hivote Bt-Sanver for 75 eglis for hig hiviuten, Pea’ axe wll 300 

nly able to commence the shipm nt of the 150 amperc hour celig an 

“OS rhaLnly 

e EM Sea. “i= 

Moreh 2, Zou, 

WwAera. Paar. hak eacah Morten, heen ,9Wlne to the NOGA Sssary Prepar~ 
whiang the tho manulacture of he 

nev covers having pean only 

vecontty Sony) oa Were Rub able ty enip imtil tho 25th ‘of In st. 
Rm Et teh ete asm “* 

MITA oe 


You Rear yanembary thay Lowotea Jetzer to Nvs Pugh in regard 
ve thig bags Tey, ated i Snohaaea perowts 4 SOBY Of hin voply, whig2i 
teforairys BS it caas, speaifically, to tho Phonoplex, 

is very 
Sut lafactay indeod ‘ 

I have Placed. a duzen or go of cells on trial with the Soston 

&B Albmy Ry Re, end also with the Roston & Mugnoe Re 

Rey and hive 
Mecoived the Pollawing rr 

om the Chicago & Northvostern Ry Rei~ 

“Ye Lave tuo cells of your 2d son-Laande pattie: y 
“‘OPerat Ing about 30 Sounders, 

S¢7 ahun ask Tor information about reneri ry, oie Soria: 

ZT s0n2 tvo celis to the &X, Yeo Leke Erie & Woss Ry Rey from 

‘teh thoy ran six Sounders; the Division Operator wires tet pa 
fold owas , 

"Ty is an oxceliént battery fifa X om wor jrivabedy 
I. shail order song tolla of the Selegrapn: site oh 
ony TEXL reqigition,™ 


Tarlo, Dive Opavator, Pe Re. Res be ‘Abeneray § eee nit My a 

oeptivetad wish the 15 abhor Wiew darzeye 
Wo Tawa Bent 8 of vin 

1g0. aerapidye HiRe Weide - ao the Fae 

Telephone Cos, Gore danes Bee, Nery Yee, ae sik co ther dong 

: . westerns ata ietEAS 
Bere : se 

Mee Kdisone- ~~ Bareg tig erm 

distanag. Koily is working, the Telephone Companies, the District 
Tolograph Companies and the Westein Union Oompany, and will "bag" 
thom bofora very one Brovn, who in matters connected with the 
Yossoin (Union stands noxt to Eokert, made a now test of oan 500 
anpore hour coll, anid is greatly pleased with the resvlt, Ho is 
ried a ropert, wrd ot wilh state that the celds gevoa more than 
SO umnercn, Kolly wae so haw hed this. roport toedaye Twili 
Bye yar a copy of it when to gote it, 

Just as soon as ae munber of good repoite from voll known 
palplo Like thoae whom I have nentioned are obtained, we cm 
prinoh oats Of sourse Koliy's work «wh ich covers practically 
all open oirauit wo CeeoueiKe bandied $y the olsetrical supply 
house a, wil, rob put us to any direct expense, but I em comvinced 
chat wo will have to send some money on railvay yolk. by sending 
@ out to nerket our cells. If he is oquipped with a 
Jettey from the P. Re Re people, anda few othora, ondorsing the 
Colla, 44 wid 1 wll that is nocessary, but I think that this 

aqudyaieim, is a necessary proliminarye 

F have gust roceived a cob legr'am ty ont Dyer, Antwerp, a6 
fp hlonst 

SYulande ggroos to your requitemente; ietter Bd thoy a," 

In braes oe pre coc.on to Radinde wax iat ne thovdd give 

ne fertiiesion tq marxe% phe odie for lutirig Ughting turposes 

My. Edison, mde ‘ Mareh 4, 1g90, 

up £0 25 lamps; also thit hh should permit ws to soll in Canada 

and Mexico without any further guarantee us to royalties, his ree 

mneration to come fran Buch royaltics as may aeerue on xnotual 

Sles in this oxteondea territory, This is the proposition that. 

Lalande ace ep ts.e 


Logue haz just completed the installation of 

two eivauite on the Kansas “ity, Momphia & Birmingham Ry R., be~ 
twom Memphia & Birmingham, one 128 miles, 19 offices, umd the 
other 139 miles, 15 offices; Live offices ‘on each of thane gir. 

cuits are phoned; the rest adndbniped: These two circuits, to- 

Be ther with the ono on tho Kansas City, Ft. Scott & Memphis Line, 
wadah is wider the same management, use 200 Edison~Lelande eelle. 
Nearly all our Phonoplex licensees have rep laced the old Chromic 

| Acid cells with the nev kind. 

‘Logue ig now on his my to Chisago to complete the instal~ 
lation of tho 450 mile circuit on the Litmus of the Neeth Amo cican 
Telegraph Compary, end for whigh Ure Rennolly meade a nev cotl, 
did not send this eail to the North Am. people, bogause I wnthil 
hogue himself to install it. The Nort he »n Pacific Ruilway people . 
aleo wrole me requast ing ¢lat a representative of thy Phonople x 
guhould gall upen thom in yogard to installing sore virewits upon 

‘herr lines» 89 that thoye w41l be ng cespardon in hogue's wowk. 

Mre Hdisons Mareh o, 190, 

I have two or 

three other circuits under yay e 

Yours very truly, -. 

pee AEE edb Tg tone sat ange OME 

Mareh 4, 1890 

Moesrs. Eaton & Lewis, 

120 Broadway, New York: Git Ye 

Deay Sirsiea : 
. I beg to aokoevedne receipt of yar Letber of Sra 
instant, in rogard to Minute Book No. 1 of The Maison BY odds 
Light Coe of Europe, Limited. I think that this mist be in the 

possession of Mr. Tomlinsons Icnelese herewith a letter to 

ae ; thas pontleman, requesting him to deliver tho Minuto Book to yon 
a : if he has it. Please Let me know if you receive it from him. 
ZI acknowledge receipt of original agreement between Mra 

Edison and the Edinon Ore Milling Cow, Limited. You did not 

obtain this original from me; I sont you a copy of this agreement 
a.tew days ago, and the eriginal which belongs to. Mie Idison is 

in our gfe. Did you not obtain it from the Ore Milling Cos, cand - 
shall I roturn it to yow, 80 that you msy hand it to them? 


Yours truly, 

oh WEES oe 

Polwate se exe trys 

ral f y 7 x of woe 
BO a ty Me La 
; eo ff 

Ti RET YS atthe dorementerenc sean onemag ety 
re ac ame 

March 4, 18.90, 

John 7. Tomlinson, Fsaqe, 

Set oan 


Doar Sirt- 
WiLL you kindly deliver to Mossrs. Kuton & Lewis, 

‘Wirmte Book Noe 1 of The Haison Kies: ic Light Co. of Buvope, , 


Se NE a 

Lindted, if the same be in your pouses’sion. 

Yours timdy, 


we p 
Fy da 

By pee 

Sesretar yn 


Mareh 5, 1890. 

My dear My. Rdison,~ 
In rosard 0 Hertar Bros. account, I havo 
pe dd this oat of the Gevmn Nota, Bunk. I onclose herewith cheek 
for tho amount $3515.50 on Drexed, Morynn & Co., endorsed for de~ 
posit ay the Gerimn Neill. Bank. Will you kindly Sign samo and 
vetum it to mo. I ulso enolcsa cheek on Drexel, Morgan & Oo. 
to the order of the Ne Je & Pus Coneensrating Works for $3,300 , 
amount of your subseription gue Sra instant, which also plense 

Sign and retumn tome, 

Youve truly, Are 
at “he ; 
Bistcuts. . Y 
Thomas Ae Fili.son, Hage, 

Sharlotta, Ne G. : ‘ : 
, Loy : Ye / 
| tre dt Eel tern 

In reg te the nana Webuaede ot 

evapnin Datlo, ase Wolo Pars G6. wael: DT am wy 


the Ndi son Phonog cach Was ty d4 

the gocis dn ohis gamira: on, 

aed “hah th. «ood v4 
RR cae Pad owen oe 

fhonoprs jie ieeleniioms. ec mnt DYE mente cme ees 
; flaming . aeckanione 

at mane 

Acins, Gers, Ghont:ces end 

at he Edie 

ished avd an acyetres 

Goapany fT 

. an . - 4 “ Bite ay : oy ade es cat 
Such voyniias ag . oa have co Pay MMos oa gow cts wel 

“tl -pon tne p: ieaf§ as quoied above of Lhe Phowceaphie Ke 

-.smpe I have not included any rovalt: 

Yours truly, 

March 6, 1390 

Myve William %. Hibble, 

Myers, Floride, 

My doar Sirs 
Your letton under dato Lith Fobruary last in regard 
ta the paint ing of Hre Edison's property at Myers, haa been duly 
' yecei vode 
Mrse Edison desiras to have the house painted yellow with 

white trimmngse In regerd to the roof she makes the following 

notes "For roof pretty Sshado to blond with tho yollow and white; 
say some rich brownish red, but something elso if prettier, * 

I think you had bettor.aolost these colors ana purchase then 
yourself. It will oost us just as mich to buy thom here and pay 
‘foignt on thon to Florida, besides which it would tako a number 
of weeks to get than downto ya by froights If tho balanoe which 
you have on hand is not sufficient +o covor the Bure Awe of this 
material, advise me ‘and I will mek ayo a further vomittan ces 

- Filgaso let mo know how overything: is at ilyera, md oblige 
i on 


4 tas 
He Lott oe 

Yours tridy, 

Maveh 5, 90 

ewok A a Madson 


Grr iviend Block, of Ste Petersburg, re- 


aisou dar ave Aa ds “Pa i i 
' avon Gotaaad offieo in London, of which the 


a . oF 2: 
Boh oogayere A aon 1 
BLL gael ae a anny. 

Yours tavly, 

Pe len ae 



wt Ate tr tae, DD 

ee ee ag oS, 

oN le i oe 
a Be Oe ec ite 
cy A e ° ae 
¥ oe ¥ . ass, voit . yw eee 
~~ Ieee a ie ok eet wT ee me TY Red. 
; Seen 
5 ‘ 

Thwmas Ae Ndimn, i Tee y , f 

Charictic, Ne. c, 

Q Q p Ye 
Lithos eiveular, {No dave) 
Edison Phonograph Co, 

Lon-don, Se We 

Dear Airie. 
| I bog to frfoim you, that this Gompam is prepared to 
supply “phouagraphic iseture outfits" ond should you deative to 
purshoge such far lecture or exhibit ional purposes I shail be glad 
to howr from yous . 
Tho price insluding "all acceasorioa” ia ONE HUIDRED GUINEAS 
and all orders will be oxecuted in rotation of rocoi pt. 
Soliciting you early reply 

Yours faithfully, 

(Signed ) J. LYWIS YOUNG. 

Mareh 5, 13990 

My dear Mr, Pas SOM, 

My. Batchelor has spoken to me about his 

Phonograih ‘Yorks atock---that is about the interest which he has 

in the stogk which vai received for manufac turing Yightse This 

Btok is divided as followsi- Total issue 1560 shares, of which 

58%, or 502 8/10 shares, ave in ‘truat, ani 067 2/10 shares aro 

froee Mre Batcholor's interest, 10%, of cach of these ‘stocks, 

weuld bo us follovus Trust Stock 59 28/100 shares} Oommon Stock 
96 72/100 sin res. 

In rege rd to Trust stosk, we shall have to troat it as we 

“Gre troating the stock of the Rdison Phono, Toy Mfg, Gow, that is 

give Mie Batchelor a paper whieh will entitle him to the dividends 

on 104 o. the Trust stock. Shalt I arrange the transfor to Mr. 

Batchelor of ten per cent of the coon stock above ro ferred to? 

Rea Vite 

Of course this transfer could not be mide until you cone home. nom 


Yours vory: truly, {i fo. fi ens 
: , 2 

Thomas Ae Edison, Mage, 

Charlotte, Ne Oe 

Maroh 8, 1890 

My dew Mr, Fai Bon,= 
Ihave a Letter from Birkinbine under date 

4th instant, vrom which I quate the Lo llaringt« 
"*I am working on the report ol tha water power of 
Port Deposit and expect to have it completed dn 

ahoat ten daygae4 

Yours very truly, £2 ; a! 

Thomas A. Fdfson, Esq, 

Charlotto, Me OC. 

March 5, 1800_ 

My doa Myre Eacaon,- 

xg have toetiay sent to the fveauurer of tha 
Edison Ore Milling Cais, Lit hie ali yous bills against thet eoneern 
to Sanwayy hot, 2U0- T attach aopy ov statment of the vastious 
accounts, BLL or wikeh huve been vendeved in the minutest detail. . 
Io alse sndlose copy of a Lotter which I have addr:ssed to the. 

Ore Milling Company. 

Yours very traly,? 

Thomas As Edison, Naqe, 

Charilotic, Ne Qe. 

Orange, N, J, JiMaary zB, 1520, 
The Mal on Ove Milking Coe, Limited, = 
New Youk 


To Bidl aiicohwt, Gems rad Acauiuns 42151090 - 
bd sd 2 Assay Meo ig ; 79902. 
a e 7 Gold ‘Ore Separator 5A? LS . 
” z " Gold Yeo Remstey 40 «20 
a u § Blow Pips Anslysis . 8.02 
a # Ter Mothod ; 2500612 
* f fron Ore Berarater £1 368,06 
“ e | 4 Irom Ore Separator 5 "520.40 
« 4 2 Sample Os Boxer 256.68 
i! " Vater Qontaes Machine 6178 BA 
sa bd # Sveenvings. Separator 10.209 : 
vom * Contact Maghine ‘lese.18 
roo * Ce Pe Iron 50097 - 
oo oe bs | Small Watar Iron Ore 
Sorar at or ; S7208T 
a “ Avalyots of Ditferen’s Ored OalkS 
mM “Patent Aceotnt * 4198.06 
% 2 od English Ore Milling $500.85 

. $42,181.2% 

March 5, 1890. 


heh g 

Tho Hiisoa Ove Midling Compmy, Limited 

foe LO Doy Ste, New York City. 

Dear Sirte 

Teneloze herovith bills agelust your Gompany for 

oxperiments conducted by me in comoction with processes Lor ex- 


tragting preoiovs metals from ores, wp te Jaquary lst, 1B90, 
amounting 0 942,182.27, a3 oontomplated in my agreement with 

yourselves wnaes date lth day of Oetoher, 1S87. 

een g 

XY shall be gind to have on inmodiule sett lonent made with m, 
as my disburserents execed considerably tho amount which I origi- 

nally agreud to svend in your behalf. 

Yours very truly 

See ere ee 

Merdls 5; 18904 

Dimiel Woidy Maye, Sealy,, 
Hail son Phonoe Toy Nige Ooy 
#05 Milk Ste, Bon iaty tawse 
Rea: Jirze 
In further referenee to your Letter of ipt instans, 

im regard to tho nmtufe¢tinte ai! toy phonograrhs im Genade, I 

Sake pacuiners in cnglesing holrevith a lstéer addransoa to my sole 

hy Merouire Byos & doulye Ib would seam important thas 2 FPotition: 

lhe prepared ay ongc to be tiled with tho Catiediay Government « 

Yourg traly, 

Private Socrétary ¢ 

oa ty ; 

Hovah 5, head 

Daniel Wola, Heal, Bout 



No, 95 Milk gt,, Roston, Masa, 

Raplyime ie your fetter af ath inatant, ZL be TO suy 
pay at s me: 
ther: IE oon Go to Boston ¥riidny Right and attond a meeting on 

Saturday. shall de thi 

Kindly advigo nr if fie 

Yours truly, 

oe a 

Private Secret ary? 

March 5 s 1390 

1 UN Me Busvows, Esqe, 

138 Broadway, New York City. 

i Ringe . 2 
With re Loren ga to yor Letter aft dth instant, asking 
: ‘yo sifieationsa® fo) the 4 eases wooden models via g, 8. LA 
Bihone, - T enclose hevewath bill of the Soaivie Cornsrele -do Con= 
Ateut cic de Machines, the last item of wigh qalis vor compl eto. 
todeks &+ of aondensers Nos. 1 % 2, 5,000 franese Thess models 

X habe not yor rocoived, and they are toubtless contained in tho 

gages referred to. The bill atta chod hereto I desire you tO ro= 

urn to mo, ag it is the only record we have hera, 

In vogard to shipment via LA NORMANDIM, all the papers con 
Solning this shipmen: that we had were Sent to Mir. Wight the other 

day ° 


on¢lose herewith Mr, Rdi son's chook +o you order for $225. 

43, Covering the following itema: 

aniount! paid by you to French Line for Ocoan Rroivht $128.26 

To lis Foes, brokerage, gartage &. Le Nornmaigay shippnt 18.60 

Additional exponse on machinery 20 taars Tp Nothandio 

Decanbdar Last 80-00 | 
"of 226. 76 : 

. the cheek oy $225.76 is ony loli ma row of the total $228.76 
aid I enclose herewith One Dolley bili, cWHr ag gee. Tho (orror 
WAS Th. Bed by our aeg opting the total in yas lo¢ier of ath “inst. . 

$145675, as Correct, when there is an orsoy op ® dollar jn it, 
Pleasg Aeknowle dee Lee: 

Yours 4 raly, 

sag to 

Mareh 5, 1800 

My eanp Mee Baa SOL, 
I onglose heryyith Vraunshitvion of a letter 
va hai ave oo gedved yrusoarday from Mademoisella da Mayes, also’ 

nony of a Le teu fvom Monsiear Sinond whieh eeie by ths sane mail 

Youra tyuty, 

a ’ 

olan, Brae, 

wseviovtc, Ne Ge 

Rade aS 

Apr Sd abies af! dtvyay as HI Xiye fle Mayer, 

49 Boulevard dp Masoe, Marseille, 

Doar Mire Edi son,~ 

I heg to write to you divset these fow limes, 
first to thank rar espoeially forall the kininess which yO have 
Conte rred ypon mo daring my stay in Amovitas Upon my return, as 
l ex pea ted, @ muder of my acquaintances gunony the French ane 
forcign aristoorne Ys Ac well as wo rer LUA B, moked me to write 

Sone deatils obo yous private ite, ava ideout ‘the Plronogrvaph, 

——e = 3 ac TT A a 
2 ree Sy Ree ae: 

which I hed an oppor tunity to gee and tn teutly. ‘I have waite war 
ar the opportunity whic foapht we inte went, wath the shawds 
48 the Paris Linungivl world %o praise tho Pphonogenph, and I hor 6 
wold them of the improvwtaann which Poi Wwe rade in the instru. 
rity and the adefil puryeson to Wiieh dt will be oppdlied attor a 
short while Hy admiration and oath ean ‘yee head ths otffees thas 
-Twas told to-day that the Phonograrh is t1© iawontion of m Aeonins., 
and pequedted to write Mes Raison and ask Wish wick a. Youalith Dike 
wo make ort of 4¢ in Paris, what would be Mis te dagitdch astra, Aa “we 
shud? tkeke shares as int vodnonyg che insitaawek wath ip pho Of 
twenty Widlions, Sinden facher aint my BYOHReY are autres, . 
od Z sels 
hesitant, believing thas tie matter 48 pol bos Riv, IT have baht, 
Wei of Nedvdiny he vatter myielf, anflih oa i Gon; my aot! is 
ti ited wink srebitadte ale I have ordered a tH INGE San to dee. 

a ey, 
te yan nd nage tee sayy instrvetions, ar? then to bo Wh, . at 

+ N 
BeMtlangy 46 ths aavones be So yeah GHG GN: pak eharge of 
v * @ 5 

Hathesins vhe DApxtal, aye Bh, Barat whi HELIN’ +O yous This 
18 tach anaes ty Yor a sas Ty PM os cee know ‘hu I have taken 

away dn me hore a Vehorgt ion an AMOS QU LGM grey y¥O4 Vhieh never 

WiLL thde. Be xno Kind ait to sey yar instynations as inaoy as 
Pdssihlo to Me, Sinong, in Order thet thin 5 frdthveiasm may not have 

imo to soole I G00 Mavscilles gor a tay 

SNighAt ov thivee weeks, 

A i Tuarso2 of ny Russian and Polieh £p sends ‘being; ayNeiee, Io ytd 

bivs Qn oppor tiutity to see and to npeak avout tho grand man of 

Phere ] Grea day Qnd nights Upon my veturn to Paris I pe omised 
\ . 

4G Give wo eonferences about you and the phonoyraphs 


yite Muglish, as-I an not wlfiaiently familinr 

Probat ay 
« Sent will preside at tha foumes Ones TIT did not wat to 
with it, but that 

21 fame very soon, By the same mail I write to Mrs. Mei son, 

Wi ih xpressions of admiration, orn 


itutie £e., koe, &. 

(Signed ) Wyria de Mayor 

Mavch 5, 1300. 

Mager Be B, Eason, 

f 10 Brogdiyay Now You: City. 


Me, Edicon cma 14,900 char-s of soeek in ihe Ndison 

Photograph Toy MumLaqtaving Companys If ho vetains 12,500 

Mets of cals Stock , whch ae 

“awa onseeigshth of tho Capital 

of che Comp We Ha wiki be ome ong to ays af any Pouure inereases 
; + / 

of the Gapital Stoek of the Tov Phonograph Co. He desives + 

Blyo Wee Inga And MMe, Basohoicr eneh a ten per eent interest 
aha t 

Vheee 124600 shar es---tinas ia, 


eugh of vbose 

enilemen are entitled 

"to the Aividonds on 1,250 she-ce 9 Tecpectivelys -Also in ease of 

the 2: miidubion of the Oampany they will te entitled to that pro« 

any Bot.ion of the assess, 

Will yor kindte uray pou ‘couple of papers 

“HEH will cover tls arYungenente 

Yours vary tra aos : ; ae 


Privatn Soevatary, 


Maw ch, Dy loud 
Meo Ae MeeGrutina, 

Batson Phonogieyils Works, 

Orcnge, Ne Je 

Desa. Sa. 
Ihave rogatyod “fr 

om Mie Bas ebelox the Pediay 


aA CoImMeogtion yi +a; Use; 

MAMIRUS tue - 

a Pifonograi: hie 

Plhonegrap ice Meohunismn, G6 OApA sho SLES eagh 


Age “ind Utz a Sends 6 Bes 8 Ars na 
on s ity 

ws, Chemises 
ae Sasking 

PRGKIN G Mi: sor Phonogr:phk Loy Mige Cos is to. furndsh 
boxes, TER) Panes, HNcoksisr, Inbole &e., free, at the ZEdi sen 
Phonogreph Ware, sxatl Veneto apply the Labor at an advance of 
“EN Per ent an ecat us Gaver the use of ony factory. 

You. ann aber bidling these movements immediately, é 

Your's very truly, 

" eres y 

Pr lyase. ‘Seore SAY ye. 

wenn. So ot eh 
einen Rea chet aoa a on ee K 


‘ ; 
larch 5, 1800. . 
: a 
Eras tug Wiran, Hsqe, : 
O2* Broadway, Nav York Citys ; 
, : 4 
My cea irs Wien y= 3 , : 
7 . Replying to your Ilntter of urd instant, the 
ore rulverized by tne “Crelene™ at Boonton, rraghed here during 
Mee Edi gonts ebsence e I have asked hig experimenters about it, 
mad they Bay the v arc very mich pleased with it. As soon as Mire 
ds, gon re turns Iwill a0 that he makes an examination of this 
ore, as doubblosy YOU would like to haw 2 woe fom him direct. 
I oxpeat him back about the 15th. | ite ee 
| Yours very touts, . s : 
Kos a 

Private Seore tary 
va ta 


” a 

Vo meant ees AAR ace ae 

PTO Tally: 

March 5, 1890 
Oe Fe Hovell, Fsqe, 

5S & 60 Brondw ¥y Room 212, 

Now York Olty. 

Dear Sirs 

Io beg to eal your attontion tony lotter to you under 

date Feb, ith last, in whieh I said: "Tho sketch of Mr. Edison's 

"Life that I sont You wan written from notes which I took from Mr. 

"Edison, who afterwards 

read and approved it. I haw no objection 

"to your referring to this fact, but do not wish the article pubs 

“lisjrel as a cont 

tribution from Mr. Edison, # 

I havo rocoived a copy 

of your issue under date Feb. 28th, and 

observe that You have published the article in question as the 
“Autobdography of Thomas Alva Kdison." This is a misstatement, 

which Will. doubtless be sorreetod in your next issue. I shall be’ 

Glad to have your assyrance vO that effect, 

Yours truly, 7 lhe 


Mie Je He Block, 

Moseov, Rosas Qe 

My doar Sivge 

Toheve coe: dress - onde Gase Lash Babe va: eee 

ane lo sir sVanslationa of varie we vey eomaorniqe the Bhono~ 
Bvayh whieh haw Opresvod An tae Row. oe Bee AL ls, Moe wheh 

Pals ageopt my shanks, i 

The pnono Bera L Wt. Drazen hve Higimess, che Czar of Risoala, 

wen Vorvere Levay gane time ogo, and YO WLLL have doubuissy 

Peaekved is oe. thas commnication readhes vO. 


Yours very 

m4 a j 
sell on OR 

Math 6, 1890 

My. dear Mr, Kadi son, 

“T bog to acknowledge ang sips of your telo- 

grim of sh instant as follovete 

“Mail at once to Atlanta Conetitiusion a Photograph 

or myself. = Red ton," 

In voply io thten Eiwlrod you this morning 

"Photograph Waited. 

Your tindy , 

Weng, sigs 
ped ret Paes 
: oy 



STH AY HAL wen, free, 
tAken de, fe ae 

Wreaths Gy Joo 

Thomas Ac Faisyn, Vaqe, 

Gharlorie, H. ¢, 

Dear Sirs~ 

I bag to canting the follswing tolegnun eon yen ood p 
earning te 7 
‘Sunt vaca sea following: "Tee roprenentat ivan ef alt 
. the vailrotds oF Rusia aggemod ny Med Laviiserien 
Of tre ® look to witness a demonsiimtion ait ya PEt 

facted phenogruph Sonder their hearete2t eerygat Inia 

to this your wonddrDul diseovery; thoy fowl Semone rt, 

to bo enshimd to mat fame imo preebiced use 
(Siimod) TOHPREMISNIOFP, Genordl Manucer ct 


Unitod Railvonda Gongretis of Kittias ¢ toro. ® 

Youre truly, 

Morah 4, on 
Paniok Wold, Moa, tnob yy) 
Kalaon Phong Dy tr Bag’, 1 Wy, 
U5 Milk Bey Bout ony. Chae 

Deu Sipse 

2 bey to contiym SOSCi pt ay your telegram of o-day tn 
roply to mine of tiia MOlulng, jsp Sollorm te ; 

"Diroetor “n! Mon ting Menduy, Donte fail to pe 
here 4£ poaginle, Muniak Wala, Boety,™ 

Your trrky, 

Age a es ot, 
Pr ivate ae ee ties 

% ; ff reneaictees 
TR att ay: 

Margh Gy od. 


Thomas Ae Kat son, Naqe, 
Tmevlorios We dy 

Doar Sirs. 
I endl ae ‘herewiui »pport hidhdedt ms By May Prt whe 
Yours tintlyy ca 

Meroh 6, ling 
Dans. : 

22, Wools, Nodes Svety,, 

Hd: eon Phong, Pay nt’ Tyre Qs is 

Bom WN Hana. 

t ove co confirm tho following tolgran HENt you thig 

PU ST ey 

"I om a litthe und or the weather gy! would profor 

AUE a mmo ot ing on Monday instoag ¢ thie week if 

ent Sealy aonventont &nd wreetds1o to tha other 

Di: WSEAS 5 Kinny ary ina ald 

Yours traly, 

¥Aivihbo sietyb nen 

Maceh Gy Tie 
Louis Giusy, Kaye, 

RG Pine Street, San Pemelago, 

Bose Tied. 


3 Yer to agknowlad ge reeoOEpt ot venue tologran of Ley 

aN SH! an Loklowntes 
id yon Sapregs ty phonograph adi? Younis Mase? 

To niieh Y hep ata. 

on Ath ingbine we toll ave}s 
*They wade anther dhatyge in che mievatents whith 
hen dalarce omtrta, Wa weld BY day or tvos Ay On TE 


Yeorn troy, 


Mavéh 6, 1890, 

a Qcnatitution, 

Atlanta, Georgians 

Zot cending von Dy tits mail a Luge panol oheto- 

me a~L . at ay sae yes $ A 
@ aph or Me. Rai GON, pergrdal to ine me sions vocoived. gran 


oh a ‘ * a -4 
Bttar toeanr. To hove alss sent YOUU steal plate ongreving of 

Mes Vitti sorte 

Your yg vewy toa) Vs 

Oe, Be. Chimook, Eeqe, 
Wo. 287 sixth Avenua, 
Brooklyn, N.Y, 

My dour 5. ye. 

Tan to=day sending to YOU py cepreas ,, nlf. a: dozen. 

aden Cylindera. The Package 18 addvesgey: +O YOu. ut: #1577 a4 bye. 
Aviva EMooklyn, Ne. y, Wo havo. disgontinned: tiny "iit tng, eins Load, 
reconda. hore, and those amt: yar, ang ney Abi B900) a8; Ty wong; Tallies 
Pheratirs We». They are tha. only. ones: av PELE, Howover,, Andi ITinEe, 
hay 0522: prove Aaa eptabis.. 

Youty terthiss, 

Mareh 7, 1890, 

. ars 7c 
Be Dye, HOT, 

eM be er 

Poy Baledim, 

i bog to confirm the folowing sablogram received 
from you ath on abant in 

"Lokande agroea to yan “oquir omantas letter 

follows. Nyar.* 

Yours teuly, 



fo o8 ug R at 
ROCHA Ce Teeny pM fory oY Repasd 
Bae es Pea Pebreaey Linn ACh MR by bre Mohn brresiy Aes t, 
ACESS VRE Cy L Anekim vert fy 4 62 Coumlines 
SIMORCEESTSG S840 A y SGN OS | loth meecicie bed youre lobtey to am 
Bogue oe WEB, heh tabbes Lo coguenoa evowitln. 

Yeuca sory way, 

Clesies Ge Ys King, Uegqe, 
Padme sp NGu dg 6, 

-oranth, aanita 

pacer cea erte 



ral 7 i 

v : Y 
“ONMOG tate, We Yt, February 18th, 94 
| beats ‘ridosy ax Shop, Yeon, yy 
i ee 
| ha Ne Tate, May Meda 6% ete. 8s iy» 
1 Rokr sow, ue de 


Nour AAjeaw of sy Ath Ute bad ions oxy sttention 

oie & Draw ioe Coamund eas bor urs 

Tse ates ble g Blue print or. 

PREY $O Mardy 


POT Nps ot 

AL og wtdhe TEA COO Bony Vine We des yr : wake Pull 
u AOI 

a ae eT TT . 
ee eee pecaagreoees 

2ay Of thky AVS MER ne OP pe, “ENB Hy Dut ye have not, boon at: ~ 
Wea) tree be 

We OMS rah oon nents, 

“ Magambes ont oY Barge Gene en taced one of ows j=9 MUL Lice 
3 34s Aube: Gio Sie. era ip “rourind with Camporsi, at a seine 

AMA NER ete baat 582” Miipk ant mate ot 
Me at 2, ha oye Rann fh the tre da 

CEE Ia ¢ 

u paere? orm wm removing 
Yrastepds } tharning~-Fop, itth-earter 

Ravonty~Logr (74) “G78, we found. the 

SEA ony Pr hes IAT Wes oe 

dae oo, Qnd hogan fa 


vohoer te bo andnits oo. Thig Inddeaten to ys gine the maboer 

aL the action of the compeana yor S$ degst sons avers 
bitte» the adoption of moh a box in donnect ion ath wedi Mitel, 
foaders Os td be. of no advantage y Os hte. mrepent ‘derangeaelhr thei 
to tx he gee of the ifsudat ion’ peptialty. " ; é 
“ks ty veneer: Midna y thee’ 4a some - emres wie, Me 
oMh os we weld be ablo to opord the Ram very vonaty ay dtit p pie 

MELS oseeayd 

no Oo Be Re Yoh, 1B) i880, 
joints clean, but at the game time it Lookna very much ue if there 
Woald be a chancd for water to croep along. the tubs t-o tho box, 
inamuch as the rubber is not suffiei ently adequate to £311 up 2a | 
‘malt irreguiarities on the outside of the pipe, in the same nmonner 
3 y.o0ld Gompourtls Tho aplit cover ‘e@ggeated by Me, Xing tor 
service, would, to our minds, to veraee to leak, and further it 
there in B considerable body of air ‘confined, fe thore sonld of 
nacesuity be on a warm day, there would almost certminiy ne more 
or le ag confionsat ion at ‘a low temoratin es | 

This is about al we dan say in relation to this matter from 
the Sper immnta ‘re have madee We ‘return you horewith ‘the due 
print. in question, as salvo the letter reccived by you from Mry 
King ‘dnged Novanbor 18th 1889, ond romadn 

Yours very truly, 
(Signed) = John cy etes Ly 

Aes"t, Gen*1l, Manager 

Englosur ex « 

March -8, 1620 

My. dear Mre Kdison,= 
in regard to Yoroign Noll business, the 
Yrogagition whigh has been recoived fron thé Gexmgn people is as 

fellons: « 

FERST. Mire Oe VW, Schnoeckel, Ure, who reprepentes parties in 
interest, asks the privilege of visiting the United States ona 
Qxonining all ouy prosesses of manufacture and bringing with kim 
for that purpose a skilled mechanic. . 

SEOOMD, Within thirty. days after such visit he agrees Aimseit 
te som a Joint, Stock Company with & Capital of One Million Dol- 

_ lars, st oak of the Company to ta divided as follows:- $100,000 
80ld for aaunieor vewed of the Treasury; $100, 000 to be sold at 
| par and the proceeds handed to the Toy Bhoncnraph Go. of Boston; 
$150, o0nfte be paid tae for’ his conmdasione; the balance, 
anognting to $650, H04 to bo is sucd to the Toy Phono. Oo. of Bos- 
_ton. Sehnocokol requiras an option for threo months on the stock 
hgla@ by the Toy Phono» Qos + purdhaae 14 at about $65 pest shack 
(Par $100), ar say $850,009 @aohy. but woe: ‘Hd bana nies £ 46 
teke it. Ho Sorthed téhudeds gradtwa sti of hs to ube Te frita Ser 

dont rea amnnih oF nonbad Hing Layer or the dompan’ et wee 



Those As Edi gon, Eaqe =2m 

Mareh 8, 1890, Wi ; oe 

that the Berlin Company shall have the permanent, vight to sell 

engi: own manufacturer in all count ries whern no ee have been 
received up to the presont time, with the extoption of the Conti- 

nents of North and South America. 

Apart from his proposition to bring an laxpert me ohania over 

‘hore and familiarize him with our mothods, at his proposition 

In regurd to manufac turing for sale in counti-ies whore we have no 

Patmts-<-vthick T have tola the Boston do. yer would not assent 

to-n~,I do not think there ay anything in the offer which ho mkea. 

As I underst ma it, the only induevmont wo contd have in selling 
the foreign business would consist in ridding: ourselves of the F 
' roks of merthendi sing. Sohnozexel Proposes giving us ‘a big . if : 7 | 
block of atook ma then if we ce mako at valuable, he will eitthor 
take it himself at a price anny below par, or leave us ‘to dispose 
of it on ow om account. 1 not think the $100,000 in oazh, 
Wich he offers, is any temptation. If tho Toy Phonograph Oo has 

to do 4 regular merchandising business abroad, whith would certain} 

be neceatary in order to give value totin shares which Schnovekel 

Froposes to give thom in this deal, I cannot see that they would 

b6 in ony better position, or in mearly as good & position as they 

ave jn today. ‘The commereial part’ of tho business woild be 

Subjestsd +0 the managenet or mismaneg gnent of people in Berlin, 
wae might or might not Consider it desirable oh phe the ‘value of 

Thomas Ae Hdicon, Mage ; whee March 8, 1890 

the stock Spprtg iat o. It At rikes mo tiat Schnoeckel simply plocea 

an empty value on the businoss and oxpects us to make it ends 

after which he will share in our suacegs, 

None of the Boston yeoplo look upon this preposition favorably 

My own Reenten ds, that if we have to take the riske of sy renane 

diving nbrosz, it wowld be 
Ment UF 

very wise to place the active manage» 
our affairs in tho hands of people ermal we do nat know, end 
Whose imborest may not be tho sane as our own, 

It is Probable that a counter propo ai tion may be made me 

Sdhnoackel, but I have very littla hore of its success, 
z ‘tn going to Boston to-morrow nisht to attend a meeting of 

the Direotors Monday morning, whon this matter will be ai sposed 
at, amt I will advise you.of tle result, 


Thomas Ay Raj aon, Kage, 
Ohdrlotte, Ny Ce 


Mar ch 8, ; 1890, . 
‘Mgor So B, Raton, 

No. 120 Rroatvay, - 

Kew York City, 

“Dear Birge | ; 

Z return herewith 

Qsetenrent of my share of atesk in 
‘the Edison United Phonograph ¢ 

ompany to Mr. Faison, 

alao my resiyi~ 
nation a& Director in that ‘Company, 

both ‘papers duly oxacnted, 

ny ‘ 

Yours very truly} 

‘March -8, ‘2800, 

My dear hir, Edi son,e. 

In rogers so ie Opert lok wit Lats Lbetx, Te 
BULote, Jv, aa warking on, ho ang tome to gap ee pe dong pr os 
ae, and naid that the list which te fas WON gghwerne tie Reber toy a i 
yourself, I asked him to torwerd yw aw Cy A tee as, When’ I 

he has done, ana which yx will fig: a $ashaily 1 atewactadh 9 ‘ 
ligt of mines examined and 40 be examined by 

BWeed, By Sinks time. 
¢ reports rd ae the mines nang! 

Youd ought to have received Rea’ 

oH Hay list, Elliott tells xy tha Yor RAMS o FerRow epuiie 

M4 fect of 611 tho mines. tantiongd in his myort. Ho shy toe knows 
M tumber of these are not M08, but tiny tm is simply teking ‘than 
dub after the other and ancuytehAtns fer vat onovnt they ran bo 
bortee: tint it is not neaesenty fot wa bd addupt any thot you 
a0 nde wont, bub that you wil owad thd unk coke’ only ‘thot that 
706. Bal feage to ve denirad ig. Red bage fiat tr dota not kn whith | 
éf t8itne mines you woul consi dal: @rbdi, woowen fis not Pee Bane 
AE yes datimto ors ghd mink v4 aye that te danfit} report 

A We on the vietious probbrkien yon ‘ev role alent he iddaie 
6th oxy deodsidtne Do y% feed Wee de butane dnd Agee rn 10 

ek Any af the finde on marci 4 iit, ahh AY dag weit: sit td idle 
awe WE dt ences . 


Te A. Edi ton, Naqe, ” Marohk 8B, 1890, 

After what Reed has said ty wo KbOWS Fs rot knowigig nat 

you would consider a good mime, I do not ‘knoy Juat how to Rot, 

and thorefor amit your instructions. 

| Thomas Av ¥disorl, Yoqe, 
Charlorue, nv Ww 

March 8, 2860 

Everott Frazar, Faqe, 

124 YWatar Street, 

New York City. 

Dear Sirs. 

I onolose herawith bill» in dotaia, for mterdal 
supplied on your acount from Maroh, 1889, to tie date of nat 

shipment , February 20th, 1890, amounting to $2,561.43. 

Any bills that you have reavived from the Radzon M'£e, 

Oompany you can cancel, na the amounts are inoluded in those nov 

T thought that tits wold be more satisfactory to 

you than 6 ran one account with Thoma As ¥aison and another 

one with the Radi zon ManuiMeturing Compary . 

Will you vory kindly #ond me chetk dn settlement of these, 
and oblige. 7 

Oy eeu LET My 

S suet 
alee wae 

: : : ; ca eae tne ad : 
7 ¢ eee ; Re: ee oa eee eee? Tae 
any tee Ot Nee Ne ket aft manag ch, i al nner arpa ; : Matas a 

March 7,° 13890, 

This is to oortity 
tat Prea Kr &ia,. who. I Understand ia at Pratont 2 
Prisoner in the Jaa1 at Trenton ny New Jersey, vorked a ae of 
- years in my Lab ort ory at Mon2o Perk, Ne ae, and algo at ‘Vevark, 
during which tim ¥ found him to be trustropthy and. hones, 

March 8, 1890 

My dear Mr. Rdi gon, 

. I have juat rodeived a loter from. vee 
smith, of the Fomnsylvania Re Re Philadelphia, asking me to ship 
him quickly 50 more of ow colla. Ho says the last 50 went into 

service on Monday. last, supplying o surrent to 15 wires, I will 

Bee & Boor endorsomont from the P, ” R, in & very short tame. 

’ Those A. Edieon, Ksq , 
Oharlotte, N. 0. 

March 8, 1890, 
Col. Georpo Ve Gouraud, 
- ‘Little Menlo, Upper Norwood, 
Surroy, Mnglend. 

Dear Sirs. 

I enolose eres bills against. you saves ship~ 
ments for which yar havd not yot nade a sett lomont With me, from 
Juno 18th, 1888 to Fobruary 20th, 1890, amounting to $5,294,01, 
Attachod to these ure regeipts from the Express Gompanios Mhich 
* ¢arsied the B0ods, and copies of gur notifications of shipment, 

' Pisase seknowledge ‘receipt of those at onoe, and oblige 

Yoara truly, 

Phu. (uit ts Cala: 
Ye be ee Chen 

wD Lewis Mes th 

a hack ¥ 

wrclen, a the, ‘hf « 
re 2 Aw 

ce crnfa Ar 

boo 2 - uff 


Paw 10 Md & 70 

, aw 4 wi. 

XY bee Cee Been gow faneevith, 
der # 3300. %, ety auwi, 15 thes 
‘ng OP tma, O, ene: biol, 
Gus subs option ts Lihat 
a Accom of Met 


Ch newb, st 

J fei a. aan af e Ge? A 

“TR oe wee ae ae mene 

March .10, 90 

Lhoway ae Edison, Hage, 

Charlotte, Ne Oe: 


T beg to acknowledge veo aipt .o- 
ing ert as follownie 

Your telegram of 8th 

"See Rnglizh ana have him send me 500 small bags 
they sell shat in; the bags aro canvass and are 
I think four bY eights want them for mineral. ° 
aonplea; express them quickly, Edison," 

2 wired y 

Ue t onday in reply to the above:. - 

*¥nglinh says shot bags go to-day sure, Ae Oe Te" 

Youre truly, 

Merch ‘11, 
Major 5. Be Eaton, 

Noe 120 Brondway New York Citys 

Dear Sirte 

Referring to the 662 8/10 shares of stock of the 

Rdison Phonogreph Yorks which wore placed in trust in ‘the ands 

of the Meroantile Sato Deposit Company, I desire to give Mre Chats 
Watchelor a paper which will seoure to him an interest ‘equal to 
ten per gent upon ony Aiyidends or divisions of ‘profit which may © 
Ye paia mo on these shaves. Will you kindly prepare -euth a 
Paper, am oblige a 

Yours truly, 7.0 


a eg Snes 



Major 8, B, Katon, 

Nor 120 Droadway, New York ity. 

ee ere 

Dew Sirs~ 

I bog to acknowledge reg pipt of 

your osteomed lettor 
of 9th instant, 

in which you state that dol. aou 
m a cheek for about $4, 

raud will forwara 

080 to apply on his open account for phono- 
&éraphs and Supplios, 

outstanding account, and I atteched to tho fnvolee for 

eath ship- 

ment, & duplicate express Yoc@int for same, ‘top ther wi th vopies 

&t the tine ahe 80088 were 
The letter wont to Cole trourand "5 Lonion office, with 

Dekh Ot OLY 

Youta pity wpe 


tho request that the billn te oheeked 

‘March 11, 1890 

My dom ir, tutohinson,« 

I enclose horowith tivo lottera, 
Gouraud, cid the othar to his Nanager, 
Col. Gournud 

one to 

Col, Hre Jo Levis Young. 

‘sa office is right opposite the Hotel 
Sorthunberl ana Avonve, and if you 

Metropole, on 

will prosont both thesc lottern 

a in obtaining the informstion you 
Eat son's foroign ratents, 
‘sihingelf ie at present in America, 

to Mr. Young, he wil) Qusist y 

. S@sire in regard to Mr, 

" Sole Gourmand 

“4 At @ moting of the Board of Dirvetors of the 
in Boston yeaterday wo declined tho 

Toy ‘Company 
offer wibmitted ‘by tra Schoo- oe 

I understand, tmt you ar 

@ to snd Sry Meomans in London. 
* Hoping tlat YOU Oro ensoying y ox tri, 
‘Petern much benefited by the same 

and ‘tint you wil 

BF Stl t 
Tame vous #99, teas 
& aise Ned 

" Bpivate Sec "ya 
z 4 . 
We Se Etoninicon, Koqey st ae 
 Hotez Metropole, - Lorton, . 
: Rnglands . 

told i, Hatchin son that y 

Yareh 11, 1890 
Jo powiz Youngs, Esq., Manager, 
Edison's Phonograph Co., Edison Houra, 

Northumberland Ave., LONDON, Se Wes England. 

My deg Sirse 

I desire to introduce to You Are We Be 


the Attorney of tho Kdizon Fhonograph Toy Mfge Cos of Boston. Mr. 

Eutchingon. bears & lettor oldressed to Col, Gourd, which will 
axplain his requiranonta, ond in the absones of tho Colonel I bave 

Ot Would take dare of hims Wo will 
eppreeiate vory highly any asaistmec you ean render Mr, imtekinson 

Yoars vory a “y e 

Privst¢:Seoret BYs 

Col, George 

Edvarg G 

Merch 11, i899 

Oe, Edison Houre, 
LONDON, 8, We, ™ngl ma, 

oh hoff 

oh te contd 
WSS Note Girh | i oll. 

“160 kipa tne | 

Harok 11, 90, 


Wy ote Ure Edd con,9 

J attend 2 meeting of tho Direatorn of tho 

fox Phonogrm@h Caos in Roaten yesterday, oma snd thet offer of tr, 

Snheencoket, ant auie of whieh 7 ‘Ave you in my wheter vaxt er date 

Miyoke Bh, tat ye fngeea. X &tt trying to oonvines thepo yoaple 

: rar. Moty bout policy is bo establish A gonwdre: business BTN 

eh4 sotsider tho mttor of ‘Melling out if they pieaue afterwr dan 

Re awalt get to ce threo timas ag much for an estat lished trade 
op we cen mt Hew or vomthing which the dupifiid aa value shiet 
2Y fe etandpeint of pmeurtes tre Roston poole gétin to tio 
day aiiing ng ways | 

pig vos, OM Bebra tao tuat die onda AV ti 

ie Se, iho 

sath: of Sah aay ae Sia 

At thevts, ey a Bh ‘bd it Aa Bhasin edb fetyink, ah death olf 
Wiigosvia tybcithdedtun tei th the rsd Hedda’ it lagi the duet 
re) deo Yu AO aa ®:, whee aval tyethe Ve “par A i Ww de 

THOSs. Ag Hai son. ~Re Margh 12, 1999, 

nor. SELEVIR TMS . 4s you knoy, thype han been a mreqt deol of 
ussay tn coghdre the dolds aut ar kngd factotty, 

The Inereetoy of {her Toy Sonaare hag acaontad 210 5 9 

dolls up to Saturday last, Yestertay he uocopted 22, ana tOnday 

wit, GCeept nhurt 100, Deriuy tho pant daw woeko br. Batohelor 

has given. thin mttor  speat dash oP his rergatal ettontion, veg 

regal of which folls are coumancing to aome mt in good shope, I 

tanh wav within a sONP as of wack 8, the’ Phono, Works ean ath mt 

wee ' we 

S00 ner aa a ee eee 

ree FRICKS. tL moloso herevith copy of on lotter which I ade 
deraset te the General Manager of the Toy Phonoy O34 

adn . V : é 

POV: re gon in Sormmctian vith mnuficture,  Thase Liguros rere 

given tm oy Mr o Ratehvlur, md tho Zoy people are very well wate 
Pak wit th thon.« 

I nid fret had a tolophons measagn from 

Livpitote, saying tint us yot ne hagn’t 
tues WhithAte teom untton'd {tuple in Wipecd to thd proposition 
vinta hb cathithenad te thidhe eid time Ago, d-oopy oF Hhien 3 sent 
Hate WE dn ty Heondicvirotialts ut shoud ASB ROR y Ligninoott 
WOU AA WE ne ics alae not te ele tits teeth tor 
Ve Wh ee nahn 4 
Fe Wotan 0 gh 

EE Trt este oath 

Aes reese Lee SR i 

ey yors Sie 7 owt NE Ns 
rete All ofthe! ahovo “agg! state, ths 

4 tM 
wh ae we % 
Thass A, Hadi son, Mareh 11, 90, 

AU TNS Baerga LR, cha. gett: San 

delay ie net the Bat wh y ONY, ytiglorhand wom On -the. part op: 

Cheever’ ts Poole in tho Ast of mite rt ne, HMito..frorh contracte with 

mib-aonentes, unless, of COLT Edy, lig, hats cas Ct, di orpparg Mre Titppine 
ras na ey . 

Cate nx nobittention, pson 2 do, not otk probebie., .. “<haswor - 

gayy ‘thy trons ae Pat crs iang ban hoo mw siek, - Z know sthit?:.- 

nnd-@ Mary clone catty .. , 

Ha CST Se Se we 

thin te tee, “He 


Be Bett, Eee CAN 0 PR Aa tea 

RAT@PERY, AB you know, I havo mmudo entimates for al 

; le oF Ed days, FUE he,. “qt pmant,. og thick: 
ites Oye ECIOT LY Bt 8 

selene Yinoae These are now yoo Meno HE to. bear fruit. _ Tre~ “or 

ecived an or der this nor ni ns From. the #911. Byoegk, doag BO Colm: 
po oees ay SES 

a sat a TERE GE or 98 RhOtronrens 200 ‘oslaw of. 

our 300 i eade eae ee Le, Rie Atatietiog,, onthe: ‘hat tery’: ” 


$ » a aie ., ke bretty et 
Re 3 rs bh aot Sree My 4G aot, rr en us et 

’ eooRT Ce ed wid seat. yT. 

adie Oy ot os rs 4% $s oe the | ie | 

foveh 1a ise as rine wy _ 

"AY colle (25 ampere nbtir rb Yoh? e theos ne , 3 

8 muehasod by. dealers. Yop 
test. ily tas not yet Bot, Lopes $2,893 0 ustanes onsthits Wires & 

age (15 0dnpere hour cel) WO. TO GDM ty POP ttn! Heys! eters! - 
bem sold Sor open odrondt: wa'be “eye Mhoation with mailwey signals 
Me, and tioy nw not boon in SHR he sip hOlhE mote h tary uy: to¥dys ts - 
tein any ronorty on on tHom, ag 18 Ny able to. get them trom the 
feetory ten dayz vr tro waoke: ne nl Shady Arsenio Preeotel sss * 
TAL (an eens ae F ; t 
age (300 onpory how, Tolber 
Cd th thie! nkortpng atta i 

Pers Wa are :. Ratko Re Rai RE 4 . 
re iihuaddl 5 Besta wit f {08 lox, 

Piose As Ndi sone othe March 11, 90. 

Total number gold “1,902 
“KY (BOC ampere hour, Phonograph Nodel), about 700 of theae are 

in upc in conneuvion with th: Jeieeclenee nek tie balanoco sre 
atatributed among the vartous Ploy ssraph Compa nie Bs 

Of, our other types, " (40) ¢ oem. nonva), and &r* (900 
ampere hours), a fow Imwo were went Git ‘ test wnnabout halt: 
donor. This makes 4 ovejal co cba 2,509 golls in use, which, 
of oowrne, ts small, bus wilt be wapddly inereased when we get 

through this proliminary trork. 

LABORATORY RITLS. You thil bo glad ww ann saat T havoc 
pioted the work 52? gotting out the pilks for 
hooey oof LO. There pid s cover mery oxperiimnt which 
(‘gc tushed, Tater ig treo Y hith os: SMe Kjaer,” “anetosanps 
a. * Provery ine Boot." ghey mee ald, of courees in cur austorary 
form, 11 metuligd, md au seqoorted ber Hi Indl; I bave lett 
blak the moivs 2“ mo people so Pye minha Wo ovsnlernd. All 

that ‘in neesssary io. 48 “he dass Grd samo the 

 pariess to whom wo ars to char | eat swhoas mperisentee. I 

have, Sf Aoliraty nent off oar yepub.s Fi Ve tis mith au dourautl, 


Frazayv & Doe, Phont, Works, sop TOs Ea. cael 
feo deb he a$abps tint 

rear dé ta Sourand's 
bilie, 1 have a luther feo Coy et ots 

‘@ouraud wil semi are eke. Me ay. Geared edd id 
he muster. co tows shesb Wh ca, t #lysght that 

; nk 
STE g Ete OAS stom he pil re iy Seated 

Chackeg imnod dat oly, 
bild Sovering thn yay 

Those A Edi won, Esq., 
Oharistte, Neo, 

oar 125 90, 
a Wimterbetiunn & Hays; 

25 OY, 


Mga i 


Noe 2 Now Cowes 

tp Caray Btiey Vinoolnts Tin, 

Derden, We Ce, 


Yow lathey dntead Sth Fe 

BEN enclosing a Doowsont 
aosteuine ears ain or Liny Tdisonts Patonts to 

The ac trelacian 

Electyio Teh, Bovion & Storage Cok, Lin 

itody which Wa" avoiK 

ao mbly undtted from the first Auaipimest exsout ed 2 short time 

ug by Mr Edison, tems ¢ 

%O hand miwine the nbsenes of 

the AAG Garb 

who dn ah preaont in tho 

Souths I have fovvarded tine Gocunent 

3M oyne on to — i 

Hane for his Bignature, and a3-300n ep he 

sotioms it fo may wild none ws 

+o yourselves With all vossibie 

Yours very ty ULYs 

ar Carer 

March 12, 90, 
Major Se Be Ratony _ 

120 Broadway, Mow York CLtY ye: 

Doar Site 
| Y mn vory mich obligst for your Lebtey xY 1d darts, 

in vegard to proposed avoigmant ot pobonts eon, BS Extirsur to 

Tha Australasian Blootyie Light, 

Pover & Storage Cosy Limited, 

ant Note that in your opinion it is PORMOELy proper Tor ‘Mrw ; fr 

Mitleon to exacute tho ans Ligne nt in tho form prapowed A? the 
ates Memd in the schedule 

an your letter unor rerly were the following 

aaesre cant betrem dry Eisen and the dian % Colonial 

Whos igted uareh dy WAS} cepy of seydyement of Patonts “tok y its 

shorounto ‘armen hove ver been 

tho day of = 51099, ma cery cA ‘Profound aessprmot ‘to 

ka oxscttod by Mra Uddsony all of wth ch wore cont ‘to gon ey my~ 
Bolts , 

7 Yours Bert’ Was. aoe 

uy dear dae Rdisan,- 

bf enalosa HABIT Eig Ops TqUe siguatiwe, a 
Tocnsnt ase diming cortain, of yom Pat yey % Tha, faatenlesian 
Elec trig Tach’, Power & Storage Coes Lin tee Thieh wore. ponim 

dently oraltted “from the fivat nepirnunt “ieee FOE executed Bum 

time agoy ‘Gide Goownent wap sont ¢o uw by Uossres Watorhousey 

Wintorbethoa & Harrison, London, with tho roquust that it be ree 
turswd to then as soon as possible, 1 subsitted it to Major ae 
on and ne acre tint it is perteotiy proper for you ta exooute : iio’ 

tin kacdrwent in ‘ths Toy ropeaeds 

Yours var tirnlyy 

Thode AV Kaleony Naaks 
mas _ ’ Ulawrotbig WN ds 

“Marah 12th, 1890, 
My Thomas Butler, 

Seo'y, New Jorsey & Ponnaylvania Sonsontrating Works, 

No 944 Walt Street» NX. City, . 

Doar Siy feunn 

Wo beg to Beknowledge tho roaeipt of your lettor of the 
A Bthednt onde ring Gartitteate No.43 in 
SS Starve of! dhs Capital Stook 
Cote chtrat ing Thebes, the “enc bo 

sheik ty § 3300.0 

tho nane of MreEdison for 
of the New ‘Jersey and Pennsylvania 

ing in exchange for My, Edizont, 
rfont you on tho loth. inet, | 

Very truly yaira, 


Yeltnte asevetery, : 


Uieeniecwide es 
meh UG, 9 be 

Be sean live Edinony= 


To raocived fran Gilde: 2 Bll tas the 

DAGON Orit, ta Seerateary, of tha Vey ces 

eGov & lomy Moun. 


Dy : Pal Vl eyye tor Py pone « p % 2 ‘ 
*Hinting Werle adviees sce Gilat @ chesk in peyeeed af teow peat 

gj Towtavdod yanterdays 

Yowes yoo trols ae 


March 13, 90 


, = | 

Ths Edison Lump Coe, 
Harrison, a8 ve 

Doar Strate 

It ia altogothor probable het Oye thay, go the . 
Mtwa wa shalt, havo to bald against som am fe  SRRRERR oan 

nested with ths Dhonograph. at tha ‘Paris siete | ald ge éherée 
foes wah you Would indly send 

va dotasioa aseoine of your ine 
‘7.98 under date January Bot 1890 for BSeAlsusly 

You's toihyy 

, ¢ iy 


March sth, 1896, 
Mesgr s .WYoyher ang, Richompnd, 
Pantin, ( Soina jy, 
Frungo , : iy 
Hear Sixste . hoe. 4 . 
Your lextar of the 34h, of /Fobruay 

¥ bag bean dyly ren 
Sesvedeiy a. in reply 1 bo: 

te inform: you that tha anavnt 

Olnimod by 
the, Date Generale Tranant lang i que for 

Ainonbarkation expenses 

in comeet ion with: Sight eon peaioese of Naohinery, shipped by you 
*ram Nevre, Viae, "ter Rarmondaic - 

“* on the 28th of Docon er Last, 
hus Deen rasd to thotr Agerrt in 

New. ‘York Oity. 

tory, Druly yours, 
ie tes wee 
oT ee . 

? » 

March 13, 90 AR 

Msbersy George We Paine & Sons, , 
Providenee, Re It 
Tau? Sivote_ 
We haw hen roforred 40 yourselves by ‘Tho mcioon, 
‘shins Works for informtion in regard to akeining machine: "Ye 

Te-beve. a Process at tie Laboratory which naquires a maolstne for 
winding cotton thrend fran tho skein to the bobbing and viasire a 

mashine that will wind fras 10 to 16 spools of thread, of which 

wa erglonc sample hereviths The size of skein is: 24 anohee, and 

. $he apool upon which gho thread is to bo wound 4s 6 Vs. inohes 

Lente 6 3/4 inches diameters , Pidaso sntiom ww by meu: omit Bs) | 

witet Brice you oonld furnish. we with, non a machind, end pbléges 
Yours tindyy 

BXinoh Va: boratory 

Mareh Wy 90% 
Uy deax siseaee . 
7 I have oonfisned olgouhare wy telegran to you in 
Yard to milekoiesaot™ aetna ny whtel waa gont dast night and 
addveasog tO Noy 123 Pint Bie inavend of #823. Having; no one 
vieo of acd I Predttio 4% has stikehed your hands, 

Ve have reached & point in ow negotiations with the "Niokel- 
Slos¥ ‘peor2s wines a22 questions are eennnets with the oxouption 
Of one Kelating to maurmafactures Our - propoait ion wag that the 
mavuteature should be Given to ete Edison GAldtani wnt to 
Vela pire -or thiss nnealy, ths eabindt ee 6 whiten, ity thiison 
wid apt ondaives ane vadad if that thine ta a deotioex fot the 

hegbbtht tons, end we “Rant Pou to Bvitig your inf iuertos ‘to bear @pon 

“Drees robots ‘We eat they wild bagisheaw adhuttandta Aekraridtty 
Pot yen tebobraleiny al an fwitlar mibiahdsndd of de pom 
Wh tony & fei) liny ike ‘pak ip eh ble wth Pitan bby 
Wen eaten Wy € GH dastabs g elle nteday tetibdly dy Hal luk xf 
Stet Welheh, wis. aelig BF ihbve tineeh ds howe, ict ad R etiotting 
WRI oe 4 Hd Aitineahi iledenidt dolly snl 
és Nay hei ue wads att 

Wid Dave, =e Mayoh 13, 18904 

W321 nm in opposition to the Automatic concern ei of sidan 
ta not Heesrants) but it js inevitable. unless Cid Ima" gomana 
is withdmum, horing tant you would auch prefer to have ‘ie 
RAinonte puppors Senuteny I talegraphed ye for SHEDS NICS» whieh 
I hwp you will de vba to renlor Pr ontpt yy so tint wo om et 
the mattar pranen Mh. aay Sratge widinens in sarnnsts 

Yours very tenly, rie 

Privash pdvrdtatye 

Donnie sien,” iy : 
tive hi bam michal a‘. 
hens Wally vely 


306 | 

March 13, 90 

NY dear hi Edisony= 


tenet re 

There ia a hitch in the "Nioked-Slot® nee it 


sotiat ions’ Cheover'a crowd has ayreod to all the points in 
Lippincottts Propositions with th? exception of One, that is,’ 


thoy damand that the cabinet york shalt be bought fram @42241ana"'s 

I gay Lippincott yestorday, ani, in. your bemlt, I refused 
absolutely to cansent to thisy Ohoover told Idppinsott that 7. 
miless WS consontod tia deal would have to be Called offs. Ho may r 
mean thiss or ty wey only he “bluffing” Anyway I hove rofused 
40 agrse to dy and in order to have ths demand withdraw I tole 

- ’ 

&vaphed Glasa yesterday ao followst= 

VEdison and Lippincott have agreed with ohoover 64124 land 
om division of capital stoox of Slot Company aubject to. 
your Spprovals only obstacle in my of oan nation: be ing 
actually offected 49 that oillilani inatety on fisishing 
Cabinet Works xiioh Raison will not dondent to we want 
you $0 ule your influenco towiedé abet 61104 lund __% 
withdraw this danand} otterwite Batson Live lmots wilh 
Stars munufasture oF nicked st uahins patented by Tole 
f bards wideh thay cohtrol, ¥ mbiespasy yor’ etek fed 
Support Advise ma inmedistaty: <° “gp gotion im shia °- 
Gonreetions As 0» Tatey* mS Saat ; 

‘Rippimeott to on the reesed nary becinnd theory Company 
‘hat bontvtarta ith gone “of hin webpyonttiageny Al tol Yeh adins the 

Thoat Ab Ediaon, Bags ms Woreh 23, 90, 

Chesver means wat be saya, bippineott toid as that he had wend 
an opinion given to Oheoverts Company by ex-Sudgo Noah Davis, to 
the offect that the sub-Compasties ‘ind a perfect right to ude, 
Wickes -Siot® neshanos of their own selections I have given 
Lippinestt to understand tiat you preferred Competition in this. 
madness to ty acceptance of a proposition Giving part of the 
manufacture to Gilid Jandy 

We are holding off nor, aysiting an answer Teo Glasae © 

I muoma ike to haw 4 youd fron you about this mabe tee 
autfiosont to assure | te that I iy oxprassed 8 an SReeyans out 

your viowns 

Those Ab Bdigon, Faqs, 
Charlotte, Ha Ge 

Rvaratt oe BaGey 

Fw the 
ur ee 

22 4 ‘Sater Stevat, 

Hew York 

Dear Sinte 

4 y 

oy beg to anno wed ze Fosasye. of, Jou lettor, of 8th . 

Anatant, an Sooard to Tox _ Prapantation phonoaranygy, It is quite. 

taponssbie tor 18 to fet Singe vandy, in ae to. ship, P29, trig. 

rock we Pre advice you an (800n, ae way aye, teaulys jin mu bas, 

bs] anttosnatg mn Satontayy, 
vith. *hant' 


UY A Pag, BAAS ogi, te ao: 

as Ae Misents SHAY interne in ringonsilg thse inmihanoeg,. 
te tin jeonte tow ies t: RY Ate Bodngy 32 t0 Aweias Yous brsingss- 

“tu 3 

tn, thoes cormtrtasy i think aay anes bege Buh nord tpn - 98 ‘the | 

TEN Ma yD Tie ate 

sepeme Me buy be roppeormte 

thy Iau tnneniey, , 

eu by 8 8. Sp it as one etd venta. 

‘ , 

Foingn bine th 

Varch 13») 90. 


ve >? ot ee 

tauie Ginny, Uegny 

a2 Pint State 

ba Thy 

ae ¥rane {acy Cale 

one, Sap: am tact & 

Dear mate 

_ of beg to vontim tio. Tollowing tekatirncs Bent you act — 
night ze 

= sre alae : “4 

"Edsaon en Liprincott Inve a- 
Aart on 

Seed vite: Guesvar ‘G41lis © " 
Avindun of. Oapdgar shoex. ‘os Stottetiiny” gob. 

Ject to your appraise. Ay, orto Ri tay bombsn™ 
nation balay setmadly 

oreetedsor @hat 04113 tata sne’*™ 

siatn on Surtianang sabiaes wovty witon ‘Edison $a” 
nes Ronde ‘we 

Hd mune You to. ie Your -tifluende | 
toirat3 Gib take Gédtieun to wibhivey tras: dialing -*°” 
Stimmridd Bitneg ddppintete wid Stilt méttifea diss |’ 
oY Alok beats, Meili. pa tqistded ty Lerbavd, whieh” 
andr bettepegy “t qgbteryata: Heth ingles out mipporss 
Autelile 1 hides tet OF pape siete ih tifa + Senes a 

eh ay by ge, Pita ae 
eae tony ce. 

Mrs Randoivn nh 

complete Phonograph Batteries, to be sent to the Phonos Vorks 
Packed voady for shipments Thebe are to acdompmy four prosen 
tation phonowraphs ordered by Everett razor tov officials in 

Chins Jat any vovons 


March 13, 1890 

Please danuc shor order for four (4) 

ae Oo tet te Se! 
ae oa Gs . * 

. . March 18, 90 
RR Thoms: butler, . | helene 


Sele = 

Soety;, Ne Xe & Pan. Sonoentin ting Maney 


tae 2 44 Wald tes Mow Nowk. ‘City, 

rloeeaa te 

: tine 
Z om pe obliged for -your letter of 12h ea 
stn tans int ‘you ave sending shack for Baya in paynont of 
Dinan Daa purelnvod for We de & Pas ‘Gone @ntreting Wonks 

Feivats Sconvtarys 


Marah 18th tea. 

Ur sh Macgruther, 

Edison ‘Phodogaph Werke, 

Orano, Now Jersey, 9°. 

Dear Sirs 

Tomolise hevewith u letner rvectved from Bvaratt ‘Frogar, 
Raq sundor usta of 

8th inot.,in reyard to preaentetion Phonogrnpha 
for vardoure offteials in ‘China, Japan mad Koren, 

with dt reotd one 

for plates to by FUL on Gach inetyenmntas: 

Wd you kindly go ahead, and heave those pintes prepared 

3’ Accordance with Me. Prarur’s airections, and have the four 

Phonographs {Motor} packed rondy for shinvent, adv ining us whon 

‘they are Poady, aot we will pend you shipy yy Mreations. 

Tnelude with eash of the abiga Prenographe, mffietont oxtra m tera 

dai to mke then: good ror one yota''s nae, alno Satty blank Phono« 

evans, and tuonty Huaiond ‘veeordy such As you havé, ¢ 

You wilt repeiva Peeayen the . ietary at Silver lake, four 
Complete batterien,ehich Are ¢o acoctimeey theac Phenogtaphs. ; 

Mr Srazar desirot pan to inghede with odol Ponogtiph, 
A maber of yr (oanthentive and instracdséd pare intad 

AMagGruthey No.2, 

After you are thr, 

oagh with Mp, Frazar'g Lotter, kinary 
Fetirn 1¢ to im, _ 

Very truly yours 

| Soa ee ate Sécrotary, 
ff : < we ee 2 : ‘ ” 
y # i fo 4 on er . 4 Pa : E : 


/ TPS Kary 


ee a . 


oe 7 327 

Marwh 13, 906 
Thomay Ab Edison, Eades 
Charlotte, Ne O% 
Dear Sirgen 
— X bet-to confinn the Lollowing telegran sent you this 

aTtamoon fe 

"Do You intend ntarting fdr home tOmmor rows 
Ploaso roplys je Oe Tatod » 

ea sean 

a Aw Ke (;. lie Tiere naa. Ko 
Te Wat i Ata Ae ge hae wo ee 

Not Caceiameet ” 

Ahan l5 WP “a LEY oe a 
/ f et 
vA rd . * ey ; ‘ CS 
ee ThA, “Bh, hae, a: arr ‘Re weed, “7 Bs es oe to ee 
ae o 
| a 
ay ‘ oe ve : is 

March 13, . 1890 


. 3 

uty dear irre Bdioony» . 
"1 eneroae horewith a list of ati the | 

experisonts for which detailed bidie have been prepared, 


‘ath the hoadings log blank, so by fled in after you setiums 

Yours Very truly,” 

Thomss Ay Edinon, Baqi, 

Charlotte, Ne Ob 



ha at of Experimental | Accounts for whioh Detailed Bille 
have beon prenarad to January let. 2890. : s 

Multiple Dynamos. rr sn\pee Uaunukaueadnuceycce 210753 070, 
Telephone Battery, PN a te ee ae Oe ge ot mn ee 174.90, 

TAGULOL LON FepOr MENS, one cceennnemenennencce 17045468, 

Conve réer Feper inant, heen neem n name 15 625, 
Series BUAGON, seem dene ee enema munenanece 88.08, 
Cheap Dyinmoe wet mince re sperstes ae rete sose "gy 00. 
Balaneing Boxe beideeihe ns te eta aco a 215.20 

Dynamo sicin Mil) aaaee pars 564635, 
EYfeatot Masnotiam on Verveug System. «neu. 24.95, 

Noetre Modioa) Tron trent. ht nena mene wee , 100.43, 

Seale for Dotamaining Loca don of Fooror Mot Nienne 842621, 

Hashing tor Trp Ltonting Muatcad Sylinders ame 1296.61, 

Quarte Balin. ¢ weenentiiencenvtiicweewede eee 244-31, 
Walt Stee Phonograph, ialaletaetuhaieiahaatetatatetatatatr es 1007.41, 
Oylinders with Plaster Parse Gentrag. eeneesee 294,55, 

Six Negnet Dipping Conpausea andl Tripods, «seen ‘211,43, 

Pubbor Hose Qlanpss M00 wae ws or HP SS nt ee fw 8 ot wre ca 16,85. 

TeAe ‘Toy Phonograph. feet ee rene nena mee no 4563 , 68, 
Tools foe Melling CyMindorg.  ~sessssccwonuee “192 24, 
Motor Grange Streot Cor nagt ROAD nemmaneinnemen 1060840. 

Phonograph Raper trent enceanwdiaewemn scene an ~ 1sg.60. 

Progen ve Indl eater. HON eee mee wage 19a, G0. 

Magne $40 Pantin, SHamme meine siaiiatabetatatataetae tates oo 005,46. 

Phyaiolostaal Yxporinent, Perm mn wens wwenm  11E GR. 
Hagnot ipori ment. Pee agen cree creat alle a tw ame 327,26. 
apvagie Wubor expan deont qe inmmenmewemn OT OS. 
Smal}, Hetare for Sowing. Vaghines. sbeyeenen 182, 596 
igor ere Epon tant, Reem eee ree err eeraney, 452,956 
Hew: Pastory Mxpar diam. ue eaheal Stan aicatersct ot 827s 


Eee sorward . 3 65715462, 
I lonhone Pxpordmant 8 LIEN a Meee we nate se eer y ptver atte ot 90 ‘ LOG BG_. og 
Rlprvide Shiver TXDOT £02 the ewe meenpeee nnn n : 85,19. 
Prospdetine Linteamans fay Tryon Oyay enemmenene ASSAD. 

Carp oy miei Wie ad Ore ‘xpor fra nyt ry Deh hthttaatatted taetnt ook DAN in. 

Chin ride ar Dia SN EAL NON ne an On Im OD Ee oe MO 40 ne tn BBG 
vlindger Box. 0 tw 4 4 masa ire ese te o 165,35, 
: j . 
f Trduatigh an Blaaa, SATE A BOON ey ae Hom Hate nn YO Om B02, 57, 
: or 

HMesh of Timing & Standing upnn domduot ton Virago. 4.686 

tieat Roveropont af Hydragon upon Sterlawnee - wt, 
i Falophons. when Hoge Truhund tar gen avesennacans 8%, 
Trolat don Host Yor hee lnm ll. IF Prt eae sm at cn om + GohOs 
Snett MOOT pmemwem ems ne awnn iete ie nemo mem ine ee mat Ak eiBe 
: tro Ligkt Ex SRDGT AO fh om ereneaminaeauncem manna BSolOe . 
Kew Body Need Toy Phonographe ean-anecmwneenwer - $50.88. 
| Sigeration Sprague HOLOF StYL9 OB, wmmaussmncne 697.85, 
Wwelve Molde for foy Phonogriphys--seneewnene, . FB eBI. 
‘emight dxon Sxperdnont girlie ia achadeauentine | BOA 
Sroteraay Burkar, anidcucw hues sesame ne nn res Ty 
Stocuce Battery. Unsenmnnnw nee nnehmnesennnnnn 185001. . 

Saivying hater of Ponda torded me nernnennenn 107BeS06 ; 

Tirce Trannfowuers dearge Street dor Radtroad. . SBT eth 
| Bp ERT OPE MBOP Ey wommemnnens errmmdnnneun inne MIL Ae 
Cub Out BApOr dees ~w-weemewneneremmnnnneenms A004 
io tograyy Eatpar mort amen ween wean enannnen o Biol On j 
Rthovige Forse Yep alert swemenemmnwasemeninn nie 861 045— 
WLVGEPLE Debi preane eens scwnnnene cum pen mepesne a 
| MCnemraph Order of Wy Maforald. ewmsensierens 1621486 

ire Proof Waad,’ La ommecemens ens me Bare sn ids 546586 

| Salk Anpere Metay 9. cestnrns a ween eseide wie menenchon ye qe we 26,806 a 
Piuat Lop shit ons om iinet 

wa hay 

, Amomnt Forvard $ 76942,40, 
Thomson Vaaw Expordna nt , aliens 

siento mene nen . 18,86, 
Voit Motor Bxype INWNY jenenwsiwaenumenenenenngin R09.21, 
Sirevde Grout car, TROON ew ae memes mn 42.53, 
BoP e ZING. meee wean nnnnnncnensencaneenenmsen 1035.68, 

insalatdac Post ary ROLL AEC pemanamumereunpnan ee - 38,54, 

Ste st re ps ay 9 MP 0 a 0 60 wee wo me et ba twty ob Phe cam eeum 


Swa Hats\ cysith os Sholley 1A Nee BOO oe Sate mA a pew ne 8.07, 
fools Mu crayon bresu, SM OA ne to a8 we Rte enon es 52,51, 
Phgtaneger Hamden ys y Petpet seth cast ote tt a oe n Rae, 
SxLoaLe digg Aupera Hetap, PO Peta Wt at ae $0 ta nin ws 8 me nO ve 30000, 
doenlition of guste POV, | emmiinw cman is mmerpe 9650, 

, *vteanite Rokvesihs Pred te ete ph et on neva ee mt meee 12,95, 

Nacintausa of “tren at DiTerons Yousoraturesss 168.00, 

Yepe rire rs an Moing, A SO 20 08 we tt vn 0 wee tr went bot np 827.20 

Sas iner, Sor MK, Lipp ay reobs 9 fo 000 pO na ne abo ae Woon 9b ro am be O7%el2, 

Bleesteridg Oar Brake. eitieiated pietek tele DL tte TT TT 1207.86, 


Srangformnay PPO 2 ONG gp mew eee em awser «amwees momen sae 4509.67, 

S4aecgre Fiatine, OR Oe RAL wh oh we reed UN ob WO URN We HS Mb em ty 4GRD GBA, 
Tarhbdne 7 far Phe TROLL pits Oe Oe EN 0 WF At 8 Ber am Be nad at BO He 1878,15, 
Moa for Fhononraph: CYNON, heme wnewemee 173599, 

| Construstion Orange Street dav Ratt ROA, ener 4388021. 
fmtoretie Mashine tor Dipping Oyiindnra,«--a. O20 41S « 
| toy Phonograph Beyertiarnt geosqmesaueeatiomanve« 810.046 
| Mow Strost Car Motor Rxpertowm a aac ioas eu sid. 
Respirator for tire. LAVOE pwede we enern ohwenewn DiBie 
ARVE 2 RRP LAONG, enw eammnen nemuntem int easel Labs t8y 
Primary Batteries. weenie tipanee men sii weniep Abs 
Nagnetie Briage Exper iene « emmarensionm einen sl? TekB< 
| Automtte. Regulator for Tease, ennai tg . voy 

pools s for Toy. Phonosrsp reererentcnigetane Ls 





; Antoune, Yorward,1 
ONyddzine Tron y 

tre . AN Me 3 Re om ba noe OO On Oe ne aise 

93,2 . 

Prana Zor orakd Lae Toy Phonograph GvALmlorgyen 

Ustdon Ba Janee, ee et 


O01 0 Oe ot tn oe we 

108026 .08 

OL eACK. M- 18 Go 

| ines 
Felcrn Pleenograple Mere Gulu nea gh 
Oru ge r et . ou Ue 

Le Cae, pou ¢. R fr Peererrer ery 
Merfinret othe forte ULL, qt {- 
HO Urber Murrograples 
# Otol Pirie LULp. Bhawhy : 
3 G Paces orks Aw WA, x Cyr phe ke 

3 A « Coe tia pry 
2 Afce cate Avot Kieortenrs ared Reprod.nveery ol 
3 Eka WMincn Shafpte with Brads Cy luiders Cruphr iil 
Sfrcrs Reewr BAA aed Lkrodvectry 4 

es ' loo bar Cecer. 
Mba: ee} 400 -Ofg: Lor hears Hitt, 
SLE bh Se MALL GR ; 
g 2, CCONAL ecef Petee. [Mebbes AAerge) 
Aazar les. 
<A> | E.Pw, 
NY XO, Ry. 
Vig’ Peat 
Cane @.P Ry 
aren a AK: 

ee 4 oe Hieonace cotiily ; 2 
witiuer Lg ty ae ADM, MLE Gy , 
meh YY Mises a ae At ALAA 

My dear Sivte 

Now 160. Broadway, 
Jeseo He Tdpniess ti. ¥ 

_, New York City. 


3 , Yor your een ton t bag to enodoos copy of my 
My “oar Sif 

selegran to ron lane ant copy dt his reaye _ Ts Antter, 2 an 

peated to you laot righty by wae, to 60 Woot Both Btrpete oe 
tolegren " ted Baty ¥ 

i think cur poles io td wait wntd2 claaa's lottors to. 
Peaated ba von tas u 

Cheever and S474 and da have ag, Adm to be delivered, and then 
7 Jee hink ou of 
nosify Cheever that wo will thot tonsont to thn manufacture of. 
Cheever sma) GMb) oe athe * 
cabinet work being given to usatdiatare poopie. . 
nowsty Cheaver the. Ba ASAE 
cabinet syork pete, ; ; ne ee 

be 2 os oe 

op y of telesrnaa sént to 

San Fremcisdo, Cale, Moron 1 
. ' 

Gory of telegram sort to Louia casa Noe 325 Pine Ste, 
Sort Figen Jo WpPingtt. P5390, eo ° 
hitul on divigdon of © ~ 
MEdisth Ui" | re ave ngtead with Omever Gi114~ 
“amd? of  -* Gapdtad Stock of Slot company au 
“Jeet 2 your upyrovals only obstacis in way of combi 
“hation being actually ofteotad ts that 1114 1ana in 

“alate! on ‘Aientshing cabinet work, which Eaigon wi not 

“éonsent tow “Ye want you to vad your influence towards 
asteing G223S2ana to withdraw this ‘demand; ‘othornias 
Baieon: ‘ppimott wild atary mbhiifaa ture of niokeleaiot 

‘eéadhirie Patented by Tomita, ntitcn thay eontvol. I an- 

ticipate your unqualified odpnort. Adviso = piace 

of - your ‘action dn tio comabedon, hs 0» t a t oot 

COPY Of aay éliaa's reply to the above, veo a March 23, 1s90. 

745, ; 

” } 

“Ye! Nave ‘ty’ hearty support: Have written Cheever and. 

O22 243ahy tio-any.  1¢ waa shawrstood that latter vould 
amm}. hie contrent at my tim foy ake of harmony, This | 
@abior can be adjusted. Dy not be haatye LOUIS GLASS,* 

Maroh 15, 90 

My dwar Major Eaton,~ 
With a form letter I hav sont you Balance 

Shevts of the Bdison Phonograph Worksy wiuler date Jenuary Sint, 

adit and, an explanation of the various somone referred +o there 

in: I would Ziks to call your attention to my explanation of tho 


debit of be BeTs00 show in Balance Sheet Noe 2 against ire Edison, 

and a credit of 325,000 loan, on same sheets You will find 

these two explanations in tho document vihich agoomaniea: “Balance 

Sheet Hose 2 &: Re I call your attention to thase, for the ‘roaaon 

that they will show Mre Edison pays cash for the supplios set 

to Gouraude 

I reeeivad yeaterday your letter enclosing copy of communi~ 

tation whieh Goursd read to the Directors of tho United Phono= 

gaph Componye I um preparing 2 roply which I ‘will send in to you" 
the Tires ‘thing Wonday yhorring’s. This will be vomplete and will 
tibody add. gaurd “htinnd ordova for tha titerial.which we 

Wa, billhed spatuns wily “PE Werinet got etdund thotfae “7 f: 
tomb diay tyne S es : a, 

“Mawh 15, 1890, 

Jthn Pyil, Esqey 

Balieaviiat2 Sy Onte, Canada 


Dear Sirte 

How is the Consolidated buginess Botting along? Can 

cu give ve any idea as to vinen, Bale of the Bonds WAIL occurg 

Yours very truly, Bee 
ye : “ 

7OU WLLL ave com: 

Feeches you, 

March 17th 1890, 

Cri hogs Montcirg a Souza, 
Rio. Janziro, 

Brazil, South America. 

Dav Sirte 

With reterenae to your letter under date of 16th ‘of De~ 
fenber last, 1 bee to inforn you that the goods mentioned therein, : 
Sogo chipped Fram the Edison Phonograph Works on Oetober 26th, 1889 q 
Vine, United g Atos Express Company and Baldwin Brothera and Go! 8 
SMpLe SB. and should have reached you ‘in due courses 

Tt ig possible thet the yogens troubles in Brazil, may 

have had 
eOMething to do wi 


th the detention of these Boods, but we hope that 

into possossidn of sime; ore this commini dation 

Very truly yours, 

Private Secret ary. 


March 17th 90 
Co Ao Geslott,isq,, ws 

Care of Ne. I. & Penn 'a, Concentrating Works, 

Oseden, New Jersey, 

Sear Sivee 
‘We have jus 

t received the following tolegram from Mosars, 
Weyhor ang Richemond, . ; 

"Condenser ‘is for 300 Size of pipe has been reduced 
for speaial purpose. Exibition you must put oonnection 
Pipe 210 Millimetors,* 

2 Very truly yourg ’ 

Edi son Laboratory, 

¢ Peeints, dh eet. 


Maroh 17, 1890 4 


Major Se By Eaton, 

120 Broadway, New York Citys 

Dear Sirt» 

In further reference to your letter wder date 13th ssi i 
_ instant, enelos ing copy of Cols Gouraud's detter under date llth 
instant, in regard to bills which I have rendered against him, and 
in whieh he emmerates a number of yeasons why those bills should 
not be paid at the prasont times Iwill answor these in the 

order in which they oceur in his commnnicat ions 

FIRST Cols Gourad states that none of these invoices heave 

been previously renderady but fails to note the fact that Lists of 


the material covered by @¢ach shipment were fommaried to his office 

i at the $ine the shipments wero madeg The greater portisn of this : i 

material was furnished on regular routine vequisit sonis rece yed 

: \ - fvom Cole Gouraud!'s office, and it is to bo preswiea that whee no 
F material arrived ir London it was chacked with sly ea Ae 

Whigh had beén issued for it ma deninst the Mists widely wine pent 

rea from heres We havo never rece iyall any eoniviatat oF ghobtaue én 

| these requisitions. ‘Wheat Cols “Gowraud aad wet HEL yo, Yai 

Priced’ invoices. 

ie tee EN ODT, Sy aa 

Majow 5) By Hyon. aa yen Haveh 17, 18%, 

SEQOND, I acknoWledre tha retsipt of Gol» Gowerand's reply, 
stating that the account would have his atvention when he re turned. ‘ 

to Londone 

THIRDS The etter and documents whieh accompany this cam 
muni¢ation will prove olenrly that Coly. Gouraud is in ervor whan 
he states that none of the articles referred to in the invoices 

wer ovdored by him, excep to the value of $1,000 or 31,500. 

FOURTH's ‘tho supplies gent 40 Mexiso weve funishea to Gol» 
Goumud's agents. I refer to this mat ter more specifically in the 
Zedonpanying Llettors 

Cols Gourand states tt quite a mmber of these items eve 
for machinery des igned for the manufac tuve of phonographs in 
Trew ope i never sent him any machinery for the manut'acture of 
Fhonogpravhs. I sent machinery to the value of about $200 for the 
manufaoture of phonogrmms, but nothing for the manufacture of ths 

Phonograph itself. I have sont Cols Goureud a eredit memo for 

. the phonographs taken to Euvove by Mrs Insulls | The phonographs 

and supplies sent to the International Graphkophone Company were 
furnished on Col. Gouraud's order, the original of whith is en- 
elosad with docwnmnts handed you horewiths | 
Dols. Gowravd abetas that ef the goods ordered by him-~all or 
nearly all<-are of yery roesnt shipment, inegtiy singe nia art ival, 
in this goumtry. J would call yowr attention bo the fac 4 that « 

division of the Statement of Account will suow that &)), material 

Major Sy be Batong Wee te arth 17, 1490, 

exbept to tho value of abont $300, vad fin ithe prior tu ha With 

of November ist, om 
So far ds ny veqaest tov 

& settiaacis of this account is CQu 

cerned, I do not think that 1 Was wnreasohdble in assiming that 

the yvterial Lorvarded to Col’ Gouraid md eoverod by these in+ 

yoices, kad been checked with ‘the requisitions issued in his of 


fieo, which, us 2 saia before, cover 

the greater nortion of my 
billie Any 

SUPPLics not coveted in this manmneh ware the aubseas 

of correspondenee between Col» Gouraud and myself, and Pry far as I 

am conaerea, are readily identified from memory. 

fhe records which I hand you with this letter, wild, entirely 

veitte Col. douvand's charge that many of the itanis are an “after. 

thoughts" Col. Gourand's contract with me conmerieed in 1887, ana 

it ity therefore, not strange that 5 sormence billing him with’ 

materia? "as far back as 1888." 

Yours truly s 
wen ‘a 
s Hg ee 
“ is ne Ay eG 


Se a nett Tass Fat 
ee oe AY oe ane SUR peer RT Tene ote 

March 18, 1890, i 

My doar Glasay»~ 

Vory many thanks for your Sahegren, assaying 
mo that we have your Support in connection vith ow no gotiations 
with the WTokeleSlot™ people a I know that I only had to ask 

for this in order to obtain its The Cheever crowd dont seem 

to know whon they are wall off. If there should be any ee 

v Pr oe 

in these agate tienes it paeantiey wont | ‘ve my taunt. I ‘have 

worked hard enowsh, made every concession possible and have done _ 
everything in my pover to haymonize the conflicting interas tin 

{Tt now vests entirely with Cheever and Gillilands 

Yours very truly, 

Private Sdoretarys 

ipl Wadia y date 
0 bik. ‘ 
“— oe i ¥ shale, ia 

Ak 15) 90 : : : 

~ of tks:  h A ARQ... 

: yPtog 6 kant 

< Les Cre hity ther ae a0 fallow 

ee SE ae 

Mb w® Goeelliay mina Ob rr. bd 

n és * ABTS x9 Pe GIS 
M a . va a, fur. 27/ fo ( ane & he 
(ke 6 MIG eV ED 

TTT mn cone amaamen aman et eee RS Te en Rima mie Sn ee etm 

| . . March 18, 1890 

Mesorde P. iH. Koose & Company, 

Clevolund, Ohio. 

‘Dear Sirste ¢ ff 

I onclose Mr» Rdison's cheok to yur ordor for $50.00, in I 
‘Yyayment of your pill under dute of Feb'ty ist. 1890,for samples of 
Aluminium furnished to Mire Bai sone 

Xindly sign and Retuin onelosed receipt and obliges 

Yours Truly, 

ah Ue 

. Private Seerctary. 

wy _ 
Pe ane: EE 

7 an) wat 
euile cik 



1 | 

; NACH 28, i9Gy 
RAFAL Wolds Yong Go0tyn, . 
Mi mon Phanocpeph Loy UE Gage 

Nae OD WD: Ste, Bostan, Aspe 
Dagar Site . 


, I beg to contin the Loo wing telegram pong you this 
"Have yeosived gopy Yaonuns! last letter sont by you. 
We learn fxom Wr. TInsull, who Just roturned from 
Europe, tint Yeomans is doin: pour intereste anh 
anoaloulable amount of injury reflecting disoradit 
upon Myre Edigon porsonallye His action amounte +0 
nothing l¢ss than absolute abyao of tho power given 
hin and hig dmportinant lotions and cables to the 
Company are intolerabies 1 feel confident that you 
wil}, cable imnodintoly and sever all conmotion with 
himy whiéh is negessary Poy gor own protection end 
in jushicg t6 Mre Bdisone Pleaso advise me when 

You have done 20 and do not lose an hour that can 
Pospible be gavetle Ae Os fates 

Yourg very truly, |e 

Private Joust dys 

March 29, 1290, 
Moscrey Baton & Iawis, : 

gd No» 120 Broadway, | , [ 

Now York Gity, 

Dear Siyst~ 

I onolose herewith (1), Agrooment betwen Thomas ae 

Bdison, Folix de Lalande and Georges Chaporon, under date 2Ath 
bas Of Appusty B90 (2), Tranalntion of a letter fron Lalande to 
Pnddip Se Dyer Antworp, in whieh ha consonts 40 enlarge Mw WW 

Edison . privileges in comection with the Lalaride: Babtarys ag oA 

follow t Nre Edison is pemitted ta 

fay Mayfactwze ond sell this primary battery for pleoteic 

Tighbing wses up to but not exteoding 25 lompse 

To} mM fold ‘bot not manieeh ture thé battery an the vomtrics . 
of onads, and Moddtog od $11 eh, Boodyeori oorintrdes 
vntty Inlonle wad GHatenih havi ns wtreaty ctiopuced of 

. vols wightee, tat San died | {erin omthuetves 

‘the vive 4 ba vata i WAR oe Le nsitimes gor Litre 
Pepaostiy oP peaeeton tinPaody ‘af bach olde 
/ The ache of fobWiey 48 to be kept in operate nououmt 

, fee ae ee ET gerne energy eee 

Jaton & \ rey abe Haugh ~My, 1810, 

yom that oideh atorace jantex Lalande arpeenent dasea vdth AVEO 9 
1689, Theve in no muarartae as to nnount of royalties on tis 
CAMstaylevad new tasineas » YP is to he paid fuat ayeh anmatind as 
‘my socimilate icon actual sles, The cells are to ba DMR ER 

sonsscnitively, Lalande ic ta he fymished free of cost with tor 

OF asoh of cush types an wa nay Upaias to manufacture xed. soll. 
DeLee can cancel tins License ‘upon. thraa months notice by reprise 

tarod lottsr.s 

eo have no list of the cowttries in Europe wherein talande 

has ogupored of his rightse If desirable tho license em: ‘be dxteamn 

am A gyaco ort for thody insertion whon the agreement is sort 

tb Pants Lor siemturas of Inland and Oheperona 

Yours very tyulyy |. ; 

| ~ 

Privete Seoret myn 

Francis Re Upton, Hees 

1 i 
Edison Lenp Company, 

Harrison, Ne Js 

ae | 

Dear Sirge 

In regard to the 

YOU are aware, a great wi of work was done in tho Laboratory, EE 

preparing certain of Mire is 

I wilerstand it, all those | ds 

hibit at Paris, pooled .the \botal expenses connected theréwith, and 
; : ; 

divided. it up equally. oul 

: \ : ; 
oxhibit have ned gone into this pool, Shall I send the bill for 

them to you, and if not, to’ whom should I sord ik? 


alee Siig Alas 


March 19, 90 

accounts of the Paris Expositions As 

on's inventions Por this exhibits As 

rectly interosted in the Edison ex 

MenaeeN mS 

oxpenses outside of tlm phonograph 

Yours timily, 


t cg oes A ‘ Tah 

a fad ‘hs , in a ee man 

Yarch 19, 90 
Deniel Weld, Eeqe, Seoretary, . 
‘ ; The Edison Phonograph toy fge Company, 

§ #05 Milk Ste, Bouton, Moos. 

i ’ 

Dear Birt 4 é 

: I have confirmed elsewhere my tolegran te you of a 
mannan which is the result, first, of car$ain ietorsation wirieh 
I have noveived from lite Insull sinco ihis return. from’ ‘Burops 2 
fey days Boas andy second, the couraunt eaten addrossod by Hr. 
Yeomans to you as Secretary of ths Gonpany, fron Parisy under 
date end instants Mrs Yeomns!" inmertinense is simply’ aneing, 
and there is only one way 4 whieh his comunication can be ange 
wayed, «that is, by severing fymediataly all connection with “nin 
and withdrawing such power as has beon conferred ‘upon him You 
shinid Anutruet hire utehinson, 4n Lonton, inmediately, to obtain 
Pron A's Yeortind vay Bo obit “hyd hé wey ia, giving evidence 
SP hin Goinw dehoa v4 ri Kno ¢ toh Couibartyy dnd I pastietlarzy vant 
Were Bb ‘SEN ‘hoa fix tha aubbcy mien 4 Have Nim accrediting his 
Ket oe Adder the Patiiale Vise whowge: nis powex revit shan tuliy 
Nees by e Whaat J oy fea titine ge Seeddsthest Birs EAtobdh Gn 
Wakes i A ee i uv Hes Wiitidoexen vider tee Ydoutalid, 

Daniel We1a, Hage, Sacty, m2e 

Mardh 19, Is90, 

but Imowing as x do that tie Diroatora of the Tey Company- wetL, 

a with myself, realizo the Yoolishness of contiming these uyplea- 
i sant and anproficable Yolations, I preferred that timy, instead 

i of Mry Edison, shenld aot. ‘This is a matter tint will admit of 

_ no delay, ma x hont to~mnovrew to veceive fran you a telegran to 
= | tha effect thet yon have takon these yery necessary steps to wid 

‘tha Company of so unverthy a yopresontative. 

Yours gory truly, - 

' 6 

Pvdvahy Sacre tap, 

Mareh 20,1890 

Sy oy tt Pag vere grating Vevin, : 

bes Daw York itye 

Foanaloge Ineewith Mes Udisor's chack fos 40, on 

SUNOS CORR or Ome, 1 order of tho Me Je 2 Pemsylvania 
Gora Svar 

25,506, im paywent of the Last call 

of his subkseription to the stock 

SG adsa weegioks and obiiioe 

a he 

aa ty hoya t 
stig adr BRL yy | 

“Hareh 20, 1890 


Wn te Burrows, Esqu, 
No’ 18 Brondway, - 
\ New York Citys 


: Dear Sire . é 
. ZI encloge herewith Consular Invoice in connection with 
shipment of 300 he Pe engine and Condenser mada to hrs Gdison by 
Messrs’ Woyher & Richsmond, from Havre. This was returned to us 

Papers relating to certain jot hws Edison's foreign shipments, from 
‘tho Merchants" Despatch tn ansport ution Co» The latter concern 
State that they handed a2]. the papers received by them from Yeyher 
and. Richemond to Megsts', ‘Perry & Ryor, who inform us that tie 
invoice handed you Jperewith is tim only paper ‘they can find for 
which they have nade noo entry. Please finform me if this ine 
voice will chab? 6 you to sates your bond fat the Custom Hows, 

or 32 there ars other papers miss ings 

wee sate eet 

‘Private Socty. 

by Mesarsy Perry & Ryery who obtained it, together with other . , 



enclosed With Your letter of bth instemt for 

We be Durrows, Eaqes 

No. 18 Broadway, 

New You City. 
Daay Sire 


z return herewith typ Omorz 

" Oaths duly signed and 
sworn to bofore Notary Public by Hrs Edison, 

the sane having been 

tlt pw' pose, 

Yours truly; 


Private Siheratary, 

March 20, 1890. : 

March 20th 1889, 

Daniel Weld, sq., Boe'y,, 

Taetiving Go. ’ 
#05 Wiak Stroct, Bosto 
Derr Sirs. 

#dison Phonograph ‘Toy Mayu 

n, Mags, 

. I beg to contirm the following 

telezrans oXchanged bee 
twesn us on loth instant: . 
"Can you moet Directors tomoy 

vow or next days Shall ‘able 
Yeomans towday to stop negotd 

ations." .° 
(Signed. } Danie2 Weld, Seoretary, 

“ T wala mect Dirootors Saturday. Cannot get away hefora, * 

(Signed). ‘As 0. Tate. 

Very truly yours > 

Private Secretary, 

Maroh 20, 21890 
Mero Abs Mastruthar, 

Edison Phonograph Yorls, 
Orange, Ne J's 

Dear Sirt~ 

I am going to Boston to-morrow “(Friday ) night, and’ 

“AR not be heve on Saturdayy Pleasa have prepared to-morrow 

such ohacks an you require ma to sign in connaction with your pay- 
oe LU ; ; 

Yours gmtly,y 


e A Crcthae HI 

: el a | DAtA TE | a 

ee _AAAAM__ te AAW ; . Otic , 

hie VA AL ah See 



March 20, 1890, 

Samvel Insull, Esqiey 

ii Wall street, 

Row York Citys 


Dear Sirtes 


Referrinn to tho attached letter from Mw MacGruthar, 
munder date. February 

lst, 1890, addrasaod to yoursolf, tho same 


& vroply to a camumiocation written hy you in London, in 

whieh you complained of a lack of proper advices covering ship» 

mants Lorvarded on ole Gourand's ordera, and in which Mie Mac 

Gruthar says? “On behalf of tle Phonograph Works and mygelt I 

marly to your favor of tho Gth instant, although I do not see that 

they are, or I amy in any way implicated," I beg to say that during 

the pust week I have had occasion to make avery thor ough, inveg tix 

Ch itels 

gation of Uol's Couraud's relations with the mar oreeeyy. the Edison - 

Phonograph Worka, and I have found tint up to about the let of 

NOY» 1899, ail Cola Gouramd's orders for material wore addrosaed 

to tha Laboratory, and our records show that advioes of these ship» 

meitss were promptly forwarded to the London offices After that 

timo, the orders wer sent direct to the Edison Phonograph Works, 

am tha only advice thy Laboratory roceived of the existence of 

Samvel Insull, TeQe, ais March 20, 1890, 

such ordsra, Wore the bills rendered avainst Li. Faison by the 
Works » White Twas in Lonion the Yoople in dex Gourmiadts ofPica 
complained to ma of tho nonrecad pt of advicos of shipy nee the 
same as they did to YOUy and upon ny robwen froin. Europe, I made 
dnguiry and fod tint the Laboratory. understood that the Phono~ 
ararh Vorks ware advising thir own shippents, and trat the Phono-~ 
graph Vorks had equal confidence in the Laboratory. Fron the 
period of my return fron “mone our letter books again Bhow that 
shipping advices wors forwarded inmadiately wo received invoices 

from tho Phonopraph Works. tn the set of bills which I sent to 

London, I attached. to each invoica a copy of tha advice whieh hed 
boen sant, and thease ase Sanplete bofore the lat of Hay, 1889 and 
efter the 15th of Ootober, or theroabouta, I found at the Works 
that all Cols Gourand's orders fay nateriai had bean filed in a 
most wunsystematio manners in thei létter files, and tiat th 
letters from Kamiiton and others in Cole Gourawd "a office, _aeking 
Lor information gonerglily wore Pigecnholea in Mr, Hing ishs de gles 
Until I conrenced this investigation I vas totaly tmawa re of the 
Justice of tho complaints made by Col. Gourmd's people of their 
inability to obtain infomation from use Meir usual method of | 
addressing tioir lettors was, “The Hanagor of the Edison Phono- 
avaph Works, Orangest These letters nover reachod the Laboratory, 
but wont direds to the Vora, where thoy appoar to have bean systo- 

matically riezlected’s Pron the very commneainent of hire Rdison' a 

Saumel Inowll, Eade larch 20, 1890, 

redations with Col, dourand, ft have beon very careful of the rnamnor 
in whieh his diyoat tasinesd with va aa conincted, and there ga . 
Not 9 Bingla conmndiegtion Trom Cols Gentihts oP Pico, addxessed 
to tho Loboratovy, but which was replied to as fully a9 wan pos~ 
sible. Prom a revark you.nnde iwhon in ny office yarterdiay, I 
think you fava on idea tint the letters fran Col, Gowrmd? orrice 
vere handed by Lay Edison or someone olse to the Phonogmygh Works 
to be replied to there, This ie not 50> Phe corrsspendenes 

Wiioh was neglected was addragsed direct to tte Works and this 

offiae Ind no knowledre of 14 witil I cormenced my reoant investi~ 
rations Me, Ractoutiny, porsonally, is ontirely blaneless, but 
thd wae cates bo data of tho Phonograph Yorks. The trouble Ime 

has “hadis utter lack of systems 

Yours very tahyy > 


Mar oh 20, 1890, ‘ : | 
Samol Duma, Esq'es 

Nos 44 Wald Ste, Now vovk citys 

Deay Sinrte 
Tan in roceint of a latter this morning. from the 
Secretary of the Edison Phonograph: Toy uty Oov, in which ho sayaz 
This -alternoan wa cabled Yoomans y Paris, You will abandon 
all further attounts to ninake sealege Lotter ta follow." 

I have ‘telegraphed the Boston people that I will moet tin 
Dirastora m1 Saturdaye 

Yours vary trulys ¢/ .,, 
: Af gly open 

oy vA £ rane 

Haroeh 20, ° 90 
Evoyett Frazan, ESQ, 

No» 134 Water Street, 
New York Gity’ 
Dewr Siovs. 

Referring to my lettor under date 8th instant, en- 
closing statement, of your ascount, Mountiny to $2,301.45, wilt 
you very kimlly ‘shnd. 40 a check for al) by ao portion of this 
alnownt, so tint tho BmMe will read 

nm O01 Saturday Next, and vary 
‘mth oblire , 



_ Yours tially, 

| March 20, 1890 
Major Ss Be Eatony 

Noy 120 Bwadvay, 

Mow York city. 

Doar Sirte 

Referring to two letters which I wrote you under date 
17th instant, in regard to Col» couraa' a accaurt, the Edison 
Phonograph Yorke have tiis morning handod m tio of Cole Couraud's 
original orders Whish should juve eon enclosed with my communi~ 
cations above wferrad ee They relato to itens in the Gouraud 

account as follows: 

_ : 

Invoice, Yove Bthy 18S9rmn—~~4118428 

Melosed please find Cols Gourmad's original odor Ho. 115, wdor 
dato Sept. Bist, 1889, covering thin shipment. 

Invoice, Otte 26thy 1BSQnRnm 444050 

Please find pnolesed (ois Gouranud's original order Nos 264, under 

date Oats 9th, 2889, and postal card signed by Je Lewis Young, Cole 
vouraud’s Manager, not dated by hin, but bearing London Pogt Office 
vtamp Oote 10, 1889 ani iow York Pe Os stunp Octe 20, 1889, which ane 
together’ with the last mentioned order Sovers shipment veférrod: to 3 ; : 
in this invoices vf 

Naveh 20, 3890 ve A 

Moasra Waterhouse, Wintexrbotham.4 layrison, 
Nos 1 New Court, Oar ey Stes Linoqin's Inn, 

London, We ts, "England. 


Referring Furbher to yyy letter of 8th February 

Jast, I vatura herewith Asuimuant by: thomas At Raison to The 
Avs tradasian Mlectris Light, Poyer YC. Storage Cos, Limited 
(Gate lslt blank) af certesn. Patents pot inecinded -din, first Assigns fron 
renk, dandy 2xeentod by ltt Sdison. >Plogse acimowLadssa -roceipt, oP 
Mts, ard obi izes . H 
Yours truly, “a 
: a *. 
i yr Pi 
‘ ieee! i | 
, \ 
Privato Secretary. ‘ ¥ : 
t o a - 

March 20, 90% 

Mig Wie Ma Burrows, 

18 Broadmy, 

New Yor' Citys .. 

Dear Sige 

Xoferring to yw JaPxone congersatign. of this 
afsornomt with: Mrs Haguivey I enclose herewith letter: under date. 
A4th Pole, 189C\) rec'd. Dy Mts Edison from Moasras Weyher & Riche» 
sind yt tit ofiiiet that tiey sent on Ith ulte tho necessary | 
pidues to mke.ari addition to a9 exgind Amnished by them some 
Lisitle: tind ago. Tattach hereto a tramlation af the letter in 
ieatienn I also tmolose a cablegran under date 4th. inste, geota 
Lig’ Mrs, Raison fyom the same partion, stating that "purgeur" wont 

forward Masth 4th These ara the, only adwicos wo lmve received 

i% yerard to tics watt ors -kivehy retars tho im after you are - 
Aishough WiGh theme 

"Yours 2 

Ovanse Natty Banky 

Fobruaryl4th, 1890, 


Trenslation to Lottor eddveagaa to te Ay Edison, 

, "We indo Bonsrdoved dt nAcessary to pluce the ercasers upon 
whe Taste pas on the machine 200 hoyst powsy, according to the 
Cele Reva aupended, and ya have sent yor on the i2th instant, tie 

Moueauwy pieees so rake thia addition 40 your machina, — 
Tt As nesesnass, to maintain ¢he piston rods always por fectly 




3 oi 
taxol 20, 90 

; f 
- Ovogey Na v's i f 
Fs . | f 

Dear Sire eh 7 hee ae 
I-molose Herawith sitet for $22, with whaeh please 

credit my accounts: 

Hors Abhyy 

March 20, 1390 

Confirmation of telegram sent by Mp Hdison to Nvee Edison 

19th instant: ; 

vw Mray Te Ae Edison . Orange, Mareh 19, 1990. 

Lo | 
Charlotte, Ny CG, 

Arrived sate; overything in goad shape} big 

snow storm conmonced last night} lova to all 


it elongate 

RATT Sa ES Reppin 

March 21at 2880, 

Deay Mastor Hoffman} « 

I bee to confirm the recoipt of your cab legram reeoiver 

trom Baylin on 7th instant ag follows:- 

"Phonograph works vondortal Bending lottor, 

Very . truly Yours, 

To Master Joser Hofimon, 
Potsdomer, Strasse G4, 

Berlin Germany. 

argh 21, 1990. \ 
Georg Me Hopkins, Esqy, . [= 

*Soiontific American," . 

561 Broadway, New Yok Citys 

Dear Sirt= " 

With reference to your letter of 24th instant, the 

proofs, ‘skotohes and mémorends of yow’ second article on The 7 : 

Scientific Use of the Phonograph, wont ioned ‘therein, yore handed 

to Un Rdison, tho saya that they aro all vight, to which effect 

you Wem tolephoned today’ 

Yours truly, 

Private Socrotary’s 


SanLel Yoldy Bade, Coaretary, 
Hais qn Phonogeaph Toy Meg's Company, 

NO» 95 LLU Stes Lostony, Masa, 


Ve “beg t 
day to Mre Tate ae follows: 

“Directors meet to-morrow e2even Snoxeals rely upon 

: yout aes panies edie ® 

In reply to waitoh we wired you as follows 
"Mee Tate Loaves for Boston to-nichte 

Raison Labtys" 

Yours truly, 
Edison Labovator ye 


 RaknoT ‘Ledge receipt of your telegran of to- 

March 21, 1830 



Mawel: 21, 899 
ty oO Hondoraoiy, Laney _— 5 
Adding | gindor~inechies, de oR gl 

Waited neeeen ifs ad. 4% Woll Sty, New agekat ty oN g 

! : 

Dear Sirte. ; . 

Mry Edison hao’ raccived your letter of ith inatant, 

embody 4 ing repert on Buffalo canvass, ond desires mo to say in 

weNly that: he considers the Sth and 6th classification mmuecgasary. 

Yours truly, 

Pyivate Jerotarys 

| Mereh #1, 1890 
Wer S'e Mallory, Tages | 

Now 7 Yost Raziglph Steg 
Chicag GO, Tlisy 

Deay Sirte 

) ‘Mite Edison Ins ¥ead your lettoy oe lth instent, and 
says dn Toply thet, you bad better got mil in. Pirie omioy acon 
ao nGnSe Pega make & test of it top few days to sea all in vigirt; 
Get 222 the. dasa and than ahut downs tion as soun AZ stew ig gee 
and Woathar favorable, no Will come with oxpart and wo over the 


Yours truly, 


Privete Beoratary, 

he : 

| March 21st igpo, 
ve ae Johuston, Haq oy : 7 
Hoffiimy House, Now yor City,. 
Deur Sirze j , ; 
I beg to Confirm the x 

following too cram sont. to 
morning,in roply to your Valoguas of 20th diate ae 

"Have, dust received yon 

tolegram,. Regrot onnnet Bo% 
yor to-day, an x an adhe rad to SO to Poston, - 

Ae 0, Tato." 
Your g ‘truly, 

_ Private Seorvtary, 

. March Zist ‘L890, 
Hugo He Levis, eqs, 

Care MeaseEuton ¢: Lewia, 

. Now 120 Broadway, New York City, | 
Dear sirs- ssh t ’ : 
T bog to ontiem tho following telegram sont yuu this 

Morning, in reply to your Lotter of LIte instants 

“Bre Edison sugsaida thas yon ‘Boe him on Sunday, ir 

rogard to Woleh adie. 700. +, P Pigs 

Ae Ge. Thto,* “. 
Yours trnlve’ 



Mevoh gi, 1890. —&§ 
Ae By Rick, Eades : ? _ 
152 = 154 inka atroot, 
. . chierga, Ills - 
; ; 

Reay Sirte te 8 
In roply to your Lotter of 15th instant, lin. Faison 

has © Trocess. t'or making carbon Ppapore At preaont, however, it ‘ iz 

is impracticnble for him to give any attention to thia subject, 

he has so many other important nattera on hands 

ie Yours truly, 

Private Secret arye 

March 21st 1800. 
Mrs O. Re Robing,| oN 

Alva, Plobiga. 


Dear Sirt.~ 

Mre. disor! has asked mo to thank you for your Postal Card 
of 18th instant, gal Ling his attontion'to an advertisement which 
appeared in the Fort Myers Pross, announcing the sale of his land, 
on account of unpaid taxes, for 1890,. 

This mattor is having our attention. 

' Yours vary truly , 

Private Secretary. 


ve yee cree oe 




; ‘ Murek 1% 

Mero fs : . 
(ak Wither, Se AtuMork 
UY deer , 
| Melo 3 beg Ls had 
Pow ferbiertars of Mefetiseect Of frrn 
Phrivwe AAfptr, 
Muchhed they Hells 
G ange thos &y je oO ro Si 
fer Raha, ates ome 
Cone AY I, Coeliac, 2 Bau 2. 208 rye). 
whe 4 2 Li OO eis cs 
2 COOGAN Ah hg ae) ” WA 4 ” 

Ad 3 t Meactes Gjetecenteat nceonty 
heals F4 s 

-r iy Oo OES 

Py Fe alia fase SOs, Sore 

Murfrped ‘ky Wikle, Atrgy rho bi SAR. dears 

oY Ate , : 

Case ASF Cottaciin 2Batherca's, 215lb Mae. ff, 

PR 0 «2 Phocingetpes 250lts Thana 

Ao 3 1 Buch euriatrttord 
iif sete 




Aor Ki~ dacereg. Chaves: 
died Ceecg-Aeco. Chareg ee . 
Ata. ut: Edit 

March 22, 
Mr Thomas Butler, deoretary, , 
Ny J» & Pak Concentrating Works, 

w#44 Wall Sth, Now York citys 
| ! 
Dear Sirty. 

I beg to! acknowledge yaceipt of Certificate Nos 51 

in the name of Thomas A‘ Edison, for 3S shares of the Capital 

Stock of the Now Jersey and Pemmsylvania Concentrating Works, 

the same having been enclosed with yow letter of 20th instants 

Yours very truly, 

Private Secretary, 

Mert widen Re fatboy 

u vs 8 x By Florida? 


Deer Sirte 


I enelose Pareaa yh Mie Edigion"s chock Nos 2722, to 

your order, ‘for | $250. “this oheok int > cover! the $100:ached for 


yh ay on 

any on letter of ith inebant - to pay “state and” County. taxoay and 
the ‘f50 requested ‘in y ouy Detter ‘od “Lath ‘drigtant for the. purchase 
of ‘paint Bo “Kinaly’ deknowledje ‘pede tpt and obhige. . 


yours | truly, 

‘vPrivate -Sooretary'’s 


Everatt Frazar, Esqe, 
Nos 124 Water Street, 

New York City's 


Dear Sixvte 

ZI return herewith, for your signature, check Noo 774, 
for One Thousand Dollars, wuiich cane to hand Vhis morning with 

your letter of 21st instant, unsigned, Please return the check 

nHyour sipnature by bearer, 
She idnvoiees in triplicate of ths pregontation phonosrashs 

Will be maiiedl to you to~day’ 

Yours titly, 


Senne) waul, Eade, 

Pht Wall Strgoty 

Hew York Qitys 

ear Sip ie. 

i rave your letter of 20%) imatamt, which was handed 
to me by Mite My Be Adams's i sont Mr Adame te tie 2 nOnweragh 
Morka, with a letters and ho will he Somiisned thase with ovory 

facility for familiavieing himself with the phonographs 

Yours ve vy truly, 

Maych 22,90 

Profs, Sie. Pe Inngley, 
Smithsonian Inst4 een 
Washingten, De “Cs 


, Dear Sir 
Reply to yom letter of Sra inybant has been dex 
ayer: oving to the absence of lirs meet vino. has just roturned 
from. tho. South, where he had been for several weeks paste 
We are sen&ing you by express tonduy tard {2} chalk cylinders. 
“Fefure using; tiese, take. a beaker, of dietilied miter, immerse the 
cum Uc roller with ohedl or sleeve for three ninetes by the vwatchy 
then plies them under a boil jar -oy timber, alloving them to . 
Stant for Ba hours; this will canse’ then to st teat, When using 
take: pare ast to touch them with fingers, and use palladiva strip 
Wart. dake ob. Chalk» We hpve’ inoluded in tio box 9 emt) camel 
“hay ‘rnb wlth vnich to modaten the roller once every tio days 

Din aveck 4 ue b avopd of waters 

Yours vory truly, 

Letterbook, LB-039 

This letterbook covers the period March-April 1890. Most of the letters 
are by Alfred O. Tate. There is also correspondence by Edison and Charles 
Batchelor. Many of the documents relate to the manufacture and marketing 
of the phonograph and talking doll. Included are letters about the coin- 
operated phonograph, the operations of the recently organized Edison United 
Phonograph Co., and a plan to record the voice of British Prime Minister 
William E. Gladstone. Other letters concern the phonoplex system, mining 
and ore milling, electric lighting, and the Edison-Lalande battery. Some of the 
letters pertain to the stock transactions of the various phonograph and electric 
light companies. Included also are letters to the firm of Dyer & Seely 
regarding patent applications and other patent matters. The book contains 
499 numbered pages and an index. Approximately 40 percent of the book has 
been filmed. 

Mar ch B% 90. 


Wins Me Tawows, Engis ; he 
18 mroncway’s Yow ¥ (irk Citys = 
Doar Airte a F 
L dag do gout ‘igmbhm foLoting telegram cont you this 
| oendnyte a | . 
Weyrier and Richomibnd éehtd that greadors and svalee 
deft om NORMANDIG| Rand ulte Wa have not received in 
yoiadas Ae Oo Tate eet 
Lawedidtely upon tihootyt of cablegram from Measxss Weyher 
and Bidyenenda this morn ‘ing, I tolophoned the Herchanto Despatch 
brane poets tion Goey thf icing tiat they might possibly have tho 
Maveodoe TOP Bis ahigeijint, the repers int connection with otiar 
Windynionts iniving patited throbgh thei hands, tut they tufermed 


oo Viet tiny hha not Koby eet Ws ‘posiows Lit duabtions 

rhe fry 

Marara: TB MALlory 4 Cov, 
? ,. ee Aiea Zh, 
| Gontienente 
oy AT nawe your! iebiere Of llarch 14th. and would sey that 
we are pushing Jorword with: ‘Your magnets and coarse “oontaée™ 
AO heey Wa have -adbered: ‘the face of tie nignet's Sor ‘the machine so av to: ‘conform to ‘what ters Dtekinson 
thinks drs. Suarte. xoul2 want. ‘As-e00n Gs’ wie" pdt’: ‘tits Neady~ 
shall. de ahie tonake Fou <a anyone Sa ‘that: tes the i 
WME Be i a teen tyes Sat 

ae a a OR PE ay ita oe any NS en 

decane “oo the -dirikno: for trite your machines, we 
should adoiay Pow 20: ‘taee ta Wold ‘inetead of a Roil0.. Tt 4 
a Lteee, Wore vobe?y, tue pov hwwe Sheng reserve: of power 
ingbiadros worteiny 26 fue dee thy. 
Rabe sorvoten 06 i ed Leth: Wyakd +0 ints dnd wilt 
dak ype vhow th a vay i } bw. thar nee | heen done. about Ite, 

at Mos. 10Rbine Me aie lfhipiby oF ooo coche, and of : 

ae hmaeinics aN 
i Préathent 5. . 
re SM Med Ste, MAO, _ 
Cid anenaanun Of Absa REM, ang triad Seay Byatt 
“Nel lery, whe astyou: engi. Interested uit th’ Mrs, Rasen 

AW OTe mile fagotn:diehtgan, : wead:: want'g-mach me, Sor,. driving 
ER ore fafIithg magnet ec: ad have; Gduised hig,to, get-.o. Wor 12, 
ile + Royo -sapply that: eompahy: with. the machine: at, the. sane 
“pricd asiyou sermt: se to, Rison, Sar: that. purpose? Lf, 80,,.you 
“eh Bink one tnmediately hy freight to W Se Mallory & 0o., 
Mo. #: est: Faniloiph: Shor, Ma hnggai;- “Ads. . 
when ls Dgfcpou do-send aby: plejad hawe.. ne notified. of ¢ the, ahs 
2 OT, eee Lecmaking up | reapload Jone. fn. Thteago t0.90.up to 
Trine: any: ee eps, gene cde fh, 

SRR seteis 

‘ n = 
‘ dhtdeder gd af oe 

The Mee York neiting 4 Poeking Co,” 
, - Kew Yorke Ctey, - 
Dean atre:— ae 
a wnderatant fron hin Mallory of Chteago that he Now om: 
dared awe 74 tneh Felts am rubber. ‘Sion you for cartatn mach= 
indw that he ] making in Ctoogo. I wote hin thas q should 
probably order iny halts aleg from you 7, Bovever, want then 
all inches witia Could you make thee, tind at what price for 
avie dength as briered dy din Mallory? 

_ Yours wry truly ~ 

“Merch 2nd 1800. 
Mre Ay Maotruthor, 

“Radeon Phonagraph Works, : 

‘Orange, Now Jersey, 
Dear Birte 
. a ¢ havo your Jottor at lseti ‘dnatant, in renard to ‘Bending 
n form ordoy ‘to the Phonograph Vorks, severing each, roquiaition 
for materiel tron. the Laboratory ard Silver ake, and note what iu 
say in relation thereto 
The ‘recent investigation’ that r had to make ut ‘the Phono» 
graph Yorks, in connestion with Bore: Gairaud's eccunt, proves to 
ad quite slearly the negessity. of adopting now methods, ka ae to 
asoure. all Mhiipments of material be ing recorded ina proper naaner, 
ama ZI will tsme instructions. an accordance with your mugzeationn 
ALL Gol. Gournud's orders for mator ind were Liled in the “Trane 
gvaph Yorke’ letter filee This is a very bad mothods aly ore 
ders for raushines and supplies ahonld be numbered conscoutively, 
amd Tlled “te *“orders,* and not no "Lotter a,* 50 that 70 would ae 
le to trhae those nurbora on tho, open records an the offices; the. 
reanints itt your shipping neok, should give a reference. to = 






March 22 

Yeager ot a age oN 


tae page tmenngae tree 

fe Macdruther. — 

oa i 
ee aes a ok . 
gp. is Be : ¢ oF : 
(ME o GSR eee See : 
ae : : ae 
eras os . SOR 4 
is Pa Ms “ie 2 eS c 
es % ; : = : 
- Or at ae : ts : 
-t Ce ll fe ie : 
2 a * : 7 & : ' 
. & 28a, } ie es » 3 oe 
Le i ees e : f a 
Bg — : fe oe ; 
eo. i. ae . SH eg s : - : 
ee Bot. > a . ; 
“O° ‘3 ite 7 
Sg 2 
i : 2 : : 
a: & “ a. er a eee es * 
za P 4 os 
ae e. g ce ne : “= 2 : 4 : 
So. 8 ae Ge as <= 
eee ie Z 
7 ahi ee : 
mts 7 : 
oa a- : . 
2 8 
zg 68 
& Pad 
rn pe 7 

ur, Re Be Logue, 

Care of Pontaz leerspheCable 
Ghloayoy TU noisy 

Corpan %, 

Desy Binge 

had with 2 "prominoBt tolograph Offteinry 
im regard to Battory and Phonoplox, end X 

note all that you say in 
-Felation thereto, . 

So far as tha Phonoplox 4a soneornod, 
miehty little out of it now, thet there te hn 
bmongst one, anf we carnoé 

Wwe aro: getting go 

BON WO had 
raly enough to divide 

* afford to Hp ‘the Superintendent, ; < 
With the Battory business, howevor, wa oan @o aomething, so 

> > gatmeag se Tittle margin 

on this, ana x will ond you a list of 

the dlotouzite (aor ned on} 

which we van allow on thin business, 


Maroh .22na 18909, 

Rdwin We Hy wer, Haqe, . 
Nov “43 Rowand ‘Streat, 

Nownork, New Jorony. 

Dear 8 4 r= 
With referenne to the attached bin, widen vas eneosed 
with our let tor of 14th imatant, 1 know of no arrangement horeby Fa 
we ware to a the ) cartage on ‘the ) Auparatus deliverod to the’ Lemox 
Li eum, 
ee agreed | to si this materiel “for Buisbition 
thors, mt the leet the Wxhibitore can ao, ie to tako thom to 
vherogvor they ought 6 he naaee on Baiibit Lore 
Please iot ma hoar from you in rogard to this matter, ., 
at your oardient sonrventaner, and moh oblige, 

youre vory trady » 

driver e Svovotary. 

peahieeeatihiea eatin eee eee 

eg eer cag ie es toe dae pe oa 

Peweis Uptory, Kaye, don, Notegor, 


RBalagon- Lanp 


Harrison, New Joraoy, 

“Sa ree 


I boy. te aeknowlodge the Peceipt of your letter ‘of 20th 

n tegurd to exponacs oz Parie ‘Repos$tion. 


thet the bil is rorerrea 


Upon further invastigation find, 

istant, {i 

ti in my letter to you under date of ith instant, are not charge- 

orne by Mre Edinon 

able to the smeral Ageounty but are to bo b 




Pornoraliys: — 

Private Beoretory 

Profs Harris J. Ryan, 
Ocamopoli tan Hotol, 
Rov ierk City. 
Dear oe a 

‘In soply to. your otter of loth instant, eakliys permission os 
for a party of. Soro. students to vieit the Laboratory, on ae, 

L7th inatant,,I beg. to inform you that 1 submitted your communion : 

tion to Kre Edison, and he regrets very moh, that’ 4t is. H snprabtion 
able fur him to grant. your request... ; 

we ¥dison is ednducting a ‘great many experdmenta here, 
tox different companies, ond they, having heard of several parties 
of visitors to whom had beon oxtended ‘the Privilege of Anspeoting 
the Laboratory, obseuted very strongly to thin Practice being ocr — 
timed, and in deforenaa ‘to their winter, Mrs Rdigon meatead to ox~ 
elude 611 ‘visttora, Bigs Fa 

tharo is no. Inetitution, in whose thea lire eal aoe: ita? . 
be more willing ta rake an exe apitin, than the VornOll Universitys, | ss 
md he regrets excovdingly, that ha damot aioe hie way ‘olea ‘to 
grant the porntanion ‘asked for om bohazs of the aiudonts now on 
their annual tour of tnapeutions 1 yexlgl rily yraintay 

Harch 22, 90 

Mro Ae MacGritaan, 

Edfaon Phonograph Works, 

Orange Me Jt 

Dear Sirs~ ae 

m Vegarw to shiipmont of meterfal fron the. Phonograph 


in fitture I want notifications aft shipment covering goods 
forwarded on ki® Edison’s 

account sont direct from the Phonograph : 
Vorka, instead of from the- Lahoratory, WS honatofore. 

‘Yours truty;. 

Private Socratary. 


th eed 
“amgasel Let n 

March 23, 1890. 

Mr Thomas Butlar, : 
Nos 44 Wall Strect, 
New York Citys 

Dear Sirt» . 
Mr, Tate has handed to me the onc losed bundle of papers, 

with the request that I roturn them to you with a statement fron 

myself. , 

Your inemorandum to Mr. Insull datod Pebruary 24th, 1890, indi- 
Cates quite clearly that the telephone message which wag transmit- 
ted from yow off'ice February 2ist, and to which I. took exception, 
was intended for the Laboratory, and not for me personally. This 
being the case, my letter of 22nd of February, addressed to your- 
self, shovnld never havo been written, and I have been convinced of 
its impropriety and now desire to withdraw ‘ite 

The renarks contained in the documnt in question reflecting 
upon yourself, were written under a misapprehension, in.a parenthe- 
sis of anger, when reason had struck @ vreng scent, -and I concede 
that there was no justification for thane : 

From the papers sent You herewith I have axtracted tre offen= 
ding spistie, in the belief that it is the proper thing to do,.and 
I regret exceedingly any annoyance which it may have caused you. ° 

An acknowledgoment of this comaunication in the shape of a 
declaration from yourself to the effect that you are perfeotly 
Satisfied with my action in the matter (or if not, indicating what 
it lacks to render you so) would, I think, be a good ending to a 
most unfortunate squabble which should never, have ocowred, , and 
would be recoived with much satisfaction by ° aaa tk 

Yours truly, 


’ Mar. 24, 2590. 

Mr. Brennan, 

care of Now Jersey & Pannde +. 

Concentrating Co. , Ogden, Meds’, 

Pear sir icr 

I enclose you a blueprint of the dust separater cn nde 
n both views of the ‘machine: the dus! receiver. 

1 have marked 0 

sas low down as thlse Lt 

Jt 1s not necessary to keep * 
You will 

could be ratsed up to any position that you wants 

sea the discharge of the tron is over the top of the drum at 

the back of the machines ‘You can make any pecapnr tod you 

please to catch that. 
\ The drawing shows the main pulleys as being 86" in diam- 
eter These however, will. only ba. 24 inches as requested 


s\ ae 
Ay Mr. Livor some Gime 0.106 

Yours ver y truly. 

Ve OTM fone 


March 24th 1990, 

General Manager, 

United Railroad Congresa of Rugsia, 

Ste Poter shurg, Russia ; 

Doar gy Ne 

I heg ta confirm the following Gablogram roo 
Sth instants. 


eived from 
YOM OF tree 

he Railroads of Russia, 
Block, to- witness 
honograph- tender 

tevin heartfelt s © youp,wonder find alan 

coverye they feel impatient ito be enabled ‘to Put same. - 
inte Practical tise, -General Managoyr of United Raii. 
road Cougrona of Rug 

Ding. : Tachoromissinofr,« 

‘Very truly ‘yours, 
af mre 

ss ihe : / 
ay, by F 8 . . ; : : f 
« ah, rd . on) 4 A ; ? 


Aadh, CARA. “¢ fh 


Maroh 24th 1890, 

Sens) Hon Naar, . 

United Railroaa Congross of Russia, 

Ste Poter shurg, Russia, 

Doar’ Siys. 

Mr, ¥digon has 

aaked ma to thank you for ited oab legram, 

under ante of 6th instant, 

(coutdonoag olsewherg ), 

in regard to the 

wath sant on bohalf of the roprosentatives 
in Ruagy 

of the Railroads 

“a, which ‘he Reaeived in due course, 

He appreetates very meh tho inte 

rest which the Public is 
tating in his invention, 

and your kina message wag received by him 

with much gratittcat fon, 

Merol! 24h 18d0, 
Cunpbell Beott, vse., 
Now AB9 Main Street, 
Toulavilte, Kentucky. wt a 

Deay Bi Me 

Ty reply to your het tee: “wnsdoy ante of ‘Febriiary Ath 1800, 
which was mbinitted to 110 upon my. return ty nee a ‘few aya ago, 
—T would gay. that, fram expardmenta, garr ied. on in the state of New 
York, with sunimp, Tom cartain that At wquta require’ the eorvions | 
of Bn #xp ort vloctricion, and ood gonditions, to. Prodaey “Agate with 
“B09 Valts.of Bontimous . currest; iat ‘00 Volts is the damit i . 
whith Piston 1a hy used Sa connastion with overhead wires, in all. 
Bjtion there there arg. wany wires, 

Yours very truly, . 

. Mavch 24th .1880, 

Je He Blook, Regs, | 

Moeaow Rusria, 

Doar BA rte 


Z have received your Letter of 20th or. Horaaey, eSenaN AS sige ae 
: edeing the recolpt of my, cablegram, in which r notified you . of the - 
Gerarture from New York of tho Phonograph for Presentation to the 

GZAR. Y note, 

with Pleasure, your efforts in conneetion with 
. the Py: 

nosvaphy and tho interest which the Peopie in Ruste are 
taking in my_ invant ton. 

The Phonograms nontioned ih your letter 
reached tho Laboratory, 

» have not yet 
mt thay wild doubtless com to hand in 
thie course, and will be received with much pleasurg, 

Yours Vory truly, 

rte, oe Peo? : 

a ra 

| as iene 
‘ eodive. tho bablegran tien” you voter 
P os oes oat see tho President oF. the ‘TaorMical Soe xoty - “(Empords 

Oe. | 
al) in tebe asking me, to "accent honorary eeransy in set Bt 8 : 
die ty’ : ; 


We 3% Burrows, Esqhy 

Hoy 18 Broadway, Now York gitys 

Deax Sirt= . 

* ; s 


ee bap to acknowtedge rooaire or your letter of Bist 

aneeenys Feturping original letter of rte Veyheny, Pantin, dated. 

Bebe. ety 1890, ate pabtesran af seine dates 

enott Frazar, Esq, 


No. 124 Water Stiact, 



Noy York Citys 




Rear 8 your letter of 21st instont addressed to 

a : 

tive gylimlere whioh lad to be destroyed 


Ymrohi11 goods oo- 

for oxtra exprosuage in connection with the 0 


Y wrong shipment, and very mich bblige 

casioned b 

: serene ETP epen yin 
ane i aM RUST esas seer tare are cuore 
Ne NTs nach = 

Wo ie Stoyarty Rages 
s/o Raison General Elettyi¢ Company, 

#44 Wall Sti, Nowy York. 

Dear Sir 

I have your lette* wniini> date seth instant, and accept — 

the proposd#ion which you make therein on penads of the Standard 

Electric Coxpany ,. of Pend N, Michigan, vo lative to installing in 

my Laboratory, 125 colls of Lopan"a Sagdentary hattory, tor prastion) 

Neat in cotthestion with the ‘phonograph, lighting ae., Lo¢ ” 

Voupa ee, 


Haveh 24, 1890. . + 


Samuel Incwll, Msqe, Gontly enacer 
J 4 ’ 

The Edison Maecnine Works, 

g44 Wall Street, Wow York City. 


Poar Siri» 

. I have your lettar of 22nd instant, enclosing axtract 
from e Letter received by you from bin. Hy Ward Leonard, with re- 
lation ‘to carbon brashos y and in pond would say shat I an very. 
neh opposed to the we of thega brushes, excopt where 14 id fede. 
ally neceasnry’s " good copper brushas with fair attention ai tho 
best that fan be devised; but, wiere no attention can ):0 siven and 
Aoad suddenly varios, a7 wherg there are ignovant, Garaless atte 
dente, then earbon/ousses +9 be used. I have always stated that . 
instead of carbon the German silver connoction.iire be tween, QOPIM, 
tator and armature is the most perfect device known ta stop. opens, 
‘eine when load varias. 

_ Yours very truly, 

March 25, 90 
George Fe Kunz, Esq'y : 
New Yor City’ 
Deak Sirs» 
your letter of 25th instant to Mrs Edison, ie ae 
hand, ma I have mah plegsure in onologsing herewith his. chack 
for ono Thoustnd Dollars, in sottionent of your account’. Please 

sign and return the enclosed raceipt. 

Yours trutly,4 Vig 

ij Yj; 
£ LY 

Be Se fete eee ee rented ar eo eee 

Mar. 25,1890. 

Mr. Ae Arango, 

Treasurer of Edison Spanish 

Golonial Light Co., 

71 Broadway, N. YC., 
Dear sirs-- 

I have yours~of March 14th. I have not succeeded yet 
in locating any of the books I spoke to you of, but hope tv 
pa able to do 80 ina few days, whet. will either send them 
to you or let you know unere they may Be secured. 

Yours” very truly y- 



March 25, 1990" 

Hole Gaorge Ey Goursud, 

No. 74 Madison Avonue, 

Nost Yorke City 

Dear Sirte aL ie : ; ; ae 
T bog to aaknowledge yeceipt of your message trangn 
‘ mitted by telephone yesterday, to the effect that you have an im- 

_ portant commimication from lr. Gldtistone intended to be delivered - 
throwgh the modliun of the Phonogyabh before a meeting of the Exeau- 
tive domeil of the Working Mon's Qo-oporative Building-Loan As- 
sociations of the United States, to be held in tha Board Room of 
the Bquitabie Life Association either Thnwsday or Satweday after~ 
noon, and, 88 Chairmen-of tho Conmitteo.of Arrangoments, invitirg 
me to be present; also requesting that a phonogtaph of the most 
porfoct condition, together with othor material, bo prepared im 
msdintdly, md addressed to you at the Board Room of the Baquitabla 
Iife Ansociation, #420 Broadway, Now Yorke 

T.hardly think it will be posaible Lor me to be present on. 
the occasion in mrostione IY will, however, send an Expert, to- 
gether with to machines and all necessary. appliances for repro- 
duoihg Mere Gladstone's speach Please notify me as oarily as 
possible in repfard to the day and how whon the moot ing is to 
take place. 

Youws very trtly, ° 

March 25, 1890 

44 Wall Street, 

New York Citye 

Deny Sivie 

f beg to confirm receipt of the following telephone 

mendes vedet vas Svom your office toeday?’ 


"xa, Inswill has made an engagement Zor yourself to moet 
Mie. Lippincott, ibe Cheever and Mry Insull at Liprincott's 
office Thursday morning at. 11 3 SO o'olock.# 

: Ioyill be at his Lippincet+’o offieco on the day and how 

Yours very truly, 

March, 25th 1890. 

Major 8. Be Eaton, 

No. 120 pry etaye Now York city. 

| Doar . 8 i rie 
. Wie ava Poveivinie right along from Colonel, Goureud!s 
office in pei Graben Sor supplies for tho Phonographs which 
aro in use over thoi. These ordera are, in thonsalven, ama, 
such aa, Rubber Kar Pieces, Glass Diaphroges,, atce, but before 
recognizing any of Nae: I. ‘should like to. Iaow from you, if such 


action could in any, 

Batson United Phonograph: Company. 

mplicate Hrs Edison's relations with the 

fhe last order recolived fron ‘Golonel “aeieanale office, is 

dated March 15th 1800. 

March 25, 90¢ 


Vore i> Evarowa, Esdqey 


Noo 18 Lyvvedway, ‘lew York Citys 

Dear Gitie 

Zam much obliged fo: yom teiephone meséage of to-day, 
informing me. that you have discovered tin missing imterial shipped 
‘by Weyles & Richemond to Mre Kdison, amongst a number of unelainad 
paciszes at tho Custom House, and brat You WA have the sume’ 
forvamed to ‘ogden at once, paying the duty in comection there . 
with, dna’ Mende wing bill fou same to Mr’ Rai gon, all of vhienh is 

set isTactory'’s 

Yours truly, 4 

; ( 

Mar. 25, 1890. — 

Mre i Ward Leonard, 
65 Sth. Aves, MYC,” 
Hear siri— 
I wish you would send me a set of your different pam- 
phlets that you use in your busing ss, for house wiring and 

‘general information on installaticn work. |. 

If you fave them right at hand, you might be kind enough 

to let one of your boys leave them at my house, some night 
when he is on his way home. If you can do this, I, should be 
much obliged. 

Very truly yours, 

Mars 25th: 3890 

Mr. We Se Mall or’, 

7 West Randolph St., 

Chicago, Jll., 

Dear sirin~ . . 

I have 3} your letter of March 22nd.. I will ship you im 
mediately enough magnets a0. > complete two machines with one or 
two over. 

The coarse contact machine I have had taken ne, and 
I have lengthened ‘the poles to ule the ideas of Mr. ‘Swartz 
and Ur. Dickson This I. mae also ane along at. the same 
time as the magnets. 

I should have had: the whole of the magnets done long 
since, tui I have had to awatt vhe sites 

Very truly yours, 
hee fh Rs 
&, Gogue ane 

P.8.+-Wi1l notify you as soon as shipment ia made. 

May ch 25,90 . 

‘chibald, Esae, 
Adgma Howe, Boston, 

Mrues's , : 

‘kc beg to confirm recei:t of you talesram of to-day 


te Hr’ Naiman, as follow sq 

“ie Edison in Orange? If not, where is he oid when 

retwring? Archibald." 

in veply to which I wirad you as follows ?- 

"he Edigon will be at tho ‘Laboratory to-morrow. 
Alo Oe Tatar! 

Yours teuly »/ 

March 25th 1899 

He Do 6 Hemi lton, Hage, 

Gare Néieon Phonograph Oompany, 

Northumbarlang Avorna, 

London, y, 0, England, 
My Dear Hardltons ~.. 

Your lotters unde date 6th instant to Mre 

and myself, in vogerd to the Ore Milling business in Ne 

Ed ison 

v Zealand, 
aro boen rageived, Is: not the ‘syndicate to which you ro 

vith vhieh Sir John Pender is 4 

one dontiMied, 

Mre Edison hns kad somo sorreaspondenne with: s 

On this seme Bubjact. i you have the information, kindly let us_ 
know who the people arg, , 

Prangie R. Upton, Reqs? Gent deripades seemed 
Edison Lemp Company, —_ 

~ Harvison, New Jergey. 

Dear Sivse 

_. I bog to acknowledge the reced 
instant, cnaloping bond from tt Se 
: n@ Anordoan Surety Co 
ing Mre Edison against liability on his bona niean base cee 

United Edison Mam cturt . 
South Amboy, Ne Je. ng Company, upon replevy ae 

Twill place this dodurient in obr suze, 
, Yours Very traly, ~ 7 F 

pt of your letter of 22nq 

‘ . March 25th 1890. 
“Mre William Ae Madulloch, — 

Greonbush, Renssalacr County, 
“New Yo r ke 

Dipar Sixt 2 
eS Meo Edison has received your letter of the th instant, 

Rigepting his attention to.a mining property in North carolina, in ~ 

whieh you hold-a half interest. .. SS 4 

. Me. Baisoh would Like yott +6 name a priae for which you would. 

bo Widling to Biapols of thie property, not too high; . 

fhe oA 11 gohdak expats to: dkamtne. $hé mine, LPL pe 
Mining. property 3H North barotita is 

banio2 Wald, Esqe, decpetary, ae 
Edison Phonograth Toy Mtge Oompany, 
No 98“ MALUc Ste, Bostoh, Mass. 

Dear Sirs. ; 


I beg to confimn the following telegram sent you 24th 
instantt~ : 

"We object to Allion sending wax rings to Yeomans. 
Kindly confirm quipke Ae Os Tatoe! 

Yours truly, - 



Private Secrota 

March 26, D0. 
Vote Yhaglor Hubbel], Eaqe, Praisides ity 
The VWirito creas University of Science, 

Veashinegton, De Os 


Deay Sige 

Your lottor wder date 5th ultimo, enclosing Cortifi. 
Sate of The white Cross University of ‘Soience, Cornferring ypon 
me the Degree and Symbol of tha White Crous, of the lesion ‘or 
Honor,’ Was Teegitved during my absence in tho South ara handed to 

ma upon my rotwn to Oranm a Lenz days. aos 



Maoh 26 90. 

Mognyas Dyor & Socly, - 

Ho» 40 Wall Stroet, Now York Citys 

' * “ 

Dear Sirste 

On the 15th February last I addvessed you a letter, 

regia ting you to obtain for ma a copy of Ue Se Patent Nos 263, 

140, I have not yet Yo ceived this document. As roply ta an in- 
Portant oomrmioation’ 4s being dolayed pending the receipt of copy 
of pater’ montiored abova, 1 shall be obliged if you will procure 

it as woon as possible and Torward it to tho Laboratory. 

Yours truly, 

pow eaten a age ee ae 

Major Se Be Baton, 
Hos 120. Brondmay, How irk oity.. 


Dear Sirs~ 

Referring. to your dotier uder dato January 28th to. Mes 
Edison, in repard to cortain patents which ‘the ‘compagnie Continen~ 
tale Edison deoided to aiop, and to my reply ~ BAMA dated Pobs | 
2th, enumerating tho pat on to which Mrs Hdison desired kept in 
forca, wild you kindly inform us. what action you have taken in 7 
Yregaw to this mat tar, and aldo Please send m8 for ou files, a. 
_oopy of your dotter to tho 040% Céntinentalo Edison on this abe 

Jact, and vory moh oblige ee 

Your's truly, 


March 23th lego, 
George Ne Clapp, Haqa, : 
Noe 373 Atlantic Aveme, 

Boston, Mancuchusutta. 

YVear si ri- 

In reply to the ‘question propeynded in your Lettor oir 
date of 12th inetant, adfrensed to. Mee Edis On, worded wayie 
At the momont of removing. the battery, the only enangy POBSy-AEHZ ‘by 
the systam would be that ‘dae to the monantom of tho revolving 
dynam and motor ALTOAtUreD » thove would continue to tun wety - 
brought to reat by friations : a the tp armatures wre nvt in 
‘@leotrical sonmunicatdon, and their magnets sot axiged, this. woul: 
be # purely mechanics! problem and the .time “eonplied in: voming to 
rest would bo detorminadie from a knowledge of the amount of bear 
ing frdction in exch machines if the armatures were tn elvetrical 
sommnica tion as deserihbad, then the, frie tion of. electromignotic 
nature die +o the mtuad influonce at mgnetea and currents would 
enter the probien but it is cortain timt the time ‘ao up ied ‘in 
Soming to rest, -xonla ve loge in thig cane, owing ne the dnorense 
ot retardd sig fet ovtoly die + eledtriont notte, tn ho case conta 
the maior abt Hyadedh nine to Van ‘ohefini duty tn a were. a 
sonata saya bie obi wey wbadivir Yio Mi soltamelty ne 


Mirah Ayttis00, 

By ‘ae Clapp, 



Otssipate energy 

in Erdoqjon whick s¢se}4 carmen prageicnlay ba 


Aandefinitely re 

a “Secretary, | 


. B : a 
£ s 

Maroh 26th 1890, 

Frederick Orene, Mane, 
The Frederick Crane Company, - 

Short Hills, Now Jerséy, 

Dear S81 re 

wath referonce to your letter under date of yebruary 
8th last, I beg to ‘inform You, thivt some time aso, Mre Raison 
ansifnod one of bia men to mako 9 search amongst the Laboratorydige dt ols 
for data itn somection with the uae of amyl acetate as.a solvent 
-for pyroxyline. . 
The man who wax. engaged upon this work, suddenly disappeared, 
tee did not leave with us any memorandum of what he had axegmoitaned 
‘Mrs Edison regrets that, ot prosent, thore is no one available 
Hook Nie could appoint to contime tho soarch for the date in 

quaation. Re regrots ‘very mah that ho 4s wnebie A furnish you 

‘fur tave Strombarg, Esqe, 
Westman Furnace Company, 

433 Broad Ste. Now York City. 

Dear Siri 

a beg to ¢onf drm the toNowine. telegram 86nt. you this: 
afternoons _ a ns - mata 2 : ma 

(+ Mrs Batson 

md myself will reach Haclettstoim at. 

aes forty-four to-norrow (Tinwsday ) aftormoon. 

Pleasd nape us at Delaware Lackawanna Depot, Hacketto~ 

torme Ac Oe Tatae® - 

Yours tmrly, 

? fay oh 26,904 

Re Kirohhat?, INe,y Eaqe, 
Socrotary Provisional Cor ane SS 

#66 & 68 Duns Ste, Now Yor’ Udtys 

Dear Sirt Rt, eee Pees a GP ele 

I have your ‘letter of 22nd instait; with oncloaures 
containing: ‘inforuntion in regard to. the prosant: statua-of the. 
arrangomenta to rocotve tho nantors of the Iron and Stool Insti- 
tite of Great Dritain who are to visit this: country. dn tho latter , 
part of Soptember next, -upon tho invitatidn of the American: Insti+ 
tute of Uining Entrinoers, supported by kindred agacciationn. of 
tie United States, ond informing me that: a General Comittee, is 
bey formed, of which I have. bean: mane sease ag 8 member. | 

7 at be very ploased to nerve aa gf msdbor of this Come 


mitten, end this is to: sali my: re ie 


Mart 27, 90. 
John Le Buckingham, 596, 

Hermosa, South Dakota, 


Dear Sirte © af Bi Ries ee es 

° Mr, Edison ‘has received your letter of the aith inatant,. 
infoming him of your patent for exelusive use of. coal. ofa Anstead 
of water, 4in the operation of Rock Drills, 

My. Edison will subject this proaeas to a proctieo2 test, nil 

will write you further in “a to it. 
‘Yours very truly, 

Sat bas rake ae eae 
Private Secretary, 

‘Mar. 27, ' 90." 
Philip Prdoleau, HBqey 
Ste Augustine, Florida, 

Dear Sirin 

In rep iy to your lotter of 12th instant, I bog to 
tnfam you that Mrs Hilson shas novek torked in Aluminum 

Ra has ac’ nny Aspextant mabeana 0 ‘on hana, that he has 
nd bee wow, ta ative this eb, aos; soy attentions... 

Vey. truly. wouke, 

OM. Me vor, Raq, 

“Me 10 Doy Street, Noy York 



‘DB ear: Sip a= de, 
v i. 

eZ. enclose herewith a letter received by iM 

re Raleon, fram 
"es John Le Bu, tkingham, 

of Hormona, ‘South Dakota, who PIB A yatent oe 

Mae of coal oil instead of ba 
: with the operation of rook arilis. 


for the. excluaive . ‘in connect ion 

Edigon would Like. you to test thin procogs, and Teport 
to him the reguit. 

Yours very trnty, 

He Yard Inonamly Eades Gently Manager, 

United Bdison Namuyd'es turing Conpearsp y 
#85 Fakth Avons New Yorks 

You lettor af Sth dnrtimt, inteasg oe pil porter 
Saas foveptitios which your Company has to 90 ‘thepagh gn ower 
Ya sagure $25,000 of fully paid stock: for a plant with yau sawp 
ah Hagkemoagk, was dnly roccivods | (Ewin be very gad i do tape 
thfte I can to azsist you 4 in this nator in conmeti. on with whipp 
 Linvo. already signed savored paperfy, 

Yours very ty: 

| : March 27;°.90¢. 

Bre We Fe Feyrior, 

State Govlogioal guevey, 

Ror Brimawiak, Ne J, 

I “bey Doay Sirte 
{ . - 

| Your letter ta Mir, Batcholor under dete. 22na insteunt 

been anhy roceivod,s : > 

& 4 It will be entirely satisfactory to us to have you ‘cotati 

words ain Hye Réizonts mineral eollo etion on tha ist of Apri, aa 

Ow 00 4a da your aeecene x 

‘I atti, be Pleased to sea you any sometn you way fine St 

cemansent to ¢ tho Laboratory. 

Yowrs very truly, 



Private sooro ae 

. Marsh 27, 1890, 
Henvy Seligman, ESqey Trogsubor, . , 

t - 

Bdiaon United Phonograph Gompany, 

“Milia’ Sudiding, Now York Osty, 

Dear Sirs. | oe To 

; Tava Yon Rettor af ant tne tat, Wha Veloso héven 
with ploage fina uy shack on The gomay Nbt ional Bak, of Testarte, 
¥YoeR748, fo tho order of the FAigon United: Photog rapn Jdubhtiy Loy 

“Twelve Thousand ites hundved Doflara } 
gradi’ ac a S368 an : 
ibeyh Lith, 29ddGe 

$842, 6002¢ to bd pluddd to uy 
vomplisnce tith Aatiodhe ye Agrooamt anrted 
Plenne aciviovlatse wat aipy of cheghs 

arch 27th 1800. 

Guatavea ventran, Pie, 
Won toan Purnaco Compony, 
Hack tt atown, Now Jorsoy. 
Dear Sirte 7 | 


tween us temdays~ 

T beg to ‘confirm th 

© following tplogram: exchanged how 

a myself this afternoon at 
Answer qaick to Orange. 
, AsO. Tate." 

*VA211 you meet Mr, Batson , 
Depot, Hackett otewn, 844. - 
; ; 

W412 be glad ‘$0 see you ama Mrs ¥dison here the train 
arrives nt Hackett stow at 6.09. . 

VWedtman .t 

Very truly you ray 

tT a 
i ee 


‘ "9 ye! 
Private Seoyetary, 

March 27th 1890. 

Wiliam Me Burrows, Faqe, 


No. 18 Broadway, New York City. 


Dear Si rien 

I. angloso herowith conmlar invo§ae and bill of lading, 
sovering ahd pment to Mr. Badaon, about which we have hoen in 
corrasponiionce, , 

These wore roqaived thia morning from Ey Gx0 808 , agent. at. 

Havre, ploase acknowledge their recpipt anil obdige, 

Yours very truly, 

Private Secretary. 

‘ wen 
AL. we Pe 

. Harch ats 1890. 
Tha Edison Machine Works, : ~ 


Ne Ys 


Dear Sirgs~ 

Me bag to advise you of ‘the following shipment, ad 
dresaod to you at Sehensotady, via Orange. Branch of the Ne n, 

Lake Brie and Yastern Rty., Car Nae Sy 49at~ 

1 No. 2 Hordzontel Boring Mii2 , , 
1 Yorty-eighh inch Brainard Automatic Gear Cuttar. 
The above shipment is made up of ton packages, and tho car 
will leave Orang toeright or to-morrow morning. 
' Yours truly, 

Bdison Laboratory, 

Myers ga neneme 

March 28, 90. 

Mr Ay Maceruthay, 

Edison ‘Phonograph Works, 

Orange, Ne Je 



a _ la. beeen bites Pernnfa, 
‘ With referens¢ ‘to the order from Sotesteenc sent tp, 
nh onommaph Works 26th Aesents Mite 

English info rns me “that tt 

“LIL tak 

eat least six weoks to got ready the cabinet work caliod 

yur ot 

HANG, and that you have only two -typo-wmiter tables ‘in 

stook, ag pay memorandum attached heratos It is. very imbortant 

that tiis order is filled as ENED SLY ay! possible. Could not the 


“work be purchased somewhere and delay saved thereby? It is 

Waceungne to give this order prompt attention. © 

Yours truly, 

‘Sooretarys | 


Mareh 28,- 3890 
We ta Sunnie y Usd e¢ 

Noy $2 Yorth Bt—, Now York City. 



Doar Sdrtr 

T bog &@ conPivm the following telenran sont you this 

TAG Taye oe 

v lire Rdigon and mysolf viddted Hiokettetown 
yesterday, as former had PMor engaytmnt 

for toeday. “We caw Mr. Webtmann and inipa o~ 
ted furnasde Ae Oo Tate,¥ 

Yours very truly, .” 

March 28, 1890 

Musval Life Insurance COMPONY, 

#32 Nassau Street, Nor York ity, 

Paar Sivs yn 

: Referring to tho Mortyare of twenty thousand dollars 

whieh your Company holas on Hit, Raison's Laboratory, will you 
kindly inform m oF the date of thig mortgage, ci whon the princi~ 

cos pal js payable, very rush obliging 


Youle tytay,. 7 

March 28th ‘Lepo 

Samel Insull, Moa,, 

No. 44 Wall gtroot, New York Citye 

Dear Si rin 

In reply to your letter under date af 27th Bama din 
.regnrd to the mortgage upon tin Phonograph Yorke shops, I beg to 
say that this is held hy Ure He Be Auchineloss, Llewellyn Park, 
Orange, Now seeany; The amount is $ 10,000, rate of interest . 
is six Poroent, payable half-yparly. The next payment is due on 

‘lath of mey, 1880. Thy mortgage was made for five years. 

I tavo spoken to Mr. Auchintdwes about Gancelling this mort- 
ego, and Ip masini we duttol 16 xt any time that we my desire. 

Ho in mt in towh hined\t, put he has eft all the papers with | 
his Attorney, Mr .» Hirignwy, and ariy the ‘tnt we aro ready to pay 
over the preinespal, the inbdteoge with ne cancelled by Ur. Auchin- 
closs* Faprenentst ive; 

' Private Secre tary, 

ime tht ln pe ee 

March 28th 189 O- 

The Canadian Copper Oompany, 
No.103 to 109 Superior Sureot, 

Clevelami, Ohio, 

Deay Sirsa. 

XI veg to acknowledge the recety:: of your let ter of 
Mth instant, in which yon aeeding to pay tho freight and duties 
on the Car of mtte, which was Hert to me from Camda, ama in which 
you state that your Mr. MoIntogh atid i, Allen arranged with me, 
that 7 was to ‘Pay tho froth att ditlas nyaelt, 

I sm not aware of any meh ath otinent. AlL I ever ankeg 
for sto expordnent ‘ith, waa kh bortat ef matte, but ire Ratente 
always insisted upon my taking Inaahd that t required ‘ 

He tendered tho car ar matte, gad pldadd (4 at my dteposal, and I 
aosepted Mt, bat vet mdtn tre whee did dnt that was to pay for 
1%, by thet I was to my ine Onikd gek LHe ide Sh brdagdin at heres 
| the omy une Lint x doula deb BAYS Md Ge we ‘dtluda of natte, 
WAG An m aves. “abstr bitte; tnd We Fe neh How fitona to make 
" this Meoonatbatit, EAE Hy Vth ih ‘she eae 

The Conaditan Copp ar vo. rat 

RR aN 8p, 

Z wild have it put into barrels, weiched, and wii place the 

same at your epoast , Also I shall he glad to recaive from 
You, a-ghpek for the bi iis which are alrondy in your pales 

Treight and duties. 

Yours vory truly, 

Mth wf 2 

%) ee Cv’ he. tll v Cy 

ees oe 
= ALM AA a | ile ortye CF 

| As fpr Ay Lyon Afr 
Py fd Cet Hoatatise Kfe Grote 

Chef Sata oS ta Attr1 Aa . 
fe oe V-G—-O pu the Sl, 
Om, fe ur 18 WE otpurenter, 
Lpkerrek ©6%e fryotle tut 
amnmnrarnty trl J0' “th k fo 2 
Fh rac WYUNee my bin _- Vhe, 
MAME Off. . Mathie C pete if 
Bl Adv Ptcae Yow aa me 
a ae Couette es 

LUABDARMD . | ; , 
Ku, f-tAAL-7A pW wv, SA Acived ra Zf 7 ID. 

uy MG LMA- frr—pttle fuse 
Ayiie Ko Afi, Otavpe Wf, 

womernty les 

m7, p-CM Wd a AtoatlHs Age but Who CLAUD 

Kake [Er tfr Oy 

gee Hoe SEE « 
trrck JS” 

re Avimal fi — eo 

Ghee Arnel 7 

| . | Mapa 29, 2800, 
aa veld C444 ; | baste, 

(he. ~seoretary or The Trensury, 

Washington, D. O. 

Doar Sirse 

The Canagtan Copper Comany of Sudbury, Ontario,dan, — 
sent to TH, 

solne four or five weeks ngo, 

& earload of copper ratte, 
which was assayed by your Mepresentative in Nowark, 

I paid autiea, 

and upon which 

mhounting to some $1800 +00, 
I desire te WStury 

this matte to Canada, and should be Glad to 
be ativised by You, AL in doing so, 

duties thich 7 havo padi, 

I could recover the amomnt of 

Yours very truly, 
DS? ‘a 

mo ve vee! 2 
ra te ofr geet af ip on yn, 
Ahacihv Galas 24h sp 

emcee nemsnd alte : 
a at fon 

rca NE ara Bla: neseahe oS otal 

i ; “Naty BEA Te80 

Tha Bifaon Unite Phonograph company, 
Osre Of Mosnrs,y Seligman ani, Corpany, 
Milian Dulliing, New york adty, 

Dent 84> dye 

1 tdlose herewith an orfay rovekvei from dotcnal 
tyurand’s oftice, fox haterial for the Phorographa, 

tndeY date of 

ond wotld be glad to uve you udvise me 4 I siazy 
FAL thts raquipitiony . 

Vory truly yours, 

ie eee 

7 Bécyabe tye 

Maroh 28th1890 

Hdison Lamp Company, 

Harrigon, New Jerscy, 

Doar. S iy gg. 

i enolose herowith bills against you for Lamp 

Expor iment and Carbon Filament Experimont for the month of Tamary, 

1890, amounting to $1630.28, 

W212 yor very kindly sond me your chack to cover those bilis, 
amd oblign, 

Yours very truly, 


PLE uathon hacenong 

Mavch 28th 1890 

Ma jor 8. Be Eaton, . 
Equitable Building, 

No. 120 Brosdway, New York Oity, 

Doar g§ Lovie 
You ara Preparing two agreements between Mr. 

Batcholor and ‘lr, Edison, one of which relatos to tho utock of the 

Rdison Phonograph Toy Manufacturing Company, nnd the other ta the 

atock of the Edison Phonograph yorka . 
on a prolonged trip, 
and would like very mush tio “have these agreement g in shape here 

In loaves, 

ae & — ee 

“March 28, 904° 
Samed la Pages co 

_ Nos 44 Val1 Strat, 
New Yorke 


. \ 
Dear Sirs 

I have your letter of 27th instant, enclos ing vopy of 
correspondence from the Cash Installation Diviai ion on the Bubject 

of Carbon Brushes, and requasting that I direct kts. Raison? 
tion to the samo. 

8 atten 


a lotter with rolation to this 
subject addrossed to you by lire Edison 24th instant, 
yours of the: end, 

I eneloso herewith sopy of 

in reply to 

and would call you attention to the following 
worda on thé. Sbghth dine thoreof: “¢hbn carbon ought tio be used. 
Those should read! then: ‘earkon ustigint he usade" 

the grror wag 
Caused in copying from Mare Itison' 8 notes, 

Yours truly, 

Private Seoretarys 2 | 

Re ea 

Oran, Np Ts March 24, 18d0, 

HOReY, Hyguli, E8Qe, Can'h. iiongar, 
T yg tena Hhe hi ne Worka, 
Hat Sana ah Mew York City, 


poo Sirtn 

‘Tt heave 'y Lotter of Ror instant a &relosing extraot 
oy ng 

fram a Jettor veckivoeg by yor fwdm dir He “Yared Gionard, with ree 

waar ang that t em very 
magh oppased to the we of thasa brushed, except wherdg it ig actu. 

Ration 4o cerbon "brushes, aul in ‘poply 

Good \woppor ‘ Srudhds whth taty attention ars the 

best "boat can be ~dovesady ‘bot, wheye no attdntian can he given and 

Youd mutiny yarites oe there Sinrd are funortnty carolyss abbey. 
| pinta, theNSeKban amet to he 15 eile 
ia dadk Wi~eaban the geimmt 442, 

x bbve flvays Sbittea t)xch. 

VOY vonzog tindwsrg votvedn done 
tater ara h#hatiere 43 thn ee pervort devise mown to SYOp apay~ 
“King yhen Xoaw Meee « 

Yours vary Sry 
$S3enek) Thom ae ade 6 ge 


“March 28th 1809 
We Sy ‘Loguo, Eaq,, 

Gare of Poxtyy Cohkevraph- Inaba Canpany, 

Uhicago, Tllinois, 
Dear S$ pre ° 

I reply to your letter of 26¢ 

h instant, yor raing 
Stock in the Phanopiar, I beg to aay thot tim 

Phonoplex ia not.-run 
by a Dtock compunyy Lt 4 imndiva by Me Rade 

All his reverse tx derived trot Poyaltsen, 

mall that d¢ As not ¢toigh to hy divdoed wit 
There ds, 

on persona2iy, ant 
This royalty is so 

h any one else, 

howaver, & margin or dav cells, in comection with 
dissomte, Wo aklow from 19 to 80°% 18 Z fom our tiat Prices, 
Perhaps yor Can work Of thige 

Yours very truly, 7 

March 28th 1890, 
John Kreusi, F895 

The Edison Machine Works , 

Schenectady, Now York / 
Mr Dear Krousti~ 

refard to the solls whic 

& god hard tos t, 

Fae mm a, 

Cold you give them 

hI sent you recently, 

and send me a report of the 
which I Sold onbody ina catalome, that we arg Boing to 
issue. We are étting as many of these reports as wean, and 
ons from yourseir Wh be very valuable, | 

Yours very truly 
: : va 






March 28th 1890 

Daniel Wold, ¥sqe, Socretary/ 

Edison Phonograph Toy Mar ufae tur ing Dompany, 
Hoe 96 MAU’ Stroot, 

Boston, Mags, 

Deaar ebay 

x ‘bee to acknowledge vith thanks the receipt of your 
letter of ¢ 27th instant, enclosing copy of & conmunication from 

“Mr. Yeorans, dated Paris dath instant. 

‘I do not sae anything in Mre Yeomns tone arti which would 
indioake that he has mage an offer to any syndicate, or which would 
even indicate that he contemplated doing so. . 

se & hope that within. the noxt fow days wo wil havo some real: 

nanieiee; that Mre Yeomans 2° not trifling with us, 

‘Private Seere tary. 

rot Maroh 29, 90. 
"Major $ By Baton, . 

Noe 120 Broadway, Yew York City, 


Dear Siyte 


I beg to aghnowlcdgs vecoinpt of your lettay of 26th 

inbtant addyessod to Mire Edison, in reply to mino of: 25th, with 

Yelation to filling Goursud's prderg fox phonogyaph supplies hc. 

X addropzed n “Letter yostorday to the Edigon United Phonograph 

Company, Onvlosing last corde? veoolvad fran Gourmd! 
okfige, ma nok 

8 London 

ing if wo should fill the raquisitions ; : 

Yours truly, 

Private Secretary. 


March 29, 90, 

Edis on Phonograph Toy ins, CO, 
Noe 9S Lik Stroot, . BOSTON, | 

Masa,, - ; 

turing Company, 

Treen maim BE Sharog 
‘ 5 Shargs, 

and « oOortifients dssuod in my name foy the balanoo, thirteen. 

Thorvernd your Jmndred, end seven 

ty-five shares (13, 475), When : 

these travatory 
Bates to may 

imve been made, kindly send 222 tno ney certifi. 

Yours very ‘truly, 
LE As ae yn 
ne te a ele aoe 

a . 

AS cemegerse TE eee ee RR ERR TT remem peer oe raaitee 

March 29% 90. 
, : : je 
We 8 MALIOEY 5 Raq, 
Noe 7 West Randolph Streot, 

Ohigago, Ills, 


Dear Bisa : 


ZI onclose horowith Mrs Raiaon's cheek’ for $500, to the 
omer of the Raison Iron Concentrating Co., covering 2 ifn per 
cent agsermsant on his stook in Be Ie Ce Ode, in compliance with | 
your letter of 25th instant. . 

Pleape aplmowlodge rec cipt _ _—* 

.o ~. 
Private Seoretaiy. 

March 29, 1890. 

: ' 
The following confirms Me Edison's telegran of this aftar~ 

noon to Mrs. Edisont- ; 


"Zotter come home Monday; telegraph me at Washington 
Tuesday what time and train you leave Washington on} 

Will moet you at Newark, EDISON." 

: or 
Cb y. fet 

te a” “ MMAR AHREL t 

20, Minas Sig i A8 hw ahi lag, 

~ March 31, 1890 
Mutual Lite Inguranag Coe, | 
Hassan, Osdar & Liberty Streeta, 
‘Yow York Qity, 

Dear Sirgts 

in reference to your lettor ov 29th instant, with 

"lation to loan Nos 165331, I do not wulerstand your statement 
to tis effect that the mortgare of $20,000 oxpirea October 20th, 
18287 wa are std1y Paying interost on it. Kindly inform mo 4 the 

priveinal oan be paid at ANY times and much. oblige 

Fes setae Bly "1890 

Yr, Thomas. sectioy 
44 Wald strect, Hew York Gitys 

Doge Shit So 
Confimdays question asked you to-day by telephona, in 
regard to stock book uf The Edison Elect rio ‘Light Cos, of Europe, ' 
please -seo if you hava a good aupply of these sevbibipates signed 
by hire Batchelor us Pregidents bre Batchelor is going sway short- 
dy and vi] be absent phere 8ix montis and if there aye not 
m i _— -sueftesont certéficates aigned by him, kindly forward the Stock | 
| Book to his hoyss, £85 Vast 25th Strect, with a note request ing 
him to sign a mumbor wf the certificates, po that sould any 

/ transfers come wp during his absence wo may be able to maké them 

Messrs’, Drexel, Morgan: & Cole, 

Now York Citye 


Dear Sirss~ 

In reply te your letter of 29th instant, informing 

vs of you desivy to tranofer 100 shares of The Edison Electy ic 

Lisht Oo of Europe stock, Lf you will take tho Cortificates to 

Me Insull's office, deg Wall Sty, Mrs Butler will make the tyrans- 


‘Charles Yi Hastings, Esqe, 
Missouri z Kansas Telaphone Comany, 

YWaleg Anilding, Kouwas’ City, Noe 

My dear Sir;. 

T have received yous letter of sth instant, en. 

losing & clirping from "me xengas City Jownal, ® Wherein is 

produced your excellent article entitied "The ‘Photo-=Phono=Trope, # 

originally published on the 124% February, 1886, which I have not 
before had the Picasure of Yeading. 7 
T peruse 34 nov with mich interest, mferring ag it does to 

& Combination Ubpn the . perfectd4on Of whic 

ablé ¢ im. 

Wareh G1, .96 
Geox co Ce Ward, Esq, Gen'1, Aanagor, : 


The Gonmeroiad Cndjo Company, 

Ba 8 Hyoaanay How York, 

De Shave 
re Rdigon nae reo cived you ietto> of aSth instant, 

quarto; Re Lollevines massace received by you fron try. Pyoooet= 

“Ask Raison if ne will lot mo exhibit many 
‘things I have of his, in his name, at line 
turch,* . 

Preoce siting Vine tus bret 
oRhibit, aml he wilt be meh obliged if you wt 

kee Pdison hos no Objection to Mire 

11 Xnform Mm. Bruce 

Yours tvnly ? 


Tora bar yrs 

Mwreh 31, 1899 

Bverett Uyragar, RSGey 
Oe 124 Wator Straot, 

Now York Gitys 
i TAA Sivtn 

in Poply to sour otter of MOH instants T hes do 
‘aiwise you 

that a now inotor covmmtasor was yack 

@i snd pent with 
the Phonogr ads pyooent] 

LY thippod to Yokehoma, to ‘Yepisce tho one 

Yokobara jouse mid 

thwened fron your vedoh you sant te the ‘Labera. 

‘tary by tas2, it was an Ovarsirht not to have: pdy 

thik detura, 

fdad you pt 

Yours very truly, 

BaAiaoan Lebdoratory 

Ld) We 3% smllepy, 
“Noe ? Yeast Randolph Ptyeut, 
Chicsca, tis, 

Dear Sips. 

ath Avptewt deve ker array 
mite of 6 

z talographed you this moning to MOY y Fins 
the Edison wnehing Works. 

When yoy Lind +4 Hours to “ita 17 
& larger Dynamo, tho Hachine tWorkg wild tako » 

nO haat the ‘Re ty 

” 8eRived, and x have noted cont 

xb Puram from 

Partec t+ 

*\ Marah 51, tag0 
ire We Se Mallory r 

Ho. 7 Went Randolph Streot, 

Chicago, Ills, 


Dear Sirte 

I beg to contin the following tolegrars axohengea 
Detween us on the dates nontiengas-. . 

. ) ‘GkLeago, Maroh 88th, Laro. 
"What about “Noe 4 Dynamo? Have you. anything can let ug 
toke?. Don't want to bu 

¥ iY can polyp af ag W211 have to 
‘buy large ONG Latore Wp 3a Hallowy,* 

Oranges Ne Je twreh ‘22, 1390. 

@xohange Poy largor one, charging You. simply cost of 
fining i+ Wp and freight, a 

\ Mareh’ 31st, 1890 

Samiel Inmil, ECQ ey 

Noe 44 Wald Stroot, New Yor Ci tye 

Doar Birse 

In the Pirss interview which I bag with Ur, Cheever, 
An regard to the "Hiokel. Slot# 

busine aa, Z told hin that ery Yé4con 
would not consent to turn over his invention | for a perioa longer 
than five years, 

aml in explanation of this, 

I ania, that Mr. 
Edison made it a rule not to agree to sive siwentions to any 

corporation for a period longer than tint: that it wan Oo mattor 

which would not admit of diseussion, 

ag tho rule was applicable 

throughout all My, Edison's business. 

You will “yequine ute 

informtion for Major Eaton, in connection with the preporat ian. of 

the, agroanonts , 

which I underatand are now in the Major's hendas 

Your s vory truly, 


Mich 31.3890, 
Coke Coorg Gonrmatt, ‘ 

lew Bivary or tng Bywitabls Aszuranca Sesipty, 

Noe 120 Lroaavay, Nov fork Gity, 

Uday Sirs. 

; ; I hog to Confirm tho following tye 

SVE LOR’ yor tris 
witovncon vy ey Mdisons. 

"Regret exeasdbiuriy tint f an Mable ‘to attoned MGNE ing “to 

bo Welé-tits afternoon in the tay Libvary of the Wauitadioe - 
Life .Aveneeros Society, | 10 putypose OF revolving a com . 
Sonicat4on Pron re Gladstone addressad to the 4020 rican: Com 
Sparetivo Bailding Ytan Assoo iat dong, Am fooling very una. 
wea seid. Obliged to utay a€ halos Those Ay. Ediobny! 

Yorda soiddy, 

March 31st 1809; 

Major §, 8, Eaton, 

Equitable Building, 

Moe 120 Broadway, New York ott. | . 

Doar BA rte _ 

; I beg to acknowlodge the receipe of your letter of 
28th Anetant, 

in regard. to the Batchelor @¢a Insull Inter os 
Teapectively,. tn 12,500 sharon 

Toy damfuaturing Company, 


of stock in the Kaison Phisiiontant 

Pé dn sive Q third agreoment avam, 

giving Mrs Aa Os Tate -an 
interest of five per sent in these 12,500 simres, 

Bre Tate's agreemont will be exactly on ‘the sanie Zines as ‘the | 
Tnsnll andj mee agreoments. 

Very truly yours, 

. Maron 31, 90 

Lotal Hormandte, : 

New York City. 

Dear Sires. 
With veferenao to youy 

ater dato Torn dnstent, Momting to $479.79, Lire. Edi son went 
SonEh ‘sxSom aprroving tho Sano, which $ . 
Wriming mpsias Lira, 
Within +43 

bill against mn. Edison, 

3 the reason for itg wa 

Edison in Sxbected to raturm to or 

© AOR’ Low days, ang Jet as sont AS she reachos hero, 

Twins have ner approw the b111 i) -quostiow, and dond you a 
shosk in sot tloment, 

Yours train, 

April ist ,1890, 

¥dison Phonograph Works, 
) Oran & 9, Tow Jorsey. 
Dear. gir a, 
1 fond you herowith a Motor Oonmutator, which 

Was rocoivod a few daya ago, irom lit. Evorott Prazar, the, ‘same 
having been returned to him from Yokohama. 

the following is on extract from Mr. Frazer's lotter of 14th | 
ulte, roferring to this Comuutator, 

"My Yokohama House has aont by mail oa Motor Commtatot, which 
thoy wish te have ropatred, and montdon that the cause of its 
prosent state is that it would not stand tin hoat required to meit 
the wax out of an meaesy® which was necesaary ant & cross might | 
he renovad in the armature winding. I send you. this. ‘eommtator 
tonight, and hope hay loarn timt yar ean is it in: time to forvord 
with the goods above er nares 

I inder stand that a new motor commit ator wan packed with the 
Phonographs recently shippod to Yokohama, to vaplaee tha Aaniaged 

one sont you hevowith, Yonve vory grutyy. 


April lst, L890, 

“Me Go0¢ Homilton, B8qe, 
Give of Radeon Phonograph Company, 
tortiawberland Avemta, 

London, We Oe England. 

wy Doar Mamirtont 

A have racetved your letter undor ente of 15th 
ulte, amt order far Phonograph abort iar. . 

I do not’ know whether qo wil be ablo to M111 this ordor or 
not, fhP tho reason that u new sompany has just boon organized hers 
chien whl handic tho Phonograph businese in Murope, end 312 ordory 

for Phonorinph mpplios,ote., besotvea from London, from rdw on, 
yA have te bo panned upon by tin Gompahy in quostion,. 
The obders wditeh you mention in yasr lotter, Have hedn seaaay ’ 
ta 4 thie ebrpiny, ant ot oth hd thoy atvido us how “es trey 
WOWAE Soiremiante Vth you dn regard Lo bane a ge 
iinet obey tity 0 / 

Phitip 3. Dyar, Raye, 
Rue Osysgs 

ANtworPp, Boigtuns 

Dear Sirte 

I ondlase novoudsh 2 bil rondoread againat Mrs. 

Raison by thts Pingat, #30 Rug LouieeLoeliyand, Pavia, for 1675 / 

Sranaey whith word ngk yeu to bo £000 onongh to pay tor Ly, 
Edison®s acommt. Kindy hava the bill gent you horowith rvaceipted 
and returnad +o thin offiea, as 44 beara Mra, Edison's endorsement. 

' i : 

Yours iva wy truly, 

a 7 7 Marae ee mee 
a Pee ae > 


; # 

t of 
neta Or 

AVAL 1, 1990, 

The Nesigndl Prous Intelliponed Cos, 

Pe Oe Bax 27AT, Mow York Cty, 

daar 3érate 
2 bay to cal} yoke at{antdon to the vory meagre | 

Aiiply of nevapayor edt ppdore vas teh Four Copony ie sew furnishing 
tt itty Bilginy 3 aa amane giant In CoupMingA dom tive atu boeansd 
M voyvived a great many duplicates, but ner son aeom $0 tary oti 
as the other oxtwarne asd ald Inst ont off antirely pia quHsay (fe 
oliypingo’s WHAt ta tha oxnsy Be thst % think s de poasdinls. 

Rov yams to vender 5 wah iether sa vyure than you aeg pe precant 

nd avoid dupiteating tm : ortfoles fdht. At ald avento, Mrs 
“adtenn 14 not af 2D entletted with te mopty of nowdpapor D3t~. 
feavts vtch te Ime bodn senusbesens Ton 4 year Sempany for soro 

tho pasts 



; April 2, 1896 

Unjor Se By Enton, 

No, 120 Eroadiay, 

Rew York Citys, 

Doar sirt- 
T-onolose herovith dertiiicate Nae 78, for 59% 8/10th 
shares ‘of the Capital Stock of the Bdigon Phonograph Worke, in the - 
name of Thomas Ae Edison} also Dartificate Wo. 79, for 967 2/10th 
ahares of the Capital Stock of the Bdison Phonograpt: Work in 
‘the name of Thode A» Bdisont ma oprtificate How 80, for 77% ta/r0o 
pharvos of the Capital Stovk of tha Edison ‘Phonopy abh Worden, in’ 
4he name of Yhomas fo Batson Bamahy eftix tha cbripsrartd: deat 
mo of the Phonograph Wobks to vide bf the ahove bdrtpCieatas- antic . 

xeturn them to this seas Sees optieihe 


March 26, 1890, 

To the Repyryesnentati 

of thea 

Dear Sirsa fe 

I have veceived through the State Department 
at Washington, De Ges a commmication under date Decembor ne 
‘4889, addressed to ne by yourselves 88 Yopresenting the Civic’ Ad- 

ninistration of gomo, Algo a silver modal, contuemorative of the 

discovery of the P3104" 

Your kind nessage, coming as it does trom the birth-place of 
Alexander Volta, whosa contributions to the aeionge of Dlectricity 
can never be: over-os timated, hos caused mo more gratification than 
Ich express, . 2 appreciate very highly the friendly sentiment 
whith prompted your action din this regard, and beg that you will 

accept my ‘ginoe re thanks for tho same’s 

April 2, 1090 

Mesoroy Exton & Zuwin, 

126 Breadvayy New York Citys 


Dery Sirs s 

; Ro Weleh versus Edison, Li» Edison has read you! 

iotter of let instant in resard to this case, reporting a prelimi-~ 

‘nary interview whieh you have had with Mr. Dlinfreville,. who is 

of the opinion that he can help us with his testimony, and ye+ 

questing 1a. Tdtson to lot you know whether to retein him, 

I beg to tonfivm our convevastion of to-day in rogard to this 

subject, to the oftoct that you had better ongage Mr. D'Infreville. 

His oltarge for services is very high, but ire Lowis will, of 

course, use him to as sniall om oxtout as possibleys 

Yours vory 

APPA1.2, 1890, 


Francis Ry Upton, Eaqe,’ cen"; Manager, 
Beaeigon Lamp Company 
HEP aary Ne Jo 

Roforring to tolophone converaasion of to-day hotwean 
the Lamp Cop and ths lahoratory, songorming six Mercury Pumps whieh 
were to have keen nont to the Duke of Marlbor argh, I vas: very rase 3 
disappointed ta loam that these had not gone aera ae Edison — 
promised to Hond to the Duke, six Mercury Pumpa, ond’ I arranged 
with youpsalr to havo tho same forvarded to hin, at London, early | 
in Fobruary ‘laste You advised tae by teolephono that the pumps 

would be shipped. fron the Lamp Company on the 18th Tebruary, on 

the Strength of which assurenco I addvossed a letter to Mr, Re le - 

cutting, on the 122th Fobruary, tolling thisa that the pumps in. ‘ques 

tion vould go aorwaNG the noxt day, and asking him to: comunicats 
aiTutehess of Marlborough, win 45 now 

lire cudtany of tha nonmvecedpt of the” He by 

at wouad eas eer now + ab Sana forward, ‘by tiret steer, 

tebe tates Nos ae 

os ' April 2, 1890, 

Robert Le Outting, Esqe, 
Noe 19 William: Streat, : 
Now York Citys ae 

“hy daay Sirte 

ReLovring to your tolophone messazo of yesterday 
mcoaived at tho Phonograph Works» 

in regard to ene a 

which wore to have beon 

sont to the Duke of: MORSE OE Twas: 

a amMer tho imprgssion that these had gona ‘forward ‘long ‘960 ‘ana was, 

vovy much disappointed to earn that % 

rou Bene: misunderstanding 

whe Lamp Cos 

Sadilod eo pity them as Aaearied, I havo ‘now the | 

mettoy in 

hand, ond endlose horawith copy of a Aettor on ‘the -autbe 

Ject whieh x ae toxday addressed to lite T's Re yt, Gertie 

Nenager of ‘the Eaison Laan Co% 

April 2, 1990 
Hagor Se By Davong 

Foe 120 Broadyay, : Now Yonk Citys 

Deay Sivte 


Re Edisonm-Huntor Interforenco. liv, Rddgon hag mad 

Yory letter under date 29th ulttno in regard to the above inter 
Lersiwo, md Says in reply tint 

he would like you to act in thig 
Batter fn 

accordance with your oyn Judgment. 


Yours vory tous, - oo 
ai Dal a he EB ae > 5 
‘ ee > ; 
; eas wt 

Private Seciot ary, 

April. Qna 1890, 

Brorestt Proxar, Hsqe, 

Noe 124 Water strat, Now York ity. 

Ur Doar ur. Frouant« as . 
€ aye your lo¢ter of lot inatont, enclosing 4 
requisition tor rarta of the Phonograph, for a Mr. Mann in Shanghaey 
ZT want to consult xr. Fdison about’ this ovdar, Hc ie not here 
“this altorttom, but Iwi plaae the mattor before him tomorrow 

MINMNMNSs and wiil Rivivo you what 3s done in the promises, 

April 2nd .1g00, 

Be De Grount, Esjey Asst, to Gore Menager, 
United Ritson Manufacturing company / 
Yoo 65 Fifth Avemo, New York Citys 

Dear S141 ri- 
| : t ‘ben fo acknowledge the receipt ‘of your lettor of 
Slot ult., in vogaré to lightning arrestor. 
The best lightning arronter that I iow of which 1s 
Cosersdad in eorn0 of im patents, I+ consists of putting eon 

aonser on each side of tho dynmrn. to ‘tet hs We woe o grent many 


Gondensere in comection with my syatem of Phanoplox Tologr aphy, 
and vo Mind that they are excsllmt lightning arrostersy In fact, 

I know of nothing whieh affords such anple protections 

Yours vory truly, 

Broveekt Dyazar, 2 


i : 

Your Jotise of ang Snotent addressed to the Bison 

TORRG, bho tae rater yeu 

Tn y 

%0 this ofrd 

00 for attanti one 

M17 I ver to Lorwyn that the Baloonmtajerilo Latte 

ay ig 


the sam az tha dete » Conmoction with 


Whdeh in nowy uzod hy ws 4s 

tie Phonorrark, 

A phonorena ot sna Ghiuvtoh ohdngg Gan by ab 

tained Prom sn 
Orth: Anaedem Pye 

GFA Covy Noe 180 “Avaduayy Now york Gitys 

ee ee 

April 2nd 1890, 

Samuci Insull, pede, 

Noe 44 Walt gtrect, New York Qity, 

Dear Sirm 

I hag to Rokiowledss the vreecipt of your ‘Irttor of 
enclosing copy of © letter from tho Vhieage Sompany,, 

on the aubject of Lamps, 

lst .Annstant, 

and a copy of a reply uddrossed to yours 
self by Myr. Upton of the Edison Lanp Gompanys 


%t atrikes me tint tho poltey of the Lam Comany is o vory 
shortsighted We 

Yours vary Oey: 

‘sia Darien: 
secon te yiebag ceaae ea ite ‘arconengnrica me” 
wee LANTERN 0h 

LP . 
ee A Ooeere keith: Runt all fbb slattgy 


April 2n@ 1a90. 
Sir Charles Tupper, 
High Oonmioaionor for Cnnada, 

9 Victoria Chambers, London, ‘Se We. Englands. 
My Dear S41 ian 

I have received a Letter fran Mre Ritchio,. in which 

ho erenes that you dostre to have a sony of my patont for 41 

upon which you desire to give somo information to Sir 
Ambrose Shaye 

In complianse with tide request I beg te say, that I ean only 

trent fibres of tho AGAVE :family, which I do ied soaking tho leaves 

for several woaks in a olution of erada poatrolLeun,. Thon vhen 

the Leaves are taken ait, every SHANG ia pulp, oxsepting tho fibro. : 
I intend starting Work dow in Moxioo for treating loaves of 
‘ this family, which f anh obtnin theory in abundonee.s 

Poyhups, Sir Afbrose Siiny nould isond nie somples of the plant - 

“he aesiros to have troutel. 

ae th bb ackly 
Oe A ee | 

Lg Ley tal, ; — ee as | 
Bi. 7 - 
a): ° heed | 

April 5, 1890, 
Mey Thonas Butlers 

Nos 44 Wald Street, 

Now York Citys 

Dear Sirti» ‘ 
I onoloso horewith Mie Edison's cheok Nos 2775 on The 
Gorman National Bank, to ue order of Sarmo 1 Insull, for 369505, 

to cover cheok for sm amount issued by tive Inswll to Wine Me 

Burrows to pay duty levied upon shipment to Mrs Edison from Weyher 
and Richomonl, Pmtin, Frances | 
i , Please sond m the voucher Tor the shipment via "Le Bretagne. a 

Yours truly, 

rips wre tay 

| put og 
Hast a a Bo iitahe IH) 

py fra £4 eS he ae AAS CZ i 
bawci to 4d; tira Bett" ede wii 

ahafe aa ake Raf oT... ve opt ees, C. rg Aewek, | 


seewten/ a: 
Aen porta ay youd 


ps {) 
af ts Pe Leads MEE OF tet » eee Ce Douay I 
DP Veer fue Wits “chin By, Ze feng phe it le toi” 
LGA hn tad ML ve V7 law Athy Preck. py heade. a 
uf cae 
meee a ee Lab-rary 4h. ok SE, fer rs 

wee 7 ee eee a 0 geet OMY (aA ata 
M3 dl feared of CLerp Latent Hebe, ens 

re oe =e ee Leo Gen Lh AK penn 
Le aa WA y reef: ee Ie, ee i TE os 

as Hb Cy, AL (vars > Gy 7 ane hos o epee ey 

ead Vv, yo 

¢ : / ; a. 19° tte? ie 
CO 7 
“ el a YE ‘y 

CAA MV ty AC, M2 vo Cae stn Hey 

Lar ALE A 7d fe K yw Att KO PS, etthial 

A. ge Vey j bad mer, 
t XO toe os C4 FO AS om yee ~ hehe te lh MM we 

gy Y 

GO tr teed  fLi/ ne ae i 

ELAS eee ese La AS AL tA aa 

be im ll oo. _ POL GY A y ae x. he. Pr a ele a fo whe p Moe hie 
i oi a 
“) F F 

2 “ “fT. lee] tf. 
sal) ete y hae MLA. eG edt? UE AA fit: “1, Oty dS OF s 

ee Aaa Bee oid ee ee mee eg 

if P Hee tet. “a 
A, as feet we juptaail”, } yee Ah bevel AOD Hs 

eae i Be os a Led, Ae a“/ « ws, 

’ fr oa a ee a , Ae 
‘Ga A whe af ‘ “p fs LES note Lip AM . 

Op Cae os 
ae cetie pole 

Oe pb) ee hp 
ion a * 7 

oa a, 

April 39°90, 
Fdioon Phonograph Toy Uf Ooi oe 
Daniel Todd, Bees sactyé, 
#05 MgU: Sey Boaton, Haase 


Doar. Sirvte 

I beg. to asknowledge receipt of the following Certicie 

cates of atook of th Baigon Phonograph Poy Mfge Coes vthe same 

having boon onoloesed, with ue ww lot tar of ‘ana inatanta~ 

Noe 41920, in the namo of Ab Be diox, oe ct ememiem em oe 200 Bhardse 
* Al82l, in the rome of Chast) Bat chal or, anna - 130 " 

« A1822, in the nam of Son*le. Ind 1111, wane oe BO, we 
*. ALB23, in the mame of AS Oo° TOt Oy ww nemeennnnne G5 ue 

* Al82¢, in tho nam of Thorsaa Ae Teds ong mn iy 476 we 

“Yours very trulyy 

April 3, 1890. 
Georg Foster. Ponbouy, Esqes a 
Menave'’s Sponcar Trask & Coe, 

16 & 2G Broad Ste, Rey Yorke 
Dear sirt- é 
Mee Edigen hag raceivod your lettor of gnd instant in 
regal to visiting tie Brooklyn Yidiaon Station on april 8th o | 
Othe Ho has alwsady written bie Doty concorning this mattan, and 

af ho finds it at ali posible BS will be present on one of the 

evenings rzmtionsde 

Mra Bdisen 49 mech obliged for the invitation oxtméAcd to rin 

by yoursgly, to dire with you at the Hanilton Club, but at prasent 
ho cummot state positively vkethor he will be uble to visit Brooke 
lyn un either of thy dates mntionde . 

Yours tytly, 

Private -Soore 

Aprad Dy 90° f 

Bthon Allez: Datys aq ey Pranidont, 

Bdigon Blsctris Yluinating Cos of Brookiyn, 

Woe $58 Poarl Ste, Brooklyn, Me Ye 

Dear Sirte 
Mre Edison has read you letter of Slat witina, i 
Tomaing him that scieg Officora of your Company ave arren gad to 

throw oyan, tie Brooklyn Station Tor inspects on on tix eveniage 

of the Eth and Oth of April, wid inviting hia 2o to prosonte 

Sirs Bdison is very mich obligad for the invitation, and says that 
if ly can possibly do eo, ho will be preaent on om of tho evenings 
menti onaaly 

Yours vary truly, 

Private Snorot Arye... 

Re din 

Ale i1 Sy 1990. 

Showies Batchelor, Bagee 
No. 3S Wont 25th Sereat, 
“Hew York city, 

uy dear Sire . 
Your Cortitioate of Fhonogsaph Works stovk dogs not 
bear the oftieial sear of tho Companys  asor Baton hus tha seal 
in hin offive, #220 Brogdvay, abt you ould onli tisyo ond have 
hin affix it tn you oprtiftenté, be sf you will voturn the latter. 
to ms I wild Inve’ it attondad toe ‘The Cortifieata alsa yoads? 
*onbste’ ‘Steck $300,0000" this wil, Inve to be changed to Six 

_ Fmtiroa Thousand, to coliform te the resolution whish wan racontly 

Webco inarsaoing the Cupitel ¢o tha last wontionod mumounte 

Yours truly, 

got raid eis Min, 
oe eer ao 

April 0, 1890, 
William Ce Degavy Beas, . 

Lake Siag Hotal, 

Gxeoavood Lake, Orange Cos, Ne Ye 

‘Baar Sirte 

With mfarango to yow penta cand wnidar data 28th | 
Mively addvoasad to Ure Join Ott, sansoming 2 bild which you 

: Claim ds due you by Oe Se WAloys T bog to inform you that ve 

hawlad to Wiley on the gene of AUSUSty 2990, -TUEY-OMs DOLIARS, 

covardry: you S12 dated Augnat Sty 1895, whieh ho Presented to 
US Mop sinted uy yousuadse 
a ere. aeenenaeveY 

XI endless horasteh sopy of tho recetptad 

WALL in Bus tlon, whisk covers -the expense ine 

tatsod by Miwe Edison 
QM, the tings 

fImlemen who assompaniod him om tho occasion of his 

visit to Greonssod Lake in the gumor of 1s08. This is the only 
Vint wiih tite Radeon made So Gromnacad bake, and if you have any 
otha b 

1h outstamting apeines hin 
intowa ma 6? ite 


78 woul be ging to inva you 

Youra, + *ULYy 

G9 p Ye 

t * | ; : ‘ . 

Augeat Sth, Lead. 

tive Te Ae Bdinon, Diry | 

Ror gait ent siwot soilemon , ‘ 
tvers Sapurday fan until, Monday 
_ Boexlctast, $4.00 cash : $26,400 

Steam Lawmh . . Bao 

, Roogived Payrmnt 

(Signed) Ying Ca Dadrante 

Aprad Brd Jad.» 

Oonférmation of 

Telephony susnage ten Wire Bstlor 40 Mr, Insuli, recoivad 
at the caamonbtory APvIL 3rd,2500, 

doionen Gouraua ‘is vary antes tiat you. Slmvid provatt upon 
Mite Batnen. ta-be preset at the dismer tide svoninge 
"Ne wishes yeu to make it a rornoral mttor, in order that” 
Mire. Bdigon may speak into the Phonograph thich Gourand Proposes to 
present to Mr. Uladatene, when ho gets -biek to the obfer sito, 
The Phonograph mo tung e haw never boon soknowloiged to Ure Gladstone 
and Tee (Colones Genrad}, thinks that if Mire Badison specks into the 
nanine, ani the raghing afiennras handed over to the gRAND OLD 
MAN, if weaxld bo cn cuey wey ont of what looks like nepledte 
| There AM aing be & mesaaze spoken dnto the Phonograph by 
Gonored Sharton. Wat ahaa z nay ty the Golonei? 


April 3, 1890. 


Samw2 Insull, Kage, i 

#34 Wall Stroot, How York Gitye. 

Dear Sirte 

I bog to noknewledga tim voogipt of ymur letter of 

Sist alt imo, ornmerating securities wf tho Sdison Goneral Rica~ 
trie Company wideli you have vesoived for ny neconnt, and informing 

cs ‘ 
me tint you Inve survendored Trast Cort ifioate Noe 843 for 100 

shared, having disposed of 50 sharca at 36, cheek for whieh $4300, 
you handvd 13 BOth ult imo.s I note tint you have yoagived balanea 
sertificnse for 50 shares, Noe 359, in naw of and ondoraed by 

Te Se Porvye- 2 . 

Yours very truly, 



“ Nala he 
CG tibicteategt - 

Mre Martin Yorca, 

Monlo Park, Now Jorsey. 

Dear 84 rie oe 
he Batson desires you to go for a fev days to th . 
Lennex Lycown, BOth Stroeot ant Madison Aveo, Now York City, whore 
there 4s to be an oxhibit of Raison Apparatuss He wanta you to 
fix up the chalk tolophones, whieh are included in the exhibit. 
ie Soubol ani Mire Steiringor aro in almrge of tho matter, and Hire 
Hdison vould like vory moh to have you there all of Saturday ‘ant 

. Honday Nox « 

Vory truly yours, 


te - fewcth 
or (ery warhd 

LO vee Wai { .. ; fe 
x be G. A (Aa eden owvlt Ag of phe a 

Ph ante eer fOUly t, ’ the GS A \ 

; a eS CAE <Goleaw os SOEs 
G lair ca sane piace) a 2a, Yrs 2 

' per lne Ht pel. 

Aprik 4, 
Clanons Eorsonhol, Budee Enpincor, 

Bast Qaonn#a Y Water Go, 
He Wall ate (Room 35), Naw York Citys 

Dear Sixte 
«Referring te your corvosnondones with Lu» Bdi-con done 
coming the foasfbanits of protectins leng linos of steel pipe 

Pron Yast, wonla aay that the Héigon's mathod is’ intmava mor 

partiowarly 2 Ror the protetion of tt sides of stomuhings and 

aa not dotossted tos supersede & process which by on application 

foca the werk ange exul tow oats 


Major Ss Be Eaton, 
#220.8rbadwa Yy 
How York City’s 

My danr Sings 
—* Your letter of 194 instomt, with enclosures, ade 
aresgod to re Etigon in rogard to Ialands Battary Ideanne, has 
boon duly s000iveds os 
With roferanes to this agtooment between Mire Rdigon, Lalnnda 
aml Ohapevon which you hive PYopared, touching tho ‘acquiremant by 
Mie Edisan of thg right to manufacture and S011 Lalande batteries 
for use in oonmotion with Oleetris lighting, please alter tio 
Clase providing for the rondering of weitton statanonts ond: the 
Payment of voyaltiog, gontainod ‘in the 4th section, 80 tint. those 
Provisions stall bo carvied out at tio tine. similar 
‘fulfilled under the agoanont batwoen thy sumo part 
August 24th, 1689. The agrecment last mentioned. provides for the 
rendering of statanents somi-amually from the date of sano, and 
for the paywont ef amounts due within thisty days after the rane 
dering of auch stat asontes : 

With the sbove altoration, the dyaft of agroomont which I 
rotiwa horowith, will be nll vighte . 

Wo Cosiro tiat tho paymenta wnder the tvo Lalande agreements 
slald bacon ane at the cone timo’ ey Ve we 
. ws er ae 

TR ay hen hi 

Privata Sacretarye 

Everett Frazary Boqey 3 ee 
124 Watow Strat, - 
Row York City, 

Dene ivy ’ 

XO Hetlys w_erverwe $0 yon aerige of Ist ahatant, 
fh Witidh vas enwlosed a Lind. of parte of ty phonog zsh ondanga 

ae —2 we thy ton, 435 ahanehsoy I have Semsudtod lite Bassam, and be ig 
os ‘Of 445 apiniba navi oul? not vo.enppay thoes. part ge I think 
‘thst Sle sos fess way oi of this mttes would be tor you house 

~ dofors: tints Man thet the 7 aro anthers sod £0 supply parte for 

msare) Pyepos we. only, aki thyn at suk tina only nhan. actu Wad, ay- 
nase, &s A Ae woah reds that Jor each raw piort suphyled. Ld bes Pact 
st sal ro) ratumed: 40 yon housse 

ee mane Galata CTS Pl 

; Z rotirn ha resith or Men's list Sp, ode go 
Tee te ie 4 oe ad, [pe 

, é 
Se ee fa Breen 
3 S%,, 

ad secivt. arys 

Major Sy 3B, Eaton, ae © 
Noe 120 Broatmay, a ae 
= Now Tork 

Dear Sirtea 

T have yom logtap of 

Brad deat: 
estos of Staer. 

fetuoning a Corbitt. 
-ot tly Bisson Prdhograr fooka, Nos 78 fer be28/io 
eharnns iey.79 zee 9673ykp aha 10, 

ant tos 30 ‘fou 778%8 Ag Shins, 
with the corporay wear of ta Coispany Il taud to each ; A 
I pnelogg Jacbeseitly tort ir onte | Hoe 

ontorsbd, tn bbnnl, by ite, Rateon, 
tages With to Horotn tits Tras: 
seoona AOt Cf Brin, | 

79 tor s9a%Ao haven, 
40 prnbo you ts somplete arte 
t Yoo tor the Maposit af this 

April 4th\\apo,. 


Daniel wold, Usqe, Seo'y,, 
Edison Phonograph Toy Manuty cturing Coapmy, 

“Noe 05 Ml Uk Street, BSonton, Mananchusettas, 

Deer Si rie 

I bag to coniirm tho following telegram 
Bent you tomday?~ 


“Regret cannet attend to=days'mooting: Hope we will 
| recover South America; . Any option or contract for 
salen in tnt country ta worth swbotantial cash con» 
olderation to or Company} Kindly advise mo when. 
anything deMnite 4s heard from Yeonnse Ae Oo Tate.’™ 


Yours Vory truly, A 



Privat e Secretary. 

Apes 4, 90, 

Srmoia ie upton, BaGey don! Hana gor, 
Ea ison Daa o¢] ompany, 

Harriaon, Ne J. 

Dear Sirte ae = : ' 

ure Bdigon has ond yon letter of ‘aust ‘Ultimo, in 
regard tO the doa izebinity of ‘Yatenting tho . combination imap 
Plug, mu T have today written Mosaray byar & Sooty, on bohalt 
"of ty, Edison, imt meting thes to obtain 2 potont if pousi ble 

‘Upon this devico, 

Youra tidy, 

Private Tooret ary. 

April 4, 13008, 
tae iy Lye yo & NGo lv, , 3 “ 


Hoe 40 Voll Strat, 

neat Youk Obtye 

Berge Git gue 

T anelose heverith copy af a lotéar ‘onder date Merch 

zy 25 

Lets a, emoivod by Mis #éioon tean Pemsts We ‘Upton, Gonara 

Serrogagey gt 

ee Ei Vlsen Tarp Vow, in seraal to tho desimbiaity of 


& the s oorabelnnt ion aan reg “ago enables va e6 at tm 
Beale te of othe makargs a 

+ Se ae ducivres x 

you to obtrin a Patehite tn sits mm, wpon 

ais deview, in nocordanoe With dirw Uptenta auggosttons ts 

Yours tyely. ie Peon 

g8O 4 

oO a 


Private Boca BYYe 

€ e, 


G0 P Ye - 


Harwiduny My Jog March 31, 190, 
THOS Ay Kdinony Bsay, - Soe 

laboratory, drance, Hp vp Os 
Dene Girt A . of 
| Ta regard te tip oombingtion lamp plvg wyiedk 411 
, Seihin ve te Cit the scekets of other makera, I havo aked ‘tho 
opbrion ef Dyar & Seely as to wither 4¢ io pataitmblos Chey ro 
Port hat they + ink o valia Bein Soule be obigingd ter. tio same 
TY mo ban got a mtoht on thicy wo san protgbly fave a wlan 
draorted inse ths guvowraie.t dpestMieatsons ‘that ill tmenesieasnts 
Leng vuppXied ¢ to govarrewnt shall have encibingtiw ylomee 
Yhés would give us 9) teendixions adtantaces amt you will perkays 
teres with ma that 4¢ would bs 2 good thing 40 uke ont a patorh 
vpan the ctniiaidn inice 
Tf pee. -any so? th asin opinion v3.11 you lease trave ite 
Sbuctions GAMe Tor tetoht tf be taker but tn you nator 

Yours beulyy 
tsaenedly ae 
| | et 36 Bayete 
Wee We 

| AML 5g 2890, 

tre Thoma Sutlorry 
Now <b Wali Atvort, 
How Yok edty, 



Dear Sirt= 

. “With xefsrensa to ins fallowing wsasaye. tron Lins Attaor9 
40 Ure Inani, aus was orn ae you etnies to tho Leboras 
tory towdayt , 
"Wo heve na ‘500 Wary dysanne. én atook, wit opin. mt 
ay. ont by the middze of meet rooks plcape tet us 
hear trou you ot onee if 44 Ag requ tray if 4¢ sarea 
Crwogie the ofties of tha Me Fe Tile Gos, wo ohall : 
te Thad 4 40 ryovive fru bom on omier fox S000 g © 

and to you arhoequent explsnat ssi. ue paid moesages we ber tw con 
firm rq Imvlits rely tratentisee SAG Wy telsphom to the 
effect that you ntsc to gx wens. wot inatraat te people at Sahonae ~ 
taly to go ahead and cot ot tha mchinet 

Yours very t oes 


“April 5, 1e90. 
Maja Sy Be Enton, 

Hoe 320 Broa oray, 

ew York. 

Deay Sirt. 

have your lottar of 2nd instant, 
AEMionMt covering Ure 

one2oa ing amit of 

ma intomay in is 
226500 Staves of the Rdigon Phonograph aay Marr milage turing tae 

z retum the ama? £ Jevewlth, 

Ingull’s tan poy Oat: 

It io Perdaotiy juliaPaatee: 

Boage rave rs Irewla'a Sersonont propared for 

Meret Lon, and 
@l90 propa sbatlan condes covurding Ne Batahe lov 

and Now Rates, 
interest ve . 

‘ ! é 
Youra vary ondys 


“APHL Bs 1890, 

Re Ie Guiting, Rage, 

Moe 2S #iine Straus, , 

Wow Vork City, 

Doar Sirte 

Tha fodtoirin: da an antrot Fas iattoy 
yasterdny Pror tyre Upton, 

Dako «wt Nartboronee 


in warned *o th noveury mnpa sor the 

“W widl Inve 20 six Pisapa Pao kad at ones and ag Boon 
a Livy are ready wilh astange to aond thom'on the Btaenor, 

war Will te det vou tmoy as geon A VO can do Bose 

April 5, 1890. 

“Major Be Be Baton, 
Now 120 Broadway, 

Roy Yorke 


Doar Sirse 
7 rwetinn howiwith dvuft af agraament sovorsing Mre 
Bathe lorta tan por certun interest 4n ‘the tim t stock of the 

‘Baliaon Phonograph Worka, the sama. having bean gnvloged with your 
_ dattor of of Pm instemt to ure Haisone This ageeamont is all right, 

am you wil ploage have copies prepared for exooutione 



ee Se NeLlory, Haq, 2 

4% Yack Rendolsh Street, ‘y : 
Snicago, Liinoise : | mi : 

Tho akg s L ySe 
IT keg to confirm the following telegram addresaed 
Shy a ‘a Move Batchelor, and regsived at the Laboratory towdays 

 " When acu by wheat route were magnets shipped?’ ~.. . coos 
F eee wat . fcr theme We Se Mallory »*. 

repiied as follorss 

to which we 
“tagmets go by Erle Mondnye Edison Laboratory." 

Very truly yours, 7 

: ; oe annie 
i By oe eae ie ed whey Dee At a cis i oni namics ra Gomme 
eee cece ee 

Se De Greens, Agst. to Gone Manager, 
United Edison Mant facturing ‘Conmany , 
Hoy, 65 Fifth Avoma, New svork Oity. 

Dearyv Si rte ; 

| Siarneabte to raqaent cantained dn your letter of 
ist: poe » £ anogess torowith copy af our létter under date of: 
‘Slat Alte, th tha Wilsington Oity Bleotrie Company, in ‘saqaee ‘$o 

naw Bdioon Matere 

‘ % ¢ 

Yours very tury, 


te mee emg eS se rps genre ne pee ue nme See meetin tema oe rr tt enema 


Ovenge,N. J, April 7th, 1890, 

The WAlsngten City Bieetpie dompany, 
Wisington, Delaware, 
Dear > Si r Bie 
. The Raison Manufacturing Sompany, ‘of 85 Bifth ere 
New York City, have reforyed bo ns your lotter of me uth ali A 
ord we “vay %o any tint Mubars» Bergan anid Oona ery of Ho, 298 
Avenue Ay. Mow York Gity, mako & cay of Va ta on wetor which is in 
Boveral important rogpenes ay Anprovemont over the. peavions type/ 
In tho now meter, tin platen axa of the same siza fray the 
Mallen to the: dargeat moter, anil are about hort the ee Cae of the 
ond. Hoy. 4 plate, the hottles being aindinvly reduc eile 
Por pad yevblealege we would refor you to Monmrte ‘Bergman 
wa ‘gorpan ya Tue meter has not yot hedn acoopte4 by. the Maiocn 
Companions, ag the anthertzed atindara, Dut the offieint recog 
nitfo of de or vod sind tor type mny wo beliavo ‘bo ohortiy 


Youre Muirhtilly, 
Akar Ladretor ys 

Apral 7th agoo,. 

De. We Dunn, Eaqe, 
Care Hughes and Oanthrop, 
Rooma 712-713 Lexis: Dlook, 
Pittaburgh, Ponn"a. 

Replying te your lotter of 2nd instant, I bog to 

say, that we do note ohh machines for ore separations. 

We broct mille iewing a ospadity af, fron five hundred to 
one thousam’ tony every trentyefour hourge . 

The separating machine 1a but @ Snell part of the orvparatus, 
as the wtrole presssa, from at art to finkeh, is designed to work 
automaticaly, tharoby th tory emalt det Amount of Labor is 
hevédwaitat 4. , 

I eauly write yeu hove intel lighitdy if I knew the ada 
yon YWedire ty snake 6r thd 83 atone, 

ony, bay yours Fs 

Amil 7, 18905 - 
dhe Syy0l Ge Wty , 
Bryawts Ales: {Rven 9), 

Charlotte, Ne De 

Dear Sirwe 
t hewe vevelvod your lottor of 4th ingtimt with ‘one 
Closrese In sosard to ‘Biadtah 3, f would eal. your a attontion to 

tha Taot that tle Lene Greg! pold vein, ag yhoun by you, doos not 

tend. over te U9 other volna on the prope sty’ Weat we vant ave 

all tho veins on tin prepovéys ust do not do anytiing about tho 

matter now; the asgoyy nye yary Poor, 

Yours t2 ee 



on Ma tid io om: aie 4 

April 7,. 1800s 

Doar Mire Skekon, = 
In roply td your Jester of Sth instant, x bag 
$0. cor ixin ay telaphone idesage of tonday, to tho offoct that My. 
“Raison would visit tha Bedorlyh Station to-morrow (Tuenday ) oven! ety 
Mere Riison vroueath teat he is unable to aseaee ire Poaboay's 

kind invitation te dinaior. 

Youra truly, 

Privets focrataryers.. 


eet E 

Je Be. 3koimn, Yous . 
. "BAdpon Rlecer ke Tite Bos of Ma Xe, 
Yas U5 Brosg Stes Rev | orgs 


‘April % 1890, 

foorpn Me Hopkina, f2q0, 2 4 * Ne 

$61 Bronawny, Now Yor}: City, 

Noay Zire 

X retumn ha voudti: Your avtievle on to ‘phonograph 
Whieh waa onelosed with yours of 4th instante Are Edison hes 
povided it, and saya tint it is all vights | 

Tours truly, 

April. %y 1890. 

Bamod Inoulle Byo'e9 . < 
ieee Wedd Sieg Nov Lorre 

Dear Gir ie 

Tondloss horvvith copy of a totter dated at Paris, ’ 
26th Marty 4250, raovived by ire Zaison from Wonaiour Romans 

Yours ats 

y * et 2A ea 

Soot mye Ge 

cre oeeemnerne te eh mE A ORR: A BEET STRODE U TET NT Oe ma ae ea te rmregre ca SFO eT ae 

Paris,jy March 26th, 1¢90, 

Toons dive, Bilson, Kaye, 

QrYr ang oa, Ne Je 

Dear Bi rs~ 

Z hevg ‘given some 9xXplanstions to Mr. Inmll, To-day,. . 
t tako the opportunity ta nvite ‘you a fow dines oxpressing, in the’ 
name of Mrs Raoul Dovel, and in wy own, ow highest respocte : 

Mv, Davad and pia proip would bo moat happy to come to a 
unt emad tory armangomott,. They believe that you ave the only man 
who dould mmke tho Party businedn « great suceoss, 

The yrojest wo had Pirst, to aequixe tho control of the Dont i- 
nental Raison Compmy, ia unfortunately impracticable. The . shares 
aro now in private hands oni att very easy to be got. The Gonti~ 
mental Edison Sanpay his upent nearly 4en ntddiions of Svanes, ont 
it posuenaas Very little te ropressnt this large anqint of monoy,. 
Mr. Duval ond frionds hava therefore decided not to buy, Bite SD 2 

_ Vonbinonta2 Cormony, but to start a new business on a solid shasis. 

t- se Mossrs Ria and Vorns yeaterday, and pronosed to. Som +0 
Let. you free ‘to do other wusdineos it Pasige They would grant us f° 
Afpquned, but on apegial conditions, nainoly, that vo: shoxld buy thee 

wawhinery from tho Continental Oompunye . Me cen novor acospt these 
eorditioné, wat Xam quite aortain tint tho, Continental Comany 
eritt not. tefuse to. mike! sech at mYYangomoit dircetly with you #2 
would bo conver Loat to wii fly fridewested partica. 

Wa would, sor Instahoc, #eria td pay a royalty tor the usa of 
tag thraqewlra ayutom, aha sév tim wae of thd Rafacn Lanp patontay 
bat okcmirge wo ¢hould pvofer th muarnifagtinre all ourselves. . 
THe dondithorh laid Bown in out dyredmitt of tha Udth of fonuavy- 
nOUkG vomoth the anand, with: the ee u? the putchise of tha 
Sountiey mares “of t "donsins Conti dy. 

Penk the only way to ervadge thd queasion with tha donti-. 
wah sal Cay any wold bo. by. yo pyrvendl untaryont fan, ov through: 
» Ratvonde, who ke ab pitted in NOW Yours t} havd explained. wy’ 
tg to hit, ana Len mite he ah bing ni acute vith. 
ren “aikd tha Continental “pert Hla Ol 

x Jane 6024 wr a Nea nm ve sand ite? thee peel o 
Ls priah Whe test fry shee Fenn ¢ 4 dasPosenas 

Fray &é wetter: with: 
gett nat is 

Hebaras Duoxcl, Kartin & OOpy, 
Nowr-Yorts “Obty . 

Dear Sirate, : _ 

I sid be glad if yor will Plobee Lsouy to Hisy 
Hated Ze Risong: a Coraign lettoy of ovedit foe ive thottsand 
deliaww ($2,000)9 sliarging Inr avatte on eactain of user to me 
yon, progontatione, You alrondy ‘nave Mas tadamne: aterm, 

which you avceived when damming previo istted of ovedity 

April 8, 1990, - 

Vive Me Burrown, Toqe, , 
Noe 19 Broadway, 
New York Oitys 


7 ‘ ; - 4 ry 
Dear Sirie ee : 


Has the last shiyanut, *Burgour" &de, bees Lorwacdet 
to Omten you? The soope there inform ws tint they uve Hot wn aon 
acived it, and thas they ave vory much in need dt it,. a oes 



: Yours + Poly, 





: - April 8, 1590, 
Branais Ry Upton, Ende, Gon" Le Memger, 

RB&aigon ha at p Company, 
 *Bapniaon, Ne Te 

. " a : ® 
Daw Sirte. ; " 

j + 

Meg Bdison, has rea your latte af bth iuetant, in 

TOGRIY, to getting sy Covbination Tew’ Plus dn Bidens, ‘Soreny 

_ anh Brancee’ Ho doco not dos ive to pat asd thhe ddvhot} ir the towne 

trios mentioned, bat says tiat the Lamp to dnt dy yo ae” tt ‘doers 
4% daedvabin’s ‘ as ~ 

= ob oealea See Ta ne rm ge mt 

April 8, 1890 

Mre Thomas Entler,. Bactye, 7 
Ne. Je & Pay Voncontratine Whses 

#64 Wald Ste, Nor York, 

Dear Sirte a : 

t onpluro Jeremith Mre. Edigontg cheek Nes S71, on 

Drexol, Horgan & Coe, Sor 834300, on acsomt of his subsoript i ton 

wo tla ateck of your Quinpatry’s 

Yours tyrnkyy 

liar eT 

April 8th 1890, 

Mosura » Dufesx, Mot} Leu gor} Andro, 

89 Ru fa Id mye, Parin,. #ranoo, 

Dear By Y She | 
Tn Ne ly to your hotter unday 
T bog to Sith im you 

name in commenti on 

ato of Bth oF Marsh, 
hat ire Raison asiot permit the uso of his 
lth the 

new Style of corset, 
Gireotod his atten m, 

© which you have 

ter to 
w hiave abandoned arty intention that you nny Inve 
Fad, of uuing hie thine in tho eormanuton referred to. 

Yours vory “ttl 1y, 

April 9th 1809, - 


Franois Re Upton, Pde, Gonerel Manager, 

Réison luip Company, Horelaon, Ne Je 

Denr S4 nie 
I ‘beg ‘to englose herewith tho correspontence which 
was returned to thins effin @, With your lottor or. 5rd Anstant, Riga - 
Seating that wo put the shortniand notos on mother shoot, 44 view 
of ous utilization of the "Phonograph Dietation? Btamp.s . 

‘Your suggestion is a good ONG, We would vemrk, however, 
that the coFrasponiénee of tho. laboratory is vory voluminous and 
in tho banding of 14% the Phonogwaph da used ton ba ‘oxtont,, 
in fuct, alroat exclusively, tho thle mehines which sto wo have’ ir 
the office fore, being very saveroly taxode 

ae ard thon when day phonagrale blanks run ont we find it 
converdent to aveil oursolveg of the stonographie ability at our 


the loeter returned hy you wile trawtortved fromthe Phonograph!” 
Tn shemthund notes on the Pottivilie 1eteer consis of the ta 
ord, * eond te Jorn onan a ey embody a Angernettona 

Francia Upton, YAN os! Pu Apri Oth W485 
ese meh 

Song tiny thoy you arg at the paberstary, drop in te Room AS, 

and 860. the rapid transérditions which are congtantly being mage 

from Phonogrewh di etation, 

We installed a now Phonograph in the office to-day, and ere 

Boling to dnyest 4m another rubber gtanp, 

APPL2 9th 2900, 
Master Joser Hofvarn, 
Berlin, Germany, 

Dear Master Hofmannt « 

+ Rat con hao eakod me to acknowledge aie 
of Your fetter of ‘eana ultine, whiten wa 

Pleasure, ad he Monires me 


to thank ‘you ‘tor Hie ® photograph af 
mitoh you ‘anaty enclosed. / 

He would he very Piounog to receive a mis tout reoord mato by 
yoursalfs In senting this, Please nack it very curefiiy, BO 
that it ven euatain no Anjury an transpertat 

ton. ‘ 
With reference to the 


Yone thing,» which you do not undorstang 
this litte dovian in the dotaraining Pointe Vhon the lever on 
tho back of the Phonograph 18 pulled down, this point strikes the - 

evindor, and adjveta tho hoidfe dor ented 

Ie ho point in a 
i question were not there, 

tho knite would dig inte ww eylindor, and 
weatla take 80 > doen a andy ae to apo’ J, ie this ‘poing Weawlaten 

mkiig te alnnya wuiitorms 

I hope (‘th above oxpiaration Will maiko 
or the determining Pointe 

| the depth of the chip, 

olear to yon, the yun 

Nrater Jaoaf oP,» so Apehy Auk TARO, 

It treme is anything alse about the Phonenraph tag you do 

not maderatand, and which you rowld Like to havo explained, 1£ 

YOUN write ux abet it, wo wid bo very ploased to: furniah 

yo with All the tntymution poosddte. 

1 oan sanding you hy thia madi, under anothor cover, n photos : | 
oe Graph of Mr. Batcen, whieh he hap dedicated to yourseir, 

Vory tiuly youra, |. sig of ee 

stag aan ns ? 
: “Pritate Secretary. 



Apri 95. 18.90, 

Fe Py Earle, Eoqe, 

Hotel. Hovmand ie, 

Now York Giiys 

‘ oan 

Door Sirse — 

t one Lease havowish Mr» Hadgonty ahnok on the Gorman 

tat "2, Bank of evans, #2793, Lor 5408494, in payment of your bill, — 

fo Lirat ites on. tla atat onane- lat sundovad by you, dated Aus 

S, $21005, was paid by Mie Uddzanta ogo fur 585060 yhich was 

cant to yo Qotokex Isty 1859. Kindly sign and ratisn onclosea 
LUO Pty obliging - : 

ys j 
Yours SPU Yes | 


APYi2 9, 1890 
Rdison Phonograph Wor'ka, <4 


Dear Sirss. 

Plonso yond toemorye 7 (Thuesday ) mowing, to 

Hardman Heli, Pith AVO,p and 1th Sincat, New You: City, the 
following int orialts : 

2 latest. Stylo Motor a 

2 Short Rumels US = 

‘20 blank oylinderg 
car tubos, ‘apeaking. tubos and all moasaany 

Tho above aro for nae nt the PASE HLS Fe) onARIIIyG 2OURNALEEND, 
“hich sonmonces tosmoxrary at svo of elock Pe Re in Hayduan Halle ; 
Thin ordoy vas ‘olophoned to you! Myre MneGrather tomday, = 
this lottery ig in confirmtion of Zane + 
I enclose havewith eireular songorniry; TOURRAMENT ond 

tickota of adie sion to BPMs 

Mosaray. Baton & Levi, iat Ys le 
Noe. 420 Broadway, New ioe | = | 
Dear Sire:- | a 
In compliance with you joss ar of 7th sadteut: 
Close herawith live-Edison's cheek fon 3050 O, %o the order ofa 
D ‘Infrovitio, the ‘sama bein: Mr’. . D'intrevilie's retainor 

Case of WRIOH vows ve Edison, Kings, cee recoipty 

April 9) 1890» 

Mg Thony Butlers Soatye, 
ig Je & Pas Concentrating Wks ey 
#44 Wald Ste, New. Yorkca 

Deer Sirsa 

I bag to acknowledge receipt of you lottar of 8th ee 
Fetes nosifying mo of amounts falling due on: lay” Sr. and ot 
see on account of my’ at Bupoe anes en to tho Capite2 Stools of your 


Pred Catlin, Rade, 

#195 Broadway, Hoy York, 

Deay Sirte 

Z Java inatiuetog Nr 

Ae Thoos Ee Wangenamn, who. is 
in chavga of thoy 

Phonographi oxhinas now in propre sd at the ienae 
Iycown, to. aend to Hardman, Hall tommorinr nee, ey 

half-dozen fivat Qlany: manient se ae ae: 

Rdison United Phonograph Qo., 
@» Ne Morrison, Bq. » Secretary, 

Millis Building, New Yorks 

Doar Sixte 

‘I beg to acknowledge roccint of your lotter of 7th ~ 
instant, onelosing cheolk! of Cols Ceo. Be 

Gowraud for Twonty~five 
Inmired dollers (32,500). “he | eae Is bean Placed to Gols 
Gourad 's eredite 

Yours sty, 

3 Pee Y ‘ Pia 

Mantas | f AIA AB MOB 
| I Tisiaacueys : a 

2 cota w anne aa cng tect neh 
‘ é 



April 9, 1890. 

aie Ae Thoog Re Yatieraiionn i 5 
o OBA nog Rshihit, Vomgnts Rxopauao Npsibision, 
MEO BYCLUE, indigon gvo,g G 39k S 

tae Now Sout, 


Yar Sivee 

wn ¥¥4 Plggsa have osnt ¢o Nayknan Nall, Sth Sy. 
and Ute Seg, Now ‘Tork, tommy soy. (Tharnday } Mowing, kek? a 
doton wsu¥ less WRG 6) aslinderss thdad aye fox use et tho 
‘*Pask TMeginglam; teinkeradnt ¢* HAG Aoretnees tomur-er 2% tro 
Colocks B29 sins this Sey aed. gf fhentt PHI, OW addeeas thes 
to Frod Satin, Matarors Notional WA Who ghtniae tommnauent) 
Hatten Wally New Yai cltys . : 

one mtay ater amtnrmpenmests ean eet AS mp “armen oy came fF ROMA NE ge gegen A 

APPL oth ‘Igoo. 

- Woyd Wollen, Peas, 
20 Penn Road Valiag, 
. london, RB, ynfland. 
Doar Sirte- . 
iy, idLagn hays asked me tp G2n7k yo Lor your dettor 
of 20th, nttime, an roared to the Pierieervepns new ues for weien | 

“are hating discovered avery tay. 

The inatrament tg nangrably adapted fos’ the recartiing ged tho 
ropromiotion of misicad pipces, and ia votre Sargely anod dr that 
sonnestion al aver oe United. Stat C5. “It “has excites aE ant 
deni of interest among” mintcdians, and will Saabs ion prove to ‘he a 
very valuahdle roxd Mary to those who aro prosnouting the otudy 
of mugite * 

Wy. bat aon receives a Byout many lettars from N11 party of tho 
world, in vous to tho Phonagtaph, aad ho appreciates very mmol 

the intoreat wikeh the yette As taking in his tnverstion, 

. petvate, Secretary. <t 

Samy Insu22,, Baq 4, 

oh4, Wold Staivot, Now York, 


Roto rri ny to tho go 
Hemoraniie separ ne 

to you thts Hordes, 

Strizd Wourg wild pe 
tadlion brane factories Upon obtaining 
consmt, in which onae should thagg brany 
dizea, 4% ‘Ra: 

“OG Sngueg + 
Ctrapany » Provision ig made in viow 9 
ot maulac tur ing abroad to Sustein Patorites,» 

Ur. Edison thinks it Would be botter to xpveas ose lyeg in 

the abo Way rather than refer ‘to the formti 

Of OF sub-conmpania ny. 
Yours truly, - 

ere pana reid 
: wR 

Privasa Seerotatye f 

APFiL 9; 1890, 

Hons Jomos Bilnino, 
Becroeotary of Stata, 


Dear Sirte 

| . I am infomod that ure Jooiue Me Spencor, of Ris ing 
Sun, In@jana, is an applicant for a Consular appyintment at 

Haddoretiela, Engleml, or some place of Like grade. 

I take much Pleasure in testifying t0 Mire, Spencor's Ttnos 
for szeh a positions I have know him a gront many yoars anna 
beliave that he, is ominent Ly qualified for @ Oonsilarnhips He. 
ig & pond, honest Auerivan citi zeny capabia and intelligunt—-n 
mo who vould diacharzo tha dxtios of auch an offica as the ona 
ro 4 applying Tor, with ovedit to himself and $o ne mo reaes 
in appointing Josina Me Spmeety the / Aovornment woule secure. a 

sompe tent and fait thin gorvatite 

*‘Daar Sirte 


| April 10, 905. 
We Be Nowoll, Esqe, Treasurer, | . 
Neptune Hoge Company, ASHTABULA, 



” You letter of tot inotant ndaveased to tho Rdison 
iamp Cos, in regard to an clectric light Lov your nov hose smaygon, 
hag boon voferred to us for roplye | 

It vould be impracticable to attach a dynamo tea TALON 
Ii"e Edison, however, is now at work dasig¢ning a battery for swe tn 
pemmoctt on with cleety io Lighting, which I think youl answor yous 
yuwpose adaivablys This battery is expectad to te roagdy in tho . 

course of a month or soy ond af you will write us at the ond of 

that tims, we will be ina position to givo you full. particulars 

vogarding: sara’ 

Zdiaon Photiograyh Yorke, i : 

Orange, Heras 

‘Dear Sirste j 
Will zou pleaso havo prepad at ono, for pronone 

tation to the Baperor of Garnany two (2) latost typo tinteretHotor 

Phonographss ono of vhich is ‘to be mevmeed md have 0 Plate at~ 

‘tached, with the foDowing smo cayeiont’ 

‘hie phonograph is Leaeonbed to 
William Al» 
Bmporos = of Germanys: 
by its inventor, Ba 3 3 0 wet 
| Sod with hese phonographsy awonty (20) first elass mus ical 
_teeorta, nnd. fifty (50) blank phonogramse : 

Advise yo whor the above is vondy for ahgmrants | 

fe Pn 

| April 10, . be 
Dry Wornar Sicmons, 
Beriin, Qerrany’s _ . a - 
Dear aint 
Fi ‘bog to acimoriedgs rocaipt of your sablagimn of Bth 
aUELANS 9 of whigh tho follorri ing is a trenadattont- ; 

"Tho Harahal of tm! Inperial Court of the 
Goraan Bnparor, inquirss whother phono= 
graph has boon shipped. SIBMENS" 


bi reply to whieh I onbledt you to-day aa folios’ 

"WELL ship yhonogvayhs for Geran Hnparor 
in fow deya, advising uteomore EDISONe” 


April 10, 1990. 
Mayor Sy By Batony _ 

#420 Broadway, New York City, 


Rear Sirt~— 

I beg to infora you that Myre Bdison hao rocoived vols 


Gouraua's chacl: for tuontyeLive remnarad dollara. It cane tsvough 

tho Ydison United Phonograph Company, sit was ace pmpaniod ‘by 8 

letter, copy of which I onelose” horovwi tive 

Cc op ey, 



Now York, April Vth, 2390, 
Phormna Ay ¥divon, Esa yy 

Oranges. : 

Newt Sivse 

Hae tose pi mag é fing 

@ shock at Colonel: & Rom Govraynsd, 
fpr peeney five hundred 

folaas whtoh Lind ‘ly piace 

So credit of his 
eacennt, bE he comdovidty with 

Jet tor rend by ham ot nesting March 
Lith, hela in Ney Yorks 

Allow us to atate the deiny in Yorwarding ame We heon 

Binply kha to a nimundorstanding on our part, which zinadly PEror, — 

‘Yours Truly, 
(Signod). Ge N, Morrison, 



ZT lave your lotler of 8th sEseents oncleging Copy of a 

youreolt by Bry. He We 
Cash Motallations Division (ot. 

Carmmmication addioszed to “d Leonard, of tin 
the United Peay, 

in. vega to 
tha advingbi ad ty of selling o12 papor,. 


Thanmioh ao this Ja not a patented aes my opinion ig 
that tin Uniteg Oonpany should soll its 

Apr ii lo, 20. 

Hational prass Titeliuizence ¢ 

Pe O Box 

Gp any , 

2749, Me 


Ww York: City. 

Deoay Sir 

fhe ‘olipp ings ‘enclosed with your letter of sth - 

instant, vero perfoctiy eatinfuotory, 

Referring to your letter of Ona instant 

» Would gay, that the 
service which you: rondorett, prior to the reo 

Gipt of the istter from 
tion, wag Satisfactory, 
many dupl{t 
article ottmesa syom di ffow 
‘objeats tos v 

Mre MeGowan, which You ‘nen. 

excepting thet 
vow gent ‘a greasy 

Catos~- that is, sOVvoeral copies of ono 

ent papers, ang that is what Mr. Edison 

: OS fis wy messin Sf ae : 

vat Privato’Seorotary 
. . Lop wr he Saf at ees 
ri ‘ ‘ vA ~ oa 2b x 

needs comanesse Pines cma acinar a Mer am Se 

As ns RD 

Edison United Phonograph Qos, - 
Mille Buiilein 
Naty York Gity, 

boar Sirst-~ 


Ry agen in Arntworp, Bolden; haa : in his possoseion 
7 eds bewels of phonograph cy Winders that ware sont to him from 
Parisy tho sane having ‘been originally shipped from hex by the 

Edison Phonograph Worles intended Lor we at tie Paris Exposition; 

thoy did not renth thore, homver, wwbil after tho Exposition wap 


i Inve thougst that inatead of having: theso blanks retuned 
to Amarica, the oguertmnity ‘would bo & g60d one for your Lomdon 
office’to obtain 9 cupply, of wich they are constantly in noods 
z Reis thar: 2Tova, ‘penneat flat you aubhorics mato instiaiet my 
apant tu Zorvemt the banks in question to tondons ‘An oasly ‘We. 
vay wad wnat obl apd 

Yours very tintlyy 

Raison Phonograph mores . . gee OR 

Orange, Ne Je’ 


‘Dear Sirs:~ ae ; 

At progent von s'0 cre your supply of (GASOLENE 

from the. Laboratory. eae dn view of which fact trare ought to be 

a moter at roe ond of ea Zino whieh would. indicate the quetiti ty 

used by tho Phonvs Works As it is nov, we oan only guess at the - 

amount, Vkish is nsatiitavtory. ta us and to yoursolvess Your 

early attention to this mattar will oblige 

Yours truly, 

Colmel George Vs Qourand, ‘ . ? * “ 
\, 2 
Noe 74 Madioon Avonue, New Youk Gity. ig i 
Dear Sidirg. £% acs a 


I bog to aonfio the follawing teLesrans prohayeet 

between us tomdnys My mesnayog oeoling pene 82 yo .2t whe 

&rlington He tol, Moating tony De Gs 


"Move sone now cylinders! wilt ‘thoy ‘youch you in 
_ time if van yodees inmedintely? 7. As Raison," 

fo wideh you repiiod as Lfollowsi~ 

*"Yos if sent by messmyor immdiate to Idan Hoey, Adams 
Expross, oxplaining aircumstance, atldrvssed to me care 
President's Private Sedretary, White Kmisos Souraute™ 

* SHave. sont them to Hoey by apegdts 1 mogs ongors Hdison.* 

7 4 

Vory tru Ay youn, ’ 

a ec ce " re Bea 

tle Me Livor, Esqe, 

Noe 19 Day Streot, New York Gity, 


; “ ‘T ‘onwloce herowith sopy of & lettor which t have 

roesived Lvom Mire Oe Je Fioldy it de my intention to run this 

matter dot, and Lind ont just axactly vere the responnibility 

thould be placed, for the nistake which has boon made, in connection 

with the Ogdon plonte 

Yours vory traly, | 


| 4 
eR. MA 

nding aS fos n les Sed be basen ats DU aed ase 



a i a A Sa Alia s<-3- nanan oe 




coe XY ame ~~ 
. NOe 13 Cortlanis Street, Now Yorkdity % . i | : 


Now York Aytil oth 1890,» 
Thoras Aw Bddson,. ¥sq,, 
Oranss, Now: a eu0ye, 

Doe vo Mae, Bisuonse 


Tam going avay this altevnom toy the rest of the 
wok, and will send you that data and informnt ion on tho Ogden 
FLaNt upon my return tho: first of noxt week, 4s I have not had time 
nomtay to Bo over the correspondenee and est tho miter in simpe, 

i wish it distinatly.understopd, however, that thd only thing , 
I wish: to do hero is te clear ourselves of the entire blame in tin ’ 
matter, whiah 1t appears ia wing put onus. © I do not wish to : 
have any rumpus at 912 with anybody about ite The thing is past i 
and gone, and I heliove thet wm have mifficient. rooord elsoyiera ; 
to sustain our cood stending anf that the trouble hare was: due. to 
the unfortunate cireumstenees which vere sonnettad with the whole 
matters We: were nevuy shle to secure u definite understanding 
4S to our postion on, the work uo to the time it was token sway ;, and the mistake wa made wae in ever having anything to do I 
with it in the condition in which it Wass " wo were anxious to get 
& start. in our: own work said took that without b ging ale to pot 4 
good understanding, as I shrrvld have had in ovder-to cary it 
arecepnthliy throughs. : 

VYory truly yours, 
(Signea}? Ge Je Fick. 
: c.. 

‘Alexandcr Colas, psq,, | : 

Ho» 106° Wont SSth Street, Now York City. 

Doar Si vee 

ite e Edison has yecoived yout: wot itor of 2nd instant, 

in regard to dnoreus ing the speed of oopan Steamers, by decreusing 

the friction of the vessel’ Passing theerayéh the WALOrs 

He has made a nushor of sears oviments in {:his diroction, but 

they do not work exactly as you thinke . All that is effected by es 

applying the ereerrs @ current, is to keep tho bottom of the vegsoel, 
porfootly Cloane 


April 12, 
re Philip si Dyer, - / 
/ " 

Rue Osy 4 32, 
Antwarn, Belgiwns 

Dear Sirte 

I engionas heravwith threo Copies of agvooment ise TI 
deaire to mia ike with Moosys, ‘Lalaide and Chaperon, covering tho 
use of their battery dn conneotion with electric Lightings ‘TI 
havo eaenee cach of these Copies, and would agk you to kindly have. 
the sano exocuted by Nossras Lalande and Chaperon, after which row 

“ . " 

tum ona copy to me Loy my filoss 

Yours very es, tly, 

= : j he tl. - Goin 

OT? Ze 
neni . 

—— didenhas Sere aban 

J brk. a seri 

April 12, 1890 

Hajoy S% 2 Eaton, 
No 120 Broaduny , 
Nov Your, 

Dear Siete 

I havo ya letter of llth instant, and it will vo 

Men eee 


ontirely agrecable ‘tO ne to Inve yoursolf and Murs Te He Botta 

came out ta the daboratory on Tuoa day morning Nxt, Tor the pure 

Poso. oP & conforonse as to what constitutes a Focder, 


APPA 12, 90, 
Squnve2 Thali, Estey 

Noy 84 Wall Stveng) |” i 

Now York, 9 = =. | 

Boar Sivy. 

Roply izy; to youy Lottey 

of: oth dnstant, in rogard to 
42, 500 Trust dortiriontes and § 

7,500 Gono ral Conwany kook, owed 

r Rilison, 4ho latter Ganives that you Galiver 
Hajor Raton aut of tho at ak Which y 
ae valtaaite Account, 

to Major Eaton by har, 

this to ou have in your hands 

x wild send Mire Rdigon's éheek roy & 

$180 +0 Vajor Stat on, dn 
hayment of April lat dividona on 75 shaves of feneva Deaspatty 

stook,s in: pompzienite warn your roquasta 

Yours truly, 

Letterbook, LB-040 

This letterbook covers the period April-May 1890. Most of the letters 
are by Alfred O. Tate. There is also correspondence by Edison and John F. 
Randolph. Many of the letters relate to the manufacture and marketing of the 
phonograph and talking doll. Some of the correspondence concerns the 
promotion of the phonograph in Europe, Asia, and South America and the 
establishment of a company to sell talking dolls in Europe. Other letters 
pertain to mining and ore milling, electric lighting, and the Edison-Lalande 
battery. There is also correspondence about the 1890 Women’s Exhibition in 
New York and the payment of the experimental accounts of the West Orange 
laboratory. Beginning on page 188 is a seven-page memorandum about 
experiments conducted at the laboratory for various Edison companies. The 
book contains 500 numbered pages and an index. Approximately 40 percent 
of the book has been filmed. 

Daniel Weld, E55 Saotyy, 
Rdison Phone, foy Mfg Col, , 
ad 95 Wilk Pts Boston, Mabas 

April 13, 90% 

Dear Sirte 

+ .t bog to confirm tho tod, owing tolegvam ad you this 
morn ing.o~ 
NT will attend myoting on Monday, AO TATE," 

Yours truly, 

- =e 

“age: i1 1p, 90 

Qdison Phoupyrxaph Warkpy 

Srangs, Me ws 
Dear. Sirst™ 
I pnelose mrewvith dopy, of a letter Sugetved “bY ts - 

this morning tema Everett Prsaats Pleg : can y out Brig’ fealty 

Now York April-12, 1850, 
The BDabora tor yy 
Dvange, iy 


Doay sivare “4 

“gonta 4s ine since you sent to Yokohama a ‘thipts » containing 
150 Wilank oy Linder fy 36 gmsiedl phoncevales ahd. one body #6628 with 
Sokeddk matinee rd uilator’s By honded AoW ayia that you send out 
the reat ot this tieadis eee and ragulatory algo a belt for 
sane dich your mp Save mont iomed as boing ghippod but which did 
nak eoine to hand's U8 S piease forvard 12 haw smactncle arns 
et usbeove and rut ain saompiLets . By houge partioularly desires 
the pies of the atte, Rindly pack the abbld tad “vo pan! ate 
pressamh oliver t0 ‘thé fy Ye Oe 4 Mo BEY G On RNs 24th Mate - 
tank the patkage Viasar'2 Ove, Yokotwna %— “Piast fav edi? 
tet eonensom AOTAVSY’ Re Ry YSdbAyt prongs lt to walt onthe we wh 
yoitt Svatks Vand 3g, momo of ths — ca prvte moe f Lint nt 
meee « QP ph sbh Sone Boods Add be ohdpied gy abGTs ur Lie sa 

inis ¥ x omaahy. { 6th, ; 
‘Vong ye By fanthy, 

gana) Mlb eitgéee 

April 12, 1990° 

Sama) Insull, Bags, 

#4 Wall Ste, New Yorks 
Dear Sirvi- 

I beg to confirm ree eipt of message telophoned from 

yow offiee to-day, as follows! 

*Uell a mecting of the Board of Directors of the Edison 

lamp Cor at Bas gon Uphovratory, Orange, My Je, Tuesday, 

April Lith, 3 o!slock afternoons Plesse candel moo bing 

of the Ew'tpean Company for Tuesday. It is very impor~ 

tant that we should hold the othor meeting at the Labora 
tory on Tuenda ys * : 

D haye zatlod a meeting of the Baal of Direetovs of the 
Lamp 00%, in gvcordance with thy SHENG aud }ave ales post tponoa 
the European GO-« moot ing whieh waa to myo been ped on tues any 
Umil thd viext dey. | 

Yours truly, 

Seerstarys — 

Societe Worse deg. Antd jimerdaae9 de Moria, 


DearSir ste E 
Mr ‘mat son yas rovaived your Istter aioe of f February 
last, aia he regrets that “he has x0 Franted, ‘data in: regard: to his 
Ore msa2} ng process; whol he could. Beng to You. 
Mrs: flat son do nyt quite ready to ‘intone bite apbetetas in 

Birepes ra. . | 

‘Ye hay) placed your otter on Mie, and. as cod ns as we are 
ready to tu feton information an regu’ to this Proosas, we shall es 
‘be vaty plea Ba to’ cbemrind bate wath Yous’ 

Youre War 

Private Mao 

April lath 1890, 
Ber ott Frazar, EStlen 

Noe, 124 Watar Street; Now York Oity, 

Denor Si ree 

Wo beg to acknowledge th: 

@ rec 
. dith instant, ordering car 

eipt of your letter of 
tain Phono giaph material for 

shipment to 
Yokohama, - 

Wa havo instructod the Phonograph. Works to give this “order 
their imme diate attention, and to ‘see that your wishes soncerning 
88M, aro sarriod out. 

‘Yours very truly, 

Edison Laboratory, 


April 15th 189). 
Leis, ‘Richard pee 

ormnawaay strna be aa7il, 


Ber lin, Gornonys, 
Bear g§ ¢ rie 

With ry¢ferenee to. yar Lotte. 

under date 27th ultimo 
| adlaveenca to Lary: Edis 

I beg to intoim you that 3) Qompany hag 
men Wild handle the Phénogiaph : 

just | besn organized ae 
busir 88 in Germeny'y 

aie Company wild soon Sovspanee active buvinoad, id wild be 
| ve presented in ald the y yartne ipa cities in Gorman 

lave no. 0 al ftieunty. in obtaining a Pharoah 

when you wia2 




“Apri 15th, 1890, 

458 Elizabeth Dean, 
2 Blla Road, Oronch Hil, 

tondon, North, England, 

Dear’ Nisa Do ange 

With ro ferengo to your letter of 31st ultimo, 

addressed to Mr. Mdigon, the Phonogreph could be used for. the pur- 

Poke which you nontion » tho only thing ne ocssary being, for somo 
one to reag to the instrument, whon it would Give a faithful rem 
Production of the mttor recorded upon at, whieh reproduction conld 

be repeated at will. 

Phonograph businoss in Englana, and agencies will soon be estab— 

Addhed in ali the principal English citios. ; : 

It is the company t 

8 intantion to commence active business oe 
Ye ae 


i k: 

Aprdl 16th 1890, 

Dre Oe As Honthunb, 

No» 8% Elevonth Street, Hoboken, Now Jersey. 

Doar Sirie 

Mrs Edison has received your letter of lith instant, 

und desires me to say in roply, that he thinks an isstitmtion in 
thig country similar to the Urania, would be very netinl. 
He is not, however, in a-position to give the wetter much 

attention himself. 

Yours Vory. Truly, 

oF yy 
| a, 

Private steretary. 

Apel] 1¢th 1g00, 

Philib Se Dyeox, Fay., 
Rue Ov y 458, 

Awash, Belgium, 
Detar ©) yore 

In regard toa the seven-ang ondehalf barrels ot’: 

cylinders, which you ara holding for my account, will you kintly a8 

ttizip these to the Fdison united Phano ¢ 

raph Qompany, Bdison Hous 0, 
Notthumbor Lang Avonue, Land 

or, We UG. Engiand., and vory much 

Vekre very truiy 


: row 
5, to” vi wy 
. ear ho ae 

Bae ntegns octet oss nee tar is herr 

iopsuon mean artes 

 Apral Leth 1890 

Everett Frazar, Bade, -< 

Nos 124 Water street, New York Citys - 

Doar 5. i rte 
Wo heg-to AMON Rens the. rece int of your letter of 
“llth instant,— =.-We-do- not. think -it will be practicable tp Yeoord 
.@ spdoch, ani afte: swears ; Neproduce the. ,5ame to. an audience seins 
to that addressed by.the speaker, | 53% ests wr DE at. Sexes 
Vion a ee ‘Groen jwag. in; Orange. .on a campaign, tour, ne 
Ag & Lhono#raph ‘the. hala. md: -rgoarded quite a long speach 
‘wien he: mate thoro, put in reproducing this we, of course, had to 
ti vhs darytines. | | ee j 
Ffth rotation to. batteries, your firm will Imvo no succoss 
wines SoaeiGy+ htt the ola style collg., ‘They are very esinaiel they 
Me tried a. ‘nbekl rid they pine so much ‘trouble thet . 
tonaty affect your business. ar you adopt thane 
ar hathortes aré More economia 1 to ce | they have a longer 
f wore do otemet specially tor tho Phonogtaph, they pive 
de ttacnonsent tir avexy Wey y and there 4g 19 veanoh Why gut mbit 

ate — nanan, ad i 8 eliowtad nots ve win vient es 8 oot 

Evorets Prazar, sq, “le Apral Asti rf 

and 3 this we can tell just the quantities of renewal parts 

which you should carry in stock there to supply your customers, 

Ve do not believe that the cylindors which wo sont out , wild 

swoat in hot weather, but if you have any trouble cecuring in cone 

nection with thom dn Ohina or Japan, we should 1ike to be advisod 

of the nature of it. 





April 16th 1890, 

Frodarick BE, Ranas, Bet, 

Ones oy Tpawteh, Baglandy 

Dear Si wee 

With roference to your letter of 19th of iosb rant, 
directing Kes Edison! 

coal imines, 

& attention to vecont epptentons in two Welsh 
which were probably cased. by the miners’ using naked 

lights, I Sas to inform you that ‘Me Baison ia at present tesigning 

a battexy for uge in Some sat on with a adhere Siectrio Lamp 

The battery for supplying ‘the ovurrent will be. carried in the 

: mene, and willbe of a very light and portable designs 

‘his lamp, when Sones ehees will be a great improvement on 
Pan eI ne types, and will be , abaolutery safos 

Yobra Yay truly. 

ar as 

- April leéth i390, 

Fyre, Wea 
Aa Wabos § strees 5 New Yorks 

w oneloge hevawith a Sopy of a lotter under date u 

est, addvessad: bo me hy ‘he Edison: Bhenowae Works, and. re~ 

mm ~ 

made on your 

aaah of Phonoyraph eee 

Yours : 

“Secret tary's 

Orange, ls J» April 14,40, 

Aly O% Tate, Esq, 

Labovatory, Orango, Ne 35 

“Ye havo yous favor of April 12th enelosing copy 

or intter from Bvoratt Pr azar, of Rew Yorks We bave this dey 

an a 

udiijped te Frazar and Company the folowing’ 


(ne cae ty wee @ahig oo wright 165. piotmaay contents one 

trea Te mabt-stig complete oxcert tha Betys marked Tras an ‘and LO ”- 
akalanny Yajony 

nis) hevo not gent the 12 now ; avestacte aras with aiecvo" and nut 


are eee mentioned in ares razors tom, as these new parts 

‘to not Tis the: oa mathine he has, ana the astfioulty of adjusting 


vould pe Vory Bronte, and require tha sexvines of a skilled: nnechaxtia’ 

nee ao - ~ 

even tion Jt is possitle they world be ‘wleats siaotoryy 

We have eer the Ri Re rosedpt dines to Mek Hasse; at the 

with. .- - 
sane time apgtainting hin) none reasons a géven atiove for “OnidtLing a 


pant of. the onlers 

Vows ty 
‘Basen ‘Phbhogey! ht Webizen; 
(Stuned ye By ne idyoshautem 


24 aman Spe ROH ie oer. || 

“April 16th, 1890; 

Tames Ys Xolly, Eaqe, 

Nos 29 Dey stiteat, Now York Oitys 

Dear 84 v5 
I beg to Animowledge the receipt of your Lotter of 

12th reerae in regard to Mire Se We Clark, of Epenene Ontarios 

I ao not remombe nr hire Clark, but all the same, I regret that 
T am whable to toll him how he oan get a Sheriogweighs 

Several peopio, friends of mine, have applied to me for im 
Somation as to obtaining Phonographa’ in Canada, but More Tippineott 
111 not pornit @ machine to enter that tervitory at this tines . 

I do nds imnow what he intonds to do eyensualays but at seen 

he sags detorminod to Ho nothings 

Ry Ne Riotts, Usq ey ; i : 
104 & 106 Wadhington st., 
Mow York Oitys 
Doar Sipis 
: Wild you be’ kind enough to sond ms the batanca of 
ayy samples, if you have aia Lor there soem to Be a gvoat | 
Atserapancy vetwesn your assays: and thoae ‘of the Ue te ane at 
Charlotte. Many of the Bomples sont you I have pad gaeadea by . 
this mint 4tiice, and the aAgresmont was vory closce ize an aneyente 
of the ict aca betwoun your assays and those of the unint, Z 
way say that one qe I submitted to ths latter was reported by 
them to carry 35.5 per ton; you report tho same ore as containing 
npih ings Tyould tike to havé the balance of the BaNplies ra- 
. twimrd 40 bay uo T ogn find out sdimex why this diserspancy pena. 
z imei that Ananias was tho father of motaliugical cheniatry, but 
ZI dia not Imow it was quite so kad as this s 

Youys truly, 

April 17th 1890; 

Major Se Bs Baton, 

No’ 120 Broadwayy Nev York Oity’ 


My Dear $i ye 
Tt have your letter of l4th instant, informing we 
that tho meeeenen on ny maeeAa ties at Llowéiyn Park was discharged 

a) ~ 

on tit days 
There are in the hands of ea Constable and SeePnyy 6 

munber of inguranee papers in conne ation with: the House, whigh 

should be ve tuned to nes 

Youra very truly, 


ery * 


F beaten ene 
A neice ak: Mase HE I ainentarees patie: Rett pas ee a 
oO arog 


Sobngewenrare ce genase ng rane eigm ment natant a 

praia ith 1390 

Te Te Ce Clarke, Baas, 
“Khe Horving Jounal, ? 
Room 25, Tritme Gulldins, Mew York Vitys 


Dear Sinte 

| ith reference +o tips article "Edicon’s VWondor Worla 
which you sarpose publishing in tho! Jounal, Mire Réinon eave that 
you Widl dte 4a ‘oxovad im Zor the yrocontss . 

He in woricing night and day, and ae orperimont upon waich he 
is meseud, Is of such a noture that it io ineonctioutad For nam to 
spard tie aime nmeonsanrvy Lor an appoilntmit wath you Lies O'Keevia. 

He ALL rive Ure O'Keefe an andiionece at the fisdt wredinbid 
drpirtwittys . 

Halve Birdhecye 

April 17th, 1890, 

e Diok, Raqv, 

Nosh 152 and 154 Take Streot, 


_ Ghieago, I1linoie, 

th veply to your lotier of 1th mack addyaessod 

scumehiins I enolose herewith the latter? 

to Myr 

8 BIO in favor of 

yowsel?, to vote his stock at the Annual: Meoting of your Company 

to. be held in aa FLnoiay on Llay 5th, noxts 

Yours very. truly, 

April 17th°1390, 

hy Rah ty Bs av, 

Ph OW Box 467% 

p Holona, Montana, 


Daar gi rte 

, , Mrs Hdiaon in wuch obliged for-the samples of 

Seppnire onelased with your lott tor of 7h instant, 

; Thene Panes, however, are nov clear enovgh for tilry Budiaon's 

TAwrpasese They avo full ot flav. 

rg you cond fumniah Me Hiiggn with clea: Vapphivey he is 

i | willing 0 pay yon one Woklar an atinge for ite Lae 

Tt to sb netecsayy Shoat! tn | uaittos sioand be Bens, but at ig 
\ ° ghibeiay enmeneian trot. seg aig, 
tenet Piss 

Amil 17th 1890, 

Bet Kiteon, Rages 
re 0% B ox 805, 

Prsrededunia Ponnay Venda 

Rear § $4 rte 

With veference to youn lotter of Lith sala ved 
Bay, that try Bdigen has hed. some encenae with the people ho was 
negotiating wit th, congerning nicked mines of halal the postlt 

being that he has dropped the matter entirely, end has no further + eee 


: 4 es 
: 7 ra tem 
i Vayy truly vOUrey re) f 


sprerset in the subject. 

ye / & 

r “ : ma j ig me " 
eases vera a *j wf 
a: inant” 
Private Secvetarys 

April 7th, 1890 — 

Joun Hooys Eades 

Noe 50 Brondway, New York Citys. 


ovenar § i rie 
. I have your letter of 15th instant,and am vary omoh 
obiiged Lor the proms tamer in'whioh thy phonogiams wore sont to 
Washington, . ; 7 
Thanking you vory mech for your kind attention ¢o my roqvest 

in this connestion, 

I em, Vory truly, yours, . 

hnee il. hee ae alaty 

April 17+h 1890 

Edison Phonogyanh Toy Manufnoturing Oommy, 

Nos 95 Miuk Straat, Roston, Mansnchnsatt, 

Dear S iv ate 

“Roforring to your lottor of 16th instant, enclosing copy 
of proponcd agracrent to bo mee -by Mr’ Yoomang for the dispoand of 
‘the Ruropean hae of tho Edi pon Phandnsavh Toy Hanufacturing 0004 
tor all Buropsan countries inoimding Groat, Britain and Ireland and 
tho’ Charme eagigees tin Figures you name, a . 

One Biundred Thousand Pountis (®. 200,600), in cash and twelve 
and onoshale per cont (12 ~1/2, #y of the capi tal stock of the Com 
pany, whieh capital stock oy not be Boxe than Thive eupeEee 
Thousand Ppa (# 300,000 » would I think be accoptablo to me's 

‘Boone giving my format eonnont $0 BuOh a plan, i would want | 
to see o list” of tne partiog wino wndorwrite the a a and a as 
eopy of the suarantoe = conneetion with the Bole l 

With woferonce to my royalties and maurafae tiring rights See. 
the towvitory named, I would be sabdatiod ote) take thirty-two O per 
aant (324) of the cash eqid atook ma other Prosocds yeesived by 

yor Gomianyl 



‘Sahat Pidptay a Al ae Qt. 9 Be oO Soon 17th, 1800, 
Ab _ “REE oe have . mpntly me sntevastea itt th 
femgags “Ag Pee it went, ha Re aueosaayy Lor me to tonto th 
thm been eee ae sytling Forma wilgn rolation to 8 Mannings 
tu _ Tinhtes at ‘beddeve thas they vod ao. OxAob Ly ag 2 ena 
fe DUb 3 = Hp, wea saps tu thoy ats sonsant shout be 
iio ty. | 


pentine I pr Deo no obsgasion, tq 420, nogotiation going ahead 
op the Jimos snddontea, — | : 
Ty wid bo nogamenry an they contempt botyoon hacibeaiad baad 

Gemayy wnd yourselves to prov! dace with pveat clearness that tho 
Gade of ayicion raathatpe tured i the Farmer pial Ye postricsod 

- ~~ 

bQLOLy to Barognen i ee yee is +9 ‘hhose cowivies spoeifiog 

the We rane yorich it is prappaed ta exgnt thom} otherviso ad~ 
vaontace : may be AgJeon of the negreniatomnee gt patents in certain 


inpoptert parts of tha isso gush as China, where your ow pros- 
menses Po 9 tarsg trade in the future are exoelionte 

#la0 onrG shoydd be taken to excdude the Volouies of elk’ 

Furoygan Comprios gor the mA ee thet in soma of those a bysinoaa 
gon be dong az z Ange or larno;' than in tho mother pambaiys 

, r 

Adin 0 W-4 fap ls oe mas mii 

# [ERS 



April 18th,1800 

Nye Randol p hie 
Yo are going to b 411 the Phonograph Works with 
$ 4100. givon to It, A» B. Diok hy kh. Raison for Expenges in 

Racope; ana also with the value of 209 Sharen of tho stock of the 

Edison Phonograph moy Manafactur ing Oomany. 

Pleaso keep this matter on your desk » @nd I will +e12 you 

when it is time to bill it. 

April 18th,1890. 
More R2ndolpht- 
We have now the right to bili against tho KHKMxx 
United Edison Phonograph Company , all the Phonographs which were 
sent to Burepo fo: presentation purposes. 

Pleuse make up a bill fox these. 


L¥ Aa 




Arril 18, 1a90 
Lavy Jig Ne Bloke, 

Noucoy » Rusula, 

I am very moh obliged Lor your letter of 27th 

whtime in regard to vhonopraph nattorg in Rune ee Which camo a 
hand in due eourso of wail and was poarused by 

me with myeh inter 

Yours truly, : 

Beg? : af yt 
CO: Yt FP, ote, hed . 


o 8 Wena anise 
% ot 

es, nr 
ia ay Via ad 


April 18th 1890, 

Sania] Insull, Esq *) 

Noe 4¢ Wald Stroct, New York City. 

2 ear S i rs- 
‘I emlose herewith at Mre Hdison's’ vequest a , 
Letter from Mir. Thomaz Be Connery , in regard to Mexieo. 
My. Edison would Liko you to take thig Matter up, and see what 
San bo done towards adjusting Hr. donnore's relations. with the 

Rdison Vnitod Phonograph Company « 

Yours vory triy, 

Private Socrotary. 

April 18th 1890, 

¥digon United Phénograph Company, 

Edison Houso, Be Nor 

tlausb nvland Avanue ‘ 

London, Wyo, ¥nglana, 

Dear Sivy sz. 

I onelose herewith cony of Corr aspondensa 

York, with 


myseL! and your Company in New 

Yolation t¢ 56V9n and 

“one half paso, 

is of Phonograms which are in s 

tore in Antverp, 
in ace ar fanee 

with the requos¢ of your WH 

Ov York People, I hye 

in Antwerp to Ard these Cylinders to yor at 

net wigtoa my agent 

oof XY 
Gratgo, N.d.Aprih.02,1800, 
Edison United Phonograph Gomany, . = 
Mieco be Buillding, 

New York Qitv. 

Dear gir sie 
My gon in Antivery, Belgium, hag in his possession 

seven end onenwhalf basrols of phonograph oylinders that wero sent 
49 him from Paris, the some having been origitwlly shipped from 
hore Br the Bdisow Phonograph forks intended Loy uso at the Paris 
Bxposition; they did not reach tin re y However, until after the ‘ 
Bapowittan WAG GvOre | 

I tewe thought tht instead of having these biahks returnod 
to Amerita, the opportuni ty wor Th be @ good one Yor your London 
iwPice tc dhtadh a surply, of Aidit sake ave aonstmitly trhuooa. e 
To tone thhveforn, requsst ee you mthotizd mt to Instruct my 
aga 20 forward the planks in quoatien to Tendon. . 

Ra carly reply will msn vo ige, 

Yours yYory Aru y, 

é Thames oA, Faison 
: Rp : 

" EDESON tnItkD — fyowouRAPH COMPANY, 

New York, April 12th,1890, 

promap A, Edisoh, Bsa,, 

bronge ». New Jorsey. 

In rently to yortt favor of lth instant, in regard to 
the %i~2 Barrels or ylindera, ve thank you for tho offer, ana 
shall $s blad to take them if ot fine on arvivel of Galonel dovrand 
in Loni ve vam use tirems 4 the meantime thoy ean he’ shipped to 

our offide tacke, ana if aot used can bo held to ofder,, 

fours trfly, 
Signed @. N. Morrison, 

Seer? tory, 

April 18th, 1390 

youse We Soli gaan, Bade, 

21. Broad Streat > 

Now York City Py 

My Dear Sits 
I onblosa herewith fer your pnfiompation o letter 
whieh: I have rocaived Lyon ire Te Hyp Block, of Noscow, Runge, 

in regaYd to the Phonogimph in that comsry, attached to Mitioh ‘APO 

translations of consminteations concaming the inotrumant sroceived 

by Mrs: Block fron Russion colobritioss 
The phonograph exhibitions which Ehire Block vefors to-in his 
letter as being Bormiueted by “travel inj; wmountebanks, # are un- 
dowhte aig doing us a great deal of harm, and should be stopped if 
howaables VeIae people obtained the machines whith they are ex~ - 
hibiting strony Gole Gourana; y know nothing about the Snetmmont ; 
Ye ont trely ‘tenerant of its operation and proper manipulation 
heed! “iis wrdtenol itionstrations whiuhs are made by thane 
Chath sy 2d Oe Mitonsion of the Edison Tmitod Phonograph 
teinrrly ear fiatiitre fer Hidddars Dusitogs through an agent, it will bo j 
bhi te Ine ie tan 4 ee Hine | i moat $a te tent mast ‘than Bite Jie He 
, N : “th ate ements: nea 

{2390 We Soliman, Esq Aprid 14, 1800. - 

how to aparate 4+ to the bast Advantage, 2 Imowledgo whith he ‘ace 
quired hore 2 tha Laboratory, whore ho ‘had Ovory Laoility Por . 
fantliaydisine himagie with the bhonograph in aly ite dotaila. Pho 
rooult go that ha ban achioved gant suecces in exhibiting and 
explaininr the Domosraph in Rincia, which be hag done to-the vory 
best people in thot sountry, 

Kindly wtumn to mo 2» Blook's Atter ond neo ompanying 

translations, after Fernegal; aleo 2 nwvious dotsoy of his wien 

Z sent to you sor time AGO, to Vaich syaasdationa word also 


April loth iso, 

Re. Be Bulkley, Esq ea 

Reas?sy Sponsor Trasis and. Companys 

Hoe Xd Broa Strat flew York Citys 


Daar Si x36 


I beg ee Sontinn the fot owing telagramg 
expiunged batiacn us tondayty 

"Pies 2B0RANG wan coe ort Couplate yorte toeday with ont Tail. 
Be ie Evlkloyys® 

TO viich -£ ‘wipiied as follows:- 

"Our man is nt Sanne ferealh gy Boranct's 

te installation 
Sw Oe tas cat 


TF be yours, we 

2 | April 19,90, 
A lenshder Hlitott, wre, Baqe, | bey : 

Patarson, Now Toruoy's 
an é, 

Roay Bl rte 

I have your letter of 17th instant, the plan which 
YOU propose ia thy fOrraat one, and x sinll 

be glad ir you will. 
insedistoly Garmy it into effout, . 

Ts wogard to the: Towney 44mbor ¢ 
this Proporty, but it is NOt yes 
Geta in ‘Slope, T4421 advise yous 

_Seacts, I hava the survey of 
Plotted, AZ Goon as I ees the 

Yours very truly, 

OH eazy 
me | 

April 19,90; 
Samal Gy Bmxrtle Ence, en 

Clarlotto, Nort Onrolinas 

Doar Bi ve 

I beg to woknowledge ths receipt of tyo Wwitera from 
FM mite dass of Apvhl gnd, enclosed With your letter of Ath ¢ 
iwtent, a : i 2% oe . ’ 

I aspire 5 Press upon you the 4 
Evert gare not to commit se to any purol 

19th, 1990," 

sSomnsa 3, Oe Bu Burn, Redes 

_ Bryant Bridat ng Foon 9, 

Ole vIo hte , North Caroli ngs 

Den g 3 Yin 


Z inva" wd VOd YOU 
yophra to cortain samples Tyrom game 

coe iny ateiwion ao to whare 

lester of 16th inatant, in 
memes Mich -you 

‘hey ahall bo nnsayods 
Tethink that you Hag bottay 

ave holding 

have ‘the sa assays rade at 

Cal tog States int in Charlotta, 

& Chowld dike $9 hoa 

tron! you 
RL ob belay aeGoay By 

8S to what you think of Mog 
i have a letter from 

Riotte this mornings 4 
mhidh he inelaty that his re 

yorts are sbeolute ly Sorregty 
you AL haye oe ara shows 
oa patting Bareavagia, 

they, es ng up vory poor, ‘and I 


April 19¢h, 139q., 

GS» Praser and Qonrany, 

Towupla cgours, : 

Moupray. Arthur 


Hoss. § nd 7 Boolean Btreot, ” |  * 


New York Qitys 

Dany es 

I beg to. acknowledge with vory ssany tin: tho 
medeint of your latte: 

of ‘eth inat tant also recov ipt of aupios of 
"mare ond Dorweione ons 

in the: pending mit wider my touch 
Patent: for Ingands zoom Tamapas won laa boon | dormaied 40 mo by | 
_ Monsieur Armohgaua. Jae’, 
Wia1 you kinaay oxpreas, my 
obligey.- : 

diaries to thts gontlecan, anti 

April loth, iscq,. 

, \ 
Samuel Insuli, Boge, i 

Hoy ot Wall Stroos uy Nor ¥ 

rk. Citys 

: , te 
Dear ga we ee 

whine of Plame. areca Sf 

aad want diy eae Wes muewstnenne neni aed mee 

Aying +O your Isttoy of A Exo, 

MBon, noither tho Jattor nor myseir gan undereten sunt ‘the 
? tvonblo ie to which yor 


ent to Mn 


Sone zie wn you ary at tho 

.  Mtkoratory 

YOU OAN point F4 guX yg 

Yoh of Our ngchines, and Wo wil} 

then att “HPL 80 Oxpletn she 

Yotiyy wary ‘truly, 

Prive Soorvetmey 


Sannel Tnsull, Esqe, 4 
Noy M@ Wall Stroat, Now York Citys 

Dear Si re 

Replying to your lotter of lith instant, with which 
wae cholosod a sdummication Prom Mrs Charilea Ae Oheover, rogarding 
the Edison- Giliiitand German Patent, 4 37 9810, 1 bég to say that I 
am quite wilithr to bear my shure of the Sxpones in this. conection 
but I shonld aske to Imow how much I shall have to expend, of which 
ploasé be kind dnough to advine mae 

Yours ene. uly, 

ABA ite wii » ee 

| | April 19,904 
Veskrs., Byer and Seely, | . 

Woy 40 Wall Sencems Now York Ci'tin 
Deur Sir ote 

| BA bows Haiaen's request I enclose 
from Moasra’y ASTIN Ce Pragor ond Company; 
Conneétion with. ah 
wo aont to tire Sood 

horeiith a. lottor 

-A180..0ertain roports ih 
igen tatent for Aneartdencent leaps, which . 

&t° tho eaneey of Met nena Jeune 

©. Yours vary titly, 

Tol e Davis Mion: 


Dear Soi woes 


the lings upon ths 

expe vinont in the 

It is altogether 

“AS Be ‘Boas, 
Nal 52. Nors oh. ‘Tormea, 

“haves ay Australia 




Replying tO your lettay 

‘Edison, I taka Ploasuy: in infoming you Ving 

Terinents haye boon made by memtorg of your yy 

York, in saEeaee sen: with recording hoavt=bonte a 

Probable that within thy 
Will be able to obtain a Phohepsant in Austad, 

of 16th instant, 

to Eve 

afeouion in New 

ad thw action of 

&, ‘thon you gan 

anina adveetion for yourself , , 

ag oe 

one very sue Cessfni . 

mMext Ler months oda! 

Anrid 1sin i800, 

BtOzander TLS ott, tes *> Badsg 

Piet Naw tonat Bunk Budlei nee 
Patareail, Novy Torney. 

pe ar 6 £ we 

Z Againo +9 have opt 

2 ottieg Tarts R a ig of 
AL the Teeses whign FOU ara Mhrang irr 

. Sov To thuyt 8 propos shod 
May bo beet uboy thom, and rue, *® UGC0us 

Withiy bia tint ape citing in 

“kety DBOt Ve. Carag t¢op tittough, 
rn Rey oss re t9 get pn 

ary, NOt 109 may be bivex 

te 8 Donen, Lor vieation, 80 that ‘ve 

ai ‘ale tt 80 a tetas atiy 

Property thas 
id ats 

WRI yoy gaudy Laws thong 
Poy Mepin: suey « choey 

‘Ghaag X aan have > onthe 

taputevet, ‘Bad del in propan Bierps 

SPiN Bay AGG Aond trp a List of Yhg ory 
28 dosh fe 



Frere wevh toury, 

; Angle Ane 
4 wn : ifr ie 
rag Lh often y Poth 

- fe AL AGA AS Plus U tA Ley alii Ce 
bsudany t. Ae er 

cn ae es 


exten thy! | . 
md ere, PALE Oo Ag AYLAAY 414 off 
fa) K tte rye t. parr AON On| AR GAA. cs he, 
fk. weed Mh aus, Sag uh fr lh. Lae tL 
Anti. eg’ = Atnnwtd. te Ma kix AA. ed G lr Aeey 
BR AA AME fer eaicl” BO 2B ry | hee. ae is4 
(6) fo. égntn Mahi why fla a ctiint! . havot- Sieird 
& attae Chet ty What, 49 Bags, 
Ace ARATE | Lewin hf be Batok 
fhe Sit. AAAER het wot. ere “bh. BAL fed: ae 
fhe fe t. ff A. CMA RIL Ce wert. hh yp 
Aa g UA eh tthe fh a. Abst ee 
€@) Ce Ce At Me prhieb : iva aa 
MALL Aa op eas he. AMD 
ee byt aTtF OAD FORK AY Sri ; 
hey Ap tna, * “eg. AL ca Lepeaa tare. 
te Chas lets ao; afte tier eG 
le “et. ete A for At platens 

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ATAAAL HAS Ce Off Ra, Ww pn ALAA, ate LAAN... Hato. gx 

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4 he. LEC. ts oG LAAN Chuan, fol Vim 4 bit, 
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ne ALAA LAA Cc. ty fey thea ch WtLe AACR. thLD 4 

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1:7 gg UR meer nee eC ERIS AN Og es 

April 223%, 1899 

Edison Phono graph Worka, 


So eo rss eS =— 

Oran, New Joraoy’s 




Dear S i i oye 

Through tho roprosentations wo have Pade: to the 


insuraned Gompantes timt our wean and uprinkler. s systems 2 
oupplisd by wonor Pron tito Gditinos nouroon, ve have obteinea low ; 
insurance ates’ i ; +e ey 

We learn that fvdk ono of the possitie aupplions netiody the 
oxmek ruming through your proporty, no water he béon: takoan for 
five wooka, on nocomit a fF lorkere throng: your. dane | 

Ir ‘thie inforntion yosohes the compinids in widen we aro 
insured, vit will canse tho canon Lesion or ouy polieion, or-an 
DNereaso dn ovr roten. WALA you kindly give’ this matter your 
immediate nttontions | | 

The water supply, Gene pe booted aaa so as tas BOW: 

that tho whole system ia in proper ngrking orders 

Yours ~ory truly, 

. . ‘ ran Le G at 
“ : Hutte ae maa Dt, 

mecots eaersbeminn ys ot 

April 22, 90, 

Saye] Insull, ESte, 

H44 Wald Street, Now yor: City... 

Dear Sint . 
I bois to advise you that the Edis on Piduoenti-way 
Manwtae tind ng Company has a representative in Burono, who is nr 
ranging Loy the sade of the toy bhonograph rights for Groat Britoin, 
Continental Europe, and the Ghennol Islandas 4 ‘is ris cesnary tint 
this sale shonta be made free of royalties, and that the meremoocoe 
turing richts should be bold tO tho Proposed European Companys A 
_ Proposition hag boan rade to the Toy Phonograph Coe of Boston for 
tha formation of a Company in Europe, with ®& capital not to Ox 
ceed Three Hhudireg Thousand Pounds, of which twolve and a half por 
cent of fully paid UP stock shall be issued to the Eoston Company,,. 
together with One umdred ‘Thousena Pounds ‘in cash, The Boston 
Company has to pay a comnisaion of 107 of the stock and tash which | 
it YeCeivos to ita tprenontative Who is making tho Badge : . 
mM yoga to the divis ion of the net anownt of cash ard gtock 
wegived by the Boston Company, thay aye Willing to pay thirty=tivo. 
Pow covtus of thie sate in liquidation of iny rights to royalty and 


for the purchase of tho rights to manufacture Gis S423? toy phonow — 

Samael ™evil, Raq, 

Evap™ jnovemonts in Urdat Redtain, Continental SMapO, and the 
@hannal Tetands Onlys I consiey this a Very fair division, 

Bdlaan Phonosyaph 




Yorks and myself to dow 

NOW worlnins Loy the 

temmine in what Poportion thage Sroceeda shoyld be divided ba. 
t7e02) thom ana MYBeAL, thoy Myrasdentin: manwree pure snd I pepo. 
sonting yroyaltins, I corsiger that & Lady division vould “ha 

Wea to wyselt, ang 

veda on Phonaerarh wor 

foVarityedive per cent Srenty-five now cventum to 


April 22, 90." 

Edison Phonograph Toy ilies Cosy 
Daniel Weld, Ueqe, Secretary, 

Noe 95 i41k St, BOSTON, Nanas — 

Dorr Siviw - 
z bog to confirm the following tolegmn which I'sent 
$o your Company this aternoon, in vrosponse to your letter wider 

date 23th instant, to Which I ner have the honor to raplyi~ 

"send cahle to itttchingon as proposed in your 
imtas lth instent, encent state that Boston 

, Gospany and riycol? past approve parties under» 
wrdting Europaan Company before any parars 
stoneds fave him cable nanes of wumderweitorss 
Tow821 take formal action as 30011 aad yor supply 
me with dst of parsins uudewvritiyse Te AY Bat 

De aumcouatal Sloating of a Jointestock Company in Europe 
dopends ontirady ubon tga woliabil thy of the Parties who uniioz 
mppite Mb, mid dt tn, thesslore, vited tian before eithor yours 
solrea ox guns beontas suemittod vd Rr thrdng tint wo shoulf bo 

| fuynished with a Aist 42 Hibeos of the withorewritora, 8a tins we 


MAY Papp nyory Aart Jolaeyan 

I havo eas098 joa alin toss qibt te canged 6b YoR, and aa 


Daniol Tela, N8Qes Soaty, 


Aprd 22, 1896, 

800 aS you are th POSoeS ION OF tho Haz, I ohéutd bo By 

aslo mo to Fave 

ad to 
‘ Weeivy a Copy whieh Wha 

ctimtto ang take buch 
action ag Mmy' Lo age 


There is its thy shat -y fasiye ty Point ont 

20 YOu arich 
tat fs, thas 

Broposition lust subadtted by 
him, states thyis & Company. gn to be. formed wish & capital of not 
lesy than Thre samndred Theasrnd pounds, 

aitian avhnd tio? by 

its Yeoaans in tho 

In tha ovininal Prong 
Nre Yoana: a tim 26th day of Hovanmhey 
and whieh wan mation ¢o You from this’ ops 
reforon a ty tha Oapdtnd of 

ice inst Night, his 
the Ruropean Company Yeads ag folios; 
ins) SPOELO or cadtun. to ba tronted. 4 Linitea Joing.. 
Stook Goupany ain a Capital nog Sxeoeding Throa 
ihundyod Thonsaryi Poids 9 reeds 

It ta Very ‘importing that yoy ahowtd Cxercsia Great cay not 

Tormation of 8 Company with p lartor 
bopitad tds Take Modi Themsand Pay 

to cive yor. covsent 46 tho 

mds s OSthey 

trogtly or 
thao inaiivortanes, Perhapn You lave alloady impressed this , 
Upon Moe Hrteltrson. ; 

Yours) voxy traly, oe 

“ Wesnds ‘ 9c% Co 

April (22, 90, 
Dariser Vela, Fae, Soeih tay, 

Bdde ov PROMO wap ‘oy Ufse Qos, nf 

Noe OD Many Shey Boston, oso. 

Doay oiere 

Tbeg 6 dontirs 43 

@ Tollowing 4 

tOlosyvam gent you thig 

a aye ‘ao he to *utfalo tosniaits “ALL be Bore 

herbs ange thowndryss 4p vey Mive 2 i $ yt this week 

beans yer eady it tor Tydday So T tan attonds Ay Os BY” 

hohe Yours tryly, . 
BAB ees a 
; Private Sacvousis 



te 4 
se fig BD RAI y ys Eee ae y 
‘ LOSE, Sponcay: Trash t CQe, 

JA0 8 US vend Sty, Naw vowy visys 

4 aed tty 
. 7 wh 7 
wn i; 

a Hae ee ce gh at xy eek 
Gur factory: Infowas “te Wing yodiy battery was rec 2 


a Pa ee fe oe . . . 
Anata: PAmtla Mee cyon: 46 ddvsan ne AP 44 as nortan 

seh aye ee VEN Ola BS oe a EE os ‘ . fs 
HATA Let fag mor Prony $2 you have any teatibte 


piles TMSRL coe ghat'it bas iellage itcentdon. ? 

Sa ae Oa ote ik ga eS oor Wh ee 
s : SOME ONL ION utes tents, 

Aprdl. 25,) 1890. 

’ voy 

Ant wo on, Uaediun, 

Ca nr 

hy deny over. jee ae 

as Bde gl dS 
es ae 

a te Dy pe as GY me 

IN the now Sstsvie Ldornne AuPoansnt, Maye Edaisey > 
EW, Daeuisaion tO nwrensndiae the ty 


TA GO Ae ler] aasig cells in onch | 




| BS 
Severn coumsrioy Whprodn Lalande has nos nlraady Pastei with hig 
| . 

; V2etos, We have no Mist of Sheae eouwtedes. 

I owish you wonla 


2 Liste +xer, Jalande ‘and seng it 

AA a, 

3 oe TD owi2y, ben wd te 

20 vor handling this batsery gow all Deinary cell 

gent oars 

You in rerard 

Pispoesoa in the borritory. vhowg 

HRlos eor. dvr cogbhe by oy 

MWe It isa 

splondid suesesn over here, sui Toon anes V@A tenld doo vury 

large business abtporg with it, 

Yours veiy tividy, 

Pac sae 

Prd vite Secretary. aes 


ae s 

April 23, 1B9V” 

wiita 3 tees 

lip s, yor, 

Ro fh ga) aoe ® 

Antwerp, Eodrtun, 

Dear Sipe 

I bop 

to" neknowlodne Paoninsg ey rar 


Y Aottoy of 1th 
Arty, one lorineg biz 

SHOWS dive: to +70 Innripog and fair 

Litt, Calloia, Z 

hich voy 

Paid on 

MY 26 count to 

thia te the 

WAII vamst for 

Decip Conpany, 

oura vary sandy, 

April. 23, 1990 

United Edison ifm. Coe, 

Nos G5 Fifth Avonne, 

Now York Citys 


Dear Sirsse 

Roforring to the Attached memorandwa, I bes to advise 

b you tht we cannot reoopnize the businessesards of you Comrany, 
4 2 requesting ns to sho People throwh the Laboratorys The visitmrs 
: recoived at the Laboratory in the past have been so mumoeroue as - 
NN E, to Beet eay interferxa with our work, and in omier to meke any 
i . Prorraos whatever, Lite Edison Lowrl it absolute ly necessary to , 
oh : 


~ axolude vis ito altorhthar. ZT can see that the memorandua rox 




at Pa 

turtod herewith has come trom sono ore of your reeple who is not 

very familiar with the Edison bus iness, and J think it woulda be 


adViiga blo for you to issue proper instructions on this subject 

30 that vicitors may not bo send out hare ona wild«goone ahaso. 

It ovael not to ombarrass the partied who prdvdnted the letedr 

woo xiferiod to, x pomaithed theni to ge through a pores dit oP ths 
eheratory. dfl nade thede vis it as intevestins ta yoontetdy, bub Your | 
WARE Bisasy WOAH dn rid that tb priokics of dudoding ited ay 
HIN ae Mes cv fede ‘hs cai ciea Wht Lao & ee Ay 

Friond Birkinbine y= mr 

MW friends in the tron ov Company abject 
to my employing you 

Just at tha Present timo, 

Thoy say that tha 
tim has not aryived Tor it 

nd object to the ox: 

PeNsa, HO I wEt2- 

be compelicd to close np ou wmlations after the 

firat of. June) 

When wwe really oot into big business, 

Ishall probably 
roengare yous 

The trouble is, that until ft ean n 

ork off gang’ of 

my old dnventiong now hanging 

Tire 4n taboratory, I cannot Give 

the ore buedinesg the attention it deseryon, 


“ ow on a 

Hrs John Birkinbina, a 
fad #25 NY Ey O4ty Ballsoaq, 

Philndelphiay Pay 

Mv, Semol ¢y Been, 
Nos 9 Byyant Building, 
Charlotte, My C, 

Dear Sirs» 


I veturn hovewith tho Aasay ee of 

dup lieatio 
Senples mde at the int whieh woo SAclosod with your Jetiar 

21st ins tante 

Woreektor you lad better navy Ovarything aags ryged 

at Mint Robie thas all the Sauphes in tho dunp, 

Yours ips 

Mejor S Be Eaton, ry 

No’ 120 Broadvay, Now York 


Dear Sirte ; , ‘. 


hia Edison Ins your note of 22m instant, enclosing . 

opinion of Frederic He Botts ro Patant Moe. 243,424, and he vould 

lile to seo the raforencas, He seye he nevar hoard of 2 pendant - 


lamp anid Shade timt. dia not cast a shnady, 

Yours tiny, 

‘ ta Pani 
Private Secrptarys 

ay fo sg Mt. 


x. Be Mallory, Baqe, 
No, 2233 Saint Parl strent, 

Baltitiore,- Maryland. 

Dear ‘sirte 
. I ‘oncldse herewith note of the Hdison Iron Gondons 
trating Oompeny to the order of Tho Merchants Loan & Trust Company, 
payable fow months after dete, April 26th, 1800, for Thirty Five 

_ Mundred Dollars, which han ‘boon entoraed by Mr. Lowke Miltor, 
My. We Se Mallory, Mr. Ira MM Mtloy, and My. Mdison, and which is 
forwarded for your ondotsemont, after which I undorvstand that it 

is to be retumod to Me. Ira Me Niller, Akron, Ohio. 
Yours very truly, 

Privaté aedrotary "J 

Aten nl wee, net © megane ammmpnae 


April 2sra, 


Voite: Phonograph Company, 

Noo 4 YorR Git Ye 

I cesire to taka ot patents on my ver madaing ber 

Viaiogramg in England, Gorrany, France, Beljium, ‘Italy, Indian, 

tyds, Queonslnnd, Vietoria, and New gonth wale Se 
As the ‘expenee attendant upon taking out thes: patorte will 
ws horne by rourgolvoes, I dica it like to receive from you ‘sufficiont 
uth ordty to instruct my afftrnogs to censinnes tae work of filing 


Youn veer tat hy, 

“Apri 1 Lora, 13v0 


Moasrs/Dyor & Svoly, 

No, 40 Walz Stroct, New Yor; City, 

Dorp y Sir sy- 

I ‘hog to acknowledge the rocgipt of your les tor oF ° 4 

loth instant, in Fomard to foreign patents on my no mailing pox 

for Phoneprams, ZT lmvo written the Xai son Unit od Phonograph Bes 

Ler dlutihiae ity to conmence filing the Spocifications, ag they wild 

ewe to oonr the exponae £0" taking out the TRIGN EB. | 

e+ 89 83 LT obtain this authoy SY; ZL will ina, niet you ee &o ahead 
You will take these mt, following the usual 
Sowbendan the life of the Vilted States Patontge 


Yourg “vory truly, 

S.A 23, 1800. 

lke Me Livor, ESQ ., 
Noe 18 poy Streat, New York bake 
Pear girs K 

I enclose roreith a lottor from Superintendent. 

Gildea, or Boohteravi llo, Pom tae, nlso a letter from thes i F 7 i 

vania Disownd Drill ang Mem facturing Company. 

Tt secms to me that thore met BO Something wrom: with the 
bits, wlieh are supplied by the Ponnsylvaiia Dri LL Compe nye 
I wosld like yu. to tyke this correspondence over, ans comunlt+ the 
Américrst Plonon® Dei Cempony of New York, askity; trem if we ean 
OWEN Bits Lrom thome 

Nox “3 say to them that the driil wilah Wo have is an ol@ 
omy, warsiased by us som time Ago, and in order that thoy mmy shave 
& bottey nuterstanding of the work to bo done, I an conding: to your 
sPto'n ku of the onrag which t reonivad fron HSE IGE EEE: and” 

Uilow vent ean abhor the Aiwerd ou Diamond prs. PHoP-lea 

Yours YOry trary, 

Gi phe rae Tole oe aver, 

Re Re Bowker, Euqe, Inte Vico-Preaidenty 
Edison Bleetr ie Illuminating Oonipany , 
Noge 16 4 18 Broad Stroot, Nor York tty. 

Doar girte- 

T hag to AeknowLerdgo the reer ipt OF your letter of 13th 

instant « As soon as the citnvass which you havo PenMeneed, is 
comploted, I should Like to have it ‘subral ttog to Mre Se Nenderson | 
of the Edison General Klectric Company » 

T wont to @ groat deal of troudle,and epent u grewt deal of 
time, instructing Mr. Henderson in the way thet ise LANVEBRES 
shoulda be mde. Ho ia thoroughly tomiliar with my mothads, ond 
is, therefore, thoroughly dompotent to pass jutgment upon «any van~ - 
vidas ae is submittod to hime 

Xt my be that Mr. Boggs will object to EME but It 13 quite 
impos etble for nw to oducate enothor mn ag chorogpiiy as I wave 
advent et Mire Henderson, Lor the reasan that I Lew not SuersoLene 
tie to eive attention to the work. : ‘ 

tiie ~N2 Years pete Set 

i ae 

Je He Block, Eaq., 

- Ste Petersturm, Russia. ; 

“Ky Dear Sire 

I bee to acknovledga with many thanks tha: receint of 

your lettor of 40th dinatant, enolosineg oxtracts from press wenorss 

of the week's oxhibitions of the Phorograyh in Russia. 

Jobediain's wea ROY 

“Mril 28rd, isa, 

Ira i, Willer, Naq., 

Akron, Ohio, 

Dear carte 
T bas to ucknowladse the receipt of your letrer of 
18th instant, to dy, Edison, endlosin:: note of the MiLgen Ivon 
Concentrating Company, to the order of ‘the Norchants Loa & Trust 
Conpmy fox thirty fivo imntred dollays, astog April 26th, ang 
“payable in fow tronths ,gnd Mdorsei by unr, Lowis hitler, Ye Ve 8. 
Mollory, und ‘yourself, | 

Myre Edson has adied tds ondoruenart, and 2 LAL@ Porgrasdtet 

the note tom dey +o Ly, R. B, Nallory, No. B28 Saint Peat chroees, 

Baltivere, Mary Jand,. in Betordawice with your request. 

Tend seer very traly, 

“Apriz 28rd, lse9 
ON ; 

Josso y, Sclignan, USqe, 

Niliais Building, 

Noy York atx 
Hy Dear gi we 
| Hore is anothor letter Prom un, a Bleck, of 

Ste Potersburg, ‘Russin, Molocing oaue extracts of some rropg 
‘reports of @ recent exhibition biven in st, Petersbur: ot: the 
Phonogzaph. | 

I wrote vou tho other day aborts there MAié¢hines whiten nee 
being oxiibitea in Burope, and re lage reasoh ty OMe bulate 
UFrselves that the whole of the PBohines dhad tg in Colones) 
“Sourand ‘8 order, sor) not Plaend under tig gontied to bb sent 
‘ont for exhibition Purposes, 

te “ll these machinves leg heen plaéde in hiitas ac inganpotetit 
a0 ‘those whith ayo manipulating one caateumbnsy now in Kiewhaay one 
business youl huve received a oy “on ahath 1 mould noeen Bea 2:) 
POCovarca, | 

wry Lys 

April 2s, 20. . 

John Birkinbine, Hsq., 
Noe 25 Ny xX, City Holl Biiaire, 

Philadolphia, Pennsy lvania i 

My Dear. g4 ree 

I beg to acknowledge the recoipt of your latter ot 
loth instant, 

The first timo r ios Oportunisy PD wild oxarnine the 
Catoctin Furnace bYoperty in Marylee, : 

Ir rogard to the Properties nek of Wess Point, I have had a 
asenetic pan eed mado of' these whieh took about a month to completa, 
The pr dee asked by the Reading Iron Company ig altogether too high 
ty this Proporty. 

With relation te tho papers Soneorning the Mimosota property 
t am having a ¢ eareh mage for those, and will seng them to you. 

ininediately thay ire found. 

Yourg . truly,. 


ff Sir John Ponder, 

Winchester Howuo, No. 50 Ola Broad gtraot, 

London, ae 0. Yngland. 


My Dear Sir Joh nie 

Z bog “= naknon ledge the conuk ‘of your letter 

a Wth instant, informing me that you have ‘forwarded: tye barry 

of"titanisurons*cre; ° 

Ag sod: as then artiva I will examino the ore, and report to 

you about it. 

Yours very truty, 

Cf ick 2 ston 
Mitta ela tet De ey 

12.0 Lye ney 
Means Ye Las- 

Paw avras a laagh bos vw fw Clan 
Chin eragh WW Lhe. btange halicial erks fer b 199 6,2. 
a Ge Atberk Harti, vA antl, aw leh o fa feres 
attached fo Wy ne arolag. a food arrel frnlpine, 
whieh hw Geren “a se hots lode up fe Ai 
Ron ethers anol Mv “Crlre o + ome b Zp i 

COnrarey dank SU he a &£ orlted eve the 
faire fo eas” : 

4 bo. tien aw ting ht orn ed. afc) 
i)" (ae AA to £ Ae lp, Cor hy Crrel Cow peas fink ‘ 
yt merry 2 es ald, 

oe Yel eda the cra 
twtuck, arith te, ak 

the Corre’ Cow 

hatimeal, Berna hy uw heks Ara. ee 

lesi, uw athe Lee Bis sae «the OME 

. I act! aa ty v7 ‘ta 
PEM 4 tana fo: or 41a Ak 

thea fe 


pan cl te 
ive uve the bk be fohine, thas: aces? 

we $2 ed f Ddandinh, 

Ape SL 24, 90. 


Jesse I Lippincott, Esqe- 
North American Phonograph Companty, 
7160 Broadway, Now York City. 

‘Daay Sim 

IT serd you herewith, by speaial reagenger, half a 
dozen oP new mailing cylinders. These are not absolutely per~ 
fect, au they wore nade by tend. Wo are nov engaged in making 
the tools ‘necensary for their marmfactime and whon these are com 
Pieted, the oydtinders will be tuned out perfoct and free fron . 


Yours Tews 


ba 7 of Coghag 

_ April 24, 1890 
Major Se By Eaton, 

No, 120 Broadway, 

Now York Citye 

Dear givte 

< “a Bdison har raad y ow letter of 25ra instwnt, in 
ragerda to abtaining testimony fyvom Sir William Thompson Lor vse 
in connections wi the Feeder Qases Mis Bdison approves of one 
gaging, Six Tllism and obtodning the tootimony in the manner suse 

Ges tod’, 

Yours tymly, 


ig at 

a Secrotarye 


April 25, 1890 
The Edison Lany Company, 

Harrigon, mh : 

Dear Sirsi~ 

Kindly hand to the bearey your che els Tor #1,857460, . 

Amount due us by you Company for bills alroady wondered. . 

Yours very dmily, 
Baison Loboratory 
By 2 OG on 


April 25, ° 


New York Gist yo 

MAGNETIC DIPPLiG COM~ Those instrannts wore mado Lor ‘the exe 
. PASSES AND. “GRIPODS. '. parts who aro prospecting in Now Jorsey | 
and Pommsylvania for iron ord. They are 
in the hands of these experts now.and in 
daily use by than : ; 


PROSPECTING INSTRUNENTK This was a delicate Dipping Neodlo for 

for IRON ¢ | OR indicating tho presence of iron oro fur-~ 
nished to one of the experta for prospec- 
ting in New Jersey and Penmoylvanias 

= ——— : 



RESPIRATOR FOR MR» LIVORs This expariment was conducted at the 
requeat of lire Livax. ‘The device was 
a mask covering tho face for the pur 
pose. of preventing floating particles 
from ontering tho lungs. “ 

April 25, 1890. 


Haryvison, Na Je 

SULPHIDE OF SILVGRe Thig was an experiment on a system for 
sutting out mrbormtically mmicinal lenps 
in series whon any one in tho series broke ; 
it was succaasful as far as carried out,and 
the results have joe: comaunicated to the 
Lamp Company. , 3 

VOLT METER RPERLENT. This was an oxperinent conducted by Mrs 
Edison on a Voltmeter, 

MUNICIPAL LAMP CUT OUT. This ic a braneh of the experiments an 

Sulphide of Silver in connection with 
mmiocipal lmap out outs, 

FHOLOMETER This was an exporiment made to ascertain 
vhothex a voltmoter could bo made cheaply 
on tha photometor principle. 

April 25, 1890. 



ZAaLson Phonorraph Works, 


Oranpo, Ne Je 

; 22 HOULDS FOR ioe RHOHO- These moulds wore nado at tho Laboratory 

| GRAPH. for the Phonogvaph Works, They are Lor 
| : nowlding eylimiors Loy the toy phone+ 
sraphe. ‘, ; 

PRISS FOR MOULDING TO¥ Thin covers the cost of work conducted on 

PHOHO» CYLTNONRS a pross for mowlding cylinders vor the 
toy phonopreph. is 

70013 FOR, cals PHONOSs Those are tools for tho mamifacture of the 
toy phonograph movauents whick wore made 
at tle Inboratory Lor the Phonerragh Wise 

MACHINE .2OR DIPPING hXs This machine was made for dipping the 
; now oylinders with thread lining which 
are to bo substituted vary soon Tor the 
trooved cylindors now in foneral usoe 

HOWULD FoR PHONOGRA PHL Phia oxporinent was on a mould for pro» 
CYLINDERS ' eneing. aylinders for use in connnetjon 
; with musical recordas 


yaa US» 


April 25, 1990, 

RIG LIiGHnye GC Oe, 

Now York City, 

Gheay oxperimautea were made for Mrs 
Hastinga- in aonnoction with Icilling oni. 
male with the Alternating currents fy12 

" roperts were fuminhed the Light Company 

from tino to time as the results wore obe 
tained, ‘ 

this was an oxporiront conducted Lor the 
Light Company at tie request of Prot, 
Barker, to durnish hin with cartain ine 
Yormation which he desired for usa in 
connection with on Interference ‘Cage. 




Soctencee oe eaten. a wee haem 



NT a A ty CORT 


April 25, 2890, 

Machine Works, 

Schanoctady, Ne Yo 

This was an expor inant upon a process of 
oxidizing ivon wire Tor wo in ‘dynamos, 
the results of which wore comnnicated to 
the Machine Works. 

Apparatus ince to moasure the veowneability 
of iron. : 

Cost of oxperinents on mains conducted by 
thts Edison upon undorground system of cone 
ductors» ; : 

AN apparatus dovised for the rapid lo- 
cation of grounds 4n underground conduc- 
tora. Wo have wsod this instrument con- 
timially in locating grounds on ow own 

local syztem hero. 

Experinent conducted by Mr. Edison to 
vander wood fire<proof.e = = _ 

Tha Edison Machine Works, iy 


April 25, 1990. 









This expordinens ombodieg 
niaasuvomenta af. the carvying pover of Con 

ductors. Tho hBaguranents were made ‘on 
tha order of tha Edison Gon'l. Electric 
Coo, and the reaults wore reported -to then 
at the Niagara. valza Convontion, and -subgo= 
quently publisiva, aoe 

Q soxios of 

This covors the cost of expordmonts upon 
th yevision of the constimetion of the 

Sprague Moter whieh in applicable also to 
eengral dyname donstrac tion, 

Thig was an oxperinent made Lor tho -pur- 
“pesca of improving are Lights, 

This oxperimont wau conducted under 
orders from Mrs. Iraull, erd -veport 
upon tho game wag sent +o Sehenectady. 

This ig a further ‘axponse connected 
with kin. Edison's work upon tho 
Sprague Motor. 

A long dories of measuresanss taken by hire * 
Edison .t0 ascertain the ovact Widtions betwoen 
tho distnnce betvoon the polas of & wlagnet and 
tho york the marmot could do. 4A M1L report 
Was mide bo civ. Ndison, ond all the data 

, aw 
curves ee arg in his hands. : 

Exporimant conducted by. My. Edison on a 

AprZ1 25, is90.- 



sew Yauy k City, 


This oxporimest oxplains itsalv. dir, 
dike INSULT s . 

Insvwdd way fumisnad with data rolative 
; : (to thd test imag upon his orders. 


Gur our PREBROCS NT This was an experiment comuoted by ii, 

Eddgon on a eut outs 
SMALL, AMPERE LUTE Eeporbent on a snalt aupera neter con. 

} tueted by Mr. Konnelly undor hits Edivon's 
fimetions data on this will ba furnished 
if deairod, : 

ESTAR test on thda tot wan made upon tite order of Mons, 
EQeS. ery Bormann & Go, — * 

; ' Biaeate terre, Zapottingnta bn 44 Willem wdtper conducsed 
a by, hive DHMH 

CALIBRATISS ALTE AIR. thay Ds aad NG Ad fee 

liessrs, Lpcnmann fda hoe 

de theremin bik amen 2 

Apri 25, 1s99, 

DYNAMO AUT MATIC axperdmant on a yarmlator Pox rena bsuy 

SSULAGORY prosauta actomatically, 

SP ETOH OF curtye 4n oxferdmnt to ascertain how mutta-poreha - 
ERECTA vegisted hizh tension. ; 

AVTLL ahs De 

. My deay Clagy,« 
| Yous lotter of UGth Lstent 4s: at vant, wal % 
WHLL Nive that 6elk oant te you wiyns mgye oT te & een dey 
stioh presswee sind you weve iyay@ mma ive earn eas hy Day Donte! 

thy uitter.s 

We *"Riokeledlos” biminaga (a now arttiad, tho oom ts 
daving noo signod a dey ov ae avon | 24 4agh eonsicheesbie wo} 

rotdatine, ht we pet tiore dvantiadlys 

Yornea, warty tidy 

34 Pine Sosy 
Pi Tyahaahy Bd. 

2 creas. 5 deabnateumnenisg co bal tip rteeeey 

em oe Meet 
Haviad Vela, 

honecranh Poy Loire Coe, 

wd (als Ste, Boston, Magis 

a8 an 
ut > Sanyo) 

to configu the following tolerzmus sent you this 

imposeible to attend toeday's meetings 

ae0 vesult esnecially as to patvout matter 

so in wy letter tvonty-firet to President. 
i . : Ao Oe Tpit 

wwynkt is not ke good iden to sive Avehibald to or 
theaa darosnodi dolls to oxhibit in Australias Ho 
eins atQowd to-purvehasae If you concur, Instruct 


aAllion by wirep Avohibald leaves towmorsotte: As Oo Te? 

Yours truly,. 

April 25, 1ep0 

Ty d¢ar iv, bickson,= . 
I have you lottery of 21st inatant. 
Wo do not intond starting in Cmada at all; the antics eas 
up all the profits, and until these arg veadsJusted pore an 
absolutely no money 40 bo made in Canada by iron taining 

Hee Tate and tre baby avo both var Well; the latter is: 

progrossine finely. 

. Youra very truly 

GvorTe De D 

Lilt mae'r ge Os 

April 25, 90, 

Ronse i Swovens, ade, Prosidont, 

Tha Eigen Phonosraph Toy ikte, Coupany, 

05, 341k Stes Lotton, aaa, 

Dany Siys. 

Theg to oonfima tho Tolowsny todecran SOnt you thig 

8 Youu Yompany unt not pormit Durvepean taanpaction 
to fo any farther wtil 2 Inve Passed Prorgonal 
Judson s upon Undorired tong, this noint ts vital. 
4Y consants ds Withheld bubjeat to deedsisn atte» 
ligt-has heon fumichod ma, Te Ae Mddsongt 

Yours Very truly, 

April 25, 1890. 

Donje Fe Stavers, lade, Presidont, . 

Edis on Phononraph Toy Uoiwaesuyiiy; Coe,. 
ine | 

PS LSU Ste, Boston, Maggs 

_ Doar Sire 

"I bog to contism tte following telogwm sont yor ti:de 

' afternoonie 

“Under ho cdlyeeunttances would I consent 
'  Procesdiuy until ho ine cubngttod 
Upen names of widerwedtora, 
oshle list looks ike con? 
should insist npon hi 

%0 Yeouans 
and we have passed 
Hia aisinelination: to 
osston of woalmesas. You 

& Lanodinte compliance. deals! 

Yours vory tren 1a... 

April 25, 1890, 


Ve Me Blount, “Ge, Pracident 

Eainbridve 2lectric List Co,, 

Bainbridce » Un, 

Urs, Idison Ang asked 19 $0 thank you Poy 

of 21st instant, inforain: 

your lottoy 

hha that you ray 

8 Clovod a Contract 

With lke Slattory tor tro dastallation of the § 

Cloctric Mghting tn your tone 

d3gon syaten of 

2% Tddivon asaya 

nas 42 he ovary Visits yor 

ho vi21 call org Bf2 Yous 

Tous vowy tantly, . 


April 25, 90. 


Semia@l.Insull,. qe, = 
wt Vial] stroet, 

iow Yorles 


‘ U / 
Doar Sirs : ‘ : 

I beg to confima the followin; talephom Mossase yont 

you this afternoon: 

"I had to obtain some further explanations, which 

delayod bills for oxperiments until now. They ave 

all ready and will be in yow office early to-morrow 

mormninyre & 

Yours truly, .“ 


ee & a wen tee am eee FS agreements AS mR LE RET Rte a 

‘ = + 

|  Aprid.2b, 90. 

Hy deay Mr. Martin, 
| I have your letter of 22nd instant, ana 
rogret that I oarmot oxpraso an opinion upon tho subject which 
‘you wontion. I have now been so lon; ont of thd telegraph bue 
: sinogs that I feel I am not wompetent to pass Judemont upon 

quostions cammected thurewith. 

‘Youvs vory truly, 


i if? me ae a 
MD fav bk TO % 

vu De Martin, Tag eg 7 re 


#150 Broadvay, Mow Yortt. 

‘ Liege 


nit as 




™ Off hicahicn, he robin an 

Apy il : 

Alesse ship an Monday 

. oxt, for agcount of Averett 
eyaanr, ton (10) wile phones: , 



fodder * 

Se ae prove 

vg ds copy of Jot: 
- to th€s ordpr; : 
voramd to ghipse. sé 

> wocobved hore Prom re 
“TM wMesse carry -onb his 

<4 to steamer “SASHTS" 
“nosraphs ovdered April 

"Wow vill vicese dé&ldvar on viday 
E Ze Bey tha 20 2c oadh. : 

ing sar, FRAGAR © oo6, Same one, BePeWe (front Noel 

a avodd aiiebakest, Touneciios noavbially fil2ed-up Ship's 

vocuint’ viich Plpeape uwe9, 7 , 

ro Da 


‘ ; (Eat ce. vavett Vraszare 0 
How Youk, April 24, 4500 

' T conaulied ire: Ingta2d din per: 
we seya to Pill it eAd Phat -he 

Private Secretarye 


sa : o44 Ath € €: bat’ fm a 

f". fe cree) fR Ph aye 
es 3 es 

BOS et ele gape 

uF lacey foe cr be t eet hte Me 
f “heel fhe fovorn is AL LI ePt Gun 
. (ft ae se lo v de eo 


re : Pe c e 
£ A wile Woe tPA tH 


ae oe f - atin Gf 7 ode re fa 

eter fa €a? #.. & a fA. 

FEE ey at o ae 



April 26, 1890 
Daniel Wold, Esqe, Seoretary, a 
Bdison*Phonogyvaph Toy titre Vos, 

NOo OB TAU: Ste, Boston, Musis 

Loar Site 

I beg to confirm xsoceipt of your tologran oz LOonday ’ 

also my voply to aame: 

"dust vecoived this! Yeougns W311 neither mail poy «able 
nasoe until anveanent signee I pave them in confidences . 

Probably go London Simday. hat your raply? 

' Daniel veld, Secty.t 

"On my om behalf and on behalf of the Edicon Phono} 
craph Works, I refuss absolutely to agqgut tO Yaumans! 
- Proposition referred to in your toelecran: of today. 
Gur decision is withhold subject to inapoction of 
nanos of undormriters. his is aii Uitbratime | 

' Thotas Ase 2d4sone" 

Yours tynly, 
an ae 
aie ioe. 
- ee # iy Gage s+ gh ph 
Bie EAI Be ptt Bn 
A here ounien sine octne reis roe, 

beh * bel 
Bed aero aa eae ce nr a 

or kee 

Ee He Bulkloy, Esqe, 

c/o Mesora. Sponeor Trask & Coe, 

New York citys 


Doar Sirse 

Gar man tas at your house yostordny, fixing the 
battary. I have not: yet received a report from him, but as soon 

ag I gat one, whieh will bo on Monday next, I will coummicate 

with you, : é : 

April 26, 90. 
Meassyae Dyor & Sealy, 

#40 Wall Strout, 

Now Yorks 

Doar Sirs sje 

The people who manutactura for us tho covers for our 

‘battery jars, have inadvertently astaumed 2 considdrablo munber of 

tho rings “EDISON-IRLANDE,* inntoad of"Edison-Zalande" Wild 
this error make any material difference in connection with the 

Patontazand can ie som ont the jars whioh are ayroncously stampod? 

Apri, 2B, 
Daniel Weld, Redes So0'y., 
Eddgon Phonograph Toy NPEe Cos, 
Now 93 242% ste, Poaton, iasa, 

Dear § vie , 

1 hog to apologize for having O%erlophad the story 
in your letter of Bona inatant, in TOGAM to the Player noneeaee, 
os South Anorion, Lire Nordarty is womecnod with the Udison 
Unitod *Honograph Od, Hey Cols Gouvand. and One of the younger 
Merbdarg or tha S013 aan Tim, are tho Zorainn agente Lor the Phono- 
jet and Kave hoara indi roctly that Lx, Mominrsy desives to 
terven the Playor contrses + tranoferred So hime T do ant know anya: 
thing ahout the detatis of this MALT Erte Perhnpa + they have alrgady 

¥eon suby nittaad to YOre Oa . , ~ ‘ 

Did the noava “ake any action in vogard to the Jaugeg Patent 

businond at its dna hot dn? 

_* Yours yory truly, 

} ‘ 

April 28, 1890, 

Aloxs Liliott, Ure, lsqe, 

Patorvnon, Ne J. 

Doar Sirt 
Mt, Fdison has raad the lsttor of ve ly Oenninghan 
whieh way onelosed with your letter to ye of 25th ‘instant. Eo 

will gant ite, Reed to exanine the proporty Which liv. Curdinghan 

Ras for salo,. i Mrs Bdigen hag inst rnetoa ire Read to yeport to 

you otter he has inspected the mine’ 

Yotus. truly, 


Samyel Irsy22, Boge, 

HN Walt Styrvot, New vow Citys 

Dear Sire 

I bog to acknowledrya recaint of your letter of 25th 
instant, in recard to tho various experinentel accounts 

YPoposea charrine arminst the Edison Genes, 
fs tod 

which we. 

nl Bloot vie Gonpanye I 

Will give this matter my diimodiate attontions Z have to cet the 

explanations from Lu, Edison. I 

think: 1 ean obtain ‘these from him 

Yours vory trilyy, 

Private Sooty. 

ral f 

ee ig Savy, E3qe, 

Offine os CHALTER, “12° Boolzaan Sta, 

PO eee 

Novy" York, 


Deny Sirsa’ 
Replying to your lettor of 

“Q% Edison Will be very glad +o 

insts, I Per to say’ 

Sad yor 

et the se borat ory 

Saturiay worning at, BaY, olovon © oloct, 

‘Yours vary blrlyy 

ot ? th Ot Ge me er, og, “hy 
a Sf 6 

a Loge oa oy we 

eT ¢ 

ee yt of wes 


Private Secretary, é ° 


April :29, 90,. 
Yo8s0 Seligman, Haq, 

Midis Te ter as aaa a 


Now York city, 


Uday Siyvee 

i . 

I dyologe herewith GOpy of Litre locks letter auklveases 

to myself, dated Marek Sth, 1890, and tranniations vhich acco — 

Banded samo. Thin is in complianes with to reemeat contained in 

youd lottery of mat instant. 

Yours +t rly, 
ai ee 

¥ : 

Everaty Pax Sar, Esq, ’ 

No, lag Vatey Street, 

New yYory Giny, 


Dear Sirs. 

We ber. ‘to acknowledge req 

3 Orderd ne Phonograph mates 
via ateamey Ung 



We have Sent tla 
peer Novice Loy 

innedidtg @ att ont a oh. ° 

Opt of yor 
"322 fop Shanghao, 

tis. order to the Bifoon. 

April 29. 

dettay of 28¢))° 

to ue. Shinnegd 

April 29, 1890: 

Messrs. Dyer é& Seely, 

#40 WoL Strecty 
How York Citys - 

Dear Sirs: 
I votwn herewith power of attorxcy for we im cone 

weetion application in Germany which is q division of 


Case 91, signed by Mr. Kdison, the same having been enclosed with 

your lettor of 28th instant: also papers and tracing in Min Edie 
son's caso No. 858, on Prope llin; Pevices for: Mlecs vic Cars, ard 

Case No. 857, all duly omeeuted by Lr, MGlsONy the sane havaas 


been enclos ed with your letter ‘of 28th Justante 


Yours traly, 


Private Soorstany. 

April 29, 1890, 

Tre Cenadian Copper Chey 

‘108 to 109 Suypprdor Stwoat, 

Cldretana 2 Onia, 

‘ | 
Dear Sirs:- | 
The cay of matte wens forward yesterday to Ky 
Toseph Yiharton, Canon, Ne Je 

I enelosa herayith shipping yo. ° 

(Serbiticate of alalysis, in co; 

C@ipt, and Sporrytg | mpliance with 

wquest contained in your lotter of 18th instant !-also memore uduny 

of omense anomt ty to 311.50 incurred by us in conna ction with 
es ’ 


this shipnent * 

Yours truly, : 


ao nas ae iP toe yo 

Yaw net? 

April 25, 1899 
Ype CO. Ey Speirg, 

; ‘ 
D. Van Nostrand Conrany, PERSONAL, 


#25 Lurmy Sto, New Yor, 

Hy cleat Sire 

irs Ralgon Aid not have an opportunity to 100k. over 
Mr Latiner! s Mss, fur Mr, Kemelly, however, Sxemined it, and - 
fowxi tint 4% Contained go WANy eryrong that to Deepaae them woula 
menn, practically, to rewrite tke entire book, . Ingsimich as you 
Inter this vovwne Lor Publication in you 5Sedieneaq Series, it 
wuld seem ossantiny that tho matter should be acourate and tho 
Gata mwlinpie, These requirements are not met by hin, Lativerty 
Mose 2 yeti the lytter herewith, and: the volwne Which atcom- 

Panied it roens Porvary by this mail wey Separate cover, 

Yolirs very truly, 

Pyitbate Sodretany, 
Poo, a 



April So, 


iy dear Majorye 

fhe Boston poople send me a meno- 
randiwa of businoss . transsetrdcat regular intorvals. In the last 
Mem. which I. have yveesived, ‘tieve- is the followin sous "Ye 
“Tv0te tO Messrs, Eaton f: Lowia--on ‘the 26th, enclosing enock for : 
"3509.92, of which we have no aeknowlodsemont as yet, though we 
*had a lotter Trom hrs Baton thia morning about another mahier, 
Did you get the chock? Tmention the matter in case th 

chook, shoul? have miscarriod. ” 

ae Yours truly, 

Majo 30 Be Betpu,wwi on, 

120 Brogdivaygattwervoilry Yorks os : , ; 


April\so, 1890 

P, Be Shaw, FEsqe, 

Williamsport, Pat 



Dear Sirte 


I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter of 238th 

instant, onclosing sketch of an electric metey desigmed by Lire 

Je Cs Hill. I have submitted this to Mrs Edison, and he desires 

me to say that the device is imprecticables In the first place, 

the quantity of: hoat produced in: not proportionate to she current 

which passes throwsh tho lmnaevaed conductor; and in the second 

Place, tho information siven in the text books in regard to eqld, 

is crroneous, as is a griat deal of other information contained 

in these books. The amount of cold produced is about one degroa _, 

of Fahyonhoit. 


GSAS acl off ELD . 
ks eC a Fm ew 


. tA he, Ate 9g BAl fo 
iM of, ee: te A 3 
btw. a ALA 
a Aan f i te: 
Ab dew, arte fer ‘ 
ti — o> AM, ite OAR AP 

¢. 2 
Ge AA. ne Ee ie er (ee 

: , fle er wet. ! 
fA B ORLY Ag ate 
v hateclay oe of Ms ufo 

Ai Pesaro vai 

» ha _e : 
“ — Aa age soe ee m0, a pn 

von Case aA ,, ate tuneta -b4 

haae Ao ponerenel ite oly cue tee 

font-e te te -he 

Sane Leu a 







Majom 3. By Eaton, 

Noe 220 Brot dway. New “ouks 

Dear Sinie . 

Reterring ito the attached Corraspontignca trom the 

Boston Corpany, dn wegen $a voyaltios a2 dolis, ib. SAS On oGry.: 

sidera their voquest to heave thesa royalties stant ‘fren the flv 

oF Apri, x rononahje one’s Wilt oe kindly. soe My, Liypinaott, 

ang tol) dot tint wo wre tmz 

. mid) about the 

blo to sonwerce’ the do livempe of abtte 
firat (of Apvil, and ask him it je ere, sau’ Abs 
way claar to vontily wit {1 the voquirononte 

of the 

Yours very truly, 

sien ey 
tine a ig meT Nees 

April, 30, 1590 

R Rie age HB Qey. 23 Vieo-Pres te, ee .. 


Baigon uhodtrie WMusinatineg Coe of ss Yes 

Yew YOY cat yy oO, 

aren nL 2) 
Doar Sixty» 

“r beg to ackhorlod yo seootpt’ OF ‘your Wttew of 28th . 


jnstents : 1 ea aatiéeiod tiat ‘tho: ' olddtritiéd wires wily | . ‘ 

“eaten ate solia prodnots ‘of soaueanical” TZ’ gonsider: it very ‘dom 
aye . 

"os ey 
BArADLG that you “ahowla Meange: to have’ dsctva: ‘sbovage’ Capaottyy 

oe. souk Ene at ‘the earliest’ peed sels moment's 4-627 



Youys yory truly,” 

, | 

Hs ke 
He hs Burt! Cy, 

Nongrs S 
210 8 


Dear Sire 

With YoTevoned to the trouble expe Vienced by you jn 
connec} ion with tho phonograph Ventioned in your letter ot 24 
Wane, our LMT Yoports that the trouble a3 with 3ho agent: 

thd. phdneywaph, which sms ous of ites bearings, owns: $6 the Cant 

at ton ho dn: loone. “hig Was 2 vory atmple Masten 

an vory Pleased dna tHE Lroniyie WAS nO} Gn ‘cOnneetion w 

is tonderinn yoy satisfactory services 

Yours very tin 

May 1, 18904" 

we Oe Hendarson, Rage 5 

$44 Wh trees, Now Youle City» 

Ny dear sivte ” 

IT aa very much obliged for your iebies of 28th 
instant, Upon the mbjess of the Ogden eny sines if this engine is 
not tho one which vas running at tho Paria ads ion, T have 
certainly been dedoivea, I should think the parta ought bo shaw 
Vory cloarly whethor or not it has been operatode’ if you feel 
edtisfied that the engine has not been rum, I think that pre cuge 

geations in ropard to putting a plate over the stoam ‘entrance 

ought 40 be carried out, 

Your's very y Arelyy 
ee en 


OE op ge nao 
Pal "tthe tea Bet Pa: dlrtot 

evel ath Lees st.0s ante ieacoaslae 

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ae ed fey ree eke eves 5 
cise tamenn ae eee 

mopar tger 48. 

Hay 1, 1890. 
Sanuel insula, Esqe, 

44 Well Ste, Now York: City, 

My dear sist. 

T anelese herewith a personal Jettor from 1k 
Cormery to My. Hdison, My, Edinon is very anxious that ire 
Connory's mattor “in connection with Mexico should be adjusted, 
You wnderstand iis Teeling on this subject, ond I send this let~ 
ter to yon at his yeaness foy your renee’ informatioins 

; fi 

Yours very tumily, rpg 

Private Soc retary. © 

May 1) 1390, 
Ne Me Livoy, Esq, 
-NOe 19 hey Streat, 

Hew York City. 


Dear 3irse 

. Reforring to the attached letter fro Mrs Gorge Ga 
Greiss, I carnot decipher the name of the place from which Lire 
Gyoies writes. Will you kindly addross 2 Jettor to ies and tell 
him that Lr. Fdison would like to receive oe of his aren You 

widorstand tho Ising of Samples Me Rdison wants, that is, the run 


of the mine, not selected samples, Ploage request him to put a 

cayvd in the bo:: containing these souples, indicating that they | 

cone. yon lim, so that they will not cot mixed with othey saaples 

which we are continually receiving. 

Hay 1, 1890Q,° 

Dye Alvart Uartawl?, 

Fort Omaha,. Nebraskas 

Doar Sirte 

1. 2 “In vorard to the We Ps Edison Mortgage, I au prepered 

to ounce. wees and sho papers te believe ave in #16 aeida ae ue 

Bonk in New York's 

I desiwe to pay the money over to yon instoud 

or payiue it ovar to, ies. Whipple. ‘he latter insists that the 

money Le paid to him, to which I object» I want’ to Uvaw a easel 

to your order for tho amowit to cancel this mortgage, and I wish 

you vould write a letter to my attorneys, Messrs. Eaton 2: tevia, 

No» 120 Broadway, Now York Gity, or to myself, authorizins me to 

do this, 

Yours very trulys 

& tod fa, 

21 8 eam RET ARO ee ae agen mE Riemer 

May 1, "1890, 

Samuel Insull, Bsq +; 

yal Wall Stroot, Now youl: City. 



Doar Si¥i= 

Yo shell requive Lidboon hundred dollars ($2,500) to 
moet or pay roll on Saturday nowt, Wonld it be possible for you 
to obtain o rowittaxce fvon the Shops? If not, we will be 
obliged to got the money fran the Phonograph Yorks» 

Yours vory truly, 

Private Sourotanye 

ig wt 4 

May 1, 1890. 

Hig jox Se B. Eaton, 
Nos 120 Broddway, New York City. 


Denr Site 

I have your lettor of 28th ultimo, ra Patorit Noe 248, 
bap Pondant tap and ¢ rade, with yvoferences to fomier patonts 
des imiod to do onvay with objectionable oindoed in iliuninating 
aBVAil0d's : 
a Is thare a singlo instance in all these rotorences whore 
thnye was absolntoly nothing Imt liiht omitted below the mecha- 
niomg Was does not burn downvyerd. I think thore is a point in 
thes, Nothing kom but an incandescent lamp will throw tha whole 

or its light bolot the mochaniames-hres gud gas will note 

Yours very truly, 

Fo Z 

igen mes 

May 2, 18905. 
Bverett Prazar, Uete, President, 

Sims-Edigon Eloc tiie Torpedo Company, 

#124 Water Ste, New York Gity. 

Dear Sivse 

Your lottery dated i 30th April, dnvit ing Hare *idison to 
witness an exhibition of the working ov’ your Jatost torpedo boas 

to take pinca. tomday at Willetts Point, Long Island, was mat reo 

ceived wntil this morning, too late Lor te Edison to arrange to 
_be presont, 

Yours cbyuly, 

ose — 
Sack ies te 
hahare eed + 
Private. macHet bary.e” 
tthe : 

Pe ioe 2 



May'2, 1890, 

Te Be Ne Bavid, Tyde, 

Pitteburieh, P ne 


Dear Sirte 

Your letter of 2 26th vultino w adtvoszed to Mr» Ye Le 

Jolson, has beon teforvod to 1s Edinons The inttar vodla like 
to Jmow the name of the mine 40 which yo mfor, also its law 

catione , 

Yours truly, 

. pot 
ee “s, ‘ond we 
oe ee we 
ie eet real oe , 2o> 
eee oe ante ae 


Sate tne 

hehe cet 

Private Seevetarys 

EBdig on Phonograph Works , 

Orange, Ne ue 

’ Bagy Siro: 
Tho following is an extract fran dettey neceivad 

by My Bdiaon tyom 7, Block, Moscow, Russia, 

in wegamd to the 
‘phonograph sent hi 

m gone time aro for PY2aentation to the Crarg~ ; 

*Z om making ago brass connections, in order to siuplify 
tho mégus oP attaching the tubes to tho pipe, 

} end also 
odor a pratsy wooden Idyo, sinco the machine hody marked 
on oz: evo losuras 

Was not enelosed with the vhone~ 
Byapky a : . “ 

Yous erly, 

ern : 


We Se iadlory, ESqes 
. Hoe 7 Wost Randolph Street, 
Chica.g¢ 0, Ills, 

: & 
Doar al 
Mie Rdis on has read your letter of 29th witima, in 

répara to vig tins the Lake Swe vi ow resion, and in reply says 

tint ty wi GO Went sore tin next months. 

: Yours ¢ralds 
& & 3 Y> 

ees ee LT eae 
ve mang att 
7 . Sa 
: 4 
Private Secret avy 



“Hay 2, 18905. 

Japtain win jams, Secratary, 

Union Loagnue Club, 

Philnes pita, Poe 
Doar Sirse 
I undoratand trast tlere is a box of phonograph 
Materdal at the Union League Club, addressed %0 Col» Gouraud, 
WA1l srou very kindly have this box retiwned to: me at Orange, and 

/ Very much oblige 

Yours + rly, 

> Oedgtag | 

May 3, 1890s 
iim, John UcGloskay, , 

Eane, Mefean COs, Bay 


Near sive 

Raplyty to your Jottor of 2st witimo.s I hes to = 


divorm you that live Bddéasn tag. « process Por vorking refractory 

ores, oud is soing te eroct a Plant iv Noyth Varolina, wiere the 

praceas will le in operation in a short % Toke 

Yours trulys 

se ye. 
meet ea * 

wie By Ay 





Si polarity of 

et $ha home key 

current through 


OU daty depras 

of b othe 


énth Street, 1 

Wainon, would 


Te Wey 

Vashingtoiy, De Ce 

reply to your los tier 

Of 23st ultino addrorsed ta 
“BY that, with tha quads in yropes ad{uectmom: 

sha noila\> valay da not arfeetedk by: ‘She - operation 



only, for the veason that the home key 

18 ono 

ite .Ewt wien home and distan 

Seya are simul 


polaw velay voverses wer conhined action 

Yours very ty uly, 

eZ, soe 52. 
ae ates 

Privat rae) Secretaryo~~ 


7 te pesnltifer , 

A a 


ms. ore vas, 

«iy Sa Veonins, Rage, Propidaryt, 
Hdison Rect ric Tliuninativz: Coy, 

te) Caymy dt, P ay 

DI Gipvwe 

Roplyhy: YO your Totten of 29¢h aiding atdvessed +2 
le Gdigon, an werd to the removal of your tation, it will te. 
moosonry tox yo to corsainigate with: the Edison Gonexe2 Slectric 
Vospany, #84 Waal Ste, Mow Vox: City, conoaasa the information 

whtel yoa denire to obtain on this. subjects, ag hire Edison ‘CAtiot 

miter into divwet discussion yolutivo to matters of tide novturoe 

Yours truly,. 

: pe 
Privato Secretary. 



4 x : 
ic ee fie, i 

Uy dear Dyary~ . 38 
. Dt Ipokigs over the patents, I Lind tuat she 

Suny. and Plast movanant, of which you wrote ope ci fication, hag 

, Mxoady bege patontode 

I woturt he yvewith spocits Gaticn of improves in Phagey ph 

Seeérmlers and Raproducers, which I have oxecuteds, 

Yours very truly, 

Aa tht We liptedy anak 
é : ae & Beetles 
» Skee SGow Nott York ity. 

os a sa 1890, 
Samael Gy Burn, ESqo, fas . es . My ; 
How 9 Bryant Building, Charlotte, Net, | ‘ 

‘Doar Sirs. : : 

- I have roveithe your lotter. 

of Sra Gab enelosing 
= (net 51) Assey Cortars 

iddtgs amd Ranozts. cove 
Iu +agarwl to Chaywmm, Tat ‘lin have his opt 
agreed to empildy hip we ve ame an no muni, 

ving vam ; . 

jonse I never 

Yeuyg very try, 



ory ey as 

CLA sp? VB fly 

f ll oe Lah LSet 


gerry ; 

Hay 7%, 189Q% 

Allan Ve Garratt, Bs 


the Nation. Rlectric Light Associ ation, 

a8 Cortlandt Stay, 1 1 York City, 

Yoru: lettex of Sra instant, informing mo that I imve 
been vrahimoug ly Gleeted an Tanorary Member of thé ‘Vational 

Electric bight Aszeoiation, is stLy ot thats _ ‘This infoimasion | As 

yoceived by me wee nuch Pleasure, and fT apprseia te vary high ay 

the action of your Associa tion dn 

“1 outing mo to Honovatry ‘Homber. 


Yeurs yory tintly., 

ye ¢ 

So co 

May 7, 18904 
Ey P, Whitmore, Eaqe, 

Urahkino » Passaia COs, 

y Te 

Dear Sivse : 
“Replying to your letter wmley 

dato 25%h April, would 
gay thet with 

ths Edison Ore Miline 

Process we got trom ninety 
tO ninety-five per cont 

of the iron out of + 

le ore, ‘aCCOnling kro 
tho natu of tho iyony 

Yours truly, 

‘May 7, 1s90% 
He Mp Livow, Bsq ; 
No, 19 Dey Styrect, 

Vey York, 

Dear Sirge 

I duly received the istter from the Amorican Diamond 
Rock Bordimys Coe under date Sth instant adareassad +o yourseli, ‘ate 
‘tasked to which Vere lett evs from Gray's * Gildea, the Pas ‘Dianond 
Degli & MPre Coe, &te I kn ave. sent all thig Correspondance to 
@dlden, aad Invo. raques ted him %o Lormvard to the Atte Bianonil Roel 
Botdng Boe, 205 Yortlandt Ste, Now York, one ot Sre Witty, din ac 

ebitdtande with the ae roques t's 

Yours truly, 

ae AP trsibeicrase Sree ow, 

TSE mY ON a mT Yee SE SR oe 

Yay, Ro. 3906 
Rv. Le Ovtting, Eaq., ae 

PAS] William Stroot, 

; Now York CALY » 

Doar Siew ' F 

I teg to ene lose horowith Sepy: of a letter feeen the 

‘Reig on Lanp Coe, rocoivad in this morning? 

8 neil, Notifvring swe of 

“the shipment of: * ilercury Puxps to tho uke of Siard bor owsh, 
Londone si: : 

Youra tan ly 

Private. Seergt ay As 

a te 



tarpigons Ne Te My fb $90, 

Ae 9p Babe, Teayy Private Soeretary, 

Sahdvatowy uf Te Ay mddgin, : 

Teanga, Me J 

Mo beg +o invoma you that a CAace Containing: sis {gy 
; Ly t 

Meresry Pris las bean shifped to the Duke o2. Marl bor ony), Lerst.o22., 
ee ee ; vil; 

ond will bo formrded to Miss by 

tha’ steamer "Brittain! mnieh 

sails on Sedeasiteys of thin weale AL ehgvess beige paid throne 

Shido notiiedes ea: 

“$ td you novemMiing to yolw MAGUEY be 

ate GULLS q 

- We Hoe Me 

helen bare ST mee tiga me ee ore 
+ ee cates me Ben 

i May 8, 1890, 
Eveyatt. Fyazar, Esq., : 

#12 2 Water Streot, 

New York City. 
My deny Sips. 
to cnelose ‘herewith a stator: 

mat of -your acc ort, 

Showing 2 debit bainnee due of 32,851.59. fam in urgent nead 
of money, and wish you would very Kindly sent we Dy haarer ea 

heck Lor, say, One Thousand Dollars, on ace arnt « 

Yours vory truly, 

, : 
May 8, 1890, 

Eaison Aavnye Guapamy, 

trvinoay He Je 

Bony. Dirge 

The’ stataneyt askod fou in voy» letioy of 6th inst, 
& wilt serd to you jn a few dayse ‘Since tlip boriimins uf tno 
yaar our pools have been behindhand. 

weitten wt in a row days, when 

We enyoet to aava orn 
the statement in georeion will abs 
Rat Lorward, 

he J 
Yours trelyy f Pe ET BH 
: nf 
4 . 



Posse #ocretarys 

May 8, 1890, 

Doar Mins Spalairyryr 
Oudag tO ny absenge yous: dottos of Ond 
instant tp Er, Tddson laa vouained wnanswareds . Both Mr, Pdison 
ame” myrsh2e walk be very pleaasa to soe you at the Inboratory any 
atornoan that you may find it convenient to cone OUbe : I ene 
elose horevith tine tables of thy Evie & De be & We radlrsadee 
‘thy Blowellyn Park Station on the Brie Road ia the iaarost to the 
Lshovator, but g5 you will notice, the tradnh on thin dna ag 
Rob ac nrewious as on the De Tne & Wr 

Yours taeayy Joe 

teen rete ad 
Primed aed ye 

MEGG Te Te SumdinggNow 5 Want aged gieaty 

Now Yeale odtya 


Nay 3, 1890, 

My deny lire Bark dnb rely 
T have recadved yoir Lottex wider dato 

Stk, Unebarrt T tons? “de, yotus Propozitian a vory. 

fair ond, aud 
ahaa, Be happy tO lube yor 

eapvy out bhe. Suggestions which yott 

make in wopard ke doitimiin: ov velationse 

Yours very truly, 

fi My 

tant Biskinbine 3 Tingey 

Prtvauvirilas Pay 

May B, 1990, 

Masarde Dyor & Sealy, 
. Noe 56% all § S43a0t, 
Mow York Citys 


cy 8 4 

Dear Sirgi« ae 
a § onolone horowith sapy of a letter vowed vad from the 

secretary of the Baizon Ynonograph Poy lite Gos of Boston, asking 
ison's foreign eppli~ 

Tok certain intoruntion in rogara t Nx, Rdis 
all the 

Wid. oe HeBOAY. give me 

cations on the toy phonagaphe 
v0 these quoridae 

data that you can in avsyey 

Privato Socretarys 

Edis on Pimoeniny Toy Mant! . bees 
Boxton, Apyil gath, 1890, 
Ae 0% Tata, Rega, 
Orangay, Ne ay 

Paar Siven 

he Pollobin: Qro 3eMe points mised by Lire Hy Ky Brown 

'.{Gowider), ty refererss to she ‘Yeport on We W, Jacques application 

20 the Company for recompense t= ; 

le Unie the Vote yoforring tle matter *o the Comittee ahpula 
hot the report cover the question of tha proposed agreansrt’ with . 
Hve Jacauos, nz ¥Oll as that of tho patent? (can't the com, mek 
Partial ranort? ) ; ay 

Se Are the date or Tiling application ana the date of fasug 
sf Enplish pater +9 Jasques the Same?. (Doce 17th). rf not and 
a? Jnogued SPplieation wag made before the data: {Bece 10th) o? tne 
filing of the specilications by Edison, what offeet would such 
Piling lave on tho Jacoms patons? 

Se Havo you tia, date of tho Piling of ths aplication tn 
Gormany by Raison aM if ao de it prioy op subsequent to March 
Teh, 18907 oko, Jacnien Gives vr to understand in big letter that: 
the date of his torman application is AUbsaquwent to Maro) Vth, 

; ¥s nov held by the Comnany * 

acquos rom making any form of cwabination 
or phonorvaph with dolls and toy Lisures? (leaving out the question 
of tle right to MEO we of tie phonograph bat orgs ). 

Se Just what ig tha’ siteation of tm ‘original Jacques raters 
Sn Germanys It has been said at som of tiv wmentings that owing 
to'a grag informality in Si£ papers o} Proceedings (shich coud be. 
remidied if tere wag Not too mich dslay), the patent img not been 
igsned ag Edison I urlerstang pay no phonograph natort in Gormany, 
ina tite poowliar hiteh dn the Jacquoa patons boon forsden ‘and’ is. 
tom danger of i, Je mtting a fresh PALATE. Low phony. dolls. and 
toy Timues ana ousting out tite Company in Gorreny? 

T sem ¢ium to you at his teeuast, 


Yours va ry tiniy, ; 
(Simned) SAR IER, Soovekamg. 

May 7, 1890, 

Rdison. Phonogra ph Vorks, 

Orango, Ue de! 

Year Sireis 
At a meeting of the Board of Dirocs 

Rove of tm Edison 
‘ Phonogranh, uy 

oy Lite. Cor, hata a Boston, Monday May 
PoNowing resolution Wi 

Sthy 1800, tho 
8s ‘Pasvedin 

"That Pording au investigation as to changing the 

2t¥le of cols, to avoid defects in Prosout style, 

tho Secratary sy inst ructed to ask the Bdison Phono. 
ereph Worka if will suspend manufacture ef doris 

atid tates notices! 

aes esate 

May 3, 1890. 
Thonway ohiids, Enqe, 

Vin Ge babaraigd 8, 

Florence, Itmiy. 


Daz Yirt- 

ie Hdigon has asked me to: acknowlodge the woceipt of 

“your ostegniad favor: wider date om Apes in regard to Mire Copelio— 

wd “the phonograph in Itedy 

Tig det tadda of the sshonograph business in Europes have never 

been in ily. Geison'a hands, Col. Gouraud having iad sole oharge of 

thems Ure Edigon js not familiar with all that has been done by. 

Col. Gowan in so ypection with the phonommaph abroad, and he ‘hag 

referred your conn doa tion to thn New York office of the Edison 

Unitoa Phonogsaph Coypany, She nowly formed coyporation which cone 

tywds the inatrwont jn Buropo. 

Hrs Edison appredistea very highly tle porsonal attentiol 

ahown hin while in Euraps by Mrs Gopello, ani in tyusts that the 

Unitad Cpspany way be bie to arene to pages trade Ite vigor 

phoneme dnterosts in ir. fopolio's hands 


Yous very truly, 

ams ter ‘ 

Honvy Sq Walleoms, Eade, litng Soo ve4 avy, 

Vy Teaqinonial Basowet sa Newey Me Stanley, 

Taowr W Bese, Doudon,. Oe Coy Rnplanes 

\ Ue GMison bas asked ue tga a Hmowladse tie vecaint of 

savor unday cote Ap3l Adiwd, volative to obtaining 

wteobians Tyon Brosidant Naryvison and the pou. 

ers ay Whe Coningt, Pox une ae the Aneriecan Tostimnonial Eangots 
“0 Dron \u Shanl or, “weded 14 te take place on the Oth of sho 

esate wonshe 

Caleoiwd Sorin athondes to shis matter when ho was in 
Amoidea, ane\i believe he obtained the dosirea phonograuge It 

will, ae a vimecessary Lor lave Hdison to 204 in the 



wwe Hdison yoprote very rmeh thet :e vill bo wiahle so 

E . \ 
Avtond tho Rowglyt, 

Yours trily, 

VoneMannetio Yor ah PEAY ; 

gee Eraveey, Now Yous, 

Von Siva | 

Mire pola has og any, mn he booka nihdvnt tha Mote 
lingatse Sates Coe, ‘gmoumtin iy to $a0g674y tor oxpordnonty Donation 
bod at the ty Luotevory for thads gocounte ; Thts bill was venisbod 
debe Gespay gong tino onde ile Raizoh stonnka be much oblined 
if gan Wek, dally 4nforn him what the pros pouta ave vor this 
necomas, dadne ‘titi, wal ho world ta vory meade ir yon nontd 

addte, the sottleesnt of gamde 

Way Gy AM0G%, 
JRJor Se Re Faton, 
f wL20 £ RAW, 
Now Yo Ove 
Dear Gir te. ; 3 
Z bog te usimoyvledge the vaceiv % of your lebtor of 

b0th witino to Mas Edison, onclosing insurance: nolieios or Lave 


Rdison'» house whieh you obtained {vou Mousrgs Armold, Con stable’ 
fh Uoe XL have written Mrs Wood in vegord to these} he hendles 

QLL the fotaiis of our ingivange'e 

. Private Soehis 

ohn ty 7 
wv Ohn Bie Toody Ragas 

WG 20 Diborty strat, ° , 
. Now Yor: City, 

“Dear Shave _ oA 7 

I onedesa 3; 3 xt 
eae Neravdth 2 lettey 2 : 
eee se Seb ey Dean Mator Beaten 4 
reeged to corteain ing oo . 
Phe in Seek rance - ies 
wWanee policien on “me Edison: 

SV ate oT 
Wiel you wow ridly. tu) 
| (CM Seo thet wWirtevey 
is nosessary is sere, Th 

9 Policies whiohk a 


: : 
-28Y0 aro dn ome ent 
L Otte gaye SSN sae thew the nest 

Oy and von 


to the Laboratory, ot 

Yours very truly, 

Privace Seeetste 

May d, 1890, 
Mv Ay By Dalian, | a | 

Fe Oy Sox 535, Ovangea, Me Js 

Dear Siyvte 

Replying to Your letter of 15% instant, ny beg to pee 
Soxmwvon thet at present thre ve nv. no phonosenpns a operation 
at the Lukovatory, ali the instrments boing on exhibit ton e 
the TOUOK Boon, 59th Ove and Madison Aves, New York, at tho 
Wons"s xchange Fadr now ti: wYOgvess theres If you will visit 
uo . tha Lone: Lrcouny, you een sae éhe vhonopranh, as Woll as alt of 

hire Realson'’s other invanédouns 

i i i 

Yours vary: 

i aaemietiiald La seem sort eeeeenaaratit 
ered : 

Ge Ne Movigen, ro) 

Oy Dane, Sedvotainy, . Oe ae 
Edison Unisod Liftre ‘SConpany, , 
Nilis Bites Nos York, 

Doay Bivte 

I beg to ROINGVLOdeES the Peteipt of you Lotter ov 
Oth Ulte toi. Rdoun, stating that your Enocutive, Comittes ‘ 
ont) Boizac the mara ctivg of Swen ty-tivo phonographg to be: uged 
for distrimmtion in Soreion countries $0 vopresontative People. - 
. Shis res ; 

wee ~ 

« Hliaon’s denediagy attention, 

‘ w 

“May Gy 1890. 

Eidvon Loup vexpany, 


arvyd sony, Weds 



Daar Sivsie e 


L enclese herewith bi11 marurtinge to F9700B4, for 

oxperiuonts condnetod at the Iaboratory on your acroun duting the 

am the atnows nientLone 


mons: of Laren latte After deducting | 

wart wo Svea yous Conkany, ‘S wind thet yeur indebtedness ia 595764. 

Pinithy vend us by hearer your check -for, say, vine Hundyed dollars; 

we wait tocuge 44 Tor ons pey rolls 


Mayo, ido0,. , 


Lepoviad dussdan Tevinien Bocigty, 

Ow, Rusaid. 

I hor to avlmowladeg With many thercs Ghe reseipy ut 

7Oar eshleowad wudor cate 7th instents adeneu by your Prosdéant 

7 mo thet Tohave boen elected an Fontan 

fo. + $44 et 
Wie erat aay, intorainy 

HOG a your JOcLItye | approciate very hinhiy ton ‘action. of 

you Seoatoty an Cloctine m0 to Honovary seuba vatrip, ‘and Logk {om 

Vad with pleasure to the yoosint of Nee Zioets Mherogenphioe 

ott railegsion on thy: aubiedt's 

Yours truly, 

Gaorce Biylon, Me Dey 


Ly doar Sirte 

I bes to acknowlodgo the vaceipt, of yau letter, of 

Lath nitdmo, in rerard to the DIitemational Medical Congress,. . 

shields to he hold in Berlin on the 4th of Awmst noxte Tho 

only mattor ‘of interont of whieh Iocan think now, is a vory suce 

cosptnl experiment which I conducted of elisinating weio acid 

from tha. fangay jointa by the uso of lithia, forcod in mid om 

of ths Pinger by electrical oomesds 


5 very traly, 



May 9, 1890, 

Snel. Tnsull, Usae,- 

United Ba 

Lens Meouiiag Shy Bigs ad 

rb Wall Ste, Mow Yours 

EN dear Siete. - 

I bie te 

AGmMowledsa vecoipt of your letter of Tis 

Suytoant ,. onodevin nota of 4) 

at tumlys months, tor 

19 Raison Gon'ls Rlectyic Cos, demm 

262,061.04, heavinys interest at of yer 

My tha uane toins in payment, first, of my 61d exporinental 

agcommt un Dloetise Hailroad, anounsing to 

333, 28214045 od nocund, 
453 pearionr: we the sale of 4199 shaves of stock of 

hile ot rie Ra ilway 

omnis aed the Weted ¢ tates the nydeo boing ‘$20 nor sharcs I 

fate wat ee have vacoiptad ‘tho vouchers Lor tho paynent on ‘the 

niect, md leo the pe 

wont on the oxperimontal neceant, and ~ 

te) ses Te the action which you have takon dn. 2 7 pogard wo interost 

Li ‘Exetht aint 03 $15,090, phent vinioh | You spoke to me the ote 

dty « 

Yours. vory Heyy, ; 

Edison 3 Phononpanh Youks, 

Oran pe » he Je 

Vo a A Crontly inconvens enced 

Sing ald Goods tow 
aradnsé for, Sdison, Va. keep an ontéare ay ais fox 

sa aet of books 
for tio Meomraos tue ing Coamany, abort ito 

ain our of See hore, 
ermine to your: b 

the fauntootovang Company 

Sa ‘Soparate ‘Sonoern | 
fyarn. tha Tahoratory, and the bilis which wa rosoivs from you 
‘SoRinst Ele, Edisoi ay aave ad pres throng our Laborstory 


’ and chon ac the 

2 books op ‘the Nonutcoturtn 

Companys I+ = : 
gases dauble work tn ony 

OPrsen and we wish YOU sould sea your 
way vleay to open | Ah Secount Lor she “Miadadtiepsng Company, ari 
vendor. sgainst them bills rox po0dd which ste chyatunea by go dpory 
thie rior, . | 

awka vary trtety 

Butyed TIngwli, Liste, 

No» 4 Wall Styeot, 

How Youls City, ye ; 

Dear Siyte 

Vor your information x Sielogo herewith one of the 
mports whish 7 NCesve cach wool f 

von the Battery Deptt, zr 

\ ’ 

tan t021 Poni thig 8% 2 glance Just what stock is made dusing the 
VeGk Lor each of tie Adtterons tynos Of cell which, we manufacture, 
and viat they have oa hend at the end of each Wwoek.s “The Yeport | 
8129 shows ‘the nuniber of cells shipped duving the week, as wold 
wy the ‘ipsent or parte in details Kindly rotum thig report 
to ne after you sno tivowh with it, 


S¥envis Re Upton, Esqey 

Sakaon Lean Conpayy, 
Vawedgon, Ne Se 


Base ate . , - 
batovning bo the attachon BALL Loy twonty-24ve dollars, 

Yor 83K Mavauss Puspa shipved to we Tare ot Marlborough, ix, 

Pdicon aya that You ougst not ta chayyso jeden Goh Asay You do 

cons idarable Ings besa nbyo nd, ava thesa remips wore gont forward 

in the: fasaval interost ot’ trade | 

Yours very teed, 

Prilwaty hens be 

bd _ | May 9, .2990,, 

, Samel Inala, Loge, - ‘i 
E ‘ q ’ 2 an . 4 
(Bod Walt Sivoet, ! . 

6 f¢ 5 
Now York City. : 

at ae 

. Dany Sivre 



Mo tna Ronen, Lyreawn is to be closed on 


next Phoved Ye What artsnearyaé ds the Gonoyad Courany golir to 

make In vosawl to cendine i. RUSoer's portion of this exhibit to 

‘ ry 

Mimegepalis$ Wa have her a0 Giyocet intorsetion with refaronen 

to tiis mnittor, but it abicouas +2 ko eonerally understood tint 

Hve Edison's annibit date ve ywemovdd £0 Minneespolis, when the 

Lyeottn slosen. - 

Yetss vopy tra) ye 

Private Seoratarys 

Mador ay By” Inbery 
Oe 120 Braadwsy, 

Now Yorks, 

Tt PEeagag. haw ath a letter yea ‘its Fae 

Paw oe Nabvaak ny fe yhidh ha siaioa ‘thst ean tet 


sion on the v7) 3, Betve sor} uewtcaga ahioat to hime Waa yo iénaay 


va ehda sudton your sttieatony, end Pblige 

* Hare ae 

Yours ye yy truly, ¢ 


BINA eae nice el bat dal 

Py) D ea 

Hey 9, 1600, 

Jom : Fassinhine » aq *y 


Phdladelphia, Pa, 


Dear dire 

wept” SE have your letter of 7th instatte With rete mones ta 
ths vater Power gi bho lewor Suaquehanca, ZI cnn do nothimy Hoth: 
bisa’. In vopard bo the property of th Pine a Roding Gard 
aut Iron Coe, it ic my intention to rmie anctiver excualnestion oa 
theta Braporty, ond if I fing that I gan a anything itis bt & 
wid lot you kno'7, and we whl Bo and see tho parties torethers. 

Yours very truly, 
Pee : 

Ray 9, 2590, 
Profe Willian. De Loe: 

ew de Sw 

: Bdison Meotedice Edrs. 


Oo Phila, 

My dear Sante 
Z ings ta & achnorlodgg tho roceipt of your letter or 

Tth iustent, in worm to Anorensing the capacity of the Philae. 

delpli¢a Station. To beg | 


to say in reply tat ZI cannot take direct 

min! comy, 0% fon with tote matter, ag I am not on igs ‘Bxeeutive 

4sa45on General Coe, but anything that I van do 

angiat seat dn. ay pavsonal capacity, vill he gladly donoe 


Yoara vaxy-tialy, 

May 9, 1890” 

Everett Fravar, Ueye, 
No’y 194 “Patar Ste, 

ox York Citys 

T hey: to aaknarledso racaipt of your letter of 8th 
instant, enclosing ghuck maowiting to $21,037.62. Owing to the 
amrangpasont viiea hau rogently been wade with the Za@ivon United 
Thtnegraph Gormany, ALL invoices after March Lith widl be treated 
difforantly fren those vrior to that date, wren the phonogvaph 
bisineas dn Clyina and Japan vas directly an vy Hands. I thorefora 
seept these two checks on account of Invoices rendered yon prior 

tg the With day of Haren last, wpon which a balance is due of some 
Mt, 800s The wount st422 eutubanding on thead tun invoieos is} . 

betidoiont to adjunt any di2fovonges of detaila, should such anigo. 
Yours voiy truly, e 

vee . 

May 9, 2800." 
Re oe divas, Bates WAP Bey . . . ' 
Ny Ye ts Pay Conegpating Vertes ; Ls 
Trolvoluviria, Pay 
. ’ : af 
Dba Stete : ; ‘ 
Thon row nap he 

bit, vtagse notify the Ame riesn 
Reels Disa Hopdiuy: Coe, 99 thant they Wey Know -rvon wero it cones, 
ahd orxdorst ang THES aetion to taka, 

Yours ye ry tony, 

UTAOKS, Twiiles 

Lhared bey PIN, We Ty 

You will donbtlass yusamber thas as the time tho 

sdtcon Wiig coumany, wrod yew Grounds for oloctris lisht, 

thery were 90 many ervows cade that we had to hoop wen Lyon tho 

abovatory hava on the ws epaivice Sho sant. I advised you 

at bic dime met to nay a iatay a by yok ts the Rddson slirine 

Goe OF ace 3706, loumme: as ve hed 2 wraie bil] wick WOU , 
aftfsat tho amounts fT enelos? nov an itenised statement of beds. . 
Rem: accotint, asotmting to 3659659, and wish pou would youy 

Sy ferrari me your cheek fn the sane to te txdsen's amlare 

Your vey txly. fed 


Sobol wally. soe, _ 8 

et 122 Strost, 

iow Yose Catyy- : 

Dar arie 

ig te wumy Lotter ef ana inotans, I inderatang 
Pom Vise. Buiwen thet, year have ad a conversation wish Hin dn 

Daher referees 45 

Sco Connery busing 330° He sconewes ont irsly 

IM your view of this suestion,.- 


fours very tauly, 

{Raat yeeros 7 CMe mene eres ae A mp 
tegen tenga: come tae oper oo aperme tt 2 AIR Erer ener: owe oa : 


Mr. Soumal Ge then, . 
Hoe 9 Bryant Inilding, : 

Cialosto, Me Ce 

Doar iris 

Nye Hdleon has raceived your letter of oth instent, 

and dgatroa nie to any din reply with reforance to Ln. Morcan's 

letter, Mat ba dogs not desire that section ‘oxuninede 
; In voruied to rontdug- rooms, and Lining thom un Por asanying 

puryonsa, its Bddoon doos not wish to do tide 

Youra veuy trelyy oy. 

: , Private Sacaretarys 

{ . 

Tie We Soaly, ane, . “sy 
‘Masars, Dyev & Se2ly, 

HSG Wold Ste, How York. 

Dear Sirte 

I bey to xeknowiedse Pecoipt of ycuy lottery undo 
‘date Sth instant, in regard to sn application of mine Por a nras 
cass Lov duplicating 

phonograns by depositiny through tho maz S of ‘ 

an cleetine are or incandescence in a vaowamn to inake a-thin film . 

Of metal on the wax phonogran, and in reply T would aay that this , P : 

Procoss is a yerfees succoss and we have dopositod hundrads of : 


In vogard to heat, thera is, of couraec, A certain anovnt, 
Fre oes 

but as the Titn dopositea in ite ono-tvo-hinvirad-thousandtha of. an, 

inoh tikek, and it takes three hours to make the deposition, the 

‘arom of heat siven off in a-ingmuate Ove. say, 14 of an inch 

aqua, ds exceedingly salle 

Yours vory truly, - ce 




Se iidad aerate ea! 

-. & . - May 10, 18908 

Maison Phonograph Works, 


OoOvan fi Sy We Je 

We axe in veee eipt of a letter from Lutte uvorett Frazar | 
under date 7h instant, in whieh he States that he ee just roee'd. 
adyieo from Shangiine that the ship IIT ‘yor steamer “wgEEnGyEas was 
badly packed, the pulley of Phonog syaph 7% #8775 being brolon., end ‘the 
pisoe migging. In addition to tins, the polianed cases, two in 
miriber, were alse bivken. Mire Frazar anclosed 8 2 packing list 
Sor this machine, sand, we send it to you hevewithe Mey ore = 
aise asks for a supply of pamphlets. He hag given ve an crdor 
for pattory material, which wo are aNeaNG Pash hed now and which 
will go Torward a¢ soon ag another atemoer ig in berth for Suez. 
af rou wal gonk theas vanphists over to the Hanugecturs re coe 
Saesory, ve wil peek then with the batteries and gend then foy~ 
ward ats npon as we veedive shipping Snotmwtions fron ae Frazer. 

Yours very vss (fi 


Way 20), 18900 
Francis Ue Crockay, Tage, 

Tustisetoy Jn Sede, Bed Lao pdr, , ' 




0 ee 

Subool of tines, Gols a Golds ttias You 3 

iy dant disse 
To hey to acknovdedse voeolys of you lobier “and ‘oy 

dgty Wu auztunt, du verard to my Sounding is Schelayahip for 

LB ” 


Lowa Collsces. 1 bar to say in roply that atsos consid orinc 
thin waster carafwiy, T fand that i4 wht? bo entirely inpractim= | 

ennle Cor mo to fond shin soholavshine All my money is tinea 

over dn Vos laboratoyy hows ond appligd to axpeviny onbad ‘WOM aad 
tio Toorite on iy labor cas oventuelly ninde iniown Pox tho banetit 

a? thave who wre Sorbow stad “in that clase on: works This may nov - 
bo riiat is nonavally ; tmown ‘na a diinet cont ak but igus bus da etfoct  - . 

#4 4s oxnethy t ame At cbata nes hendyred and itty theusund | 

dehigas ¢ Sant to ensnly oi: Bh gop baste werk ef thia Leheratoyy 

maa oY fas tad 3 cannot afYoo. 36 ads to “the oupends. 


Young Voxvy trithy, 

Dans Wold, 3: Pe: 

Gey Seely, 


the Thdieon Phones 


fe Oe, ; 
P93 Min Ste, Lorton, Hasan, 

Tony Save 

I bay 0 confdyn the Lodorwdy telegram sont yoy 
7 r 7 

"Laposaible tp SRdl bopowt’ 4 ge: 


lay} await Joteopw’ 

_ Yerws vary Brurdyy, . 

Major Se B. Enton, 

120 EBvoadwa Vy 

How Yorks. 


Dear Sips. 

I lmva yom letiay of loth instant, enelosing ‘Proposad 

Release Lyon me to the Blectric Radlway Gos of the United States 

touchine the 360,000. I iave oxeeuted this document in 2¢¢ ortance 

With your VEINS, and bos to return it to you herewith, - 
= 2 
Yaurs very truly, . 

Sad aed 
needs pray tt A bran 
octane teen) ate pneceof Be, 
aon mene oe . Me otis ep. 


» 1090. 

dy r ‘ 

7 Majer Se B, Ea a 
Noe 12 0 Woacuay, 

New Yow, 

Dear Sirie 

I have yo Ietioy 

ae Dunderbors; 2 Mountain, aatiin paply x ae 

hopawith. my eho ek 
on Drexgl, Morran & Coe, 

tO tle ordoy of 
Thotwaitl Dollars (55,000), 


Ronac Nelgon, vor 7, 

You can hinnd this cheek to ly, 
Nolgon as ‘BOon 23 you lave be a a uopert on the title satistactony 
; to yourselrs 

Bs Ba uy, 
Eo B 
Pb i BE foie! 
APs Ads avd LA tog. ry 
sparen teen 



; Way. le, 1800, 

Major Se = Raton, 

No. 1n0- Broadway, : : 

aw York Gity. 

, . a 
Dear Sart. 

I return herewith 5 Seven Gobies of aeveoment. Yor 

assignine inventions and patents, dated Anvil 19th, 1390,» be tyveoen 
Phos, ‘Ae Sdison, Josue uy, fippingatt, Those Re Lombard, the Wort} 
Ame Phono. Coe, Lovwis Glass, Bxplodting Co. of California, and 

, LY 
Aviemtic Prone: Bena it ton Go. : 

i aiso return herewith Bait copies of 

Steak, wrior de 

to April 19th, 1890, hotveen Thode Av 

sek. Lipninsos: Thoag. R. Lombard, tlie North an, 

Phono. Gor, 

Lena Gloss, Heplogt iny; itor) eehie 

PE falivomia, Aveowetie Phone. dens 

DLgion Go... G! WAGs Ae Choevar, and Soldy Goutseladin oe IVS tOO 

(22 of the sbove Agveowents Lave Lean oteented bY ond and 

MWY whonessed. 

Yours trvdz, 

a8 A, 



Hay 12, 1890.. ig 
Francis Lynde stetson, Esa, OT P j 

$45 Williaa Stroet 

New York City, 

Ihave just »ceived your esteened flavor of Alth 

tant, enelos ings copy of cablegran veedived from 


» Adams, 

hay Yo eowPdam she followin: tolesvam wiieh I sont you to-day . . 
v . 
im veplyw~ , : ay 
+ z , 
"Have luumvived experimenters requiring close ae ie | 
- : ee 
porsonal attousion, so impossible me fo. : eof! 
. ‘ . , ; Be ‘i 
homlons Butfaio maps all realy and type of, : Ie 

dynamo settled. Bdigoi" 

Yowrs very truly, 

mi 4 : é Senos wean TT 
aay = : 

tir, Pe T, Gildea, 

Ne Je & Pay Concentrating Works, 

Boshtelsvalle 2 Pas 

Dear § 



an yvoply desives me tO say that 

New York when we being the drill here, 



re Edison has read your lotter 

eh. : “7 
of Sth inss, 

We Shall buy a pevtable bailey 4 wh 

vory truly, 

May, 12,° 1890, 

Private S22 ot yr . 


Strum, mel 


Nar York Citys 

Dear Sine ; 
Myr, jBaison las. vend your letter of Sth instant, 

VYOldtive to sank whieh is vound Near the upper part of the 


| . és 
G0 2d Mire dis on wonld like you to send him about tour qvarts 

Amazon River, in Pern, end whith is said to contain congiderabie 

of ting sand | ine mooint of the sane he will Oxamine its 
Whon se adiny ¢ tho sands pleane Soe the box so that’ we Will identity 

ab as coming fron yous "a 

Yedrins syuly, 

Sainiel Insvii, Badges 
#44 Wall Btreot, 
New Yor: ‘Citys 


Dear Sirte 

. Roplyiny to you inquiry of 8th instant, wiative to 
the mortgage on tho Menlo Park property; I hes to infosm you that 
this mortsare is hella by tho dtutval Rife Insy Cos .of New York, and 

is for tho sym of $3, 000%00- The interest on this movt gage, amou- 


ting to 5105, will bo duo on June Ast. I enclose herewith a notice - 

to that ef'foot, 

‘Samed Inbul1; Esq’ | | . 

#44 Wad. sey ect, 

New Yor’ City. 

I attach hereto {1) Netter of Thomas ‘As’ Rais on to 
‘Everett Frazay, Jae 3 26th," 3 1890, 2 ) Lettor of Tiveret: Prag 

i. ‘$ rar i had F 
; to Thomas fs Edison January 3 ab, tbo, “(3y hon NAS 2 Zdison to 

“Ivéyett: Frasar, ‘Velo. Vth, 1890, 

This correspondence soty forth the arvangemont. tinder whieh 
Mey Fraga 

apan phono» 
Graph busiiv as, . 

ay and is Piring are conducting the Chiha-g. 

It wes at firat intonded to ‘make a “Sozinal contiaat with 

a," and. the watter was placed by me 4x tho} 

hands of noise 
. soe, oe : tt ar Toren 
“OM, Who drafted a contyact, to certain pot dons "of whieh - Hr. 

fra ® Raa on 3 letter, Jan adh, 

av objected, as inditeated an’ Mr 
tm, . Biche en ee a Pak 

1890, above refered +d. The fonaer sai ka that vanile “ho did not 
if, 4 een ee eee 
Object to"a semiges he" preferred going ahead sind fioing all he 


- Lp 

Y Pie yi 3 yoy. kes 
eos while Set dry “Hevo as: Moe 

ey Tae 
int 288s es 

As Me 

aes Asie ve don 

reg ret ANS Oe ui ton Wa 
sided’ ‘to’ ha $i, 10 stay ios” ee 7 ae ie 

Way fy, a 
Ca} 307 

Se Ing wii, me 

Ge iiAy 13, 1890) 

Ghee defined. He Prasay antoy 

ed upon the business with conn 

*iderable Vigor, as 

you Inow, 

Sending ay expert to gh 

ina and Japan, 

and has boon 

a good customer.eong who is entitled to every Gonm 


Si eration at the 

Ontrol] she Phono~ 

hands of the people who now ¢ 

svapn in those eo witrieg, +. 

Sines the dats of anreenents With the 7 

digon United Phono. 
Graph Company, vig 

*) tho llth day of Mareh, 

1890, about tyo0 
thousand. dollays worth of 


and supplies lave been 

‘billed against ties Mazar, You will recollect shat the contracts 

referred to above wove acttally sienod on the 22nd March, 

lis Prazay's orders tor three-quarters -of the amount naned 

vere received hero und Passed 

March 1th, before the writer Imer 


ho dato of the transfor to the 2, Be Pe Coss the balance was 

‘ = “ ‘ ' 7 a 
billed in error. we with be glad to know how to tront bir. 

Yours vory éruay 7" 
7, fa /P, 

Prazar's requiséttons in the ¢nture, 

Major So, Be Eaton, 

No, 120: Proaavay, 

Now, Yor City, 

I enclase horewith agvoonent Loy poor took, eatoa ae 
Avra 19th, 3890, otwaon Re. de “Ratan, Jone 20 He Dippane 2 Those 
“Re Yonbent, the North Ams Phono, Gos, Louis Glass, mi 3 DibLoibing fon 
of OaLiromia, Automatic Pliones: Exhib ition Coe, Chas, Ae ‘Chee 
ane oa Gatts schalk,- Trustee, This should ave: econpan ica + Ie a 
never sopios of: samd agroomont votumed to: you yeatar ‘day, “but. it 

mt tio lela ana was not ‘found weil at “bor yt 

Yaniel Wo2g, 

Esy 4, See retary, 

Edison Phonograph Toy Mfr, ¢ 


Nos 95 rdur Ste, Boston, Mass, 

Dear Sivre ; 

T beg to confirm the following +3, 

legran sang You ‘tiin 
moming:~ , 

"Delayod taking stock, Will have report 

veady in day or CWoet 



Reel duplication of the whole or of 
any part of this film is prohibited. °: °°. 

In lieu of transcripts, however, 

enlarged photocopies of selected 
items contained on these reels nig. 
may be made in order to facilitate oe 


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